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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This just in from the Hollywood Investigator –

Dateline – Hollywood, CA
The Gala Grand Opening of The Hollywood Bowl in Second Life is set for January 2nd at 7pm, SLT. This fabulous event will star Second Life’s premier vocalist, The Pink Vampire. She will be performing 11 new songs that she has prepared just for this event; that is almost 3/4 of her show. There will be dance numbers choreographed by the amazing and talented Shadow Tarber. We also expect the rumors about a spectacular pyrotechnics show are true, too (I just love fireworks).
The owner of The Hollywood Ballroom, Origen Resident, was asked about opening this venue, “Why here and why now?” Origen commented, “The Pink Vampire forced my hand. The crowds coming to her shows are so big, The Hollywood Ballroom simply can’t hold them anymore. During her last show, we had to turn people away. So, we set up a make shift sound system outside the ballroom and people were dancing on Hollywood Blvd. With The Hollywood Bowl we have room for everyone who wants to attend her performance and many other performances that will be held there.”
This is a special event and invitations are being sent out to all of the A-listers in town. The Paparazzi is sure to be sneaking around (I know, I’m sending them), so wear your best formal and cocktail attire; you want to look good for our society page.

Further news from the Hollywood Ballroom

ELECTRO SWING NIGHT - at The Hollywood Ballroom @ Big Bear Mountain
Dec. 31th - 7pm to 9pm - Weekly event!
Time to dust off your shoes for an Electro Swing Night! Dj Archer will be playing vintage and modern swing music, join us and let's shake our bodies with some jazz and house music! No way to be shy... this sound will make you break the dance floor! Let’s close 2015 with style! Formal, Winter or Jazzy Swing attire.

ACAPELLA NIGHT - at The Hollywood Ballroom @ Big Bear Mountain
Friday Jan. 1st - 7pm to 9pm
Welcome 2016 in a unique way!
When used to it's purest form, the human voice is it's own instrument. Please join us as we hear some of our favorite songs performed Acapella style. Let your body vibrate with these magnificent sound that only the most gifted voices can produce!
Don't miss this last perfect show at the Big Bear Mountain venue. This is the perfect wat to say good bye to our magical Holiday Venue! Formal, winter or cocktail

Grand Opening of The Hollywood Bowl Staring THE PINK VAMPIRE
Sat. Jan. 2nd - 7pm to 8pm
Finally, the day has come! We will have The Pink Vampire at the Opening of The Hollywood Bowl!
The Hollywood Bowl is a spectacular new venue! The Pink Vampire will perform a special Gala show with 11 new songs, and choreographed dances by Shadow Tarber.
There is no way that you miss this spectacular event! Formal or cocktail Attire

JAE SANDS & JOHN WILLIAMS - at The Hollywood Bowl
Sunday Jan. 3rd - 6pm to 8pm

We will start the night with Jae Sands performing a set of his Sinatra style hit songs with his unique NY style! If you listened him before you know a show of this quality is just what you need to have a great Sunday night!

John Towner Williams is an American composer, conductor, and pianist. In a career spanning over six decades, Williams has composed some of the most popular and recognizable film scores in cinematic history, including Star Wars, E.T., Indiana Jones, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and many more! Join us for a very special tribute of this genius of music!

Make The Hollywood Ballroom and The Hollywood Bowl your destination for great music, great fun and memorable evenings.

Additional information:

Join our group! The Hollywood Ballroom & Theater

Contact: Origen

Monday, December 28, 2015

You're Invited to the Ultimate New Years Eve Party! December 31st 7pm-1am SLT


Held in a beautiful grand ballroom there will be music from some of SL's best DJ's, Random merchandise and $10K in cash prizes given throughout the night by our sponsors.  Balloon drop and fireworks at midnight

The champagne will be flowing so invite all friends and ring in the new year in style.  

Sponsored by Playmates Magazine, Wild Child Fashions, DC Customs, TGS Market, Tati's Autoworx,Town & Country, The Divine Comedy, Funtastic Designs and CL Creations.
December 31st
7pm-1am SLT

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Domestic violence is a huge topic in society and also disturbing and controversial in Second Life.

 Domestic violence can be explicit or veiled in Second Life. It can occur against women or men, joined by partnership, including a number of cases, such as verbal and psychological violence against each other.

 Psychological violence can be practiced in Second Life. It involves verbal abuse, psychological abuse, threats and aggressive tones. Aggression doesn’t always involve a physical attack to be considered domestic violence. When one partner in a relationship tries to control and dominate the other, that is domestic violence. There are many types of DV. Here are some examples that happen in Second Life:

• Emotional Aggression: swearing, depreciating your partner, emotional blackmail; and humiliate of a partner.
• Virtual Sexual assault: consider the partner as a virtual sex object; force the partner to have virtual sex or require the partner to have sexual attitudes towards others.
• Insist on being in control: Treating your partner as a slave without their consent.
• Isolation: forbidding a partner to see people; controlling their company and conversation; wanting to track their location at all times.

The aggressor, for example, may require the control of the social life of the victim, preventing him or her from attending clubs or making new friends. The sense of ownership of one partner over the other, as well as impunity are factors that generalize control and domestic violence.

Whyare some people willing to subject him or herself to domestic violence in Second Life?
I'm not talking about of the world Gor, BDSM, Masters & lovers, etc.  Generally, people who live in these worlds, establish consensual rules. My focus is on ordinary people and their everyday experiences in Second Life. Many people say SL is all consensual but these behaviors exist.

In addition, there are the options of muting, AR'ing, TP'ing away, removal of collars, ending the partnership, removing the avatar from your list of friends, etc. However, domestic violence may still exist and the victim will only take any action after he has suffered the abuse.

There are also those who, for emotional issues, may feel intimidated and unable to use the tools available to prevent violence from happening again.

The victim of domestic violence generally have low self-esteem and are tied in dealing with aggressors, either by emotional dependence or even material. The abuser often accuse the victim of being responsible for the assault and the victim ends up suffering a great guilt and shame.

The victim also feels violated and betrayed, as the abuser promises that will never repeat this kind of behavior but, in general, the behavior is repeated.

In some situations, domestic violence persists chronically because one partner has an attitude of acceptance and inability to turn off that setting. To understand this behavior, persistently linked to the environment of domestic violence, we could compare it with the attitude described as codependency, found in the homes of  alcoholics and drug addicts.

The psychological or emotional aggression suffered in Second Life, can be more harmful than the physical one, and is characterized by rejection, depreciation, discrimination, humiliation and disrespect.

 This aggression does not leave physical marks but can cause emotional scars for life affecting even the real life.

How to get out of domestic violence in SL?
The first step is to break the cycle of violence and overcome the emotional barriers:
• Seek help from someone you trust, a friend, or friends and say that you are suffering with it, tell your story.

 While it may be difficult to talk about violence and abuse, in a virtual environment, you instantly feel relief and can get emotional support and guidance of your friends;
• I do not feel safe in stating support groups in SL. You never know the Freud pretender who will be playing the other side. What I can say, especially if you are having trouble distinguishing reality from fantasy is: seek outside help in RL. Find a support group or counselor.

Help in RL should positively influence how a person perceives their situation in SL and, hopefully, provide the necessary assistance to the person to get out of the vicious circle of domestic violence.

Friday, December 25, 2015

“A Merry Yuletide Had By All Blitzing The Living Room”- MajikVixen Reporting

To what did these wandering eyes did appear?  Simon Linden as Santa Claus, Jed Luckless' Ibanez inspiring particles, and Sky Fire's captured pieces that lined TLR's foundation -all the great fixin's for an amazing venue full of cheer!  

That's right, for the BEST entertainment, The Living Room was THE place to be on Thursday night!  And judging by the crowd volume, I think I saw you there!

Jammin' Jed, a Grateful Dead and Phish inspired musician, flooded our ear holes with poetic guitar wailing mish-mashes of Star Wars, Christmas, and classically soothing improvisations.  This was the perfect balance of rock and just-subtle-enough background to all the festivities.  Always the mark of a great showman, when the musician takes the time to greet all the individual patrons by name.  This was the fifteenth and final show on his tour until next year's, with the exception of the special seventh annual Holiday Review benefit show on Sunday at DarkStar's Hundred Year Hall, where all proceeds go to The Internet Archive: A Non-Profit Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Software, Music, and More.

Meanwhile, other good deeds were taking place by the HUGE Christmas tree and pile of presents via surprise guest, Simon Linden -or shall I say Simon Claus or Santa Linden?  The ongoing theme in nearby chat was the joke of how nice, naughty actually was... with *hic* eggnog!  Some of the specific things asked for included the BB gun from A Christmas Story by a child avi, the sweet and beautiful of course asked for world peace, it was implied that a hippie wanted certain erhm *cough* LARGE green bags, and I ordered a Big Mac with large fries LOL.  Everybody got at least a cute little Gatcha puppy and a wonderful picture taken by Simon.  -Totally awesome and unexpected!  When I inquired to Daallee and Owl, the owners of The Living Room, how they got Simon to do this, they simply both said they just asked him.  But having seen him and the likes of his Linden droogs in these musical parts before, I think it's because he really just likes the atmosphere and is a good sport!

And if for some reason you got bored of looking at all the different eclectic holiday outfits that adorned the large, happy crowd; your camera could be whisked away, downstairs (underneath our "reindeer paws"), to a healthily displayed eye-feast of Sky Fire's complimentary artwork, available for purchase.  The exhibit features pictures of Jed with breathtaking particles.  From pumpkins, butterflies, and flowers; to fire, tie-dyed fractals, dinosaurs, and cards.  Personally, I find a particle show extremely incredible and indescribable.  It is one of the best things Second Life has to offer, to totally draw you into the experience, and flatter the musical talent.  And likewise, trying to describe this to people who do not come into Second Life, is amusingly pointless!  If a memento picture is worth a thousand words, the experience itself, is priceless.

Bursting entertainment stimulation to all of your senses, The Living Room, owned by Daallee, Owl, and later joined by Nora, will be having their one year anniversary in March.  They feature a new artist every month.  Skyfire will be there until the end of the month of December, and their next musical show will be Boney Mosey on December 29th at 6pm.  Whatever your heart fancies for a fun night out, there's plenty of opportunities for chatting, dancing, lounging and hanging out, camming around, or even swinging from the ceiling! 

Additional Information:
              TLR: Has a subscriber by the stage (stage left), that doesn't take up group space (Area Search "The Living Room")
              Jed Luckless: Jed Heads (Group Key: 35727b5c-082a-55c8-afdf-2dfef253a432)
              Jed Luckless:
Preferred contact:
              TLR: daallee™ (daallee), Owl (owl.dragonash), Nora (xalexax)
              Music on Thursday Evening: Jed Luckless

              Special appearance: Simon Linden

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Resemble What You Truly Want To Be.... REGAL

Regal Modeling Academy and Agency is a newer modeling school in Second Life.  Regal is open to new models or even models who've been doing the catwalk for years.  It is teaching the every day foundations or polishing skills, catering to the individual student's needs.  When talking about Regal, people always ask "What makes it different?"  Several things.  

First, there are three wonderful ladies at Regal you should know.  Memory Thorne is Regal's Agency Director.  Sweet, well spoken, and absolutely brilliant.  She's there to help with castings, runways, and current models in the agency with whatever they may need.  Trage.Cline is Regal's Academy Adviser.  She helps direct classes, coordinate between students and teachers. Most of all she will help you with whatever you need as you make your way up the Regal lines to become an official Regal Graduate, or as we call them Regal Prince or Regal Princess.

Last, but certainly not least is Eibhline.  Eibhline has been in the Second Life modeling world for years, so knows the ins and outs, as well as the tricks of the runway.  She started Regal so that everyone had a chance to show their skills.  Tired of talented people being brushed off because they weren't running in the right circles Eibhline has created an environment of learning and possibilities for anyone with an interest to reach whatever heights they wish to reach in the modeling world.  It's not who you know, but what you know and she is there to teach you everything you could want.

Regal has six levels of classes.  To earn a basic certification you most take at least the 101 and 201, but to become a true Regal Princess or Prince you must take all six courses.  Whether it is machinima, blogging, or the runway Regal is ready to assist you in fulfilling your goals.

For more information, please contact:  Eibhline resident or  trage.cline inworld.


Jalopy in Second Life

After 12 years of experience with the implementation of Second Life, Linden Lab is testing its new platform: "The Sansar Project". The word Sansar means "World" in the Hindi language.
A group of designers were invited to help with the tests and, at the moment, they are experimenting with this new concept.

The new platform promises to be more democratic, making it easier for people to create and share their creations. With reduced barriers for these creations, the Sansar project aims to target a wide range of people who may have interest and are trained to develop professional quality and more realistic ideas.

The new platform also intends to expand its capability and hopes to be available not only for gaming and entertainment, but also for education, architecture, business meetings, and other purposes.

Sansar will enable users to immerse in a 3D experience with more realistic motion, better sound quality and lighting.

The reason why Linden Lab chose to create a new platform is because any improvement that can be currently made in second life, cannot embrace the new technologies available. The best thing to do or the easiest way to go, in technological terms, is to create a new platform, compatible with all existing tools.

 Linden Lab aims to provide this new platform  in 2016.

The question we all have is: Will Second Life still exist after Project Sansar?

When asked about this issue, Linden Lab said it doesn’t have plans to discontinue Second Life. So the answer is yes, it is believed that  SL will live after the project Sansar open its doors as a parallel universe. What is not known is whether the same name will be retained.

I talked to some residents to learn about what they think about Sansar project:

Camury: "What are your concerns and fears about the Sansar Project coming in 2016".

Joymell resident: "I think the SL will continue. Even with the limits for the absorption of new technologies, many changes have occurred in the last two years. I have no worries or fears, I am anxious to know is how is this new project. I imagine that this new platform should provide more tools to users. "

Brenda Jac resident: "I know the new project and my fear is having to change my avatar. I would not want to lose it. I just hope we can migrate all we have to Sansar, if the SL cease to exist. "

Pryamel resident:. "I did not know about this new project of Linden Lab Anyway, if  Linden Lab chose to create a new platform many changes must take place soon. I am optimistic and I think the changes are for the better. Maybe we'll have SIMS with no lag, right? :-) "

Dinodasilvasauro resident: “I am a little worried about paying issues. A game with this size is not cheap. There are big chances for it to have an entering fee, or just be free at the beginning and you have to pay for everything else. I’m afraid it won’t be as open as they say. But, let’s hope I’m wrong.”

Baudrillard (somnabulist): “oh right i heard something about sl2 awhile ago...i have spent many hours developing photography techniques, so would be a challenge to have to adapt to a new viewer...heres my big concern: the phrase "monetize"... this is what happens on facebook, to target people for advertising...i think monetizing is dangerous for creativity...also will i need a new computer to get a decent viewing experience, seems like this 3d occulus is a central feature and i for one,  am not going to buy an occulus... im not interested…”

The fact is that Second Life is still very popular, housing about 900,000 active users per month and generating a significant amount of resources with e-commerce. The platform, when it was created, innovated in many different fields, such as: virtual reality, user-generated content, e-commerce and virtual currencies. Many new ideas have emerged from this experience and will just get better.

Whether you remain in Second Life or move on to Sansar is up to you!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

5 Best Places to Spend your Lindens this Holiday Season for a Good Cause! =LilyLaceWing Reporting…

I have some strict standards when it comes to Charities, because often times most are not what they seem. One of my standards, happily met by Live and Learn, is their willingness to donate 100% of their received donations directly to the children who need it to help pay for their food, clothing, schooling, medicines, and to fight against child prostitution and child brides.

Live and Learn in Kenya/Feed a Smile

The charity, based in Germany, also employs a German based medical/dental partner organization, called "Arzt- und Zahnarzthilfe Kenya." They provide medical and dental care for hundreds of children, including quarterly wellness check-ups, and vaccinations. With a project called “Shared Joy” they are able to feed nearly 500 children a warm lunch every day.

(On the bottom right, the English link will give you the page viewable in English, on the bottom left is German (Duetch.)

Fair Play-The Forgotten Game

If you want an avenue that helps support many different charities, check out Fair Play, The Forgotten Game. They support Second Life’s Relay for Life (American Cancer Society,) and Team Fox as well. In their shop, they sell a variety of items that, depending on each item, donate between 10%-50% directly to charity, with two direct donation jars for each charity resting around the circle of vendors. So if you don’t find anything there you like, but still want to make a charitable donation, Fair Play is a good place to check out.

War Child

“War Child is a small international charity that protects children living in the world's most dangerous war zones. We currently work in Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.” This is a place where you, admittedly, can only shop if you need a DJ system for home/work, but it’s still a great place to donate extra lindens this holiday season to help protect children living in very dangerous parts of the world. Imagine if your child had to grow up, it’s whole life, under the constant threat of war and imminent, painful death. I cannot imagine what that must be like for a child, how that must shape their world.

Creations Park

 This is an amazing place, one I’ve mentioned before, and will mention again! Creations Park, constructed by Fran Serenade and her daughter Barbie Alchemi, is a combination hangout, underwater hang out, art gallery, Peace Nation Native American, and Winter Wonderland (see my other article this month about fun places to hang out in a Winter Themed area for more info about WW.) Creations Park donates 100% of all donations to Team Fox for Parkinsons’ Research, the charity Michael J. Fox heads up. A lot of the stores in WW also offer percentage donations of items purchased to Team Fox as well.

Bliss Designs- Mind Body and Soul-May You Be Happy!!

This is a neat store where all profits are donated to a group of charities (see list and links below.) There is also a direct donation box for Web of Life. The store carries lots of items, clothing for men and women, complete avatars and lots, lots more! They also sell ‘starter kits’ to begin your own store, full of prims and items you can modify and manipulate. There is also a free photo studio for anyone to use!

Web of Life:
Heifer International:
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:

‘Tis the season to be generous, folks, for while you enjoy your hot cocoa covered in a blanket watching the latest Marvel movie with your honey, there are thousands out there who are starving and in need. Also, to make a difference with real life dollars/goods, consider donating to your local food pantries and homeless shelters so everyone can have a great holiday season this year! Food pantries and shelters save lives! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

BREAKING NEWS! Lanai Jarrico Gets run down by a Reindeer!

Lanai Jarrico got run down by a crazed reindeer as she was heading to The SL Enquirer Media Center early Tuesday morning. Many are speculating it was a set up by Santa Clause due to a recent interview she conducted with him at his North Pole Compound.

Read More Here!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Interview with Santa- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Every year I try to get an interview with Jolly ol’ St Nick but he has avoided me for the past two years. After hanging outside his cottage interrogating elves for hours with a homemade fruitcake in hand and apologizing out loud for what I had done, finally Santa let me in and forgave me for infiltrating his naughty list and disturbing the peace. He agreed to an interview under two simple condition… that I stop harassing him and I behave myself.

Lanai: Santa, again I’m sooo sorry for breaking into the North Pole compound and removing all my friends from your naughty list, including myself. I thought I was doing a good deed at the time. Also, I felt it was unfair to put me on the list again.

Santa:Lanai, ever since you were a child I’ve watched you prank people for cheap laughs and do crazy things that would have gotten you paddled well into your 20’s but I’ve always seen a glimmer of hope in you, usually when you were sleeping. But! Nonetheless, I appreciate the apology but you have to stop being a pain in the ass. After all, It’s Christmas time and everyone deserve a little something special for the holidays.Consider this your Christmas present.

Lanai: Oh ok thank you... I am very grateful for this opportunity. Here is a special gift I made just for you. Enjoy.

Santa: Oh A fruitcake! How umm sweet...

Lanai: *smiles like an angel* So Santa… every year has its trends for the holidays. What type of gifts will you be giving the good people of Second Life around the world?

Santa: Well, this year is a bit odd I must say. *takes a bite of his fruitcake*  Mmmm this is actually pretty good!

Lanai: Thank you Santa. Believe me it gets better the more you eat. So why is this year odd?

Santa: Well it is election year so some of my requests were not actually gift requests for themselves. I keep getting asked to run for President. Something about I have better hair and I love everyone equally. I have a feeling there is a great deal of people worried about one of the candidates. But not to worry sweet child, if it is the one I am thinking, he’s at the top of my naughty list this year. Instead of giving  out lumps of coal, I thought I would save the environment and collect deer berries this year to give as gifts to the naughty ones..

Lanai:Great idea. I still remember the steaming pile you left under my tree the one year....Anyway, glad to see you are going organic again this year. I think I have an idea who that candidate might be and I couldn’t agree more. But I’m not going to get into politics.

Santa: HO HO HO! that was funny and yea good idea.

Lanai: o.O. Aside from that request, what others things are people asking for this year?

Santa: I’ve gotten some request for hover boards but due to the recent recalls for fire hazards, I’ve decided to make skateboards instead. Others just want money or Doomsday shelters fully loaded, but I can’t afford that.
My protection insurance is high enough these days, along with my electric bill. With the implementation of air conditioner units in the reindeer stables and new snow-making machines around the North Pole, I am limited. This global warming thing is getting out of control!

Lanai: Absolutely! I live in Pa and we have had 60 degree weather around here for the past week. It feels strange hanging Christmas lights outside in a t shirt and breaking into a sweat. I am sure people around the world are witnessing strange weather as well. Do you have any advice on what we should do about this global crisis?

Santa: Well Lanai, I think we would all have to go back into the stone age or something. To lower emissions and clean up our environment, we all need to be more organic for our own health and more responsible about what we contribute to this environment crisis. For example, grow our own crops, use outhouses, bicycles, solar power and stop burning fossil fuel. Also, FFS!  Stop all the harmful toxins that go into the air and the garbage that ends up in our oceans. It’s easy for us all to talk about but can we really all come together to save the planet? 

*offers Lanai some fruitcake*

Lanai: *thinks* Ok this is getting depressing…. *reaches for some fruitcake*

Santa: I have to say this fruitcake is making me feel kind of funny… What did you put in this?

Lanai: Not to worry Santa, some of the ingredients are homegrown and legal in most states now.  Anyways, I think it is great that you are thinking about our future and giving gifts that can help the environment.

Santa: Yes indeed but I have a confession to make.

Lanai: Oh? Do tell.

Santa: I’m not really Santa Claus. I am a M*****F******-ing Wizard!

Lanai: WTH?

Santa:WOW! Can’t you see all the psychedelic colors floating around? And my skin.. it feels so…. sensitive! *starts to removes his red suit*

Lanai: Noooooooo, I can never unsee this!

Santa: Watch this!

Lanai: OMG... 
*Trying to avoid looking at his twig and holly berries, Lanai watches in horror as Santa stands on his chair and pretends to surf naked*

Santa: I have an idea! Let’s get on the roof and attempt to fly like a drone super reindeer!

Lanai: A wise friend once said, "This can only end well". Ya know Santa…. I think I should get going and please don’t mention I was here or where you got that fruitcake ok?

Santa: Wait! I need a co pilot to help me drop reindeer berries!

Lanai: There goes Christmas!  I’m outta here….

Merry Christmas SLE Fans!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sexy Pajama Christmas Midnight Beach Party- Saturday December 19th 9pm-3am SLT



Your Limo Awaits