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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

4 Reasons Teachers Should Take Their Career to the Next Level

4 Reasons Teachers Should Take Their Career to the Next Level

As a teacher, you can fuel career growth in three key ways. One, you can take short courses in areas such as leadership and management, mentorship and relationship management among others. Two, you can register for an advanced degree, masters or PhD. Sites such as  offer advanced degrees online and thus you can study as you work. These online degrees are flexible and a great investment for anyone who wants to advance their career. Finally, career growth can come as a result of your hard work and dedication. You can advance in your career by doing your best in class, actively participating in meetings and extracurricular activities, and volunteering to take up more tasks. But why is it important to take your career to the next level?

Better Pay

As you advance your career and get promotions, your pay check will also go up. Therefore, if your current teacher position isn’t giving you enough to spend, save and invest, make a plan that will take you to another position. However, money shouldn’t be your key motivation. You have to be passionate about helping students in the next level to achieve their goals. When money becomes your only concern, you will not meet your goals as a teacher and you may end up losing your job.

Experience Working in Different Environments

Ever dreamt of working as a college professor and helping others to become teachers? If yes, consider furthering your education and applying for postsecondary teacher positions. You can also move from elementary to high school or even consider teaching kids with special needs. You may end up getting more satisfaction teaching in the new environment.  

Take Up an Administration Role

By advancing your career, you can move away from the classroom and take up roles managing a school or departments within the school. Administrative roles come with big responsibilities and may require additional skills. For instance, as a head teacher, you need skills to help you manage the students and teachers, resolve conflict, improve performance and make good financial decisions among many others.

Move Away from Teaching

While teaching is a nice profession, it is not for everyone. There are teachers who get into a classroom and realize it’s not their long term calling. There are a number of alternative career options for those teachers who desire to move away from the classroom. For some careers, a teaching degree will be enough to get you started on your new career, but for others you will need an extra course. For instance, for roles like a curriculum director for schools, an extra course may not be necessary. Other alternative careers for teachers include social work, child counsellor, librarian, research writer, online teacher or tutor, business or personal coach and health care worker among others. If your career change requires extra training, you can take part time classes as you work your teacher job and quit teaching when you are ready to start your next career.
By advancing your career, you will enjoy better pay, experience working in new environments, get the opportunity to head a school and even explore other careers away from teaching.


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