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Monday, November 30, 2015

Center Ground Group presents "Late Night Center Ground with DJ Mizz Dibou and her Nusoul Neosoul Show “Live”

Tuesday is new music night with Mizz Dibou and the NuSoul NeoSoul Show. 

Join Mizz Dibou as she does her live BSR digital radio webcast from Club Center Ground 7-9 PM SLT. She will be featuring new and upcoming independent artist, along with favorite Neosoul, RnB, and whatever else catches her fancy.
Hosted by the Angels, Attire is casual.

 Late Night Center Ground is underwritten by the Center Ground Business District. Visit our collection of stores and galleries.  Rental spaces available  

About Center Ground Group: Originally started by 4 environmentally focused leaders to discuss and promote true sustainable modeling, and preserve their ideas and dreams in the SL metaverse, now expanded to include arts and cultural interest

                                                                        # # #

If you would like more information on this topic IM Luchenpur Darwin inwolrd or e-mail

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gizza Big Discount for Black Friday- Deals All Week! Nov 27th-Dec 6th

Are you ready for Black Friday Sales All Week? We are ready!

20% - 50% OFF!  We are waiting for you.


The Pink Vampire Missing for 3 Days - Fans Frantic

 The Pink Vampire left her home in the fabulous Hollywood Hills Monday Nov. 23rd at about 2pm SLT, sources say. She was supposed to arrive about 11pm at the home of friends Don and Ellen Baker in Ely, NV where she was planning to spend a few days and share a Thanksgiving dinner. The Police blots indicate that the Baker’s reported The Pink Vampire missing at 2am the following morning. They were told that they would have to wait 48 hours before anything could be done. That is when Mrs. Baker mentioned the missing person was The Pink Vampire. The police immediately sprang into action. An APB was put out for the songstress’ easy to spot pink Mercedes. The FBI was called in after 24 hours of searching. It was at this point that news leaked of the missing star and fans became frantic. The amazing singing sensation and regular performer at The Hollywood Ballroom was gone without a trace. There were no breaks in the case until The Pink Vampire showed up on the doorstep of the Baker’s home early this morning, completely unaware that three days had passed since she had left Hollywood or that anyone was looking for her. When our reporters asked an insider, who wished to remain anonymous, about what happened, his only response was that her route did take her past area 51.
More on this story as it breaks…..

This Weekend at The Hollywood Ballroom

Saturday – 7pm SLT – The Pink Vampire
Nothing can stop the Pink Vampire from sharing her fabulous voice and style with her friends at The Hollywood Ballroom. Pink will be giving her all in yet another amazing performance. If you have heard her, you know that there is no other voice in SL like hers; if you haven’t heard her……it’s time you did. Join us for this wonderful hour of fun and music.

Sunday – 6pm SLT – Jae Sands
The Hollywood Ballroom is proud to announce that Jae Sands will be making our Ballroom his Sunday night home. Both management and our guests were so impressed by Jae that we had our people get in touch with his people, everyone did lunch and at the end of the meeting Jae signed a contract for Sunday evenings. Join us for an hour of rat pack style music by this consummate performer.

Sunday – 7pm SLT – Rod Stewart Tribute Show

Our own Rod Stewart will be appearing on stage. It will be all Rod Stewart hits, all the time. Come hear all your Rod Stewart favorites, such as Tonight's the Night, Maggie May, Da Ya Think I'm Sexy and of course some of his Fabulous work in the area of standards.


The Hollywood Ballroom

Is Second Life Supporting Terrorist Schools?- Dean Lawson Reporting…

There are some of you who will read this headline and immediately think of airplanes flying into the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001, or the more recent attacks in Paris. But terrorism, according to the Miriam-Webster website, is defined as “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal”.

Although, in recent years terrorism has been applied mainly to Muslim extremists, according to several sources, including the FBI, terrorism is not defined by an individual’s political or religious beliefs but it is the tactic of using violence to scare people into doing what you want them to do. Therefore, the United States Airforce, dropping atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in an attempt to coerce Japan into surrendering was an act of terror. 

The Amritsar massacre, in which British troops fired on unarmed Indian civilians to discourage the Indian Independence movement was an act of terror. And therein lies the problem, the world economy, the governments of powerful nations, where forged by acts of terror. The use of the word terror when describing the actions of Islamic radicals is simply the big army pointing their finger at the little army and saying; “It’s okay for us to control the world through the threat of violence, but it isn’t okay when you do it.” The bottom line is that we are being hypocrites when we use the word “terrorist”.

This is not to say I condone the acts of a handful of violent men who happen to be Muslim. The reason why I say “handful” is because, praise be to Allah, the majority of Muslims on this planet prefer to live in peace with the rest of us. So it is only small group of angry individuals that make me think twice about booking a flight to Paris or New York or Mumbai. 

Given the choice I would prefer to live in a peaceful world in which I don’t have to worry about being strip searched because of my physical appearance. Let’s be honest, most people from Southern Europe, Latin America, North Africa and Central Asia could easily be mistaken for a “Middle Easterner” and I would rather not have to deal with the prospect of airport security having the right to confiscate my belongings as part of the “Patriot” Act.

So how do we put an end to the violence? The solution is simple, we stop teaching our children that violence is an acceptable way to solve problems. What do I mean by this?

 Let’s look at “America’s War on Drugs”. There was an epidemic of drug abuse in the United States, some might say there still is.  Instead of focusing on helping drug addicts overcome their addiction, the U.S. Government sprayed poisonous chemicals on the rain forests of South America then proceeded to initiate a war in the cities of Colombia to kill the “evil" drug dealers. The DEA eventually helped the Colombian police to track down and execute the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, but has this stopped the Gringos from getting high?

If a man gets drunk and drives into a school bus resulting in the deaths of several children, should we drop bombs on the Napa Valley Vineyards? 

Of course not, but we teach our children to be hypocrites when we use our military to solve our dependency on cocaine, heroine and petroleum. We also teach our children to be hypocrites when we allow them to be entertained by violent video games and movies. I know a lot of people who would never allow their child to watch the kind of violence portrayed in a movie like Reservoir Dogs but they have no problems with allowing their children to watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

 From a moral point of view, this couldn’t be more backwards. The violence portrayed in Reservoir Dogs is less harmful because it comes across as ugly, unpleasant and, because of some brilliant acting, very painful. In the movie “Born on the Fourth of July” a single bullet cripples a young man and ruins his life, but in Pirates of the Caribbean canons are fired, muskets are discharged, swords are brandished and the pretty heroic characters, the characters that we are intended to identify with, emerge from the battle unscathed. This is dangerous because it teaches children that only the “bad guys” get hurt when nations go to war, and what child raised in a self righteous God fearing all American home thinks of himself as being the “bad guy”?

In our minds we are the heroes of the movie. Ironically, the members of Al Qaeda and ISIS are no different. They believe what they are doing is God’s will. We see them as brainwashed fools, but are we any less foolish?

It is easy to be manipulated by the media. Hollywood movie producers are experts at understanding how images, music and stories affect us emotionally and psychologically. Most adults are swept into a suspension of disbelief as soon as the lights dim and the music swells, so what chance do impressionable young children have?

The answer is they don’t have any chance at escaping the propaganda, and so they grow up to become adults who spend their time and money creating pirate sims where they can role play and fantasize about being rapists and murderers. Because this is what the pirates were, they were terrorists, who used violence to take control of the Caribbean then imported slaves from Africa to work on tobacco and sugar cane fields in Jamaica and Haiti.

Now I realize that most of you, when you role play as swashbucklers and buccaneers, don’t think of yourselves as being rapists, terrorists or slave owners but that’s what the pirates were. Of course there is the argument; “It’s just a game. I’m not actually hurting anyone.” But what you are doing is propagating the belief that, the way the Pirates behaved was not only acceptable, it was also heroic. And it is that belief that causes young men to join the military and travel to across the world to drop bombs on babies in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. And, in some extreme cases, it is the belief that violence is heroic, that causes some young men to show up at their high school with an assault rifle.

We have to stop thinking of terrorists as being alien beings from another world. The terrorists are members of our global village, they are our children and we have taught them, by the way we do business, the way we govern and the way we entertain ourselves, that violence is noble.

So, unless you think it’s okay for someone to start up a Second Life sim where people can role play as hijackers and suicide bombers, maybe you should think twice about the games you’re playing.

What are your thoughts? Use the comment box below.

*this article is the opinion of the writer.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail in Second Life-Becca Drascol Reporting

Whether your SL relationship is just an in-world romance or one that steps outside into RL, all relationships have specific elements that make them last or fail. Even if the relationship is in-world only and may not be as serious, all people tend to rely on a few basic things that they will or won't tolerate. In this article I will go over what I feel are top 5 things that make a relationship fail in SL.

1)Stalking-All relationships usually start off sweet and honeymooner-esque. And although most stalking usually occurs after a relationship ends badly, that's not always the case. Rather it's a possession or control type issue, sometimes people have an unhealthy obsession with someone they have been involved with. To me this is a very distinct line and timing of something that ruins or causes the fail of a relationship.

2)Partner becomes controlling-While we want to think we would know a controlling person when we meet them, the truth can be so very far from that. Sometimes it’s just when things seem to be rolling along merrily and then BAM one partner starts to control. From telling their partner how to dress, who to talk to, and furthermore what type of job they can or cannot do within SL, or even where they can go. This too can kill any relationship. It is only when one becomes passive to the control is when it doesn't end the relationship.

3)Cheating-When it comes to cheating I must first say that one there is a clear cut definition of cheating, which would be having a romantic and/or sexual relationship with someone other than your partner. With that being said, and with the fact that polyamory is on a RL rise, along with open relationships, and different sexual behaviors that would normally be defined as cheating, what cheating is truly defined as may be blurred. But whenever an issue is one that is a betrayal to your partner it is most likely going to end up heartbreak hotel and the end of a relationship.

4)New love interest-Ever get that feeling that the relationship has changed? That your partner is falling for another? Or boom...they leave you and then you find that it's for another. And unless you want to cling or hold on...or become the above mentioned, a stalker...your love finding another is normally the end of things. And so it should be.

5)Dishonesty-What's a little white lie? A huge lie? One lie...or two...three? Well I guess it would depend on if the person lied to can live with the truth that it spawned from. Sometimes couples can thrive even when dishonesty arises mid relationship. Even lies that most people would not stand for, such as they're married RL and you never knew, or have children. Or perhaps they play as a male avatar and to your knowledge were male RL then suddenly they confess they happen to be female RL. Some of these lies would not affect one whatsoever and they would continue the SL relationship as it was, only in knowing the things they did not before. But for most, lies and dishonest behavior will put a nail in the coffin for sure.

Why do they fail?
Why one relationship fails while another thrives may be a mystery or obvious and clear. It could be one or all of my top five play a part in relationship failures. Hopefully with these top five in mind, you SL’ers out there can better a current relationship or make informed decisions when it’s time for an end.

This is Becca Drascol wishing you a happy healthy relationship...or new beginnings should one fail.


Lanai has flipped her lid and is practically giving away advertising.

 All Gift Certificates are set to 50% Off on Black Friday Only! 

In order to take advantage of this deal you have to purchase Gift Certificates before Midnight! These gift certificates can be used on yourself or given to a friend!

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 Happy Holiday Shopping!

Teleport Now!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Thanksgiving in Second Life- Debby Sharma Reporting...

Thanksgiving Day is a day to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year.
It is a National Holiday in Canada and the United States. In Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday of October, while in the United States, it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Apart from Canada and the United States, it is observed in Liberia [1st Thursday in November], Grenada, Saint Lucia [1st Monday in October], Norfolk Island (Australia) [Last Wednesday in November], Puerto Rico, Leiden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany [early October as Erntedankfest] and Japan [November 23rd as Labor Thanksgiving Day]. Being a secular festival, it is also celebrated by a few who follow Judaism.
The origin of the festival in the United States has been debated upon for decades. The debate is often confused between the Thanksgiving Service and Thanksgiving Holiday Celebration. Some claim that the Thanksgiving religious service was celebrated by the Spanish on September 8th, 1565 in Saint Augustine, Florida- which was codified in the founding charter of Berkeley Hundred in Charles City County, Virginia in 1619. 
Others believe that the true origin came from England, when the Pilgrims and Puritans emigrated in 1620s and 1630s who followed a tradition of Days of Fasting and Thanksgiving for the providence. However, later in December 26th, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a joint resolution of Congress changing the national Thanksgiving Day from Last Thursday in November to the Fourth Thursday.

In United Kingdom, the harvest festival of Thanksgiving does not have an official date. It is observed on or near the Sunday of the harvest moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox.
This secular festival is celebrated with singing, praying and decorating baskets of food and fruit to celebrate a successful harvest. The collections of food are usually held which are later given to local charities to help the homeless and needy.  Harvest Dinners and parades are common in Germany. In some places family dinners are common.
In Second Life, residents celebrate Thanksgiving either by partying at clubs, participating in hunts,  dressing up like a turkey, gifting each other and participating in an interactive parade among other things. Here are a few landmarks and events you would not like to miss on Thanksgiving Day.


Photography Credits: Official Facebook page of Chez Moi
By Chez Moi – Win L$ and Gift cards for 3 lucky winners chosen in random order.  Click the link to like their page and the post. Don’t forget to comment your legacy name.


Source: Second Life Destination Guide
The Jerky Turkey Hunt already made it to the Destination Guide. One is required to find the feathers of the Turkey. The hunt items range from Thanks giving to Fall items. Landmark:
Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt at The Magnificent Cat. There are 10 turkeys to look for at the store and skybox. Some give thank giving hunt items and others give L$. Landmark: http://secondlife:///app/region/Shocking%20Blue/17/161/22


Source: Second Life Market Place.
There are many items for sale especially for Thanksgiving like home décor, clothing, shoulder pets etc. Here is the link to browse the products.

Macy’ Famous Thanks giving Parade will be held at Rockefeller Plaza New York City Skating Rink. It is an interactive parade which means people are invited to bring floats with animations where audience can sit or animate themselves on each float giving them a photography opportunity. It is a one and half hour event with 95 floats which started on 15th November and run through till 26th November, 2015. Landmark: http://secondlife:///app/region/Tombstone%20Winslow/215/205/2042

Club Events
All evening celebrations with music and dancing starting at 5:00 pm; one can dress in formal or casual at Foxxies Romantic Jazz Club Dancing, Elegant Ballroom and Gardens on Foxxies. Landmark: http://secondlife:///app/region/Foxxies/218/132/22 
Club Carnage will host a 12 hours Thanksgiving party for family and friends. Landmark: There will also be a dinner party starting at 7:00pm. Everyone is invited to join in their formals as the turkey is served. Landmark:  
Party at Mamaroos from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on 26th November, 2015 will be celebrating thanksgiving with friends and fans of the club. Landmark:
Insatiable [A] will have a party from 6:00pm for an hour to celebrate Thanksgiving and honour Black Friday. Landmark:
The Dusty Wanderer Put at Dusty Heights will have a contest starting at 6:00 pm for 2 hours with 1000L$ on the board {Split}. Landmark: http://secondlife:///app/region/Dusty%20Heights/141/116/2021

Open Mic

Open Mic for 4 hours at The Sound District starting at 7:00 pm. It is requested to come dressed in attire appropriate for a Thanksgiving Dinner. Landmark:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5 Beautiful Places to visit in SL-Lilly LaceWing Reporting…

The Trace

Second life is full of beautifully designed sims to explore, find adventure, and to see visions we couldn’t see in RL without the use of some strong, good old fashioned hallucinogens.  Today, I bring you the five most beautiful (to ME, remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder) places currently in SL.

The Trace, The Trace Too

This is a beautiful sim, with autumn trees all over, the ground covered by a thin, brilliant layer of yellow, orange and red leaves. Perfect for fall, and with a rustic, country charm to it, this place is perfect for either a romantic date, taking photos with your sweetheart, or just doing some good old fashioned photography! Especially charming was the barn with the horses around it, and the gazebo behind it on the hill to the left added that special note of home to this lovely autumn landscape. Do check this one out!

Skye Neist Point

Skye Neist Point

  You land in a sun ray dappled meadow, right in front of a beautiful wooden bridge over a stream. Little white flowers pop up by a pond, and this trail is definitely one you want to take in first person view, to get the full experience. This gorgeous sim screams for a picnic basket and a loved one. Or a quick, earthy run with your dog through the woods. Whatever your speed, this a stunning place to come explore. I really love the shafts of sunlight filtering down through the thick trees, so beautiful, and so real!

Makeahla Jungle

 Makeahla Jungle

Ever wanted to go on Safari, but you can’t afford it, and don’t want to accidentally support poachers? Go to Makeahla’s Jungle! I ran into the lions first, then (ahhhh!) running from them, I found a much safer spot, next to the Zebras, who all grazed calmly upwind of the predators that could eat them for lunch. As if knowing this, a vulture rests on one of their backs, just biding his time. White birds fly over head, but I don’t recognize what type they are. Giraffes stretch their long legs out to the side to drink from what looks like seawater (don’t do that, it’ll make you sick!) while others stride through it with heads in the sky. This is a rad, rad, place, I can’t really say more because I need the room for others, but you’ll miss out if you don’t see this sim!

Baja Cove

Baja Cove

You guys didn’t think I wouldn’t include a beach, did you? Of course I’m going to! Baja Cove is a neat, happening little beach where you can surf, check out a towel and get some sun, or just bask in the raw power of the ocean as its waves break the shore. There are even rentals there if you just can’t tear yourself away from salt in the air and the barking of sunbathing seals. The sound of the ocean is well represented here, and you’ll find when you close your eyes you can almost feel the biting sting of ocean wing, and the smell of salt heavy in the air. Go here for peace, and water fun!



This is just, quite simply, a beautiful place to visit. Trees are everywhere, big, leafy, and beautiful. There are waterfalls, and an underwater area to hang out for those of us who prefer to be a mermaid. There are a collection of cottage type houses, almost like you might find in Skyrim. A beautiful fireplace warms the main floor of the house I enter, which has three levels. At the ground level, you find the living space, rustic, and old fashioned, the ambiance somewhat spoiled by the massive white Greedy Greedy lettering to the right of me, the only blemish in an otherwise perfect medieval theme. You can, and I did, spend lots of time here, exploring both above ground, and under water. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend you check it out!

 I love bringing you these compilations of neat places to go in SL, where are some of your favorite places to go? Tell us in the comments below!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Country Christmas Open Now Until December 25th!

Come one, come all to the beautiful Portland Maine sim. It is a Country Christmas Shopping District offering all your holiday shopping needs.  We have many gifts including mesh clothing, and decorations for you to choose from but the holiday spirit should not end there!  Pick out a Christmas tree, gather some lights and don't forget the wreath! Once you have done your shopping, relax and take a stroll through the holiday themed landscape or do some ice skating or participate in the Christmas Angel Hunt!

Store Rentals are also available

For more information contact ќăイђў (kathleen.goodliffe)

Open now through Christmas day!

Center Ground Group presents "Late Night Center Ground with DJ Mizz Dibou and her Nusoul Neosoul Show “Live” Every Tuesday from 7-9pmSLT

It's official! The NuSoul NeoSoul Show has a new home at Club Center Ground. Join Mizz Dibou every Tuesday night from 7-9 PM SLT for her live webcast.  Mizz Dibou features new artist of note as well as the best in Neosoul, RnB, maybe and a bit of Jazz.
Hosted by the lovely and talented Angels

Attire is Casual

Be sure to bring a friend or a few and make sure you don't forget those dancing shoes.
 Listen to the stream at

 Late Night Center Ground is underwritten by the Center Ground Business District. Visit our collection of stores and galleries.  Rental spaces available  

About Center Ground Group: Originally started by 4 environmentally focused leaders to discuss and promote true sustainable modeling, and preserve their ideas and dreams in the SL metaverse, now expanded to include arts and cultural interest

                                                                        # # #

If you would like more information on this topic IM Luchenpur Darwin inwolrd or e-mail

ALPHA DELTA RHO: Are you Looking for Leadership? Are you Searching for True Sisterhood?

Does self development/personal growth interest you? Perhaps looking to make a positive difference in others? Maybe you've joined countless organizations only to your disappointment, been let down, because of false promises and egotistical behaviors?

Then look no further, the true sisterhood of

Imagine having the encouraging positive support in your endeavors to do great things within SL as well as RL, without having to worry if someone or thing is maliciously looking to hinder you.
Secure in having a team of devoted women making sure every little detail of your shared time, experiences, dreams, personal growth, etc... is honored with true sisterhood.

Here's how you can be apart of that right now: Take advantage of setting up an interview with our team of trained staff members of ALPHA DELTA RHO, to come see for yourself what possibilities of true professional sisterhood awaits.

Pretty exciting, right? Even if you don't think so, the people who came aboard did! Take a look...

 亗Onyx Wallace亗 (onyxstclaire) writes:

Since joining the Sorority I find that my confidence has grown in less than a week.... I have a better job than I thought that I would find here.... Alpha Delta Rho is a great place to be...all of the Big Sisters are very generous with their time, they help, and answer questions and set you at ease....the house is beautiful and very elegant with many amenities, you would never be bored being I feel like I have a family I can talk to...and depend on and, I haven't crossed over yet lol... 

joυrnae nιcole noғυgazι (shay.corpur) writes:

Ok so my testimonial is this... from the moment I walked in the door there has been nothing but open arms, and love. That itself made me feel loved, and comfortable. These group of ladies is truly amazing women as I get to know them more everyday during pledging, I haven't been disappointed. I am honored to be pledging Alpha Delta Rho and I thank these ladies for giving me a chance to be in their sorority. As I get the know my pledge line sisters they are really nice, and caring, and loving people and I cant wait to bond even more with all the ladies.

J     U     I     C     E (selena.lavradorio) writes:

Being in Second life for 6 years, I pretty much have been to myself learning, exploring, modeling, building, etc. All the things one would most-likely come to do at some point in their time here. In that time I have met some really interesting people from all walks of life, that in some shape form or fashion, I have learned something from, rather it was deemed good or bad, all of it serves a purpose. I have never been apart of anything here in second life as so far as anything family oriented for various reasons. 

That changed for me when I was greeted warmly by one of the founders of ALPHA DELTA RHO this year. I'm very private, and to myself. I have been safe that way here in second life. Since meeting the officers of the sorority, I have to admit...after being involved with these ladies, I have come to feel valued as a friend, sister, and now an officer within the sorority that allows me to give that which is needed back to all women for the purpose of sisterhood that I was shown in my time of fostering relationships with the sisters.

Gracias to you ladies of ALPHA DELTA RHO, for being TRUE to what you have not only SAID, but DONE. Your fruits you bare, are nurturing.

We want to meet with you, and show you how serious we are about you, and our purpose as refined women of sisterhood.

So what are you waiting for? Apply Now! Take and complete an application, return it to (Fill in name or links here) and get ready to put the excitement back into your Second life experiences.

"ALPHA DELTA RHO"...."Where the letters we wear doesn't make me any better then the next, but represents the better me than I used to be!

Read our Original Story in the SL Enquirer:

An In Depth Interview with the Founder of Playmates Magazine, Tazzy Jenkins- Dean Lawson Reporting…

Playmates Magazine, was established in November 2007 by Tazzy Jenkins, Founder and Editor-In-Chief. Although very busy managing the magazine, the Playmates group and several events, Tazzy was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions.

Dean : Hi Tazzy, could you provide some background as to why you decided to create this magazine?

Tazzy : The idea for Playmates Magazine was actually inspired by my SL friends who were models.  One of them mentioned that she always wanted to pose for Playboy in real life and the other ladies concurred. That's when I got the idea to start a SL version of Playboy, so my friends could fulfill their dreams.  I researched publishing systems and got every magazine in SL to see how they were put together.  Some were well done and others were horrible. It taught me what I didn't want to do with my magazine.  I wanted a quality magazine that the models would be proud of and I didn't want a ton of ad's.  I found it annoying to see an ad every 3-4 pages of content.  I also wanted the photo spreads to be fun and interesting.  So I started each issue with a themed pictorial.  The models have been everything from cowgirls, steampunk, circus performers, rock stars, prisoners to fairytale characters.  Because most people buy Playboy for the articles LOL.  I wanted to add informative and interesting articles, entertaining stories and a bit of humor.  I wanted a classy magazine that would appeal to everyone.  The most important reason I have kept Playmates on top for 8 years is for the models.  This is their dream. They work hard to perfect their look and style and they deserve to be featured in the best magazine I can produce. Second Life is a creative outlet for me.  I prefer being behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera's.  Playmates Magazine was never about me.  I created it for all the beautiful women in SL to have a chance to shine.  Since I started Playmates in 2007, I have never failed getting the magazine out on the 1st of each month and have never taken a break.

Dean : Could you tell SLE about playmates magazine?

Tazzy : Playmates Magazine is inspired by Playboy.  We feature sexy, yet classy photo's, themed pictorials, a fashion section, destination spotlights, interviews with innovative creators and sim owners, short stories, in addition to our Playmate of the Month spread and centerfold photo and monthly features such as Dr. Love-Advice Column and True Confessions- Resident confessions of their most "face palm" moments. Each issue features the cover/centerfold model-The Playmate of the Month.  In addition to the cover and centerfold they have a 12-14 page photo spread and interview.  Once the models win the Playmate of the Month contest, they are then a life-time Playmates models, as long as they are active in group.  They have photo shoots every month for the themed pictorials, story photo's and articles.  All models in Playmates Magazine were once a Playmate of the Month.  The contest is held at Playmates Headquarters and runs all month.  The winner is announced at 4pm the second Saturday of every month.  Details and information about our Playmate of the Month contest can be found at the Playmates Magazine Headquarters.

Our staff works on each issue a month ahead.  So we may be taking holiday photo's in October but this way no one is rushed and we always have leg room for those SL glitches or delays.  We have staff meetings and brainstorm ideas each month then I write an itinerary for all the staff detailing assignments and deadlines.
We do sell advertisement but we also use a bartering system. The Playmates do appearances at different clubs for free. They have matching costumes and dance together on a HUD. They encourage tips for the clubs DJ, host and staff and keeps the club hopping. It's a win win situation.  Playmates gets exposure and the club gets traffic and more tips.  Plus we will advertise the club for free in the next issue of Playmates.  We only allow 10-12 ad's per 200 pages, so space is limited.

We have a staff that has been working for Playmates for years.
Katelin Skytower has been a writer for Playmates since 2009. She writes articles, short stories and True Confessions.
Jane Roux has been writing the Dr. Love advice column since 2010.
Fawn Moonwing has been writing for Playmates since 2010
Jeanine Rayna has been a writer and photographer since 2011.
Trevor Rookstown has been a writer/reporter since 2011.
Tommi Waydelich has been our centerfold photographer since 2011.
Aaliyah Hana has been Plymates event manager since 2012
ImaHotOne is our themed pictorial photographer and has been with Playmates since 2014
Courtezan Resident is our general manager and has been with Playmates since 2012.
In honor of my dearest friend, I have to mention that one of the best photographers Playmates ever had was Sherlynn Donner who passed away last April.  Sherlynn was with Playmates since 2008 and she was loved and is greatly missed.

Dean : Are you a model, writer or a photographer for the magazine? If so could you describe your involvement?

Tazzy : I am the founder, editor-in-chief and the "mom" to the Playmates.  I put the magazine together and publish it.  I do not model but I do photography.  I make all ad's, graphics, event promo posters and also pictorial photo's and the cover photo's.
I guess you could say I'm the glue that holds it all together.  I take the responsibility seriously.  It's my job to make sure all the models are happy and heard. Without the models, we wouldn't have a magazine.  We have meetings where everyone can voice their ideas or concerns.  It's important to me that they feel special. They get gifts and party's and have a big mansion thats just for them.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

A Thanksgiving Interview with a Protesting Turkey- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it is time for another Holiday Mascot Interview. I truly enjoy meeting these characters in Second Life because something unexpected always happens. Last time I interviewed a Thanksgiving mascots, it ended in an argument between a Pilgrim and Indian. This year I decided I would talk to a Turkey about his perspective, so I went to a breedable farm...

Lanai: Excuse me Mr Turkey, my name is Lanai from The SL Enquirer.  Do you have time for an interview?

Turkey: Ugh that newspaper? pfft. Anyway,  My name is Justin and get away from me! I’m not in a very trusting mood this time of year.

Lanai: Hey now!  Relax, Justin. I’m not here to hunt you for my table. I just want to talk to you about Thanksgiving.

Turkey: What’s to talk about? It is not my favorite holiday, neither is Christmas. You humans need to think about making healthier choices that do not involve us.

Lanai: But Turkey is very healthy. It is a valuable source of protein and is a good source of iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus in addition to vitamin B6 and niacin, which are both essential for the body's energy production. Don’t make me get all educational about it, but I understand why you’d disagree with sacrificing yourself for us. I just wanted to get your perspective on this holiday.

Turkey: Well from my perspective, it isn’t all about zinc, potassium, vitamin B6 and blah blah blah all that other stuff. It’s all about being choked, feathers being plucked, and having my neckbone shoved up my ass! Then, to finish me off with a golden brown crisp. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun does it?  If it were up to me, I would hunt down humans and stick them in the center of a table for my family to gather around and see how you like it, but we are herbivores. Besides that, you humans eat way too much junk food and would not be healthy to eat, even for a pig!

Lanai:That wasn’t very nice Justin.

Turkey: What’s not nice is the annual roundup of my fellow feathered fowls...Lanai

Lanai: I guess you have a point. So what do you suggest we use as our main staple for Thanksgiving ?

Turkey: If I really had a say. I would suggest that nice stocky Amaretto horse over there! Let me make my case for your brutal holiday.  You can make horse bacon, ribs, scrapple, pony sausage, rump roast, horse shoulder, horse rinds, jerky and  stew. Do I need to go on? Don’t get me started on the breedable dragons and meeroos if you can catch one.

By this time all the Breedable animals gathered around to listen in…

Horse: Hold on a second Justin there is such a thing as turkey bacon just saying!  Remember you have to live here with us so be careful what you tell this nosy reporter.

Meerroos: Wait. What?

Justin the Turkey: I will peck both of your eyeballs out. Mind your own business. The way you both populate Second Life, you outta be the ones hunted!

Horse: Don’t make me come over there Justin.

Meeroos: pfft. *scurries off*

Justin the Turkey: Oh yea ponyboy? I got one thing to say! *points at the horses*  Lady,take your pick. Each one is at least 2,400 pounds of meat!

Lanai: Wooooah. Wait a minute.

Horse: *gives Justin the hoof and gallops off into the stable*

Chicken: Keep me and my chicks out of this conversation. This is the one day of the year that we get a break, so CLUCK OFF!

Justin the Turkey: Easy there feathered friend!  What’s one more day? Let’s not mention Football season and all the damn chicken wings these humans consume.

Lanai: OK, this is getting out of hand.  Let me just clear the air before a riot breaks out on this farm. I am just here to talk about Thanksgiving from a Turkey’s perspective.

Unknown animal in the crowd: You picked the wrong farm lady!

Lanai: Is that so? *smirks*

In the meantime, Justin the Turkey and his flock gets into an argument with the Horses and chickens while Lanai quietly backs out of the barn and starts the turkey deep fryer.

It is clear that an interview with a Turkey was not the best idea, especially on a farm where other disgruntled animals live just awaiting for consumption. However you celebrate Thanksgiving  be thankful for the animals who unwillingly sacrificed themselves for you.

Happy Thanksgiving SLE Fans!