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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Having the Natural Realistic Look in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting....

We all want skin in SL to look as natural and realistic as possible. In SL skin has evolved where creators are making skins which looks so natural it is amazing.
Page Break
Where do you go if you are looking to improve your appearance in SL and create that natural more realistic look?
Well, here are a few of my finds on the skins and accessories to help create that look.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Drama in SL- DoctorKaren Kanto Reporting…

Drama... decried by many, disliked by most. What is it? Why does it happen? Is all of it bad? Can it be avoided? In this brief article, I will attempt to offer some answers to these questions.

In this context, drama usually refers to an expression or behavior that is "over the top" emotionally. The common emotions involved are anger, jealousy, and sadness. Someone expressing a great deal of joy is rarely described as a "drama queen", but sometimes even moderate levels of sadness may be so labeled. Perhaps the most common "drama" in SL relates to relationships, usually romantic or sexual in nature. Even there, different people will see things in different ways. One person may identify emotions as drama where another sees reasonable levels of emotion. For the purposes of this article, let's assume we are describing emotional expressions and behaviors that are so intense as to be likely to be seen as "drama" by most anyone in SL.

Terrain Design in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

When you purchased a plot of land or sim in Second Life, planning the layout and terrain is the next step.  It can be a chore coming up with ideas for those that do not know how to create terrain. The next option would be is to hire an expert and spend money you could be saving if you can do it yourself.

You can teleport around Second Life and visit places that has been terraformed beautifully.  Maybe ask a owner where they purchased their terrain products to help you with your design.If click  on edit and check most of the terrians you can find out who created them.
 Alex Bader owner of Studio Skye specializes in terrain products.
I spoke to Alex to get an insight into landscaping in Second Life style.

The Gift of Generosity – Exquisite Xpressionz - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

The gift of generosity has any number of ways in which it can and does manifest itself.  Exquisite Xpressionz is just one such manifestation of the generosity of the spirit using the platform of Second Life.
Three lovely ladies each with their own special talents but all with the will to give back to society the best way they know how, have come together and formed Exquisite Xpressionz.

Exquisite Xpressionz is to put it simply, a group which was established to educate, inspire, and entertain all users of the Second Life community; bridging the gap by promoting real world awareness and positive change, by educating, by the use of  art and entertainment.   All with a spiritual classy edge, Exquisite Xpressionz strives to bring real world elements that make you stop, look, and listen, engulfing the viewer holistically to touch, move, and motivate the heart, mind, and soul.
Exquisite Xpressionz is made up of:

Twylitedawn Keng-Inaka - Co Founder, Owner, Writer, Producer, Choreographer
Keyia Hynes - Co Founder, Owner, Writer, Producer, Researcher

Wisdom Price - Co Founder, Owner, Writer, Producer, Logistics

It transpired that three and half years ago almost to the day, Keyia Hynes and Twylitedawn Keng were talking about writing a sister series because there was so many of them inworld.  TK says” It was an exciting time because in the realm of Sl we had not yet heard of machinima, so to write original scripted material was new territory for us. However, the plan to continue was halted due to RL circumstances but upon returning, the discussion to do the sister series was back on the table. We talked about doing something bigger, using the SL platform, and as we broke down the contents of what all that was, we decided to do something even bigger. We didn’t want to just write a series that shadowed our SL lives as sisters; we wanted to leave an impression and impact on the SL community as a whole. We began discussing the details, and all that was needed to make this become a reality and in one day Exquisite Xpressionz was born.”

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Observed in Second Life – Glossom Resident Reporting…

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.” - Cicero

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. In the United States it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and in Canada is in the second Monday of October. It is also observed in Liberia, Puerto Rico, Norfolk Island and …in Second Life. This year the big day is November 28th.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Thousand And One Ways to Roast a Turkey: How do you Cook Yours? – Glossom Resident reporting…

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays characterized by a gastronomic abundance and by a wealth of culinary traditions. It not only reflects the unique history of each cook, but also the rich diversity of America and beyond.

While the typical meal of the day consists of Thanksgiving nibbles such as turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pies made from seasonal fruits and vegetables, among others, how these foods are interpreted depends largely on who's cooking. Different family traditions and regional flavors make the Thanksgiving meal unique.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so it's time to get organized. Whip up your favorite recipes and get to work. But if you have not decided which Turkey recipe to use, we went around Second Life and asked some residents to share their own. Here are some mouth watering ways of cooking turkey to get you inspired. We would like to thank all who have shared their culinary secrets.

Another kind of Art: Starting a Conversation- Ccoursey Reporting…

Art is a way of expressing ourselves.  It has been around since cavemen drew pictures of stick people on cave walls or on stone.  Many can agree that not all art is something pretty to look upon.  There is art each of us use every day, with every interaction and with each word we chose.  It is the art of conversation.

 Conversation is something that takes talent to approach someone and start a discussion that could lead to everything or nothing, and the hardest part is that first time.
 Second Life offers an outlet for this communication art.  In Real Life not many of us will walk up to a complete stranger and start chatting away, but SL gives us so many openings to chose from that it is unheard of not to take advantage of open chat.  Have you made a friend on Second Life?  A lover perhaps?  At some time or another there was a first conversation and to make it work there had to be more than a “Hi, how you doin'?” involved.

How to Become a Tech Genius in SL – Shaneos Howlett Reporting

We all know that Second Life is an advanced form of a 3D chat program but how many of us actually know the true full capabilities ?
 Below we will explore some of the features that make SL advanced and a very unique communication platform.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In Memory of SharkClub Gaming & Buildables Creator; Batrastard Panthar

Batrastard Panthar was born into Second Life in October of 2009 and spent 4 years contributing to the Second Life community as a creator of fun stuff as he would describe it. His creative innovations brought about The Buildables; a robot that produced new types of robotic creatures and added uniqueness to the breedables community in Second Life.   Batrastard also owned and operated SharkClub Gaming together with his business partners Shane Nielson and Aries Westland.

 This is a place avatars could play an assortment of games and earn free plays. In light of the tragic event of his untimely passing in a tragic motorcycle accident, his memory and what he created will live on through Neilson ,Aries and those who knew and worked with him here in Second Life.
 Those that got the opportunity to know him would say he had a sense of humor, was easy to talk to and  was always willing to help others with kindness.

 He will be missed.

Visit Batrastard’s Memorial at SharkCLub Gaming

Buildables ( this website will be up and running again soon)

On the Air with Batrastard Interview ( Published November 8,2011)

If you knew BatrastardPanthar and would like to share a memory, please use the comment box below.

Purchasing a Car in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Just as in Real Life we like to have or know where to go to get the best cars. We want luxury vehicles that not only look good but also move without much hassle.

There are lots of cars on the grid, many are free or you can be purchased them for under 100L but if you are looking for cars that are popular in real life and look like the real thing, here are some dealerships to consider. There are two types of cars; street cars and ones for racing.

The SL Lie Detector ... The Pinocchio affect – Shaneos Howlett Reporting

Have you been lied to in SL ? How did you find out? When you found out you had been lied to, what did you do about it ?

Recently I interviewed several avatars in SL to find the answers to the above questions, their answers although somewhat expected were all fairly common...

Are we all lying while using SL?.... this is the Pinocchio affect.
Every person that logs in to SL uses an Avatar,  these avatars may or may not resemble what we actually look like in SL... isn't this part of a lie ? If we are not showing a true representation of what we actually look like in RL or be it that is the true fun of SL where you can look as Fat / Skinny / Tall / Short as you would like to.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tune In to a Live Stream Broadcast by Luver's Island -November 27th

Listen to the shows at our website, on L.I.V. Stream during broadcasting times.


- 02 pm PDT| 23H CET Paris Obscur Live Performing
- 03 pm PDT| 00H CET Maximillion Kleene Live Performing 

Or Directly on SecondLife at Pinkwater :

Chest Treasures Mall The Naughty Or Nice Hunt- November 25th- December 25th – Orchids Reporting…

I've got my list,
and I'm checking it twice.
So, tell me, girl.
Are you naughty or nice?

Tonight's the night.
I ain't rolling the dice.

Are you naughty or nice, naughty or nice?
-Cash Cash

Date: November 25 - December 25

Region Rating: Adult
Theme: Christmas
Price: 5L (Although some have put out theirs for free)

Object : Red AND Green Gift Boxes
Some designers will have both color boxes.  Red will represent Naughty, Green Nice.

The Elders Summit - November 2013

Periodically a secret society of elders come together for a 
summit to discuss the health of the virtual world; Second Life.  The last summit seemed to be filled with uncertainty and questions about the fate of this virtual world and the unraveling of a community due to negative activities and griefers.  

The elders questioned if Second Life would ever be taken seriously by the real world. Many would agree that this argument is an ongoing struggle to encourage people to understand what this virtual world is all about and how important it is to those that utilize it daily for a supplemental income, creativity, improving skills, fundraising, education, entertainment  even companionship and love.

Amazing Graces in Second Life: For a Better Real Life – Glossom Resident reporting…

We could mention many success cases of residents who have become real millionaires thanks to Second life. Or even of successful virtual relationships which changed the lives of real people in a very positive way. However, today we will go further and we will be addressing amazing uses of Second Life that have great impact in Real Life.

This virtual platform is very effective when it comes to creating campaigns to help people plagued by natural disasters or to raising funds for the underprivileged to ensure their basic needs. In this global platform it becomes easier to reach new targets and appeal to the hearts of residents and involve them in noble causes. Either as an act of altruism or selfishness, the truth is that the volunteer also benefits from a fantastic feeling that he/she is doing a good deed.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Best Wedding Rings in SL- Tea Couturier Reporting...

If you are getting married in SL and looking for the perfect wedding bands, It can be a bit challenging to find that perfect matching set for you and your partner.

To help you in your search I suggest 5 of my top finds for wedding bands for him and her.

Exquisite Mo Anam Cara White Gold Wedding Collection Gift Box
This set is of black titanium & white gold bands encircled with the Gaelic words "Mo Anam Cara" which is translated as "My soul friend" or "My soul mate". The rings contain no stones or bling and are engraved with "I love you". The set includes a man's ring, a woman's ring and two smaller filigree rings. The larger man's ring and woman's ring is fitted to the left hand while the smaller filigrees are fitted for the right hand (though they can be easily worn with the main rings using a newer viewer which allows multiple attachments. The rings have removable resizers, come gift boxed and are transferrable. The rings are also available in antique yellow gold. Priced at 1,200L.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Explore Collageville’s Home and Garden Event Starting November 23rd!

"Ready for something special in your SL events?  From 23rd of each month residents can explore the quaint wee town of Collageville, filled with new high quality home and garden builds from some of sl's long established builders.   The Collage is a new home and garden event, starting 23 November and running for two weeks, situated in the small town of Collageville.   Bring your friends and your lindens and enjoy shopping for new winter and Christmas items from these quality creators."

  From 23rd of each month - Starting 23rd November - for 2 weeks
Collageville presents new and recent releases of home and garden builds. 

Featuring  some of Second Life's long established home and garden designers - including Inspired, Bellarose, Cozy Homes, Spargel and Shine, PRIME, Dew Me Designs, Terra's Closet, Thaino Designs, shutter field (formerly l'aize dayz), Dreamscapes Art Gallery, Woodshed, La Galleria, kaerri, Maven Homes, Quantum Luxury Homes and Bauwerk, Sway's
Teleport Now!


Join us on Sunday, November 24th, at 1PM to celebrate the Grand Opening of a charming new destination, **STARS** Club. Romance will fill the air as you dance to the rhythm of Maxx Sabretooth's finest tunes ranging from R&B to Soul hits. Bring your better half or find a dance partner and be the star of the dance-floor. Socialize with old or new friends at the Wine Bar. Dress code: formal or casual. 

The opening event will be hosted by Sun along with Starman Heron, Star Journey sim owner, as they introduce the contemporary and romantic new club. 


“It’s a pleasure to be opening such a unique and high quality club in Second Life. There’s nothing out there like it. You’ll have to see it to believe it!” says club manager Sun (sunnymph). 

“Those who know Maxx know his shows are not to be missed! He has a soulful musical vibe all his own,” states Starman.

Want to keep up with further events at **STARS**? Visit our website at or follow us on our facebook fans page at

About **STARS**

How to Wear Hats and Scarfs for Fall and Winter -Tea Couturier Reporting...

Hats and scarfs are great ways to accessories your outfits and keep warm this fall. However, how do you accessorize these items well and still remain fashionable?
 To do this you have to look at the color palette of what you are wearing and also what style you wish to add these accessories to what you are currently wearing.

For a casual look I think you can get away with wearing something fun and not too formal or casual. The SG- Helsinki Scarf  comes in 5 different colors. It is warm and also suitable to be worn with any casual fall outfit.  Priced at only 10L, it is perfect in price for some added fashion flare.

More suggestions

Thursday, November 21, 2013

▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ L'Amour Nexus University of Fashion ™ ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄

L'Amour Model Management™ And Nexus have joined forces.  Ava Jhamin CEO & Hezabel Blackheart  University Dean of Students, are coming together to have a University that will rival any on the grid.  Between the two of them the experience is unsurpassed by any academy out there.  

L'Amour Nexus University of Fashion ™  MISSION STATEMENT:
To develop each student to become the best they can be in the sl world of modeling.  We will  provide each student with the proper skills, resources and knowledge needed to enter the competitive world of sl modeling.  

MOTTO:  ▄▀▄▀▄Team Work Makes Dreams Come True!! ▄▀▄▀▄

Blogging: Why is it so Popular? – Freewings Reporting…

Blogging is a popular activity in Second Life. A lot of people do it and there’s hundreds of blogs out there and people still keep doing it. I blog, and many people I know blog, but we aren’t the first to start and definitely will not be the last. 
So why do people continue to fall into the trap of blogging when there is so many already out there? I went around the Grid asking why people began to blog.

Interview 1

Spotlight on Musician "Maximillion Kleene" – Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

  An exclusive Interview with a Second Life Performance star- "Maximillion Kleene". 

After listening to one of Maximillion Kleene's  live performances, readers may agree that Maximillion is well worth hearing and paying attention to.  Below are the results of a behind-the-scenes look in to what makes Maximillion Kleene tick.

Interview with Maximillion Kleene

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spotlight on Prism Designs’ Journey McLaglen- Lanai Jarrico Reporting..

Fashion is a staple within the Second Life community. Without it, we could not express our personal style. There are many talented designers in the virtual world, each with their own creative style and vision. Among them is Journey McLaglen. 

She has been filling my personal wardrobe for the past few years, including custom pieces you won’t find in world or on the SL marketplace. I thought it is about time I share her with the rest of you. Prism Designs prêt à porter is for fashion forward divas that like to dress to impress and won’t settle for anything less.

Journey McLaglen rezzed on the scene December 20, 2006 and brought with her a unique fashion sense that can be seen worn by many fashionistas across the grid.
Prism Designs is a two story fashion boutique located on Bal Harbour.  When you arrive at this store, you are presented with open space shopping that is light and airy.
One quote she has in her profile that sums up the type of person she is states,

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”
This rings true when you are in the presence of kind genuine people and Journey is definitely one of them. She takes customer service seriously and puts her best into creating high quality fashion.

Interview with Journey McLaglen

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tune In to a Live Stream Broadcast by Luver's Island -November 20th

Listen to the shows at our website, on L.I.V. Stream during broadcasting times.


- 01 pm PDT| 22H CET Tukso Okey Live Performing
- 02 pm PDT| 23H CET Avantgarde Frequency Live Performing 

Or Directly on SecondLife at Pinkwater :

Fashionably Frugal is Relocating

The Frugal Team would like to let you all know that we have found a great location and are in the process of moving.

We will have more detailed information about the new location very soon. Relocation and construction is expected to be completed by the week of December 2nd with a exciting new round to follow shortly after. We are now accepting designer applications for our reopening round. If you are a interested please contact Love Holiday inworld and she will pass you an application, or you can fill out our online form here.

Here is sneak Peek of the new store front. Enjoy!

The Green Lanterns of Second Life (SL)…Saving One Virtual Life at a Time.- Davvek Suun Ki Reporting…

A cry for help is heard in the distance…Real Life (RL) Charity Groups need exposure and donations, Second Life (SL) noobs just starting out with questions that need answering…these are just a few of the many impressive things that the Green Lanterns of Second Life (SL) have responded to successfully.  As they jokingly say..."They were green before it was trendy!"

The Green Lanterns (one of the longest running superhero groups in Second Life) can be described in basic terms as a Neighborhood Watch in Second Life. We dress as members of the Green Lantern Corps from the comics, and patrol the grid looking for those in need of help. We assist new residents in making the transition from Real Life into Second Life. We submit Abuse Reports to Linden Lab when griefers attack. We educate landowners about security arrangements. We provide security patrols for Second Life events. We offer free power rings, uniforms and training to new members. The Green Lanterns stand between innocent residents and those who would do them harm.

Code of Ethics

Monday, November 18, 2013

Paramount Playhouse Presents "Rocky Horrid Show" on Saturday, November 23rd at 7pm SLT

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we at Paramount dance in our newest show "Rocky Horrid Show" at 7pm SL  Saturday, November 23rd. It's OUR version of The Rocky Horror Show.
Tale of newly engaged couple Brad Majors and Janet Weiss who find themselves lost and with a flat tire on a cold and rainy late evening. Seeking a telephone, the couple walk to a nearby castle. They discover a group of strange people who are holding an Annual Transylvanian Convention. They are soon swept into the world of Dr. Frank N. Furter, transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania. The ensemble of convention attendees also includes servants Riff Raff, his sister Magenta, and a groupie named Columbia. In his lab, Frank claims to have discovered the “secret to life itself”. His creation, Rocky, is brought to life.... 

Group Invite:
SLURL - Adult

Spotlight on Benski Korhonen, Producer of the Upcoming SL/RL TV Variety Program; The Benski Show- Lanai Jarrico Reporting..

Benski Korhonen is a multi talented virtual world resident that rezzed on the scene in early February 2007. Benski likes to look at it as “reverse virtual reality”. He controls his First Life "Character", making him go see all kinds of First Life bands (he also play keyboards in one), art exhibits, plays, and working various jobs to pay for his First Life house and expenses.  He has a First Life virtual dog named Vinny, and flirts with other First Life Characters.  It's all very "meta," and not at all auto-biographical.

 He brings his acting, singing, piano and Ukulele skills to Second Life along with a new venture that includes a RL/SL Variety show; The Benski Show coming soon!  His talent doesn’t end there, Benski also writes and records jingles for First Life companies to "help make ends meet". He and his RL crew already have a fantastic bunch of bands to bring to you, including Wake Up Joel, Glass Affection, Michael Wasmund, Treasure Mammal, Fading Point, We Are Nemesis, RubixxQube, Something Colossus (formerly known as The Foleys), Former Friends of Young Americans, Sound Potion, ScaTTer Gather, Sun Bones, and an experimental improv trio that Benski plays in called MWC.  
Before we get into the details of his newest venture, I thought it would be fitting to shine a spotlight on Benski and learn a little bit more about him and his perspective of the virtual world.

Interview with Benski Korhonen

AVIE POLL: Is Dating in SL Considered Cheating on a RL Significant Other? - Glossom Resident Reporting…

In a world designed for socialization and interaction, it is easy to find people with whom we identify and with whom we create relationships of various kinds. 
The line between fidelity and betrayal is very tenuous. However well intentioned someone is and regardless of our vowed allegiances in RL, the allure of the unknown draws us and our romantic spirits seeks new adventures that can result in parallel relationships between two worlds.

Therefore, when embarking on a virtual relationship are you cheating on your RL significant other? 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Avatar Outfits for Less: The Various Fashion Trends of Second Life you can get for Free or at a Friendship Discount - Shaneos Howlett Reporting…

Recently I visited various locations within SL … welcome areas / stage shows / general meeting areas and there I interviewed various people in relation to their fashion... the following provides the results of this insightful survey.

Over half the people surveyed mentioned they had purchased their outfits from Freebie clothes outlets, while the remainder paid between $200 - $2000 lindens for their outfits and only the very die hard enthusiasts of their groups would spend upwards of $10,000 Lindens for their very personalized outfits as pictured below.

While there are a multitude of avatar outfits / styles / colors and creeds the census seems to be for human / earthling creations with 20% devoted to furies 20% alien or manga animations and 10% remainder for all sorts of non-human form of unusual critters and creations.

During my interviews and travels I had found some very nice locations to obtain FREE quality and some paid clothes.

Here is a  brief list of the areas I visited

Saturday, November 16, 2013

An Open Casting Call For Mesh-Prim Fusion- Silky Soulstar Reporting…

A girlfriend of mine once proclaimed, "I have seen the future and it is mesh!"  We all upgraded our viewers and raced to acquire as many alphas as we could. 

 Some of us … <shudder> … went so far as to trash all of our prims as fast as a Torley Linden tutorial.  But now we know, the future of SL Fashion is instead an eclectic mix of flexi, mesh AND prims. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Spotlight on Bonaire Estates: Paradise awaits you – Glossom Resident Reporting

 Bonaire Estates emphasizes comfort, tranquility, nature, harmony and hospitality. Standing out for its credibility and professionalism, Bonaire Estates accumulates 5 years of experience in the Estate market and owns the expertise to guide residents through the right choice. More than an Estate Agency it is a gateway to the realization of our dreams.

Master in designing and landscaping, Bonaire Estates consolidates a wide variety of settings that serve all tastes and excels in unique residential and commercial plots, homesteads and full regions with extraordinary natural landscapes and naturally inspired getaways at the heart of an unparalleled multi-regional Venue.

Unity Productions Performs "Hip Hop to the Classics" At Charlestone Lace Romance- November 15th @ 7 pm SLT

NOVEMBER 15TH at 7:00 PM
Dance Queen's Cutie Award Winners for Best in Historic Dance of 2012, Unity Productions will perform their latest show, "Hip Hop to the Classics" at the opening of a fabulous venue, Charlestone Lace Romance.  

You have never seen J.S. Bach or Ravel like this! Unity will take you on a visual journey of juxotapostion of dance, music and scenery. 

For further information contact Pet Karu 
Unity Productions (PS)