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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Going Rate: Are you getting your money's worth??-Becca Dracsol Reporting

As an SL club co-owner for over three years, I've been through just about every rough patch for running a club that anyone could have. But before even co-owning, I danced, and escorted. I've worked my fair share of almost every type of club. Most all clubs that have escorts, or allow freelancing, have escort ad boards. I began thinking about board rates and whether or not other clubs get a percentage of escorting fees. I also thought about whether or not escorts feel they are getting their money's worth. Within this article, I will address the working ladies of Second Life and gather their thoughts on the matter.

Escorts POV:

Becca Drascol: How long have you escorted in SL?

VividDreamz Resident: For about 12 months now.

MichelleMorteMika Resident: As long as I been here.

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: I have been a Voice Escort for about 4 years.

Becca Drascol: Do you enjoy escorting or is it simply a way to make L to you?

VividDreamz Resident: I enjoy it, but at same time it does help in lindens when you need them. But the enjoyment in it is my main reason for escorting, especially voice escorting.
MichelleMorteMika Resident: I enjoy it from time to time, but when I have to do it all the time it becomes monotonous.
BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: I love to please both sexes and the money is a bonus. I love getting very dirty as well.

Becca Drascol: Do you have at least one escort board you maintain?
How much do you pay weekly?

VividDreamz Resident: Yes I do. L$50 per week. But I also have others which have different price ranges.
MichelleMorteMika Resident: 100 per week and yes.

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: Yes I do it's @ The Bishes Club  and I pay $400.00 L. weekly.

Becca Drascol: Do any of the clubs you work ask for a cut of your escorting fees? If so how much percentage do they take?

VividDreamz Resident: Yes they do. I have two clubs that ask for a cut, but I don't mind giving them that cut as they are what helps me have a place to escort. One takes 20% and another takes 10%.

MichelleMorteMika Resident: No and none :) .

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: Yes and they normally take 15-20 % of the tip.

Becca Drascol: Do you think it's fair to pay a cut? Why or why not?

VividDreamz Resident: Yes it is fair. Because while your venue is supporting the right for you to escort in their club, you should support the venue as well. Because without the support given how could the club survive? It doesn’t grow linden on trees for sure. With the help of VIPs, Clients of Escorts, and Escort Boards, it not only gives benefits to the Escort but to the owners and the venue, which I see is a way of showing respect.

MichelleMorteMika Resident: I would only if they payed for "workspace" and offered free boards other than that I wouldn't.

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: Yes, I'm using the Club for one and I would give back to the club I work for if they weren't taking part of my tips only to be nice. I know they work to keep the clubs going.

Becca Drascol: Would it change your feelings on it if you knew that anything you pay towards a club helps it stay open and that it staying open gives you one more venue to escort through?

MichelleMorteMika Resident: Again, from being an escort and a club owner I would only if the club tried to help me out. There are a million escort clubs and finding a new one never has been an issue. The good ones are the ones that work to help promote their staff.

Becca Drascol: Do you feel that you would get your money's worth escorting even if you pay a cut to the venue giving you a place to use and potentially bring/meet clients?

VividDreamz Resident: Definitely, because the prices I charge are fair and fun and 20% or 10% taken from that isn’t like it’s ripping off my entire price for that service, which I believe ALL escorts try to do is make it fair and fun and pleasing to all clients they serve.  They should also all see it as not a cut taken but almost like a donation to one of the grids they work; they should treat it like their home! If you'd not want to go homeless, don’t make the club (you're working) go landless!

BloodieWetVamp666 Resident: Yes, it's very well worth it. I make a lot of money doing my job but I wouldn’t call it just a job. It's more my hobby ‘because I have fun doing it and just love to know that I'm not just making them happy but providing a service. So yes, I am happy to give the club a part of my pay.

In the end of the day…

Many ladies escort in Second Life for fun, as a hobby, to make Lindens...or just because, at the end of the day it is a service we provide.This service may not always seem in high demand, but it is.In order to achieve success in the trade, you need two things: first, a client and second, a place to work. Perhaps freelance is the way to go for many; you call your own shots, set your hours, rates, and time. However, unless you are going to use free places or a home of your own within SL, you most likely will use someone else’s venue. I feel personally that owners put a lot of time, effort, love and yes even LINDEN into their sim. Isn’t it, therefore, fair that the least we can give back is a small portion of the rate we take for providing a service? It’s my opinion that having worked in SL for over 3 years as an escort that if I would like the best experience possible that I should worry less about what I get and more about what I can give. After all, isn’t that what providing a service? Do owners not put in their own time trying to gather prospective clientele, maintaining a sim, and trying to better other’s experience? For the most part, sim owners and escorts are a partnership. At the end of the day, we should not see it as burdensome to pay for an ad board and give a small portion of what we earn to the sim owner. I hope this article has brought you enjoyment and maybe a new point of view on what your money's worth.


  1. Very well said all of you <33 Love this article but only becuz it points out how hard it is to live an sl life and how sometimes it can be difficult to run a club but how easy it could be if you have people helping! SL can be so easy without the troublesome people who see things stubbornly! Well done Becca for this article... And those that participated...


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