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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Avi Poll: The Pros and Cons of Virtual Friendships- Hazel Silvermoon Reporting…


Making friends in real life can be quite a challenge, and many of us are left with feelings of anxiety over socializing face-to-face. When we enter the virtual world, we often think that things will be easier, since we are hidden behind a screen. Sometimes, this is the case, but often, the anxiety still sets in, and we are left to put ourselves out there. Even though Second Life is virtual, it is massive. However, I personally have met some of the most amazing people in my 13 years here, and they have become some of my closest friends in both the real world and the virtual one. Online friendships definitely have their pros and cons, and this week I got to speak with several incredible people who were able to give me their take on friendships in a virtual world. 



Fire: “You get to meet people, and know people from around the world. One of the cons of this is that you make really great friends, but then you can’t hang out with them in real life. It is easier to walk away from people in the virtual world. You can be who or whatever you want to be, but still be yourself at the same time.”

Hexlais: "I think virtual friendships are cool. They allow you to meet people from around the world and from different walks of life. You can also make lifelong friends, which I think is awesome. I would say the cons are, at any point in time something could happen to said friend, and you'd never know about it. Also, sometimes people are two-faced and hide behind their avatar and use it as an excuse to hurt others." 

Porta: "Virtual Friendship.


Exposure to other walks of life

Distance doesn't matter

Easier to find and engage with those of similar interests

Accessibility is significantly easier for those less able bodied



Differing opinions of the importance of time available


The lack of a tactile engagement

Potential for furthering people moving to become hermits.

Overall thoughts:

I think in the world we move to where more and more things are online, the idea of virtual friendship is one that will come further and further into fruition. Perhaps not understood fully by the older generations but the ability to connect and develop deep meaningful friendships through a virtual environment has been exceptionally helpful to developing and understanding more about myself. The plethora of life experience at hand that otherwise would not be possible or as easily attainable without a medium such as a virtual world, is astounding. So many life stories and discussions are possible at   just a few clicks and I think it builds a wonderful community and connections." 

 Darvynious: " The pros of virtual friendship is that most of the time it is relatively simple and easy to make friends in this world with the access point being as simple as a button press. Virtual friendships can easily carry over into real life or other platforms if the connection is strong enough. There is also the aspect of time where in online friendships not much time commitment is required to maintain an online friendship.

The cons of virtual friendships is that at times those friendships can easily vanish just as quickly as they started, but it depends on the person and their levels of dependency.  People in the virtual world may linger here a little too long and sometimes it can do more harm than good especially when some people can spend most of their lives here and have a very little grasp on time, reality, and important events going by as they get too absorbed in the world...but in some cases they may also expect the same commitment from you. In some cases, people will believe they are not good enough for you if you are not online as much as they are. While it is a con to have to communicate at times it is mainly due to the strain of most people not wanting to establish casual conversation unless the conversation is brought to them first, but this can be changed over time as you learn habits and learn new perspectives from making these online virtual friendships."

Louis: " Pros, I'd say is being online is less intrusive to your life, you can log off SL whenever you want, no need to drive over to a friend's house then have to drive back, etc. You can also play games like SL or other games through a console or computer.

Cons I'd say, is you sometimes need to hang out together, get to see the person face to face to establish a stronger connection with someone, go to a bar together and drink, go watch a movie, introduce your friend to some of your other friends face to face. there is only so much you can do over the internet. and I think eventually it's cool to meet the person face to face."

No matter who we are, friendships are crucial to human life. It is important for our mental health, as well as for developing social skills. I think the main thing we can all take away from this poll, is that it doesn't matter if the friendship is face-to-face, or virtual, we still grow to know and care for these people either way. It doesn't matter if we are separated by a screen. Humans need and crave interaction, and in virtual worlds like Second Life, that is what makes us feel a connection to the world we have created here. So for those of you reading, remember: even if it may seem intimidating, there are people out there who are waiting to meet someone like you, and you might just make a friend for life!

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

The SECRET LANGUAGE of COLORS- Hyaecinte Reporting...


When a baby becomes five months old,

it will have the ability to recognize the full color spectrum.

Suddenly the world is filled with every color of the rainbow.

Some colors will be considered more positive than others.

Doesn’t every kid go through a ‘no greens’ phase?

Because green means vegetables, ew!

This relationship we have with colors will last our entire lives,

even if we are not aware of what a color actually means.

What a color means to us is predefined by many factors;

by culture, by personal preference and maybe even by

what our high school art teacher told us is beautiful or ugly.

I want to show you these different meanings and make you

aware of what a color can do for you, while linking it to

another meaningful part of our lives:  Fashion!




Red is one of the most powerful colors that exists.

It stands for passion, risk, courage and success.

In Eastern cultures red is the color of happiness and life.

In some cultures it is even considered bridal.

Red is a perfect color for a sensual woman!





Blue is considered the world’s favorite color.

It stands for loyalty, honesty and intellectuality.

In the Islam blue stands for protection.

In the Chinese culture it is the color of immortality.

Blue is for those who know what they want!





Yellow means willpower in psychology.

It stands for curiosity, optimism and flexibility.

In Western cultures yellow brings joy and happiness.

In Buddhism it is the color of wisdom.

Yellow is a fun color for a fun lady!





Did you know green’s psychological function is love?

It also stands for balance, relaxation and harmony.

In Christianity green is the color of hope and growth.

But universally it is often associated with nature.

Green is a color for a gentle and calm beauty.





Purple is the color of insight.

It stands for spirituality, individualism and idealism.

Purple is a strong color when connecting to other people.

You will be inspiring and devoted to others.

Purple is the right color for a social and loving beauty.





Orange means desire.

It also stands for humor, understanding and order.

In Hindiusm it’s a holy color associated with saffron.

It is the national color of Holland so it means to party!

Orange is for a versatile lady who has many qualities.


All fashion creations presented in this report are from LUXE Paris. Established for twelve years, LUXE Paris fashion house is recognized for its “couture” style and affordable prices. Visit LUXE Paris at:

An article by Hyaecinte 
SL Top Model, RL certified stylist & colorist

Monday, September 25, 2023

Corn Maze! Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

I grew up in a suburban part of New England, and a major rite of Autumn was to go to a corn maze. 

Autumn is unique in that there is no major participatory holiday like the 4th of July or Christmas between Labor Day and Halloween. Many people therefore use Autumn as a sort of minor, extended celebration that ranges from pumpkin patches to apple cider donuts to hay rides. This gets them through the end of October, where they can hang ghouls off the house and dress like a Scary Nurse.

The town I grew up in was not immune to this, so every year would see a bunch of us- sometimes drunk- head out into the farm country to wander through a corn maze. I only say "sometimes drunk" because I was both doing mazes as a child (not drinking) or taking the kids to it (drinking after), which balances out my teens, early twenties and going-with-friends part of my life where one would have to be drunk to go to one.

About half the time, we never finished the maze, backtracking our way out and vowing to whip the maze next year. This happened every time we went after drinking, and a lot of the times where the children wore out easily. I can't actually remember beating the maze, to be honest, although I suppose we probably beat it a few times as children and I just can't remember. 

There are corn mazes in every county where I live, and where I live is only semi-rural. I can't imagine how many there must be in somewhere like Iowa. I recall reading that driving through there was basically "corn corn corn Walmart corn corn corn Gas Station corn corn corn Burger King corn corn corn..." They must have mazes everywhere there, and it would be cool to connect them all into an Iowa-sized maze and trap like 3% of America's population there during Tourist Season.

Corn mazes came into vogue in the 1990s, although no one knows who the first genius to try this out was. The idea sprung from the fact that you have to grow acres and acres of corn to make a profit, and the stalks have to be cut down after. Some great human figured out how to make a maze from this, people showed their interest with their pocketbooks and a new tradition emerged. Many farms rely on this part of the year to stay in the black.

With the bleedover into Halloween season, many mazes are also "haunted," and feature various goblins and serial killers. At least one horror movie- Chlidren Of The Corn- is set in a cornfield, and I am probably forgetting others. A corn maze is closely related to a hedge maze, and even an amateurish corn maze somehow looks creepier than the hedge maze at the end of The Shining. That's not easy to do.

They are best as a rural thing, however. Not many people farm these days, and a corn maze is often the only time a lot of people get close to a way of life that almost everyone practiced at one time.

I went to French Farm on SL to check out a SL corn maze. I was not disappointed. The sim is wholly decked out for fall, and I plan to get several articles out of my visit there. I must have took 100 pictures. They did a really nice job with the season, and I advise you to check it out for yourself. I don't know if they are French or just named French.

Their maze is easy to navigate, and has lots of surprises. There are enough dead ends (each with something cool in it) to make it so you have to at least concentrate a bit. I only took pictures of a few things in the maze, leaving the rest for our readers to discover on their own. It doesn't take long to go through, but you can stretch that out by looking everything over real slow. There are other activities on the im to keep you busy if you make it out of the maze. 

French Farm must be running this through Halloween, because they have a haunted maze, featuring various spooks and haunts and He Who Walks Behind The Rows. It's more cutesy than terrifying, and is a lot of fun either way. If they are smart, they will run it through Thanksgiving. Harvest Season sort of runs, at least in American imaginations, from the day after Labor Day until the end of November.... even late December, if you throw in Christmas tree farms

Please note that I included a picture of me finishing the maze, just in case you think I cheated my way out or anything.

French Farm:

Monday, September 11, 2023


Hey Lifey Babes, this is your girl Monique coming to you with the hottest advice when it comes to dating in the fast-paced world of Second Life. 

Autumn is right around the corner and my favorite of the four seasons. There is something so special about the changing colors of the leaves, pumpkin flavored drinks, knitted sweaters and football (even though I have no idea what is going on in the game LOL). 

Cooler weather conditions are perfect for keeping everyone staying indoors and logged on to Second Life. And guess what, it is Cuffing Season! 

SL dating can be challenging for guys. It’s hard to separate yourself from every other guy in your Crush's inbox. Lucky for you, I have a solution, we can get her the perfect gift. 


The objective of cuffing season is to Woo your crush into being your Cuff for the Holiday Season at least up until after Valentine’s Day. Meaning, she is not your girlfriend yet. Therefore, we will need something a little less X-rated and something a little more flirtatious and thoughtful to win her heart!



The Holdie gift is the safest casual choice in the Second Life gift realm. Holdies can be a cute accessory that always fits. Most importantly, a Holdie drink can be an introduction to role play, a quick coffee date to get to know your crush; it’s natural and effortless. 

She will enjoy the gesture and always remember you when she is holding it. Small gestures can create the best memories. A great casual coffee date can lead to future dates! 

The pick up line: 

● “That (Insert X-Drink Name) would be perfect for (Insert X-coffee shop/ X-juice bar), let me Teleport you there!” 

Where do we buy the gift: 


● One of my favorite Holdie/Holdables stores. They have many creative options, they look realistic and have many Weekend Sales! 

In the pictures below I am at the MOVEMENT store. I am holding the “Autumn Evening - Coffee and Cinnamon” on display. I also have the” Donut Strawberry Shake.” 



Women are nurturers, it is in our DNA. Research shows men with cute animals in their dating profiles get more matches. Using this knowledge, we know she will love the perfect little creature as a gift. 

For the girl you already know, ask her in casual conversation what animals she likes and dislikes. Make sure her gift is not an animal she has a phobia of (that could end up to be a disaster). 

If she already has a SecondLife pet, you could get her something similar. If you two are on a personal level, you could ask her for a picture of her real life pet and you could get her the SecondLife version of that exact one. Her heart will melt so be prepared for all the Awes! 

Another thing to consider is your Crush’s overall aesthetic before you get her a pet. Example: 

● If your Crush is a girly-girl you might want something fluffy like a bunny/kitten ● If your Crush is edgy and likes black maybe a reptile/ bat 

● If your Crush is a mythical being she might like a fairy/dragon instead The Pick up Line: 

● “Your pet matches you perfectly, we should do a photoshoot of us and your new pet!” ● “I saw this (Inset X-pet type) that reminded me of (Insert her real life Pet’s name) and I thought you’d like it in Second Life too!” 

Where do we buy the gift: 

REZZ ROOM: ● REZZ ROOM is a great standard place to pick up the standard common pets along with a few exotic ones! 

In the picture below I am at REZZ ROOM hanging out with Lions, the cub is so cute! 



Cute Pajamas are a step down from the risque nature of lingerie, but still romantic. The perfect introduction to propose a late night movie date or snuggling by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. 

The pick up line: 

● “You look cute in those pajamas, you should wear them to watch a movie with me later.” ● “You look so cozy in that, you should wear it by this fireplace at (Inset X-location) while we talk and gaze at the stars.” 

Where do we buy the gift: 


● The store is full of nighties, sleeping shirts and other cute sets I have been eyeing. 

In the picture below I am wearing pajama shorts and a top set with adorable pizzas on them from Gossip, they also have an avocado and cow version if you like! 



Jewelry is for the woman you already have a deep romantic connection with.The gesture will make her feel special. You can present the jewelry on a romantic date before proposing the idea of spending the Holiday Season together. 

Simple earrings or a bracelet that matches your crushes style should do the trick. The benefit to Jewelry is it fits, and ideally should be able to match many outfits. Everytime she looks at it, she will feel adored. Remember, diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend! 

She will have something to show her girlfriends while she talks about how exciting and thoughtful you are. 

The pick up Line: 

● “I really enjoy spending time with you, my family lives far away and I was wondering if you’d like to see eachother on (Inset X-holiday).” 

● “There’s a party and I would like you to be my plus one if you would like to join me!” ● “I was thinking you could wear this. We could both dress up for a photoshoot for (X-holiday) if you like!” 

Where do we buy the gift: 


● An amazing location to pick up a little trinket or chain of all metals and a variety of styles. 

VEXIIN: ● Firstly, the store is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The store reminds me of a Casino, a great place to actually bring your crush to pick out the gift herself. Vexiin has great classic pieces or pieces that are more blingy your crush likes that look more! 

In the picture below I have on a double butterfly chain from VOBE called “Valentina Necklace Silver ''. I think it’s so pretty. The watch is from VEXIIN and called “Merit Diamond Watch (Platinum)” I wear it all the time as a timeless piece. 


Autumn is one of the most eventful Seasons and in our down time indoors it is a wonderful thing to be able to spend it with people we care about, especially your Crush. As a guy, you can always show the girl you care about affection and treat her with a special gift to make memories that will last longer than a Season.