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Saturday, April 30, 2016

GeekSpeak - nanobots, do we want them to fix everything in our bodies?

Nanotech is rapidly advancing.  Soon we will have nanobots in our bodies, fixing them, controlling them.  We will have 200 year lifespans, nanobot created organs, new genes.  Do we want that?  Will all human diversity be destroyed and everyone become the nanobot version of the ideal human?  Will they gradually replace every human organ?  Will they put a stop to all human evolution?  Will we all turn into grey goo?

Or do you see nanobots as good and helpful and not frightening at all?  Or maybe you just don't think there will ever be nanobots in human bodies.

Come and discuss the future of nanobots and the human body in GeekSpeak.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The SL Playboy Mansion is proud and excited to announce a Special Edition of the Midnight Mansion DJ Contest on Friday April 29th from 10 PM to 12 AM!

  Amazing DJs Johnathan Heiss and Sharcrista Quan will be dueling in a hot and steamy Latin vs. Salsa showdown.  Also, in conjunction with the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life effort, the Mansion will be making a donation to The American Cancer Society. All donations made to the pink Bunny head donation boxes will also go to benefit the ACS.  So please put on your hottest Latin or Salsa dancing outfits and come hear some great music while contributing to a wonderful cause.  We can't wait to see you there!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Welcome to Arcadia Where Spirituality is a Staple of the Community- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Arcadia is a new community on the grid that focuses on spirituality, group discussions, relaxation in a beautiful environment and where your beliefs matter. As a participatory community, Arcadia’s philosophy includes respect for other’s rights and do not force beliefs on others. They welcome anyone who wishes to be part of a community of like-minded people who just seek peace in a virtual environment.

The SL Enquirer met up with Ava (avaline.decuir) to learn more about Arcadia.

Interview with Ava (avaline.decuir)

SLE: Hi Ava, can you tell us about Arcadia’s philosophy, how long it has been in Second Life  and how it differs from other virtual world communities that are based on religion?

Ava: Arcadia the group is new to Second Life. The island it is on however, we have held for over 4 years. We have built the environment lovingly to represent peace and oneness with nature.

SLE: The Guardians of Arcadia Group is where Arcadia community members can come together and freely discuss topics. Can anyone join or is it by invitation only?

Ava: Anyone can join. There is a noticeboard at the main house with a poster that can be clicked to join the group

SLE: How often are there discussions and what type of things do you cover?

Ava:At the moment we have discussions 3 – 4 times a week but that is expanding day by day. We run groups for meditation, Tarot, storytelling, general discussion and encounter.

The general discussions cover topics such as trust, belief, hope etc.

The encounter groups are of two types. One is open, where people can come and vent about things in Second Life or their real life. We don’t judge and we don’t need to know details about your RL, it is just a place to let go of burdens. The other type of encounter group is closed and each one contains approximately 6 members. These people meet privately on a regular basis and come to know each other deeply. The private groups will listen to member’s problems, hopes wishes and dreams and offer support to each other. It is important for the private groups to trust each other that is why they are invitation only.

The story telling groups will depend on the facilitator. Some groups may have the facilitator tell a story each week while others may take it in turns to tell a story. Then there is a notecard collaborative story group. This one is interesting. One person starts a story and sends the card to a random member of the group. That person may add to or alter the story or simply pass it on to someone else. And so the card moves around to everyone in the group until the story is complete.

We are also talking to a gestalt therapist who may run a gestalt group and another astronomer who might run a group all about astronomy. We are looking for someone to run a group on astrology as well.

SLE:  Arcadia has a very calming feel to it and the ambient music is relaxing. What type of things can visitors do there?

Ava: We have a lot of places where people can sit (using cushions or pose balls) and enjoy the area. Of course they can join in with groups as well. We have several lovely places where people can use dance pose balls as well. We also have 4 gypsy caravans that people may rent if they would like to have their own spot on the island.

SLE: Do you offer housing for Arcadia community members?

Ava: Yes we have 4 gypsy caravans available for rent and are in the process of building some skyboxes as well.

SLE: What type of events do you host and how often?

Ava: We are planning to hold regular beach parties with a dj. We have one on Sunday 1st May at 1.30 pm. We are planning some solar and lunar events with small rituals. Other than that our main focus is on the group activities for now.

SLE: Are you hiring or accepting guardians?

Ava: Yes we have several different roles that we are looking for people to fill. Guardians are those who are moderators to deal with the day to day issues that occur in any SL space. Ambassadors meet and greet visitors as well as talk about Arcadia wherever they go, so they are social people. Facilitators run group sessions. It is important to understand that roles don’t indicate a hierarchy. Our ideal is for all members to be equal and have an equal say.

SLE: Is there anything  else you would like to share with our readers about Arcadia?

Ava: We are excited about the potential for Arcadia. We want it to be an inclusive community that has something for everyone.

Additional Information
 Group: secondlife:///app/group/af5f9e1f-7535-e90f-0108-dbf9cfcf2f32/about
Preferred contact: Avaline Decuir and Darren Islar

Club Phoenix Is a Nightclub/Live Music Venue that has Catered to the Second Life(c) Public Since 2010

. Ever since, Club Phoenix has had some of the best live DJs and entertainers such as Hunter Quirina, Doctor G & Funkfusion, Lady Angels Dancers, Spirited Emor and many others to name a few. We are still going strong by maintaining a professional and friendly atmosphere in Second Life(c) as well as keeping the patrons entertained. As of right now, we are open from 8-10 pm SLT on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 6-8 pm SLT every other Wednesday.

    If you are interested in working at Club Phoenix as a DJ or host, then please feel inclined to IM Joni Villota.

    Furthermore, we do hope that you can check us out, and we hope that you'll enjoy your time here at Club Phoenix.

GizzA Creation Presents Babydoll Dresses available in 5 packs!

 GizzA offers 5 standard sizes and fitted Slink Physique and Hourglass, Maitreya and standard fitted mesh sizes. Pls check nc

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Future Imperfect: The Art Of Gem Preiz - Persia Bravin Reporting...

Image by Gem Preiz

On board a spaceship circling a far distant planet, the Captain stares out of the window of the craft at the unfamiliar landscape beneath him. Soaring watchtowers hewn from jagged rocks thrust high into the alien atmosphere overlooking abandoned landing platforms and bathed by the light of the ships solar panels, he pensively writes into a logbook. The opening page reveals that the year is 2115 and he has blasted away from a dystopian Earth: a planet that is dying, desolate and ravaged by mankind. His logbook reveals his deepest fears, his human frailties and an overwhelming acceptance that life as he knew it might never be the same again.

This dark glimpse of what life could be like in a not so distant future has been brought to present times within Second Life at ‘Wrecks’ – an exhibition at LEA 26 created by SL artist, Gem Preiz. Wrecks takes the viewer on a journey – both emotionally and visually – through a series of logbook entries written on the exhibit’s starry walls and via the colossal pictures of alien landscapes and structures that Gem produces outside of SL using Mandelbulb 3D, a generator of 3D fractal objects and to complete the out of this world experience, Gem has included a haunting soundtrack that wouldn’t be out of place accompanying a movie such as The Martian or Gravity.

Image by Gem Preiz

“The background of ‘Wrecks’ is a pessimistic future of our planet,” admits Gem. “But I felt it would be interesting to give a human and individual dimension to it, by creating a parallel between the risk of giving up efforts to maintain our planet, and the runaway life of a man who doesn’t want to face his own responsibility and future. Wrecks takes place in 100 years’ time and the fifteen fractal artworks tell of a journey into space along with texts extracted from a logbook and personal mails written by the captain of a spaceship which leaves the Earth. Overall, it gives a vision of the future of our planet, which matches the destiny of the narrator. More futuristic, not very funny, but… holding hope.”

The foreboding atmosphere at Wrecks is almost tangible: from the moment you enter the exhibit through the doors of the Orpheus craft, you are immersed in the life of the Captain and became compelled to discover the outcome of his narrative. But it’s the fractal images that really capture your attention due to their size, intricacy and beauty. “I cut my fractals into plates that I stitch carefully so that the edges are almost invisible,” Gem explains. “It enables me to bring 15 or 20 times more information inworld than with a single texture. The images are much more precise, and when you zoom, you get additional details instead of getting a blurred image. That increases a lot the immersive feeling.”

Image by Gem Preiz

Visiting Wrecks leaves a long lasting impression on the viewer, and despite his shortcomings, you can’t help but hope for a better destiny for the Captain – and planet Earth. As for his own future, Gem says that he has plans for further artwork and exhibitions in SL that might include “an extended range of digital images: not only fractals. I am also curious about the new technology coming, with virtual reality masks, to see how I could use it.” If you visit Wrecks, be sure to see Gem’s other exhibition entitled ‘Vestiges’ too, because there is no one better in SL art right now than Gem Preiz for showing us how the choices we make can affect our present – and our future.

Wrecks and Vestiges run until the end of June

Monday, April 25, 2016

Club Lion Celebrates 8th Year Anniversary on Saturday April 30th 2016

WOW 8 Years Club Lion Party Saturday 30 April 2016
Another great year has gone by and I can’t believe it’s already our 8 year Club Lion Celebration. You are all in for quite a treat. We spared no expense in bringing you an awesome Event, one like you’ve never seen before. You don’t want to miss it!!
We’d like to thank our singers in advance for participating in our celebration.
To all the amazing people who have made Club Lion what it is today we want to say a very special THANK YOU! The singers, audience and staff are amazing!
11 Hours full of awesome Singers, Shows & Dj's
6 am slt - 8 am slt : DJane Maria
8 am slt : Clairede Dirval
9 am slt - 11 am slt : DJ TOM
11 am slt - 12.30 pm slt : ML (master.lysios) Pink Floyd Special
12.30 pm slt - 1.15 pm slt : DARKO + ( ACES Dancer DreamBroken)
1.15 pm slt - 2 pm slt : Jen Waddington + ( ACES Dancer DreamBroken)
2 pm slt : Ricardo Avalira
3 pm slt : Shaye Dezno-Jonstone
4 pm slt : Leeman Convel and the Storm
We look forward to welcoming you, and invite you to make us a place where you will come to enjoy a happy time with us. Come on over, and bring your friends!!
Team Club Lion
Team Club Lion
Owner : Huanita Wunderlich
Headhost : Evee Sturtevant
Hosts : Tatjana / Yolly / Niki
Barkeeper : Josef

Sunday, April 24, 2016

{amiable} Natural Cardigan and Flared Midi Skirt at the Shiny Shabby (50%OFF SALE). Until May 15th

On April 20th The Shiny Shabby event April round opened. Shiny Shabby is a unique vintage-themed shopping event that brings together the most talented SL designers and delivers skillfully crafted 100% original mesh creations. Shiny Shabby opens on the 20th of each month and closes on the 15th of the following month. This round will end May 15th.

These items are reduced by 50%OFF at only the Shiny Shabby. Please don't miss it!!
Event Date; 20th April to May 15th.

▶What’s included: the top, cardigan, and skirt separately.
▶ fitted mesh by modeling Slink body.

If you are interested in it, please try on the DEMO before buying to ensure the perfect fit for your body.

✿Group:  secondlife:///app/group/025fbac2-aa6f-af41-25c7-4e3361602a7d/about 
✿Market place 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

GeekSpeak SL - Which Animals Will Go With Us Into Space? Discussion Saturday, April 23, 2016 12pm SLT

There are spiders, fish, frogs, mice, water bears and bacteria living in or on the International Space Station.  What about future bases in space or on moons or planets?  What will happen when people live permanently on Mars or the moon?  What animals will we take, by choice or accidentally, into space?

We will need bees for pollination and, if we farm with soil, we will need earthworms.  Some people will not feel happy without animals so perhaps we can expect pet dogs and cats.  Maybe horses or cows or birds, simply because people like them?  How would we transport these animals and how would we house them?

Will there be animals that come along even if we don't want them?  Mice, rats, cockroaches, aphids, vine weevils?  Human parasites like fleas or lice?  Will we be able to prevent the animals we don't like from hitching a ride?

Come to GeekSpeak and talk about which of our companion species will join us when we move out into the galaxy

The Shared Adventure - SL13B

This year’s theme for the SL13B Community Celebration is “The Shared Adventure.”
Merriam-Webster defines Adventure as “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks” as well as “an exciting or remarkable experience.”
Second Life has been home to countless virtual adventures, and continues to break new ground. Each of us shares in the adventure, as our creations are enjoyed by avatars from far and wide.
What does adventure stir in you? Is it an endless vista of unexplored jungles and ocean depths, a space opera, or even intrigue in dimly-lit alley ways. What dangers are afoot, and how will you and your cohorts seek to overcome them?
How will you present your escapades with others in Second Life? Will you send them on a great quest, tell them the stories of your own exploits, or present them with the tools to craft their own adventurous experiences?
For the 13th Anniversary of Second Life leaving beta, we invite you to put on your pith helmets, your G-Suits, or whatever gear you need, and share with your adventures with the global Second Life community.
It’s been almost 13 years since the first avatars walked the grid in Second Life, and we’re prepared to celebrate with our community-hosted birthday party! Spanning 17 sims with over 200 individual parcels available for building, five venues for performances and hundreds of residents participating from all over the world to put this bash together, the SL13B is gearing up!
Do you want to participate this year in the SL13B? Applications are OPEN!
We have space for all sorts of participation, from performing toexhibiting, DJing to building, and of course, volunteering to wrangle it all into place.
Click that Participate! button above and find your place in the celebration.
Want to know more about the theme, the Shared Adventure? Click the Theme button!
Need to know important dates? Check that Timeline!

Let’s make the 13th year the best ever and enjoy our Shared Adventure!

Once upon a time - Lacy Muircastle reporting...

In a region deep in the metaverse reigns the beautiful Queen Shannon and her handsome King, Blake.  They’ve issued the following proclamation:

You have nothing to wear? Now, now, no need for tears or a fairy godmother, just attend the Regal Fashion Show this Sunday (24th April) at 6pm SLT, featuring the glamourous designs of Tori’s Stylez. 

Sweethearts Jazz Club have organised a week jam packed with events leading up to The Prom, with plenty of time for you to practice losing your glass slipper…

After The Prom on the 30th April, the party goes on from 9pm SLT with DJ Enforcer himself. 

Come and dance your way into someone’s heart ad you find your very own Prince Charming or Cinderella.  

Sweethearts Jazz Club looks forward to welcoming you to The Prom 2016.  

Looking for a Job in Second life? – Camury Reporting…

Second Life offers an enormous variety of jobs for those who want to earn money inworld. But to earn Linden Dollars we need to have skills that we can transfer from RL into SL.  On the other hand you could learn a new skill that is specific to SL and then set about making money from the newly acquired skill.

The first question is: Why do I want a job in Second life? Earning money is an important motivator, but it’s necessary to keep in mind that to obtain success it’s fundamental to find something you really love to do in SL.

One of the most common questions is what sort of jobs are available? These are just some of what is available inworld: Dancers, modelling, shop attendant, security agent, host etc. These jobs require good inter-personal skills, because you’ll be dealing with the public in some form or another. There are some jobs that require the use of other type of skills that people have in Real Life, life for example, builders, scripters and animators.  This includes artists, who use Second life 3D modelling tools to create sculptures and other works of art.

Similar to what happens in Real life, the variety of jobs that you can find in Second Life are many and varied, and you will need to use your Real Life abilities to get a job inworld.  Besides that, it’s necessary to invest in the appearance of your Avatar. Nowadays the bodies, heads and hair created in mesh are highly desired. It might be tough and unfair in some ways, but someone who looks like they were created in 2007, will hardly get a good job.

Some jobs have a fixed salary, but require you to be available inworld on specific days and a specific number of hours per week.  Others pay with tips – i.e. dancers and hosts. Sales commissions are also used as a way of payment for some roles.

See below for the easy steps you can follow to help you find your dream job.

1º Step: Prioritize

The first task starts with the construction of a list of possible jobs, always taking into consideration your abilities in Real Life.  Sometimes jobs are offered in Employment forums. You can look for Forum groups to see if someone is hiring.

Check which jobs are available in the community at the moment:

2º Step: Get in Touch

Start contacting potential employers and groups you would like to work for. In general, businesses and clubs who are hiring will have an application form for you to complete.

3º Step: Get Ready

As soon as you get a positive answer from one of the people you have contacted, schedule a day for an interview (if necessary.) Showing up on the day and hour agreed, with no delays, is a good sign that you’re interested and that you’re responsible.

Get there prepared for the interview and always show interest for the position/job you are applying for.

Remember that the secret for success is motivation! Good Luck!

Friday, April 22, 2016

A true Spring stunner, is the new GizzA - Joanne Laced Dress

 This sassy mini dress with sweetheart neckline invites to look forward to meadows blooming and feeling the fragile rays of sun on your skin. 


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Social Isolation and Second Life – Camury Reporting

Like other computer games, Second Life is a technological tool that has a great popular appeal with entertainment,  participating in educational activities and it is actually helpful in getting people to interact with each others.

Second Life allow thousands of users to coexist while taking part in a social activities  in a virtual space. People from different parts of the world enjoy SL through their own avatar's eyes. The virtual environment allows any kind of interactions between people who are unlikely or unable to do it in real life, in any form such as competition, cooperation or collaboration.

People communicate and establish social contacts and create relationship networks which end up in certain social behaviors.

There are many studies demonstrating that an excessive use of online games lead to  psychological problems. People with psycho-pathological disorders, depression, social anxiety and  chemical substances addictions are more likely to keep improper and abusive behavior in online interactions by forgetting their own real life and isolating themselves socially.

Social isolation is a devastating condition of the human psyche, since the human being is a social being. In some cases, when not caring enough, social isolation can cause illness or even death, because the individual cannot take care of himself . Some people who are socially isolated, are also unable to leave their homes to buy groceries or carrying out a paid activity which guarantees a solid subsistence.

It is a phenomenon often observed among older people with physical problems or low mobility.  But it can also be observed in populations of large cities with other age ranges and social groups. However, there are people who believe that online interactions can help those who are socially isolated and feel that social engagement offered by an online environment can encourage people to make small social contacts in their real lives. 

The question is: Does online social networking gives us the same support and happiness as an offline relationship? Personally, I think not, but virtual communication and online interactions that Second life makes possible, can indeed make some people happier as well as encourage them in their social relationships in real life.

Some people have difficulties when it comes to starting social relationships, they may prefer interactions on their computer instead of a face to face communication.  Anonymity and the absence of non-verbal communication makes contact seem less threatening. Plus, online interactions can be useful as an experience, helping some people feel more confident and secure in their future social relationships in real life.

My own conclusion is that people who keep an offline active social life are less likely to feel lonely, even if they are "addicted" to the Internet. It’s all about how we use the internet.

There is a need to maintain a balance between our real life and the imaginary world to which we dive in every time we log in Second Life. SL is a virtual world with endless possibilities. Not just for social entertainment but also for business.

 Does social engagement offered by an online environment help those who might be socially isolated or does SL make it worse?  Please leave a comment below.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Top 5 Places to shop for Spring Fashion- CeciliaRosalie Reporting...

Spring is here! It is time to spruce up our wardrobe with new fashion trends and some color. 

Wearing the same pieces you bought last year, especially for women, would be a huge fashion no-no. Designers have been working hard on the latest trends and if you are care about keeping your look updated- It is time to go SHOPPING!

I have to confess. I destroyed my shoes exploring the grid on my quest for the best places to shop for spring. I'm not complaining.  It was really worth it. Here are my top 5 shop list with Slurls and pictures of must have items! A Feast FOR YOUR EYES <3

1. Entice
Entice has launched a new collection that caters to every taste.  it was a tough decision  so I picked two of their designs. The first one is called downtown jumpsuit. You can get it in four different sets  of three different colors each (hud driven).

 The second choice is  Proud Mary in six different colors.

2.  Hilly Haalan mainstore

Hilly Haalan designs have a great variety of clothes to offer spring shoppers with classic avatars and advanced mesh bodies. There's also an outlet store with some fabulous deals.

It was a really tough pick! Here are the [hh] Dune Dress Tropical 20 textures in one dress and [hh] Amerie Glam Outfit, a nice cocktail dress with a stylish spring coat for semi cold nights.

There are no words  to describe Gizza Creations and there's no need as they are the most popular designers on the grid. I picked their new release Jacqueline. Take the time and go see it!I'm sure you might walk out with a bag full of great outfits.

4.      Prism Designs
Prism Designs do what they promise. They add colors to our lives and our wardrobe..
Spring is the season for flowers.  Colorful florals and playful  dot patterns are the best way to embrace it.  I recommend the  Prism Eloise Capris and Top by Journey with Fabric Hud ( four colors), and prims Prism Marisol Silk Romper by Journey with Fabric Hud (4 colours).

5. ~{Zaara} MAINSTORE~
Last but not least, Zaara creations. They were one of the first designers to create clothes and lingerie for Maitreya mesh body. Most of my inventory goodies come from them and I have to confess I couldn't resist. I bought the last  pick I got for you. An etherial dress in 10 colours with patterns and plain.

Happy Spring Shopping

 CeciliaRosalie xoxoxo <3