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Friday, April 29, 2011



“UNITED” is underway with teams building war strategies and the theater seating getting fluffed.  This ground breaking fundraiser got a huge fashion industry nod when the real life in SL “ Fashion Research Institute in New York” founded by Shenlei Flasheart agreed to host the event on Sims that houses her Equestrian Community. Not only will this event have a prestigious location…where else could it be, but it will have some impressive surroundings with this flourishing community. Here is the background on the Locatin Host of “UNITED, The Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show and Competition for Relay for Life. And details about the amazing location for this event.

SL ARTS & LITERATURE UPDATE: Avatar Repertory Virtual Play Buffet Tonight!

Tonight at 5pm SLT will be the latest servings from the Avatar Repertory Theater's Virtual Short Play Buffet.  If you are lover of theater, this is a "Do Not Miss" Event.  Avatar Repertory Theater received 113 short plays to their call for submissions for ten minute plays. At A.R.T.’s Plays Around, Fridays at 5 pm PDT, 30 of the plays are being read from March 25-May 13. The audience votes their favorites each week. The votes of the A.R.T. troupe will be included in the final tally for the 5-6 plays to be fully produced during July.  You can view a list of the plays and see some  of the tally of votes at

The Official Launch of "The Village" and "Club Graffiti" - Friday April 29, 2011 1PM SLT.- Contact Kalli Birman

The Village, Second Life's newest hot spot, will be having The Official Launch on Friday April 29th at 1PM SLT. Owned by Mankind Tracer and KalliBirman, The Village is modeled after Greenwich VillageNYC of the 1970's and will be home to some of the best couture boutiques Second Life has to offer including House of RFyre, Gizza, Paris Metro, Tres Beau, Bliss Couture, Vogue, Blacklace.

The Village is also home to the new underground rock venue, "Club Graffiti". It is inspired by one of the most famous clubs in Greenwich Village, CBGB's and the area where the whole punk movement of the 1970's began. Artists such as David BowieThe Ramones,Blondie, The Talking Heads and many others made their way through CBGB's to begin a new revolution in music.

Club Graffiti will host weekly shows by top SL musicians. Mankind Tracer, one of Second Life's most well known live performers and co-owner of The Village, will also perform every Sunday night at 9PM SLT.

The launch will be opened by the popular band The Follow at 1pm slt and will continue at 2pm slt with a performance by Mankind Tracer.  It is asked that all attendees remove any attachments and scripted objects prior to arrival to help reduce lag.

The sim will open at 12:30PM SLT to allow time for guests to arrive.

12:30PM SLT - guest arrival
1:00PM SLT - The Follow performs -
2:00PM SLT - Mankind Tracer performs -


Press Contact: Kalli Birman in SL or via email

Thursday, April 28, 2011

(RP) NEXUS NEWS: April 28th @ 4pm SLT Everyone interested in the creation, development, and management of role-playing games in Second Life and OpenSim grids is hereby invited to a presentation and discussion at the Role Play Nexus. - Cursa Charisma


 "The Decline & Fall of the Linden Empire"
Speaker: Edward Gibbon
Date & Time: Thursday, April 28, 2011  4pm (1600) SLT
Place: Role Play Nexus, Mul

Edward Gibbon will present his thesis of the downfall of Linden Lab and Second Life, and what will come after, with reference to the data presented at:

Transcripts of past events are available at the Nexus and at

The Role-Play Nexus exists to facilitate the exchange of experiences, information, questions, fun stories, collaboration, and good will by providing a meeting point and information hub, and holding events with themes related to RP in SL and Opensim grids.

MachinUWA III: Journeys

The 3rd UWA Machinima Challenge is rapidly drawing to a close, in fact the closing date 1st May 2011.

The University of Western Australia (UWA) themed their latest machinima challenge simply 'Journeys'. With an amazing prize pool of $L530,000 broken down as follows:

1st Prize $L100,000
2nd Prize $L70,000
3rd Prize $L50,000
+ L$310,000 in other prizes

Entrants were told that defining what a ‘journey’ was, was entirely up to them; A journey through Second Life; A journey of self discovery; A journey within; A journey from SL too RL, or vice-versa; A journey through space, through time, a journey of hope, a journey of despair; Their own journey or a journey by someone else seen through their eyes... or... through Second Life in 80 Days, whatever they could imagine.

Jayjay told me that they have had a fantastic response to their ‘Journeys’ challenge with entries being received from all around the world.

The talent of our fellow SL residents is astounding, take the link below to see for yourself.

The judges for the challenge are:

1. Professor Ted Snell (RL) - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
2. White Lebed (SL) - Former Lead of Burning Life Art Department, Director of Special Projects @ UWA
3. Jayjay Zifanwe (SL) - Owner of The University of Western Australia (SL), Creator & co-host of the UWA 3D Art& Design Challenge
4. Yesikita Coppola (SL) - Official Machinimatographer for UWA 2011
5. Laurina Hawks (SL) - Reigning UWA MachinimUWA Champion
6. Raphaella Nightfire (SL) - Snr Writer Best of SL Magazine, Owner Sanctorum Gallery (SL)
7. FreeWee Ling (SL) - Curator, UWA 3D Open Art Challenge
8. LaPiscean Liberty (SL) - CEO AviewTV and UWA Media Advisor
9. Nazz Lane (SL) - Journalist and Author
10. Rowan Derryth (SL) - Art & Design Historian; Writer for Prim Perfect Publications
11. Apollo Manga (SL) - Writer & Novelist
12. Dr. Phylis Johnson (RL) - Media Professor, Southern Illinois Uinversity, Author - Machinima: Aesthetics and Practice (a.k.a, Sonicity Fitzroy, SL Virtual Journalist)
13. Lowell Cremorne (SL), Owner & Editor-In-Chief, The Metaverse Journal
14. Mal Burns (SL), Metaverse News Aggregator and Broadcaster
15. Paisley Beebe (SL), CEO of Perfect World Productions TV
16. Flimsey Freenote - CEO of Metamix TV (Mixed Reality Television)

The Winners will be announced by the 30th of May 2011 at a special gala function, so in the meantime we wait in anticipation to see who the winners will be.

"SoHo Glam"


Emery - "SoHo Glam"

When: Saturday, April 30th @ 2pm SLT

Where: Costa Rica Sims Fashion Loft

This Saturday, April 30th @ 2pm SLT, Costa Rica Sims Productions (CRSP) presents the designs of the amazingly talented Sunami Beck.
Emery Mainstore @ Costa Rica Sims: SLurl

Join us at the beautifully appointed, upscale Costa Rica Sims Fashion Loft. Invite a friend, order a Lychee martini, and rub elbows with the beautiful people as the CRSP Models showcase the glam rock Emery collection.

Featuring the following CRSP Models: Willy Oakleaf, Jock Whitfield, Brendan Macarthur, Pheonix Reyer, Sydney Bonde, Veronica Krasner, Roe Woodford, and Devine Hunt.

For more information please contact:
Nisa Constantine, Director - Costa Rica Sims Productions

Costa Rica Estate Website: :

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FYI Talk ~~ Serena Numanox & To Write Love on Her Arms

If you've read any of my articles and commentaries here on SLE, then you know I'm a fan of taking part in things in Second Life that move beyond the metaverse and that connect with tangible things in the "actual" world. In the actual world, I am a pen pal to a few young girls who are brilliant, creative, and have great futures ahead of them. It's something I do because I think it's important to connect with our young women (and men) and help them to see that there are positives in life and that even through trials, we can overcome them. In my actual life, I spend a great deal of time connecting with those who need an ear, a word, something that can help them get over the trials that afflict them.

Being this way, it's no wonder that I would finally learn about the incredible organization To Write Love on Her Arms [TWLOHA] and to learn that there is an SL group that helps to foster the mission of TWLOHA.

So, me being me, I went in search of the founder of the SL organization, Serena Numanox, and wrangle some time away from her to talk about TWLOHA and what others can do to help the mission.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Time Machine Show hosted by DJ SonicBlu @ SLE's CHILL LOUNGE -April 27 @ 6pm slt

Join us for an evening of easy listening tunes through the years with   DJ SonicBlu. He will be taking requests & dedications.  Everyone is welcomed to come hang out on the rooftop of the media center or take a tour of the facility. Feel free to ask any of the SLE family any questions you may have about spotlight features or advertising your business in our newspaper!

Enter the drawing for a Spotlight Feature in the SL Enquirer


Dress: Come as you are.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Virtual Scotland

Stacey Goes To Virtual Scotland

Scotland is a place that I'm never likely to visit in the real world, but that doesn't mean that I can't visit them.

I live in New England. I'm also French, pretty much 100%. I was an import. This pretty much eliminates any desire I have to go to Scotland, with one exception (see below)

Nothing against Scotland... the Scots are cool people, responsible for giving us golf and Scotch whiskey. It's just not different enough from New England or France to justify going to it. In New England, you use vacation time to go somewhere warm.

But a virtual visit is just what I need. Thank the Gods that someone made virtual Scotland.

When you go to Scotland, you start off in this useful information hub that sort of fluffs you for the journey.

Scotland has some cool stuff to check out. I made a point of visiting the Boleskine House. This house was owned, at different times, by noted spooky occult figures Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page. The house is spooky enough IRL that Page brought in someone to exorcise ghosts.

You also have Inverness, which is both a city and a castle that MacBeth lived in before he went big-time. Both are represented ehre. There are actually several castles you can f*ck around in. Well, not literally "f*ck," but you know what I mean.

The highlight of the visit is the Nessie Hunt. The Loch Ness Monster is, to my knowledge, Scotland's most famous resident. You don't go to Scotland and fail to visit Nessie. It's like going to Pizza Hut for pasta otherwise.

I was also looking for William Wallace, but I never really paid enough attention to that movie to know where to look for the man. IMHO, Braveheart would have been a better movie if the Loch Ness Monster was in it.

I'm not going to give anything else away, so you can see for yourself. Go visit those Socts!

A Winner has been chosen for SLE's 2011 Easter Egg Decorating Contest!

This year contestant from across the grid participated in our second annual Easter Egg decorating contest.

Entrants were given decorating kits that included an egg template and instructions. No Scripts, no advertising and created with a max of 10 prims.  From creative graphics to elegantly sculpted stands and accessories. Each avatar put in their creativity and came up with some great ideas.  Clearly imaginations run free in Second Life and here at the SL Enquirer, they sure did.

After a weekend of judging and tallying up votes, The SL Enquirer unanimously agreed that Fiery Bloom created by Queen Edman is this years winner!

Congratulations to Queen who received 2000 Lindens, a spotlight feature and an official SLE "Recognized for Excellence" Award.

Thank you all for participating in this event!

To find out when we have other contests and events, join our SL Enquirer Media Group in world or subscribe to our website.

~Lanai Jarrico

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: The Play Buffet Feast Continues . . .

Several weeks ago I wrote about the Avatar Repertory Theater’s Virtual Short Play Buffet.  Avatar Repertory Theater received 113 short plays to their call for submissions for ten minute plays. At A.R.T.’s Plays Around, Fridays at 5 pm PDT, 30 of the plays are being read from March 25-May 13. The audience votes their favorites each week. The votes of the A.R.T. troupe will be included in the final tally for the 5-6 plays to be fully produced during July.  You can view a list of the plays and see some  of the tally of votes at

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 2nd Annual SLE Easter Egg Contest is Full to Capacity! Thank you all for participating this year, the creativity is awesome and will make it very difficult for us to pick a winner! - Lanai Jarrico

From April 1 Until April 20th, avatars from around the grid had the opportunity to decorate an Easter Egg and submit it into this year’s contest.  The prize is a spotlight feature in The SL Enquirer valued at 3000L, 2,000 in cold hard Lindens and an authentic SLE Award for Recognition of Excellence 2011 issued by yours truly.

Participants were asked to design an egg with the template provided, using a maximum of 10 prims. What they submitted was an assortment of creations from grand accessories to colorful and creative graphics.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



CLub FLow and L&H Couture Present  DJ Detroit
One of the best SL DJs  in Second Life & Official DJ of the SL Enquirer

Come join us this evening, Its Ladies Night!  L&H Couture will treat you good ladies, so come and listen

*Spotlight Feature Giveaway, Courtesy of The SL Enquirer & CLUB FLOW

Lorena Chung Estates News- Lorena Chung Estate sims provide privacy, flexibility and space in a beautiful and isolated environment.

This estate has one of the Lowest priced-sims in the SLworld. You will be given full estate manager rights in  minutes after purchase, so you will have full control over banning, terraforming, restarts, and texture changes immediately. We also provide 24/7 customer support.

• No premium account needed 
• Animal Friendly
• Residential/Light Commercial 
• Full Estate Manager Rights within hours
• Full control over banning, terraforming,restarts, and texture changes 
• Stand Alone-Total Privacy 
• One on One Professional Service
• Sim Design (Optional) 
• Contact us for a tour of our Developed Sims 

Contact : Serene Coast or contact Lorena Chung directly.
Teleport Now!

Gibraltar Takes Over the SL Music Scene with Moonlight Music

Over a month ago, SLE's illustrious president came to me and asked that I check out Moonlight Music for a piece. At the time, I had never heard of the company or of the talent that resided within the company. Since that time, I have met the CEO and premiere talent of Moonlight, Wolfie Moonshadow, sat in on sets from Moonlight's artists, and rocked it out on March 27, 2011 as the company joined forces with SLE to bring Spring Jam to the grid.

Moonlight Music CEO Wolfie Moonshadow

Needless to say, I am now a huge believer of Moonshadow's vision for Moonlight, the uber-talented band of musicians that make-up the company, and how this company will spread like wildfire across the metaverse.

When I heard about Moonlight Music and its stable of artists, I was instantly intrigued. Great singers--all from Gibraltar? And not only are they all from Gibraltar--a country that is only 3 1/2 square miles and that sits at the very southern tip of Spain--but also they are all friends who sing from the same recording studio? To me, that sounded like either great fiction or a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity. It seemed that just as The Beatles invaded America many decades ago, Gibraltar was invading the SL music scene in a big way with Moonlight Music and its rising stars.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lanai’s Diary: Are Facebook Junkies taking it a little bit too far when it comes to friend lists, statuses and comments? -Lanai Jarrico reporting…

I have had facebook for the SL Enquirer, for a couple years and I must say I’m a Noob to everything except plastering update announcements, adding pics and accepting anyone who wishes to friend me.
 I think when Facebook is used properly it can be very beneficial to network with like minded people and promote events and whatnot. That is why I use it. This social network gives fans the choice to follow SLE updates  or use any of the other social networks we are also a part of like twitter, MySpace, YouTube, blogger, LinkedIn, Flickr, moolto, whatever. Or you can find us in Google search.
So in that respect, get up on my friend list, anyone is welcomed, just don’t expect to hear me crying about a broken nail or giving you a play by play of my rather hectic day. It is strictly SLE business and I’m very glad to say, I have had no problems with anyone on my list and appreciate the peaceful and productive nature of the content SLE fans share.

Monday, April 18, 2011

BiOStreams- Stream Live music into Second Life! SLE Readers get a discounted rate courtesy of Captain Clipper

Welcome to BiOstreams!

We provide quality hosted SHOUTcast streams with full support in a range of simple, easy to understand plans. Just choose how many listeners you require and your payment preference - daily, weekly or monthly

LANCE NEWS- Florida was great and excited about coming to TN this week! - Lance Rembrandt

.  The CD is flying off the shelf and merchandise is being shipped out fast as the elfs  can stuff them in packaging.  Reviews of the CDs are coming in from all over the world with nothing but high praise for the "What You Make It" album.  The new cd will be released physically and digitally April 20, 2011.  The new LANCE guitar pick necklace and new line of T shirt seems to be some hot items in the online store on the official website.

Hot Topic/ Shockhound Music  Mall tour  and LANCE hopes to see you with all your friends and family.
Check out the schedule

Salem Witch Memorial

Stacey goes to Salem

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: “Act Up!" at The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

Don't do nothing because you can't do everything. Do something. Anything. ~ Colleen Patrick-Goudrea

When I first went to the Lonely Yak Roadhouse in Piper Point I felt at home right away.  There were people from my part of the corporeal world there, and we shared animated reminiscences of a local television legend from our childhood.  But it was more than that: friendly, whimsical, fun loving, excellent music and excellent company.  Then I spotted the poster in the corner for the Film Series and clicked to get the information note  and read the quote shown above at the beginning of the note.  Now I knew I had found kindred spirits.

Spotlight on Kaino Hotshot- The best Wide Receiver in the SLNFL League, Architect and Black Soul Rhythms Radio Promoter. –Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

 Kaino Hotshot

It’s always a pleasure meeting new people in Second Life and finding out what they are all about.  Recently, I caught up with SLE Spotlight Drawing Winner Kaino Hotspot, after a BSR/ SLE sponsored Chill Lounge party.   Going in I had no clue what to ask but when we met up at his home. It was like walking up inside of MTV Cribs, except he wasn’t showing me all around pointing out his garage full of pimped out rides and walls of self portraits and awards. He was more the laid back type, the kind of SLebrity, you’d actually want to hang out with.

I tried to respect others time so I try to keep my interviews an hour, so I knew I didn’t have much time to think up questions so I just went with the flow of the conversation and here’s how it went down.

FYI Talk ~~ Essence of Ebony CEO and Model Latrelly Flux

As an African-American woman in real life and in Second Life, I'm always interested in learning of people, events, and spaces in the metaverse where African Americans are acknowledged, celebrated, and given support.

Over a month ago, I was at a talk show on the grid where the discussion was on black models in Second Life. Specifically, the hosts were talking to the CEO of the Miss Essence of Ebony Competition, Latrelly Flux, the model VA community manager Kalyabreea Capelo, and Miss EoE 2011 Imani Enzo.

In real-life, as a doctoral student, I'm interested in the ways African American women find, create, and develop themselves in virtual spaces, so the discussion on race, gender, virtual worlds, community, and more fascinated me beyond belief.

It was that fascination that made me contact Flux so that I could sit down with her, talk to her, and learn more about EoE; it is an entity in Second Life that definitely deserves press.

Latrelly Flux

Saturday, April 16, 2011

MNP News: Music Awareness 2011- MUSIC NOT POLITICS

On Easter weekend of 2008 MUSIC NOT POLITICS, with the assistance of Money Island and JSP Island, set out to raise awareness of live music in SL.  A 48 hour live event was held on the Money Island Sims.  The general music groups, musicians and venues were invited to participate in the event which ran 52 hours and brought over 1,100 new fans to the music scene.  On Easter Weekend 2009, the now annual Music Awareness event, carried on for over 100 hours.   Easter weekend 2010 saw over 100 hours of live music and tons of new members to the music community!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spotlight on Cursa Charisma- A once new skeptical SL cheapskate, turned Role Play Educator, Lecturer and pioneer. – Lanai Jarrico

Who is Cursa Charisma, you ask?
Well, he was the winner of an SLE Spotlight feature in a drawing at SLE’s Chill Lounge recently. I had a chance to congratulate him that night, but didn’t really get to know him or what he was all about until this interview. So I asked the same question.

It turns out Cursa has returned to this virtual world to continue on  his mission of creating  Topic Discussion Lectures at a place called, Nexus and educating others on the types of Role Play that can be found in Second Life.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011




Well everyone the time has come to announce the teams that will bring you the Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show and Competition. I’m already proud of every participant. Their willingness to give their time and creative ideas to a unified event is commendable. I am most proud of the efforts and recruiting my management team has done to help me put this amazing event in order. I give a personal “Thank You” to Starlett Nightfire. It has been thru her efforts that we have the Best of the Best models to be our Living Style Cards.  To everyone supporting us, WELL DONE!


LANCE NEWS: It is a very exciting time to be in the LANCE camp. The CD is flying off the shelf and merchandise is being shipped out fast as the elfs can stuff them in packaging.

LANCE Promo 2010 from LANCE on Vimeo.

Reviews of the CDs are coming in from all over the world with nothing but high praise for the "What You Make It" album.  If you have not pre ordered yours there is some freebies for early birds.  The new LANCE guitar pick necklace and new line of T shirt seems to be some hot items in the online store on the official website.


Get your Science on...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SLE's Easter Egg Decorating Contest 2011- April 1 thru April 24th!

See Rules for submitting an egg for consideration in the SL Enquirer Egg Decorating Contest:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

SLCS Japan Benefit

Cheerleaders Host Tsunami Benefit

Read These Nikes

SL has their own universe of marketing, and it's mostly good.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MUSIC NOT POLITICS NEWS: The OFFICIAL RL April Second Life Mid-Atlantic Jam is kicking off April 7th- April 10th in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Date of the JAM:  April 7-10, 2011

Thursday April 7 through Sunday, April 10, 2011

La Quinta Inn & Suites
Baltimore South Glen Burnie
6323 Ritchie Hwy
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone: 1-410-636-4300
Fax: 1-410-636-2630  

There is a $60 per person fee to attend the Jam.  No, there isn’t a partial registration available. This fee is to cover the cost of the hall, food, snacks, etc., including two dinners to be provided (Friday and Saturday).  I have no intention of making any profit off of this affair.  In fact, any remaining funds will be donated to a charity.

I'm looking into guitars for troops

Tentative Schedule and ticket information

My Old Kentucky Home

Why not go to college?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When the Real World's in Need, SL Residents DO Respond!

By now, everyone knows about the March 11th earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. Since the 11th, millions of people across the world have given what they can to help Japan during its time of need.

Even in Second Life.

Paparazzi hit the Chill Lounge on April 5th – Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

When you think of an SL party, you may think of loud music, random banter , gestures flooding the screen and avatars dressed in club wear, grinding all up on the dance floor.  But not this party,  it was more of a relaxing atmosphere with mellow music, great people and a nice way to end a Tuesday night.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SLE News- Tuesday April 5, 2011- BSR Radio is Broadcasting Live from The SL Enquirer’s Rooftop Chill Lounge @ 7pm slt Tonight!

Join The SL Enquirer & Black Soul Rhythms Radio for 2 hours of great music, requests and dedications. Hosted by BSR’s, DJ Marjorie Dibou

 Dress is Classy, Sexy, Cool.   Be sure to look good and fix those wigs before you show up. 
Paparazzi will be present!

This party will fill up fast, so get their early! There will be an SLE prize Drawing each hour for a chance at  wining a Spotlight Feature in the SL Enquirer.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Metaverse TV Presents: The Real Desperate Housewives of Beaver Ridge

See all the drama unfold on this unscripted drama comedy created by Lucy Eberhart and Marcy Thorne.

SLE News Tidbit for the Week- Monday April 4, 2011

The SL Enquirer Media Center

The SLE Show- Episode #2 Hosted By Kendrick Setsuko - Interviews with a Twist

Interview with V&V's Nuala Macmorag- Voices and Visions Escort Lounge in Second Life.

Check out Part 2

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sexy back ... the back is the new body part du jour

If you're not big on cleavage (pun intended) you'll be pleased to know that the back is back. Backless dresses are becoming more and more prominent as a trend.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


From Saturday April 2nd to Sunday April 10th 2011, thousands of Second Life residents and creators are coming together to support the American Cancer Society's vision of a world without cancer.  Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC) have transformed nine sims of Second Life into a fantasy wonderland:  the Fantasy Faire 2011 to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).

MBC News: Beaver Ridge Premiere Today- Saturday April 2, 2011

Premiering April 2, 2011 at Patch Thibaud Auditorium is the long awaited new comedic series from MBC. This bold, creative series is the perfect mixture of comedy, mystery, and drama. Created by Marcy Thorne and Lucy Eberhart, it is sure to be a big hit and you are invited to the premiere!

Dress is Casual, keep scripts to a minimum please.

Pre-show Party with Editorial Clarity 4pm slt

Premiere at 5pm SLT

Interview with cast and crew 5:30 pm SLT

Teleport to Patch Thibaud Auditorium

SLE Commercial