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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Still Going Strong Rock Your Rack. Reporting- DreamOfEssence Reporting...

Rock Your Rack

Jamee Sandalwood  Is a 10 year Survivor of breast cancer in real life. She stated that Rock Your Rack had come from that, and the need to give back to the Agencies that Helped her get through  that time while fighting breast cancer. This it the 6 year they have been doing  Rock Your Rack.

Jamee’s Gals are two Fold- Frist, to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. She also commented that it has a 96% rating for charities and is not the normal ones that are supported when one thinks of cancer. This one has earky diagnosis and early treatment options, She shares that this hit’s home for her since she was diagnosed before her first mammogram at a very early age.

She shares that you can get involved in Rock Your Rack that they have lot of opportunities from Designers, Artists, Photographers, Models and Blogger’s.  That all you have to do is visit the page and applied to how you can help and register.

Jamee’s Told me that she has 48 content creators already registered for the event, With lots more coming in leading up to the close of the designer registration at the end of July. She fully expected to have over 75 designers participating this year. With men’s clothing, Women’s clothing, Children’s clothing, Home& Garden, Poses, Makeup , Accessories, Art, So much will be there and it is a great collection of creators and something for everyone and anything.

Rock Your rack  use a full sim every year, so once it gets close to time to start building they begin the process of looking for a full sim to do the event, Price of the course isa consideration, As they want to donate as much as possible for the cause.  Jamee Shares they build the entire sim from scratch every year to fit a theme. She commented That this year they will be doing Music Through the decades.

Rock Your Rack uses Facebook and Flicker also Twitter to get the word out there about there event, All the way up to it opens. They also Pose all over SL about the event and what they are doing it so that every one is ready for it when it starts.

Jamee told me that she handles stress  Well as she is pretty organized, (But her Husband would say not well) She has been doing this for a long time that there is a timeline that she follows. Jamee is pretty good at not getting too stressed out.

Person to Talk with
Models Giving Back

Models Giving Back Facebook Page:

- SL Name: DreamOfEssence

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lovely Laura's Weddings has now moved

.  We have purchased a full sim which will allow for our customers to have more guests at their weddings.  We have also added a dating agency, parcel rentals, and dance club to our long list of offerings. The dance club which is opening on June 29th, will also be a dating agency with game room and tables for people to sit and chat while listening to music from our live djs.  We have stores on the bottom level that will have a variety of products.  The variety of options that we offer will allow our guests and customers to have an amazing time no matter what they do.  We are also in the process of adding new wedding venues to really give our customers the wedding of their dreams.

Betrayal, Love and Survival Stories- Seersha Heart Reporting...

Each one of us are human beings whether we are in our first lives or in Second life.  In Second life losing someone is no easier than losing someone in real life.  Second life is just that, part of our lives and our hearts.  Betrayal is a real part of some people’s Second life experience.  I spoke to a few residents about experiences they had in Second life with betrayal and lost relationships.  The reactions ranged from surprise to a deep cut to the bone of hurt.  I also asked each one of the people I spoke to if they had any words of advice to others in relationships.  [names are changed to protect the privacy]

            Happyguy75 aka Simon was partnered to a woman in Second life for almost three years.  They spoke on the phone every day, sometimes two or three times.  She was the first person he called with any news.  After their first year, they met for a couple days IRL and enjoyed their long weekend together.  It was another evening that seemed like any other evening when Simon logged into Second life.  Everything seemed normal when he logged in; he rezzed at the family home.  He enjoyed building and went to work on a project he had left out in their yard.  When she wasn’t going to log on she would call him or email him.  He was working on his project and as time moved forward she didn’t log on, didn’t call, didn’t contact him.  His first reaction was worry.  He was afraid something had happened to her.  He called her, no answer.  He spent a sleepless night worrying about her.  When he logged on the next day, their home had been removed.  He had several return notices of items.  He contacted the land owner who told him Shelia said they didn’t need the land any more.  He now noticed she was not on his friends list.  He panicked and tried IMing her, going to their favorite club, trying to find friends.  Simon tried to keep calm as he contacted a couple of their mutual friends.  Each one he contacted said they were sorry to hear about the break up.  Simon’s heart went to his throat as he tried to be cool and not show he was surprised.  He was homeless and standing at a furniture store just lost and thinking when he received an IM from a friend.  This friend told him she was sorry and that she thought what Shelia did was terrible.  Through a bit of back and forth Simon learned that Shelia had left him to be with a man she met only a month ago.  Simon would never again hear from Shelia, but he suspected her of some dropped calls he received irl a month later.
            There are couples who have been together since the beginning of Second life so many years ago.  Tammy and Stefano Serendipity were one of those couples.  Together since August 2006, they lived through many of the changes that have happened in Second life.  They lived on two separate continents and never met; yet it worked for them.  Well it worked for them until it didn’t work anymore.  They made plans to meet irl after ten years.  Now, they both believed they were destined to be together irl.  They have spoken about their plans, where they might live, how all of this would happen for them.  Tammy flew to their agreed upon destination to meet him.  He was not there when he promised he would be there.  She had her laptop computer and immediately logged into Second lifefrantic with what may have happened to him.  After several hours of logging in and out he logged into Second life.  He told her he was married irl.  All the planning for the future was something he really wished could happen for them.  He had even planned to meet Tammy using an excuse with his wife to be away from home.  In the end he couldn’t do it.  What hurt Tammy the most is that Stefano had met and married this woman after Stefano had met Tammy in Second life; four years after.  Tammy told me that she would have understood if he told her when he met this new wife.  She said she could have understood as they were continents apart, rl first.  Tammy told me she cried for a month and could not log into Second life.  With Stefano coming clean it tore her apart and everything she did in Second life was with him.
            Readers I was going to save this for the end, but I will tell you now the amazing news.  While asking different people for their experiences with Second life relationships and betrayal I met both Simon and Tammy.  Now Simon and Kittytam [Tammy’s new name], they were together at the Blarney Stone when I met them.  The met at the blarney stone and are now dating.  Simon said initially they began talking one night about their experiences.  It was a venting session until a friend of Simon’s came into the Blarney Stone and asked Simon in local “Simon introduce me to your new girlfriend”.  Simon said he hadn’t even considered getting another girlfriend but quickly IMed Kittytam to play along.  He told Kittytam it would be less awkward than telling his friend the truth.  In local Simon said, “She likes to be called Kitty”.  They met a few more times without mentioning that incident to talk.  Soon Simon reasoned with Kittytam that they should give it a shot.  Now they are doing just that with dating.
            Not all betrayals are between long time partners.  I spoke to men and to women who learned they were someone’s side girlfriend or boyfriend.  I spoke to some friends who felt betrayed by friends, not within a romantic relationship.  Too many stories of one person leaving the other for a best friend.  II picked two stories of the ones I listened too in the past weeks.  The first is about a woman named Aquagirl2015 aka Sugar Puss.

            Sugar Puss came into Second life for fun.  She was not going to have a long term or a committed relationship.  This freewheeling attitude gave her plenty of fun.  She would meet people from all over the world.  She made great friends.  One day she met Sophia at Second life’s notorious [the chamber] club.  They became fast friends often seeing each other at [the chamber] or one of the other upscale social sex clubs.  They shopped together, they both worked on making the most beautiful avis with mesh and bento parts.  Sugar was the single one and Sophia had a boyfriend Dragon.  Sugar said she never enjoyed being with Sophia when Dragon was around.  He was aloof toward her while in his presence Sophia would act jealous of Sugar and any other woman around.  Sugar would avoid seeing Sophia when Dragon was online.  She spoke to Sophia once but didn’t feel as if Sophia listened to her.  If she avoided “Dragon time” the friends had a great time.
            Then Dragon began coming online times where Sugar was online and Sophia wasn’t online.  At first Sugar would see his name come up when he logged in and they never spoke.  Then one day they were both at [the chamber] at the same time.  Sugar said they spoke briefly and politely.  This happened regularly after that that she would log in and he would be at one of her usual spots.  They barely spoke.  Upon reflection, Sugar tells me, she should have wondered what Dragon was doing at these spots along if he was in a relationship with her best friend.  We all know what came next even before Sugar tells me.  Sophia logs in one day when both Dragon and Sugar are at [the chamber].  Sophia starts a huge argument with Sugar, accusing her of trying to take Dragon away from her.  She and Dragon leave the club.  The accusations fly at Sugar in a steady stream for a couple days.  Sophia won’t talk to Sugar about anything else, she ignores her.  Sugar tells me the friendship ended her choice.  She said Sophia said horrible things to her and in the end Sugar didn’t feel like it could be repaired.

Sugar believes that Dragon did what he could to flame this fire between the women.  She can’t prove it, but she told me that before Sophia and she were friends Dragon flirted with her at a club.  She didn’t flirt back and never mentioned the incident to Sophia.  Nothing came of it so she let it go.  To this day she is sure he didn’t let it go at all.  Sugar confessed to seeing them at some of the same places now.  They never speak.  It bothered her a log when it first happened but now she tells me they are “strangers”.
            Unfortunately, I could write more stories with many more combinations and scenarios.  Sometimes people suck.  Period.  Yet for as many betrayal stories that I could write, I can honestly say I found many more wonderful stories.  For every betrayal, there must have been ten stories of friendships and relationships built over months and years.  As Simon put it, he had to move forward to find himself and others in Second life and has never been happier.  I asked the people in more successful friendships and relationships what tips they would give anyone in getting past a betrayal.  I narrowed the list to these:

·         Don’t blame yourself, don’t stop caring about others in Second life
·         Don’t forget the friends you may leave behind if you take a break, give them a warning
·         Come back and chase away those old feelings
·         Build your friendship support group, be a good friend, be genuine
·         Don’t use your old relationship as a crutch
·         Remember we are all people and all have feelings

There is no magic pill or secret method to avoid heartbreak in Second life any more than there is irl.  
The same betrayals that exist outside of Second lifeexist within Second life.  The more centered you are with yourself and your core group of friends, the happier it seems you will be.  I have personally experienced betrayal as I feel that many people have in Second life.  I don’t know what the future holds for me or any of us.  I log in, talk to my friends, chase down a story, flirt and sometimes have a boyfriend.  I hope whatever it is that you hope for most in your Second life relationships happens for you.  I can tell you something with certainty; if you never try, if you never move forward, you will miss out on so many things.

Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Choosing the Right Antivirus for your Computer

If you are an online businessperson, probably a writer, a contractor, an accountant or any other job that requires constant use of the internet, then your computer is at risk of being infected with viruses. A virus is a dangerous software that comes to corrupt your files and sometimes causing permanent damage. For big organizations, an infection can be very disastrous; it could damage the staff records and other sensitive data like the payroll records. Imagine you have invested heavily on software that was supposed to give solutions for your business and one day, just because you visited an unsecured site, you lose your data, something that would cost you millions to restore. This is the kind of a situation that no businessperson would want to find themselves. Therefore, you need antivirus and not every that you see in the market is suitable for you. Here, we give guidelines on how to invest in the right antivirus for assured protection.
Does the antivirus assure you of maximum protection?
Different vendors supply a variety of antivirus that you can choose. The strength of these varies depending on the manufacturer. These range from free antivirus available on the internet to some that are sold for over $100. One would think that the more expensive it is, the better, but wait, there are other things to look at. The surest way to know the effectiveness of such software is to take a keen look at the customer feedback on the specific company’s website. Here, you will get reviews that will most likely help you make an informed decision on the perfect one when it comes to neutralizing the malware.
How will it perform on your system?
Every system is unique in its functions, and thus the functionality will determine the antivirus that is readily compatible and the most effective. Most of the accounting, systems are a target for fraudsters who would want to corrupt the system so that they can loot smartly and therefore; you need robust and tested software that would sharply identify any malware introduced and quickly neutralize. Hence, when deciding on the appropriate, you will have to consider the one that will be effective and again not interfere with the running of your systems. See more on Anti-viruses at Brighthouse Mcafee.
What is your budget?
Every individual or an organization has a budget that details how much is available for spending on specific items. This depends on the amount of money you have and how much you are willing to spend. One of the mistakes people do is to go mean on stuff that will protect you from losing a few bucks to millions of dollars and therefore you should consider allocating some reasonable budget that will ensure you get the best there is in the market- with a guarantee.

There is always a temptation ongoing for one-size-fits-all kind of a product; this is not binding when it comes to choosing antivirus software. Do not just buy any software you find in the next shop, and you must be deliberate on the specifications of that which you want. Again, seek guidance from a specialist on the best for your business or organization.

L P Ballet Academy- 6 years running child avie ballet company- raises money for charity- Angel Reporting

Guy Wardell is a man who truly believes in making the world a better place.He is the owner of LP Ballet Academy. They have been open for almost 9 to 10 years now and still thriving. Many people all over the world have come to dance with them both boys and girls. . He takes time to get to know all of his kids. “Once a ballerina always a ballerina” is the moto they live by and they really carry it out. As of the last several years Guy and the students sponsor dance shows that show off the children’s talents and all their hard work.Different organizations they have donated to includes Make a Wish International, American Heart Association, USA, St Jude Children’s Hospital, and even Macmillan Cancer Care, UK. Let’s have a chat with him.

Interview with Guy

Angel- Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me today Guy, I know how busy your schedule can be. I had a few questions about the dance school you are running. What inspired you most about raising money for different organizations?

Guy-Good question, it was after one of our members passed away rl we felt it would be good to try and support good causes
Angel- How do think the business is thriving so far? How would you start your day of class? What would happen?

Guy- Well it isn't a business, want to be very clear about that. The L100 a month tuition is all ploughed back into the group for animations and anything else we need. we save up tuition and when we have enough get what we need. Also people are very kind and help us with donations.Usual class routine is warm ups, gentle exercises to get muscles relaxed, stretching on the barre to further get muscles ready. The we do bar exercises to perfect technique.  if we are working on a show we would then go to rehearse, if not working on a show we would do floor work in the studio and practice dances.

Angel- What do you think is the most challenging thing about what you do?
Guy-Oh my, I guess i could say trying to keep up to date, trying to keep everything fresh and interesting.

Angel-When are the ballet performances? Whens the next performance?
Guy- Next show is in early August

Angel-How can residents get involved and be part of the ballet?  where can people donate?
Guy-To donate to the show good cause there is a donation box for the show in the theatre to be kept informed of shows join the LPBA Balletomanes which can be done at our reception area. Then you will be informed of show days. At the moment we are full and can not really take any more students, which is good and bad. But people can always contact me to see the situation.

Angel- I know this is probably an obvious answer but do you truly enjoy what you do?
Guy-Yes 99% of the time and it has helped me to stay active mentally plus I am part of a great group of people from all over the world

Angel- Thank you for answering some of the many questions our readers wanted to know. I can’t wait to see many more of the dances and hard work that yall do pay off.
Guy- Thank you

Monday, May 28, 2018

In Observance of Memorial Day in Second Life

Memorial Day is an American holiday in observance of all the brave men and woman that have served in active military and who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms and liberty.  

In remembrance of our fallen heroes, Second Life residents honor them across the grid with various gatherings, memorials and events.

Before you partake in the many events today, visit the U.S  Military Veterans Resource Center and show your support by  donating!

Operated by RL US Military Veterans for RL US Military Veterans, Active Duty, Retirees, their families & RL supporters. Allied Forces military veterans also welcome!
*NOT AN RP SIM  or Group*

Free Memorial Day Never Forgotten Flags and Cross at Seasonal Chances Gacha Mall

Sacred Ground’s Veterans Memorial Park
Home of the Arlington Memorial Amphitheater
Vietnam Memorial Park
Veterans Memorial Park
Heroes Memorial Park
Afghanistan - Iraqi Wars Memorial Park
Sacred Ground Memorial Track
We Honor Our Fallen Soldiers
Let us Keep their Memory alive

Art Tribute to Memorial Day at Glory Info Center and Rainbow Mall
Glory is an multi-purpose enterprise.  --rentals, shops, low cost ad boards, beach, hang-out, in a park-like relaxed atmosphere.  Guests are welcome and donations gratefully accepted.  --Shop ARYN Buildings, AJ's Art & Photography and affiliates.

FOXXIES ~Romantic Ballroom Elegant Jazz Club Dancing & Gardens
 ** 6PM to 10:00PM DJ FOXXEELADY,

The Fix presents a Memorial Day Salute to the Blues and Joe Bonamssa 12-2pm SLT
We are doing a tribute to the Blues and wartime in the first half. Second half will be a living tribute to the Man, Joe Bonamssa, While he's alive rather than after he leaves us. Cool tunes presented to you today by DJ PappaBear and my lovely hostess Kae..We'll be outside on the patio so slip into your favorite beach outfit and join us. You won't regret it at all ☺

Memorial Day Celebration at Rascal Country at 2pm SLT

Muddy’s Hosts a Memorial Day Picnic with DJ Don at  4pm SLT

Memorial Day Special at Greased Lightining featuring Dj Purelife 5pm SLT
That's right DJ Purelife is here live for two hours; playing an awesome mix of tunes from the 50's thru the 90's!  DJ Purelife will be continuing the Memorial Day Special for the service men and women who gave their all to defend our country and our values regarding freedom of speech and religion.

 So grab those dancing shoes, your friends and come rock with us at Greased Lightning!!!  Come on down to the best club in SL. Bring your friends, lovers, family and anyone you want to come and party with us and shake those sexy pixels.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The 3rd annual NFMCPA Purple Ball

Preparations for this year’s Purple Ball formal are well underway!

2018 is starting off to be a great year! Break Beatz Entertainment and Ghost D
Productions of Second Life are proud to offer the Purple Ball for the 3rd consecutive
Year.  As we continue our campaign to bring awareness, understanding and support for
those who suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain, we thank you for your support.   

For the 3rd year in a row, we continue working closely with the National Fibromyalgia
and Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA).   Our continued support helps ensure the
NFMCPA can endure in their advocacy and lobbying for more research and better
medications among other things.   This cause is very close to our hearts as we are
sufferers of both fibromyalgia and chronic pain as with a large population of the Second
Life community.  Every year we are blessed to get such positive feedback and outpouring
of love for friends and family members who are suffering.

The 2018 formal charity event will be held on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018, starting at 5pm slt.
This years entertainment will include music by DJ's MC Boogie, Ghost D, and DJ India, all
sufferers of fibromyalgia or chronic pain, and special live performances by Veronica
Weksler, Say Imamu, and Trinity Ermintrood aka "Bubbles".  
Sponsor Packages can be

100% of donations go to the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association, a 501c3
not for profit organization.   Visit our website with proof of donations at:
Thank you again for your generous support and we look forward to seeing you at the
Purple Ball on June 3rd!

Thank you to the following sponsors:
Alpha Sigma Omega
Baby Bloom Maternity & Family Center
Delta Kappa Xi
Mynd & Body Fitness
Queen Lace
Secret Garden Productions
Sigma Gamma Sigma
Indulge Automotive
The Allen Community Real Estate
The Heights
GQ Motors
TGF Productions
Breakbeatz Radio

Shon Larsson

Break Beatz Entertainment 

The Best Place’s to shop in Second Life.. SLE Writer Review- DreamOfEssence Reporting...

Blueberry Store is always coming out with some thing new and exciting as you can keep up with her on Facebook. Blueberry does a lot of things from top’s to bottoms to night cloths to dress just about every thing.

If you were to want her  exclusive clothing then the best bet is to buy the fat pack that has every thing in it with the exclusive things others may not be able to buy at that moment. If you get the exclusive clothing then there thing’s in that pack others would love to have but can not get at the moment as I have said but it will look good on you to show off to your others friends.

EQUAL Store is always doing new things and alsoexclusive things that you will have to keep up on the event’s going on every month as some of it is very exclusive and can only be bought at event and then is never sold again on second life. With that being said then that will also make you exclusive as no one else will be able to buy it in second life in less they were at the event at the time it was being sold. We all know how hard it is to get in to an event also.

EQUAL doing things at the event is exciting as we all get to see the new things that she maybe coming out with if they are not exclusive and will be sold again at her store. From shopping with her I get to see all the new things and how realistic looking on some of her things. I say 100% of the things is a must have but we all love to shop.

Azuchi Is a upcoming store and is coming out with some really cool looking things and also has Role playing clothing for both new and old Body in Second life and has some new things at there shop.

Azuchi is also doing things at event’s and is doing thing’s that are exclusive also so if you do not make it there to the event then you will miss out on some of the really good things they have out that will not be in the store for sale and not be sold again.

The store has up to dates in the events that they will be doing and having things at. If you go to shop at there store right on the right hand side is the places to get the groups to keep up on there event’s and that month and date that they will be happening.

Blueberry Main Store



Blueberry Facebook

EQUAL Facebook

Azuchi Facebook

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Balance Between Second Life and Real Life

SL is an escape from real life in many ways, a place where you can be whoever you choose, and do whatever you like. The appeal is undeniable, and there are an awful lot of folk about who feel the need to be part of a fantasy landscape rather than spending all their time in reality. Have you ever found the lines blurring? Do you sometimes forget what’s real and what’s SL? Or maybe you’re one of those fortunate souls who has successfully transferred an online relationship into a real-world friendship.
Meeting people in SL
With such a popular platform, there are literally millions of people that you could potentially make connections with. For a lot of players, drawing a line between SL and reality is how they feel most comfortable to be able to operate. But you never know when you might meet someone with whom you make a strong connection, and wish to spend time with outside the SLworld. It’s been known for weddings to have followed an introduction via SL, so there are some real fairy stories being born of the virtual world.
Keeping safe online
While you might feel like you’re getting to know someone really well online, never forget that until you see them for real, you can’t be sure if the relationship is one that can survive and flourish in reality. The basic rules of contacting people online apply here, so don’t share potentially sensitive or security-related personal data, including your location. You don’t want strangers turning up on your doorstep looking for the real-life version of your avatar! It’s inconvenient for a start, and there could be a danger if the person has malicious intentions. If you do wish to meet, make sure you’re in a public space, and you have a friend or two at the end of the phone who can help if you experience any problems. You also need to keep your IT systems safe from hackers and check who has access to your cloud-based files and information.
Who is behind the avatar?
A big part of the allure of SL is the fact that you can create whatever personality and physical appearance you like for your online persona. If you’re not like your avatar, it follows that most other players aren’t much like their avatars either. So you might find you’ve got an image of a perfect person in your mind, only to discover they are nothing like their real-life selves. That doesn’t mean you should make judgments on people, because getting to know someone and hitting it off is a wonderful thing, and should never be based solely on appearance. If you’ve spent enough time talking and interacting online, you should find you are suited to being friends in real life, and this could be a great way of meeting people who clearly have similar interests to you.
Second Life isn’t real life, and that’s what gives people the freedom and escapism to enjoy it so much. Transferring to real life can be a way to build up relationships with people you may not otherwise meet, so don’t be afraid to give it a go – just put your security first and try not to be too disappointed if it doesn’t work out.