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Thursday, April 11, 2024



The earliest recorded evidence of a wedding was discovered about 2350 BC in Mesopotamia. At the time, society needed more stable arrangements so the father of the bride and the groom or his father arranged marriages. Cave peeps must have decided to get more civilized to keep track of relatives and stop all the inbreeding. Today Weddings are a big celebration of Love shared between willing participants, (with the exception of some countries customary practices) by family and friends with a more traditional approach with wedding dresses and tuxes to bridesmaids and groomsmen. Cake cutting, bouquet tossing and the occasional drunken family drama to end the evening so the bride and groom can scoot off to their Honeymoon for some relief.

In Second life much of the same modern day traditions are still practiced but in a virtual atmosphere where  sky’s the limit with the couple's imagination for their perfect fairy tale wedding. Costa Bella Weddings is one of if not the top all inclusive Wedding planning venues in Second Life that caters to the loving couple every step of the way.

 The SL Enquirer met up with  Mrs. Moonkill to learn more about what Costa Bella Weddings has to offer to couples looking to tie the knot in their own unique way.

Interview with Mrs. Moonkill

Lanai: Mrs. Moonkill, Thank you for meeting with me to talk about Costa bella Weddings. I know wedding planning can be tedious and must keep you pretty busy, especially as we approach wedding season!  Where are you from and how did you discover Second life?

Mrs. Moonkill: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, I appreciate it! Wedding planning does indeed keep me busy, but it's always exciting to connect with couples and help them feel special for their dream day. I'm originally from New York. My older sister introduced me to Second Life from seeing it on a TV news show. She came over and downloaded it for me as soon as she heard about it. It's been a fascinating journey exploring the virtual world and its creative possibilities ever since!

Lanai: I can totally relate, I was hooked the moment I got here many moons ago. You’ve been in Second life since 2010, I’m sure you have seen a lot here! What inspired you to get into Wedding planning?

Mrs. Moonkill: Yes, indeed! What inspired me to get into wedding planning was a combination of factors, but one significant moment was when my husband expressed his desire for the perfect place to renew our vows and own our own wedding venue. That initial spark of wanting to create a special space for our own celebration blossomed into a passion for curating unforgettable experiences for couples. It's been incredibly rewarding to see our wedding place expand and grow into a business, fueled by our shared love for creating magical moments for others.

Furthermore, it has also served as a good luck charm for us, as we're still happily together after 14 years, cherishing each other's company every step of the way.

Lanai: Congratulations on finding your true love and also catering to others who have found theirs! Not only do you plan weddings to meet your clients needs but you also offer photography and a birthing center. I would say that is an all around package for couples. Can you tell our readers about Costa Bella Weddings and the packages you offer?

Mrs. Moonkill: Absolutely! At Costa Bella Weddings, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure that every couple's special day is nothing short of magical. In addition to our meticulous wedding planning services tailored to meet our clients'

unique needs, our packages include:

-An officiant to conduct your ceremony with grace and professionalism.

-A skilled photographer to capture every precious moment of your big day.

-A professional DJ to curate the perfect soundtrack for both the ceremony and two-three hours of reception festivities.

-Personal wedding planner assistance to guide you through every step of the planning process.

-The venue of your choice, providing a stunning backdrop for your wedding festivities.

-Traditional wedding elements such as the Garter & bouquet toss, Cake cutting, and first dance.

-Access to the Bridal & Groom suite for moments of relaxation and preparation.

-Your choice of professionally made invitations to set the tone for your celebration.

-A beautifully crafted wedding certificate to commemorate your union.

When it comes to affordability, we've got you covered with four comprehensive pricing packages, ranging from 7k L$ to 19k L$, ensuring that there's an option to suit every budget and preference.  Whether it's a small-scale event, or a grand celebration, Costa Bella Weddings

is here to turn your dreams into reality.

Furthermore, to add an extra touch of enchantment to your post-wedding celebrations, we have three honeymoon sims available, providing a serene and romantic escape for newlyweds and offering the ideal setting for an unforgettable experience.

But that's not all! We understand that the journey doesn't end at 'I do.' That's why we offer a state-of-the-art birthing center, designed to provide comfort and support for expecting parents as they embark on the beautiful journey of parenthood.

Lanai: I have to say, you certainly cover all the bases and make it easier for couples to celebrate their love not only with a wedding but also expanding their families in Second Life. Can you walk me through the process from when couples contact you to help them with their dream wedding?

Mrs. Moonkill: Of Course! At Costa Bella Weddings, we Strive to make the journey from initial contact to dream wedding seamless and enjoyable as possible for our couples. From the moment you reach out to us, whether it's on social media, direct message or in-world, A member of our dedicated staff will promptly get in touch with you to offer assistance and schedule a tour asap of our five stunning venues and three enchanting honeymoon/vacation sims.

Once you've selected the perfect package for your needs, you'll find detailed note cards inside containing all the information you need to fill out. Additionally, our wedding planner will reach out to you personally to address any questions or concerns you may have or even help you find the appropriate attire and to assist you in scheduling a rehearsal date for your special day. During the rehearsal, our entire staff will be present to ensure that every detail is perfect and that your wedding day runs smoothly from start to finish. Your happiness and satisfaction are our top priorities every step of the way.

Lanai: I love your attention to detail with this process.  I know it takes a full staff to ensure a wedding goes smoothly from start to finish. Who else assists in the process with you? (photographer, dj, ect)

Mrs. Moonkill: Yes, indeed! Ensuring a wedding runs smoothly requires a coordinated effort from a dedicated team. Our wedding planner plays a pivotal role in making couples feel extra special by orchestrating every aspect of the ceremony. From organizing the bridal party's procession

down the aisle to coordinating animations during the ceremony, our planner ensures that everything flows seamlessly. They also guide everyone to the reception area and oversee important moments such as the couple's cake cutting, garter removal and tossing, bouquet toss and first dance, ensuring that each element of the celebration is executed


Our DJ is another essential member of our team, responsible for setting the perfect atmosphere with timely and appropriate music cues. Imagine the bride walking down the aisle without music—it's the DJ's expertise that ensures such moments are accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

Of course, our photographer captures those precious moments, immortalizing the joy and love shared throughout the day.

At last, our security/receptionist ensures that the privacy of the event is respected while warmly welcoming guests and potential clients. They play a vital role in guiding visitors to different venues if they wish to explore further.

Together, our team collaborates to create unforgettable experiences for our couples and their guests, ensuring that every detail is meticulously planned and executed.

Lanai: You are making me want to get married now! I should probably start by finding the man of my dreams first! Lol jk. What are your most memorable moments during the weddings you hosted?

Mrs. Moonkill: One of the most rewarding aspects of hosting weddings at Costa Bella Weddings is witnessing the joy and happiness of our couples and their guests. Every wedding is unique and special, but there are certainly moments that stand out in my memory.

One of my most memorable moments is seeing the sheer delight on the faces of newlyweds as they exchange vows in our picturesque venues. It's truly heartwarming to witness such profound love and commitment.

Another memorable moment is when I receive feedback from couples and guests about their experience. Recently, I was touched to receive a link to a Facebook post image of a couple enjoying their honeymoon, accompanied by a lovely comment expressing their appreciation for the exceptional service provided by our staff. Knowing that we've contributed to creating unforgettable memories for our couples fills me with immense pride and joy.

Also, seeing our dedicated staff in action, ensuring that every detail is attended to with care and professionalism, makes my day every day. Their commitment to excellence is truly commendable, and it's a privilege to work alongside such a talented team.

Overall, it's the combination of heartfelt moments, positive feedback, and the dedication of our staff that makes each wedding at Costa Bella Weddings truly memorable and special.

Lanai: With the beautiful memories you help couples create, it must be so fulfilling being able to experience it with each wedding you host. On the flip side, I’m sure you had a bridezilla or two. How do you handle those situations?

Mrs. Moonkill: Hmm, while the majority of our wedding experiences are filled with joy and excitement, we understand that planning such a significant event can sometimes be stressful, leading to moments of tension or anxiety. In such situations, we approach with a lot of

patience and understanding.

Our priority is to ensure that every couple feels supported and heard throughout the planning process, even during moments of high stress. We strive to maintain open communication channels, allowing couples to

express their concerns and preferences freely.

When faced with challenging situations or 'bridezilla moments', our team remains calm and composed, seeking solutions collaboratively with the couple. We believe in addressing issues proactively and finding mutually beneficial resolutions.

Ultimately, our goal is to transform moments of stress into opportunities for growth and understanding. By approaching challenges with patience, empathy, and a commitment to excellence, we aim to turn every wedding experience into a positive and memorable one for our couples.

Lanai: You do it with such care and grace. Do you have a website or a Flickr page showcasing Past Weddings and some photos?

Mrs. Moonkill:  Our Facebook page highlights previous weddings, where joyful couples share their special moments with us, a sight that always brings us happiness.

Our website features galleries of past weddings and detailed information about our services and packages.

These both allow couples to browse through our portfolio and get inspired and excited for their own special day. Feel free to visit our website( ) and facebook ( ) to explore our work and

see the magic of Costa Bella Weddings!

Lanai: Thank you for sharing those links with our readers. What group can couples join to stay up to date with your services?

Mrs. Moonkill: To stay updated with our services and offerings, couples can join our official Costa Bella Weddings Discord group ( ). This ensures that you receive timely updates on new packages, venue options, special promotions, and upcoming

events. It's the perfect way to stay connected and informed about everything happening at Costa Bella Weddings. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Lanai: You and your staff have done a fantastic job. Continue to nurture and celebrate Love in Second life. I wish you and Costa Bella Weddings the very best and many great years of services for couples in Second Life.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Mrs. Moonkill: I'd like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone reading this for their interest and support. At Costa Bella Weddings, we are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for our couples, and it's our privilege to be a part of such significant

moments in their lives. Whether you're considering us for your wedding or simply interested in learning more about our services such as our honeymoon/vacation sims or even just renting a venue for a private party, we're here to answer any questions and help turn your dreams into

reality. Thank you for considering us as your partner in creating magical memories that will last a lifetime.

You fell in love slowly and then suddenly it happened. Costa Bella Wedding with our pleasure. -Costa Bella Weddings. 

Additional Information:





Thursday, February 1, 2024

Sledding- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...


Winter can be a drag in the real world, with freezing cold temperatures, driving on ice and all that. It is important to remember that it is also a season of fun, especially when you factor in sledding. January and February need not be a season of misery. You just have to know where to go to find fun winter things to do. Enter Stacey...

Sledding is a lot like her cousin, skiing, but sledding is easier to do. Skiing involves buying a bunch of gear and driving up to Vermont to go to the mountains. Sledding can be done in your hometown (if your hometown has snow) with a sled you got for $9.99 at Target. You don't have to buy a ridiculous spandex bodysuit to go sledding, although I did so. 

I have an image to uphold, and I also wanted to dress brightly so the St. Bernard dogs could find me in whatever snowbank I sledded into. I then went off in search of somewhere to go sledding.

I went to a place called Brave Island, which has the Wonderful Winter Wonderland theme going, at least for the season. I had the place to myself, although I keep odd hours and the place might be jammed during different parts of the day. Either way, I went to the top of the mountain and got ready for some downhill work. It took me a while to find the sledding part, but you are most likely less stupid than I and would probably fare better in a search.

Brave Island provides the sled for you, a simple one for a single sledder and a team bobsled (?) type for couples or very good friends. Once you sit on it, you start heading downhill. You get a good ride, not too fast. The ride could be a little longer, but you can extend it somewhat by sledding through the non-sledding parts of the sim. It's very impolite, but I was there by myself, and someone had to do it.

I would estimate that I got going 35 mph or so, which is like 70 kph for all you Europeans reading this. I never quite figured out how to stop, other than crashing into something that halted my forward progress. I used a head-first sledding methodology, as I'd rather crack my head than break both legs and maybe the ol' Five Hole as well.

Sledding into a wall is usually the worst-case scenario, but the other sledding sim that I tried out- one with a mammoth luge-style elevated track- actually saw me fail to negotiate a curve and sled off the sim into whatever passes for outer space in SL. I actually had a picture of me doing so, but I was very small in it and would have been unrecognizable without the caption.

I did think of a sport that I would like to try... Sled Bowling with humans! Line ten people up in Candlepin formation at the bottom of a hill, go to the top of the hill, come down heavy on the sled and see how many people you can deck. It's got speed, exotic settings, violence, humor and appeals to a wealthy demographic... what's not to like?

I'll have to get Lanai to pay me enough to hire ten models to act as bowling pins, but I think I can make a go of it. Some clever animator will have to make an animation that mimics pins falling. Who knows? Maybe I can give up journalism and feed myself by running a Human Sled Bowling operation. It might be illegal in the US. Someone told me to maybe try Indonesia.

There was no NBA or NFL 150 years ago, and now you can't turn on the TV without seeing someone dunking or throwing a touchdown pass. Who's to say Human Sled Bowling won't catch on in a similar manner? 

The fun thing about SL is that Human Sled Bowling probably exists somewhere, perhaps in BDSM form. I just haven't been crafty enough to find it... yet. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

XSPACE BY BETTY TUREAUD & AI- An interactive region Space and Art - Tabitha Mercury reporting


What started out as a challenge Betty Tureaud set for herself, XSPACE is a treat for the senses. Yes, I say senses because in each display there are sounds and visual stimulants, minimum.

Ok that was new…

Upon arrival I was greeted with some bots and it was explained to me that a special HUD has been attached for navigating the sim with. 

And if you know me, you know that…I started clicking away!

Oh wow, that opened a new menu to a new area? Ok…Oh goodness, where to start? I looked forward to meeting Betty Tureaud and meeting the brilliant mind behind this intense and extensive installation.

We arrived at a landing point, surrounded by blackness, with a very colorful doorway and I introduced myself to Betty. Wasting no time, she led me directly to a space frog in the colorful room and asked me to please sit on it. I was immediately teleported into another colorful room with…Betty Bot!

Upon arrival I was greeted with the following:

[11:29] INFO: whispers: Say hi to Betty Bot Betty Tureaud

[11:30] Tabitha Mercury: hi

[11:31] Tabitha Mercury: hi Betty Bot Betty Tureaud

[11:31] Betty Bot: Hello there, Tabitha Mercury! How can I make your day a little brighter today?

[11:31] Betty Tureaud: ok who is betty tureaud

[11:31] Betty Bot: Well, Betty Tureaud is a renowned Danish artist known for her vibrant and innovative artworks. Her works often incorporate elements of technology, light, and sound to create immersive and interactive experiences. She has exhibited her art globally and is recognized for pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. Anything specific you'd like to know about Betty Tureaud or any other artists? I'm here to help with a twist of humor!

Tabitha Mercury: So not only are you artistic, you are also very technical it seems, how were you able to make this bot interact like that?

 Betty Tureaud: I built it with a friend, Blaise, we made an API to open AI…we made it to interact with ChatGTP.

I was then directed to the next space frog to teleport into the next realm. There were six space frogs in all to discover new realms with. Many interactive with touch, sounds, and sights that can keep anyone occupied for hours. Each one distinct and intricately made. All of them are strikingly beautiful to experience.

Tabitha Mercury: What inspired the combination of so many different ways to interact with the installation?

Betty Tureaud: it was a competition with myself

Tabitha Mercury: a challenge for yourself, then? ok

Betty Tureaud: yes

Tabitha Mercury: Well, how does it feel to have accomplished such an intricate and tactile exhibit?

Betty Tureaud: smiles

Betty Tureaud: there is always new frontiers

Betty Tureaud: haha

Tabitha Mercury: haha you are quite relentless in your pursuit of art and technology

Betty Tureaud: my next installation will include PBR and mirrors

Tabitha Mercury: ooooo

Next, Betty teleported me to a new location, THE SACRED MONOLITHS, where I clicked a box to get a new HUD that attached itself along the bottom of my viewer. This one listed 9 objects which were the locations for these exhibits. And so the new adventure began, while I was still processing the absolute awe I had for the XSPACE one I had just been shown.

Tabitha Mercury: How long did this take to accomplish?

Betty Tureaud: about 30 days

Tabitha Mercury: what?!

Tabitha Mercury 's eyes grow wide so she doesn't look half Korean anymore

Tabitha Mercury: wow

Tabitha Mercury: just wow

Betty Tureaud: haha

Betty once again led me on a tour that was a feast for my eyes, ears, and wave of the mouse. These nine destinations have so much to explore and see.

As we traveled through them and Betty politely directed me what to do in each realm, I realized all the hard work that went into the idea of this and then the hard work that followed to make it a reality. This quite simply is amazing.

Some tips for first-timers…Use the HUD which attaches itself upon arrival to navigate to the XSPACE installation. It kind of looks like it says HSPACE. This will be where you will meet the space frogs who will direct your journey through XSPACE. Sit on a space frog and experience everything this installation has to offer by sliding your volume on all sounds up. Make sure you have the highest graphics settings possible as the installations also rely on EEP.

To get to the other installation that is featured on this sim by Betty Tureaud you will want to teleport to this destination:

Upon arrival, click the rotating cube for the TP HUD to explore Betty’s installation!

In closing, these installations are fantastic to explore and experience. I highly suggest it when you have some time to spare. You won’t get it all done in one trip, unless you are being guided on a quick tour by Betty, like I experienced. You are going to want to take your time going through this, and like me, probably come back a few times to explore certain favorites, deeper.

Additional Information


Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Avi Poll: The Pros and Cons of Virtual Friendships- Hazel Silvermoon Reporting…


Making friends in real life can be quite a challenge, and many of us are left with feelings of anxiety over socializing face-to-face. When we enter the virtual world, we often think that things will be easier, since we are hidden behind a screen. Sometimes, this is the case, but often, the anxiety still sets in, and we are left to put ourselves out there. Even though Second Life is virtual, it is massive. However, I personally have met some of the most amazing people in my 13 years here, and they have become some of my closest friends in both the real world and the virtual one. Online friendships definitely have their pros and cons, and this week I got to speak with several incredible people who were able to give me their take on friendships in a virtual world. 



Fire: “You get to meet people, and know people from around the world. One of the cons of this is that you make really great friends, but then you can’t hang out with them in real life. It is easier to walk away from people in the virtual world. You can be who or whatever you want to be, but still be yourself at the same time.”

Hexlais: "I think virtual friendships are cool. They allow you to meet people from around the world and from different walks of life. You can also make lifelong friends, which I think is awesome. I would say the cons are, at any point in time something could happen to said friend, and you'd never know about it. Also, sometimes people are two-faced and hide behind their avatar and use it as an excuse to hurt others." 

Porta: "Virtual Friendship.


Exposure to other walks of life

Distance doesn't matter

Easier to find and engage with those of similar interests

Accessibility is significantly easier for those less able bodied



Differing opinions of the importance of time available


The lack of a tactile engagement

Potential for furthering people moving to become hermits.

Overall thoughts:

I think in the world we move to where more and more things are online, the idea of virtual friendship is one that will come further and further into fruition. Perhaps not understood fully by the older generations but the ability to connect and develop deep meaningful friendships through a virtual environment has been exceptionally helpful to developing and understanding more about myself. The plethora of life experience at hand that otherwise would not be possible or as easily attainable without a medium such as a virtual world, is astounding. So many life stories and discussions are possible at   just a few clicks and I think it builds a wonderful community and connections." 

 Darvynious: " The pros of virtual friendship is that most of the time it is relatively simple and easy to make friends in this world with the access point being as simple as a button press. Virtual friendships can easily carry over into real life or other platforms if the connection is strong enough. There is also the aspect of time where in online friendships not much time commitment is required to maintain an online friendship.

The cons of virtual friendships is that at times those friendships can easily vanish just as quickly as they started, but it depends on the person and their levels of dependency.  People in the virtual world may linger here a little too long and sometimes it can do more harm than good especially when some people can spend most of their lives here and have a very little grasp on time, reality, and important events going by as they get too absorbed in the world...but in some cases they may also expect the same commitment from you. In some cases, people will believe they are not good enough for you if you are not online as much as they are. While it is a con to have to communicate at times it is mainly due to the strain of most people not wanting to establish casual conversation unless the conversation is brought to them first, but this can be changed over time as you learn habits and learn new perspectives from making these online virtual friendships."

Louis: " Pros, I'd say is being online is less intrusive to your life, you can log off SL whenever you want, no need to drive over to a friend's house then have to drive back, etc. You can also play games like SL or other games through a console or computer.

Cons I'd say, is you sometimes need to hang out together, get to see the person face to face to establish a stronger connection with someone, go to a bar together and drink, go watch a movie, introduce your friend to some of your other friends face to face. there is only so much you can do over the internet. and I think eventually it's cool to meet the person face to face."

No matter who we are, friendships are crucial to human life. It is important for our mental health, as well as for developing social skills. I think the main thing we can all take away from this poll, is that it doesn't matter if the friendship is face-to-face, or virtual, we still grow to know and care for these people either way. It doesn't matter if we are separated by a screen. Humans need and crave interaction, and in virtual worlds like Second Life, that is what makes us feel a connection to the world we have created here. So for those of you reading, remember: even if it may seem intimidating, there are people out there who are waiting to meet someone like you, and you might just make a friend for life!