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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Why every person should hunt at least once in their lives!

For many professional hunters, they’ve been hunting for as long as they can remember. Perhaps they developed the skill of hunting with their parents during summer break; or maybe developed an interest in it by watching a couple of YouTube videos online.
Whatever transformed them into highly skilled hunters, one will never know. However, one thing is for certain; from the first time they picked up that weapon and completed their first successful hunt, they were never the same.
So what transformed them? Well, it’s a mixture of thrill, excitement, and exhilaration. Unfortunately, for most of the people living in suburbia, they have been poisoned to believe that hunting is immoral and evil; an ancient practice that died with the modernization of man.
Sadly, most people confuse hunting with poaching. In fact, the US government even regulates hunting to ensure the safety and security of certain species when their numbers swell, and threaten to imbalance an entire ecosystem.
That being said, here are some great reasons why everyone should go hunting at least once in their lives!
Getting closer with the food
Ask any child in America where they get their food from, and they will immediately say that they get it from KFC, McDonald’s, or even the grocery store!
However, when one goes to hunt, they experience the hunting process from the first process to the last.
That includes everything from how to kill it (that includes whether the weapon of choice will be an arrow or a rifle), how to pack its body and carry it back to the house, and how to clean it before it becomes a nice warm meal!
While the thought of doing this might make some people sick to their stomach, it certainly helps others appreciate the complexities involved in getting a decent meal on the table (when the actual sense of it was not necessarily tied to money).
That being said, if one would like to learn more about hunting, then provides plenty of insight and knowledge.

Getting essential survival knowledge and skills
Does one know how to determine what animal is ahead, or track it just by looking at the footprints? Perhaps even layout a perfect trap to lure it out of its hiding place. This is the kind of knowledge that forefathers had, sans the luxuries of modern technology such as a stove or an oven.
When one goes on an extreme hunt, they reconnect with such ancient methods, and perhaps one of these days, they might come in handy.
One never knows the day that they get marooned on an island in the middle of nowhere, or get lost in the forest!
The Peace and serenity of the wilderness
Ever taken in a deep breath of fresh air free from the hassle and bustle of city life? Then there’s nothing sweeter than being miles away from the smell of gasoline, or the sound of cars racing by the freeway!
That’s exactly the pleasures of hunting. The soft chirping of birds, and breathtaking scenery!


  1. My 8 years old son also loves outdoor archery, he always gets ready to go to try something new with compound bows and arrows. I would really appreciate the author of this post for sharing his experience with us. You can go to new place if you need some more exciting stories.