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Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Second Life For Entertainment Purposes Only?- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

A Whole New Culture to figure out

 It went from just the average faceless chatrooms, to a three
dementional virtual world experience that has gone from an experiment
to a Global Phenomenon that spawned a Nation in Cyber Space. I think it's safe to Say it's not just for entertainment purposes anymore...
More people are logging on to this unique virtual world and less are
watching television. Once thought of as a problem causing Internet
addiction is now becoming more then a pasttime allowing people to
expand or discover their talents and businesses. We are realizing now,
just how real Virtual WOrld Lifestyles really are.

Gender Imposters Umong Us- Jane Doe Comes out the Closet- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Hotseat Interview
Not your Average interview…We ask the Questions you wouldn’t dare to…  ~The SL Enquirer
Conducted by Lanai Jarrico
Lanai Jarrico: I'm sitting here with “Jane Doe” to talk about an interesting Lifestyle for a Man living SL as a Woman. I'd like to start by Asking the Million Lindens Questions...
Why have you chosen this Lifestyle?
Jane Doe: originally I was a man in SL as I guess most men start out. It was fun, SL is a big new place to someone who has never been here before. I progressed from being a "NOOBIE" to being a somebody and my male AV got a job as a bartender at a Beach club. Life was good, meeting all these exciting glamourous new people and making friends, many of whom have become RL friends. After a while my RL wife began to play and thought SL was an amazing place too. At first we were not a couple in SL. I made many female freinds, and my AV was a natural flirt so it was fun.
I remember how guilty I felt having my first kiss with another AV. It felt so real and when my RL wife found out about my stolen kisses she was upset. I could not understand, because it was only a game.
I realised she did not understand the nature of SL, So I stopped, was still flirty but we became an SL couple. I had many more freinds than she did as she found it hard to mix. Still she and I progressed through the game, and she became more confident.
Lanai Jarrico: Does she Still Play here?
Jane Doe: Oh yes she does play still and so does my 1st AV but not so much it has to be said. One main reason for this is that it felt like RL.

CULTURE: Educating the Music Fans- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

The Intent of this article is to create a common ground in the SL Music Community. In favor of helping Venue Owner's, Musicians and fans to relieve the strain on high venue fees as well as educate the SL Public about the importance of working together to Preserve Live Entertainment in Second Life. 
Who Really Benefits from Live Music the Venues or the Artists?

CULTURE: Online Dating- 100% Birth Control...

Imagine the Possibilities
*Enjoy Second Life with a companion or companions.
we all need one unless we settle for a virtual dog or a hampster...
*half the rental fees and more help in business?
*cheapest form of dating ever created Next to speed dating.
*finally finding true love...again?
*commitment issues are now compromised
*domestic drama and bickering is more then likely
*feelings of being smothered, held back or on a short lease.
*break up within 4 months.making up/breaking up again
*sleepless lonely nights

A look into the Phenomenon of Online Dating
By: Lanai Jarrico

CULTURE: My Definition of a BFF - Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

It is rapidly aproaching the 1 year mark from the day I met Prince Sonoda In RL. For those that don't know who he is. You are missing out on probubly one of the greatest people you will ever meet in Second Life. I just got the pleasure of meeting him in real life too and slapping the BFF label on em.
Just like in the Many Wizard of oz or Alice in wonderland portayals throughout movies and literature. Second Life is never what it seems and many times, the people here are just as odd or eccentric as the characters found in those children's book. I dont' feel like Alice or Dorathy as much as I do if I were the wierd offspring of a cowardly Lion ... scarecrow... the mad hatter or even the rabbit with a clock that just won't stop. Whatever hat I chose to wear, underneath I am who I am and so are my friends that walk along the yellowbrick road with me.

CULTURE: Half Empty/Half Full- Prince Sonoda Reporting...

Birth, Life and Death of a relationship in Lindentime
 Nothing is ever the same in this vast world we live in. You may have heard about the fact that no two snowflakes are ever the same (Kudos to the guy or gal who checked them all out) however, the same stands for people as well. No matter how much we have in common, we are different in so many levels. That is a beautiful thing just like having the different seasons or colors. When it comes to relationships, you may have also heard that opposite attracts. That is also true on some level and without a compromising spirit to bridge the gap, that attraction could quickly fizzle. So you have met the perfect one...The one to deliver you from your eternal boredom and shower you with attention and love. What was it that made him or her stand out? Was it a smile? A zest for life? A caring attitude? Or the way that you were approached perhaps? It could be anything from your clothes not rezzing in a crowded sim to whatever burns you forever in someone's memory. Then the journey begins... A new day dawns... You have someone to share magenta sunsets with. The nights are no longer endless as you try to savor every last second together. Your AVies are officially welded together. Before long, you wonder if you should make it official...Usually her idea or perhaps his. since that will stop his friends from crossing his territory. A small parcel and a dream house later, you two are contemplating prim babies. At this point, it is still a smooth ride since the wounds from Cupid's arrow is still open. However, it won't take long for perception to start changing. Why is he still smiling at the other girls (Remember that was what attracted you to him in the first place)? Why is she still making small talk with my friends ( You used to love her openness and carefree spirit)? The BRBs that used to be normal now seem longer and more frequent. Are they really or is that your perception? Half empty or half full. The reasons behind everything starts being questioned. Why am I left here all alone tonight while she is tending to her RL? We have a prim baby to raise here. The linden grass has not been mowed in weeks. Soon enough, a high wave comes crashing down on this sandcastle that was so lovingly built on the beach. Is anyone at fault? Is there less love now than the beginning? Or did we reach the end of our journey? Was the love solely in finding out about this mystical person and what he or she is made of? When the search is over and all the answers are found, is there anything else left to explore? Just food for thought...When you first started SL, you remember how magical it seemed? Answer me this: Do you still log on with the same anticipation? Don't answer me. That was for you and you alone. I have been here for a while and I have seen much, taste much and definitely heard so much. I have tried to place band-aids on your sadness when you felt that you were left alone in this SLWORLD. I have tried to be open and listen to both sides. There has been bitter break-ups and careless words. In Love and War as they say... I want you to do something for me. Yes, you... If you broke up with someone here, no matter what the circumstances were...I want you to IM that person right now (Unless there is a restraining order). You don't have to type much. It could be a simple "Sorry I did not try harder to keep this afloat" or "I understand that it is forever over between us, however, I would like to keep you as a friend because you stood out enough for me to have wanted to be with you". Whatever your line is, make it better than your pick-up line. I guarantee you will feel free afterwards, no matter where the blame lies.
Is your glass half empty or half full?
Does it matter?
Drink up. We are amongst friends.
Prince Sonoda

Saturday, April 12, 2008

CULTURE: My Meeting with Lanai the Great- Prince Sonoda Reporting...

It is not everyday that you get to meet a star but I did. I really did. I
took a trip close enough to where the CEO of the SL Enquirer lives and while
at a hotel in the next state, I decided that it would be fair game to meet
Lanai. I contacted her in game and told her that it would be neat if we
could meet. Surprisingly enough, she said yes. After requesting a full
police background check (Just kidding), she gave me directions to where we
would meet. Asking around, I found out that the drive would take about 2
hours to get there. I was not deterred. I rented a Ford Focus from one of
the few car rental companies around.
It was around 9:50am when I started my drive. I had no idea how to get
there since the directions that Lanai gave me started from the next state
over. So I drove, and drove҆
And drove. 3 hours later, I was starting to think that I was never going to
make it. I would have given up if that were any other task. But I really
wanted to do this. Ever had one of those things that you must do at all
cost? This was one of those.
I finally stopped by a gas station on the interstate and asked for
directions. The lady behind the counter looked at me and smiled. Honey,
she said, you are lost. That, I knew, but by how far, I was not aware. She
took a map and an orange marker and pointing at a spot that looked like the
varicose veins behind the church lady¹s leg, she said: You are here.
Pointing wayyyy up on the map, she said: You need to be here. I felt
lightheaded when I heard that. I took my map and went back to the car. Sat
down and thought that since it has been 3 hours already, maybe I should get

CULTURE: My Meeting with Prince the Awesome- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

It was just after 7 am EST on April 2, 2008 when I got up, stretched and wandered off into my bathroom to look around at my pile of cosmetics and curling iron cords all wrapped around the countertop…*sighs* yup is just another day in the life of me…
Looking in the mirror at my morning hair and removing some sleep…I thought to myself, wow Im going to meet The Prince today. …Smearing toothpaste on my toothbrush I began to think (too much so I’m told) about Meeting a friend from the Internet. It is a nerve wrackin experience even knowing Prince Sonoda in Second Life for over a year.
Normally, I don’t go meeting strangers at some starbucks across town or anything like that. Im anonymous in my home town and I don’t mind it at all, Id rather be behind the scenes But when he asked to meet me, I wasn’t afraid to say yes. He has always been the same positive person that has kept me focused. .. Calling me “Lanai the Great” and putting me on a pedestal next to Einstein and that Silence of the lambs guy. *climbs down*...Really Im no genius, but it’s a cool compliment...
 After getting clearance from the home front and telling some friends I was meeting my advisor… Their first reactions were “OMG be careful”…”be in a public place, have 911 on speed dial, “take tae bo”, “send in a decoy” ect. Ect. Ect. That’s when all the nervous thoughts started to creep in…
OMG! He better not have a trench coat on or have a duffle bag big enough to fit me in it because I would have been sprinting out the back door of the gallery…
 Working myself up for a week about it, On The day off, I was as calm as a person could be, meeting a friend from the internet for the first time.Especially,one I had never talked to over the phone or on voice chat even *hears all the gasps*…I know I know…Insane but something in me said.. Everything was going to be ok.
That is the vibe he gives off, He is a Guide …an advisor to many and most of all he is my friend one who accepts me as I am and believes in what I do. So with that said, I felt at ease.
By 9:30 am est., I arrived at The Gallery, went to the 3rd floor and waited for him…..and waited…and waited so I decided to bust out a pack of crayola markers and make a poster mural on some cardboard scrap I found …it wasn’t too fancy but it was a good way to pass the time. If I was in 1st grade I would have been proud….
At around 1:15 I received a text that he was about 20 minutes away, so I decided to call him back and for the first time I heard his voice. I would say like music but he already beat me to the punch with his article so I’d say more like a warm Caribbean breeze...
 He had the voice of a person that matched his avatars demeanor. So my worrying went from the horrors to the OMGs… Will I be what he expected or will I totally embarrass myself…
When we finally met there wasn’t an awkward staring contest or any stuttering going on. I came over and gave him the greatest hug and he returned it, it felt like seeing someone you haven’t seen in a looong time and meeting to play catch up. After collecting up my handful of things. I welcomed him and expressed my need for food, so we breezed thru the gallery tour and walked across the street to a cool restaurant Were we actually got to sit down and chat. For the first time I was able to talk freely about what I do here and have the person sitting across from me totally understand and not look at me all strange. It was refreshing. (So was my ice water. but marinara in my macaroni and cheese wasn’t so great…anyways)…We talked about SLE and Second Life, a little more about us and before we knew it, It was time to go.
On our way out we stopped at the arcade where like a kid at a carnival, I dragged him into the photo booth to take a cheesy picture before getting him back on the Highway and on his way back to where he came from.
As He drove off I watched his ford focus disappear into traffic. He was exactly what I expected…. The Prince I see him as In Second Life.
  Now... if only I could TP Home…

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