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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Spotlight: Interview with the Grim Reaper Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Halloween is the time of year when they say the veil between our world and the spiritual world is the thinnest. It’s a time when all the freaks supposedly come out, but here in Second Life it’s a freak fiasco all year long. 

Many avatars like to break out their Halloween costumes and run amuck doing pumpkin hunts, costume parties and whatnot. This year I decided I’d hunt for Halloween icons. I originally wanted to interview the headless Horseman but apparently someone sold his horse in one of the breedable black markets and he is now on foot. The headless and horseless horseman eventually made it to our meeting late but his head never showed so we had to cancel...

The Stream Scene Ep. 7 - Xander, Lindimoo, Edward & Blindboy

Its that time of the month to get your fill of live music as The Stream Scene presents another half hour of live music from all over the grid. This week please join host Miles Eleventhauer as he presents music from internationally known artist XanderNichting Writer. Xander will knock your socks off as he performs his original song called "The Circle".

Thursday, October 27, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SLE On the Air/ News Program & Advertising Options!

The SL Enquirer and Press Pass Media have come together with an exciting media package that includes text, video and audio services combined for optimizing your marketing plan. This is a great opportunity to create traffic for businesses and services within the virtual world Second Life.

The SL Enquirer is one of the longest running SL news services, providing readers with regularly-updated news and spotlight features that are archived on

SLE On the Air (SLE OTA) is an audio & news program owned by The SL Enquirer and sponsored by Press Pass Media. Interviews are conducted by MarcStrassman Resident of Etopia News.

SLE On the Air shows air every Friday on The SL Enquirer website, The SL Enquirer channel on 
and streamed at The SL Enquirer Media Center.

SLE Radio Stream:
SL Enquirer Media Center

We use Facebook, Twitter, Moolto, LinkedIn, YouTube, and MySpace for external networking of our news and shows as well as in world media groups.

Advertising Options

Spotlight Feature: Lastat Productions by Lastat Daxter Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

   Have you been struggling with your business by trying to keep employee schedules organized or looked for new ways to create a professional presence in Second Life without any luck? I know it can be discouraging and it could make you feel like you are chasing marbles on a slippery slope or losing them altogether.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Lastat Productions has some pretty nifty gadgets that can help you keep all your marbles in one basket, making it easier to concentrate on more important stuff like selling your products and providing quality service.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MOVIE PREMIER: New Machinima by Miles11Hour

You're invited to the premiere of 'A GREAT DAY IN VIRTUAL HARLEM'!
The latest machinima movie by Miles Eleventhauer!
Thursday Night October 27, 2011 @ 7:00PM SLT

Walk the red carpet as you enter the Famous APOLLO THEATER @ Virtual Harlem be seen by paparazzi, and be the first to see the latest episode!
Here's your movie ticket:

Are you aware of events held in SL Enquirer Media Center? Mehseti Resident Reporting...

SL Enquirer is one of the most popular media networks that helps makes our SL journey much more interesting and fun by providing news straight from the avatar’s mouth since 2005.

Anyone can find their own opportunities in SL by marketing themselves and developing successful business relationships and participate in wonderful events, contests and much more. Proud owner of SL Enquirer, Lanai Jarrico does her best to provide readers with interesting and entertaining news.

The Independent Ballet visited The SL Enquirer earlier this month and SLE’s stage was taken over. Lead by Dubhna Rhiadra and Deyna Huet, this team created a production that became very popular in SL and receives multiple invitations to perform on stages across the grid.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spotlight Feature on Warm Animations: Do you want to play out your fantasy and indulge in the best love story in Second Life? Mehseti Resident Reporting...

As you know there are literally hundreds of Sims in SL on various themes. Recently I visited Warm Animation by Lisa Warmanimations, who is the proud owner and designer of these romantic and sexy animations.

 I would like to start by telling you that Warm Animations is in an adult zone so you need to set up your access to this area. The entire sim is aimed at letting you and your partner get the best of your love story in SL. Here you can find lots of animations on different themes including romantic dances, cuddling and sex. 
I was in touch with Lisa and got some important information to help you create a general idea of what they have to offer.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Children of a Factory Nation - CD Release Party for JordanReyne Deezul

Hailed by New Zealand's National Radio as the pioneer of a new sound, Jordan's music is a bloodthirsty mix of Celtic rock, Grimms fairytale-eske text and the sounds of steam and iron. Imagine PJ Harvey trapped in the workhouses of old England, with only Nine Inch Nails for company, and you're almost there.
Jordan has had three National Music Award nominations in her home country as well as several commissions by the New Zealand Arts Council. Her musical involvements include the second Lord of the Rings soundtrack, Cafe Del Mar, and a co-written song with BBC UK's Zane

Friday, October 21, 2011

Coffee Schlock with AJ- Special guest Harold Camping- TODAY IS SCHEDULED TO BE THE END OF THE WORLD! TAKE COVER!!!

AvaJean Westland: Remember Harold Camping and the end of the world on May 21st? Then it is supposed to happen TODAY, October 21st?!? Well here's a link to a funny machinima skit I wrote and acted in about it. Please watch and pass it on!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: The Martians Invade! to Benefit Susan G. Komen and Breast Cancer Research

Halloween is coming and Seanchai Library is getting into the spirit of the season, planning to raise some hairs, chill some bones and tingle some spines with a special production of War of the Worlds radio play written by Howard Koch and made famous by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre On The Air in October of 1938.Welles created mass hysteria with a production that mixed news reports and radio programming, voiced by skilled actors, to replicate the events H.G. Wells wrote about in his 1898 novel. The Seanchai Library will be presenting War of the Worlds in three public performances on the grid October 22nd through 26th, with guests invited to join the Seanchai Library in supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Dirty Virtual Business Part 2- What avatars are saying about virtual businesses in Second Life- The SLE Business Survey

Last week I wrote an article about Business in Second Life©, mainly from my perspective being involved and observing how others conduct business. I sent out a survey through the SL Enquirer Media group and listed some questions in Part one for readers. The responses were interesting.

A lot of the times I hear that time zones and availability seem to be the hardest thing to overcome when trying to build an active staff on an international platform. The other complaint is that Second Life is still a very unstable business platform due to the lag and crashing. These virtual world natural disasters like the ones described can really disrupt business and can cause people to lose faith in Second Life to help them sustain an income they can count on.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

FASHION NEWS: Designer Dossier : Dashwood Muircastle

Dashwood arrived in Second Life in 2008, she says the Universe was telling her something when first her mother suggested that she have a look at SL, then it was featured in an episode of CSI:NY and finally a friend watched a programme on MSNBC on SL – she had no choice now did she?
Dashwood came to SL with the intention of creating fashion and intending to sell her designs. But like all of us she had much to learn about SL before she did that. Her first day in SL was just like anyone else’s she reckons possibly even worse, she says “I could barely control my avatars movements let alone change my clothes - so it was a long road to being able to create my own designs.”
After literally "GOOGLING" "How to create clothing in SL" Dashwood began learning.... She quips “I opened up a tiny shop on a small mainland plot - and watched as NO ONE came. But I kept making clothing. Then I attended (in RL) SLCC in 2009 and that sort of changed things... I began to change my product a bit and really FOCUS my designs to my personal point of view and here we are. We moved the store to this larger area last Winter and have since expanded the Bridal Line, launched a line for Girls and now have a JUST for Bridesmaids line of much more RL style Bridesmaid dresses in a selection of colors - which are customizable upon request.” The DASHWOOD ~Collection~ specialises in Trendy/Elegant, Classic with a twist and "Girly" or "Sweet" designs.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Press Pass Media News- Smartphone users, Get connected for free!

WhatsApp Inc.

There is a new app FREE  for one year of international calling, picture messaging, video messaging, group calling, video calling and more  visit,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

SWAN Ballet at The SL Enquirer Media Center @12 Noon Saturday October 15th

Come join in a magical presentation of story, music, and dance . . .
With Swan the Independent Ballet Company weaves together the magic of original choreography with classical/ fusion music, live storytelling of an original story written especially for the piece, performed against a backdrop of original SL art. The story explores the conflict of the quest for power and knowledge with the wisdom of the natural world as one man attempts to find out the secrets of a group of ancient magical beings - swans. There is a lake and there are swans, but this is NOT Swan Lake!

PRESENTED: Story In Voice, Music in Stream
ADMISSION: Free, tips accepted
CONTENT: Traditional Telling, Theatre, Dance

What audiences are saying about SWAN:

"It really is the most technically accomplished performance I've ever seen. Believe me it makes a difference"

"It was loads of fun . . . It's very well done indeed."

"Amazingliy realistic - Bravo! Oh - it was so beautiful. I sometimes had to look twice - to see if it was RL"

"Stunning choice of programme… thank you ㋡"

"I didn't know this kind of dance was possilbe in SL"!

"That was very very beautifull ... well done ...XXX"

"I was mesmerized by the realism of this ballet. I've never seen anything quite like it"

"Was spectacular, never imagined something performed in sl would be so beautiful"

The Stream Scene Ep. 6 this Sunday @ 3pm slt - Al, Clairede, The Follow & Mommaluv

The Stream Scene family hopes you all have been enjoying our season so far. Its been an honor and privilege to bring our 4th season of The Stream Scene on SL's number one television network We are about to hit the half way mark of this season and hope you will continue to enjoy the music we bring on the next 5 episodes of the season.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Samhain Festival 2011 Benefits the Make A Wish Foundation

Once more, the old year turns. The new world comes. Samhain is the end of the natural year and the birth of the new, a time to release the past and prepare for the future. Once again, we are celebrating this time with a month of live music, literary events, exhibits, vendors, freebie hunts, story telling and themed dances.  Fox Ravenheart and Serene Bechir (aka The Wild Roving Foxes), who brought the grid last December’s atmospheric Yule Festival have done it again with Samhain Festival 2011 which began October 3rd and continues through the end of the month in Talisman.  This is the Second Samhain Festival they have presented, with all donations from this year’s event benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From the Desk of Dragonheart Spiritweaver- Imagine Magazine

It seems no matter where you turn these days, there are negatives. We all spend a lot of time focusing on what isn’t going right, even dwell on it. Not me. *cough* Heh, but if you do it the other way around, and focus on what is good, what feels right, things seem to just flow better. Not to say that you don’t get knocked upside the head at times with truths you’d be happy not to have experienced, but it does take the ‘edge’ off the sadness and slows the cycle of despair down a notch or two. Let’s face it, evolution is painful and what I have been observing is unsettling around the grid.

 First, there has been a mass exodus of creative people from SL at an alarming rate or who are downsizing their operations drastically. The land barons are turning back in “grandfathered” real estate with ‘fully rented’ Sims in their advertisements. And vendors are giving back their land deferring to Marketplace to sell their wares to reduce tier costs. More and more a person can get around SL without spending any lindens at all. Unfortunately, those are not good trends. And the live music venues that need the extra income aren’t getting it because the sims that were surrounded with shops seem to be dwindling with the inclination of SL residents to be online using online access to shop.

Music Not Politics' Onehemppcat Oldrich is performing virtually LIVE at The SL Enquirer Media Center October 11th @ 6pm slt

On Tuesday, October 11 @ 6pm SLT Onehempcat Oldrich will be taking over the airwaves at The SL Enquirer Media Center. Recently this Music Not Politics rockstar hooked up with The SL Enquirer and performed a kick ass performance together with KevinMThomas Carpool and Edward Lowell and we are excited to have him back again!

Onehempcat aka Mike Majesty is a real world/ virtual world musician and songwriter with over twenty years experience.  Having graced the SLE stage on more than one occassion , Onehempcat always brings energy to the atmosphere as he performs his own original tunes with commentary in between.

Find out more about Onehempcat Oldrich

Teleport Here:
Upcoming Events

Join the SL Enquirer Media Group in world, Subscribe to this website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Moolto, Myspace, Youtube or even Flickr!

  will be doing bi-weekly performances for SLE Fans. Be sure to mark your calendar for this show and join the SL Enquirer Media Group to learn more about SLE Events and virtually live performances.

Dirty Virtual Business. How do you see virtual world business? Part One- Do the survey! Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Back in 2005 when I rezzed into Second Life©, it was a relatively new frontier for “Noobs” to explore. Many avatars fresh out of beta testing spread out across the grid finding their own creative outlets and building businesses. The fact that there was an in world currency (Lindens) with real monetary value and ability to convert and transfer into electronic banking accounts like PayPal, it became an obsession for many that dreamed of making an actual living in a virtual world.

It is not an impossible goal to have because Second Life did made some Millionaires but it wasn’t without their preexisting knowledge and skills along with the time, patience and persistence to succeed.

Monday, October 10, 2011

In the Know with Clothing Designer Caelia Bellic

There are many things I like to do in-world, but two that stand out are perform and find hot clothes to wear. As a part of the group Unity Productions, I'm able to do both in our latest production, The Misfits. Not only do I get to dance and strut my stuff on the stage, but I'm also able to wear the grunge-tastic wares of clothing designer Caelia Bellic, owner of Cae.B designs. I was a fan of Cae's clothing before the production, and have spent time with a friend going to Cae's mainstore [slurl] and waxing philosophically about the artistry of Cae's designs. How much do I dig Cae's grunge couture? There is a folder in my invy marked "ALL CAE.B." And it's stocked!

As a lover of Caelia Bellic's clothing, I sought her out to ask a few questions about what inspires her to design her wares...among other things. And she graciously replied...

Duche de Coeur and the Academie Royale de Musique. Mehseti Resident Reporting…

 Have you ever visited a sim that opened you up to a virtual experience of your real life dreams?

Recently, I visited and was impressed by the Duche de Coeur's Academie Royale de Musique's program at the Duche du Coeurs Languedoc Region. I am now a regular guest at a place where I could imagine my dreams.

Do you want to feel the atmosphere of France in the last half of the 18th century?” If you said yes, then put on your best gown and visit the Duche de Coeur's 14 regions. You won't regret it.

Many creators try to incorporate real life into their creations. But the creators of the Duché de Coeur, Bedrich Panacek, SkyeRyder Varriale and TatianaDokuchic Varriale achieved their goal. The splendor of the sims' architecture conveys a sense of high-society and royalty.

Chillax Isle, Helping The New

Beach living = Good living...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Astrology by Linda Lauren!

Find out what is coming up for you in the next couple of months! I have also included great colors for you to think about and days of the week that will be the strongest for you!

Click here for Astrology!

My book, Hostage in Time, is now available on and Barnes and Nobles. You can buy a copy or electronic version from either web site!

Hostage in Time is the story of a photographer who must travel back in time, and, paired with Thomas Edison’s patent attorney, find important missing documents before she is arrested for treason and history is changed forever.

Superheroes and Sidekicks Event sponsored by the SL Enquirer and BSR Radio on October 4th from 7-9pm SLT.

The SL Enquirer & Black Soul Rhythms Radio presents another themed event on Tuesday, October 4th @ 7pm slt! . Start shopping for those costumes because it is time for a gathering of SL’s elite Superheroes and their sidekicks!  BSR Radio’s Dj Dibou will be broadcasting Live!
Missed our last event? Get Connected!
 Join the SL Enquirer Media group in Second Life© or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Moolto, LinkedIn, Myspace and Youtube!

Has Second Life™ become an irreplaceable part of real life? Mehseti Resident Reporting...

Opportunities of Second Life™ are growing and many of us can’t even imagine our real life without Second Life.

Influential companies all over the world open their offices in Second Life, which supports connection between employees from different countries. They need Second Life to hold meetings, hire workers and for some other organizational issues.
IBM™ company hires more than 20,000 people per year from different countries of the world. In order to help people to go through geographical and cultural barriers IBM opened virtual office in Second Life. Using 3D technologies they created virtual workplace where employees from different parts of the world won’t feel isolated from work.
Equally with IBM virtual offices in SL™ have such companies as Dell™, Sun™, AOL™, Warner Bros™, Sony™, Toyota™, Mercedes-Benz™, Adidas™, ReebokUnliever™, Cisco Systems™. Some companies even provide online courses for their stuff using Second Life.

Avatar PR Bringing in October Big Nani Xue Reporting...

In this 4th quarter of 2011, Avatar PR is very proud to present the Indie Nation Network. The INN is the aggressive mobilization of the AVATAR PR’s diverse affiliates, artists, consumer group, 3D avatar driven social networks and clients to help aspiring talent become financially profitable small businesses marketing and selling their brand independently in 2012. For the first time a network will do more than connect people it will change their lives.

SFL October Information

Stacey is already in mid-season form covering the SFL...