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Showing posts with label subculture. Show all posts

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Industrial Music in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Industrial music is an abrasive mix of rock and electronic sound.  It became popular in the 70’s with an experimental genre influenced by provocative and transgressive themes. Indie music as it is nicknamed is an underground movement found in Second Life clubs. If you’re not sure where to go in Second Life to listen then here is a list of some clubs which I feel you will enjoy not only for the music but also for the atmosphere too.

Twisted Dreams

Twisted Dreams is a club for all you twisted souls out there in SL. Featuring some of the best DJ's in SL, playing dubstep, industrial, EBM, Electro Swing.....and anything else the crowd wants to hear. They are all about the music and fun.  They do not play only industrial music so if you are looking for a club that plays just indie then maybe this isn’t the right club for you, however, if you’re looking for a club that spins industrial and other tunes then TP down and hang out.

At ALT7 you will find a wide variety of indie music as well as alternative tunes spun by DJs across the world. Nice club. It is small yet inviting.

Unknown Pleasures: Transmission Club
Here you will find indie to alternative music as well as other genre such as new wave and punk or as they call it post punk.  It is an underground effect club with a twist.

The Velvet
The Velvet has been rocking the grid with alternative and eclectic DJs since 2006. It is also home to some of the most passionate Djs in Second Life. They take pride in sharing their music collection and take music tunes seriously. The vibe here is always fun and inviting.

The Attic is well known for being a friendly entertainment spot on the grid. Regular scheduled DJs keep the stream hot with great indie/alternative style tunes. The club has plenty of activity with cool toys laying around for guests to enjoy, such as scooters wagons and even shopping carts.

The indie scene in Second Life has such a large number of members who love and appreciate industrial music. This genre has evolved throughout the years and as the demand gets bigger the more clubs will open.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Fandom Furry Subculture of Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

“Furries” as they are known by Second Life Residents are avatars in the form of fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Just as in the real world the “Fandom” subculture is a role play community that exists in SL.

Many long time residents have seen furries at some time in Second Life and throughout the years they have integrated within the Second Life community in different ways.  One of the more known Furries in Second Life is Bixyl Shuftan, owner of SL Newser.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adventures of Snake VI: Branching Out- Ccoursey Reporting…

            Snake was DJ’ing for half the night then I would take over.  Poet was an absolute blessing.  He was already a valued member by logging in, volunteering ideas, and he was a hunter.  Where Snake would DJ and have a crowd of women, I would be surrounded by men and trying to push them the stripper’s way.  Poet was bringing women in, he was running interference and it felt like he was trying to look out for me when Snake would take off.  Snake did take off- often.  It bothers me the women he associated himself with were so quick to be alone with him, I would tell them he was a ‘dog’ and they were all over him.  *Shakes my head*  Poet and I discussed the club and clan, he became a true friend I valued and trusted.  He also was able to bring into clan his first blood doll- ‘Kimber’.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Adventures of Snake V- Ccoursey Reporting…

 Snake was now claiming I was his sister…  I wasn’t given much choice in taking him as family, Poet was eating it up.  He was flirtatious, forward, and all about demand.  He came off in a way I just knew I would not be able to handle him and I’d have another minion thinking I would be his girlfriend.  The only difference was this one was more forward and blunt about what he wanted.  I don’t remember if I didn’t have enough Lindens or what excuse I found, but I did not bite him straight away.  Instead I went to Snake, I explained in the best way I could I did not want that soul, that he was not the type of clan I wanted to start and deal with, I wanted people I could relate to so that we could have a tight-knit group.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Master Entertains: Spotlight On RichyRich, Owner of Caged BDSM Gaming-Mackenzie Abbot Reporting…

BSDM has a dark and mysterious side that few people know or understand.  It's more than just spankings and other activities that people would class as "kinky". 

How do you combine BDSM with gaming and DJ events in Second Life©?
Richy Rich is a dom (dominant) and has managed to do just that.  As the owner of Caged BDSM Gaming, he seems to have found the right balance.  We meet at the venue and, as expected, he has two of his subs (submissive) by his side.  The place has a few VIP's milling around and playing the various machines but he greets me warmly and I begin asking him about his roots.

Interview with RichyRich

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bending the Boundaries of Gender in Second Life © – Stareyes Galaxy Reporting...

Second Life © has proven to be a powerful platform for people who wish to explore life on the other side of the gender spectrum, as for instance transgendered avatars. For many, play-pretending to be the opposite sex is just a trifle, for others it can be an insult to all avatarkind. It is a common complaint among male avatars that they fear being preyed upon by other males in female avatar form, and many female avatars can attest to the begging of men to “go voice” as it seems to be a common perception that any female avatar could be a G.I.R.L. (“guy in real life”). Stareyes Galaxy went out to interview some avatars who came forward as cross-gender experimenters.

“Jane Doe” does not wish to volunteer her real avatar name. She states good reasons for this: “I have found that not only will people help me more readily when I ask them as a girl, but that they also better accept being helped by a female avatar,” she says. As a real-life male, she has worked as a consultant and helped corporate avatars get up to speed when first entering Second Life. “I once was specifically asked to appear as my female self in a strategy seminar,” Jane continues. “Using local chat, I helped people teleport to the location, find their seats, get started on instant messaging, and so on. I even ran treasure hunts with the goal of getting the newbie avatars acquainted with navigation, object manipulation, and camera control. In the [strategy] group discussion, using voice, it was interesting to hear the reaction toward my robust male voice. I think it opened the eyes of many with regard to the range of possibilities of Second Life.” Another use for going female for Jane has been seeing how other males behave in social situations. ”There is a lot to learn about both honesty and deceit,” she concludes.

“John Doe” heard that I was working on this article and wanted to tell his views on the subject, having experimented on sexual relations as a female alt.