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Monday, October 28, 2019

CisumWebzine is Hiring writers for Music News

- Reviews on Musicians 
600 Words :  Description and promotion ( Biography of the musician ) : 650 L$/Review

- Interviews :
800 Words ( Interview written not only Question/Answer Real Time Interview with appointment voice or written) : 900 L$/Interview

- Hotspots 
1000 Words ( Special Reviews about Special Music Events , Music Sims or Radios everything that concerns Live Music In General ) : 1100 L$/Hotspots Review

- Events Covered 
500 Words ( Event Covered in any Live Music Venues ) : 600 L$/Review
- Music Venue Reviews 
600 Words ( Live Music Venue Descritpion and Introduction ) : 700 L$/Review

Website :

CisumWebzine Group : secondlife:///app/group/cc02bdf7-cd8c-7df1-332a-6c6d5b33c87a/about

Slurl ;

CisumWebzine is a vibrant source of realtime information about music events in Second Life.
CisumWebzine  reporters comb the metaverse to bring up-to-the minute stories of musicians and the venues they play in, bringing together stories of Real and Second Life careers. 
Constantly growing, changing, and reshaping itself, like the music and the venues it describes, CisumWebzine is the go-to WebZine for all lovers of real music. Join us on these pages and inworld to learn more, and to feel the music!

We offer Live Performances , a close up on SecondLife Music World , candid interviews , reviews and events covered.

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