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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

AVIE POLL: Catfishing in SL: Have you ever been lied to and tricked by an SL love interest?- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Catfishing is not a new practice on the internet. Lying about oneself can happen on dating sites, social networks and most definitely in Second Life where anyone can create a false persona and wander around the grid lying to others for their own personal gratification. I’ve been around for many years and have heard some of the craziest stories imaginable. Detecting frauds can be difficult but by paying attention to detail you have a better chance of saving yourself from heartbreak and grief due to a Catfisher.
 I wandered the grid and asked residents if they have ever been lied to or tricked by an SL love interest and wasn’t surprised by the results. Their names have been changed for privacy.

Lanai: Have you ever been Catfished?
Nelly: Yes! I have been catfished more than once in the 3 years I’ve been in secondlife. The first time was in my first year when I met someone at a club. I wasn’t looking for a relationship but he seemed very nice and we started talking. He told me he was 23, single and worked for a software company in Florida.  We talked for about 6 months. He would send me pictures but never wanted to voice or go on skype with me. Little things he would say didn’t seem to match up. One day he slipped and said he was going to his nephew’s graduation out of town and wouldn’t be around. That seemed legit until he came back a couple of weeks later and told me he had a confession and that he felt really bad for leading me on. It turned out that he was 48, married and his rl wife had come in the room and caught him dancing with me and demanded that he break things off with me or she was going to leave him. She was standing over his shoulder when he confessed all this to me. I was so heartbroken and felt embarrassed that I shared so much about my life with him.  After that I never spoke to him again.
Lanai: Wow Nelly I’m sorry to hear that. You couldn’t tell by the pictures he sent you that something was odd?
Nelly: Oh! Here is the best part because I did ask him about the pictures. It turned out to be his son! He was basically acting as his son who is 23.
Lanai: That’s crazy! Do you have any advice for our readers about watching for the signs of a catfisher?
Nelly: If I could go back I would have asked him to skype with me and question him more since he said he was single and living alone. Looking back his excuses were a bit strange.
Lanai: That makes sense. Thank you for sharing your story.

The next person I spoke to had a mind blowing story that made me wonder about the mental state of some of these bold catfishers in Second Life.

Lanai: Thank you for taking the time to tell me your story. Can you tell our readers about your catfishing experience?

Anonymous: Hi Lanai, yes. I was dating a girl I had met here in Second Life for a year and things got pretty serious. She told me she was 24 and living with her sister in New Jersey. I live in Texas and we agreed to have a long distance relationship. She was telling me she loved me and wanted to be with me. I felt the same way about her.  We never spoke on cam because she said she was shy and only sent me her picture a few times. She was a pretty girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. The hard part about our relationship was that we lived half way across the country from each other but we spoke on the phone a lot. I really did care about her and was willing to meet up. After talking about it for a while she told me she would come see me. I took a week vacation from work and helped her make flight arrangements. I went to pick her up at the airport and I was floored when I saw her. She was nothing like the pictures and she was much older and heavier. She tried to apologize and explain why she lied but I was so hurt that I left her there and she had to take a flight back home the same day. I immediately blocked her number and in second life. The weeks following that she came onto second life on alts to try to get me back but what she had done I couldn’t forgive. She is probably doing it to someone else because she was a really good liar.

Lanai: Now that is crazy! What was she thinking lying like that and then actually taking a flight to see you?

Anonymous: I couldn’t understand that either but I am never taking that chance again. Before I even think about meeting anyone else in second life, I want to at least skype with them so I know exactly who I am with.
Lanai: it is safe to say that is a good idea!

This Catfishing story is one of the worst because not only did the victim get lied to but the person who did it was the same sex!

Steven: This is embarrassing but I’ll share my story because I know this happens a lot and people should know. I was catfished by a guy posing as a girl. I met this person while I was at a charity event. I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend at the time because I just went through an ugly breakup and just needed someone to talk to about it. At first it was strictly platonic and we became friends. We would go exploring and do fun things together like horseback riding, boating and club hopping. It all started when “she” asked me to dance. Those intan balls have a funny way of making a mood change and the next thing I know we were kissing and cuddling. Things were moving faster then I was ready for but I needed something to cure my loneliness and I let my guard down.  We ended up having sex. After that she wanted to take me to some sex clubs and I went with her. She wanted to try new things and I was game but a little taken aback by some of the things she wanted to do like use a strap on with me. I am a straight man so I told her no and she got upset and we started arguing about it. Finally she confessed to me that she was really a man and she laughed about it. I never felt so disgusted in my life. It definitely changed my view of dating in Second Life and now I don’t trust any girl who approaches me first.

Lanai: I’m sorry to hear that Steven! Didn’t you ever try to talk in voice or anything?
Steven: No, but I probably should have and will do voice verification from now on.

I sent a note in the SL Enquirer Media group looking for people willing to share their catfish story and here is one of the responses:

Anonymous: the answer is yes. I was married in sl for almost 2 years thinking  the person I was falling for  was actually the  daughter  of  the one I was involved with. Coming to find out the picture that I thought were the person I was dating was actually her  24 year old daughter.

Lanai:  how did you find it all out? Did she confess?
Anonymous: her daughter told me, so we  got SL divorced and during the  2 years of being  with her we  had a  son who was a zoobie. We are still friends cause we share our  son yet  there will never be anything  more than friendship now

Lanai: that is terrible. I’m sorry that happened to you. Do you have any advice for people on what signs to look for?
Anonymous: learning experience. when I was a week  old I  dated  this  girl I had  just  bought a sim and built a club and a house on the land.  Well, this girl was like, we are together so I should be co owner of land with her. I was very naive in SL.  I logged out  she banned me  from my own land and stole my sim. My first hard lesson of sl love.

This story really pulled at my heartstring because not only do catfishers cause emotional damage to their victims but they do it without any empathy. Much like how a serial killer preys on the weak. Serial Catfishers kill the spirits of their victims.
 It is not a joke to lie for sport or selfish reasons because it can cause irreversible emotional damage to someone who didn’t deserve it. (her name has been changed to protect her privacy)

Mary: I was catfished when I needed someone the most and it added to my depression and almost made me commit suicide. I had to go to a therapist because of what he did to me and I am still in recovery. I’m in a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis. I am often in pain and on medication. I rarely go out so secondlife is where I can socialize and feel normal without being judged. I have lots of friends who support me here. I met someone at a concert and we danced and talked. We spent a lot of time together and he accepted my disability. He always asked how my day was and kept me company. I really fell in love with him and he told me he loved me too. He asked me to marry him in secondlife and I said yes. I was so happy to have someone in my life. It took away the loneliness and made my days easier. Then things started to change, and I saw less of him. He told me he was working a lot but promised we would spend time when he had a chance.  One day out of the blue he tells me we can’t be together anymore. I was devastated. It was like he did a total 180. I felt like I deserved an explanation since for months he was telling me how much he loved me and would always be there for me. Finally he confessed that it was because he felt sorry for me and he wasn’t attracted to me. He also said he found another girlfriend. Later I found out he had another girlfriend all along on an ALT and many of the things he told me about him were a lie. It deeply hurt me and I felt like my life was over. I still feel like I’ll never get a chance to find someone because of how heartless he was to me.

Finding people willing to talk about their experiences wasn’t that hard because sadly it is common in Second Life. Wanting to be anonymous was also common and understandable too. No one wants to be tricked into an emotional situation and make it public. I appreciate those who participated in this poll for their willingness to share their story and hopefully help someone else from being a victim of a catfisher.

If you have a Catfish story or advice to share, use the comment box below

Monday, June 29, 2015

SL12B Closes Its Week of Scheduled Events – Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting


SecondLife’s 12th Birthday celebration, SL12B, was a grand tribute to the creativity, passions, perseverance, and strong sense of community of the virtual world’s residents over the years. What’s more, it reflected a positive look to Second Life’s future through its theme:  “What Dreams May Come.”

SL12B’s final day of events, for me, brought back childhood memories of the close of the local county fair—the lights, sounds, and excitement crescendo, then diminish into silence. But for SL12B, the party isn’t truly over. Although the schedule of performances and talks has concluded, residents can visit the 15 regions of 200 exhibits through July 4.
One of the highlights of SL12B on June 28 was the ChangHigh Fireshow of Light, Life, and Love, featuring Melvin Starbrook, Yman Juran, and Jennylinn Capalini. The audience was treated to a stunning combination light show and circus performance—twirling rings, highwire act, balancing balls, elephant riding, all against fire, particles, and a soothing soundtrack.

ChangHigh Fireshow of Light, Life, and Love

Melvin Starbrook walks the highwire

Jennylinn Capalini dances on elevated rings

The resident volunteers, clearly, worked hard to create a spectacular event in celebration of SL’s 12th birthday. So, I decided to turn the tables on them and ask what their favorite events and exhibits were. Two volunteers chose the Welcome Center/train station.  “Walton F. Wainwright (Faust Steamer) did a great job of creating a mood with the dark night and dreamlike quality of his train station,” said Pybar Bu, who served on the SL12B land team and took care of infrastructure. 

According to Wainwright, “The Station is a scene from a personal graphic novel concept about an unnamed journalist seeking out answers to explain the disappearance of a long missing colleague by following the advice from various bar dwellers speaking of an urban legend surrounding an abandoned train station in an alternate roaring ‘20s. Arriving there at midnight as instructed, the journalist encounters the Ghost Train, along with passengers seemingly appearing out of nowhere for boarding. He leaves his bench and follows them to find the conductor for more answers to curb his curiosity.

“The Ghost Train is an entity that transports souls to the world beyond. Upon leaving the old railway hotel hill, patrons will first notice the face of the train, accompanied by orbs of light flowing along the station. These orbs are the spirits ready to board the the Ghost Train:  a machine used to take souls to the unknown...or so the journalist has seen. The overall feeling of the station would be dark, yet, still holds the essence of magic and wonder with the mysterious souls that walk endlessly through the station, the dimly lit lanterns that light the area, and the machine grinning widely -- whose intentions can only be assumed from those who face it.”

“When I was given the theme of the event "What Dreams May Come," I made a project proposal that eventually lead my thoughts to this early story. It held significant personal meaning as a benchmark to pursue my dreams in my youth, as well as conveniently holding a similar theme with what the [Shakespeare] quotation originally meant:  the afterlife.”

The Welcome Center/Train Station
“The other place that really wowed me was ADudeNamed Anthony’s auditorium, which he named the Dreamitarium,” Bu said. “The details throughout the building are plentiful, and the build itself is a marvel of efficiency and style. It even has restrooms!” According to displays, Anthony’s vision was a building “where dreams and ideas are shared.” It was created as an inverted planetarium in which the outside is looking in, such as in a dream. It became a venue for performers and speakers.

The Dreamitarium
The Cake Stage confection for performances and the Pod Tour to shuttle residents around the sims were also noted by volunteers. But Treacle Darlandes, an SL12B hostess, remarked, “Most of all, what strikes me about SL12B is the happy mood, the hard work, and how much people love it and get excited for it.”

Bu further commended the staff of SL12B volunteers. “[They] are the most amazing people in SL. Dedicating their time and talent to inviting the entire Grid over for a huge weeklong birthday party and keeping everyone happy and cheerful is a huge undertaking. I'm hugely grateful for each one of them, and look forward to working with many of them next year too. They built excitement for any event we had this week, at whatever time it occurred, and made sure that all time slots were full.”

So, what’s in store for next year?

“We do always have a different theme each year,” Bu said. “Some of what we plan has a lot to do with what [Linden Lab] has updated or added to our world. For instance, this year we took advantage of materials rendering being more widely used. We also rely heavily on what the exhibitor applications are offering, though this was the first year we proactively asked exhibitors ‘make sure your exhibit is new stuff.’ I think that challenge helped make this year's exhibits as amazing as they are.”


Full steam ahead into the warm days ahead with GizzA - Joy Sets. Head turning, eye catching and street savvy denim and cloth combined into a sexy ensemble of a low cut tank top, worn with or without bra and short mini skirt which can be added with that extra flair with flow y fringes/.

Separate sold, there are 2 option packs for the tank tops, cotton or silk, where each pack holds the texture changer HUD for an additional 8 colors to choose from. Each pack comes with the underlaying bra included.

The skirts are sold individually, each with the fringe skirt included in the purchase but with the option to wear it with or without the skirt fringes.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Best Beaches for Summer in Second Life- CeciliaRosalieReporting…

Summer is here! So what is missing?

Some nice places where you can get a tan and enjoy your summer, hang out with your friends and have some fun. I have highlighted the best virtual beaches  where you can enjoy a variety of summer activities from reading a book while sunbathing to surfing.
Let’s start with Baja Cove. If I was to describe this place with just one word, it would be fabulous.  This beach has a beautiful landscape with realistic sand and water colors. Free available towels for you to sunbath or enjoy a soft snack when you getting dry.  For those who are more active you can try taming the rolling waves on your surfboard.  If you are looking for a peaceful place to spend time with your friends or significant other Baja Cove also offers  nice beach houses rentals  

Next Beach to check out is Busty's Beach Island – It is a British Tropical Paradise.  It is set on a huge sim you definitely have to visit. There are a lot of attractions for you to see. You can take a tour around using a boat to find one of the hundreds spots to recline alone or with your lover. Choose to cuddle around a campfire or swim in the calm sea or in one of their luxury swimming pools. For those who like exploring, there are some hidden spots for you out there to find while you horse-riding if you prefer.

Have you ever considered going on vocation to Hawaii? Well if not, now you can! ALOHA HAWAII - TROPICAL ISLAND PARADISE offers the most realistic and fulfilling experience, the lush landscape is covered with palm trees and crystal clear  blue waters that will make you feel like you really are swimming and feeling the water on your skin.
After you enjoy your sunbath under the golden velvet sun you can enjoy a dance to some authentic Hawaiian music while sipping a nice cocktail at the Tiki bar or just a quiet time swinging on a hammock. For those who are keen on water sports, there is also jet-skiing available among other things like playing games or riding some land vehicles.

Lastly on your beach tour is Clear Lake Family Campground, which is a very realistic camping experience that the whole family will enjoy. Activities include 7 Seas Fishing, an Outdoor Movie Theater, Volleyball, Canoes, Swimming, Hiking, and much More! This summer destination is a must for those who love nature.  It has everything you might need for some fun in the sun.

What remains is you! Put your swimsuits on, pack your beach bag with snacks and don’t forget your floaters… It is time to go!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Griefers or Lag? Which One Interrupts the Quality of your Second Life More? -Becca Drascol Reporting

Perfection? Certainly not!

A virtual world is by far not perfect. We know coming in that we'll deal with many issues here and there. Sometimes the issue is player made and then sometimes it's something within control of that world's creators and thus out of a player’s hands per say. We all hate the thought of griefers and lag, yet both exist within SL. But if given the choice which one deserves more focus of being taken care of as a priority?

 I went out around Second Life to ask residents just that.

Differing Views:

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?

EricTheBold Resident: Hmmmm that's a tough one. I think the griefing is a bigger issue though we don't get much of that here anymore but lag I think is the responsibility of the SIM Owner.

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?
MzSassyAngel Resident: I agree with that, They should.  Lag is horrible and greifers are too ..
Becca Drascol: Ok when given a choice though, which one should they focus more on, griefers or lag.
MzSassyAngel Resident: I have more lag issues then Greifers. I feel they should fix their lag issues since with that happening ppl crash and cannot enjoy SL.

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?
Naellai Resident: Absolutely with fixing lag. Griefers are annoying, but individual sim owners can handle them. Lag is something that hurts us all and makes people less likely to be in SL if they have to deal with it! Have only had TWO griefer experiences in almost three years. Lag is daily!

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?
Cammie Core: Griefers. Def'.
Becca Drascol: Care to elaborate a little on why?
Cammie Core: The griefing has gotten out of control and has reached new levels, graphic card crashing...etc.

Becca Drascol: Should Linden Labs concentrate more on dealing with griefers or fixing lag?
XxFoxyFrequencyxX Resident: Fixing lag, yep defo'. Griefers are easy to deal with.

To sum it up:

Rather you deal with constant griefings or constant lag or you're somewhere in the middle of both issues, lag and griefings are something we must all deal with when enjoying Second Life. I personally am in the middle of things. While I feel Linden Labs needs to focus on the lag issues which at times seem to crash me 3-4 times a day...I also feel it wouldn't hurt them to look more deeply into griefers. While talking to SL's residents I felt the vibe that people lean towards that which will make SL a more enjoyable experience.

If I had to give a choice on the matter at hand I would have to say lag as well. As a 5 year resident of SL, it seems more and more often I am not only crashed but my avatar will not load properly. Things such as my mesh head and my high heels shoes floating of my hands are just some humorous yet bothersome issues I face on a pretty regular basis. And of those I spoke with lag seemed a bigger issue to these folks than griefers.

What are your thoughts? Use the comment box below!

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Tour of Second Norway- Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

I enjoy keeping up with the activities of the people and places I do articles on. I truly believe in who and what I write about, and love to see their success. Recently Luciano Liónheart, formally known as Luciano de Prata , informed me that his popular  Luciano Jazz Club & Lounge moved to a new sim named Second Norway. I have heard a lot about this sim, and asked Mr. Liónheart if he would like to meet up and chat a bit about his move and the sim he now resides in. To my delight he was eager to meet, and invited me to his lovely home for tea.

After catching up on some personal things, Luciano explained how much he loved his new beginnings and talked about some of the gems around the 40 sims that makes up Second Norway. “Second Norway is owned by Ey Ren and Mialinn Telling. Gracefully, they have trusted me with most of this sim (the mainland) and a lot of other gems around SN.” Mr. Liónheart, proudly explained.  “Along with my Jazz club, I took over and remodeled the local hotel, Hotel Bryggen along with Bella Bistro, which is SL's oldest restaurant.” 

Of course, I was excited to hear of Mr. Liónheart growing success, but my excitement reached new heights when he offered me a personal tour of the sims. “Sunny, I would actually recommend that you try to stay here as a guest. Our staff is really what makes this amazing!” Needless to say I happily accepted his offer. I was contacted by the Manager of VSN Travel, Kristina Taov, shortly after leaving Luciano’s home and directed to meet her at the Brook Hill Airport for my flight into the Second Norway Airport, the largest one in SL, formed by 8 sims. It is also equipped with a subway/train infrastructure so all the regions in Second Norway can stay interconnected and accessible by train. Despite my fear of heights and planes, I couldn’t wait to get this tour started!

My Fears were quickly put to rest as Kristina guided the luxury aircraft across the clear skies, assuring me all will be fine. Flying was actually perfect because I had a clear view of the sims, and all the wonders it entails. Once we landed, we immediately jumped in a private motorcar and drove to the mainland. I was pleasantly impressed with the landscaping and ocean view. I imaged it looked just as it would in RL Norway.

Our 1st stop was at Hotel Bryggen. The hotel looked like a perfect get away for families and couples alike. “Here tour guests can stay for a weekend, close enough to all the places with weekend activities, such as Bella Bistro Restaurant, Luciano’s Club & Lounge, the Art Galleries, Shopping Mall and Marina.” Kristina explained. “All are accessible from this point. It is possible to sail, ride bicycles or take the train.” We entered the hotel and I must say I instantly started planning in my head when I would have time to return with my group of friends for a weekend of fun.  I fell in love the rustic looking suites they have. It totally made me feel like I was in the RL rustic Norway atmosphere.

Next, we climbed aboard a large sail boat and traveled across the Sailing Sims, passing all the previously mentions activity spots.  I noticed a seafront retreat that I believe would be perfect for lovers to enjoy each other.  Our boat ride ended at Boatel, a hotel for lovers by the water. “A boat is guested during guests stay here so they can sail around all the connected regions. Also there is a small airstrip on top of the mountain if they want to fly as well.” Kristina told me with a bright smile on her face.  Lovers that stay here are truly pampered with all the amenities offered.

Once our boat ride was over, we took a bicycle ride to the top of a mountain. Kristina handed me a glass of champagne and asked me to join her on a hot air balloon ride.  Firecrackers popped off as we enjoyed the cool breeze and spectacular view of all of the sims. I couldn’t believe how well put together the Second Norway sims were put together. Every event, activity, hotels, and venue was so easily accessible with many ways of travel. The balloon ride ended in front of The Bella Bistro Restaurant. I quickly entered to enjoy a hot cup of coffee before I left.

While enjoying my coffee, I asked Kristina what were her thoughts of second life Norway. “This is a place where all your dreams can come true!” she beamed. I couldn’t agree more. There is so much to do, see and enjoy that it is impossible not to have a fun filled vacation. More than one trip would be needed to enjoy all they have to offer, without doing the same thing twice. This is a sim I highly recommend and will return to shortly myself. I could use a vacation and there is nowhere else I would rather be!   

Facebook Link: Second Norway:

Client Preferred Contact:

Luciano Lionheart (GM)
Kara Gelbert (Hotel Manager)
Kristina Taov or Jose Squeegee (VSN Travel Agents)

Meileenprincess Resident (Bistro Manager)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Classic Car AND Motorcycle Show Party At DADDY-O's Thursday June 25th 6:00 - 8:00 PM


Join us at Daddy-O's for a Classic Car AND Motorcycle Show Party. Everyone that attends can rezz one Classic car or Motorcycle (under 50 prims please) so this is your chance to show off your vehicle! If you build classic cars or motorcycles feel free to set the one you rezz for sale! DJ Huey Walker will take the stage in our Sunset Park/Drive In Theater area so there are plenty of spots for the vehicles. Huey will be playing songs from the era of the cars as well as songs from his vast list  - including your requests. Plus we will have at least one 1000L sploder pot so grab your significant other, your friends and your favorite car or motorcycle and join us for a fun night with your friends from Daddy-O's - WHERE FUN RULEZ! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

THE LOUNGE Grand Opening : Saturday 27 June, 12-8 PM SLT

~The Lounge~ is SL's newest home for all true Jazzthusiasts.  We welcome lovers of Jazz in all it's forms and genres. From classics by Basie, Coltrane, Gillespie, et al, to Bossa, World Fusion, Jazzanova, Swing, Electro-Swing, Funk and more, we love it and play it all!  

A true Jazz venue in SL is hard to find.  We've staked out our turf with expert DJs catering to knowledgeable patrons who enjoy the best of Jazz in all its forms.  Many are only familiar with "smooth" Jazz, or Bublé-style crooners, but at ~The Lounge~ you will hear it all, from hard bop to modern to the classics.  There is no better place than ~The Lounge~ to immerse in the cool and relaxed ambiance of great music, in great company!

So we are excited to announce the Grand Gala Opening of ~The Lounge~, Second Life's newest Jazz club, on Saturday 27 June. It will be a star-studded event, ongoing from 12:00 noon SLT through 8:00 PM, with an encore show on Sunday featuring yet another stellar lineup of DJs.  

For our Grand Opening, we have prepared a fantastic lineup of your favorite DJs, as well as a special appearance by the fantastic saxophonist Trowzer Boa, performing live with a mix of his favorite Jazz covers and some of his own compositions.  To close out our grand finale on Saturday, DJ Xaphy will showcase her homage to the sultry days of old Havana, with her "Nights in Havana" set.  Here's the program:

Saturday, June 27th:
    12-2 PM - DJ Speelo Snook
    2-3 PM - Live Performance by Trowzer Boa on saxophone
    3-5 PM - DJ Harry Hargreaves
    5 PM 'til Closing - DJ Xaph "Nights in Havana" Revue

Sunday, June 28th:
   12-2 PM - DJ Riff Gaffer
    2-4 PM - DJ Strider
    4-6 PM - DJ John Nordic

For this gala opening, we strongly suggest formal attire.  Please share this invitation with all your friends, and let them share this day of great music, fun and dancing!

Inworld Contacts:
Xaphyre Ansar - Proprietor
John Nordic - PR
Dai Oanomochi - Manager

Follow us on Facebook!

SLE Radio is Here!

After months of working behind the scenes researching options for a continuous flow of great music and News Talk Shows, Mackenzie Abbot launched SLE Radio! Help support our efforts by tuning in and sending requests and dedications to DJ Mack. We are also offering free on air ads during our trial period.
If you are interested  contact Lanai Jarrico or Mackenzie Abbot (charliereid78) for more information

Tune in here

Download the Tunein App on your smartphone and listen in wherever you are for free!

Visit SLE Radio’s Studio at the SL Enquirer Media Center

Happy Birthday Second Life - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

The 23rd June is given as the actual birthday of Second Life and yesterday was said actual birthday.  The highlights of the day on the SL12B sims included an interview with Patch Linden, Senior Manager, Second Life Product Operations, and  Dee Linden, Land Product Specialist for Linden Lab in the Auditorium, a Beach Boys tribute band followed by the Lil Mambas Dance Group at the Cake Stage, closing the day with the rock and blues DJing from Titan Hawksby at the Main Stage.

We (the SL Enquirer) are also represented on the SL12B sims. Since the theme for the celebrations is What Dreams May Come, we decided to go with a Wonderland theme, set in a maze for our parcel.


Bring on the Sun, bring on the boulevards and sidewalks on which you will strut and shine in your new GizzA - One Shoulder Dress.

This asymmetrical, one shoulder dress oozes Summer in Style amd comes in a large variety of colors / patterns to select. Ranging from tribal prints, to neutral solids, florals and pop art.
No less then 8 two-color packs are waiting for you in the main store.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Introducing Smooching Serpents

Whether you want to re-kindle your romance or heat up your bondage sessions, Eve's newly released camp fire logs are the must have accessories for your beach, your garden, your forest or your meadow.

Two innocent looking logs around a cosy fire with the hidden power of extensive RLV options, over 80 sets of superb animations, threesomes and foursomes included, all poseball free, all mesh, option to change the colour of your logs and to rez the suitable surrounding from palm trees to flowers, all the lovingly added details turn Hot Intimacy into the ultimate outdoor seduction or punishment tool. 

All in the usual Smooching Serpents top quality, it will be a bargain for L$1999, and you can get it for L$999 while it is on promotion until June 29th, 2015

This lovingly detailed and crafted item must be seen and tried to be believed! You can find it at our main store, so get down there and get to clicking ->

We want to encourage our customers to check out our new Facebook and Flickr pages and invite you to join us in adding to those pages.

Please feel free to leave comments, reviews, questions, or just anything on our Facebook page at

We would love it if would show us how you use our products and the fun you are having by posting your pics to our Flickr page at

If you have any questions, or need any help contact :

Cherryh Resident, PR/Sponsor Liaison
Smoochling Resident, Vendor/Rental Support Liaison

Cerowain Ceawlin, Customer Service Wizard

What SL Means to Me - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

On 16th June, Xiola Linden and Torley Linden  posted Youtube videos where they discuss what Second Life means to them.  I am aware that several other notable SL residents have been approached for their take on what SL means to them and they too have responded with video contributions.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Few Popular Romantic Destinations in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...

It is always better to get involved in activities with a companion When it comes to romance in Second Life there is no shortage of things to do. Most couples love to spend time together. Whether it be home alone or out and about. Finding that perfect venue in SL that brings out the romance can be very important in relationships.

Depending on the type of music you want to listen to there are so many venues which offer couples that one on one romantic time they require. Here are just a few places I found and have also been to myself.

Frank's Place Jazz Club
If you are looking for a popular romantic venue to go to then Franks Place Jazz Club is perfect. There are 3 sims, each beautifully decorated and all playing Jazz music. It is also a formal venue so appropriate attire is required
Franks Place Jazz Club   
Franks Elite Jazz Club    (membership only 500L)

One of my favourite venues is Foxxies. This venue has a lot to offer for you and your partner after dancing.  For example there are balloon or horse and carriage rides. The venue is beautifully decorated and is an intimate setting but you won’t feel as though you are too close to other couples when dancing.

Intimate Romance Garden
If you are looking for a venue for you and your partner to end the night just dancing then this is a perfect venue for you. It is set near the ocean and it is a medium size venue but you are still able to find a little corner to dance on a busy night. Set in a romantic theme it definitely is a great venue to add to your date night.

Sweethearts Jazz Club
This venue is popular and has changed since I was last here as it has a non-formal part at the entrance and at the back behind the bar you will find the formal section. Still set in an impressive building the music is still as lovely as I remember. It is worth the visit.

Keeping the romance fresh and new is the key to a long and happy relationship. Be sure to check out these venues and keep your date night itinerary exciting.

Happy Date Night!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

All I have to do is Dream... Second Life style - Mackenzie Abbot and Lacy Muircastle reporting .......

This year’s theme for the SL12B Community Celebration is “What Dreams May Come.”

Only trouble is
Gee whiz
I'm dreamin' my life away  (with apologies to the Everly Brothers)

After much promotion and hoo-hah from the SL community, the Press Day for the 12th Second Life Birthday (SL12B) arrived and a mass of bloggers and press people descended on the landing spot, high on a hill on one of the many sims reserved for the birthday exhibits.  Mackenzie Abbot shares his thoughts on the SL12B, and Lacy Muircastle does her best to blog bomb his efforts …

Have you thought what to give your Daddy this Father's Day?

Whenever its something special to celebrate for your parents or loved one, the first we think about is how to make the day special. After all, this is no ordinary day, its Father's Day. The role that our father's play in our lives is huge, guiding us, taking care of us. If we think, we can give something back in return as much as they have contributed for us and sacrificed for us. Nothing seems to fit the chart for returning the love. However, Daddy knows you love him. He knows you want to do everything to make him feel special.

When I asked the question on Facebook, this is what responses I got. While some thought spending quality time with your father would be great gift, others suggested to give something useful like a wallet or a pen holder. Few also suggested to think about the hobbies and gift your father on those lines. 
Here are a few Second Life gifts that I would suggest as they are unique and timeless. 

A tree photo frame is a timeless gift for any member of the family. This mesh frame has land impact 2, which means a wall is covered with your sweet memories and no need to worry of the prim count. Also L$ 69 is a great deal to grab. It can hold 15 pictures and is 4m high and 5.53m wide. 


To capture the sweet memories you would need poses. You may choose to get the poses from  "Forget Me Not". The poses by Forget Me Not are mostly under L$ 100.

There is also an interesting hud that I found on marketplace, the Follow and Grab Hud. Like in real life, you can run to your Daddy and grab him wishing him a Happy Father's Day. It can be a good gesture to start of the special day. The Hud only animates your avatar, which means you dont need to ask for permission from the other person. This can be a good way to surprise. It is worth only L$99.

You may also choose to gift a photo album worth L$ 75 only. A good way to place all your memories in. There is no limit to the number of pictures the album can hold. It has 6 prim count. Thanks to Thinc Books, sharing an album with a loved one has become a viable mode.

Or if you would like to gift your father some outfit, here is a good choice among others. This T-shirt is made by Freaky Geeky Store worth L$ 195. There are other such outfits for Dad's also available at the store.

Among all the gifts, this one is my favorite. This one would remind him of his family in an unique way. Only for L$19, the Kokeshi Doll Family can brighten any office desk or a home. A cute little gift would sure to brighten his day.
Last, dont forget to add in a Greeting Card wishing your Dad, a Happy Father's Day along with any other gift you might choose. A great store is Emma's Shop of Cards and Gifts. All items are below L$10 which goes well with your budget and pocket money.

Most importantly be sure to enjoy and be with your father on June 21st. Mark your calendar, gift him something he likes or remembers you. Go to the amusement parks, restaurants, zoo or any where you think it will be fun to be with him. Some may choose to stay at home and cut a cake may be. Have fun little boys and girls and be sure to write your views on how you spent the day with your Daddy in the comments section below.