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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Farewell to 2014- SLE Highlights of the year- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

With every passing year Second Life news grows and our readers learn about new venues, products, residents, anniversaries, events and sometimes even dramatic situations that shape the virtual community. News is something that creates a bridge of information to the masses and provides entertainment for many as well as gives people a voice. It has been one of my greatest virtual journeys as the creator of SLE. I’ve grown as a person and made many friends through the years who have added so much to my experience. With great pleasure it is my honor to continue serving the Second Life community with Team SLE.

With that said, many things have happened in 2014. Things that made us laugh, shake our heads in disbelief as well as inform the public of the wonderful things that residents share with each other in Second Life.

Let’s look back at a few headlines and stories of 2014 as we begin 2015.

 2014 Highlights
The Relay Rockers Return for 10th Consecutive Relay for Life of Second Life, 1ST ANNUAL MAKING STRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER ACROSS SECOND LIFE STRIDES WALK, STORYFEST Celebrates 4th Anniversary, Bonaire Estates gets sold, Investigative Report on ONDUTY Penis raises eyebrows,  Second Life’s terms of services changes causes a stir, The Blarney Stone Irish Pub Controversy erupts with a flurry of reader comments, SL GO by OnLive Launched, Latest Scam Alert informs the public , Angelwood Art Center opens three new Galleries,  Energy Club celebrates 4th year anniversary,  Brazy Academy Opens its doors, Island Rain Studios presents SAKOKU CHAINED COUNTRY, Opium Evolution Fashion Show was a hit, Idle Rogue Productions presents LE CIRQUE DE NUIT with excellent reviews, JAPAN FAIR 2014, 7TH Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference, 6th Anniversary of Loch Ness Inn, The America’s Cup in Second Life sets sail, Second Life Celebrates its 11th Birthday, The Vagabond Fugue by Gypsey D. Sideshow makes its debut on SLE,  Lanai Jarrico celebrated her 9th Rezzday,   RFL’s Fantasy Faire 2014 is a Success,  The Relay Rockers hold RelayStock Multi Team Event,  Linden Lab launches their new line of mesh avatars, World Goth Day celebrates in style, Relay for Life Honor Ball recognizes sponsors,  Linda Lauren Launched  her new book; Sentimental Journey,  National Fall Agenda presents at University of Delaware, Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week hits the runway, BOSL gets sold, SL Breedable Fair raises money for RFL,  Relay for Life raised over 10 Million Dollars, OpenSimulator Community Conference Announces Principal Scientist at Oculus VR as Keynote Speaker, Rysan Fall, CEO of Fall Films gets a RL Grammy for a groundbreaking Machinima documentary- The Invisible City; Conversations with the Homeless, Hair Fair 2014 gives back with proceeds going to Wigs for kids, 7th Annual Home & Garden Expo 2014 raises money for RFL, Transylvania turns 10, First Annual Alliez Mysterio Awards Presentation,  SL Newser reports on Potentially taxing problem for Second Life content creators,  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a success, Sunburst Blazin1FM Caribbean Carnival celebrates 6th year, OpenSimulator Community Conference Announces High Fidelity CEO Philip Rosedale as Keynote Speaker, 4th Annual 9/11 Stairclimb Tribute in Honor of the Fallen Firefighters of September 11 , Branwen Arts presents “Bilbo Baggin’s Birthday to benefit creations for Parkinson’s in SL, Avatar Social Network Celebrates 1st Anniversary, BOOFEST Celebrates 4th Year, LINDEN LAB APPROVES STUDIO 777 AS AN OFFICIAL SKILL GAME OPERATOR.

Spotlights on Enchanted Alice, Lessa Donner, The R.A.F.T, The Green Lanterns, Freecilla Kuhn, Valeria Paster, Anastasia Markova, Carrie Rainforest, Rebelmum Slade, Sue Peregrine, Brique Topaz, Pamela Alectoris, Nickle Sparrowtree, London City, Sylphia Constantine, Chicagosax, Seychelles Isle, Trace Corbets, Carrie Tatsu, Savannah Coronet and many more.

On behalf of The SL Enquirer we want to thank each and everyone who has been a part of SLE in 2014 and through the years. Your support plays a vital role in our continued success as the longest running virtual world news source in Second Life.

Note from Lanai Jarrico

As we begin a new year and look back at the past, we should remember that each and every experience we have had, shapes who we are and what we will become in the future. People enter our lives at different times in our journey with a purpose to remind us that our differences teach us and helps  make us all unique. We should take the good with the bad and learn from it. Forgive the negatives, it helps us move forward while the positives add substance to our lives. Take a moment to reflect on the past year and then store it in your box of memories, file it away to make room for new memories. Together we all move forward as time waits for no one. Remember this and step forward into 2015. I look forward to what news it will bring. 

May you all have a safe and happy new year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New To Second Life? - LadyLoveDr reporting

It's a big world out there!  Especially, for newcomers that are just setting foot on their first adventure in Second Life.  A place so big can really be overwhelming when you’re starting out.  I have spent the last week scavenging the SL world for some awesome and helpful places that would benefit all the new players joining us.  One place I ended up was down right scary!  It's that "wrong turn, oh no, do I have cell reception" kind of panic you feel when a stranger asks if you'll be a good submissive little girl.  Luckily all of our Second Lives come with a 911 panic button in the form of CTRL + Shift+ H.  After the horrible experience I did manage to land in some pretty interesting and helpful places.  Listed below are the ones I thought newcomers would benefit from the most.  They are in no particular order.

Help Island was kind of small when I landed there but I quickly learned that big things come in small packages.  They have money chairs which are a fantastic way for newcomers to earn some Lindens!  Two of the chairs are high value but they are only available to avatars who are less than 30 days old.  The island has a ton of free items to offer inside their shop.  Not only do they have loads of stuff for women but they also have a whole top floor dedicated to men shoppers.  As a bonus, if whatever you grab in the shop happens to need unpacking, right outside is a rez (sandbox) area. 

New Citizens Incorporated (NCI) is a huge place to visit with lots to offer everybody!  They host numerous classes and events like Show N Tell, Photography, Making Money, and Q&A’s.
There's something for everyone to learn on this sim.  They cover lots of need to knows, like building things, looking good, cool places to visit, sl etiquette, land information, textures, scripting, and even a bit of SL history.  They also host a free photo booth so you can take your first photo for your SL profile.  They offer lots of extras also like sandbox areas, freebies, and a very helpful group.

Virtual Ability -  This is a great spot for any new player but it focuses mainly on those with disabilities.  The landing point starts with the most basic tutorial of how to navigate your avatar through SL.  From there it will lead you on a path full of knowledgeable information from tips and keyboard shortcuts to assistive devices such as voice recognition and adaptive keyboards.

Noobia - This is a fantastic place to relax for free!  They give brand new avatars free apartment rentals as long as the person is less than 30 days old!  They also provide their own version of classes including but not limited to hosting, gestures, land ownership, building, de-scripting, and groups.  There are some small shops and areas noobies can hang out and get to know each other. 

We were all newbies at the beginning of our Second Life journey. It can be hard trying to figure out what to do and where to go.
 One of the best things you can do for a newcomer is welcome them with a kind gesture and share some positive advice.

On behalf of The SL Enquirer, welcome to Second Life.

Monday, December 29, 2014

SL Newser: Man of the Year: Ebbe Linden / Ebbe Altberg

As much as the residents don't like to admit it at times, without Linden Lab, there would be no Second Life. And it's most visible member, if not always it's most important, is the CEO. And this year, Ebbe Linden was appointed as Linden Lab's fourth CEO.

Read more here 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us in the Scottish Highlands in Second Life.

This week brings 2014 to a close and we finish the year with our Traditional Hogmany Party.  This will run from 10am to  very very late to try to cover as many New Years as possible.

DJ Cross and his Hostess Bondette will run from 10am to 12pm and get this party started.   We will then run a traditional Ceilidh from 12pm until our Hogmany Band takes to the stage to see 2014 out and 2015 in for UK.  

All are very welcome to join us and we promise you a Guid New Year to all with drinks on the house, great music to dance to and some wonderful friends, old and new, to spend this fantastic evening with.

Winter Fashion Finds- Tea Couturier Reporting...

If you didn’t notice the Duchess of Cambridge wore lovely jackets to be warm and yet stylish for the NY winter, so I thought it would be only fitting to add a few coats to my winter find. As we go deeper in winter it is that time where we have to make sure we not only look fashionable but we keep warm as well.

Addams // Wool Coat for women with Sweater and Hoodie FREE // FATPACK

I prefer fat packs to buying singular garments. This is cost effective and gives you variety. This is a perfect pack with a lovely woollen coat, a sweater and hoodie which enables you to keep warm and look trendy.
Now you can get the version FAT PACK containing:
• 2 Version Wool coat
• 1 Hoodie for Coat
• 1 Sweater w/shirt For Coat
• 10 Color Wool Coat 
• 5 Color hoodie 
• 8 Color Sweater
• 18 color Shirt 
 This fat pack costs:765L

Bowtique - Military Pea Coat (with HUD)

This is a perfect smart coat for those cold winter days when you want to look smart and warm. It is a mesh pea coat in 5 standard sizes, with HUD; 20 fabric options, 4 button colors to choose from. It costs only 149L so is definitely a bargain.

::DANITY:: Mesh Gia Jacket w/ Texture hud

This Gia jacket w/Sweater comes with texture hud!  The sweater and  jacket comes in various colors and works well with jeans and boots in the casual look.  If you wish to dress it up a bit pants with pump shoes work well also. This costs 425L

*MIRUS* WINTER Complete Outfit with HUD

This is one of my favourite outfits for winter. It also comes in lots of various colors so this is perfect.
The Complete Outfit:
1 fitted mesh dress and 5 sizes rigged mesh dress xxs to xl
2. Mesh scarf
3. Mesh winter hat
4. SLINK high heels w warmers in 3 sizes
5. Alpha for dress
6. Alpha for warmers
7. Underpants in different colors (white, red, purple, pink shinny, blue, black)
8. Hud to change 8 textures in hat-scarf-dress-warmers
9. Poze stand
So the complete outfit and for 450L

G I O M E N - Duster Coat FAT PACK

This is a perfect men’s winter coat which works well worn casual with jeans and a sweater. This is a fat pack and includes:
5 different sizes (XL, L, M, S, XS) 
What is included with your purchase is: 
- The Duster Coat (All 4 colors) in 5 different sizes. 
- The alpha layer
GioMEN Duster Coats are `rigged` so they will move along with your body's natural movement, will follow your avatar movement (to a certain extent) because they are "attached" to your avatar skeleton, they will bend with your avatar joints and stretch with height. You can modify them (only texture will work) after having dropped them to the ground or with open EDIT window, NOT while wearing them. You cannot reposition or resize the object. It will fit the way it fits no matter what. Modifying their size will have no effect on the worn rigged meshes, while worn they'll "revert" back to their original size.
Price for this coat is 340L

G I O M E N - Woolen Cardigan [HUD]

Again from the GIOMEN collection I found this woollen cardigan which comes in 8 different colored Cardigans, with different colored/texturized inside shirts and 8 different scarves to go along with your cardigans. The available colors for the Woolen Cardigans are BLACK, RED, GREY, YELLOW, WHITE, GREEN, LIGHT BLUE, PURPLE.  It is possible to wear the cardigans without the scarves. -Scarves are attachable. The HUD that is delivered with your purchase helps you change the cardigans, shirts and scarves. All parts are interchangeable so feel free to make your own combinations. 
Priced at 380L a good price for a cardigan.

Happy Winter Shopping!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from SLE & Fans 2014


Christmas is one of my most favorite holidays next to Valentine's Day. The showing of love from both these holidays gives me a sense of how much people in both Second Life and in the real world show they care about others. The week before Christmas is when I receive a shower of gifts and cards from friends and fans of The SL Enquirer. I'd like to share some of them with you all. 

It is great to see the creativity, time and effort put into each card and the thoughtfulness of my friends. It really brings out the Christmas Spirit.

May you all be surrounded by peace and love this Holiday Season and you ring in the new year safely.

Season's Greetings from Davvek 

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season from Irishgent @ Seychelles Isle

HAPPY HOLIDAZE! TO EVERYONE WORLD PEACE! from Magigue Bhaktiguru Ananda (any1.gynoid)

Happy Holidays from Gin & Silver

                                              Eleseren wish you a Cool Christmas and Haute New Year!

Merry Christmas from Esme & Thorn

A cute polaroid from Payton, wishing you Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from Pippa

Seasons Greetings from Fae

Best Wishes from Seo & Walt

Happy Holidays from Zee and Jolie

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bimala

On behalf of The SL Enquirer and our friends,  Merry Christmas. We wish you a Safe and Happy 2015.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What do you wish for this Christmas?- Debby Sharma Reporting...

HO! HO! HO! Santa is in town filling your chimneys with Christmas wishes. Have you been good this year? Oh well, Santa loves all. He sees a child in every soul. As we grow up, we look up to Santa as a myth, but we must always cling to the hope that all will be good one day. Being Santa’s little helper, I went around asking everyone what you wish for, this Christmas. Here are a few wishes this year, 2014.

Ann Lako: I would wish for prosperity for all creators and designers in SL, for the griefers and scammers to once and for all be gone from SL so they can no longer plague the residents of our community, and most importantly that everyone be able to fulfil their hopes and dreams that brought them into SL.
Annie Melson: Hmmm..... well, since I don't separate SL and RL, my wishes would be the same. My wish this Christmas is for everyone to have happiness, friends, family, love, and health. It sounds trite anymore because so many people say it, but for me it is the absolutely truth. What I want for myself is for my husband to continue to be well and cancer free, and for my kids and myself to remain healthy and happy.
Bianca Xavorin: Going into the New Year I am letting go of the past and only taking the good with me. I am grateful for my partner Walter Gedenspire. I can only wish that we continue to grow as we have for the past two years. I wish all my friends and family everything their hearts desire, along with happiness, health and abundance.

Boris Twist: I had just awoken and with coffee in hand doing what I could to get dressed and out the door for a service gig at church, I read this delightful note very quickly. It was a question I thought I understood but with no time to think about it and respond. Since then a day had passed, wind storms covering California and Coastal Oregon had taken out the lights and power on our street all night to mid-morning. It was total black in every house on the street and I managed to get in bed with a flashlight and my cell phone. About 4AM in the morning I contacted Joseph Nussbaum of Second Life using his FB account, we had planned to meet on this morning to begin filming a new project. It was still dark in the neighbourhood with no progress outside or any work teams in the area from what little I could gander. I feared that power would be out much longer than expected. Joe is East coast and responded in the hour. By 7AM weary from the constant dark I managed to get up and dressed with the aid of my trusty flashlight realizing that without power to recharge anything I would be totally dead in the dark soon enough. Coffee and a warm place to sit were at the top of the list. Not a soul up and down the street had a light on as I slowly rode my bike to comfort but alas, the Starbucks shop had no sit down interior, just windows, drat! Spurred on by these events I went into super drive and wheeled over to the DMV to renew a license and back to the 102 where I managed to find and join the East Portland Recreational and Community Centre. Touring the halls amid Families, seniors, Meals on Wheels, Workouts, Zumba, and the Pool! It was almost noon now I hoped the time spent away from home was enough . . . by the time my bike pulled down my street I saw pretty much the same, but wait! A porch light! . . . and then another! Delighted my spirit renewed I took stock of confusion left by the darkness and made a good effort to right the messes. Debby asks “What do you wish for this Christmas in Second Life?” I wish not for myself but for all the wonderful members, residents, workers, administrators, artists, employers, builders, architects, scripters, lovers, singles, children, furries. Everyone! I wish you the best and may your days be rich and rewarding this coming year. For myself . . . after much thought . . . free land, free prims for life, of course!!
Cali Karsin: My name is Cali Karsin, and I am the Co-Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Cultured The Magazine inside Second Life, and for Christmas, I wish the best for my staff, readers, family and friends, may they get all the love, family, food, and care they desire. I also wish to send my condolences and love/support to those who are not fortunate enough to be with loved ones/certain loved ones this year, may they be there in spirit. I wish to raise a lot of money for Toys For Tots this year, and I wish for good health on all of my family and friends. I wish for more smiling faces to be reading Cultured The Magazine. That is all. I am so fortunate for this spectacular year, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Calina Kestentine: Hmm good question! I think I'd love a gift card to Miamai, though, always a safe bet
Caoimhe Lionheart: At times, we all pour out our misery in Second Life, whether it’s sharing with someone the adversity’s of our daily real world lives, or the misery some choose to inflict on others inworld. I hope our misery's would be more the former than the latter, but hate is a way of life for some. So my Christmas wish for Second Life is that I wish that no more lives would be torn apart, whether it’s the person whose real life is intolerable or the intentional inflictor, the Internet troll. I hope time will heal both of their hearts, and that they each find a friend whose love will stay warm in their hearts their entire lives because life should be lived without a hurting soul. This year I wish Second Life to be used for the good, the enrichment it can bring to every one of our lives and that our thoughts of love out number hate in each of us.
Christian Carlsson: Oh, that was a difficult question. I am not the kind of person that thinks ahead that far... I have what I need and what I don't have, I usually am able to get so; I rarely think of what others can get me. A donation to any of the many charities that are around in SL around Christmas would be the nicest thing I can think of.

Dely Morgain Muse: less bad people

Kennice Morrison: I dunno haven't really thought about it. Okay a nove beautiful story ordinary house. She makes the best homes in sl but we never got round to getting one.
Lanai: My Christmas wish besides shoes (a girl can never have enough) is that all who observe the holidays is surrounded by love, peace and happiness. One of my greatest joys is to surround myself with positive people in both RL and SL. People who are selfless and do great things for the good of the real world and Second Life community. It is a gift that keeps giving all year round.
Pam Astonia: I would like to find a deserving newbie, and give her/him $L5000 and wish them a Merry Christmas. If it had to be something I would wish for, it would be 1500 more prims for my house. Lol!
Roman Godde: Hmm I really have everything I want in SL, Im happy where Sl has taken me, met my rl wife on sl, great friends family, notoriety for my blog and photography. So I think Ill take my wish and just tell Santa thank you, but next year I want a pony
Trin – Bubble Courtois: Hey Debbie !!! You know, I have no idea really... Nick has been away for a month so my main wish is just to have him back for Christmas, which I hopefully will. Wanted to have a big Christmas party for all our friends and family but ran out of prims to be able to decorate for it lol... Aside from that, and the obvious girly stuff like clothes, shoes and furniture, I don't think there is anything I specifically wish for, for Xmas lol. As long as I have my Nick with me and our son. I have everything I need.
Zahra Singh: Just in Second Life? I wish for more group space, more tattoo layers and more updates from Linden Lab regarding Second Life 2.0. I am excited to know when it will be released and what they will do with the current Second Life.
The same question was posted on my Facebook, here are the responses.

My wishes this Christmas was simply to have a Christmas tree with lots of presents. Thanks to friends and my employers, all came true by 22nd.of December, itself. On behalf of SL Enquirer, I wish everyone Merry Christmas!! May all your wishes come true, may your hearts be filled with hope and love forever. 

*Note: The order for list of names and their views are in alphabetical order. No order of preference has been assumed. Their views are kept as is except for spelling errors.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Get into the Christmas Spirit: Glossom Resident Reporting…

Still didn’t get into the Holiday spirit? Enjoy the Holiday ride out on the streets of SL and celebrate the Christmas season with several activities promoted by dedicated and creative residents who gave all they had to provide leisure facilities dedicated to the season. There is a diverse program across the grid for all tastes and ages that incorporates the traditional illuminations and decorations, music, fashion, traditional food and drinks, fun family activities like treasure hunting, Winter Sports (see and so much more. Second Life becomes a fulgent magic playground.

We are on the countdown to Christmas so SL Enquirer gathered a list of activities that deserve all the highlights for being so faithful to the Season. With SLE’s activities selection SL Resident will run out of excuses for not getting into the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas Markets:

There is no better way to spend this festive season than with a break to explore the most beautiful and colorful seasonal markets where you can find that special gift, allowing you to enjoy the ritual of Christmas shopping in a environment full of tradition. Gifts Trade, seasonal decor items, fashion and typical food/drinks unite residents from all over the world. Small wooden houses recreate once again the spirit of a small Christmas villages all over Second Life where beautifully decorated stalls are set with the finest products coming out of the hands of artisans.

It is time to get into the spirit and visit all those friendly markets, bazaars and fairs and see what they have to offer:

Christmas Fair - A typical Christmas fair embedded in a beautiful and cozy village covered in snow. Kiss your loved one under the many types of mistletoe spread all over town. Take a ride in a marvelous little Christmas carousel and wake up the child in you. Browse the many shops available onsite where you will find everything you need for a wonderful Merry Christmas.

Moedling - Einkaufs-und Veranstaltungsort in Niederoesterreic - A traditional Austrian market for those who like to explore other cultures and traditions.
3D Republic – Christmas Market - Home of the famous full perm sculpties and mesh store, 3D Republic now hosts a traditional Christmas Market. 80 top designers in Second gather on a single venue to display their unique and original pieces that will make Christmas even more special.
Diamonds Place/Shopping/Winter Park/Christmas Market/Family
Explore this cozy, little market with its snow covered booths. Indulge yourself with a nice slice of Christmas cake and a hot cup of mulled wine to warm up your soul while doing some last minute shopping. Soak up the festive atmosphere.

Second Life is the scene of much musical entertainment, Christmas Shows, bands, singers and deejays with performances ranging alternating between the various points with repertoires prepared for the festive season. Considering the important role of music in getting into the Christmas spirit, the next few days promise to be crucial to ascertain the feelings of this festive season. It is the season for special concerts, for warm hearted events where friends and family celebrate together.

2014-12-22 – 06:00 PM - Live Music Christmas Concert with Rocky Toocool at Winter Wonderland

“Everyone is invited to Wicked Diva's Winter Wonderland Christmas Concert.
Rocky TooCool and the TooCool Band will be on Stage singing your Favourite Christmas Songs.”

2014-12-23 – 11:00 AM - Christmas with Farr ~ Winter Wonderland

“Come and catch the Christmas spirit with this fabulous drummer who has dedicated his life to music.”

2014-12-23 – 02:30 PM - An evening of Christmas music with DJ Colin Scientist

“Join us as DJ COLIN SCIENTIST plays a selection of carols and other Christmas music to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  Come to dance or just sit, listen and chat if you prefer.  We suggest informal dress. …”

2014-12-24 – 02:00 PM - Christmas Eve @ The Original Broken Spoke Saloon
“Come in hang out and make a new friend… We’ll be here from 2pm till 6pm… with DJs and hosts, after that… we will be spending time with family outside the club...”


Les Sucreries * Original Clothing, Accessories and full perm is a quality store that stands for the difference and originality. The products selection is varied, from unique decoration items or special Christmas clothes. One can find multiple treasure hunts ad pasted on one of the walls

Enjoy solving all the riddles and jumping from place to place where you find the most amazing holiday settings. And who knows if you will not find that perfect gift for a special someone in one of the prizes.

Merry Christmas (Dec. 1st – Dec. 31st) - Full perm hunt for creators

Silent Night Hunt” (Dec. 1st – Dec. 31st) - Christmas decorations, clothes, textures, etc..

Candy Cane 6” (Nov. 29th – Dec. 25th) - Gridwide hunt for female, male and unisex clothes -

Funny Christmas Hunt” & “Scary Christmas Hunt” (Dec. 1st – Dec. 31st)   -
- Various funny or scary Christmas items -

ROCK XMAS HUNT” (Dec. 3rd – Dec. 30th) - the name says it all


In the center of a Christmas village a fascinating shinning blue gem rests on a frozen lake. The ice palace gives us back the childhood dreams. One feels immediately invited to explore it on a ice skating trip back in time, to other Christmas times. We will not spoil the surprise. Just jump on the balls and experience something rarely seen in Second Life. You may want to see this!

Happy Holidays


I’M A CHRISTMAS TREE HUGGER- Silky Soulstar Reporting...

December 1, 2008: “I’m here to apply for the job as Christmas Tree.”

Now that’s a funny reply within a conversation, and hardly the kind of response that would someday lead to thousands of dollars raised globally to benefit needy children.  But in Norway a Christmas tree can humorously be anything audaciously colorful, and RL NorwegianSunday Laks had just TP’d into SL’s Asian Teahouse for women wearing a dress that was over-the-top with color.  She really didn't know that she was about to start a project that would become really generous.

We all know that our SL meta-world can encourage something creatively bizarre to morph into something unexpected and wonderful.  So rather inauspiciously, Teahouse founder Sapphia Duccrat appointed Sunday Laks as her official living Christmas Tree.  And oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree, Sunday stood dutifully at her post in the Teahouse.

Six years later, on December 20, 2014, Sunday was still standing for a little while, and on duty at the Teahouse in a dress custom-designed by her favorite designer Eliza Wierwright of Patron. These days while adorned in her pretty Christmas Tree dress, Sunday surrounds herself with presents and a tip jar to raise donations to SOS Childrens Villages International.

Hermann Gmeiner founded the first SOS Childrens Village in Austria in 1949 to help orphans suffering as a result of World War II.  The charity has grown to include villages in 134 countries globally.  In each center, children are afforded schools, health care, and other family-based services.

“I stood here all of December that first year, and thought of it more like an artistic performance.  I was doing security duties as well of course.”

And the next year she did the same until someone suggested that she should have a tip jar.

“I figured I might as well do something useful while I was standing here, so I made this jar and the gifts and all.  And I started emoting when the girls tipped me.”

That first year Sunday raised L$ 133,000 and donated it to SOS Childrens Villages at the end of the month. The Teahouse is now owned by Maia Mimulus, and the venue is still very pleased to have Sunday on staff.  Maia donates all of the Teahouse December donations to the same SOS Childrens Villages charity.  This month-to-date, Sunday and the Asian Teahouse have raised over $L 76,000.

Why did she pick her charity?

“SOS Childrens Villages has a very high reputation in Norway and I trust them, they also have less admin costs of any of the big charity organizations I know.  They have websites in many languages, which is good in this multi-cultural virtual world.  I have also visited one of their villages in Thailand, that's why I picked them in the first place.”

This year, Sunday is adding a gift to each person who donates in the form of an “I’m a Christmas Tree Hugger” tag.

“It’s my payback for standing here all year doing nothing but looking pretty,” she adds.

And so the charity continues inspiring each year.  Sunday’s Christmas charm shines like the star that the original shepherds followed.

“People are drawn to her,” gushes Teahouse staffer Vivian Karfield.

Maybe we’re drawn to support and give to her charity as 'tis the season.  Or maybe we're just in awe of the sweet girl in a Christmas Tree dress. Whatever it is you can't quite place, there is really something about Sunday that is really inspirational, or even part magical.  Everyone who meets her believes.

Her smile is infectious through the words she chats, “One year I had a great tipper.  She asked me how much I had so far, and then she put in the same amount on my last day.  Miracles happen when I least expect them.”

Yes they do!  And after my own donation, I can say that I believe too, and am officially privileged to be a Christmas Tree Hugger.