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SLE Contributors

Lanai Jarrico (Editor, Writer)

Lanai began her journey in January of 2003 when she created “Lanai” in the virtual world, The SIMS Online. She quickly found herself in a unique world that was much like the real one. It was a place that stirred up human emotion and created long lasting friendships, even feelings of love, conflict and loss. It was an interesting atmosphere, one of many possibilities and even more stories to tell.

On October 4, 2004, she founded the original TSO Enquirer. The inspiration came from sitting around a campfire chatting with her circle of friends. She decided it would be a cool idea to create a newspaper to inform and entertain them. Next thing she knew, viral advertising had spread throughout the virtual world community with unexpected results.

In 2005 Lanai was invited to Second Life by amateur filmmakers from Paris after working on a documentary project together. She initially declined but decided to give it a second look a couple of months later. Since then Lanai has been running The SL Enquirer along with Team SLE and has been featured in multiple publications and exhibitions throughout the years. Most recently, Lanai was the recipient of the Echelon Award presented by Pulse TV Network in honor of her long standing media efforts with The SL Enquirer and recent appointment as head of operations for Press Pass Media. In her real life, Lanai is a fashion blogger and full-time student in media and communications.

You can contact Lanai via e-mail and in Skype (lanai_jarrico), and you can learn more about her at the following sites: Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace.


Lacy Muircastle (Editor, Writer)

Lacy has been called “a writing fool…” by one of her editors. She is also Lanai's right hand in SLE operations.

Not only does she write for the SL Enquirer, but she writes for the likes of MORE Magazine, the BOSL Magazine, and VMS Magazine. She also contributes to Ivy Maverick’s WomenStuff/MenStuff group blog and was estate reporter for The Costa Rica Sims of the DSE Corporation. It is Lanai Jarrico of the SLE who initially gave Lacy the opportunity to write and set her on the path she now finds herself in SL.

Lacy’s all-time favorite author is Dr. Seuss – “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.”

Out in the big bad real world, Lacy’s human form is attempting her hand at ‘penning’ an actual book. Learn more about Lacy at her website and on Facebook and Twitter.

Glossom Resident (writer)

As a SL resident since 2008, Glossom Resident has done a bit of everything before engaging in the writing. Her inquisitive nature makes her restless! She loves to portray the places and people that cross her way, or vice-versa, by painting the words with all the colors of the rainbow. Luckily the river of ideas never runs dry as Glossom does not stops exploring exciting new corners  and meeting lots of interesting new people with fascinating stories and projects.

Cris Coursey (writer)

Queen of the WindowLickers- and proudly wears that title in Second Life.  New to the game, only on since March of 2013, I’m learning something every day.  I write dark fantasy in Real Life, so of course on here I am a vampire… I mean come on, it’s awesome.  I like chilling at clubs, hanging with friends, and I love to talk and meet people.  Beware: I come with my own warning label though.  Asks many questions.  I like to understand, so yes I will ask until you tell me to zip it.  I write the Snake Adventures, because my SL brother has always managed to end us up in some kind of drama or excitement.  Gotta love SL.
I love Second Life.  There is always something new to learn or get into and there are so many different types of people to talk to!  ::Bounces up and down excited::  I like to try different things, I’ve found skydiving to be about my favorite so far.  I keep my RL that, and I bring my morals, my sense of humor, and my personality with me to Second Life, but not RL.  I owe many thanks to my friends on here, because without them I’d hung up the avatar a long time ago.  Loves and Hugs. 
You can find my books on Amazon, my blog , or find my page on facebook
Cris Coursey


Cari Soulstar (writer)

Cari Soulstar rezzed Aug 11, 2009. She got her nickname 'Silky' by performing as a BondGirl in a Role Play called "Habarest Peak". Her character Silky Underwood was both fierce and gorgeous, and the nickname stuck! Silky joined the SL Enquirer as a journalist and marketing gal in 2013. She's hosted events, and modeled for various designers including Bee Tizzy's VIP Creations, Seldom Blue Lingerie, and Napili Sand's Naughty Girlz brand.  Ms. Soulstar's modeling career progressed further in 2013 culminating in her appointment as Playmates Magazine's Ms. January 2014. Silky also participated (fully clothed) on the catwalks for Style Kingdom Magazine's Second Public Casting Challenge as she pursued her passion for fashion, albeit somewhat clumsily!

In addition to advancing a vibrant social media & modeling career, Silky strives offer SL Enquirer readers fresh & unique perspectives of the creative underbelly of Second Life.


Jessii2009 Warrol (writer)

Jessii2009 Warrhol aka Jessi has been in Second Life for 5 years! Throughout this time she has filled the roles of Sim Manager, Estate Manager, Events Coordinator, Estates Owner, and Club Owner. 

Jessi is currently the Co-Owner of Tribute City & Black Eagle Rock Club.
Jessi’s real life pursuits have spilled over in Second Life. As a real life educator and consultant, she has presented at numerous Second Life educational conferences and has conducted research on the benefits of virtual worlds in real life education. 

Jessi believes tremendously in charity in Second Life and has been a part of Relay For Life of Second Life for the past 5 years. Currently she is the 2014 Area Lead for the Team Info. Processing & Encouragement area of the 2014 Relay For Life of Second Life Committee. In addition to volunteering with Relay For Life of Second Life, Jessi has also volunteered with the SL9B and SL10B and Burn2. While not volunteering, Jessi loves to shop and shop until her avi drops and exploring interesting places in Second Life.

Milae Abbot (writer)
Milae Abbot - Married to Mackenzie Abbot. Mother of 1 the adorable Spike. Been in SL longer than her AV suggests. Journalist, DJ/Host, Photographer, Mama Allpa Doctor. Half Neko Half Human.
Has her own Company SKEW Creations including SKEW Photography
Milae has a great sense of humor and if you catch one of her DJ sets she loves to play Rock and Blues amongst over genre's. Major Fan of MUSE.
UK (slt+8)


Shon Charisma is a Jacqueline of all trades on the grid. When she's not working for SL Enquirer, she's performing with Unity Productions, a faith-based organization that delivers well-developed, poignant productions. She's also an avid picture taker (she refuses to say photographer because she doesn't slave over pictures to make thempurty), and an aspiring machinimatographer. Recently, she signed on with Digital Arts Talent Agency for representation and plans to be busy, busy, busy with developing her filmmaking skills. There are plenty of other things she does on the grid, and to learn more about these things, you can check out Shon on her blog and her Facebook and YouTube pages.


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