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Monday, July 20, 2020

Moonlight Music is an Organization built on Teamwork- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." --Andrew Carnegie

Moonlight Music is an organization that brings the Music community together in Second Life. It offers musicians, managers,booking agents, hosts, media, techs and other vital resources to help performers optimize their talent, appearance and performance experience in Second Life. Founded by Wolfie Moonshadow in 2011, MM in its early stages was a vision thought up by him as a way to help fellow performers but at the time the music scene was not as advanced as it is today. It sat dormant until April of this 2020 when Wolfie teamed up with Paul Nowles.

Together these performers put in time, and work to build up resources to bring the music community together and help create a well rounded entertainment experience in Second Life. It all starts with teamwork!  The SL Enquirer got an opportunity to sit down with Wolfie and Paul to learn more about what Moonlight Music brings to the SL table.

Interview with Wolfie Moonshadow & Paul Nowles

Lanai Jarrico, Paul Nowles, Charlie TooMuch, Wolfie Moonshadow and Orion Baral

SLE: What inspired Moonlight Music?

Wolfie & Paul: We would say the biggest inspiration has been our love and passion for the music scene in Second Life, our camaraderie during the past 10 years and a desire to help bring the music community together.

SLE: Wow it has been years in the making! When was Moonlight music officially launched?

Wolfie: Moonlight Music was an idea that came about around 9 years ago. It had been something I wanted to incorporate initially as an agency and did bring new performers from Gibraltar who joined the brand during that time but due to all of the issues I was having to find a place to perform from through those years, it fizzled out into my inventory. What Moonlight has become today was a conversation between Paul and I back in April 2020, in which we discussed the problems faced by many performers and venues with promotional and administrative shortfalls and what we could do to help.

SLE: Our source has been a fan of Wolfie and Moonlight Music since the very beginning and recently spending more time at concerts with the Wolf Pack which includes Paul Nowles who is Wolfie’s Right hand in MM, a couples of other amazing talents and it’s newest member Charlie Too Much who just started performing in SL less than a month ago. We am excited to see Wolfie’s passion for music unfold into what it is today.

Paul, What does the organization offer new and seasoned Musicians in Second Life?

Paul: Performing in Second Life is a learning process, regardless if you did it yesterday or the past 10 years. There is always something new to learn. We want to share what we have learned and learn from others. In terms of new performers, we want to offer a welcome centre to teach them different tips on how to get started, fix their sound issues, where to find resources and connect them to people within the group who offer their own knowledge & skills to answer any questions they may have.

SLE: It is true. We never stop learning and growing. Does MM offer Management services to musicians who do not have an assistant or team?

Wolfie & Paul: We offer a group made up of performers, managers, hosts, booking agents, venue owners, magazines/bloggers, promotion agents, avatar makeover artists & tech support. All members will be able to contact this resource to be able to contact or place ads to look for the desired resource they need. Our idea had started to help performers but has evolved into something much bigger in which we want to help the entire SL music community. From our part, we do all we can to talk to managers we know for example and offer the opportunity in support of our requesting member.

SLE: That is a fantastic way to go about helping others in the music scene. Who makes up Moonlight Music’s team and what do they do?

Wolfie:& Paul: We are slowly growing and spreading the word and when we first started the idea it had been the concept for us to have a team that would provide performers with all they needed. Now the idea has evolved into being both a welcome centre and resource group. The group members are our team.

SLE: We may be able to help spread the word a little...What is the criteria singers and musicians have to meet to be invited into the organization?

Wolfie & Paul: Their willingness to provide help to others, being a team player and a complete aversion to drama in Second Life. We have a beautiful world in which to create in, its best to leave your problems at the door and enjoy it.

SLE: Mmmhm we hear that. There are a lot of haters out there creating all sorts of useless drama. The ability to brush that nonsense off your shoulder and handle your business is how many succeed. So, how can performers who want to be serious about their craft join the organization?

Wolfie & Paul: Come and talk with us or send us an IM. This is something everyone should join so we can help each other be better :)

SLE: It sounds like you all got your ducks in a row. Is there a fee to join?

Wolfie & Paul: This is a venture that has always been about helping the music community and as such we are non profit as an organisation. If you do hire someone through the group, that is an arrangement made by the two members.

SLE: Hey free is affordable! Especially new musicians just starting out in Second Life. What talents are already part of Moonlight Music?

Wolfie & Paul: Us both together with Seren McGillivary, Rocker Gibson, Charlie TooMuch & Steveland Morlim but we have a number of interested parties that hopefully may want to be a part of this project after reading this :)

SLE: This is perfect for musicians out there lookin for some help getting set up on the grid. So, what type of events does Moonlight Music host and get involved with?

Wolfie & Paul: Concerts, open mics, dual streaming, showcase performances and general co-op in creative projects.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Moonlight Music?

Wolfie: The most important thing we want to say is that we are NOT a musician's agency. There are many agencies around the grid and what we offer new artists coming in is the tools and the means to run their own careers. Once the 'boot camp' phase is over they will be able to choose which path to take, whether it be with an agency or managing their own career. We offer them the opportunity of making a choice.

In terms of our work with the venues, we introduce performers as well as other resources to them, with the intention of supporting the places that give us a home to perform from. We can heal the divide, but we must do it together and we have the vision that it can happen to the benefit for all.

SLE:  Well, in case you are wondering. The SL Enquirer is all in when it comes to promoting talent in Second Life so you can count on us to be part of the MM team of resources!

Additional Information:

Group: By Invitation Only - Please contact one of our members for more information.


Main Office (IN SL):



Preferred Contact: Wolfie Moonshadow or Paul Nowles


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