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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The SL Enquirer Wins #1 Best Magazine in Second Life for News & Current Events

Out of all the Second Life magazines, news sources, and webzines, Innovation Second Life Group has chosen The SL Enquirer to be the #1, Best Magazine in News & Current Events!

"The daily visitor count alone proves it's popularity but we voted SL Enquirer the #1 news source because it 's well constructed website offers residents news about current events, innovative products, press releases and informative articles".

-Innovation Second Life Group


The SL Enquirer would like to thank everyone who voted for us. Without the thousands of fans, writers and supporters, we would not be here today.  For the past decade, we truly understand the Second Life community and the value of media and how it connects residents and keep them in the know. We will continue to provide news about the culture and events that happen across the grid so keep reading!

Thanks Again!
-The SL Enquirer Team

About Innovative Second Life

Innovative Second Life is a blog about everything excellent in the virtual world of SL. Places to see, things to do and great creations.

See all 6 award Winners here:

Halloween at KiX October 1st- 31st New Releases, Games, Raffles and hunts!

Fun, free stuff, new releases, hunts, games, DJ's and so much more happening this November at KiX

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fundraising Kiosks Now Available For Team Diabetes of Second Life & Upcoming Fundraising Events! October 1st-20th

Fundraising kiosks are now available for Team Diabetes of Second Life! You can obtain a fundraising kiosk by visiting our headquarters at The NonProfit Commons! 100% donations goes to The American Diabetes Association!
We also have the following upcoming events:
Fall 2015 Showcase: October 1 to October 15:
October 1, 2015 kiosks off the very first off season fundraising event for Team Diabetes-The Fall 2015 Showcase! This event, which will alternate with the seasons, currently features 15 creators in Second Life, who have generously agreed to have one item in one of our official vendors! The generous creators and brands participating are: BattleBeast Breedables, Park Place Home D├ęcor, Aphrodite Shop, Hearthaven Photography, & Creations, Feyline Fashions, Meshopotamia, Tres Beau, Potomac Signature Homes, Moonstar, JOH, Windlight Magazine, Epic Chromatic, and Pink Ice Boutique. 100% proceeds from the sale of these items will also go to The American Diabetes Association. You can find out more about the Fall 2015 Showcase by visiting the following link:
Art in Hats 2015: November 4 to November 14, 2015:
Registration is still open for artists, designers, creators, bloggers, and photographers for Art in Hats 2015! Entertainers and performers are also needed! For more information:
Red and…Hunt presented by Nirvana Projects: November 1 to November 30, 2015:
Registration is open for the Nirvana Projects sponsored Red and…Hunt! This hunt will feature red items with all hunt items for the low price of 2 lindens! 100% proceeds will also go to The American Diabetes Association! To register:
Of course we encourage individuals, organizations, and businesses to hold their own fundraisers in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! Please contact Johannes1977 Resident for more information or visit our website:
About Team Diabetes of Second Life:
Team Diabetes of Second Life was founded by Jessii2009 Warrhol and Johannes1977 Resident. The organization will function in the form of an advisory board, with a coordinator leading the Team Diabetes of Second Life effort. The 2015 Team Diabetes of Second Life Coordinator is Jessii2009 Warrhol and the 2015 Team Diabetes of Second Life Advisory Board Members are: Johannes1977 Resident, Emma Portilo, Veruca Tammas, Sandie Loxingly, Rob Fenwitch, and
About The American Diabetes Association:
The American Diabetes Association’s mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The American Diabetes Association leads the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fights for those affected by diabetes by funding research to prevent, cure, and manage diabetes.
The American Diabetes Association delivers services to hundreds of communities and provides objective and credible information and resources about diabetes.
Free resources are available in English and Spanish at and 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383).
The American Diabetes Association is currently celebrating its 75th year in existence! For the 75th anniversary, the American Diabetes Association is honoring decades of progress in diabetes treatment, management and quality of life, and our role in these advancements.
For More Information: (Official Team Diabetes of SL American Diabetes Association Online Page) (website to find international assistance with diabetes research, prevention, and general information)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

GizzA Creations Introduces Mara Safari Series


Reaching out to the jungle, are the new GizzA - Mara Safari separates. A collection of belted safari style shorts with matching, tucked in shirts.

You will find GizzA - Mara Safari Series to be highly detailed and versatile.
With the GizzA - Mara Safari Shirts having a texture changer HUD that allows you to choose between a solid or printed version as where the GizzA - Mara Belted Shorts come with a texture changer HUD for the belt, which allows you to change the leather color.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Center Ground Group Announces Second Life Avatar Safety, Presented By Lindal Kidd, Saturday September 26 5 PM SLT At the Care and Hope Center

Second Life is a safe place.  Your avatar can't be killed or hurt except temporarily, and you yourself can't be physically harmed at all.  But there ARE hazards in the virtual world...griefers, pranksters, scam artists, and emotional dangers.  Lindal Kidd has been teaching Second Life Avatar Safety for over five years, and we are happy to have her as a guest lecturer.  Whether you are new to Second Life or an "old hand" you will be sure to learn something!

Contact info:
IM or NC:  mmorganwhitfield

About Center Ground Group: Originally started by 4 environmentally focused leaders to discuss and promote true sustainable modeling, and preserve their ideas and dreams in the SL metaverse, now expanded to include arts and cultural interest

                                                                        # # #

If you would like more information on this topic IM Luchenpur Darwin inwolrd or e-mail

Female Wrestling of Second life……The Sexy, The Tough, and the Brave! Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

I have been a fan of wrestling in Rl since the days of the late, great dusty Rhodes, Rick Flare and the Four Horseman, and the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper. I can remember being especially intrigued with the females of wrestling.  I enjoyed The Fabulous Moolah dominate prominent reign of the women's championship in what is now known as The WWE for 30 years as well as the evolution of the female present in wrestling from Miss Elizabeth to the Bella twins. Once I found out there was a group of ladies in SL that brought the strength of wrestling to the grid, I was eager to dive off the top rope right into their world and find out as much information as I could.

My journey begins at The Jungle Gym at inhibitions. A place designed for Cave-girl Cat-fighting. As I walked around amazed by the scenery, I ran into AleenaZon Resident. Ms. Aleena has done some RL wrestling in her younger days and has many years of cyber wresting steaming back over 5 years, starting with an online chat room "cyber fighting”. Once she learns of SL wrestling, her friend got her started and she has been wrestling on the grid ever since. After learning this I felt she would be a perfect person to learn the history of female wrestling and began asking questions. I was grateful that she was cheerfully willing to speak with me.

“There are two types of wrestling styles in Sl”, Aleena explained. “One is Pose ball wrestling which is more for the Cat-fighting style. This can be kind of some catty stuff...and even erotic.  Normally, what you do in these types of matches...whether public at an event...or in private one on you emote as you do the moves. Pose ball also have some Pro-style matches, which has more of the power moves in them.  Would you like to climb in the ring and give it a try? Afterwards I can explain the other style a bit more.” I stood there and thought for a moment about whether or not I was willing to get in the ring with such an experienced wrestler. I don’t have a scary bone in my body so I smiled and said “sure” and quickly changed into my bikini and climbed in the ring.

Being in the ring was a huge thrill for me. I channeled my favorite female wrestler of all time, Lita and really did good at 1st. However, just like anyone’s 1st time in the ring, I made a rookie mistake and ended up getting my butt handed to me. After laughing a bit at my loss, Aleena continued to drop knowledge. “So, this is a Diva's mat...they are one of the original companies that made wrestling mats. They do mainly pro-style rings ....but also have a catfight mat...and a catfight sofa. There are many events across the grid featuring these types of matches as well as the second style of wrestling……Hud Style Wrestling.”

It was explained to me by Aleena and a few girls I met at the pose style Divas after Dark event I attended the next evening that HUD Style wresting is formatted more like Real Life wresting shows. Wrestlers follow a story line, Have heels and Faces, posters and tee shirts for fans to buy, ring announcers and commentators. I was completely interested is learning a bit more about HUD style, but 1st grabbed a seat and totally immersed myself is a great pose style match featuring  Chiyokotoi Resident vs JoJo Poliatevska with JoJo being the victor.

After the match I was able to grab JoJo Poliatevska for a few questions. Beaming off her victory, explained what she liked most about being a Sl Female wrestler. “For me it is a community event. Everyone gathers at the matches, and it is like a big festival at times. There may be a DJ , there may be a band or something else going on. I will say, it has changed a lot since I first arrived 7 years ago. Back then there was only like 2 or 3 places to fight and the mats and menus were not that complicated.”  Now there are many fighting sims with hundreds of wrestler from all over the world. Both JoJo and Chiyokotoi suggested that if I wanted to know more about HUD style wrestling I should attend the WPWF the next evening and speak to the owner Tyress Serevi.

Walking into the WPWF arena was a surreal experience. I have been to many WWE house and Pay Per View Live shows and entering the arena felt very close to the real thing. Tyress Serevi greeted me with a friendly smile and escorted me to the middle of the ring to discuss her style. “I’ve been in SL wrestling for 6 years + now. There used to be another all females wrestling federation that was HUD based, however they didn’t focus on training the newer Talents. So, I decided to create WPWF as a development federation kind of like an Indy federation that focus on training the new and old talents to refine them into better wrestlers.” Even though I love the fact that this was an all-female federation, I could help but to ask why she decide to focus solely on females. “When you look at the HUD Based Wrestling community, you pretty much only see intergender federations. However, most of the federations out there got really good male talents, and some sadly tends to go easy on their females instead of trying to unlock their potential. I felt the women could use a place to get trained, and get the help they want and need from the ring skills to character. Also highlight them since the males often get the main spotlight on their shows.”

“Do you have titles, and if so, what are they and who holds them?” I asked eager to hear the answer. “At the moment we got two championship titles, the Mid card title would be the Siren Rising Championship, which is held by Alexa Zlatkis, then we have the main title, which is the WPWF Women's Championship, which is held by Ayane Tamatzui.” Tyress explained. By pure coincidence Ayane enter the arena with the presence of a true heel. Ayane has been the WPWF Women’s Championship for about 5 years. When asked what’s the most was challenging thing being the champ, she said “Oh, especially here in WPWF to stand out... because we got a lot of great talent, so it´s a challenge to really show why you are the top dog in the federation.”  “Do you have any advice for any upcoming talent wanting to get started?” I asked. “Yes, soak in everything you can from whoever you can; don´t let anybody tell you they know the right way to do things... you always got to figure out your own way to have fun with this. The best way is and always was from me to learn from others that do this for ages now. Other than that, find a nice place where you feel comfortable and have fun.”

My suggestion to anyone who wants to become your wrestler or simply want to enjoy a match every now and again is go and experience it all. There are many talented and friendly people involved in female wrestling that will be willing to help guide you in the direction of what suits you most. One thing is for sure……Sunny Love Holiday is now a diehard fan of these hard working ladies. When you attend and event, we can share some popcorn, because more than likely, I will be there!!!

Additional Information:
               Divas After Dark:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Free Playmates Magazine Kiosks Available on Marketplace or In-World.

  Delight your customers and guests with free Playmates Magazines. Our kiosks are only 4 prims, low lag, update automatically and give out the best adult magazine in SL.  Playmates Magazine is not just a bunch of naked photo's.  Our professional photography is classy and themed and there is something new and exciting in every issue.  Our fashion section features the best SL designers and stores. The destination guide showcases fun places to explore. Plus interesting interviews with great creators and artists, informative articles, entertaining short story's and more.

Get your free Playmates Magazine Kiosk on SL Marketplace here:

Thursday, September 24, 2015

BEACH PARTY WITH DJ HUEY WALKER AT DADDY-O's Thursday September 24th 6:00 - 8:00 PM SLT


IT'S AND OLD TIME BEACH PARTY WITH DJ Huey Walker! Come enjoy our lovely beach setting while listening to DJ Huey spin those tunes you love from the 50's, 60's and 70's! Wear your retro beach wear - kind of like Frankie and Annette! Don't have any retro beach wear? Well visit the FIN Relive the 50's store on our SIM! You will find all the retro wear you need there! We look forward to having you join us for a fun night at Daddy-O's!

Chandra Deed Debut Performance At The Hollywood Ballroom September 26th at 7pm SLT

ThIs just in from The Hollywood Investigator:
“Dateline – Los Angeles, CA

“The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater to present the musical talents of Chandra Deed. This Saturday, September 26 at 7pm SLT, Ms. Deed will grace the stage at The Hollywood Ballroom for the first time. Her singing is said to touch the hearts of the audience like no other. This event promises to be sold out. It is advisable to get there early as this is a first come first served event.

“The insider buzz is that Ms. Deed turned down a number of other venues, such as the Kodak and Pantages Theaters in favor of The Hollywood Ballroom. This is yet another coup for The Hollywood Ballroom as they continue to attract the top entertainment in the Los Angeles area.”

The Hollywood Ballroom is fast becoming a favorite spot for people wanting quality entertainment in a low lag environment. If you want to impress a date, stop by anytime for a romantic dance. With 85 high quality dances to choose from, you will look like a pro on the dance floor.

For the best quality in SL entertainment take in one or all of our exciting shows. Thursday thru Sunday at 7pm SLT, The Hollywood Ballroom, offers great DJ’s and live performers for your enjoyment.

This Thursday, the dance floor sizzles as we turn up the heat for our sensuous “Hot Latin Nights.” The music will speed up your heart, the rhythm will keep your bodies moving. That’s at 7pm, SLT. Formal, cocktail or Latin attire.

The look of love is in your eyes on Friday, as the Hollywood Ballroom presents, “Love – Hollywood Style” with DJ Archer.  There is no better venue for you to fall in love for the first time, or to fall in love all over again with that someone special. DJ Archer will play the music of love and take your special dedications. We even have beautiful a proposal spot available, when the time is right. That’s at 7pm, SLT. Formal or cocktail attire.

Saturday Night, Live! Popular singing star Chandra Deed will be taking the stage and performing your favorite songs, live. Her fans say her voice is incomparable. After hearing her I have to agree. Bring that someone special or meet someone new at The Hollywood Ballroom at 7pm, SLT. Formal or cocktail attire.

This Sunday, come and listen to “Leonard Cohen, Live” It is all Cohen, all the time in this fantastic tribute show. He will dance you to the end of Love with all your favorite Cohen hits. That’s at 7pm, SLT. Formal or cocktail attire.

Make The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater your destination for great music, great fun and memorable evenings.

Additional information:

Join our group! The Hollywood Ballroom & Theater

Contact: Origen

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Strange, Taboo and Unusual Things in Second Life, Part 1- Lilly Lacewing Reporting

I took on this assignment because I love a good challenge, even more so when said challenge is also entertaining! Picking up the virtual rocks to see the virtual bugs that scatter from underneath, I took a few looks into some of the darker and stranger corners of Second Life, and what it has to offer. Before I get started, though, I want to say nothing here is meant to offend anyone, merely to express awe at things unusual that I found lurking through the grid. If I offend anyone, I apologize, it is not my intent.
First up?

Maternity and Abortion Clinics!

Firstly, let me say, I understand the Maternity aspect of this very well. Lots of women cannot have children in RL, and through HUDs like Mama Alpa, and others, a woman can kind of get to experience having and raising a child. While, obviously, it’s not the same, I see the draw there. What I cannot understand are the clinics in SL which also perform abortions. Wait, abortions??

 I thought SL would be a perfect place to engage in the mom game, but do ‘accidents’ really happen in SL like they do in RL? Why would someone need to have an abortion in SL? If you buy the HUDs to breed, wouldn’t it then make sense that you WANT the child more than anything, as evidenced by how much a person is willing to pay for the HUDs (which, mind you, have a realistic odds system for getting pregnant build right into it,)? I’m not claiming to know all here, I genuinely don’t understand. Please, if you have a story about an accidental pregnancy in SL, feel free to share your story in the comments and help me understand!

Next up?

Church, in Second Life!

 This one is only strange to yours truly because of how scarily similar to RL churches, SL churches can be. I got to listen in on a service, and it gave me goose bumps and flashbacks to being a too curious for my own good creature, slowly suffocating in her nylons (it’s a sensory processing issue, can’t stand their texture, makes my skin scrawl.) While SL churches provide an AMAZING service to those who cannot get out of their homes for their RL Sunday worship (or Saturday, or Friday, religion depending,) to those who are mobile enough, but just need their dose of God even in SL. Hooray for community! However, Second Life churches, to those who do NOT have a need of their services, are undeniably creepy places. Avatars dressed either as angels, or in virginal white, sing hymns, while preachers tell you Bible Stories and pass around the virtual collection plates (some things never change, from RL to SL. Sigh. Since when does God need money?) Anyways, back on point. SL churches, while greatly helpful to some, give nightmarish flashbacks to others. Catholics, I know you’ve got my back on this! For an even stranger twist, some of these churches worship the Gods of Sex, if you catch my drift. So whether your needs are simple, non-denom Christian, or any other standard religion, you can find a church for you in Second Life. And if you worship Sex Gods? Well, there are plenty of churches for you, too, that are infinitely more fun, I’d wager.

Next up in our sideshow circus?

Rape Sims and Gangbang Shows

 Now, this is the ultimate winner in the tableau of weird, strange, and bizarre things that SL has to offer. There are places, where if you have the right HUD, you can engage in what I like to call the Rape Games. You go there, turn on your HUD (maybe more steps, I’m not sure, I don’t have a RAPE HUD,) and then let the games begin. Being a diligent little Avatar, I went to go check out one of the places where folks hang out for the Rape Games. Almost immediately, an Avi started following me. I moved, he followed. I moved, he followed. You get it. I immediately told a safe white lie that I knew would end the conversation I knew was coming. “Dude, I have a massive (BLEEP), you want that? Keep following.” Naturally, it worked, and I was free to snoop again, however by that point, I’d felt I’d seen enough to know that it’s a creepy, bizarre scene. Not judging those who engage in the play themselves, but there are a lot of rape victims in the world. I doubt they had fun with it. To me, making a game out of something others experience as an unwanted, violating, horror in their life, others role play it because it tickles their proverbial toes. But still, I found worse… The Gangbang shows.

 Yeah, you read that right. There are places in SL where you can go watch a Gangbang show. And that’s exactly what it is, a show, where a bunch of usually dudes, gang up on one usually chick, and go to town on her, while being verbally degrading to her as well. The only other Avatar I felt safe while there was my tiny fly. Not that you can’t see me, or find my nametag, but thankfully as a fly I was safe from approach. This wasn’t a bestiality sim, after all (though I saw one of those too and I now know, not that I wanted to, where to go if you want your Avi to get it on with a horse.) I can’t really go into any more detail without this suddenly becoming an X-rated column, but for those of you out there who just NEED some weird, feel free to seek out your bizarre sex churches (and traditional ones as well,) your Rape Games or your Maternity clinics, where you can birth prim babies and also satisfy a milk maid fetish at the same time.

Ahh, SL, it’s always been your intrinsic weirdness that’s stolen my heart. Go on, Avies, fly your freak flag hard, explore and tell us about the strange things you’ve encountered in Second Life.

Monday, September 21, 2015

GizzA Creations Introduces Shake With Me

Shake it, Baby! With the GizzA - Shake With Me, you can and surely will shake what your momma gave you.

This themed ensemble, in rich black, reaches back to days of old, where you would spend an evening twisting the night away in your layered tule skirt that is topped with the laced bustier and cropped leather jacket (not separate).

To add even more flair, GizzA - Shake With Me comes with a matching headscarf and eye catching rose adornment on the jacket.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Playmates Magazine is having a Luxury Yacht Party and everyone is invited! Sunday, September 20th at 12 pmSLT.


Get on your swim wear and come join the Playmates Magazines Centerfold Models as we party aboard the beautiful luxury yacht at the SLE Headquarters sim and rock out to great tunes with D.J Star. Catch a ride with link below and see you in-world.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fashion Mix and Match Don’ts-Becca Drascol Reporting

Thinking Mash-up
When you think fashion normally things in SL are full outfits or things we match together with something to create our own outfit look. I’m sure you all have mixed and matched at some point. I know I have, and continue to. I’ll throw a top with a skirt from two different outfits and if they work together nicely then that’s my outfit for that day. But are all mixes and matches good...oh no they are not all good!

We all know a rule of thumb in fashion that stripes and polka dots while nice on their own are by far not good mixes. Loud and bright patterns while all good and well alone, they do not mix like coffee with sugar now do they? The point being there are things that mash up just fine and then there are things that you know if this were RL you’d be something to stare at if you dare walked out of your house dressed in such a way.

Playing Dress-up
So, I went through my SL wardrobe and found a few things that I knew were some fashion don’ts. Yes, yes I played dress up for the sake of the fashion world in our second lives. And as you’ll see while my Gangsta outfit’s top looks so very nice on my av, if I do say so’s rather blah with a polka dot skirt. Also,  dually noted stripes and animal print are a total no-no. A rather bright top can be so very cute with any pair of jeans or a plain non printed skirt or shorts...not so nice with a checkered pattern.

 I’ve never been a fan a bold patterns in RL or SL, but some can be quite nice if they play solo, but mix them with another bold or wild pattern and they become siblings fighting over mom’s attention, they both want it and you only have so much to give!

Lastly, we come to a lil mix I popped together just for the sake of entertaining as I played dress up.  The school girl look with a boldly printed skirt. The checkered school girl body suit is a must have for when you’re feeling playful or entering a contest. Sure...and the skirt, a beauty for going out dancing with your honey. Together they look like I got dressed while Second Life did a whole black screen flickering glitch. Who doesn’t love looking like they dressed in the dark? Me!

Tips and Hints...Make your outfit a “Do”
We all tend to use common sense when mixing and matching what we wear, rather real or virtually. So it should be common sense if you wouldn’t dare wear something in RL because you would be afraid of what others think…well don’t do it in SL either. If you don’t like it, give your inner self a thumbs up for saying “No!” to the combo. If you mixed and matched and you’re looks good to you but something’s just off…. Ask a friend. No we don’t all have the same fashion sense but overall fashion don’ts are something you can learn very easily by opinion.

 Let’s not go overboard and lose what style you may have, no. But I’ll just say this thought, stripes and dots blah! If you can find someone who mixes typical fashion no-no’s and it turned out nicely, well maybe this reporter can learn something new in the world of fashion. Have fun mixing matching and mashing up those outfits...then go out and have fun!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Playmates Bike Night, Friday, September 18th at 6pm SLT

 Get your Harley's and Hogs and join us at Route 69 Tracks.  2 different tracks to choose from with stunts and challenges for the beginner to the skilled rider.  Everyone is welcome and if you don't have a bike there is a free motorcycle rezzer at the tracks.  After the ride we will meet at RT 69 Club for some great music and dancing!  Use the link below to teleport in-world

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hooray for Hollywood!!

The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater is a premier SL venue for romance and unique special performance. For instance, this Saturday September 19th at 7pm SLT, The Hollywood Ballroom is featuring the sultry and sensuous Pink Vampire, who has one of the best voices and stage performances in all SL. This is followed on Sunday night September 20th at 7pm SLT with the “Adele Live!” tribute show. It will be all Adele, all the time for your listening and dancing pleasure.
The Hollywood Ballroom started as a private venue for creator Origen Resident and his friends. He wanted a special, remarkably beautiful build for private parties and a place to get away from the heavy lag of other major venues. After a couple of parties and at the urging of his friends, Origen (who previously co-owned another venue in SL) decided to open the ballroom to the public. 

Origen says regarding this decision, “Yes, my friends twisted my arm, but they didn’t have to twist it hard. I really want to share the beauty of the Hollywood Ballroom with others. I am determined to make this something different than any other dance club in SL. I am not opening this venue to make money, as so many others do. I am opening it for my own enjoyment, for that of my friends and the new friends I will be making with those people who come to the club to enjoy the music, the dancing, the entertainment and the atmosphere at The Hollywood Ballroom.”

The music at the Hollywood Ballroom falls to the romantic side. The Ballroom is open 24/7 playing Martini in the Morning, when performers are not taking the stage. At the time of this writing, The Hollywood Ballroom has special events Thursday through Sunday.
Thursday night is always “Hot Latin Nights.” DJ Mandala spins everything from slow romantic Latin music to hot Carnivale style sambas.

Friday nights belong to “Love – Hollywood style.” Love is in the air and the songs range from romantic classics to modern hits. DJ Archer spins the tunes and takes your requests and dedications.

Saturday is “Saturday Night, Live!” The best live singing entertainment will appear every Saturday on the Stage of the Hollywood Ballroom. On Saturday, September 19th, The Hollywood Ballroom presents the amazing Pink Vampire. See her once and you will agree that her voice and performances are unlike anything else in Second Life.
Sunday nights are tribute nights. Each week a prominent singing star is highlighted. On Sunday, September 20th, Adele will be the featured artist. It will be all Adele, all the time.

All event begin at 7pm, SLT. Attire is always formal or cocktail.

As a real life ballroom and swing dancer, Origen comments, “Looking good on the dance floor and having options for each style of dance is important. It keeps people from getting bored. Since we don’t have the ability to perform each step as we do in RL, a good variety of dance animations is important to keep this fun. Why so many of the larger clubs have such a limited number of dances (and some very bad ones), is beyond me. At The Hollywood Ballroom we have 88 high quality dances, and we offer both Intan and TIS Hybrid systems for our guests. As new and better high quality, mocap dancing animations come out, they will either be added to the current set of dances or replace older animations.”

When asked to sum up The Hollywood Ballroom, Origen stated, “The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater is a stunning venue to bring and impress your date any time of day or night. The atmosphere of the ballroom, the romantic music, the dances, and the low lag all contribute to bringing about special moments. Moments that our guests will remember fondly over the years.”

Additional information:
Join our group! The Hollywood Ballroom & Theater

Contact: Origen

A Haunting and Addictive Art Sim by Storm Septimus- LillyLacewing Reporting...

At first, I was almost afraid to review this amazing display of SL talent, because there’s just so much going on there. For that very same reason, I knew I had to. I will try to my best to do it justice.

  A giant metal woman springs from the water logged Earth, kept upright by barbed wires wrapped tightly around her sternum, and sank deep into the ground. I recommend spending some quality time here so you don’t miss out on the details you may not notice at first.

There is a broken, exposed dome covered in tree roots, and it in itself is worth a thorough traversing. There’s a fountain, seeming to provide the water to this soggy landscape, and it’s face is that of a lion, vomiting forth the water in which you stand.

 A pair of open, welcoming hands have a swing dangling from a caressing finger. All over the sim you find these doors, like the one where you landed, that have a small piece of a story about the Gray Child, an ominous creature who seems to take from, control, and abuse the person telling the story. Well, here’s the person, to tell her own story.

Interview with Storm Septimus

 Inspiration, what inspired this beautiful display?
SS: **The Gray child is here , my emptiness, my nothing , my death.  (continue reading: )

The words above were the inspiration for the sim. I have had depression on and off for as long as I can remember, and I thought it would be an interesting, if not very challenging, idea to try and make into a visual physical display. 
SS: I used the first line of the above bit of writing as you enter the sim as it is I think it highlights the overriding feelings of depression.  Death was a strong choice as it could be read in a few ways, obviously the suicidal way, but if read another way depression can feel like a kind of death of its own. You do not function, you are numb.

 Have you done other works and displayed them here in SL, if so, what, when, where?

SS: Oh god yes!  I adore making sims, though at the time it may not sound like I do to my friends with all the terrible moods I go through. My first was a wasteland sim called “The Last Stop,” which I kept open for quite a while! Usually my builds have a short shelf life because I get the need to try something new.  After I closed that I did my first LEA , which was called  ‘The Void.’ That was a very, very, dark build dealing with insomnia.  When ‘The Void’ closed, I had a bit of a break before making the last place before ‘The Gray Child.’ That one was called ‘The Chamber Library,’ and is one place I was so very proud of. It was beautiful, and actually useful, as it contained hundreds of short stories from both classical writers, and the residents of SL!  It was hard to close that as it was well loved, but I'm sure so many are singing the same tune when I say the cost of keeping a sim is ridiculous now.

 Who is the "Grey Child" and what causes its failure to thrive?

 SS: When writing my little thing about my feelings, (there is more I just focused on for that particular paragraph for the build,) I wanted to give my emotions a form, and that came as a child.  In my mind, there were a whole series of children walking with me through life. Sometimes they were hiding, or dragging behind , sometimes right beside you holding your hand, so it just felt right.  The ‘failure to thrive’ part was oddly a completely separate thing to begin with. I was having a hard time with the design, and lots of heated discussions with a friend about how things were shaping up.  He suggested I try something different, and I begrudgingly did, claiming it was pointless, I would fail at what he was suggesting, and it would never grow into anything. So as a bit of a go fuck yourself, I named the sim ‘Failure to Thrive,’ knowing next time he stopped in he would see it, and know how I felt.  After a while I realized it was actually the perfect thing to keep, because when dealing with depression you are in fact, in a way, failing to thrive… emotionally. Thus it stayed :)

Anything you want to share with people seeing this display, maybe certain things you're hoping people take away from the visual experience?

SS: Oooh, that’s hard! (Laughs)  I never really set out with a goal, in that respect. I mean people make their own minds up about what something means, and what they want to take from it. That, however, is one of the things I love in doing these places is being able to see it through others’ eyes. I love reading the blogs, and seeing all the pictures and videos… It’s amazing how many different ways one thing can be seen. 

 Anything in the works? New projects you're a part of? Events? etc?

 SS: I think when the sim closes I will have another of my possibly long breaks lol. I enjoy that time with friends who have to put up with being on the sidelines for a while whilst I'm busy. Luckily I have a good set of friends who know the drill and support me.  Also I  need to WANT to do something new, I completely suck when it’s a forced thing lol. Right now I can’t think of anything I  MUST do, so I'd say  there’s nothing in the pipeline for a while. I'm looking forward to making some additions for the holiday and holding a masked Halloween party on sim. 

Failure to Thrive [ The Gray Child ], LEA15