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Saturday, October 31, 2015


$1,000’s in Cash & Prizes Everyday
Contests, Midnight Mania boards, Live DJ’s playing a good mix of country, classic rock, southern rock, blues, & classic rock. Come join the fun and the family. That’s the difference here at Wolves!
With a V-Twins and other shops on the premises, you don’t have to go far the latest in fashion and accessories for both men and women. Come dance, shop, make new friends, relax and just have some good ole’ down home fun.

Are you outgoing? Exciting, and have the desire to be a part of something successful?
Do you have a great following? Then let the spirit of the wolf guide your path.  We offer weekly raffles for our staff, bonuses and gift cards for exceptional work. Training provided with full support. Our guests are our family here at Wolves, and you must meet, greet and interact to establish a connection with them.

DANCE OF THE WOLVES - Wolfe's Weddings
Romance is in the air @ Wolfe’s Wedding outlet. We’re looking for great Sales Associates, Sales Directors with management experience who are capable of providing superior customer service. Excellent compensation and opportunity.

Contact: Wolfe9 Resident

May the Spirit of the Wolf guide your path.

Kinky Kostume Extravaganza at Aces Male Strip Club October 31st 2015 6-8pm SLT

Come join us  for our Kinky Kostume Extravaganza. This Spooktacular Event will be held October 31st 2015 from 6-8pm slt. Dress in your best Halloween Costume where we will have a 3000L prize on the contest board for Best Halloween Costume. 
The Sexy Men of Aces will be taking the stage to entertain and fulfill every desire and fantasy imaginable while dancing to the incredible tunes of our live DJ. Take a stroll around the sim to find our wall of dancers along with some souvenirs to make your night a memorable one.
About Aces Male Strip Club
Follow us

The Hollywood Ballroom Halloween Party October 31st at 7pm SLT

In Hollywood we have trailers for everything, for movies, for TV shows and now for our Halloween party!

The Pink Vampire stars at The Hollywood Ballroom October 31st at 7pm SLT in a new haunted venue created for this one night only event!  Come in your best costume, because the paparazzi will be there and who knows what society page you will appear in. 

The Hollywood Ballroom is THE place to be this Halloween night in SL.


This is our 8th year anniversary special issue.  Get your free copy at SL Marketplace here  or come into Playmates Magazine Headquarters for this issue and back issues.  Over 200 pages of classy, professional photo's. fashion and destination spotlights, informative articles, short stories and the most beautiful women in SL!  Voted SL's # 1 Best Adult Magazine.

Halloween Interview Gone Wrong-Part 2: Two-Face- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

It has definitely been a challenge trying to find the perfect Halloween mascot to interview. It appears they only have interaction with their intended victims, can’t speak proper English, or they try to sexually harass me. I am still traumatized by Frankenstein’s Monster’s use of my microphone in my last interview attempt.  Anyway, While contemplating giving up on Halloween Mascot interviews altogether, I ended up finding a bench in a local prim cemetery to ponder what to do next…

It was getting late so I was about to leave. In the distance, I heard what sounded like two people arguing. The tone was like an old married couple bickering.  I followed the voices and came across a silhouette of man standing alone with his back to me.  As I approached, I couldn’t help but notice the strong smell of hickory smoked bacon and no other person nearby. I found it kind of strange. My curiosity always gets the best of me so I approached this figure and poked him on the shoulder.

 To my surprise it was Two-Face Harvey Dent, one of Batman’s worst enemies.  Apparently it wasn’t always that way. In fact,  he was Batman’s ally at one point when he was the district attorney for Gotham City.  According to sources, Two-Face ended up going insane after a  botched hit when a mob boss threw acid on him, scarring half of his body. Knowing that Two-Face was very unpredictable when he flipped a coin to determine if he would act out in good or evil, I stood in silence as he slowly turned around and gave me a strange look.
For a moment we stood in silence until he randomly busted out laughing and then crying. I didn’t know what to do. I’m no therapist, but it appeared he needed some kind of professional help--so I did what I do best--and I started an interview with him.

Lanai: Hey there Two-Face, I’m sorry for interrupting you but are you ok?

Two -Face: Stay out of it Lady this is between my good and bad side... OMG I’m sooo sorry.... You can stay this is a public place...Ohh FFS!

Lanai: Not judging but are you on drugs?

Two- Face: It’s none of your business now scram!.... Heeeey! you are that reporter for that wacky SL newspaper right?... It (BLEEPING) Sucks!.....well, I love it.

Lanai: Uhhhh, Yes?  OK….. Wait what?

Two-Face:  You heard me lady!... Stop being an ass to Lanai she is a civilian and has nothing to do with why you are so upset!… Screw her and screw you too!.....Imbecile.

Lanai: OK this is getting very awkward. I really should go…

Two-Face: No wait!... Before you leave I think the public should know something about my better half here…. Just get out of here!...NO please stay!

Lanai: ok…. *confused look*

Two-Face: The bad side of me has a secret that would blow the lid off of Gotham City and Batman’s reputation... OMG don’t you dare!

Lanai: Go on….This should be interesting.

Two-Face: My bad half has a fetish called Symphorophilia. He likes to stage and watch disaster and we get an erection every time he sees something blow up…. I can’t stand it!.....  You have issues. ….. Ohhhh no you didn’t!.... Yes I did!.... Fine!... I’m telling Lanai about your Furry fetish…. I can’t go anywhere without you wanting to yiff anything with fur…. I felt sorry for the Easter Bunny… (BLEEP) you dude…. No!  (BLEEEP) You!

Lanai: *sighs* Ok enough...,this is just NOT working out. All I wanted to know is how you would be spending Halloween…

Two-Faced: Halloween? It is against my religion….Not mine!....If I could get rid of you without committing suicide I would!.....Well then! You aren’t exactly my favorite person either!...

The next thing I knew he began to argue with himself again, switching personalities back and forth. I stood there way too long like a third wheel just listening as this train-wreck of a person verbally assaulted his alter ego. Two-Face definitely has multiple personalities and they conflict with each other. After I heard more than I wanted to, I decided it would be best to stay out of it and try interviewing another holiday mascot next month.

 Have a Safe and Happy Halloween SLE Fans!

The SL Enquirer Wishing you a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Video borrowed from

Get your Halloween Party On!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Loki's Photography

Loki Ravens, though sighted and often seen, has vision, talent, and professionalism that most
so called wannabe professionals just don't have.  Taking that unique vision, with an intricate understanding of lighting, filters, and hues... LOKI's Photography can make a simple shot, a 
thing of beauty with a touch of creative and artistic flare. 
Need just the right shot, don't know what kind of shot you need, need something unique, that's not just a picture, but a true expression and statement? Then call LOKI @ Loki's Photography.
New accounts (under a month): Free
Profile pictures: 250L
Set's of pictures: 200L a piece
Weddings: full set of pictures + group photo and groom and bride: 1500L
Framed pictures: 300L per
*Prices subject to change.  
Contact  Loki Ravens (Elghinn.Masala)



GAS0LINE ALLEY is a full biker SIM with 750+ feet of road track fused with nature. While it's home of the Junk Yard Dogs (MC) it's a neutral zone and all MC's are welcome.
Hotwired Entertainment: Rob Zombie Concert( LIVE)
Hotwired Entertainment: Evancesence Concert (LIVE)
Wire Frost  [ THE ORIGINAL ZOMBIE Concert ] (LIVE)
Gas Alley is presently adding 300ft of track and a hunting area making it the longest track in SL. While many have complained that the track lacks directional signs, the Gas Alley Hobo that lives on the SIM steals them and hocks them for hooch. We'll be putting up directions again - We'll get it right. 
NOW HIRING DJ's & HOSTS! Contact Louise Goldblatt

Halloween Interview Gone Wrong: Frankenstein’s Monster- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

It’s that time of year when all the freaks come out. What better time than now to find me a Halloween mascot to interview? I grabbed my microphone and pounded the virtual pavement on my quest. From the start, I didn’t want to do the cliche interview with a vampire because that’s too easy. They are all over the grid.  Aside from that, they get freaked out by camera flashes and always seem to focus on my neck a little too much. This year I decided to interview with none other than Frankenstein’s monster. Unlike Vampires, Frankenstein’s monster is a harmless sentient creature who was create by an unorthodox scientist. He might be grotesque, but it doesn’t intimidate me.

Lanai: Hi Frankenstein’s monster! it is a pleasure to meet you. How will you be spending your Halloween this year?

Frankenstein’s monster: UUUUUUUhhh ahhh oooo ahhhhhhhhhhh arrrrrg! *blows raspberries*

Lanai: OK this is NOT going to work out….. *throws her notecard in the air and walks off*

Frankenstein’s Monster: NO Wait! Sorry just having a bad day.  To answer your question, everyday is like Halloween to me. Nothing special about it. I’m just out here looking for something….

Lanai: OH, you really can speak! Interesting. What are you looking for?

Frankenstein’s Monster: I’m almost embarrassed to say.  Recently I had a one night stand with Marilyn Munster and while she was….ummmm licking the Xcite lollipop, the stitches came loose and when I turned on the lights she ran off with it and threw it somewhere around here. To make a long story short, no pun intended..
*looks around*

Lanai: Ohhhhhh, I’m so sorry to hear that.  I guess they don’t make Xcite products like they used to… What are you going to use for now if you can’t find it?

Frankenstein’s Monster: *snatches Lanai’s microphone as she runs off screaming*


Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's All About Melange, Baby!

 MELANGE has a lot to offer shoppers and explorers alike. Come & See how YOU can benefit from MELANGE! 

We have 2 on-going HUNTS that change theme every couple months. One is located in the City where the stores are and one is located at our beach area. You can find more info at the landing point and teleport board @ the bus stop. We are always eager to help other designers as well by supplying nice shops, carts & Gachas at a very low price.

1 Free Week of rent added to what you pay at the time of rental for all New Renters. We strive in helping newcomers to Second Life by supplying Freebies, Dollarbies and other advantages by simply joining MELANGE inworld group and/or auto subscriber.

 Are motto is "Style For Less" We provide Complete Fashion Sets that include shoes and sometimes accessories. Why pay more for an original brand? When you can come to MELANGE and get a whole outfit and shoes for the price you would pay for just the shoes. Mix & Match to make your own unique outfit! Either way ... 

You are definitely not out of pocket a lot and can enjoy quality fashions for less. We also have Hair, Skins, Shapes, Makeup and so much more! Stop by today, because "It's all about MELANGE, Baby!" We appreciate your loyalty in visiting and always strive to give you the best shopping experience and surroundings. Welcome to our Fashion Family!

Facebook Link :

HALLOWEEN BASH ON THE BEACH AT DADDY-O's Thursday October 29th 6:00 - 8:00 PM SLT

Put on your favorite Halloween costume and join us in the graveyard on the beach at Daddy-O's for an early Halloween Bash! Our DJ will be spinning some great tunes as well as your requests! This will be one ghoulishly fun night you don't want to miss! So grab your significant other, your friends or just come alone and meet new friends at Daddy-O's....Where fun RULEZ!

The Assassination of Ozymandius King - Dean Lawson Reporting

An in depth interview with Second Life Artist Ozymandius King
A photojournalist for the SL Newser, Ozymandius was also a featured artist at the Horus Art Gallery, the Sisse Singhs Art gallery and was an integral member of the MAGE Magazine creative team when he was shot down in front of his exhibition at the Windlight Art Gallery. Of course this is just Second Life role play, but the incident was inspired by Facebook’s ruling to delete the account of Ozymandius King who, a month after joining Facebook, had gained over 3,000 Facebook friends and developed a following of over 5,000 members for the MAGE Magazine Facebook group.
It should be noted that, although there are several thousands of Facebook users using Second Life identities, Facebook has a policy that compels their subscribers to use their actual identity. While Facebook claims this is done for security reasons, people all over the world have protested this policy and continue to create Facebook accounts under false names.
“My online name is like a brand name.” Ozymandius stated in an interview with Ian Thomson. "Should The Walt Disney Company be forced to change their name now that Walter Disney is no longer the CEO?”!September-18-The-Day-F-Book-killed-the-King-Part-2/c112t/56042a170cf25fa7fe161315
"Many people use fake names on Facebook for safety reasons,” drag queen Sister Roma -- a member of activist group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — said in an interview with CNN. "Victims of stalking and relationship abuse have a right to participate in social media anonymously,”
Despite these protests Facebook continues to delete the accounts of people who are unable to provide evidence that the name they use on their account is in fact their real name. Oddly enough, thousands of Facebook users continue to use stage names and Second Life identities as enforcing this policy would be too difficult and potentially detrimental to Facebook's bank book, as the company's net profit relies on its ability to provide an audience for companies that advertise with them. So, with Facebook turning a blind eye to the vast majority of their subscribers who use false names, why was Ozymandius King singled out?

Dean : Do you believe that you were targeted by Facebook? If so, why?
Ozymandius : I joined Facebook with the sole intention of publicizing MAGE Magazine. Facebook warned me against sending friend requests to people I didn’t know but then offered to promote my website to strangers if I paid them 20 dollars U.S. per day to get an estimated 14 - 50 extra likes ... This is a ridiculous hypocrisy so I ignored Facebook’s warning and sent out friend requests to people who I did not know. Over the course of the next month, more than 3,000 people accepted. One month after establishing the MAGE Magazine Group page we reached over 5,000 members and more than 500 likes and I didn’t pay a single red cent for any of this. This is not to be cheap, I appreciate Facebook has created this social networking website but MAGE Magazine simply doesn’t have the advertising budget to compete with Marvel Comics or the Disney Corporation so we need to grow our audience one Facebook friend at a time. If Facebook chooses to serve the corporations by limiting our freedom of speech, our right to be heard, then I hope this article reaches a billion friends and inspires them to demand a more democratic social networking system.

Dean : On September 11 you made a declaration on the MAGE Magazine Facebook Profile page that “Facebook is going to murder me”, don’t you think that’s a bit extreme?
Ozymandius : Yes, but this is a marketing campaign so the goal is to get people’s attention. I would like to state at this point that, when I was a journalist with the SL Newser, I conducted myself with the utmost integrity, but Second Life news, more often than not, is simply another form of advertising, as a journalist for the SL Enquirer I’m sure this is something you can relate to.
Dean : Err…. Getting back to your alleged assassination, you parleyed this incident with Facebook into a story line for MAGE Magazine. Could you elaborate on this?
Ozymandius : Figuratively it was like I was being murdered by Facebook because they were terminating my account, in essence, they were preventing me from reaching a rapidly growing audience. The creative team at MAGE Magazine decided to depict this as an actual assassination in which 0THELLA, the Editor of MAGE Magazine, becomes a prime suspect because, when ALDO the Private Investigator deduces, she was jealous of my success. The reason for choosing the Windlight Art gallery as the scene of my murder was because, at the time, I had a fellowship exhibition with Windlight and we wanted to portray an artist being shot down just as he was starting to receive recognition for his work.

Dean : Is your relationship with MAGE Magazine over, now that your Ozymandius character has been killed off?
Ozymandius : Othella’s familiarity with soap opera plots proved to be invaluable in writing my character back from the dead but I don’t want to spoil the ending for your readers and would like to invite them to join the MAGE Magazine group to get their free subscription to our monthly magazine.

Dean : Is there anything else you would like our reader’s to know about you?
Ozymandius : I’m just a guy that likes to laugh and has a lot of fun being creative. Working with the artists at MAGE Magazine allows me to do both and I hope articles like these encourage others to join in the fun.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Go For a Ride on Hellz Highway

Hellz Highway is a beautiful countryside full sim track. As your your enjoy your ride on a smooth timed track with regular restarts. Take in the beautiful scenery as you ride  there are numerous spots to stop and cuddle, have a picnic, take a pic, or just swing into the waffle house for a hot cup of coffee. Great motorcycle vendors to try out out a bike right on the track and purchase there products right there. There is the Sh*t Hole to shake what momma give ya while Dj's play your favorite tunes,or a place to sweep that special someone in your life off their feet and dance in the clouds. Photography studio and professional photographer on site with great prices and instant pics.Everyone's welcome and MC friendly, a neutral zone. It's just like being home, we'll leave the light on for ya!

 Big surprises to announced in the future.

GizzA - Halloween Collection

A haunted Beauty indeed you will be, wearing the GizzA - Haunted Forest ensemble. This eye catching Halloween outfit is colorfull, and a real dark delight!

GizzA - Haunted Forest consists of a mesh corset (in 5 sizes), flexi skirts, roses as shoulder and head adornments.  With bats sitting on shoulders, cobwebs wrapping around the legs (also in 6 sizes) a spider, matching boots and op top of all that, the matching skull make up this is a costume to make this one hell of a halloween!


Demo's are available to try before purchase, in the mainstore or via MP


Who knew Spooky can be so Sexy? GizzA is proud and somewhat petrified to present GizzA - Deathly Silence.
A floor length sleek and body hugging gown in beautiful cream and black with eye catching cleavage and furr sleeves. To complete this haunting sexy look, skulls a skeleton hand are wrapped around your neck.

Available in the classic black but also in a just as haunting color cream.

Demo's are available to try before purchase, in the mainstore or via MP


GizzA Mainstore:

Gizza Outlet : 
More than thousand new outfits recently added in the outlet store

GizzA Creations / Owner & Creator
Giz Seorn 

GizzA Creations / Owner
Auster Elan

Going Rate: Are you getting your money's worth??-Becca Dracsol Reporting

As an SL club co-owner for over three years, I've been through just about every rough patch for running a club that anyone could have. But before even co-owning, I danced, and escorted. I've worked my fair share of almost every type of club. Most all clubs that have escorts, or allow freelancing, have escort ad boards. I began thinking about board rates and whether or not other clubs get a percentage of escorting fees. I also thought about whether or not escorts feel they are getting their money's worth. Within this article, I will address the working ladies of Second Life and gather their thoughts on the matter.

Escorts POV:

Becca Drascol: How long have you escorted in SL?

VividDreamz Resident: For about 12 months now.

MichelleMorteMika Resident: As long as I been here.

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: I have been a Voice Escort for about 4 years.

Becca Drascol: Do you enjoy escorting or is it simply a way to make L to you?

VividDreamz Resident: I enjoy it, but at same time it does help in lindens when you need them. But the enjoyment in it is my main reason for escorting, especially voice escorting.
MichelleMorteMika Resident: I enjoy it from time to time, but when I have to do it all the time it becomes monotonous.
BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: I love to please both sexes and the money is a bonus. I love getting very dirty as well.

Becca Drascol: Do you have at least one escort board you maintain?
How much do you pay weekly?

VividDreamz Resident: Yes I do. L$50 per week. But I also have others which have different price ranges.
MichelleMorteMika Resident: 100 per week and yes.

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: Yes I do it's @ The Bishes Club  and I pay $400.00 L. weekly.

Becca Drascol: Do any of the clubs you work ask for a cut of your escorting fees? If so how much percentage do they take?

VividDreamz Resident: Yes they do. I have two clubs that ask for a cut, but I don't mind giving them that cut as they are what helps me have a place to escort. One takes 20% and another takes 10%.

MichelleMorteMika Resident: No and none :) .

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: Yes and they normally take 15-20 % of the tip.

Becca Drascol: Do you think it's fair to pay a cut? Why or why not?

VividDreamz Resident: Yes it is fair. Because while your venue is supporting the right for you to escort in their club, you should support the venue as well. Because without the support given how could the club survive? It doesn’t grow linden on trees for sure. With the help of VIPs, Clients of Escorts, and Escort Boards, it not only gives benefits to the Escort but to the owners and the venue, which I see is a way of showing respect.

MichelleMorteMika Resident: I would only if they payed for "workspace" and offered free boards other than that I wouldn't.

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: Yes, I'm using the Club for one and I would give back to the club I work for if they weren't taking part of my tips only to be nice. I know they work to keep the clubs going.

Becca Drascol: Would it change your feelings on it if you knew that anything you pay towards a club helps it stay open and that it staying open gives you one more venue to escort through?

MichelleMorteMika Resident: Again, from being an escort and a club owner I would only if the club tried to help me out. There are a million escort clubs and finding a new one never has been an issue. The good ones are the ones that work to help promote their staff.

Becca Drascol: Do you feel that you would get your money's worth escorting even if you pay a cut to the venue giving you a place to use and potentially bring/meet clients?

VividDreamz Resident: Definitely, because the prices I charge are fair and fun and 20% or 10% taken from that isn’t like it’s ripping off my entire price for that service, which I believe ALL escorts try to do is make it fair and fun and pleasing to all clients they serve.  They should also all see it as not a cut taken but almost like a donation to one of the grids they work; they should treat it like their home! If you'd not want to go homeless, don’t make the club (you're working) go landless!

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: Yes, it's very well worth it. I make a lot of money doing my job but I wouldn’t call it just a job. It's more my hobby ‘because I have fun doing it and just love to know that I'm not just making them happy but providing a service. So yes, I am happy to give the club a part of my pay.

In the end of the day…

Many ladies escort in Second Life for fun, as a hobby, to make Lindens...or just because, at the end of the day it is a service we provide.This service may not always seem in high demand, but it is.In order to achieve success in the trade, you need two things: first, a client and second, a place to work. Perhaps freelance is the way to go for many; you call your own shots, set your hours, rates, and time. However, unless you are going to use free places or a home of your own within SL, you most likely will use someone else’s venue. I feel personally that owners put a lot of time, effort, love and yes even LINDEN into their sim. Isn’t it, therefore, fair that the least we can give back is a small portion of the rate we take for providing a service? It’s my opinion that having worked in SL for over 3 years as an escort that if I would like the best experience possible that I should worry less about what I get and more about what I can give. After all, isn’t that what providing a service? Do owners not put in their own time trying to gather prospective clientele, maintaining a sim, and trying to better other’s experience? For the most part, sim owners and escorts are a partnership. At the end of the day, we should not see it as burdensome to pay for an ad board and give a small portion of what we earn to the sim owner. I hope this article has brought you enjoyment and maybe a new point of view on what your money's worth.