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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Is Bingo Luck?

Bingo is a game where the player is presented with a card full of numbers. To win the game, the player needs to cross off all of the numbers on their card. They do this by matching them up to the numbers called out by a caller. The amount of numbers called has a limit so there is a cap on how long they have to cross off these numbers. You might want to play on the best bingo sites

With all that in mind, it is easy to just assume that bingo is a game of luck. It is luck that determines whether or not the numbers you need are called. Or is it?

Is Bingo entirely based on luck?

Luck based gameplay

The answer to the question is unequivocally yes. It is luck that determines the winner in a game of bingo. However, that does not mean that there are things you can do to help win. Here’s how to increase your luck in online bingo.

Play with more than one card

There is no law that says that players need to play with only one bingo card. Some bingo games will set a limit on how many cards a player can buy but use more cards increases your odds.

Now, you are not only trying to cross numbers on one card. That means, with more cards, there is more chance that you can cross off a number that is called.

Keep an eye on the winners

Yes, the numbers called are entirely based on like. However, the odds of a number being called multiple times in the same place is highly unlikely. Pay attention to the numbers called and you can make an educated guess as to when that number will not come up.

Playing bingo smart is the best way to play bingo.

Bingo strategies

Like many online casino games, there are strategies for bingo that players can use to help win. It is a game of numbers after all.

One such strategy is the Tippett Strategy. This bingo strategy states that the numbers called are likely to be around the median number. In a 70 ball bingo game this would mean that all of the numbers called will be close to the number 35. Players can then strategize their game accordingly.

Another strategy is the Granville Strategy. This bingo strategy is again based on the likelihood of certain numbers. He believed that the bingo game will need to have called an equal amount of even and odd numbers as well as an equal amount of numbers that end in 5, 1 or 9.

This might sound like a lot to have to think about, but the odds do verify this theory. Mathematicians that like bingo will have a field day with this strategy.


Whilst bingo is a game that is entirely based around luck, shrinking the odds is a good way to counterbalance this. It doesn’t provide a certainty that you will win, but it does increase your chances.


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