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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Behind the Veil: GOR Pen Dragon Reporting...

GOR. It’s a word you’ve probably seen in many profiles in Second Life, but what is it really? Some are probably familiar with the sexual nature of the popular role play genre, but how much more do you truly know? In this article I will take a deeper look at the counterculture phenomenon.

GOR has its beginnings as a series of novels, written by John Norman in 1967, set on an alternate earth. The alternate earth in the stories has the same orbit as our earth, but is linearly opposed to earth and is unviewable from earth because it is hidden by the sun. Norman was a professor of psychology and injected his own beliefs into the novels, particularly male dominance and the theory that that all societies are based on dominance and hierarchy.

The inhabitants of this planet are transplanted from earth by space ships by the rulers of GOR who works behind the scenes. These rulers are an insect like species called Priest-Kings. The Priest-Kings controlled every aspect of life on GOR, limiting some forms of technology such as transportation and weaponry, but granted technological advances in fields such as medicine and architecture.

The book series is known primarily for its depiction of sexual fantasies involving men abducting and then sexually and physically abusing women into submission. In the world of GOR these brutalized women grow to enjoy their submissive state. Most of the stories in the series of 34 books are narrated by Tarl Cabot, a master swordsman and British professor transported to the planet GOR, some are narrated by slave women and others by tradesmen. The loose, overarching plot is the struggle for dominance between two major cities and on a higher level the conflict between two alien races to control the solar system.

These are the fantasy/science fiction roots of the GOR counter-culture, including the role players in second life. The subculture itself is based more on the philosophies expounded by author John Norman in his books. The people who populate this movement are usually divided into two groups: Literalists and roleplayers. Literalists incorporate the gorean philosophy, gender roles and culture into their daily lives, whereas the roleplayers, most of whom are in second life, are not committed to the philosophy and ideals.

The online gorean movement began in the 1990’s with a group of male teenagers in internet chat rooms. The ability to hide their inexperience and age allowed them to garner a following of middle aged housewives who served as their kajira, or sex slave.
This movement gained notoriety and, because of the beliefs and practices of the GOR philosophy, drew a great deal of attention and ire from both feminist groups and the BDSM community at large according to author Michael Makai in his book ‘Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook.’

But how does all that translate to second life? I spoke with some GOR roleplayers to find out. I interviewed Mustafaaab Connoisseur and his kajira Amara to get their perspective on GOR, the roleplay and the issues facing their community. Mustafaab is a harbour master at Schendi, one of close to 300 sims dedicated to GOR.

According to Mustafaaab there are two different factions to the GOR RP. One group, identified as BTB or by the book, follow the original source material as written by John Norman. This includes the limited technology, Priest-King overlords and the male dominated society.

“.To me gor is what earth was 150 years ago to 1 million years ago. In the recreation of gor you have Historic earth, male dominated, a fictional recreation of Planet Earth.” Mustafaaab said.

As for what attracts someone to GOR, it would seem that those reasons are as varied as any other roleplay, for both male and female players.

“There are many attractions. Me, as a striving dominate male, I like the concept that earth failed and gor was pure and clean like a replacement earth on the other side of the sun, and Dom sub relationships between men who want women and women who want men, as is the constant theme in the books. For some it is the fighting, the trade the clothes and  the medieval environment the story.” Mustafaaab explained.

There are those who don’t follow the John Norman novels however. Inside the community they are called GOR Evolved, or GE. The major difference between the two is that GE allows more modern weaponry, but more divisive is the fact that they allow women warriors and same sex relationships. Many, if not all of the BTB roleplay areas will not allow anyone who is a part of the GE movement to be a part of the sims storylines.

If, as many say, GOR is misogynistic, then why would a woman want to be involved? I asked Mustafaaab’s kajira Amara and here’s what she had to say.

“I came for a variety of reasons. I was curious. I came to hide from my brother slowly dying of cancer.  but some of the things that are written in the book actually make a lot of sense and are kind of logical. Like a woman, when she gets married, she wears a ring and that serves a similar purpose as a collar in gor. It shows you are claimed. Over the years I have been involved in some of the most incredible storylines, better than the best novels.There are some great writers are in gor.”

With the rise of militant feminism, you would expect someone like Amara to be the focus of contempt, but she says that most people she encounters respect her decision to live her second life the way she wants. And with claims of brutality, rape and misogyny how does the GOR community thrive and continue to expand? From what I learned talking with Mustafaab and Amara, it’s because sex isn’t the main focus of the community. The roleplay, stories and world building that truly define GOR.  

In my quest to learn more about the GOR community I was surprised to find a rich, deeply detailed and thriving world filled with friendly people who enjoy the depth of the roleplay. It is certainly more than meets the eye, or more than the rumors. If you would like to learn more about GOR, or even become involved in the immersive roleplay, you should visit one of the many schools that teach the world of GOR.

Additional Information:

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Four things your teenager really wants you to know

Being a teenager is such a challenging time, but it seems that most adults have forgotten what those years were really like. Rather than just watch them exist in some limbo between being a child and becoming and adult, there are some things that you can do to help your teen through this period. Many teenagers find it difficult to talk to their parents about anything, and so, this list of five things your teenager really wants you to know should go some way to help.

You don’t know everything
There are some things that parents just don’t understand about their children, be it their taste in music, or their choice of friends. What you, as a parent, need to understand is that you can’t presume to know how your child is feeling, or what they like throughout their entire adolescence. Communication is key, so rather than be that annoying parent who thinks they know precisely what their child is thinking, talk to them, hang out with, and get to know them.

You can trust them
Of course, this isn’t true in every situation, but imagine how infuriating it is for a kid to not be offered some sort of independence as they grow. Being over-protective can be just as damaging as allowing your child to do whatever they want. Learn to find a balance, and give your child some trust. A teenager needs to learn how to deal with some situations and to be around social situations so that when the time comes to fly the nest they will be somewhat prepared.This doesn’t mean allowing them to do whatever they want, and you must assess whether your individual child is ready for the level of independence expected of them at their age.

Sweet 16 is all about the car
Unfortunately, this is the truth, and if that small package you hand to them on their sixteenth birthday doesn’t contain car keys, things are going to get ugly pretty quickly. If there is no way on Earth you are giving your child a car for her sixteenth birthday, you need to make that very clear early on. Should you be considering it, ensure they are well prepared for the responsibility of car ownership. Do your own research online via sites such as Truckersection.Com and find out wat kind of car is most suited to a teenager, and all the things they need to know to travel safely when driving on their own.

Friends are everything
At this age, a teenager’s friends are their world. This can be very difficult for parent that doesn’t like their child’s friends, or believes them to be a bad influence. It can also be hard when children suddenly want to spend more time with their friends than with you. This is all part of growing up, and as a parent, you should want your child to socialise and learn about healthy, respectful relationships. Always be aware of keeping the lines of communication open because even though they will adore their friends, they will always need their parents there when things go wrong.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Why to choose medical sonography as a career in CT

A lot of people aim to become a medical professional. Some choose this profession because they want to serve the community while others are just following the line because they don’t know what else to pick for their career. No matter what reasons you have to become a medical professional, once you achieve your goal, you become responsible for so many people’s life. Apart from becoming a MBBS professional, you can also choose to be a part of other medical fields which are just as important as the doctor itself.
Mostly diagnosis these days are now done through the digital machinery scans since they are much more accurate and fast too. To perform these scans, professionals are required who know exactly how to conduct them and generate accurate reports. Without these professionals, the job of a doctor will get even hard and it will not be easy to get a diagnosis report early. There are many good institutes which are teaching its students to become a good ultrasound technician. These schools are preset everywhere in the US. If you aim to become one, you can pick the institute for you from the list of Ultrasound Technician Schools in CT.
The National Center for Education Statistics has listed four college on Connecticut. There are two hospitals as well which are offering complete medical sonography programs. After the completion of studies, students are required to obtain a verification certificate so that they can be licensed. The licensing requirements vary from state to state. To become eligible for the certification, the program a person is attending must be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). You can check the list of accredited institutes on CAAHEP website.
Depending on your career goal, the CT schools and training centers will offer you different types of trainings. A student who is starting off on his or her career can choose a diagnostic medical sonography associate degree program. It will take two years to complete the degree. The degree also includes health and general education courses. This program will prepare students to perform obstetrical, gynecological and vascular sonography procedures. Those students who have already completed the training or degree can enroll in certificate programs to get specialized training in vascular or pediatric sonography. For the successful completion of the training, a student must complete both the didactic and clinical portions of training. In the didactic training, classroom studies and lab work in involved. Some of the course topics include sonographic physics and instrumentation, clinical pathology, psychology, vascular sonography and GYN sonography. The clinical portion requires student to complete the supervised internships and practical courses where they can get hands-on training while performing ultrasound procedures.
The diagnostic medical sonographers have amazing career opportunities. They are expected to see an employment growth of 46%. CT alone had 840 diagnostic medical sonographers employed as per reports of 2012. It is also the top paying states for this occupation and the annual wage is calculated to be $78430.

How do avies spend Summer in Second Life? -Becca Drascol Reporting

Seasons in Second Life:

For this reporter a change of season doesn’t mean what I’m doing is any different. However a lot of people are very into season changes. Many change up the look of their sims, perhaps even buy a new wardrobe or engage in seasonal activities like swimming and boating in the Summer and skiing and ice skating in the winter .

Some clubs and other venues hold special seasonal events too. For me I do enjoy hopping around taking photos in SL of different types of season themed venues.  I set out to interview some avies to see what they do.

What avies are doing in Summer SL Style:

DustiRose Dobbs: Pretty much dancing at beach clubs and starting to think about the Fall fashions.

Becca Drascol: Are you thinking of designing special clothing for Summer?

DustiRose Dobbs: I have made a few things already and I have them for sale in my store.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

PoppaSlim Resident: I usually just hang out in the social sims and chat amongst the people.  I’m goofing off with people most of the time xD.

Becca Drascol: Do you change wardrobe any or go to any different type of venues during Summer?

PoppaSlim Resident: Sure, I change depending on the location, but generally I have a handful of outfits for my main avatar.  I have more but it's hard to find clothes that fit properly.  I  went to venues on occasion but only when friends invite me to go with them.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

Tor Draconia: Usually changing the landscape of my sim.

Becca Drascol: Is there anything else you do differently or special in Summer?

Tor Draconia: Not really. I do at times shop marketplace for new season clothing.

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

Jaydianna Spellhunter: In the Summer I love to explore the different sims, meet new friends and party with old friends. Go to the beaches, sun tan on yachts and swim with mermaids. Attend bonfires, explore fairy woods and meditate with all manner of creatures. Just live it up and have fun :)

Becca Drascol: How do you spend Summer in Second Life?

SrDracoThe Unsung: Mostly dancing on beaches.

To sum it all up:

While some avies don’t choose to do anything out of the ordinary for Summer. Those I spoke with tend to do some of the normal activities of the season such as beaches and enjoying time virtually outdoors while enjoying time with others.

 Even though Second Life is for the most part a social world, some do get into the mood of the changing seasons. I do suppose it’s a matter of how into the virtual life one chooses to get.  Just because it is our Second Life, does not mean it can’t have some elements of realism. However you choose to spent Summer, I hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Party Like a Canuck at VampIsle! Mark your calendar for July 1st-4th

FORGET  your Petty Plutocratic Politics and be sure to come and "Party like a Canuck" July 1st to 4th and Celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day. 

Featuring that sexy little DJ "IceCream" 

Grand Prize = 3600L plus a Sexy Vamp Saucer to abduct all your friends mmmmmm butt butt probe? 
Plus two HOT Italian Sports Cars ...START DANCING 

This is a brand new and very unique SIM with some great must have games, Adult toys and  free fun stuff as well, ... for your perusal and eventual purchase :) 

Our Big Mall is located in the the max-sized SIM of Vamp Isle. 256x256 and 30K, with minimal if any lag.  The main attractions are Sci-Fi,Vampire, Sport, unique customized games and Fetish role play.  PLUS lots of surprises for the willing explorer.  Our Sky Scape HighWay is really very unique and loaded with adventure.  Members get to rez their choice of a Motorcycle or Hot Sports Car, and drive our Deadly but Beautiful Sky-Scape Highway.  

This SIM is designed for MidNight Vamp View for best resolution.  We also recommend hi graphics settings and the FireStorm Viewer. 

We have over SIX dance areas, SIX residential zones, dozens of games and three Sassy GG Babe-Bot shows on the GO-GO 24-7.

in addition our Grand Central Station, is a unique and active portal to hundreds of select SIMs located throughout the Second Life Grid.  They are put into three distinct  categories within the Big Earth Globe.  Sci-fi style transporters are also available to take you throughout our entire SIM, which is constantly under construction, with phases 1 of 3 phases having been just completed   

The Lost Art of the Escort - Pen Dragon Reporting

Sex has alway been and always will be big business. In fact, it’s the oldest profession in recorded history with mostly women selling their bodies for the pleasure of others.The same is true for Second Life. But has the art of the high end escort been lost or abandoned in lieu of the quick hook-up or even the AFK sex doll?

First, we have to understand the difference between the high end and the high volume escort. The high end escort, while charging more, offers a more personalised and intimate encounter. Giving more attention to their client and ensuring that the experience is more than just a brief, forgettable sexual encounter. The high volume escort is usually much cheaper and will get you just the act and little more. They tend to go through more customers per day because they spend less time with each.

I went in search of the more elite, upper class brothels and escort establishments to find out how well the business was doing, especially against a plethora of competition around the grid. There was a time when these establishments were plentiful. You could go almost anywhere to hire a classy, premium escort for the evening, but as I discovered, those days seem to be gone.

Most of what you find today are the new trend of AFK, away from keyboard, sex workers. Women who leave their body logged in while they are away and let clients use them with no emoting, no foreplay and no interaction. These places have popped up almost everywhere, seemingly replacing the classic upscale brothel.

“Most of us are experienced in many aspects of the market. We cater to a wide range of kinks, and if I can't, I will always know of one or two girls who can. You pay us to get what you ask for. You can go to a lot of places. A quick interaction from a girl at a freelance place though, they do business in bulk.
You won't get the time there you would here. Or you can go lay with an afk body. Those are great options if you don't need more, but when you do you come here.” said Puppy, an escort at one of the few existing posh escort clubs, Lace & Garters. She didn’t let on that there was a decline in the business of the high end escort, going on to say, “Sex will always be in strong demand. It is recession proof. Good sex, more so.”

Of the handful of brothels I did find, most were empty with help wanted signs hanging on the door. As I continued to investigate I found that most sex workers weren’t even willing to talk, much less go on the record with a reporter. In one instance, at RisQue After Dark, the owner, whose name unironically was The Most Boring Man in SL, was so upset that I was asking questions he banned me from the sim. That alone says volumes about the state of affairs in the escort business.

The art of the escort, taking the time with a client, giving him or her a personalised, tailored sexual encounter, seems to be going by the wayside. So few of the upscale professionals exist anymore, almost like a dying breed. It would seem that sex patrons are preferring to have the “wham bam thank you ma’am” quickie over the intimate designer experience.

Additional Information:
Lace & Garters Premier Female Entertainment

LuXXX Lounge ~ High class, erotic entertainment

RisQue After Dark

-Pen Dragon (arthuris1974)

Monday, June 18, 2018


It's summer in Second Life and we have the perfect set for you to laze around the pool, on your deck or at the beach.

It's summer in Second Life and we have the perfect set for you to laze around the pool, on your deck or at the beach.

The KiX Lounger set from our KiX on the Beach range is original KiX mesh and stuffed full of texture changes to compliment any setting.
The Lounger: Land Impact is only 5 and available in adult or PG versions with multiple texture changes for the wood, the towels and the cushion. Cute and hot animations and props to make your day at the pool go with a bang!
The Table:  Land impace of only 2 and also has the same wood textures as the lounger and decor props that can rez via a button.
The Table & Parasol.  With a land impact of only 4 this has 3 different parasol texture options and the same wood choices, all available on touch from the menu!

There is more!  With every adult version you get a PG lounger free; for those moments you have to behave. 
Where can we get it? I hear you cry.  Illuminate Home and Garden is the only dedicated original content monthly Home and Garden event on the grid.

TP on over to our booth and see for yourself... watch out for the waiter

Virtual Worlds and Gender Bending - Seersha Heart Reporting

Second Life celebrated fifteen years on June 15, 2018.  It is hard to believe the humble beginnings of this virtual world with a few prims and an ocean.  These days Linden Labs advertises Second Life as being a place you may make money with a business, go on adventures or create anything you may imagine.  Years ago, Second Life reported to users that a great deal of the female avatars were men in real life.  This falls within the promised activity to create anything you may imagine.  This phenomenon has been the subject of many forums and some studies in the greater gaming community.  What do we think about the person’s gender behind an avatar?  What are the expectations in Second Life as to the person behind the avatar?

An article in published an article recently titled “They’re All Men”.  Writing about MMORPGs [Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games], the author reformed the popular acronym.  Reframing MMORG, the author said these letters stand for Men Masquerading Occasionally as Really Pretty Girls.  Some gamers argue that by choosing a female avatar they are treated more nicely by males giving them certain advantages such as assistance in battle or locating rare items.  I am big World of Warcraft fan.  I don’t have any male avatars in WOW.  Instead I have a bevy female in multiple realms as various skill levels.  “Researchers from five universities across the US and Canada studied footage of 375 gamers playing a custom WOW quest.  They wanted to determine if difference in online behaviors in characters of different genders aligned with the societal expectations of conduct from men and women.”  A very complicated way to say the researchers wanted to see if there was mansplaining going on in world.  What they found is not surprising.  Men playing women behave differently that women playing women.  This difference is most apparent in the way they move their avatar.  In WOW men playing women tended to jump 116 times more often than women playing women.  They also tended to walk backwards much more frequently.

As with this study of men within WOW behavior, most in SL will claim they can tell a man in a woman avatar.  I went out in the community and asked several men and women if they believed they could tell the gender behind the avatar.  Most said yes, they could tell.  The traits I heard most often were opinions expressed about the breasts of the avi or the general promiscuity.

            In the online publication published an article “How Science Can Tell When Dudes are Pretending to be Women MMORPGS”.  This article began with stating the obvious, sometimes it is just “cool” to be a female avatar.  Sometimes we want to step outside of ourselves and be someone different.  This article also cited the US/Canadian study of 375 WOW gamers.  Men are much more likely to play women than women are to play men.  In the study 23% of the men switched genders to only 7% of the women.  This article quickly came around to the question I wanted an answer to most.  Does anyone really care the gender of the person behind an avi?

            The short answer is that no, most people asked the question if a person’s real-life gender identity was important said “no”.  The prevailing opinion I encountered both in person within SL and from reading forums is that demanding to know a person’s rl gender identity goes against what SL is all about.  Creating anything you may imagine means just that in a nutshell.  Many people I spoke with were quite adamant that a person’s real life is that person’s business.  If someone chooses to share information that is the choice of that person.  I learned a great deal from these responses.  I live in SL with a great deal of my private information available through my profile or through google.  [hears the tap tap tapping of keys on keyboards googling me 😊] I decided to share some of the gender issues I learned about while doing this story.

            One resident wanted to know if there are men available that will date a female avi who is a man in real life.  These are some of the responses:
      “Being female in SL is not an unspoken promise of being a real-life female.  And even if the user behind the avatar is female…there is no right for anyone to expect to get a verification or any RL information, to begin with.  If someone worries that the other person might have a different gender, they shouldn’t go dating in a virtual world…seriously.  After all its SL and if the time spend with a certain person is enjoyable…who cares who they are in RL?”  Syo Emerald
      “To me personally I don’t care and those who do yes are usually not worth his/her time.  Honestly if they are never going to meet what’s the difference?”  “Unless I am going to meet someone I don’t care what sex they are playing” Sephina Frostbite
      “I am a male playing a female avi and I’m open about it in my profile.  I’ve found guys really want nothing to do with me” Scarlet Waits
Another question posed about gender is does playing a woman in SL give any insight to how women feel in RL?  This was met with a resounding “No” to which I will add “duh”.  Some of the responses are worth sharing:
      “Not really.  Maybe a little?  SL is a whole little encapsulated experience.  Being a woman in SL will let you experience what is it’s like to be a woman in SL.”  RhondA Huntress
      “Nope not even close” Aislin Ceawlin
      “In RL, I’ve never had a guy try to grab my crotch from 100m away, while I’m clothes shopping, as their arms just ain’t that long, and their girlfriends/wives will beat the crap out of them if they try, just before the police arrive to drag them to jail.  And so on…No, female in SL is remarkably unlike Female in RL” Klytyna

I circle around to one of the original questions; is it even necessary to identify your RL gender in SL?  If you want people to know what is the best way to present yourself.  Here are some responses to that question:
      “Start by putting in your profile something like “Already in a relationship…NOT LOOKING!” come to think of it, that’s where you can end it too.  No one has any need to know your real gender…ever. [Unless YOU decide to tell them.”   Darrius gothly
      “Nothing wrong with it.  What is the point of having a second life if you can’t swap gender.  If you want people to know put it in your profile.  Just put it in a s a statement of fact without either apologizing or being aggressive about it [e.g. So if you don’t like it you can…<don’t do this).  Most people are pretty cool about this sort of thing in SL and for the rest you have Block, Derender and Shift+Ctrl+H” Ohjiro Watanabe
      “Unless told otherwise, I accept people as their avis are.  For the most part  all of SL is RP of a sort.  Very few of us actually look like the avatar we’re created.  There are a lot of guys in SL using female avis for several reasons…clothes, clothes and …clothes.”  “You really only need to “tell” if you’re going to be in a relationship.  For casual, it’s no one’s business but your own.”   Bobbie Faulds

In the end, what you reveal in SL is your business be it gender or another attribute of your RL.  I encourage you to always remember that each avi you meet has a human being behind that avatar.  Each person deserves to be treated with respect when you engage with them.  It is not deceptive to create a different gender than the one you have in real.  As always, it is deceptive to lie to real people in world.  If you tell someone you are a female in real life when you are not, this is deceptive and hurtful.  If you don’t want someone to know your RL gender, do not reveal it.  Don’t lie.  As everyone I spoke to related to me, most people in SL have been hurt at one time or another by someone’s lies.  It is fine to role play, it is fine to create whatever image you wish for your avatar.  It is your right to disclose what you wish about your real life.  If you decide to disclose, be honest.

Some avatars names have been changed at their request.  Resources used for this story beyond personal interviews may be located at these websites:

 Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]
Photos by Karmaghna Ulrik

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lovely Laura’s Weddings just keeps growing everyday!

We are now offering house rentals. How can you not love all these attractions we have! Enjoy a home rental with a kitchen already installed! We offer houses for 250prim- 450L a week, 125prim a week for 250L a week. THAT ISN’T EVEN THE BEST PART! If you rent a full month you get a weeks worth of rent free! Here at Lovely Laura’s Weddings we offer it all because we want our clients happy, excited and want them to have the BEST Secondlife experience they can have. Big grand things are happening at Lovely Laura’s Weddings! So do not miss out!

Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Massage Therapist

With massage therapy being used to help millions of people cope with sore muscles, emotional distress and physical ailments, becoming a massage therapist may be just the right career option for you. Here are some factors to consider before becoming a massage therapist.

Gaining Experience

To become a successful massage therapist, you will need to gain as much experience as you can beforehand. The first thing you will need to consider is whether your heart is in the right place for the role. Whilst you may be good with your hands, it is important that massage therapists are empathetic and patient with their clients. Massaging is classed as a very intimate experience, so a therapist must be able to deal with their clients’ physical and emotional needs. There are many tips and tricks that can help you find employment as a massage therapist.

Learn the Art of Massage

To get a better and clearer understanding of the massage arts, it is best to engage with a massage therapist and receive a massage yourself. That way you can get a first-hand insight into what a good massage should feel like. Make sure that you have questions and queries ready before youhave a massage, so you can learn more about the profession. Conducting extensive research and reading this massage therapist description will help you decide what type of massage therapist job will suit you the most.

Choosing Your Field

With many different specialties involved in massage therapy, you will need to take time to identify which route is right for you and what you are best at. There are types of massages that predominately focus on healing muscles whereas some are more tailored towards easing stress. When learning and practicing the several types of massage, you will begin to get a better idea of what role suits you best.

Getting Certified

Before you begin training, it is recommended to research into your jurisdiction’s licensing requirements, so you are aware of what sort of training you will need to be licensed. Most states in the U.S. have some form of licensing, so it is best to investigate your state’s licensing board.

Training Programs

There are various massage schools across the country that you can attend to help you become a massage therapist. Simply taking the time to research online will help put you in touch with schools in your area and beyond. However, make sure to look for programs that lead to receiving a certification that satisfies your jurisdiction’s licensing requirements, so you can be assured that you will be licensed at the end of the course. You will also need to factor in your budget when it comes to choosing a massage school. The cost of a course will vary from school to school, so make sure you have done your research to find the right school for you that suits your budget.
It is important that you thoroughly research the skills and requirements needed to become a massage therapist. Try and speak to those who are already in the profession who will be able to provide you with relevant advice and support.

SLE Commercial