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Thursday, March 31, 2011

LIKE OMG A MAKEOVER! ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

 I recently underwent a complete Avatar transformation courtesy of Ivy Maverick CEO of Maverick Designs and the Prince of Second Life (Yes, there is one in SL) and I have to say, like most peeps, I’m uncomfortable with drastic changes  but my post make over recovery time was painless and the experience  was a lot of fun. Together they truly collaborated and created the virtual me, in an Avatar.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tummy Time!

If your Second Life isn't unusual enough, why not go to the Stomach Museum.

I'm not making this up. And no, this isn't some goof to allow me to post my St. Patty's Day vomiting pictures. The Stomach Museum is real.

I'll say it again. They have a Stomach Museum on SL. I'm standing in it as I write this.

There's probably a good reason that someone made a Stomach Museum. I'd imagine that some med student who wants to be a gastroenterologist may have set this up as a senior thesis/project.

I don't even want to know. It's a better to just walk into the Stomach museum and just take the ride. I'm not even going to waste any time writing/describing it to you... I want your Stomach Museum experience to be unexpected. It's not kinky or anything, just very odd. Informative and concise, but odd nonetheless.

Head on down to the Stomach Museum... trust me.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The SL Enquirer- New Spring Prices! * 10% off SL Enquirer Media Group Members! Got News? Get it Published

There are all kinds of News happening in Second Life.  The SL Enquirer’s mission is to give exposure to anyone in Second Life that make it their mission to entertain and or provide exceptional products and service with integrity and a positive attitude. 

If you fit into this category, then you have come to the right place and  in good hands with the SLE Family.

 We offer Spotlight Features, Advertising and News Coverage of Events with affordable prices.

 ~Lanai Jarrico

Monday, March 28, 2011

New RL Paintings at Parris Galli Art Show in SL

PARRIS GALLI has been hard at work creating new art in RL. You are invited to see his 12 new pieces which provoke thought & feeling. Join him @ GALLERY GALLI on SugarHill sim TUESDAY MARCH 29th @ 7PM slt FREE ARTWORK for ATTENDING & DJ DIBOU spinning NeoSoul RnB FUNK live on BLACK SOUL RHYTHMS RADIO.

*Black Thoughts w/ Colorless Limits, & Creativity *Teaching Art, Loving Art *Full-Time Father of One * Part time Doubter of Dreams *Aggressively Dominating & Sensitively Understanding----- Welcome to Me… Parris Galli…

Well I'm a 33-year-old aspiring artist from Gary Indiana.... I love to create; I love to meet creative people and in some way I think we inspire each other. Most if not all of my works are made to evoke thought & conversation. I’ve recently been working with watercolor adding here and there acrylic paint with fabric for texture. I’ve been away from the Gallery for almost two years; during that time a lot have changed in my RL. All 12 Paintings speak to a certain period during those 2 years. So, if you like what I do. Please leave me a Comment or shoot me a Message. I'm open to do custom piece and commission work.

Come meet me at Gallery Galli. There will be will be a Q & A during the second hour of the Exhibit. During this time feel free ask anything Via IM box and I will address each question over voice chat.

You can also connect with me IRL at the Links below.


SLE Show Pilot- Hosted by Kendrick Setsuko

*Music, Musician Interview, remarks and commentary By Kendrick Setsuko
Produced By Colie Writer

SLE News Bulletin- March 28, 2011 Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

  • ·         The SLE & Moonlight Music Spring Jam kicked off the season in style Last night
  • ·         BSR Radio will be Broadcasting LIVE from SLE on Tuesday, April 5th 7:00
  • ·         April – SLE’s Easter Egg Decorating Contest 2011- Last year’s contest Rocked, Who will take home the pot this year? More info TBA. Want to Sponsor this Event and have your Banner at the SLE Enquirer Media Center, Contact Lanai Jarrico  at for more details.

Thank you all who came out to witness a rare event on Sunday March 27th.  Wolfie Moonshadow, Jesse Ribeiro and JaxxonRoxx Resident shared one stage for two hours of awesomeness.  If you missed this one and want to be alerted when the SL Enquirer has more parties, Subscribe to this website or join the SL Enquirer Media Group in world and get the latest in SLE News and Events!

5 Most Familiar Mistakes in Birth Control Methods- Betsy Coon,

Estrogen pills can be utilized by both men and women for different reasons, but even with regular use in women to try to alter their fertility patterns, mistakes can nevertheless be made in birth control methods.

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Avatar Repertory Theater Serves Up a Virtual Feast of New Plays

In the bleak mid-winter Avatar Repertory Theater (ART) announced that they were accepting submissions of original ten minute plays to be part of their Virtual Short Play Buffet.  As the spring begins to bud, this project has also begun the next phase of its life.  That sprouting began last Friday at ART’s weekly ART Plays Around session at the Greek Archon Theater on Cookie, and will continue each week until May 13th.  Members of ART will be presenting readings 30 short plays, chosen from over 100 submissions, and the audience attending will be invited to vote on what plays they think deserve a full production.  Their votes will be added to ART Company Member’s own ballots, and a handful of the highest scoring plays will be presented in full production by ART in July. From seed to blossom! A streaming video of last Friday’s session can be viewed at

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Larry ... no lounge suit lizard. “I wear jeans every day, no really I do” says Larry. So why is it that jeans have survived through time and achieved the seemingly impossible? How did jeans manage to remain hip for more than a century, from one generation to the next, all over the world and equally between both genders? What is the key to survival in general? Evolution. Think about it. It makes sense. In order to survive, something must adapt to its ever-changing environment. This principle applies to all things, alive and non-living. Without adaptation comes extinction. It is essential to evolve. Jeans have done exactly that. In the constantly changing world of fashion and popular culture, jeans have been adjusted every step of the way to suit their new environment. In this case, the environment involves trends, attitudes and looks. With every decade and every new generation, jeans have been adapted in order to ensure their continued popularity. And if you visit his store you too could wear jeans every day. He has a variety of styles for you (both male and female) and I have it on good authority that you will look sexy and sassy in Larry Jeans. VictoriaJayne wears Jeans 007 – Brown Dark and Summer Top Sunkiss Larry reckons “If it doesn’t fit, better stop eating those virtual French fries ...” According to Larry “Second Life is way too short to run around in badly made pants!” Not only does Larry design the sexiest jeans in town, but also the cutest tops which encompass the spirit of spring,. and smoking hot dresses that are sure to set the place on fire.

SLE EVENT: The SL Enquirer & Moonlight Music Presents a 2 hour Spring Jam featuring Wolfie Moonshadow, JaxxonRoxx Resident & Jesse Ribeiro On March 27 4-6pm SLT

A Spectacular event like no other is taking place at the SL Enquirer Media on Sunday March 27 from 4-6pm SLT, So mark your calendars and get in where you fit in!

 Moonlight Music and The SL Enquirer presents 3 extremely Talented Mediterranean Musicians from the beautiful European continent of Gibraltar.   Wolfie Moonshadow, JaxxsonRoxx Resident and Jesse Ribeiro will be breaking in the new stage at the SL Enquirer Media Center and taking turns performing together and individually from one Studio! Be sure to get there early, This Spring Jam will fill up fast!

Teleport to The SL Enquirer Stage Area


Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management.


Someone once said that listening to Wolfie was like watching colors flow from his voice. Whether you are entertained by hard rock, feel like dancing to pop or blues, want to close your eyes and get pulled into his beautiful love songs or just enjoy being around the very best performers in SL, Wolfie will supply all of it. He's the full package :) There's one thing for sure about Wolfie's shows....they are entertaining and fun!!!

Genres: Pop, Rock, Blues (80's, 90's and current), R&B, Easy Listening and Spanish love songs. Wolfie sings covers and brings to them his own amazing rendition of the songs.



Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management. 


Yes, this level of talent has finally come into Second Life!!  Jesse Ribeiro is an accomplished musician in RL and has just recently brought his love for music into SL.  We are the ones who will benefit from this.  He is a writer, music composer, vocalist, musician and producer of undescribable music.  He has been singing and playing piano since the age of 7.  For him, music is his life and it truly shows when you listen to this brilliant performer. 

His music will grab you and never let go. His favorite artists include Coldplay, Sting, Stevie Wonder and Gino Vanelli.  Don't be surprised if you hear Jesse sing a few romantic spanish songs as well!


  Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management. 

   JaxxonRoxx Resident's Bio

Jaxxon hadn't had any sort of musical background until he decided to take up singing at the age of 14.  His first band was comprised of school friends and they would play the occasional concert.  With time, Jaxxon found himself with different musicians and they worked at many clubs in Gibraltar, establishing himself within the local music scene.  Having learned to play guitar and with an ever increasing fan base, Jaxxon knew it was time to showcase his own material.  This led Jaxxon to record his first album, with a well known band in 2002.  Jaxxon is producing his own songs now.   He also plays acoustic and electric guitar.

Currently he is working on his second album with fellow friends as well as constantly playing with his current band, Jetstream.  He hopes his next set of heartfelt songs will propel him to bigger things and is ready to take his music to a higher level.   Jaxxon comes to us in SL hoping to reach a wider audience.  Jaxxon will play covers, tracks and his own original material while singing in SL.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mr Costa Rica 2011

And here he is!! The gorgeous Mr. Phoenix Reyer, Mr. Costa Rica 2011.

Phoenix walked away with the crown and prizes for 2011, but it was no means an easy feat. The competition was tough and the boys all excelled themselves.

The 1st runner up is Didier Rascon.

Well done to all of you. Congratulations Phoenix, may you have a fruitful year as Mr Costa Rica.

Auction To Benefit Japan

The SFL's Twisted Vikings are hosting a drag-date auction to benefit victims of the Japanese apocalypse.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Boys of Costa Rica ...

It is time once again girls and boys to choose Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011.

Costa Rica Sims proudly presents the TOP SIX FINALISTS for the Mr. Costa Rica event - Saturday 26th March 2011

From (left to right) Angelik Lavecchia, Brendan Marcarthur, Didier Rascon, Pheonix Reyer, Xavier Midal and LesPaul Ibanez

The competition has been tough and the winner will continue on to the Mr. Virtual World competition. During the competition each finalist has worked hard to achieve his goal in being crowned Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011. These have been hard and challenging times with each contestant having proven to be a great choice should they win. The process has been exciting for the finalists and Costa Rica invites you to join them in finding out who the new Mr. Costa Rica will be.

The panel of judges this year will have a big part in selecting who will represent the Costa Rica Sims. Each judge will critique appearance, presentation and pose a question to every finalist. Ultimately, their decisions will reflect who will walk away with one of the Costa Rica Sims highest honours.

The Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2011 Judges are……

• Kyra owner of Deluxe Makeup & Skin Studio.
• Maxie “Just a normal girly Brit” - Miss Costa Rica 2009.
• Saffia Widdershins is the CEO of Prim Perfect Publications
• Serene Faith Miss Virtual World 2011
• Traveller Bade owner of Sartoria
• WK Ganesvoort Costa Rica stalwart

The Mr Costa Rica Sims 2011 Sponsors and Prizes:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

French Festival

Ex Nihilo 2011L'Ecole de SL a le plaisir de vous convier à son festival "Ex Nihilo 2011"

Du 5 mars 2011 au 26 mars 2011, dispersés sur 3 semaines d'exposition, 120 exposants proposeront la "French touch" en matière de création sur Second Life .
Qu'ils soient créatifs purs, commerçants, artistes, débutants, animateurs de groupes, groupes de RP, de builders, etc.., tous ont a coeur de montrer la vitalité des francophones sur Second Life.

Soirée d'inauguration le 5 mars 2011, soirée de clôture le 26 mars 2011
Exhibition de la Patrouille de france, les contes du baobab du groupe Africa Live , machinimas, chanteurs , Dj, concerts live, feux d’artifices , concours de build, telle est la liste non exhaustive des animations qui se succéderont lors de ce festival Ex Nihilo 2011.

Pour vous rendre à l'exposition

Ecole SL (Liens Utiles)
Le Groupe : secondlife:///app/group/b9703697-d27d-2928-2e54-4b6b7d42a592/about
Calendrier des cours :
Forum Ecole SL :
LM : ��

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Why I Don't Understand Griefers

Bragging at dethklan

I do not understand Griefers.  I do not understand people who choose to use their energy to disturb and destroy, rather than create and support.  Well, I suppose inside their own microcosm they support and create themselves, but that is really pretty much negated by taking that and using it against others.  Now before this descends into a strange discussion about war, I should probably share one key piece of information: this “Major SL Raid” in the site above?  That was members of this group griefing about sixteen people sitting around a campfire listening to native Hawaiian tales and chants.  Oh my!  The bravery THAT must have taken!

Monday, March 21, 2011

UNITED, the Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show & Competition is coming soon.

Hello SL Fashion Industry,

UNITED, the Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show & Competition is coming soon. Today we begin announcing those that have agreed to participate to make style cards come alive in July. We are happy to seeAvant Garde designers are looking forward to the chance to work with Vintage Haute Couture designers. And Accessory designers are looking forward to being inspired by their team creations. Hair designers are promising much flip action and Pose designers are going to back them up. We also have Musicians and Deejays sorting through their music to give the models a pep in their step.

Anyone that wants to be part of this historic event can still reach out to an organizer(s) and let them know “I WANT TO BE UNITED!”  Invitations are still being sent and we are waiting on commitments…so there is still time to sign up. 

Lanai's Diary- Entry March 21, 2011-Finally, Spring is here and I’m just getting back into the swing of things. - Lanai Jarrico


Spring is in the air and I'm ready for a whole new season of adventures but I can only imagine what's in store for me this year....

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Bookstacks Hosts 4th Annual Horror Fest

In late 2008, Bookstacks partnered with The Guild of UK Writers to better offer events to both the readers and writers of Second Life, and from that beginning Horror Fest was born.  Four years later, a small miracle in virtual terms, the event endures and Bookstacks has proudly announced Horror Fest 4: Better Undead than Unread scheduled for this Saturday, March 26 from 8 am - 10 pm SLT (Pacific Time)

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: StoryFest Declared Success – New Festival Announced

StoryFest Session Photo by Bear Silvershade

Over fifteen different presenters of stories presented over two dozen different stories in a number of presentational methods ranging from traditional telling to radio play to story ballet in this past weekend’s first ever celebration of World Storytelling Day on the Second Life Grid: StoryFest 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MISS TROPIC HAWAIIAN 2011- Registration begins March 20th Until July 16th. Get in where you fit in ladies!


To be considered a contestant for this pageant, you must be a female human avatar.  If you fit this qualification, please fill out the form below, insert 2 photos of yourself and send to Twstd Ruggles along with your registration fee of 350L.  Photos submitted should be a close up face shot AND a full body shot.  Your best picture will be inserted inside of a voting panel at The Tropic Hawaiian Headquarters for people to vote on.
·         All contestants must be present on the day of the pageant in order to compete.
·         The competition will be judged in 3 different categoriesSwimsuit, evening gown and interview categories. 
·         Our panel of judges will score for each category, and all points will be added up, some contestants with the lowest points will be eliminated at the end of each competition.  
·         The contestant who has the highest score overall, will win the crown, the prize money, gifts and the title of Miss Tropic Hawaiian 2011. 
·         All contestants participating in the pageant will receive gifts.  

Mahalo for your interest and good luck to all!

-Twstd Ruggles

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day the Virtual Way and Teleport to a few charming places today!

Clenching my fist around a bottle of Jack Daniels and reporting from the front line isn't always the safest and easiest thing to do, but I like to go hard at what I do especially sporting a skirt this short and gripping onto a gold coin for dear life just for a story.

What is St. Patrick's Day and why do we celebrate it today?

What is St. Patrick’s Day all about? And why do we celebrate it today?

To the many who seriously observe St. Patrick’s Day, it is a holy day that signifies the passing of St. Patrick on March 17th, AD 461.  St. Patrick was the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland who is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland.

If you are still wondering  who  St. Patrick was, Well… he was mostly known for his signature roll of  delivering a sermon on a hilltop that drove all the snakes out of Ireland.  He had to be metaphorically speaking because snakes weren’t even native to that region of the world.  I’m guessing what he meant was, his focus was to convert the Pagans into Christianity, so in a sense, calling Celtic druids; serpents and trying to convert or cast them out.

March Madness Seeps Into SL

There are no college athletics I am aware of on SL, but you can still show some school spirit by dressing as a cheerleader for your school.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Today's Weather....Sunny with a side of WTF?

Tired of Crappy Customer Service, freebies and overkill product bombardment or people with big egos and attitude problems trying to stake claim to having the best establishment in SL? Let the SL Enquirer help you make the distinction between Quality and Excellence of Service and Bad Business tactics. - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

I’ve spent a lot of time exploring Second life not just as a reporter, strip club enthusiast and shameless concert groupie but also as a customer.  I’ve purchased clothes, shoes, hair, Ao’s, dances, jewelry and many other accessories, toys, gizmos, gadgets  and whatnot throughout the years and for the most part, I’m greeted by someone or something  and loaded up with note cards at every place I go.  It is to be expected of most establishments here, otherwise how would the word get out to others without using media and news outlets, such as the SL Enquirer, BOSL, Imagine Magazine, Second Nights and others.
Business in Second Life is not like a real world business. Anyone can purchase or rent a land to build a store and plop a business on it. In the real world plenty of capital is needed, a physical location and a serious team of hard workers need to be implemented.   Even without the major capital, many SL businesses struggle with the lack of other required efforts.

Japan Disaster Relief On SL

GOHA players, fans and cheerleaders observe a moment of silence for Japan's disaster victims.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hockey Time!

GOHA is back!

Season 12 of the Global Online Hockey Association has kicked off. Come on down and see virtual hockey at her finest.

GOHA is always looking for new players, and virtual hockey is both a) easy to pick up and b) fun to play. The league is very active, and the people are all very much into it. The Puckettes are also looking for more cheerleaders. Contact Kayden Piers.

Know that the Puckettes will be out in full force, handling all of the cheerleading responsibilities. I'm the cute, small brunette one who yells a lot. I also have a new shape that has substantially larger breasts!

For more information go down and watch the games yourself. The schedule is on their website, which has the schedule.

Get Pucked!

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: World Storytelling Day Celebrated in Second Life

In the corporeal world, Sunday, March 20th is World Storytelling Day.  This celebration will be celebrated in the virtual world with StoryFest 2011 on Saturday, March 19th and Sunday, March 20th in Bran.  Storytellers whose keyboards are in Australia, Holland, Wales, Great Britain, Norway, The Continental U.S., Canada, and the Hawaiian Islands will present more than two dozen stories in less than 48 hours in five different venues on the Branwen Arts parcel “Here Be Pictsies” in the region of Bran.

For an expanded schedule and information on the amazing range of stories to be presented, visit

MOVING Art Experience ~ In the Sweet Bye & Bye

Since I've been in Second Life, I have visited many art exhibits, but none of them moved me as much as the In The Sweet Bye & Bye, An Immersive Memoir exhibit I took in as part of the African-American Experience in Art series with i-Learning Workshops through The Aesthetic Technologies Lab, College of Fine Arts, Ohio University. I took in the exhibit this weekend, and it was, to borrow a word from the series title, an experience for me to walk into the space of the art installation and be taken back into time, into histories of my own existence and make me remember while working through the histories of the artist behind the project, Jacque Quijote (aka Philip Mallory Jones :: website).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Did you change your clocks forward today?

Friday, March 11, 2011

As our earth quakes ...

Our real world is "all shook up" right now and 2011 has got off to seismic disasters much like 2010 did when on January 12, 2010 an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 occurred 10 miles off the coast from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, killing more than 200,000 people.

The World went into top gear and pulled out all the stops to try and help the Haitians get back on their feet.

Then in early September 201 an Earthquake struck New Zealand, located bbout 30 km From Christchurch and a State of Emergency was Delcared. The United States Geological Survey recorded the earthquake at a 7.0 on the Richter Scale; it was originally recorded to be a 7.2, but hwas subsequently downgraded. This is one of the biggest earthquakes in New Zealands recorded history. An aftershock that measured 5.7 followed about 20 minutes after the first quake. Much was destroyed and the New Zealanders had to set about rebuilding Christchurch and its surrounds.

Low and behold another strong earthquake shook New Zealand in February 2011. The 6.3-magnitude quake, per the USGS, shook New Zealand's South Island and its largest city of Christchurch again, sending New Zealanders reeling. Once again having to pick up the pieces.

And now Japan has been struck one of the biggest disasters of it’s history – an 8.9 earthquake that has sent tsunami waves through the Pacific. It is reported that there are as many as 1000 dead and a reported 88,000 missing. Hours later officials declared an official nuclear emergency when its nuclear plant’s cooling system failed which can result in a possible radiation leak.

And so it is in times like these people often ask how they can help.

Here are some organizations accepting donations for Japan’s Earthquake Relief:

American Red Cross - Donate $10 to support Red Cross Earthquake Relief by texting REDCROSS to 90999 or visiting their website.

Convoy of Hope – Text TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10 to Convoy or visit the Convoy website to donate.

Save the Children – The site is currently accepting donations to their Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund.

World Vision – Has a Disaster Response Fund where they’ve already added the Japanese earthquake and tsunami aid to in order to help children in various projects.

Shelterbox – Provides emergency-shelter-in-a-box to areas hit by earthquakes and tsunamis. You can donate money toward the cost of a box ($1000 covers the cost of one box) on their website. It is a UK based company with international links as well.

If we missed an organization please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all our Japanese and New Zealand friends in Second Life at this time of extreme disaster.

Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

Just in case you were on SL tonight and this is the first news you've seen.... Japan had a huge earthquake, and the entire Pacific coast has a Tsunami Alert. Get to higher ground, and check the news... in that order.

Stuff To Keep Your Avatar Busy This Weekend

We got you covered if you're looking for stuff to keep you busy this weekend.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Relay for Life of Second Life Kicks Off March 12

RFL of SL kicks off on March 12!

Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) is all set to KICK OFF on March 12!

For the past few weeks, the Teams Chairs Panza Eilde and PrettyKitty Gumbo have been working with a team of mentors and liaisons to recruit, register and train the team captains and help them to start planning events ... over 80 teams have registered to date, and now they’re ready to KICK OFF!

Virtual Hajj

With all the frightening stuff going on the Middle East these days, one can look at the news and forget that those people are kind of cool, too.

One of the Five Pillars of Islam involves making a Hajj to the holy city of Mecca. Thanks to an amazing new sim at OnIslam, you can actually make the hajj yourself.

It is very meticulously designed, and they seem to have made an effort to cover all the bases. You are immediately struck by how beautiful the place is. It is also very busy, and there is lots to do... even immediately upon arrival.

Not only does Mecca look authentic, but they have the little things down. There is a tour bus where you land. They have water set up for thirsty travellers (Mecca is in a harsh part of Saudi Arabia). They really made great efforts here, and it shows.

They have plenty of information about the sim and about Islam in general. You can get a virtual Koran, or read the 10 foot one they have on the premises. I actually got a good picture of it, but I used me instead. How often will you see me in an Abaya?

An Abaya is the clothing you wear when making the Pilgrim trip. It actually looks very Plymouth Pilgrim-like. I met some of the people who help out at the sim, and they hooked me up with the Abaya shown in the photo.

By the way... in case you feel you are going to show up there and have someone burn your flag or call you an infidel dog... it han't happened to me yet. Everyone has been nice and helpful, eager to provide information.

Note... while I am not fit to make blanket statements on behalf of Allah or anything like that, I would say that a virtual Hajj to a virtual Mecca doesn't actually count as one of the Five Pillars Of Islam. You still have to go IRL. This is more of an educational experience, and it is a fine one.

Monday, March 7, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Review - Dramatiques Troupe Tours “Narnia” Production

Preparation is everything.  Especially when performing in Second Life.  Because performing in SL can be just as nerve-wracking as performing in the corporeal world.  Timing is still everything, as is paying attention to your audience – an audience who may not even be in your same time zone!  It is easy to look at something like a virtual dance performance and say that it is just so much hopping on poseballs. Yes, technically it is.  But hopping on the correct poseball, at the correct moment, and hopefully wearing the correct thing.  In this the technology of the grid does not always aid your efforts.  In all respects, preparation, design, and execution, the current Narnia tour of Dramatiques Performance Troupe shows pride in, and attention to these details.

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Ireland's Pirate Queen Comes to Second Life

Imagination Island's Seanchai Library is celebrating March by paying tribute to a remarkable Irish woman with Grace O’Malley, the Irish Pirate Queen presented Friday, March 11th at 7pm at the Seanchai Library (Imagination Island); Sunday, March 13th at Noon at the Mango Yacht Club (Fruit Islands) and as part of the Opening Ceremonies at StoryFest 2011 celebrating World Storytelling Day – that presentation will take place at 1pm SLT on Saturday, March 19th at the Grand Story Circle in the Branwen Arts Center (Bran).

Lingerie, Anyone? EDS Launch Party

On Friday, March 4, I was invited to the EDS Launch Party for their new line of lingerie, and being a person who hardly ever says no to a party invite, I went shopping for a sexy piece of lingerie and headed out to the party--making sure I had enough funds to buy me a few saucy pieces while there.

SLE Commercial