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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Want to Learn how to Build or Brush up on your Skills in Second Life? Visit the Builder’s Brewery

The Builders Brewery was voted favorite Group & School in Second Life.  It is owned and operated by Sen Maximus (sensuous.maximus) and Supremius Maximus and together they have created a great resource for helping SL residents perfect their building skills.

There are 16 “Brewmasters” aka Teachers and three classroom settings. Each Brewmaster shares their expertise and  worsk closely with students by offer an assortment of classes including beginning Fundamentals, getting started with blender, scripting, mesh studio basics, photography using wind light settings, working with textures, alpha layers and more.
BB also offers a sandbox and terraforming playground where you can learn by doing.  If you don’t have a place to call home, the Builder’s Brewery welcomes you to set your home here while you learn.

Check out the Class Schedule here:

Join the Builder’s Brewery Group for perks like access to sandbox and private dressing rooms

Group: Builder’s Brewery


Friday, February 27, 2015

R.I.R. Raceway for Beginners, Advanced and Pro Class- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In 1948 the National Association for Stock Car Racing was founded and held its first stock car race at Charlotte Speedway in North Carolina. Today this spectator sport  has  a global fan base and has expanded  to over 1,200 races at over 100 tracks across North America per year. It is known widely as Nascar and has become a multi- billion dollar industry for racing enthusiasts who love to watch race cars and trucks whip around a track at lightning speed. Nascar’s Sprint Cup Series schedule for 2015 kicked off on February 14th and will run until November with the Championship Round. It is a very expensive hobby so not everyone can easily join Nascar. Also, as tragic as it may sound the wrecks seem to give the spectators a jolt of adrenaline.

 Thanks to Second Life you can easily join the race without worrying about experience, going broke, being sent to the ER or worse.

 In Second Life R.I.R Raceway Stock Car Racing Venue is the most realistic racing venue in Second Life that caters to beginners, advanced and pro class racing fans who have a need for speed and want to sit behind the wheel of their own racecar.

Founded in  Owned and operated by badguy Boozehound and Co owner doobeedoo Littlething, together they host 5 weekly races. Winners receive  Linden Trophies, points and bragging rights.

The SL Enquirer contacted Badguy to learn more about racing in SL and how residents can join in the fun.

Interview with R.I.R Raceway’s Badguy Boozehound

What brought you to Second Life and inspired you to create R.I.R Raceway?

I originally came to Second Life looking for new chat spots as Skype was closing Shoutcasts. Then I found a speedway I loved the idea and fun involved in SL racing. Unfortunately the venue didn’t last long and closed leaving me with a racing bug and wanting to continue. That’s when we started building a basic track on a friend’s land and from there it expanded to where the raceway is now.

Who is part of the R.I.R Staff and what are their roles?

The Staff at R.I.R are just the 2 owners Myself and my wife Doobeedoo Littlething. We are Sponsored By Black Lagoon Grafx Shop.

What type of services does R.I.R. offer racing enthusiasts in Second Life? Is race training provided?

There is a range of vehicles starting at a beginner class & working their way up the ranks to pro Sprint cup class. We don’t provide a training class but usually there is at least one racer practicing on the track.  All are very friendly and always willing to help a new driver find their groove on the track. Also, there are free demo cars which can be used in races for all the new people who come.

How can SLers get involved in the races, is there a membership requirement?

No,  just simply turn up for the race and use the free demo car provided or purchase the modifiable car that can be painted by the owner or their friends. The only thing is when you go to get a paint job on a full version car we ask that you register a race number not taken by another driver. Race Numbers already registered can be found here on R.I.R Main Website.

Do you use an SL group that racers and fans can join for racing news and alerts?

Yes, we do all Race video footage and race notices are posted there. Here is the link for the racing group for all the shin digs and events.

R.I.R Raceway hosts 7 weekly races. How do the races work? Can you explain the process from starting line to handing out trophies to the winners?

Yes, It is a fairly simple process for the drivers. The race director does most of the work.
We start an hour before the race with an official practice session for 45 mins. When that time is up, the practice times are reset and a 15 minute open qualify begins. Drivers start positions are in the order of fastest time in qualify to least fastest time in qualify being the last driver on the grid.

Being as we are on Second Life servers some of the small tracks and race gate systems won’t handle more than 10 drivers so, we may have to run heat race events to get to our top 10 drivers for the main event . These are two 5 lap races taking the pole sitter and  5 drivers from the two 5 lap races.  The remaining drivers who have not made a main event ticket will be put out in what we call a consi race. This is the last chance to make the main event and the top 4 finishers get this ride to the money race.

 The rest of the grid will take 11th place and so on and be packing it up for the night and hoping for that big break on the next race day.

Where can I get the most updated race schedule?

The best place to get the most updated schedule is the main race shop in world on the wall in the office. 
Also a race schedule and calendar are available on the main website

Are there sponsorship programs for racers? If so how can SL companies get their logos slapped on a Pro Racers car?

Many drivers are looking for  race sponsors to help them with vehicle purchases so they can get some paint on their racecar.  Many of them have found that special sponsor that gives them that opportunity. The best way is to show up on the race day and scout out the drivers during a practice and give them your proposal.

When a race is not happening, can anyone visit the raceway and get on the track?

Oh yes the tracks are open always for visitors to just come and enjoy doing laps in their own cars as well as the R.I.R Product line vehicles.  We close down the track we race at that particular day an hour before race time for official race practice so all the drivers get 45 minutes of good drafting practice before qualifying begins.

Do they need their own car or does the track provide rezzables to borrow?

As stated you can run a demo car which is provided free. These cars are no modify and lack the love of paint making. Usually drivers want to get the full version and get creative with his race paint. These demo cars have the same scripting quality of the full version car but are no modify.

You have a car shop on the premises, is this where SLers can purchase cars?

Yes the cars can be purchased in the main race shop located here on the main level.

How can SLers order a custom racecar ?

All the cars are the same to keep the race series controlled and monitored at all times. The class raced in that said day will all weigh the same and have same scripting  but can be tuned via a dialog menu to adjust steering downforce wedge ect.

We do have a custom painting booth as this is the only thing allowed to be modded on the car. All cars are equipped with big brother watching  them at all times and will let the creator and the driver know the car is not in tech.

Is there anything else you would like to share about R.I.R. Raceway?

Just for some good hard racing come join the fun @ R.I.R Raceway.

Additional Information

Group  secondlife:///app/group/68f84af7-d0d1-abc4-5321-b6cf854927f1/about

Preferred contact: Badguy Boozehound or Doobeedoo Littlething.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lose yourself at the Sneak Peek event New Round with Petit Chat - February 25th- March 5th

Sneak Peek event is a fashion event running each month between the 25th to the 5th. The February round just opened and Petit Chat, as a regular Sneak Peek designer, once again you one of its awesome designs from the collection “Petit Chat ArtFashion”.
This collection is not the average fashion you may find in Second Life. Each piece of clothes is textured from Trinity Yazimoto’s artwork. She doesn’t just slap her paintings on the meshes, she redraw them using the mesh clothes as a new canvas for her art. She also makes them materials enabled creating a spectacular and unique look.

For this round, the new outfit is called “Lose yourself” and it’s been created from this artwork you can see here:

The outfit includes a silk dress in 5 standard sizes and fitted version, the leather bag coming with or without holding pose, and includes an impressively detailed watch.
If you want to look elegant but with simplicity this is a must have.

As always Trinity puts extreme care into the quality of her textures and if you are curious to know more about her works you may visit her store (the ArtFashion collection is in the uppest floor, where you can also enjoy a pastry at the French bistro.

Sneak Peek February round will run till March  5th, so hurry up if you don’t want to miss such an opportunity to discover what other designers are showcasing too.

Here is the slurl to the Sneak Peek February Round :

Also, check out her ArtGallery inworld for more of her masterpieces

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Setting the Standard and Growing Every Day is the Walk and Way of Eternally Yours

Eternally Yours is SL's premium wedding and special event venue. "Everyone goes through learning and we have as well," says owner Honor Lehane, a woman that values the experience that goes into such memorable moments. 

While Eternally yours is focused on their target market, the goal is to be open to fulfilling dream events of all kinds. Along with that goal, it includes the ability to always be about constantly improving the experience for all clients as well as the company itself.

For over a year, we have committed to taking our client's genuine feelings and turning them into extraordinary experiences. Eternally Yours strives to provide realism in how they plan, decorate and execute, each moment giving the entire company growth, and helping to become the ultimate wedding and event business imaginable. 

Building relationships with a variety of businesses in second life, Honor's goals for her and the company is to accomplish an honest network of quality creators and service providers who not only understand that it takes a team to make a dream come true, but also uphold the standard of excellence Eternally Yours strives continuously to be known for.

Visit Eternally Yours -today- and see for yourself how wonderful and exciting working with this established company is. Allow them the pleasure to provide you with a "Genuine Feeling"  that you've had an "Extraordinary Experience".

Work for SLE- Now Hiring Writers, Bloggers & Managers for our Facility

The SL Enquirer is always on the look out for team players, writers and bloggers that love to meet new people, explore Second Life's many exciting places and attend events.

Join Team SLE and be a part of Second Life's longest running independently owned news source and work in a fast paced media environment with other like minded SLers.

Apply Here

Take a tour of The SL Enquirer Media Center


Behind the Scenes with ToySoldier Thor- Debby Sharma Reporting...

Debby Sharma: Congratulations for your recent achievement to transform 3D art to real world. Would you like to say something?

Toysoldier Thor: In my desire to bring my SL art into the real world which I have already done with my 2D canvas art. I can now do it with my 3D by actually bronze casting my 3D SL mesh art. So many have congratulated me but I see it as a personal goal or challenge achieved and an opportunity to leverage it more now. I am surprised how strongly my idea of bronze casting has been accepted by the SL art loving community because unlike the art you see which anyone can buy for $2 to $5 USD, buying one of my Bronze Casts is a much more significant investment for residents - this first one is $155 USD. I didn’t think anyone would accept that cost, still 10 people have already ordered. The first order being Ebbe Altberg blew me away. It validated my business model behind my passion.

Art Name: Shattered

Debby Sharma: What are the inspirations behind 3D sculptures and how long does it take to make them?

Toysoldier Thor: Well the inspiration to shift my art from initially 2D wall art to 3D sculptures was a trigger of the right conditions that finally came together in SL. prior to focusing on art in SL in 2010, I loved making actual 3D content for SL using sculpts - Landscape Terrains but they were not easy to mould into complex forms. Then in 2012 mesh started. I initially thought i would use mesh to make better landscape packs as I have earned lindens from them, but because mesh has high Land Impact penalized by size, I decided to make 3D content for my desire for art. I loved how i could express my emotions, feelings and political statements in 3D statues. As you will see with most of my 3D sculptures I also create a 2D representation because 2D and 3D art can express my desired expression differently. Also the quality of mesh resolution in SL is not to the level that I create in modelling tool, so I capture it as an image and transform it into wall art.  I wanted to take my art out of SL's art community and expand it to real life. To create a mesh sculpture it usually takes a week or less when i put my mind to it. The hard part is to know exactly how to properly express an emotion. I wait for it to come to me and then it hits me out of nowhere.

Art Name: His Princess

Debby Sharma: After the successful exhibition in October 2013 in real life are you planning on a few more? Are there any other forms of art that you indulge in?

Toysoldier Thor: I am sure I will have another one but not until I create a couple more 3D bronze statues to include in my next exhibit. P.S. I need to have another exhibit. I have 30 of canvas artworks in my basement that need to be shown and hopefully sold! If i showed you my real life basement man cave, you would laugh. My A.D.D. personality also makes it hard for me to exhibit rl again as its more like "been there accomplished that now what". I have found that art has been such an amazing medium to allow me to express and vent my pent up creativity and I have been so blessed that SL introduced art into my life. I am surprised that people in real life know nothing about SL, love my SL landscapes art as they think they are paintings.
I do real life photography too and manipulate it like SL photography then often blend them. It is a form of photography I love. I experimented with this method and the results are fantastic. Let me show my favourite of those. I refer to it as Flashlight Photography where the subject and my camera are in pitch darkness and I use a flashlight for 1 minute and paint the light onto the camera lens from whatever angle I want to. This creates a surreal atmosphere.

Art Name: Petrified Petals
Debby Sharma: Tell us more about your journey with photography? Do you make custom sculptures?

Toysoldier Thor: Well, strangely, when I was in high school I was President of Photography. It was back in the late 1970’s. After that I never touched photography again. In 2010, here in SL I got inspired to do SL landscape photography after I watched the amazing results my closest friend in SL was accomplishing. I entered a photo contest and came in 2nd so I got hooked to it. The 80 plus photographs you see in this 5 floor gallery are all created since April 2010. But within 8 months I got bored with landscapes as they had little emotion. So I used my SL earnings and bought a good DSLR camera and started taking RL photos to capture photos and manipulate them to express feelings, story and emotion. I experimented with mixing SL and RL images capturing the 3D mesh art. In 2011 when i first opened my gallery, I decided to attach an Artist Comments notecard with each which was a big hit with the visitors.
I have only made two custom sculptures upon request till date. I generally don’t do it because there are limitations to my freedom of expression. However, the dragonfly mesh was inspired by real life friend and the other one “His Princess” had full freedom to explore my creativeness. I focus on Low Land Impact. These dragonflies and humming birds are only 1 LI and “His Princess” which is famous among those that love art and dance for 9 LI. I was inspired with this art by a photo in a local newspaper. I used to use Blender but it was so complex that I started playing with ZBrush. I also loved a simple free program called Sculptris. It worked the way i loved to create organically. Later Zbrush bought Sculptris and many of the functions of Sculptris were introduced into Zbrush. i am not endorsing but for me it works great.

Debby Sharma: What are the other things that interest you in Second Life apart from art?

Toysoldier Thor: I love singing Karaoke in SL since 2008. I am a huge supporter of the SL Artistic Dance community. I love taking photos of them while dancing. It’s a great artistic challenge to catch them artistically as an image while they dance. Guerilla Burlesque is one of my favourites but there are so many others like Elysium, Image Club, Starlite and so many others that i have worked with my art. Dance, music, fine art, fashion, set creation is like a blending of art forms and I have loved building landscape terrain packs but sort of left that passion and good revenue source behind. Art is what i love engaging in most now. The only thing I haven’t engaged in is the formal Role Play sims and communities. Although, I have visited a few and observed but i am too restless to get into RL communities, I am Toy in SL but Toy acts mostly as RL me.

Debby Sharma: Is there any emotion unexplored and anything you are working at currently which you would like to share?

Toysoldier Thor: I have so many ideas. Thanks to my “Shattered” sculpture, I have been inspired to focus on a theme to my future sculptures. Well one was inspired as an actual request from my real life friend. She loved my Shattered and actually plans to buy one of the Bronzes, but she asked me "Can you create a sculpture showing elation or success or achievement?” Of course i could but I didn’t want it to be corny. So, I pondered how to capture achievement in a way that when people look at the sculpture they will feel the same. I want my sculptures to pour out the emotion just by observing it. That is what i love Shattered. Its accomplished emotion with the most intensity and it has also inspired my signature for my future sculptures. Do you see the exaggeration of the hands in Shattered? My “Ah!” moment to creating my signature of my future works will be to use the hands to express emotions. I have two ideas in my head already.
Actually no I haven’t started on any of the two ideas for my next sculpture but I will show you part of what one of them which I will use in the next sculpture and the rest when i finish it. See this piano. Imagine a pianist, his fingers pounding on the keys with passion and pouring out his music soul into the piano to create his artistic piece of music. How he will slump into the keys and how the fingers that hit the keys will be the "key". That’s my vision.

Debby Sharma: What would you like to say to your fans and friends through this podium?

Toysoldier Thor: I would likely say what so many have already realized known and expressed to anyone else in SL that has not yet embraced something in SL they are passionate about. TAKE THE PLUNGE and embrace it you will be amazed how it will actually transform and add a new aspect to your real life. I was not an artist when I came and look what is created in the gallery. If you love something in SL, grab it and run with it, don’t be afraid.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Seychelles Isles Commercial Debut- Created by Rysan Fall/ Fall Films

Teleport to Seychelles Isles Yacht Club and Greeting Entertainment Center

What Does Professionalism Mean in Second Life?- Rere Sandalwood Reporting…

Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are a lot of beholders who love what they see in Tehran Hammand.

Brown-skinned with a delicately trimmed beard, Hammand not only possesses a chiseled physique, but encompasses a style that conveys perfection.  This perfection is personified in a brown tweed jacket with matching knickers, as well as a page boy hat…complete with burgundy and white checkered patterned socks. 

Yet all physical features aside, there is yet another feature that distinguishes him from others: his commitment to Photo Unlimited & Design, a company he founded and created, as well as his commitment to the photography profession.  This, as well as the ethics he brings to the photography industry are key characteristics intrinsic in what Hammand describes as “being about and beyond reproach [when it comes to] strong customer service.”  This, along with a hosts of other characteristics, are what epitomize the definition of professionalism.

Others Share What Professionalism in SL means to them

While Tehran Hammand is a stellar example of professionalism, what distinguishes him from others is that he practices photography not only in SL, but in RL as well.  According to Hammand, owning an SL company like Photo Unlimited & Design allows him to cohesively bridge his RL photography career with his SL Photography studio. He explains that “It (SL) extends my creativity. In Real Life I am a professional photographer, so doing the same here is…so to speak…my personal challenge. [Specifically, creating] photos here [tends to be] a lot different than in real life. My artistic challenge is to [solely] create and [avoid using] photo shop/post editing as a crutch. I see post edit as a tool and [as an] endgame, not so much as a creation tool set. So I guess I enjoy pushing myself past what [others] might consider normal practices [in SL Photography].

In contrast to Hammand, America Seetan Ajontae (also known as america2000)’s realty, decorating and landscaping business does not extend into RL.  Nonetheless, she and her partner Belle 'Love Hunni' Sonsie (also known as bbwbabe Resident) have not only joined forces to create Babes In Wonderland, but have incorporated professionalism within their SL business.  Thus, with the incorporation of professionalism in their SL endeavors, comes a desire to convey professionalism within and throughout their SL realty business.  America explains that “…professionalism is knowing the intricacies of your chosen vocation, and presenting it with excellence. I am responsible first for quality customer service to our tenants, making sure the SIM is lag free, rents are paid on time and subsequently our tiers paid on time.”

Besides providing great customer service, America believes that it is important to continually be open to learning about your chosen occupation.  America explains, “I am always open to growth.  My business partner Bbwbabe Resident is quite adept at every facet of the business, so I am constantly peeking over her shoulder and learning.”  In addition to learning the SL realty profession, America has decided to expand her growth with the inclusion of learning a foreign language.  “Right now I'm in the midst of learning key phrases in both Turkish and Croation so I can effectively communicate with two families on our SIM.  Thank God one has an interpreter!  Google translator is my friend…[but there are] some conversations I can do on my own.”  After America gives a playful wink, she continues:  “I feel the standard is to have quality, long term tenants....and not to be so cocky that you deliver substandard services because of confidence in the demand you have for a parcel.”
While America and bbwbabe Resident are incorporating professionalism in their newly fledged Babes In Wonderland Realty business, DJAykoAya Resident has been practicing professionalism in her SL profession for over five years. 

As DJ AykoAya name suggests, she has been a Disc Jockey that has worked various venues, as well as an array of private functions.  The key to exhibiting professionalism, according to DJAykoAya, is to be open to playing a variety of music at different functions.  She continues, “[My SL Job responsibilities entail that I] entertain our guests with music from many genres, create a welcoming atmosphere, [and] make them feel welcomed. [I also do] venue [related] promotions [for my clients].”

Yet regardless of what kind of music genres DJ AykoAya plays, she explains:  “The music that I play creates a warmth to our guests. Their complements, and messages on how I made them feel, or made their night special, I love that the most. [That, along with] SL being a fun place to work, as well as an escape, [enables me to] give 100% of [myself] every time I play. And to go home knowing that I did my very best, and that it affected people in a good way….makes me feel good as well.”

Making Customers Feel Good and Being On-Time

While everyone interviewed agrees that it’s important to be mindful of their customer’s needs, they also agree that it is important to be on time for the sake of your SL supervisor and customers too.  Among those interviewed who routinely practice this belief is Subtlety Dalglish, an entertainer that sings, writes, records and produces poetry that she eloquently describes as “poetic vibes.” She states, “I try to be professional pretty much all the time. I love to have fun, but I avoid drama and gossip - in other words keep it drama free and clean. [I also believe that it is important to] always be on time…even early if possible.  This is good in both SL and RL situations.”

With a seductive and alluring voice, Danglish’s poetry exhibits a sharpness and candidness that is not usually found in SL. Danglish asserts, “I sing on every Sunday at 1pm SLT and on SL every Sunday at 5pm SLT at the Blue Room Live.  I also perform every other Sunday at 6pm at NY Skylight in the Sky. And starting March, I will perform every two weeks at Pure Seduction.”

Danglish continues by saying, “…I [am working on] improving my fan base [because] I think the poetic thing I am into is not as prevalent on SL as it should and could be. Poetry is out there but I wish there could be more of it shared as I share my own.”

Stacey Cardalines

Stacey Cardalines, who believes that professionalism entails “getting the job done, generally as it is supposed to get done,” functions as a writer in SL, but in a different capacity than Subtlety Dalglish.  Cardalines states, “I’m the Sports and Leisure Editor for the SL Enquirer.  I wander around SL and look for things to tell my readers about, then I tell them about these things I have looked for.”

However, just like Dalglish, Cardalines tends to touch a diverse audience with the stories she publishes.  “I see myself as automatic gunfire that eventually strafes every corner of SL.  In both [SL and RL] realms, you have a job to do and you go do it. If it was easy, they wouldn't pay you. It's a good thing, otherwise all newspapers would be written by children.”

Conveying warmth and humor in her answers, Cardalines continues, “If it weren't for this job, I'd be stripping. However, if I get fired here, I don't miss a mortgage payment.” 

Nonetheless, Cardalines as well as the other professionals mentioned in this article, agree that professionalism is just as important in SL as it is in RL…mainly because if you are producing a good or service in SL, you have to find an effective way to find and retain customers, and encourage them to continue to patronize your business.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The SL Enquirer: The Avi Choice Awards 2015 Announces The SL Enquir...

The SL Enquirer: The Avi Choice Awards 2015 Announces The SL Enquir...: For the past few weeks Second Life residents have been submitting nominations, for the Arts categories, via the Avi Choice website and...

A Look at Some Venues offering Different Music Genres in Second Life- Nena Dreadlow Reporting


I love going out to dance, explore and finding different music venues to visit. Like most people I love all types of music genres but, what I love the most is exploring the different sims here in SL and listening to what I like.
Here are some venues I recommend so you can get an idea of what type of places you can visit, listen to music and have a great time too.

Black Horse Country Club

This Sim is all country!! From the music to the venue, which plays the best country music. The place is filled with people line dancing and socializing. The staff and host are wonderful.  Be sure to join the group so you can find out when events are happening.

Ohana Rock Club

Ohana Rock Club in my opinion one of the top clubs here on SL. I was greeted right away from the host and felt welcomed. This music here is rock.  Ohana Rock Club was filled with lots of people dancing and having a good time. Right away you feel comfortable being a part of the crowd.  Join the group for info on events.  Ohana Rock Club also has a Facebook page.

Dance Island
“Real Dj’s,Real Music,Real People”

Dance Island has a large beautiful club. They play techno, disco and electro type of music here. They were also voted “Best Dance club’” . If you love to dance and meet new people this is a place to come check out.

End Of Days

Once you enter the sim make sure you change your environment to midnight for the best effect.   If you love the  Goth/ vampire theme this is the club for you. It is set inside a castle and is very dark and mysterious.


The Dirty South

When you first see the name you might think It has to be a county bar right? But it’s not. They play all kinds of music from rock, pop, hip hop and so much more. It is inside of a cute barn. If you're like me and you're looking for a nice place to hang out with all types of music then this is the place for you.

Of course there are more to Second Life then just clubs. They also have Theaters, Opera Houses, Concert halls and even places to sing your heart out on Karaoke!
Check these places out.

Theatre on the Hill

One of the theaters I visited was “Theatre on the hill” where they perform Broadway shows.  The theater is set over  water and  beautiful!

Be sure to check out this venue if you're looking for a great show.

The Oval

The Oval Concert hall features live music from Opera, Dj’s and live performers. It sits on the hill and has a unique way for you to get around the sim. If you are looking for a place to have a nice relaxing evening then I recommend visiting this sim.

Firestone Karaoke

One of the many places you can visit to showcase your voice is “Firestone Karaoke”.  To get started all you have to do is touch the board and follow the instructionsI think karaoke is a great way to practice your favorite songs and have fun with others who like the karaoke scene.

As you can see there are a lot of music venues and genres to choose from. Whatever you choose there is always something to do for everyone in Second Life.

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The SL Enquirer
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

GIZZA CREATIONS - NEW COLLECTION- Cozy up in Warm Winter Knits by GizzA!

GizzA - Oversize Knit Tops and GizzA - Leather Leggings are spot on the current winter trend with their chunky knits and hands that  are casually tucked in the pockets.

The GizzA - Oversized Knit Top is brought to you in no less then 9 different color varieties, all access-able 3 color texture changer HUD. The GizzA - Leather Leggings come in 4 color packs, with the option of selecting from two different colors.



Demo's are available in the main store to try before purchase.

GizzA Mainstore:

Gizza Outlet :
More than thousand new outfits recently added in the outlet store

GizzA Creations / Owner & Creator
Giz Seorn 

GizzA Creations / Owner
Auster Elan