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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Dreamland Expo Coming March 30th!


The 1st annual The Dreamland Expo announces the first mega event of the season which will be held on March 30th - April 15th in support of the American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life of Second Life.

The goal of the event is to provide an incredible shopping and entertainment experience featuring exclusive items, gacha, raffle, hunts and more. Lend your support to Relay For Life, the largest and longest charity in Second Life.

Everyone can now join a the public group The Dreamland Expo Fans or if no group space you can now subscribe inworld at the The Dreamland Expo office.

                                      The 2018 theme is The World of Magic

About The Dreamland Expo
A new era is born as the chapter of the past is closed. We will feature not only fashion but more. Multiple regions, professional builders, excellent brands, talented designers and bloggers who all come together to make a big difference all in the name of Relay For Life.

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Bloggers |
Photographers/Artists |

Social Media
The Dreamland Expo

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Relay For Life of Second Life

American Cancer Society

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This week we are going to tell you about breeding your Second Pets Fishes.

Your Second Pets™ fishes can breed when they are 12 days old.

Female fishes can breed a maximum of 18 times. There is no limit to how many times male fishes can breed.

Female fishes older than 21 days have a greater chance of having rare offspring. Older than 28 days they have an increased chance of having ultra rare or rare offspring.

Female fishes can breed again after 7 days.

Male and female fishes must be well fed and healthy to successfully breed.

There are five traits you can breed for. Next week's press release will talk about them.

See Second Pets in world

Find out more about Second Pets™ fishes at our website

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Notice Board - Lacy Muircastle reporting...

Notice From: Hazardous Inc, Wendy Xeno

Hazardous closed at midnight SLT on Sunday the 7th of January 2018.

Wait, wait, before you get your knickers in a twist it will only for a couple of weeks!
During the time the [we’re CLOSED] store will remain open via [ Marketplace].

ḎЇИḠѺ and Wendy hope to see you all return when they reopen at which time they will have a couple of little surprises for you. They will keep you posted on exactly what date that will be.

Notice From: Miss SL Organization, Marcusgay Lefevre


Are you fabulous enough and have what it takes to become the next MISS SL, MISS SL 2018?

The application for the MISS SL 2018 Pageant is open until January 14th! The most fabulous celebration of Beauty, Creativity and Talent continues!

🖅 Application:

🛈 Support:

Good Luck!

Marcus Lefevre
MISS SL Organization

Notice From: Kaiya Islands and Turtle Coast

After eleven years, Kaiya Manbi has closed down Kaiya Islands.  Turtle Coast, on the other hand, is not closed but is now owned by ZaBaby Sabra.

Kaiya is keeping her home design store open at The Bay -

Monday, January 8, 2018

Whispering Sands Live Lineup for January 8 - 14

♥ Monday - Jan 8
AleyKat at Two Moon Paradise: 4pm - 5pm (Casual)

Arra at Acoustic Cave: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Greg Kat at Club Zydeco: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Maxx Sabretooth at Nat's Jazz Club: 7pm - 8pm (Formal)

♥ Tuesday - Jan 9
Arra at Cafe Musique: 7am - 8am (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Two Moon Paradise: 5pm - 6pm (Casual)
Raven at Club Zydeco: 7pm - 8pm (Casual)
Maximillion Kleene at After Dark: 8pm - 9pm (Casual)
♥ Wednesday - Jan 10
Tally at Jaged Edge: 4pm - 5pm (Casual)
Toxie Darkmatter at Jaged Edge: 5pm - 6pm (Casual)
Maximillion Kleene at Seaside Lounge: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Liam Wakeman at Seaside Lounge: 7pm - 8pm (Casual)

♥ Thursday - Jan 11
AleyKat at Half Note: 2pm - 3pm (Smart Casual)
Toxie Darkmatter at Gwampa's Dance Camp: 5pm- 6pm (TBD)
Phi Mayo at The Cellar Jazz Club: 7pm - 8pm (Smart Casual)
Savannah Rain at Acoustic Cave: 8pm - 9pm (Casual)

♥ Friday - Jan 12
Toxie Darkmatter at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 4pm - 5pm (Casual)
Essence Bilasimo at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Zachh Cale at Seaside Lounge: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Essence Bilasimo at Seaside Lounge: 8pm - 9pm (Casual)

♥ Saturday - Jan 13
Tally at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 3pm - 4pm (Casual)
Agatha at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 5pm - 6pm (Casual)
DirtyDee Sweetwater at Doc's Saloon: 7pm - 8pm (Casual)
Arra at Solarwinds: 10pm - 11pm (Casual)

♥ Sunday - Jan 14
AMForte at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 12pm - 1pm (Casual)
AleyKat at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 1pm - 2pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 3pm - 4pm (Casual)
Porter Paquot at Stanza: 7pm - 8pm (Casual)

For more info or a full lineup be sure to check out the website:

Contact  Jorrdan Jarman: rrdan-jarman/ for all your SL LIVE MUSIC needs

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