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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 10 things you can do During a Snowstorm & Internet Connection Failure around the Holidays- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

1.  Bake holiday Cookies and Hope you don’t have to run to the store for almond extract and Milk.

2. Go outside and actually shovel the walkway and say hi to neighbors that you haven’t seen in months
3. Use your Greetings Card Program and make Christmas Cards for family and friends before your connection returns and you slack.
4. Stop calling your Internet provider, they can’t shovel their way to your house to fix your problem, if you can’t handle withdrawals call your therapist next.
5. Text your  Friends on a Cell phone , for those without unlimited texting…watch you don’t end up with a big fat bill after the Holidays!
6.  Have dinner, at the dining room table with family members and catch up on the past year and a half, don’t forget to give many compliments to ease any tensions in the room.
7. Take the opportunity to sift thru your junk mail (not email obviously) but the stuff piling up on your desk …even pay those late bills the old way. With checks, envelopes and stamps!

8. Put up your Christmas Tree if it isn’t up and take down your  Thanksgiving Decorations
9. Catch up on much needed sleep, real affection and even play a board game!

10.  Do chores and finally turn off your computer and let it cool down.

Lanai's Diary: This Just In- Lanai Censored?

Rumors has it, This queen of all sl things Drama, Lanai Jarrico has people on edge because she seems to be in a quiet mood these days.
Could something be brewing behind the scenes?
Keep an eye on her Diary, chances are she's close to doing a tell all while leaving no stone unturned in her quest to stand at the top of Mount Media of SL Greatness with newspaper in hand while waving like a shameless mascara running Drama Queen.
You heard it here first.

Lanai's Diary: Ahhhhhh Home Sweet Home or Ghetto Public Housing in SL? ~ Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

I don't know if I should install rows of chains down my door and a deadbolt or get a guard dog or something cause this is seriously messed up...
I don't know about any of yall but I grew up in the hood and got the hell out of there at 17 for a reason. Aside from getting knocked up but that's a whole other diary entry...
The streets were rough with drama going on any day of the week. From cat fights between tacky hood rats, drug raids, beat downs and what have you.... Issues were constant in such a concentrated area where it's mostly dominated by the drug dealers and assorted family members living just down the street from each other . So if someone got out of hand growing up, all you had to say was "I'ma get my cousins after you" and if you came from a big ass family like I do someone was getting a round of ass whoopins from a crew. And that's how we survived.
I managed to dodge bullets, ghetto drama or a nice crack addiction but years and a virtual world later I kinda feel like I moved back into the hood. WTF?

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