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Friday, July 31, 2015

Virtual Outworlding: 2015 WRITE: PEOPLE: SL Enquirer offers aspiring ...

Virtual Outworlding: 2015 WRITE: PEOPLE: SL Enquirer offers aspiring ...: Why would writers be interested in virtual worlds?  Fiction writers create virtual worlds in their stories.  They can create virtual worl...

The Lexi Project - July 26th, 2015 through till August 9th, 2015

Photograph Credits: The Lexi Project

It’s amazing how strangers come together as a community and help one family. Charities like Relay For Life of Second Life fundraising for Cancer, Feed a Smile fundraising for the children in Kenya or Join Hands fundraised for Nepal victims among others. The community of virtual worlds have always held each other’s hands to help the needy.

The Lexi Project is a shopping event fundraising for Lexi Zelin, a Second Life Resident. Other residents have not only come forward to donate items for sale, but few have also offered to donate their services like Djs, live singers and other performers are raising fund to help the cause. This doesn’t end here, Sim Designer, Serra Bellic has put a donation kiosk at her new designed sim, The Fly Project, accepting tips that would be donated straight to Lexi. Anyone can join the AngelRed Group to receive a donation kiosk. Lexi is also accepting personal donations to her main account. However, one may donate to TheLexiProject Resident.

Photography Credits: The Lexi Project

The Lexi Project has come to life with the efforts of Toxxic Rihannyr and Lexi Zelin, along with 360 other designers who have stepped up to help Lexi in any way possible. The event began on 26th July, 2015 and will go through till August 9th, 2015. On the first day of the event itself, the total donations raised was 1,063,592L$. Today, this event is on the Destination Guide. . On the second day the total donations added up to 1,424,024L$, which is roughly $5806.07 USD. More designers are welcome to join in the parade by filling the designer sign up form mentioned at the bottom of the article.
Lexi Zelin (Heather Crawford), is 28 years old with a 6 year old daughter, was recently detected of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at Stage 3 (Cancer) on June 30th, 2015, after she underwent a surgery on June 23rd. In Second Life, she had been running a successful clothing store for the last 5 years, AngelRED Couture with 7500 return customers. She entered Gofundme on July 17th, 2015. About 38 people donated at Gofundme and raised $2870USD in 5 days before The Lexi Project started. She would be needing a total of $12000USD to fund her treatment.

Photography Credits: Gofundme

It is an amazing step put forward by so many people to help Lexi and her daughter, Astrid. Everyone is doing the little they can to help her. Such inspirations and community involvement somehow wipes the harsh reality of life. Sometimes, knowing such real life stories that make a difference brings a tear of pride. Such efforts are an example of what we can achieve together not only in virtual life but also in real life. 

Photography Credits: Gofundme

Other links:
AngelRed Group to grab a donation kiosk https://app/group/11ca852f-2e3b-3b7d-a227-f01bd321fd7a/about

Grand Opening of Windlight Magazine’s Art Gallery & August Windlight Artist Fellows Exhibition- August 1, 2015

DATE: August 1, 2015

Windlight Magazine, Second Life’s newest magazine about the arts, will open it’s brand new Windlight Art Gallery with a group exhibition on August 1, 2015. The opening reception will be on August 8, 2015 at 1pm slt and feature live performer Anek Fuchs. A closing reception will be held on August 23, 2015 at 3pm slt and will also feature live performer Anek Fuchs.

The exhibition will feature August 2015 Windlight Art Gallery Fellows Artemis Greece Resident, Richie Narstrom, Seb Arkright, Bones Delicioso, Ozymandi Resident, Ilrya Chardin, Sandi Benelli, Myra Wildmist, SereneDean Resident, Roffellos Resident, Bluesrocker Resident, ChrysteRox Resident, and Wicca Merlin. Many of the works are original pieces by each artist in a variety of scenery and art mediums.

About the Windlight Artist Fellowship Program:
The Artist Fellowship program will provide free gallery space to both new and established artists for a period of 30 days. This program is open to both new and established artists in Second Life. The goal of the program is to provide promotional and artistic resources to artists in Second Life.

About Windlight Magazine:
Windlight Magazine is a publication about the art and photography world of Second Life. The goal of Windlight Magazine is to support artists, photographers, galleries, and related events. John nee Johannes1977 Resident is the Owner, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of Windlight Magazine and Gallery. The magazine is published on a monthly basis.

For More Information:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fashion Highlight: Mesh Head clothing - Becca Drascol Reporting

Great Mesh & a Good Deal:

Mesh, along with Slink, Lola and other enhancements within SL are the big thing. Normally what’s in, means that you have a variety of choices but also a variety of price ranges and different fashion options. And rather you shop for mesh online via SL Marketplace, or inworld via the store, you can find many designers with great fashion. But if it’s great biker/rocker mesh and a good deal you’re looking for, I completely recommend Mesh Head. The main store is not only large with tons to select from, but has affordable prices which is always a thumbs up to me. One feature I like of this store is, a non-demo item will receive a refund if you are unhappy with the fit. This is a bonus when dealing with mesh clothing. Unlike some people I rarely ever will change my shape to work with an outfit. You can find the main store here:
And for shopping via marketplace you can find Mesh Head here:

It was while at the main store inworld that I chose to inspect the sales floor conveniently reached by teleporter. Plenty of designs can be found on the sales floor for 60 L. This makes a girl so very tempted to spoil herself or loved ones with some awesome mesh. I also took note of at least two free mesh clothing in the sale area. For sure not only tempting but well worth it.

Interview with creator FrancescoCarrera Resident:

Becca Drascol: First tell me a little about Mesh Head and the inspiration behind it

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Have been doing it for over 2 years now, when the mesh clothing was introduced into SL I thought I'd give it a go, I'm a designer RL so was easy enough to do nice textures in Photoshop. I'm a bit of a rocker RL so thought I'd supply stuff that I like myself to the rockers and bikers of SL. It's quite a large target audience in here so as long as I make nice stuff I figured people would buy it. I keep my prices affordable to everybody which helps me sell a lot and people get good clothes at a reasonable cost without having to break the bank.

Becca Drascol: What trends do you see coming up for Fall?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I don't really do seasonal stuff, I just make whatever comes into my head at that moment in time. I guess Autumnal colours would be the standard earth tones and stuff like that, maybe warmer outfits.

FrancescoCarrera Resident: You’re always safe with black and skulls for bikers and rockers.

Becca Drascol: Right.

Becca Drascol: Do you think there's something that makes your designs stand out from other designers that do biker/rocker looks?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I try to be different in my range of clothes but I don’t really look at other designers stuff, I like to make sure my textures are sharp and add little extras like detailed stitching and quality logos. I think that's more of a question for my customers, I just do my best and make sure they get a quality product at an affordable price.

Becca Drascol: Right. I actually took a moment to check out the sale floor while at the store, and was pleased to see such great clothes at affordable prices but also felt the normal prices were comfy.

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I'm glad you think so. I add to the sale room now and again, that's older stuff from when I first started. I like to think all the newer stuff is a little better as things develop.

Becca Drascol: Lola enhancement has become a big thing in SL, do your see yourself adding the applier to you female line?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Not sure, it's something I've thought about but not got around to it yet. Maybe the new mesh avis have made the Lola add-on redundant so I'm kind of one the fence on that one.

Becca Drascol: Understandable and perhaps something that is a little unique to you.

Becca Drascol: I want to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me and ask if you have anything special you would like to add?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Not really, I can answer more questions of you wish but I'm good so far :)

Becca Drascol: Oh yes, I did want to ask if the main store is the only location right now?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I have satellite stores around SL, maybe 5 or 6.

Becca Drascol: Very nice.

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Not too many though, it's a lot of work keeping them up to date.

Becca Drascol: Do you ever or have you sponsored clubs or other venues?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Yeah I do quite a few, send gift card and stuff. I sponsor Autism Awareness and Relay for Life also.

Becca Drascol: That's wonderful.

Becca Drascol: And if one were looking to get gift cards how would they go about that?

FrancescoCarrera Resident: I need to update to electronic gift cards but again haven't got around to it so I basically hand out textures that are Trans, when the winner of the event gives the card back to me with a notecard of what they want then I hand over the items. Old way of doing it but that’s all I have at the moment.

Becca Drascol: I think it's about what works for the creator, I'm sure a lot of time effort and hard work goes into the creation of the fashion itself.

FrancescoCarrera Resident: Yep, that’s the way I think also.

Becca Drascol: Again thank you so much for taking this time to talk with me.

The Overall Experience:

Not only did I have a pleasant time window shopping and looking around the inworld store, it was pleasant to talk with Mesh Head’s creator. He was easy to talk with, down to Earth and genuinely loves creating mesh. Next time you guys and gals of SL want to shop for a biker/rocker look with style and budget friendly, get on over to Mesh Head.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


 Golfers can play as many rounds as he or she would like 
(9 holes at a time if that works better for a golfers time constraints)..
If you were not fond of your score today, then play another tomorrow!

As long as you play your rounds of golf between AUGUST 7th to 21st.  Please play your last round before MIDNIGHT on AUGUST 21st SLT.

Send LittleOneSusan Teardrop your best game NC             􀀀

You MUST own my Emerald Crystal Golf Course scorecard to play in my tournament as we will need the 18 hole round score printed from the scorecard and copied and pasted onto a notecard and sent to LittleOneSusan Teardrop.

Note from LittleOneSusan:  I will need the printout of the scorecard listing hole by hole score and the whole  round copied and pasted to the notecard. This will require you keeping ALL of the notecards until you see which is the best round. Send that ONE to me, only then should you delete the rest of the notecards.) Smiles
                         >>>>>  ENTRY FEE  ****
 Entry fee of $ 250 L's need to be paid to LittleOneSusan Teardrop Prior to submitting your notecard with the score on it    
                          >>>        PRIZES   <<<<<
Since the prizes will be paid as a percentage of entry fees received, the BIGGER the prize will be if there are more people playing , so bring your FRIENDS, your SL NEIGHBORS,  even your ENEMIES, the people you meet anywhere you go. SMILES

1st Prize will be 30 % of Entry fees paid

2nd prize will be 25 % of Entry fees paid

3rd Prize will be 20 % of Entry fees paid

4th Prize will be 15 % of Entry fees paid

5th Prize will be 10 % of Entry fees paid

(TOTAL is 100 % of Entry fees paid for this tournament)

I will supply the golf trophies  ....       
                 ENJOY MY GOLF TOURNAMENT!

  If you need assistance or have any questions, contact Littleonesusan Teardrop               

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Endless Summer at Sneak Peek 2015

It’s been so lovely to see the sun come out this week! Shop our carefully curated selection of wearable looks, trends, and new releases in summer 2015 fashion.

Make Sure to take a Chic Sneak Peek!

GizzA Creations Introduces Vicky Tank Blouse and Trousers

Be an endlessly classic and bohemian beauty, wearing the GizzA - Vicky Tank Blouse and Trousers.

Light and breezy trousers are paired with a cropped tank top styled blouse which has floral cut outs at the hem.  A selection of 6 colors for the blouse as well as the trousers are available for you in the main store, all sold separate, for your mix and match styling possibilities.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Avie Poll: Breastfeeding in Second Life: Should SL moms be able to breastfeed in Public? Something Taboo? -Becca Drascol Reporting

Having just become an SL mom just two months ago, and with the RL controversy surrounding breastfeeding in public; I got to wondering.  Should SL moms be able to breastfeed in public if they so chose and if the venue were adult and family friendly? In our first lives it's more than controversial for a mom to feed her baby in public if that baby is breastfed. Even RL celebs have taken to posting and tweeting pics of themselves breastfeeding their newborns. And yet a lot of the public would rather they keep it private. When did something so very natural need to become something so very taboo?

Necessity or Joy?
True that Second Life is a virtual world...true that the babies are prim. But with the very realism of being able to change diapers, bathe and even breastfeed our prim babies it bears the thought, should we be able to breastfeed at adult venues if we so wished to?  Most SL residents most likely haven't even thought of this. Perhaps the thought is even a silly one seeing as our prim babies do not require care as they will not die or get sick(for most types like Zooby) And yet, I am sure that most SL parents became parents to add a form of realistic family to their second lives. With breastfeeding being something that is not only natural but a joy to most RL moms, it certainly is a joy to those of us who choose to breastfeed in SL. While we could keep this private, a moment shared with our SL spouse or father of our SL child, wouldn't it be lovely if we could breastfeed our child in public at venues where it would meet TOS standards?

Interview with SL moms, moms to be and SL dads:

Becca Drascol: So if a venue were adult and family friendly, Should SL moms be able to breastfeed in public?

DaeLove89 Resident: I don’t see why not....I feel like if there were questions about anything
its a natural thing..even in SL. People go to clubs and stuff and pay for the dancers to get naked for fun..I don’t see a problem with moms breastfeeding.

Becca Drascol: If a venue were adult and family friendly, Should SL moms be able to breastfeed in public?

ChantalRouge1684 Resident: I would say depending on where they are.  Like, I think there
should be a place for that in case it is needed.  And if there aren't those then I would bring bottles with me.

Becca Drascol: If a venue were adult and family friendly, Should SL moms be able to breastfeed in public?
Canaille Silverfall: I'm all for breastfeeding in public. Even in SL It's a totally natural thing.

Becca Drascol: If a venue were adult and family friendly, Should SL moms be able to breastfeed in public?

DragonMaster Mistwalker: Much as I feel RL if that's what they wanna do why not.

scarelett Corral whom I met through a close SL friend not only firmly believes in breastfeeding in public in SL but also has her own Zooby adoption agency, Corral Adoptions. A lovely family coziness is what I liked the most as we spoke. The venue deserves a second look but for this time around the focus was on SL moms. But to check out the babies up for adoption check out the SLURL below.

Popular Opinion:
So overall it was my experience of those I talked with, of whom are parents or about to be parents in SL...all were in support of breastfeeding moms. As a RL mom of two, SL mom of one, I too feel a mom should be able to enjoy breastfeeding, even if that were to be in a public place where it would be felt that breastfeeding is what it should be, natural and a part of motherhood. For a lot of residents SL is no different, we play it as we would do our real lives. We nurture our SL children as we would a real child and show them the love and care that any child would need.

For those looking to get a zooby from Zoobyville you can find the SLURL below to the newborn area of Zoobyville.

Could This Be One the Most Romantic Secret Place in Second Life? Come See Southern Heart, Momenti Rubati for Yourself

If you are into romance, magic and fantasy then this might be place you want to visit.  Come explore your inner desires at Southern Heart with momenti rubati (stolen moments).  Walk through the gardens, castles, along the beach, and find the hidden spots for romance, love, and peaceful meditation. 

Shuuuuu don't tell anyone :)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Be the Match needs YOUR help!!

For patients with Leukemia, Lymphoma or other life threatening diseases, a marrow or cord blood transplant may be their only hope for survival. If a patient doesn't have a matching donor in their family they turn to the Be the Match Registry in hopes of finding an unrelated donor. Ordinary people like YOU .. ARE THE CURE!
So If you would like to help Be the Match, if your group or MC, can do an event, entertain, run a motorcycle ride, donate goods for prizes, or what ever you are willing to help with, WITHOUT recompense, WE NEED YOU!

Be the Match accepts NO lindens! You may NOT exchange lindens at these events. YOU may NOT give LINDENS out for Prizes. NO LINDENS MAYBE EXCHANGED FOR BE THE MATCH! These are INFORMATIONAL events. BTM events MAY direct people to the website to donate. (Where they can get a REAL receipt for tax purposes) But, will NEVER request Lindens, ever!
You can join the Registry, Volunteer, or Donate all from the BTM website.

Events can run any time between OCTOBER 9TH UNTIL MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 28TH.
Anyone from ages 22 - 44 can get the "KIT" with the cheek swab for free during the event dates. Anyone over 44 must pay $100 American dollars to join the registry. That said, just because you're over 44, you don't need to join the registry to be able to volunteer to help with anything from clerical work to running an event or to DONATE RL monies at the WEBSITE. People donating can get an INSTANT tax receipt from the websites.

Contact Steela Wandin, Itybitybe Resident, Katsii Tennen, Mightbe Shelter or any of the Biker's Weekly Staff for more information about how YOU or your MC can help!
Join our coordination meeting on Sunday, August 2 at

The Case for Male Mesh Avatars – Stareyes Galaxy Reporting

Within the last year, mesh avatars have made a big impact on the visual appearance of Second Life (SL). While the female avatars were first equipped with mesh avatar shapes, mesh male avatars have also become available. Retrofitting one’s avatar with mesh is a major undertaking and causes much consternation among the males in SL. I met with a makeover prospect, “Mr. Jay”, and went out to explore what difficulties males can be faced with when fitting a mesh avatar.

“I started getting these hints that I should improve my avatar,” Mr. Jay told me. “Especially females with mesh avatar shapes seemed to feel out of place if I went somewhere with them in my conventional shape. So I sought for a solution.” Mr. Jay’s girlfriend prospect directed him to “The Shops!”, a shopping experience for “The Mesh Project”. The Shops! is a one-stop-store to mesh up one’s avatar, with full departments for either gender.

Mr. Jay explained his shopping experience: “Obviously I wanted to get quickly up to speed with the mesh shape but the whole process took me about a week to complete.” He said that he had wanted to go the extra mile to get all features, so he got himself “the deluxe” level body and head. The body has 36 skin tone options, but as Mr. Jay fitted on the head, it appeared all white. “I hadn’t known I need to buy a skin for the head as well!” Having bought the skin caused further frustration, as he had chosen the “01” skin which is all white – so his problem seemed to have no solution. While he engaged the customer assistance to replace the “01” skin with a more conventional skin tone, he brooded over the sensibility of the whole endeavor. “I had spent in excess of 10 000 L for the makeover already, so I just had to forge ahead,” he lamented. He ended up buying a “15” skin tone skin for the head, and later, he received the “16” tone skin from The Shops! customer service to replace the “01” skin.

The last parts of the process involved applying a “retrofit fader” tattoo layer to the line separating the body from the neck. “Then it was up to finding the rest of the body parts to go with the mesh body,” Mr. Jay says and smirks. He ended up with a conventional hair from Dura Dura. “The hair base for the hair, again, is a tattoo layer that is not compatible with the face skin tattoo… so I needed to puff up the hair with the re-sizer and move it slightly upward to hide the piebald appearance that is a result of having no visible hair base.”

I returned to The Shops! with Mr. Jay to see what could be done about the process. The panels on the walls of The shops! describe a simplistic 1-2-3 process, but as was obvious with Mr. Jay, the whole ordeal of fitting a mesh avatar is not quite as straightforward. The shopping experience is conducted by use of a heads-up display (HUD) that takes care of your cash balance deducting the purchases until you need to top up the balance. The information that is necessary for purchases is on the panels and on the HUD, but it is not obvious for instance that you need to pay 1000 L for each skin tone option for the skin, when the deluxe body already has 36 skin tones built in. To complete your appearance, you need a set of eyebrows and a hair base as well, each at L 250.
I interviewed Ms. Diorprincess, a live helper / personal shopper at The Shops! on her perception of the mesh avatar market. She has soon worked a year at The Shops! and is well versed on the subject of male mesh avatars.

SLE: Female mesh avatars have been out there a long time already but it has come to my attention that the interest in male mesh avatars has risen in the last  few months. Am I correct?

Diorprincess: Well, yes, because the Male avatar is available just 6 months now, and we provide the only one that looks normal I guess.

SLE: As a personal shopper / helper, you must get a lot of questions from male shoppers. Can you relate to me what concerns the male shoppers have overall? What are the most glaring problems they run to adapting to the mesh avatar?

Diorprincess: The alpha HUD is giving problems at the moment. But they are working on an update. At start males are a bit disoriented, but I noticed the men are very clever.

SLE: When I talked with “Mr. Jay” he said he had a lot of problems with the "1-2-3" concept and didn't realize he had to buy a specific skin, etc. Are these typical problems men run into?

Diorprincess: Well some men don’t understand the concept at all, don't even look, just do and then don't understand what they are doing after all! The “1, 2, 3” concept is easy: 1. Get a body; 2: Get the head; 3: Get the clothes or style up. But most people don't even read [the instructions on the panels].

SLE: How do you see the mesh avatar market, and especially the ratio of female vs. male mesh avatar sales?

Diorprincess: Females spend much much more, also because we need more, like make up and clothes. Men are easy: most wear the same clothes every day. Females are looking good and expect her man to look good also. And the males want mesh too. Mesh is the future!

The final step was to put some weight on the avatar. The Shops! Beta avatars are fitted mesh, meaning they fit on the conventional avatar shapes. Therefore, sliders in the avatar appearance body editing menu can be used to change the shape. Jay fleshed out nicely with some body fat and widening the torso. The Shops! sell also shape styler packages, but these are optional if one knows how to use the sliders in the body edit menu. The head doesn’t seem to change with the edit sliders, though, so one is stuck with the Mesh Project supermodel head shape. As already has been quite prominently evident with how female mesh avatars carry themselves, the fitted mesh is compatible with “physics” of the avatar. With proper discretion, the use of physics on a fitted mesh body can make the avatar movement more fluid and realistic.

Fitting clothes on the mesh avatar is a whole other exercise. Mr. Jay was able to put on a mesh tuxedo by judicious selection of the alpha layers in the alpha editor HUD. “This could really become a problem down the line. Now I have no semi-formal or casual options!” Mr. Jay wailed, before he got the hang of the alpha HUD.

The whole concept of mesh avatars seems to extend the Second Life experience toward the Kurzweilian view of “The Singularity” where the real and the virtual mix effortlessly. The avatar styles may not yet be “real” or “realistic”, as the male shapes seem to be more idealistic Adonis-inspired demigods. The same of course may be said about the female shapes that obviously tend to accentuate the beauty ideals of the fashion and adult entertainment industries. Fully self-editable mesh avatars seem still to be a dream concept, perhaps reserved in the near future for premium purchase for designers. In any case, from Mr. Jay’s experience, it is advisable for any male avatar wishing to go full mesh, to explore the process using the “free” options available at The Shops! first. The decision to shell out over 10 000 L is not to be taken lightly, as it may be that with the resulting wardrobe makeover, the aggregated cost can go over anyone’s budget as the mesh requirement escalates. A further encumbrance may be the load on the computer and the network that mesh seems to demand from the hardware. When you get on the grid, it takes time for your avatar to rez properly, and some parts of it may render before your clothing. The shy guy should be aware of these sometimes embarrassing effects!

Ray Kurzweil on virtual worlds (1:00:50 to 1:01:25):
Trailer for “The Singularity is Near”

Monthly Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)- Let's Discuss Pluto! Meeting July 26th 10 am SLT

Pluto- image retrieved from

About Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)

Many SL projects involve collaborating, and ASCI's mission includes fostering such artistic collaborations. ASCI hopes to provide a place for artists, builders, scripter and animators who are collaborating, or wish to collaborate, to meet and discuss their projects with entrepreneurs, educators, scientists and technologists who have projects they want to realize in SL. The larger mission of ASCI is nurturing the intersection of art, science, technology, and the humanities.

ASCI will be meeting in the Quat Gallery on the last Sunday of each month, at 10 am SLT.
Join the ASCI Group (it's free) to receive notices about our SL meetings.

Teleport Here:

Topics for discussion: July 26th 10 am SLT

 * * *
Should we fear space aliens?
 * * *
Ancient Egyptian gods found on Rosetta Stone comet?
 * * *
If we have time:

Do we explore because we're human, or because we're animals?
 * * *
Pentaquark discovered?
 * * *
Black hole emission?
 * * *
Apollo 11 anniversary:

 * * *
We hope you can stop by to join the fun and share your Metaverse experiences, along with your virtual gaming, computer geek adventures, cyber art projects, and dorkbot stories. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Announcing Dragons Landing Grand Opening July 25th 12pm SLT


 **********Dragons Landing*********
       ★  Features ★
            Lovers Park 
               Beach Dance Club
                    Beach activities
                       Jest ski's and boat rezzers
 on the  Gulf waters of linden.
              Table Games ( found by cafe )
             Free Horse Rezzer Located about land.
            More coming!
    Please See Agent to rent.
1. Apartments. 50 prims / 100l's weekly / furnished
( semi private )

2. Beach huts. 75 prims / 200L's
3. Lil cottages 200 prims / 450L's
4. Canopies 250 prims / 550L's
5 Maison Ville 300 prims / 650L's
6. Hill top  350 Prims / 750L's
     ☞    Yes there are a few rules to follow

1)Nudity in your housing rental ONLY, wear swim clothes or bikini / skimpy ok, no personal parts showing. ( Parent child Role play is permitted.) " NOT FOR SEX ROLE PLAY!!!"<-- this will get you Banned!

2) No Biting ( Soliciting of clan will get you banned)

3) No Pushing ( New comer sims , some bumping may occur)

4) No Soliciting

5) No Harassing others ( any kind of griefing will not be tolerated)

6) Hate crimes, bashing , prejudice , or griefing of any kind will not be tolerated. ZERO TOLERANCE! Cause for permanent Banding.

Down and Dirty Basics of Beginning Roleplay Clinic July 25th 9 am SLT

When:  July 25, 2015
Time:  9:00 AM SLT
Where: The Hardwood Family Home - Backyard

What:  Please join us for the first in a series of roleplay clinics! Anyone interested in discussing how to roleplay, learning more about styles of roleplay, sharing tips and tricks, or just improving your own roleplay are welcome!
The roleplay clinic is open to anyone.  Group membership is not required.
Clinic topic:  Down and Dirty Basics of Beginning Roleplay
Brought to You By Graduate School of Roleplay and the Perverted Hardwood Family Hangout
For more information contact:  Slumber Garden

About  Perverted Hardwood Family Home and hangout
We hope you enjoy your visit here. Feel free explore the hangout as we are sure you will be pleased and if you would like to join our family, just click the sign near the landing point then click the link in local chat and join.
1) No child play
2) No child avi's
3) No harassment
4 No weapons
5) NO Gangstas and Hoodlums
6) No griefers
7) No disturbing others that are in Role Play unless you are asked to participate with them

Information provided by SL Events 

Friday, July 24, 2015





Looking for a Photo Studio so you can take your own pictures? We found one that is Free to the Public!

 Here is a free  service supporting your creativity!  We offer  Backgrounds, Studios , Poses and Scenes, Props and more . Please check our Studio Gallery often, as we are always updating and adding new sets.  While you are here feel free to browse our selection of Fashion!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

10th Annual Hair Fair Ends on July 26th- A Portion of all sales go to Wigs for Kids

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According to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, over 2 million children suffer from hair loss.  Causes vary from cancer treatments, ringworm and Alopecia areata; a condition in which the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles preventing hair growth.

Hair Fair is a way for hair creators and the Second Life community to come together and raise awareness and money for Wigs for Kids.  For a decade, residents of SL have contributed thousands of dollars to help children live their lives and look like themselves. Last year, Hair Fair raised over 15,000 USD.  This year Hair Fair is looking to exceed that with your help. With only 3 days left, take some time to browse the hundreds of hairstyles from various creators and know that your makeover will make a difference to children in need.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The first thing we do when we enter the virtual worlds is find out ways to earn virtual currency. It doesn’t take us long to understand that to fulfil all our desires in a virtual setup, we would need an inflow of virtual currency. If we could make good friends and we like what we have and we could stick long enough, sooner or later, there is one more desire we all have, “Why not start a business?”
Few people start a trade ingame within a inworld, like Second Life has G&S System to trade goods, food, metal etc for Gorean Community. Few indulge in clothing line by either making original mesh items like Just Because and others re-texturing the mesh items adding prim clothing to make it unique like Heth Haute Couture. Few get into sale of estates like IrishGent of Seychelles Isles and others either get into re-renting the lands and skyboxes or designing the sim like Sera Bellic. Few make homes like Robert Galand of Galand Homes others get into making furniture like what’s next. The list of established businesses can get exhaustive. These big names of Second Life, inspire us to ask a simple question, “Why not me?”

Exactly, why not me? We too can start a business. We too can run a successful one. So what’s the next step? I asked three such entrepreneurs around the grid for their views and also the mistakes that we make when we indulge in a start up in a virtual world. Here are their replies.


Indea Vaher: Second Life is microcosm of our real world, and anything that is achievable in the real is obtainable in our virtual world.  Most residents want to try their hand at the business they’ve always dreamed of which can be opened with a click of a mouse. 
Sometimes we jump into these businesses based on our own passions, our fantasy of the dream job we wished we had in real life, the postal worker becomes an artist and opens their own gallery, the hardware store clerk becomes a big time club owner, and with a few clicks of a mouse, the retired building inspector is now a popular DJ.  People have found in Second Life that any business you want to start you can in a blink of eye, however what is often not done in the virtual world is a study of where your target audience is or if there is a demand for the commodity/services you have to offer.
Many jump into a venue without a business plan or revenue projections to ensure profitability and as a result fail.  However, for many of these businesses simply turn into social venues, and they justify the expense like a hobby doing something they enjoy and never get a return on their investment.
The most successful entrepreneurs in virtual worlds are those  who approach it in the same manner as it’s done in the real world, they establish that there is a demand for their creations, products or services. They have the necessary professional skills to create the product they offer, and for many it’s usually utilizing a skill they’ve obtained in real life.  They don’t think in terms of lindens but in actual currency, reconciling expenditures with incoming revenue.

The following is the conversation with IrishGent, owner of Seychelles Isles.

Debby Sharma: What are the few pointers that you would suggest a resident before they start a business?
IrishGent: Determine the business you want to start.  Research the basics using other like companies on SL. If you are selling products using Market Place, research (wiki) as a starting point on the setup of your account, TOS (Terms of Service), Copy Write Laws, etc. If you are interested in being a Land Lord, research other like estates on their land offerings and creating a brand. 
Debby Sharma: According to your experience, which has been the most difficult time while you started your start up?
IrishGent: Resource management and staffing.  SL is a volatile universe with peoples interest working on an estate mirroring the volatile culture of SL. Sitting in front of their computers people have a different level of commitment which to say the least is lacking.  There are a few exceptions to this rule which I have been very fortunate to have a staff that is dedicated and very supportive.  It took many employees to get to this point but I must say I am impressed with my current staff.  Patience is a must giving everyone their objectives and assignments.  A long leash is a required so that they may maintain a level of balance between work and play in SL.
Debby Sharma: Should a resident start a virtual business with a motive of earning or for a generic motive of fun and pleasure?
IrishGent: I believe both.  Balance is a requirement in SL and to be out of balance you will see a negative effect on both.  That is established early on when you formulate the mission and vision of your business.
Debby Sharma: What mistakes according to you, do you see most virtual business committing to?
IrishGent: The big mistake from my perspective is micro management and not establishing realistic goals.  Remember SL has seasonality with the number of on-line avis.  You have to plan your business to adjust to this seasonality thus not to overestimate earnings to offset expenses.

The following conversation, I had with Sera Bellic, owner of Lick Sim Designs.

Debby Sharma: What are the few pointers that you would suggest a resident before they start a business?
Sera Bellic: Take some time to explore SL and find what you are passionate about.
Debby Sharma: According to your experience, which has been the most difficult time while you started your start up?
Sera Bellic: I have tried many different businesses. I think finding the one I was passionate about was the most difficult. Surprisingly, it was right under my nose.
Debby Sharma: Should a resident start a virtual business with a motive of earning or for a generic motive of fun and pleasure?
Sera Bellic: I think all business should start as something you did or do for fun, just because you love doing it. Then grow it as a business.
Debby Sharma: What mistakes according to you, do you see most virtual business committing to?
Sera Bellic: Not honing their skill, jumping in before really understanding Second Life.

The above interviews might have already given you an idea. Here is a short list of pointers that might be helpful.

·         Idea
Have an idea of what you want to do. If you already have it to your liking, then start by looking at other existing businesses. If possible join them as a staff and learn. It is wrong to imitate a business idea, but it is not wrong to learn from an actual business. May be in future, you may develop an idea along the lines. May be while working, you may have a completely new idea. But, this experience would be useful.

·         Time
It is very important that you have time for such business. Remember, it is a virtual world; although, there are exceptions who have made real money with virtual currency. Still, a business has its clients and clients are the only ones who keep a business steady. To satisfy your client, it is important that you have enough time for them.

·         Research
Although, this is a virtual world, still there are loads of Intellectual Property laws that are prevalent in every country. Read them, be thorough. In my two years of writing career, I have witnessed big business names being sued for real cash. So, it is highly advisable, you must know the laws like the copy right laws etc.

·         Budget and Audience
Prepare your statements, estimates of expenditure and incomes. Like in any real life business, there might me a need of investment, but the amount needs to be justifiable. It is not possible to incur losses for long periods of time. In my 3 years of virtual existence, I have witnessed over 7 businesses closing down due to this. Plot a draft may be, but have something as your spinal cord for the business. Understand who your clients are. Have a list of them ready in your spreadsheets. Even if you started the business for fun, it still needs to raise enough revenue to sustain your dream for long term.

·         Team
No business will ever survive the test of time without a team. It is the most difficult aspect of virtual business. One person can do all the job of a business, virtual or real. Sooner or later, you need another hand and it won’t come free or easy. Hence, the above point is important. By team, it doesn’t mean that you hire many people in your staff. Have as many as required. Have serious, enthusiastic and passionate people who also share your dream. It will be difficult in the start. Sometimes, it takes more than a year to find the right one and sometimes not. With this we come to the last point

·         Patient and Passionate
Be Patient. No business is built in a day. Some of your friends might get lucky and some not. Don’t lose hope. Success will turn eventually. The only thing that will drive you on will be passion. If you were passionate in the first place when the idea immerged, recognition is bound to follow.

I hope these pointers were helpful. If some of my dear readers are wondering, why take advice from a writer, to them I say, it may be just over 3 years in-world, but it includes 9 times failure in virtual writing career and over a dozen failures in trying to set up a successful virtual business. The above pointers are few that I have gathered while learning. Writing did not happen by chance but by a choice.