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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spotlight On...Sicily Mall , Azalea Fall & Tyrone Taringa- Leabros Memel Reporting...

Staff Reporter
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Azalea Fall and Tyone does the heavy lifting…

“Sicily Island Malls and Peppermint Properties owners Azalea and Tyone forge a partnership that is both profitable and poetic in their Second Life.”

When you do a highlight article, you’re never quite sure where the story will take you. I teleported into the Sicily Mall area, and at first just shook my head. After a while, you know, in both RL and SL… all malls start to blend together and look the same. So I was pleasantly surprised to get an inside look at how Azalea Fall and Tyone Taringa have made Sicily Island a unique experience. It’s not the outside that matters here, it’s the service and the inside!

“Always good to start at the beginning.” I said, “How did you two start to collaborate, and how have you started SL dreaming together?”
Tyone Taringa quickly chimed in. “Well, I started Sicily back in March 2007. I had previously started SL in October 2006 and opened my club, Spunky BT's in December 2006. When Sicily started, I wanted a club and mall, no residential back then. I bought my 2nd island, Sicily Beach Resort in September 2007 which was entirely residential. Sicily back then was only a commercial sim, relying on the club and mall to make traffic.”

Monday, January 25, 2010

SLE Police Report-Adore babies Nightmare Report -Part 2 Confirmed last week's Hall Of Shame Inducte

Staff Reporter
• Monday, January 25, 2010
Common “Since” or Common BLEEP? ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...
It was reported by Star2 Aurbierre that last week's Hall of Shamer caused her grief too in what was supposed to be a very special moment of her second Life.

It is sad that more and more of these reports are trickling because of the article I did last week about Precious Beverly the Bad Business Owner of Adore Babies. I just hope others dont become victims.

This conversation between these two women clearly shows Ms. Beverly treating Star2 badly and even admitting to offering a free service out of the “kindness of her heart” and then contradicting herself by becoming a nasty No Show Midwife who does a half assed job and then making it look like poor Star2 was at the wrong for simply wanting to know when they can reschedule to get her baby delivered since it was offered to her. 

Embracing The Universe News-Linda Lauren featured in The Best Of Second Life Magazine-January 2010 issue!

Pick up a copy in world or read it online:
www.thebosl.compages 274-285

Monday, January 18, 2010

Linda Lauren's Crystal Cave of Enlightenment Redesign reported by Sumi Portola

View of the Altar in the rear cavern.
Linda Lauren's Crystal Cave of Enlightenment, located on her island, ETU Abbracciare, has reopened after an extensive redesign. 

Linda has visited many caves during her RL travels, and she has incorporated what she seen from each experience to create this new, once of a kind, comforting and healing environment.

The crystals are infused with Reiki Healing Energy, the meditation pillows offer a calming vibration and the lounge areas allow one to gently converse with friends.  The 2 caverns each have their own unique atmosphere.  The front cavern has an intimate seating area,  unusual meditation bottle and fun snake charmer animation sure to bring a smile.  The larger rear cavern is first seen by its amazing water fountain along the back wall.  Also in this part of the Crystal Cave are seating areas, meditation pillows and a large beautiful Altar cut from the cave walls, that allows you to embrace the warm energy next to a built in fireplace.

Visit today SL SL URL to The Crystal Cave of Enlightenment

Friday, January 1, 2010

Psychic Medium Linda Lauren for the Lanai Jarrico reporting

4th Generation Psychic Medium, LINDA LAUREN, has taken up residence and purchased an island, naming it Etu Abbracciare (Embrace You), in honor of her Italian heritage. Linda, along with Susan Dolinko (whose avatar name is Sumi Portola) have created an extension of their Mountainside, New Jersey Metaphysical Center in Second Life, Linda Lauren's Embracing the Universe (ETU).

Owning a metaphysical center in both Real Life & Second Life gives Linda the opportunity to reach and help even more people with her products and services.



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