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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lovely Laura’s Weddings just keeps growing everyday!

We are now offering house rentals. How can you not love all these attractions we have! Enjoy a home rental with a kitchen already installed! We offer houses for 250prim- 450L a week, 125prim a week for 250L a week. THAT ISN’T EVEN THE BEST PART! If you rent a full month you get a weeks worth of rent free! Here at Lovely Laura’s Weddings we offer it all because we want our clients happy, excited and want them to have the BEST Secondlife experience they can have. Big grand things are happening at Lovely Laura’s Weddings! So do not miss out!

Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Massage Therapist

With massage therapy being used to help millions of people cope with sore muscles, emotional distress and physical ailments, becoming a massage therapist may be just the right career option for you. Here are some factors to consider before becoming a massage therapist.

Gaining Experience

To become a successful massage therapist, you will need to gain as much experience as you can beforehand. The first thing you will need to consider is whether your heart is in the right place for the role. Whilst you may be good with your hands, it is important that massage therapists are empathetic and patient with their clients. Massaging is classed as a very intimate experience, so a therapist must be able to deal with their clients’ physical and emotional needs. There are many tips and tricks that can help you find employment as a massage therapist.

Learn the Art of Massage

To get a better and clearer understanding of the massage arts, it is best to engage with a massage therapist and receive a massage yourself. That way you can get a first-hand insight into what a good massage should feel like. Make sure that you have questions and queries ready before youhave a massage, so you can learn more about the profession. Conducting extensive research and reading thismassage therapist description will help you decide what type of massage therapist job will suit you the most.

Choosing Your Field

With many different specialties involved in massage therapy, you will need to take time to identify which route is right for you and what you are best at. There are types of massages that predominately focus on healing muscles whereas some are more tailored towards easing stress. When learning and practicing the several types of massage, you will begin to get a better idea of what role suits you best.

Getting Certified

Before you begin training, it is recommended to research into your jurisdiction’s licensing requirements, so you are aware of what sort of training you will need to be licensed. Most states in the U.S. have some form of licensing, so it is best to investigate your state’s licensing board.

Training Programs

There are various massage schools across the country that you can attend to help you become a massage therapist. Simply taking the time to research online will help put you in touch with schools in your area and beyond. However, make sure to look for programs that lead to receiving a certification that satisfies your jurisdiction’s licensing requirements, so you can be assured that you will be licensed at the end of the course. You will also need to factor in your budget when it comes to choosing a massage school. The cost of a course will vary from school to school, so make sure you have done your research to find the right school for you that suits your budget.
It is important that you thoroughly research the skills and requirements needed to become a massage therapist. Try and speak to those who are already in the profession who will be able to provide you with relevant advice and support.

ARE YOU STYLISH? CONTEST AT LUXE PARIS- $50,000L TO WIN! Gift for Each Contestant- June 17th at 11:30 AM SLT

LUXE Paris is searching SL for its next Look of the Year, a stylish and elegant woman who will represent the brand and win L$ 50 000 cash! 

No need to be a professional model! We train the finalists without experience. 

How to participate: WEAR a LUXE Paris outfit, style it, snap a picture, put your name in the title and send full perm to LUXEParisLookOfTheYear resident. Add the password Glamour in the title of your pic and get the LUXE Paris Stylish Black Fatpack for free, a set of 3 outfits! 

So what are you waiting for? All the details at LUXE Paris mainstore on Bao, at and at 


Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ancient Roman ritual in ROMA June 16th at 10 am SLT

Join the ROMA community as they honour Vesta, Goddess of Hearth and Home! Please join us in honouring Her with a ritual, that she might shed Her warmth and light on ROMA for another year! Following the ritual, you are invited into the homes of two residents who have opened their homes for our pleasure! Refreshments will be served.


Friday, June 15, 2018

The SHELTER: Second Fortune with Arana Boa- June 15th at 12pm SLT

Win cash and prizes by solving word puzzles, similar to TV's Wheel of Fortune game show. Bonus cash for the top three point scores.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Frou Frou Lingerie Event - Beach Body Edition by Flair for Events

Flair for Events is pleased to announce the return of Frou Frou - Beach Body Edition!

The original mesh event is back from June 10th, 2018 until July 8th featuring Caboodle, Ghoul, le fil cassé, Kaithleen's, Scandalize, Reign as well as many more.__Turn up the heat this summer and get seductively sexy in style. New venue, New you! See you there!

Teleport Now!

-SL Events

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The softer side of kink” -Pen Dragon reporting

Second Life has a lot to offer. The choices you can make are almost limitless and fueled only by your imagination. It’s not hard to agree that there is something for everyone. Most people enjoy shopping, going to clubs and living a pretty normal, happy life but there are those whose tastes and preferences run more on the wild, kinky side.

At some point almost everyone has come across a sex sim, maybe even a BDSM sim and wondered what all the hype and interest was about for these places. Some may even take a deeper look out of curiosity and may or may not have found something they were interested in exploring while others are turned away because it offends their sensibilities or find it too taboo. Some think of BDSM and imagine whips, leather, cuffs and chains and see it as a form of emotional and physical abuse.

The term BDSM is like an umbrella; it covers many varied and different things. The acronym itself means Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & submission, Sadism & Masochism. Within each of those categories there are an almost unlimited number of specific kinks, decisions and lifestyle choices with just as many people who make those choices and live the way that suits them best. Many who do not know about that lifestyle may be under the impression that there is only one to participate in BDSM, only one way things are done.

Allow me to introduce you to something different about BDSM, an aspect of that lifestyle that is quite often misunderstood and maligned. It is called the Daddy Dom (Dominant) and babygirl relationship. At some point you may have seen someone with a Daddy tag or a babygirl tag and wondered what that was about or what it involved. Some have the idea that it is incestous or a form of illegal age play, but as you’ll discover, but it can be something completely different.

The roles in the relationship, Daddy and babygirl, are similar to that of a Dom and a sub (submissive) insofar as the Daddy is the head of the relationship and the babygirl consensually agrees to obey his rules and decisions and agrees that she belongs to him. While this is typical, there are open and even polyamorous Daddy & babygirl relationships. To me one of the most beautiful things about a lifestyle relationship is that it is defined by you to meet the needs and desires you have instead of following traditional societal standards of how a relationship works.

What differentiates a Daddy babygirl relationship is the dynamic on which it is based. Typically a babygirl behaves in a more innocent, childlike manner allowing her Daddy to care for her and allowing her to be free from the stresses and drama of the world around her. That is what leads to the biggest misconception about the relationship, age play. The babygirl is not pretending to be a young child, she is simply behaving as a child might, there is no age given. A babygirl can be any age, it’s the state of mind that drives her. She may want to color in a coloring book, be given a bath or read a story. Sometime it is just a temporary need to retreat to a more carefree mental attitude. The Daddy is responsible for meeting her needs when she is in this headspace. He will take total control and make sure that her needs and desires are met. The Daddy is also responsible for her discipline, as well as rewarding her for good behavior. This is another BDSM aspect of the relationship.

Another popular misconception is that the relationship is incestious. Because of the title Daddy, many think of this role as that of the father and the babygirl being the daughter. Typically, that is not the case, however; as states earlier, there are those who choose to roleplay that particular relationship, but it is not the norm. The Daddy is a father-like figure, but not the father. He is still her husband, boyfriend or Dom. The Daddy is her caregiver, her lover and her disciplinarian and in many cases gets to know his babygirl on a deeper, more intimate level than what most relationships allow.

As with any relationship there is, of course, a sexual component and within the umbrella of BDSM this can and often does involve bondage, sadism, masochism and the aforementioned whips, chains, and cuffs. Again, every relationship is different, tailored to the couple involved  and no two are the same. But it is the use of such devices and toys that will deepen and strengthen a relationship. The deep trust a babygirl, or submissive, must place into her Daddy or Dom in order for her to consensually submit herself to him and allow him to use these devices and toys, trusting that he knows what he is doing, is what brings about the unsurpassed intimacy of a BDSM relationship.

Just as important as the sexual encounter can be, so is the time taken afterwards to make sure that the babygirl or sub is okay both mentally and physically. This is called aftercare and is a vital part of the experience. This is time taken to mend any wounds, comfort and calm. This reinforces the bond between the two and deepens the relationship further.

Any BDSM relationship can be complicated, involved and satisfying but, and this is my own opinion, the relationship between a Daddy Dom and his babygirl is a special one. It’s a deeply trusting, inconceivably intimate and extremely loving one. Most people find love, at least once in their lives, but few will ever know the tight bond that develops between a Daddy and his babygirl.

If you are interested in learning more about this lifestyle, I strongly suggest you visit the Babygirl Skygarden or Omega D/s library.

Additional Information
OMEGA D/s library
Group: !Omega

Babygirl Skygarden

Group:  .:BabyGirlsSkyGarden:.

THE PSYCHOANALYTIC ROUND TABLE Join the discussion on June 13th at 6pm SLT

Now in our 11th year! Please join us for an hour of engaging conversation at the Stone Circle on the Refuge for Peace every Wednesday night at 6 PM SLT. New provocative topic every week. Our group is open, sharing and respects every view in a civil context. All are welcome!

Seeking Wisdom is a congenial group here to experience life through shared thoughts, conversation, support and fun. We sponsor 3 ongoing discussion groups; check the landing for dates and times. Our sim is a large nature park, where you can relax and enjoy solitude, contemplation, conversation, or a snuggle with a lover. We also have a pub for games, an art gallery, a meditation garden and a jazz nightclub with live music. Visit today!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Choosing A Career That’s In Demand

No one wants to dedicate their time to study, only to discover there are so many people doing that particular job there are not any vacancies. That is why when choosing which career path to follow, you should look at ones in demand for people with your qualifications. Generally, in the US there is a shortage of nurses, accountants, engineers of all types, and several other trades and professions. You also need to take into account the salary you will be earning. For instance, some states such as Maine tend to pay slightly lower than the national average. By the same token, the cost of living in Maine is also lower, so it evens out.


There are many different types of engineering, and they all have a demand for qualified technicians. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning engineers (HVAC) is an area that is particularly short of qualified technicians, and one that pays a good salary. Using Maine as an example once again, there are many options of courses that teach to varying levels for different certifications.
Once you have completed the HVAC training Maine, you will need to be licensed to work in the areas you have gained qualifications for.

Medical Profession

As long as people become ill or get injured, there will always be a demand for workers in the medical profession. However, there is a particular shortage in the nursing field, and if you want to consider this as a career, you will need to undergo quite intensive training.
You have to complete an accredited registered nurse program and obtain a license first, and then you can decide if you want to specialize in any specific area. If you do, you will have to do further training. However, most nurses love their jobs and think it has been well worth the effort to get the qualifications they needed.

Accountants and Auditors

People tend to think of accountants as boring people, but that could not be further from the truth. It is a very highly regarded profession that pays well. With the ever-increasing complexity of the American tax systems, good, qualified accountants are in a very high demand.
They do not always work in accountant offices. There are many positions once you are qualified within industry and commerce. In these areas, an accountant’s knowledge can be vital for a business to run cost efficiently.

Other Trades And Professions With A Demand

These are not the only areas where there is a demand for qualified people. Some areas of teaching have a huge shortage of qualified tutors. The other areas where there are not enough people to fill the jobs include truck driving, software engineers, data analysts, financial advisors, physical therapists, and data scientists.
The number of jobs available in each trade or profession can also differ greatly from state to state. Before making your choice of a career path, take a look at the jobs where is a demand for people like you in your area. Then look at the training involved. Hopefully, you will find something that you want to work in.


Romance, magic and fantasy.  Explore your inner desires at Southern Heart with momenti rubati (stolen moments).  Walk through the gardens and castles and along the beach, and find the hidden spots for romance, love, and peaceful meditation.   Enjoy.

-SL Events

Monday, June 11, 2018

Strange & Mysterious SL- Seersha Heart Reporting...

One of the best links provided to SL residents is the "Destinations Guide".  If you open your Destination Guide and look on the left side of the screen you will find categories.  I usually explore a couple listed under "recently added" [near the top].  This week I visited several stops under the category "Strange & Mysterious".  This category appears near the bottom of this lengthy list.  I visited these sites six months ago, and visiting them again was quite interesting.

Most Confusing is Jack the Ripper and Jack the Ripper.  Two distinct and different locations.  The one currently promoted in the destinations guide is very nice build of London in the late 1800s that is one single block.  Super creepy, dark and changes in weather.  While visiting you would realize you are along one of SL’s many land routes.  The asylum is not part of the real Jack the Ripper.  It is a very nice niche made here in this block for visitors.  Take a lot of pictures, this could make a good Halloween texture to send out.

The parcel I am more familiar with is titled “1888”.  It is on Timerry Island and has existed a couple of years now.  This a full RP city set in late 1800s.  Landing in this city the owner provides period clothes for those who are OCC.  There is a club called “Club 88”.  If you want to RP late 1800s and naughty, start at the club.  I am not sure what all the naughty is on this parcel.  I did stumble onto a place with freebie pony play items.  Of course, I picked them up.  I wanted to see what they were…let’s say I am giving a big pass on pony play.

Creepiest city goes to Inns mouth.  You can see the love of building that was put into this Love craft built. There are interesting things to see in most of the buildings.  Some are run down homes.  There is an old bookstore with a back-room card game.  The cards are flying around the room.  My favorite spot is the theater.  It runs a silent film clip and cycles it.  Super creepy, super fun, this will keep you busy exploring for quite a while.  I mounted up and rode my horse around town.  The sounds of my horse on the dark streets was eerie.  I wanted the horse for a fast get away.

Dives or every day places, are popular builds to make scary.  One of those is the DoX Motel.  This is location is in the Pacific northwest.  All the rooms are occupied by unknown people.  I recommend adjusting your sun to midnight for maximum strange effect.  I entered each room, most were disheveled and messy.  Remnants of occupants were left behind.  Downstairs the office is unattended.  the DoX has an isolated feeling.  I would not have been surprised to have someone jump from the shadows.  Plan to stop for only a short time at this parcel.

Olivia's Diner is another dive.  There is no mistaking the strangeness of this stop.  For one thing there are a couple of murder scene poses in the front lawn.  They are funny and chilling.  Inside there is a body on the counter who has been gutted.  There are rats and roaches, roaches on the floor, rats on the counter.  There is a Colonel Sanders style bucket with human heads inside.  There is an ongoing Horror Trivia.  I won 15L, 1L a question.  This parcel has imagination and care put into the disturbing build.  I will be visiting again soon to figure out what the buck deer on the lawn is doing while standing on the lawn.  There are even two dance floors, one inside by the rats and one outside by the crime scenes.  Love it!  Olivia’s wins my vote for more disturbing and spine chilling.

Dystopia is “in” for builders.  I've seen this theme repeated a few times, each time I have been able to see the care and imagination of the builder.  There are fourdystopian stops I recommend for this type of Strange & Mysterious.  The first two are on the guide.  Tableau is a post-apocalyptic desert area.  I took my horse there and rode around the desert.  It is desolate, it is lonely.  The land seems to go on forever.  It looks like a time from Mad Max movies.  Another stop on the Destination guide that is good is titled Dystopia.  The landing point for this build is off so I have given you a better one below.  Dystopia has a city block open to all as well as an area for group members.  Most buildings are abandoned and that is the overall feeling I had walking through the build. 

World's End Café is featured this week in the Destination Guide.  This is not in the Strange &Mysterious.  I would add this strange location. Just a building at the end of a dock.  Hypnotic odd and strange capture how I would rate it.  I would recommend adding a trip to the Nuclear museum if you are dystopia hopping.

I love the Citta Perdu [the lost city].  I started visiting this site several months ago when it was snowing there in the city.  I asked the builder what the city represented.  She told me it is a city where one day everyone just left.  No war or dystopia, just gone.  To add to the thrill of this city go through the sewers.  There is a hidden bar within them.  Look at the subway.  There is much to be seen in this lost city.  When I first began traveling to this location, there were northern lights in the backgrounds.  Pack your camera and take a friend, this build is a treat.

I was introduced to the Verdigris sim by a friend some time ago.  On the surface it is impressive.  On my first trip there, I saw a few areas and thought it was a nice place.  Later I visited and began combing the buildings and other areas.  Some of the areas to explore are the Rossell Hope Robbins sLibrary, the Expedition Hall  and the Clockwork Bird.  Like the Lost City, this stop has much more below the surface than you may anticipate.  There is a mini city that falls victim to a tidal wave within the walls of Verdigris.  There is a man thinking about jumping into the water below.  He has been considering this for months now.  What will you find in Verdigris?

Temple of Iris is on the strange & mysterious Destination Guide list.  It is neither strange nor mysterious.  It is a historic SL location.  If I were to make a list of "must see" locations for SL, the Temple would be on the list.  For those who build, look at that prim count.  Ouch!  The total prims on this build is huge and scary.  Stop by take your picture and visit some authentic SL history.

I saved the most unusual for last.  It is called "untitled".  This stop is on part of the LEA sim.  LEA builds only remain active for set period.  This build is one to cam up and out to see from a distance, then cam in and look at the details.  Waterfall of blood, shallow pool of blood are parts of this build.  You may move around using a mirror teleport which I believe is quite clever.  It is necessary to take your camera out, very far out to view the entire build.  There are two bronze men carrying the “burden” of the project.  Each man is standing in a corithen columned square.  Bring your camera back in and visit all the sites you are able to visit.  This build is temporary.

Strange and Mysterious is a very subjective term.  I feel that one of the words should be unusual.  What one person considers Strange and Mysterious [Untitled] another person may view it as beautiful art.  I am fairly sure that anyone visiting Olivia’s Diner would believe is unusual and strange.  Dystopian ideas are located in many areas of SL.  If you visit them, look for the meaning the building has tried to convey to the viewer.  Keep up with SL Enquirer and we will let you know what we’ve seen and reviewed on the grid.  And as always, if you are interested in reading more about something in SL, let us know.  Here are 

 links to the above spots:
Jack the Ripper
Innsmouth, HP Lovecrat Tribute – 1930s Massachusetts
DoX Motel
Olivia's Diner
World's End Cafe
Citta Perdu [the lost city]
Temple of Iris

-Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]
Photos by KarmaghnaUlrik

Sunday, June 10, 2018


KiX On The Beach is our range of beach and patio furniture and starting on 13th of June we have a month of sales and new products for the summer.

First in the main store we have 50% off everything in the range.  Come on over and grab a bargain at our special.  During the event we will have a raffle going where the winner can choose a prize from anything at all in the KiX Main Store and a new group gift!

The sale event also coincides with KiX in 2 shopping events.  First on the 13th June at 1 pm slt we have the new KiX Adult Lesbian Beach Towel and windbreak as an exclusive.  Then on 18th June we have the new KiX Beach Lounger in both adult and PG versions, exclusive for Illuminate event.

More information on the 2 new items can be found on our blog

Get a Head Start on Off-Roading Adventures

Off-roading is the practice of driving away from the man-made road, and it encompasses a wide array of different terrains. Depending on where you plan to drive, you could encounter sandy beaches, muddy trails, rocky canyons and everything in-between. At first, it can seem very intimidating to get started with off-roading, especially with all the confusing terminology surrounding the sport, but once you get down to the nitty-gritty and learn the basics, it’s not all that complicated, and you too can start heading off into the wild.

Why Off-Road?

Maybe you already have a four-wheel drive vehicle but don’t know what to do with it, or why to even bother off-roading. There are many different reasons people like to go off-roading, but a big part tends to be the thrill of being ‘off the beaten track’. Driving through the wilderness to untouched scenery with no-one around to stop you can provide an incredible feeling of freedom and harmony with nature. Not only that, but for photographers it’s an absolute goldmine. No more do you have to stick to taking the same boring photos of the same places as everyone else, you can venture into the wild and find unexplored locations. If any of this appeals to you, off-roading might be for you.

What Kind of Vehicle Do You Need to Have?

How do you know if you’ve got the right vehicle for off-roading? There are a few basic qualities that all off-roading cars have (or should have) that will make your journey much easier. The first is of course, four-wheel drive (4WD); this lets your engine provide power and torque to all four of the vehicle’s wheels, which can come in incredibly handy when driving off-road.
The next thing is tires. You’ll want tires that can garner the most traction as possible, and they will typically be wider than regular tires so that greater surface area can be obtained. Then you’ll also need a decent suspension. Having bad suspension while off-roading can make your road-trip a nightmare, because you’ll be able to intensely feel every boulder, hill, or pot-hole that you come across.
Lastly, you’ll probably want to be equipped with some sort of rear and front bumpers. This stops your car from becoming scratched and provides further protection from potential collisions. There are lots of perfectly suitable off-roading vehicles out there that can easily double as your day-to-day car, such as the Land Rover Defender. Have a look around and decide what’s best for you.
If you are dead serious about off-roading, and want a vehicle that is completely indestructible, you could even go for a military-grade vehicle such as the Deuce And A Half Offroad, affectionately nicknamed because it can haul two and a half tonswhile off-roading. Although these types of vehicles definitely aren’t necessary to start off-road adventures, it will give you a certain authority on the road.

Learn theBasics of Off-Roading

To get a firm grip on the mechanics of off-roading, it’s a good idea to look up or have someone teach you how to handle traction control, speed, locking differentials,and other essential pieces of knowledge. This is all fairly easy stuff to find online, but to be extra safe you might want to consult off-roading specialists.

Essentials of Off-Roading and What to Do When You Get Stuck

Getting stuck is an off-roaders worst nightmare, but there are a few essentials you can carry around in the back of your vehicle that can help to rescue you from a sticky situation. Tools such as winches and snatch straps will help to pull your vehicle out from where it is stuck, whist a snorkel attachment for the engine can prevent your engine becoming flooded (which is a huge no no). Last but not least, a first aid kit is always a wise essential to carry around while off-roading, just in case.
Once you get the hang of it, off-roading is exhilarating and fun, allowing you to explore and camp in new, undiscovered places all over the country. Hopefully you’re now at least a little more equipped to head into the world of off-roading.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

GeekSpeak – if you were a billionaire which science projects would you support? Join the discussion June 9th at 12pm SLT

Imagine that you have suddenly become a billionaire.  You buy yourself a yacht, a castle, a Lamborghini, presents for all your friends and the most expensive hairstyle imaginable.  Now what? 

Now of course you want to help your fellow humans.  The best way to do that is to fund science projects but there are so many to choose from.  Which will it be?  You could fund medical research and find cures for malaria or Alzheimer’s or any of the other diseases that kill so many people.  You could fund climate research or space travel or robotics.  Maybe you could find a new source of energy.

Do you have a secret dream of a discovery that will change the world?  Come to GeekSpeak and tell us about it.

Join the boardroom in the executive science council 😊

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Second Pets™ New Species Japanese Snapper!

Japanese Snapper are here! They are available at our in-world store and on the Marketplace .

Second Pets™ other two fish species, Clownfish, and Koi are also avaialbe in-world store and on the Marketplace .

Follow us on Facebook .

Remeber Second Pets™ Fishes are satisfaction guaranteed .

Contact or send a NoteCard to SecondPets Resident if you have questions or problems.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The best careers for gamers

What kind of wonderful would it be to be able to get paid to play video games all day? Too good to be true? Not at all, gaming is a lucrative business, and the people behind all your favourite games aren’t doing their jobs for free. Discover how you can put your love of gaming to good use with this list of top careers for gamers.

Game director
Be the one in charge and unleash your vision for a game as a game director. Much like a film director, this role involves directing the gameplay, and creating an overview of all eventualities in the game. You will be responsible for working with a creative team to define your overall vision. You will play several roles, including budget planner and game designer, keeping everything on time, and within budget. This job would suit creative gamers, who want to work their way up within the gaming industry. To see what degree you will need to pursue this role, check out

Character designer
This is a multi-skilled role which will see you creating the look and feel of complex characters. As a talented illustrator and animator, you will be responsible for the initial design and the padding out of characters. Each character will need a backstory and a goal, giving them a personality which can be then used in a game. Every element of the character will have to be carefully thought out, with consideration to how the design can be animated effectively and realistically. You will need to be both creatively, and technically experienced to be a successful character designer. For more information about what experience you need for this role, visit

3D modeler
As the job title suggests, you will create 3D computer models, allowing images to be seen from three sides. You will turn initial ideas and 2D sketches into 3D models to determine the efficacy of each one. This is an essential role, asin gaming, it needs to be determined that all ideas and sketches can translate into characters, backgrounds, and accessories that work. Sometimes ideas may not work, and this is where your expertise comes into play.

Professional gamer
Yes, there really is a career that involves playing video games all day. As a professional gamer you will need to be heavily invested in gaming to a competitive level. This is for those that play for around eight hours a day, honing skills and completing levels quickly and efficiently. You will enter competitions, and, if you are good enough, will receive sponsorship that can see you make gaming a career. Competitive gaming is seen as a sport, and there are several competitions with huge cash prizes. Find out more, here.

With so many avenues open to those that enjoy gaming, you could soon be turning a hobby into a full-time career. Experience is key, so ensure you approach local companies or individuals with the career you want to find out how you can achieve it.

Mainland Route 12 – Some Interesting Finds - Seersha Heart Reporting…

Linden Labs Department of Public Works and Roads is responsible for adding content to the Mainland SIMs including roads, railways, monorails, bridges, ferryboats, sailing routes and so on for residents to use.  Along the roads are “rez” areas where any resident may “rez” a vehicle to drive and use the roads.  If you need creative inspiration or are curious, take a drive on one of these mainland routes.  I promise you will find things that interest you.  I will warn you in advance, be prepared to be periodically kicked out of that very large castle you love.  Sometimes navigating the Mainland is a challenge due to odd shaped land parcels.  As an owner of an extremely odd shaped parcel along Route 12 [Nautilus continent], I have trouble at times navigating at the edges.  I hopped in my Porsche and backed out on to route 12.
[IM me for a free
I took a drive alone Route 12 on the Potter SIM recently.  My adventure began by cruising by a Diner.  Many residents will build or place RP buildings along the roads.  Looking inside this one I found some good detail.  I have visited these highway Diners and other places to eat with friends.  It is a nice place to chat, and many offer a wide selection.  I wanted something more unusual so I drove on down the road.

Shortly I found my first “unusual” location.  Nestled in a small wooded parch of land was a wooden building that looked like a home.  Upon closer inspection, I learned the “Odie Cinema” is dedicated to silent films.  Set up and beautifully detailed by Abinoam Nørgaard, there is a small screening room, a refreshment area and a small upstairs lounge.  It is completely adorable.  I was not surprised to learn that Abinoam is a fan of the 1920 Berlin SIM.  The Odie Cinema may be found along route 12.  Regular movie showings are at 1 pm SLT on Fridays.  It is a lot of fun to watch these movies.
            I drove next to the Pod Tours kiosk.  I see these pods traveling down route 12 all the time.  For those who don’t know, until 2015 there existed a Second Life Transit Authority.  The person who managed this process had all kinds of different cars that you could regularly find and use along the roads [along with other vehicles].  The thought was why have roads without travel?  Now we have pods.  When you see a pod traveling down the road, click on it and you will be whisked away to the next pod station.  This is another good way to navigate the roads.  If you want to stop, simply “stand” and when you are ready to travel again wait for a pod.

            Moving along the route, I became fascinated by a fortress of a home on the mountainside.  Flying high above it were the Pride and the BDSM flags.  You may find areas along your drive that you feel you simply *must* see.  This was one of them for me.  The house was chic and modern in the black and the white décor that is not uncommon.  The owner had built a large Photo studio on the property.  It is one of the nicest I have seen in world.  The owner was not available for comment. 

            In our population we have many artists that work in 2D, 3D and some both.  The first gallery I came to
Michael Wright Fine Art MuseumOwned by Oldaged.  Spacious and well laid out, it was easy to cam around and see the featured artist’s work.  Currently featured is Mrags Writer.
            “Call me Ishmael” crossed my mind as a huge 822 prim Blue Whale was not breaching but completely out of the water, hovering just above it.  Checking the details and what agouties do I find is the builder?  Our own Bryn Oh who creates fascinating interpretations of animals as only a small part of her contributions to the SL around the world.The whale and a little girl make up a piece titled ‘Imogen and the Whale’.  I run down the hill to a glass structure of geometric trapezoids and rhombus.  This is the Peace Gallery.  There are samplings from all the biggest names in art in SL; Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, Igor Ballyhoo, and more pieces.  It is owned by long time patron of the arts Thedove.rhode.  If you want to see the best of 3D art in SL do not miss this gallery.  One side note, it is a little difficult to navigate around and you are sent back to the landing point quickly. 

Along Route 12 I came upon a group that owns large parcels on both sides of the road.  The group is the Moon Disciples.  They have filled their parcels with gothic and modern architecture.  The Moon Disciples Horde is described in Monarch Seren Mcgillivary’s profile at a close-knit family of souls ready to embrace the dark as their solace.  A Bloodlines horde, their motto is “Under the shadow of the moon, our enemy meets their doom.
            My final stop along Route 12 for the day was at Cartage& Storage a factory and a service building that moves items around the continents of SL.  I was initially draw to the outside attention to detail.  This location processes and serves the GTFO community.  I walked inside and found a trove of information.  The parcel owner, Cosmo Kawabata, arrived while I was there and offered to answer some questions as well as give me a tour.  I noticed right away that the reception area and factory are fully staffed with realistic bots.  Cosmo advised me to click on the large map of the SL continents on the wall.  When I did the map, I could see GTFO areas by continent.

I asked Cosmo what GTFO stood for and he laughed.  I suspect many readers already know what it means…Get The Freight Out [comes from Get The Fu$$ Out].  GTFO represents a large group of people who are playing a game within SL.  Cosmo chose the continent of Nautilus for his terminal location noticing there are fewer players in this area.  The game is very detailed and involves using SL transportation and your own terminal [as small as a store front to play].  They have game money players earn along with an entire website full of game information.  SL Enquirer will be running a more complete article on GTFO soon [I will be in contact with Cinn Bourchard]. 
Cosmo is an active player of GTFO, a DJ and happily with a wonderful lady.  He takes me to his office within the former courthouse [turned GTFO factory].  Amid the factory is this oasis and tastefully decorated office.  He takes a seat at his desk and I join him in a chair.  He patiently answers all my questions about GTFO, his factory and his clubs where he DJs.  He has a club on the second floor of the factory called appropriately “The Factory’.  His busier club is called The Civilization Lounge.  He plays what he feels telling me he doesn’t play to the audience.  I asked him about the genre of music he plays.  He told me music by black artists alone with some rap and jazz.
            When we left his office to tour the facility, he pointed out a couple of the people working as we walked across the rooms.  One woman had been making copies for a long time, he wondered what she was copying.  We walked up the stairs of the main building into a comfortable space much like a large living room.  The employee lockers were on one wall and sofas lined the other walls.  This is the area called “The Factory” club.  At the back there is a bar and the bar tender waits patiently as we walk over to her.  Cosmo reminds me ‘safety first’ and no drinking until employees are off duty.
            Next, we walk back downstairs through the reception area to the terminal.  This is a bustling busy place.  Tall stacks of GTFO boxes are sitting and waiting for shipping.  In the back there is an employee who seems to have been working forever to set up a machine.  Cosmo confides that this man has been at the task a long time.  I see people in all stages of the packing and the transport process.  On one side Cosmo has built a break area for the employees.  Vending machines, table, sink and even small Dixie cups are available for the employees.  Cosmo does not miss a detail.  The textures he has used are beautiful.  I asked him how many days since their last accident.  He said quietly ‘ummm er 6’.  Cosmo told me he was going to watch his hometown [Cavaliers/NBA].  I told him I liked watching sports as much as I like getting a leg wax.  We laughed.  I looked for the results today from the playoffs of the game from the previous night.  Sorry Cosmo!    

            I have heard residents complain about boredom in SL.  I hope I have provided an idea of interest.  Try driving or walking down one of the many routes in SL.  Look, click and listen everything you see.  You may be amazed at what you find as you explore this virtual world.

Links to information and/or SURLs for stops along route 12:
Odie Cinema  : http://maps.secondlife://ODIE/69/240/52
Pod Station [Nautilus Route 12]
Michael Wright Gallery:
Moon Disciples:  http://maps.secondlife://QUIRICOSTA/191/166/45
Peace Gallery                         

Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]
Photos by KarmaghnaUlrik

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