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Friday, May 31, 2013

You are Cordially Invited to Lanai's 8th Rezzday Celebration! May 31st- Doors Open at 3:30 pm SLT

Paramount Playhouse & Pulse TV Network 
Lanai’s 8th Rezzday 
Date: May 31st
Time:3:30-6:00 pm SLT
Old Hollywood Theme
Vintage Formal Attire Requested

      Old Hollywood was a glamorous time when actor and actresses performed their art on the silver screens. Things have certainly changed since those times with innovation and new technology, but we are going to take you back in time to when acting, burlesque and musical performances were the main form of entertainment.  Join us as we celebrate Lanai's Rezzday with class. Hosted by Pulse TV Network’s Scorpinosis Nightfire.

The Celebration includes a walk on the red carpet to the flash of paparazzi. Enter the theater for the opening of the celebration and a live performance by Jazz & Blues Vocalist Jackie Lefko, a custom tailored Burlesque Show by Paramount Playhouse appropriately  titled, "Road to Jarrico."  a Comedy Intermission is sure to leave you in stitches. Throughout the evening guest will be encouraged to  browse  the Prize Drawing Auction for luxurious prizes. One lucky winner will drive away in a beautiful white Caddy Esco from Billionaire Motors. Other prizes will include gift certificates for a makeover and shopping spree, a Luxury Yacht and more!

A Cake Contest will be hosted by Starlena Darkfire for those that know their Hollywood stars. Be the first to guess the actors and Actresses on Lanai's cake for a prize of 500L!

Mark you calendar and Join The SL Enquirer & Lanai Jarrico for a night of Luxurious SLebrity Style as we bring back Old Hollywood.

Your Limo Awaits Ladies and Gentlemen


**About Drawing Auction**

Religion In Second Life- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

If you are in tune with your religious and spiritual side, Second Life offers many locations and groups for the religious and spiritual minded individual.

Religious & spiritual locations can be divided up into three categories. The first category is replicas of famous landmarks. This category includes replicas of such famous religious landmarks as The Cathedral of Notre Dame. The second category are sims which have actual in world religious and spiritual services that you can attend. The last category are places of meditation, where you can sit and reflect in your surroundings.  So how do you find these places? An easy way is the Second Life Destinations Guide, which has a Spirituality & Belief category.

NIC eGovernment Island in Second Life- Nomad Aries Reporting…

Recently I visited NIC eGov Island in Second Life to see exactly what government is doing in the virtual world. This is not a Role Play sim and does not simulate a government. It is however, designed to deliver real local, state and federal government services to the public.

What goes on at the NIC eGoverment sim and what is NIC eGovernment Island about ?

Home & Garden Expo 2013: Relay for Life- 2 DAYS LEFT! Tea Couturier Reporting…

The Home & Garden Expo is the biggest home and garden event this year and brings together over 100 exhibitors in homes, gardens, landscaping and interior designing across the grid.

It also includes the 2nd annual Breedables fair covering all the different kinds available in second life.

Home & Garden Expo 2013: Relay for Life open to the public until June 2nd!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tune In to a Live Stream Broadcast by Luvers Island - May 29th

Listen to the shows at our website, on L.I.V. Stream during broadcasting times.


- 01 pm PDT | 22H CET Noma Falta & Vincent Carpathea Dual Streaming
- 02 pm PDT | 23H CET Paris Obscur Live Performing

Or Directly on SecondLife at Pinkwater :

YOU DID WHAT?! - Funny and Embarrassing Stories in the Virtual World- Nehem Resident Reporting…

Second life is many things. It can be used for work, play, fun or drama. It can also be embarrassing or downright hilarious. 

As we go through our second lives, we often run into our share of insanity with friends or family. During these times, unforgettable moments are created. We can laugh about them now, but at the time we were left feeling absolutely mortified. As we recall our stories, we feel a sense of accomplishment as well. We realize how much we have been through in our years in the virtual world, in both good times and bad. Let´s dive into the stories of some everyday residents, and have a good chuckle at the many things that can happen in the vast world of Second Life ©.

Lovely lady bits:

Monday, May 27, 2013

TECHNOLOGY: Feature Phoenix Viewer New Update- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

The new release of Firestorm has not been without its fans or its critics. The critics have even gotten to Firestorm project manager, Jessica Lyon, who took to the official Firestorm blog this week to voice her frustration at the criticism of the latest Firestorm release. 

I currently use Firestorm as one of my main Second Life viewers, Singularity being the other one that I use frequently.  In the latest release, Firestorm added many features.  The biggest one was the ability to render avatars using the new Server Side Baking process, which will replace the old HTTP way to render avatars.  Server Side Baking is part of the Linden Lab’s Project Shining, which is aimed at improving avatars and object streaming speeds.

In addition to incorporating this major change, Firestorm also has the ability to back up and restore your viewer settings, which is a very helpful command to have, when your computer dies and you have to reinstall Firestorm and you cannot remember all of those special settings. The Firestorm team has also included a more streamlined and easier way to customize some of your favorite viewer settings, by creating a Quick Preferences panel:

Spotlight on Elese Faulkes; An Avatar in Second Life- Vapor Paragorn Reporting…

Second Life is indeed a fascinating virtual platform, where you can meet interesting people from all over the globe. You can explore different lifestyles and can learn new things. Socializing is certainly the most prominent feature of SL, which allows us to interact with people in variety of ways. Our random and friendly interactions with people impacts on us in a number of ways, which helps us to better understand people and life as a whole.

Every interaction either short or long term, teaches us something and helps us to improve as a person. Every new person we meet is like reading a new book, a book that stores new stories for us, new experiences and sometimes new lessons too.

Through one of my random interactions, I met Elese Faulkes. Reading her profile I found her to be an interesting person. So I decided to talk to her about her Second Life experience and activities in the virtual world. Elese is a real life artist and exhibits her work in Second Life. She kindly invited me to her sim, which houses her gallery.

Interview with Elese Faulkes

Weddings Bells Are Ringing- Marriage Advice- Sarahelisabeth Brenham Reporting…

Weddings can be stressful for engaged couples. Does having the "perfect" wedding  seal the deal that the marriage will last? Let's look at this question together.

Temperatures are rising in North America. This phenomenon could only mean one thing: Summer is on its way! The first day of this new season falls in the month of June. Many causes, milestones and holidays are celebrated and acknowledged in that month. While the different types of gatherings and celebrations that are recognized in June, this month has been a popular pick due to its rich history. What kind of celebration do many people plan to have in June? 

Weddings of course!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tune In to a Live Stream Broadcast by Luvers Island

Listen to the shows at our website, on L.I.V. Stream during broadcasting times.


- 01 pm PDT | 22H CET Avantgarde Frequency Live Performing
- 02 pm PDT | 23H CET Madmax Huet Live Performing

Or Directly on SecondLife at Pinkwater :

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tribute City Fashion Week 2013- May 31st to June 9, 2013

"April Showers Bring May Flowers"

Tribute City and L'Amour Management are pleased to announce Tribute City Fashion Week! The fashion week will feature  spring and summer fashions and accessories from Second Life fashion designers. The fashion week will take place from May 31st to June 9, 2013 in Tribute City.

Designers currently scheduled to present at the show include Allure, Evolve, Faboo, Flowerdreams, K-Code, Poposity, Shey, Syl’s, and Xen’s Hats.


A fashion show with a difference

You are invited to the Streetwhores Fashion Show and Spring Carnival

 Date:        Saturday 25th May 2013
Time:        12:30pm SL Time
Location:    The streetwhores SIM in Wirtz
        Street Whores - Town Square

The MC for the event is Veritas Heliosense

There are 6 categories in the show and 1000 Lindens in prize money to be won per category.


  “Latex & Leather” 
 “Posh Chick” Fancy day clothes & snobby stuff
 “Evening gowns” 
“Beach wear & bikinis”
 “Models choice”  The Girls have chosen their favourite outfit, who knows  what they will present ....

Join us for the AFTER PARTY  in Club Radiance.

Home & Garden Expo 2013: Relay for Life

Are you ready for the biggest home and garden event of 2013?

From 24th May 2013 12PM SLT to 2nd June

Sims open:  12PM SLT on May 24th

Bringing together over 100 exhibitors of the very best homes, gardens, landscaping and interior design products in Second Life, plus an additional 30 creators from the ever popular breedables sector in the second annual Breedables Fair, the Home & Garden Expo for Relay For Life 2013 is a fundraising event not to be missed.

The Expo is an annual highlight for those that love seeking out the latest home and garden products and combined with a full entertainment schedule, hunts, raffles and silent auctions plus items designed just for this event - you can be sure of finding stylish new products to give your home a fresh look.

This year’s Expo will feature 8 regions full of home products, 2 sims just for the breedables fair and 1 entertainment sim where you can take a break from shopping and party in style: there is going to be a lot to see and do at this year’s Expo!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

SLE Stats Report - April 23- May 22, 2013

From April 23 until May 22, The SL Enquirer has seen a significant jump in readership. Thank you all for being a part of our growth!

 We look forward to your comments and providing you with the news you want to read about. Please use the comment box below to suggest story ideas and people you want to see interviewed and we will do our best to shine a big ol' spotlight on them!

Interested in advertising your events, products and or services with us? Contact Lanai at

Here are some Options!

What does Second Life mean to you?

I have an assignment for another publication in Second Life, part of which required me to ask a number of prominent SL residents the question “What does SL mean to you?”  A number of those I asked simply couldn't be bothered to answer me; I suppose they are above answering questions put to them by some wanna be journo.  I have to admit that self-importance in SL is one of my pet peeves; most of us are busy in one way or another, so when push comes to shove our time is all equally valuable (in my opinion of course….)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paramount Playhouse Presents Musical Way- May 26th @ 12pm SLT

It's Musical May at Paramount Playhouse on beautiful Spirit Marina!   Come join us this Sunday at 12 Noon SL for an all new fantastic Burlesque show featuring songs from famous musicals like CATS,  Mama Mia, My Fair Lady, Burlesque, Oklahoma and more!  Paramount is also proud to present the sexy and wicked humor of Burlesque Comedienne Vicki Erikson!  Come and let our lovely dancers entertain you with their erotic and evocative performances this Sunday at 12 noon SL at Paramount Playhouse, located on beautiful Spirit Marina! 


Luver's Island News: (LIV) Events Program on Wednesday May 22nd @ 2 pm and 3 pm SLT

Listen to the shows at our website, on L.I.V. Stream during broadcasting times.


- 02 pm PDT | 22H CET Dje Atolia Live Performing
- 03 pm PDT | 00H CET Maximillion Kleene Live Performing

Or Directly on SecondLife at Pinkwater :

Justitia Virtual Legal Resource Village-Legal Assistance for the Virtual Worlds- Nomad Aries Reporting…

Did you ever have questions of a legal concern or feel the need for legal advice on Second Life?   Were you aware that there is legal help available to residents of Second Life?

Most of us never consider seeking a lawyer.  We conduct business and acquire possessions and land, create products, sell them, produce works of art, literature and music, and most of us never run into any conflict. What if you do? Where can you turn for advice and resolution?

Spring Shoes for Men and Women- Tea Couturier Reporting…

 Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! We ladies can never have enough winter spring, summer or autumn footwear.

It is spring again and a good reason to clear out the old and bring in the new.
I decided to look for the best spring shoes for women and thought men should also know what is in this season too.

How Important Are Your Friendships and Relationships in SL?- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Having high expectations is something that can be a problem if you are a person that is only into shamelessly dating in the virtual world and wanting to take friendships and relationships into real life but lack certain qualities.   Be careful what you get yourself into; perhaps the grass is balding and unkempt on the other side. If you decide to go exploring anyway, take a first aid kit.

If you value your friendships, be sure to consider some things so your expectations in Second Life are not interrupted by unnecessary awkwardness, drama and issues that can get out of control; causing you to lose friends and have bad break ups.

Engaging in Conversation
Before engaging in conversation leading to friendships, romance and self disclosure, be honest with yourself and others or reconsider your activities of getting involved in a virtual world friendship and or relationship. When investing real emotions, you run the risk of being hurt or hurting others.

An Added Dimension to SL - Orchids Zenovka Reporting…

We all know the well-known quote   “The Only Constant In Life Is Change.”   - Heraclitus of Ephesus, and the same applies to Second Life, and we shouldn’t expect anything less.  As we approach the 10th Birthday of this virtual world of ours there are rumblings out there on the grid as to exciting changes that are afoot.  We are all weathering the mesh storm and eagerly await the mesh deformer which will make wearing mesh outfits so much easier and the next big thing is rumoured to be 3D ….

Sunday, May 19, 2013

SL Newser: Linden Lab to Allow Several Third-Party Exchange Services to Reopen, Podex Still Closed.

May 17- In a partial reversal of it's earlier ban, Linden Lab announced earlier today that they will be allowing Third-Party Linden exchange services after all. But so far, only five of the many exchangers have met their approval. Plus, the services now operate under tighter and more limiting terms and conditions.

Read more Here

My friends,

Music Island's future is uncertain, and this amazing venue may well be gone by month end.

To mark my appreciation of the Venue, and how it has helped us musicians here on SL, I am giving a special concert on May 19th at Noon SLT and I would like to invite you and yours to attend.

I have written a new work as a tribute to this remarkable place, and its dedicated and brilliant Director, Kate Miranda.

I'll also perform some of my familiar tunes.

I don't think any other place on SL would give such a sympathetic home to non-mainstream musicians and experimental artists as Music Island has done.

I dearly hope it can be saved.

Le Gean.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Luver's Island News: (LIV) Events Program on Saturday May 18th @ 12 pm and 1 pm SLT

Listen to the shows at our website, on L.I.V. Stream during broadcasting times.


- 12 pm PDT | 21H CET Aminius Writer Live Performing
- 1 pm PDT | 21H CET Dizzi Popstar Live Performing

Or Directly on SecondLife at Pinkwater :

Thursday, May 16, 2013

VMS News: Relay for Life & SL: A Bit of History- Jallon Pizarro Reporting...

Relay for Life is the signature fundraising event for the American Cancer Society. 

The Relay for Life came into existence in the mid-1980’s. This wonderful and life changing idea was brought into fruition by Dr. Gordy Klatt; Klatt was a colorectal surgeon in Tacoma, Washington. 

The reasoning behind creating the Relay for Life events was to maximize and enhance the income of his American Cancer Society. The very first event that was held by Dr. Klatt was one in which he endured a rigorous twenty-four hours going around the track at Baker Stadium at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma for more than eighty-three miles. By the time it was all said and done he raised twenty-seven thousand dollars to go towards the battle against fighting cancer. Just months later he pulled together a small committee to plan the first team relay to be known only as the City of Destiny Classic Twenty-Four Hour Run Against Cancer. The story of the Relay For Life is one with a goal to raise money to fight cancer while having a great time with friends, family and perhaps new acquaintances. To unify neighborhood, community and even our world battling cancer while at the same time celebrating those of us that survived the fight while remembering those that did not during The Lumineria Ceremony.

Lights! Camera! Action!; Machinima in Second Life –Sarahelisabeth Brenham Reporting…

Have a burning passion to make movies? Here is your VIP pass to go behind the scenes with one of SL's famous videographer's and learn about this growing field.

We all have a voice. Each individual decides for him or herself on the best way to express their opinion. For those who love filmed productions, but prefer to be behind the lens, instead of in front of it, you may find that being a videographer is the best way for you to tell the world all of your thoughts.
In Second Life, one can share their views on everything in mediums that aren’t available in Real Life and vice versa. The processes in filming something in RL and in SL are quite different from each-other. Until today, I didn’t know how to tape anything in either realm, but I had the good fortune in meeting and talking with Rysan Fall; a popular machinist in Second Life.

Second Life Etiquette; Sex: Part five- Pandora Drezelan Reporting…

For this part of the etiquette series I want to discuss etiquette and SL sex. Some people in Second Life are horrified by the very thought of avatar sex while others are either dabbling in it out of curiosity or have a virtual partner.
 A few months after I began my Second Life, I had a casual encounter and later became an escort at a busy Second Life Club. Virtual sex wasn’t really my thing; however I was fascinated by the visual side of it and continued on as a Second Life sex worker for quite a few months. Eventually I went on to train as a virtual model, but I always remembered what my working experience had taught me about sex in Second Life as well as what NOT to do.

Casual Sex

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ethical Communication in the Virtual World: How Important Is It To You and this Community? - Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

I’m not here to skip around all oblivious or sit pretty and paint perfect skies filled with rainbows and butterflies. I have to work here in Second Life © and want to throw in my 10 cents in on how I view Second Life’s communication health and also how we can mix and mingle in a virtual environment, in peace, with minimal to no drama and emotional issues.

WHEN 2 WORLDS COLLIDE: Mack and Me.- Mackenzie’s Mumblings...

Hi, I'm Mackenzie Abbot, nice to meet you.

I'm a journalist, DJ, married with 1 child and one on the way.  I live on an island in a large house with my wife Pia.  I have a steady income from pay checks and tips.  I used to be a lethario who would try and bed any woman he came across but meeting my goddess changed me. Life is good at the moment.  I'm happy with my lot and hope it continues.

In real life, I'm a thirty-five year old, separated father of one who sees his son once a week.  I'm just under six foot tall and when I stand up and look down, I can't see my own size ten feet.  Even with my osteo spondylitis, which is a curved spine to you and me, I still can’t see them.  I have some mental health problems and I live at home with my mother.  Real life, my friends, is not so good and I hope it gets better.  Ladies, come and get me!

Avoiding Grief in Second life- How to live Drama Free. –Nehem Resident Reporting…

Second Life can be rewarding, but it can also be a place of drama. It is how we handle drama that makes our second lives more enjoyable. 

If you have spent any time here in the virtual world, you know it can be a breeding ground for disputes. The key to avoiding drama is all in how you respond to such. There are several types of nasty situations that can leave us not only wondering what just happened, but can also lead us to no longer wish to remain in the virtual world. 


Take a walk on the wild side

Celebrating Spring/Summer Fashion ….   There is an opportunity for designers to step out from their comfort zone and to embrace the non-main stream fashion market….

The girls at Streetwhores SIM in Wirtz are planning a very different event in late May to celebrate spring and its glorious feminine fashions. It’s planned to open up the SIM for a day of riotous fun and fashion where the girls will showcase fashions in a range of categories and be judged by a group of the SIMs’ male visitors. To keep everyone on the boil, there will also be music and a dance party at Club Radiance on the SIM. There will be something for everyone and is a must see for anyone interested in female fashion, springtime or just the company of those normally bawdy girls at Streetwhores.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SLBR News: BILL’S DEADLINE BLOG: I QUIT SL- Bill Kaye Reporting...

Admit it.  You have said it too.
I think back to my first issue and my very first page.  In my Letter From the Editor, I wrote that I would never quit SL.  And despite the hyperbolic trickery of my blog’s headline, that remains true now.  I’m not actually quitting SL.
I’ve just had one of those stressful weeks–scratch that–months. Fiscal quarters?  Pretty much this entire stretch of 2013 has been a bumpy stretch.

From Fantasy to Reality with DJ Megan Release- Nomad Aries Reporting…

The virtual world is home to a wealth of talented and creative people which is evident wherever you go in Second Life©.  

 Through following their dreams and developing their skills they not only master their craft on SL, but they are able to take those skills and make them into actual life skills that crossover into the real world. One person who definitely has succeeded in this is DJ Megan Release. Megan is an immensely talented artist and DJ with an extensive ability to play many styles of music professionally.  Megan loves music, lives music and does it all passionately in both worlds.    

SL Newser: Most Third-Party Linden Exchange Services Close, Only Podex and AnsheX Remain-Bixyl Shuftan Reporting...

In the aftermath of Linden Labs changing it's Terms of Service concerning Third Party exchangers of Linden dollars, just about all have closed their doors. A number gave statements saying they  were wary of the Lab's wrath, such as the DX Exchange, "the TOS gives us a 30 day period … However, we so realize that with blocking our avatars Linden Lab can disable our business within seconds. We also realize that we put our clients at risk to lose their Lindens in case we annoy Linden Lab." CrossWorlds stated that they would complete orders that had already been placed. But most were no longer making new transactions.
Read more 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Your Anonymous Comments are being Monitored, So Be Nice!

This goes out to you, "Anonymous" commenter that clearly reads The SL Enquirer and stated,"You call yourself a journalist? Your a joke."   It's "you're" if I wanted to be a real bugger about grammar errors.

Anyway... when you make comments like that, you not only attempt to offend the person providing you with reading material, but the one who does the hiring, editing and publishing of The SL Enquirer. If you really wanted your comment to do some justice, perhaps providing more substantial information to support your statement would have been of some use to us. We encourage constructive criticism because it helps us  provide YOU with better news to read. 

So with that said, didn't  your mother ever tell you if you don't have something nice to say, than don't say anything at all? But since you have enough courage to say how you feel than perhaps you should have signed your name to it rather than shield yourself behind the words anonymous.

 Keep in mind that I am always hiring new writers and would love for you to try out for a position to showcase your skills as well as show you how hard we work to bring you news.

 I am not your mother, but someone had to tell you about yourself...


Lanai Jarrico

Here Comes The Bride-Maker: Spotlight On Savanna Banx, Owner Of A Private Affair-Mackenzie Abbot Reporting...

Savanna Banx is a woman on a mission; to make the biggest day of one’s life as smooth and memorable as possible.  As owner of A Private Affair, her business is ensuring that marriages, unions and hand joining are a day to remember forever.  I went along to her offices on Spring Island to find out more about one woman’s vision of the wedding business.  We meet in reception and she is very welcoming.  I start by asking why she set up A Private Affair.

Building for Dummies – Vapor Paragorn Reporting…

Building in SL is not only fun, it's a good outlet for your creativity. You can express your imagination and ideas. You can build almost everything that you imagine. By using the right textures and creatively shaping prims, you can recreate everything in SL that you see around you in real life. 

The possibilities are endless with the building tools available and the numbers of ways you can shape prims. Building is the core of every virtual world. Everything we use in SL is made by someone for our use.  Many Avies are curious about how things are made. For example, how a simple prim (box) can be shaped so intelligently to create all the things we see around us.

 Our curiosity leads us to experimentation and that's how most of us learn the basics of building. Experimenting is a fun way of learning and its always encouraged, but still there are some residents who want to try building but somehow they hesitate. It’s either due to lack of knowledge or they fear that they might mess up things in doing so. Good news is, SL building may appear as a complicated task at first, but when you learn the basics then most things become easier. This article will focus on the basics of SL building and will equip you with essential know-how.

Hair Issues in Second Life – Stareyes Galaxy Reporting...

Hair is an issue for all avatars. We scratch our heads trying to find the perfect hair for different occasions, often rummaging in our inventories and coming up with nothing that fits the theme. For avatars with recurring hair woes, how do hair designers cater to their needs? How are the seemingly contradicting expectations with regard to style, colors, naturalness, and compatibility with clothes and the social occasion met by designers? I went hair shopping to find out.

Before going blindly about the grid, poking my head in stores, standing on model stands, tweaking prims, and changing colors and outfits, I asked the “Fabulously Free in SL” group about their favorite hair stores. There were many that deserve mention, but Truth, Elikatira (formerly ETD), ChiChickie, BiZaRRe HaiR, and Alli & Ali were mentioned more than once. Truth is most famous for their mesh hair designs, and as I happened to wear Truth hair, I decided to concentrate on some other stores to explore their offering.

Luver's Island News: (LIV) Events Program on Wednesday May 15th @ 1pm and 2pm SLT

Listen to the shows at our website, on L.I.V. Stream during broadcasting times.


- 1 pm PDT | 22H CET Kevin M.Thomas dual streaming with Mike Carnell
- 2 pm PDT | 23H CET Karmahn Heart Live performing

Or Directly on SecondLife at Pinkwater :

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Egoisme: Redefining Luxury

Egoisme is already well known for being a brand that represents luxury, high quality couture and incredibly realistic avatar accessories in Second Life ™ but the Egoisme team have now raised the bar even higher with the opening of the new main store sim.

Mother’s Day Wishes From Lanai

Mother’s Day is Here!

   It is a day once a year that we collectively show our mothers some love and appreciation for all the stuff they had to put up with throughout our childhood, those pain in the ass teenage years and even the headaches into adulthood. We all came into this world screaming and being all needy. 

Mom was the one up all hours of the night, changing diapers, administering that nasty medicine, kissing boo boos and pretending Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny were real until she had to break the truth to you before you hit middle school.

There may have been times when you thought mom was ruining your life when she embarrassed you in front of friends,  made you do chores or get your first job for those expensive clothes and gadgets you wanted in high school. It may not have seemed like it was in your best interest back then but mom was only trying to help mold you into the adult you are today. 

You may have some regrets for times you worried her grey or acted up and almost got kicked out, but mom was always there when you needed a ride home from being stranded in the rain, needed money or you cried to her for relationship advice. The mama’s boys know all about that!

Moms: This One's For You- Aaliyah Munro Reporting...

Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to maintain a household, kids, and her own sanity is enough to warrant a special day. Celebrate your mom with these amazing events around the grid! 

Like myself, most people begrudgingly shop for the perfect gift for those highly publicized special days of the year like  Christmas and Easter. Mother's Day, however, signifies the one day of the year that you can freely stop to reflect on all the gifts your mother has given you throughout your life. Stretchmarks, growing impatience, and stress are the wrapped packages she's used to receiving from her precious little offspring, but it would make her happy to receive something a little less invasive for a change.