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GiZZa Creations Presents "Love is in the Air" Event

GiZZa Creations Presents "Love is in the Air" Event
February 7-February 14, 2015

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2015 MARKS OUR 10TH YEAR IN SECOND LIFE! Over 11.7 Million Views on Google Plus.....Advertising Options Available.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ahhhhh.... Super Bowl time! February 1, 2015- 6:30 PM EST- Patriots vs. Seahawks

Some of us have huge parties to go to, where we will drink beers and gobble chicken wings. Others will head to the bar, where they will do similar things.

Some of you may be solo for whatever reasons you may have. That's one of the reasons they invented SL, because RL can be boring some times. You may have the Super Bowl to watch, but it's not as much fun watching alone.

Why not watch on SL?

Well, have the game on the TV in RL, but watch the game at the Aero Pines Super Bowl Paty!

In fact, instead of asking "Why not watch it on SL?", let me phrase it as "Why you should watch it on SL."

- You can ignore avatars more easily than real people if the game becomes compelling.

Think about this one. Tom Brady is marching down the field with a minute left, trailing by 5. Your wife/husband, who isn't a fan, chooses this time to ask some question that is very important to her but doesn't mean spit to you at this particular moment. Try saying "BRB" to her.

- You don't have to share your pizza, and no one will ever notice your gluttony.

- Avatars are incapable of walking in front of the TV during a big play. I missed Janet Jackson's t*ts because of this once.

- As long as you keep the mic off, no one will hear you cry if your team loses.

- Gambling is illegal on SL, but it is fun betting Lindens on things. "I bet you 20000 Ls that Marshawn fumbles" sounds better than "I bet you $0.75." No, I have no idea what the exchange rate is, I live on Lanai's salary, stripper money, wrestling show tips and whatever money people who need really short models are paying these days.

- Party diversity is important. Everyone at the party I'm going to in the real world will be a New England fan (I'm from Duxbury, MA)... and if they weren't, it would probably be in their best interest to pretend that they were. You can get f*cked up for that around here, even out in the sticks.

At a SL Super Bowl party, you'll have Patriot fans, Seahawk fans, fans of the sport in general who generally root for other teams but are jumping on your bandwagon, and even people who think Football is Soccer but who came because there's a party going on. It makes for a fun afternoon.

So, who is hosting such a party that people like you or I could attend? Why, Aero Pines, of course.

Aero Pines is some giant park, full of winter activities. I was going to do a story about them soon enough, but the Super Bowl kind of snuck up on me, so we'll start with their party this Sunday.

They have a great set-up in place, and I'm witing this on the Friday before. In the parking lot (yes, they have a parking lot), you can start off proper-like by getting a team Jersey. They have dozens of options, male and female. You can then head over to the tailgate section, where various pickup trucks, bar-b-q's and kegs of beer are there for the taking.

The tailgate party is important, because beer is much more costly once you enter the stadium. That doesn't matter in SL, but I like to try to Go Native when immersing myself into a scene. I plan to do my heavy virtual drinking in the parking lot.

Once you are properly fortified, you can head to the field to watch the game. In an act that I'm sure is illegal but will never touch you or I, they plan to broadcast the game on the big screen they have on the far side of the football field from the bleachers you'd be sitting in.

This might actually rule if you get stuck in the office for the Super Bowl with no TV. If your boss catches you, just tell her that all the cool kids network this way now. She'll probably buy it, as it's easier than disciplining you. She's making you work on the Super Bowl, so f*ck her.

Anyhow, here is the landmark for the place ( ). After that, the ball is in your hands.

Super Bowl Sunday Party with Live Video Screen! Kickoff is- February 1 at 3:30 pm SLT

The Best Super Bowl Sunday Party is always at Aero Pines Park! - Cheerleaders welcome!  Box Seating, BEER! and our famous Jumbo Screen!  Kickoff is 3:30pm SLT

Grand Opening of The Quest Live for Live Music! February 1, 2015 12pm SLT

You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of the Quest Live. It is  a new and exciting  place for live artists to perform for an enthusiastic audience. 

We will begin at 12 PM with the wonderful Miss Moon Spark. The very talented Miss Yip Jannings will take over at 1 PM to entertain you for the next hour. 

After these great live performances, DJ Edwin Hoorenbeek will spin his awesome tunes at the after party of the Quest Live. We hope to see you all there!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Avi Choice Awards 2015 Announces The SL Enquirer has been Nominated for FAVORITE MEDIA NEWS SOURCE!

For the past few weeks Second Life residents have been submitting nominations, for the Arts categories, via the Avi Choice website and SLE once again has been nominated for Favorite Media New Source!

Voting begins no later than midnight on Monday, Feb.2, 2015. Spread the word to vote! Winners will be announced during the Avi Choice Awards show on Feb 28th at 1pm SLT

 NOTE: Voting is limited to one vote, per avatar and ISP, per category (there are more than 40 categories!).  For more information, visit our website.

Vote for The SL Enquirer on February 2nd!

Avi Choice Awards ~ the Arts
Feb. 28, 2015 - 1pm SLT

Avi Choice Magazine
next issue released during the first week of Feb 2015! OR stop in at the office to subscribe and have every issue delivered!

More Sailable Water for You to Enjoy at Seychelles Isles!

Well Folks, patience prevails.  Linden Lab just added more water sims that connect Seychelles Isles to the over 2000 water sims.

Now is the time to grab your private parcel that has access to the linden oceans before they are all gone.

Please contact therrainia or Irishgent for more details.

NEWS FLASH: Antiochia and its Redemption Cathedral Listed in SL’s Destination Guide

News and Events

The Antiochia Team is honored and excited to announce that, less than once month after its initial opening festivities, our sim and its Redemption Cathedral, designed and built by The Time Machine’s Alexia Carnell, has been listed in Second Life’s Destination Guide here: . We were indexed in both the “Education / Non-profits” and Role-play / Historical” sections of the Guide. Please “LIKE” us on SL’s page and come visit our community, the Agora Polis Antiochia, and our beautiful home.

This Sunday, from 10:30 am to 2 pm slt, Antiochia is offering a great line-up of artists to entertain you: first, Cabaret and Jazz Performer Mihaere Shamen will rock our Forum Valentis, followed by virtuoso pianist Tip Corbett, whose performance will begin at 11:30 am slt, and finally by Joaquin Gustav, whose Latin Guitar will provide a romantic and mellow finale to the day’s activities. These events and the location SLURL are listed in the SL Events Guide.

Educational Activities

On the educational front, Antochia is happy to have brought in-world a first batch of students from the Middle East, from locations such as Beirut (Lebanon), as well as Duhok and Erbil (Iraq). Our AST Student Coordinator, Georges Kabalan, is currently develop the procedures and processes designed to assist our students to prepare for their university studies in Canada, whilst our partners from the language learning community of Virtlantis, led by Kip Yellowjacket, are preparing to provide them with customized assistance in improving their English language skills.

To publicize our sim and activities in both real life and the metaverse, we are currently producing a promotional five-minute clip of Antiochia and its key architectural and natural highlights, produced by machinima director Robert Little, with a musical score by Joaquin Gustav. The clip should be ready and available before the end of February.  Robert has already produced a clip on one of the events in Antiochia’s Forum Valentis, organized by Kemen College’s Phanessa Svenska:

We look forward to hosting you at our events this Sunday, February 1st from 10:30 am slt to 2 pm slt. For any questions, please consult our website at, contact AlexOlteanu Unplugged in-world, or email

Space Remembrance Day- January 31, 2015 3-5pm SLT

We will begin with a discussion of NASA's Astronaut Remembrance Day and the tragedies that brought it about (Apollo 1, Challenger, Columbia). Then we'll broaden our perspective to include others who have lost their lives to our dreams of space, such as ground crew, test pilots, commercial ventures and such. 

 The recent Virgin Galactic loss of life, and what that means for commercial space will be discussed, and how all of the risks vs. rewards affect our human ventures into space moving forward.

January 31, 2015 3-5pm SLT

Grand Opening of The Three Lions Pub (Gentlemen's Club)- January 31, 2015 2pm SLT

Come along to the Official Grand Opening of The Three Lions Pub. This event will be one to remember, with a DJ and our resident dancers to keep the party feeling going at full tilt. 

Bring your friends, lovers, significant others and experience our unique atmosphere. You may never want to leave.

The theme for the event is Amazons and Warriors. Use your imagination! A prize will be given for best dressed.

Entertainment provided by DJ Miaoit

We are so looking forward to meeting you there! RAWR

Friday, January 30, 2015

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 26: Absinthe]

“Second Life is so multifaceted that you can’t really make a judgement as to whether somebody’s activity is more serious than somebody else's!” says Absinthe, a virtual super model: “I get up in arms when people put down Second Life as escapism!” 

Yes Absinthe, who works with HIV/AIDS children in her day job, fully embraces her SLelebrity status despite the raised eyebrows of friends and colleagues when she mentions what she terms "my hobby". 

Indeed there is no shortage of articles which dismiss in particular the fashion industry in this largest user-created virtual world as lonely adults playing Barbie & Ken after-hours.

But there is so much more underneath this playful engagement with avatar dolls: exploration of identity, ethnicity, class and embracing the creative impulse in all of us, those are just a few themes that run alongside Absinthe’s story.

Not to mention that her FEROSH project has brought her recognition beyond the virtual realm as this fashion compendium is available in physical print, rivaling RL publications in its beautiful presentation and style. 

But let us for now simply embrace the wonderful distraction of some talented women in gorgeous dresses, accessories and hair.

What's happening in SL .... - Lacy Muircastle reporting

If you are looking for things to do in SL, here are a few suggestions:

Ride The BLIZZARD Roller Coaster at the Winter Festival

Enjoy LOW LAG fun and adventure with your friends or family at the 8th Annual Winter Festival at Aero Pines Park


01/30/15 02:00 pm
2 hours

ABBA take us back to 1979 for their amazing Wembley arena show. The LRC brings you a tribute to Agnetha, Frida, Benny and Bjorn.

Bouvier's Grand Opening Starring DJ Merry Kanto

01/30/15 04:00 pm
5 hours

 DJ Merry graces the stage at Bouvier's Grand Opening on Friday January 30th starting at 4:00PM SLT. Dj Merry is one of Second Life's Premier DJ's she has been nominated 5 times in the Avi awards for top DJ of the year. Join DJ Merry in this special opening of a grand and beautiful ballroom. a Place of beauty and tranquility. Bouvier's is a formal venue ballgowns and tuxedos please

GizzA Creations is Proud to Present "Love is in the Air"-Feb. 7th, 2015 - Feb, 14th, 2015

"Come; be swept away on the gossamer wings of love!"

Please join us February 7th through the 14th, 2015 as GizzA Creations brings to you a selection of the finest brands in Second Life. Each designer has created  an extraordinary “Love is in the Air” item for the event and they will be showcased on February the 8th, 2015 at 1PM SLT, by GizzA’s in-house super-models at a one of a kind runway show.

The designers participating in this fabulous event are: Akeyo, Azul, Baiastice, Belleza, Build Works Decor, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture, Chop Zuey, Clef de Peau, CO57, Crie Style, D!va Hair, Deadwool, DeeTaleZ, Eclipse Designs, Eudora3D, Gabriel, Gizza, Glam Affair, Humanoid, Ionic, Label Motion, Ladies Who Lunch, LaGyo, Les Petits Details, Meghindo's, Maxi Gossamer, Mina Hair, New Faces, Posesion, Pure Poison, Redgrave, Ricielli, Shi, SoliDea FoliEs, sYs, Swallow, Tableau Vivant, Trinn, Hair, Vanity Hair, Vista Animations, Vita's Boudoir, VRSION/LODE, Wasabi Pills, What Next and Zaara,


Giz Seorn and Auster Elan, Designer and Owners of GizzA
Desireme Fallen and Draakje Dailey, Gizza Event Management

Immerse in BDSM/D/s Role Play with Bridle Thorn- January 30, 2015 at 3pm SLT

Bridle Thorn is happy to announce their Grand Opening  at 3:00 PM SLT, kicking off with Clyde Barrow as our live singer! This will be a come as you are Event and it will be open to the General Public, with DJs following after his performance. 

Come take a look around at this beautiful  sim and explore the various places including its well known caverns as well as its beautiful gardens and Mansion. 

We are an advanced immersive BDSM D/s role play sim that will be open to the public for this event. We encourage all to explore and take a look around. 

Bridle Thorn- Pain & Pleasure Refined

*retrieved from SL Events

Thursday, January 29, 2015

DADDY-O's GRAND REOPENING Thursday January 29th 6:00 - 8:00 PM


The outside area of Daddy-O's has undergone a MAJOR remodel - so it's time for us to show it off! Who better to reopen it with than DJ Huey Walker and his lovely hostess Krissy Walker.  Join us as they take the stage outside in the remodeled area. It will be a great night of music, fun and of course your chance to see the NEW DADDY-O's! Grab your significant other, your friends or just come alone and meet new friends at Daddy-O's. Daddy-O's...Where fun RULEZ!

Talking Science: Paulie's Exclusion Principle in Quantum Mechanics- January 29, 2015 at 7pm SLT

This week we will talk about one of the foundational concepts in Quantum Mechanics: Pauli's Exclusion Principle. We will go from there into different kinds of quantum statistics (Fermi-Dirac vs. Bose-Einstein), and why they arise -- and some really bizarre things that arise at low temperature.

January 29, 2015 7pm SLT

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All in The SL Family: A Close Look At Second Life Families- Rere Sandalwood Reporting…

One might think they are seeing double upon looking at DOUBLE TROUBLE Elliott Lafeyette and Rockford Ewing on the Stinger Night Club Dance floor.
But blink again, and upon a closer look, you will realize that what you see is not a hallucination…because what you are really seeing are identical SL Twins!

According to Daph Wallace, a hostess that not only works at Stingers, but at an array of clubs and venue, this trio is actually part of a set of triplets. “They are [not only] triplets, they have a brother too,” she continues as she kindly greets Stinger patrons, “…and they are fine as hell...”

Yet physical looks aside, seeing this part of a family trio can potentially make an SL patron ponder on the importance of family, especially in SL.  In fact, if one digs deep enough, one can find more than triplets and siblings in SL.  After all, there are families in SL that not only consist of husbands and wives, but can include prim babies, SL children, aunts, uncles and even college age children.  Further, these family member may not only function as family in SL, but may extend on into real life as well.

Blood Related

For instance, MrsStormLove, manager of Seduction Estates, has successfully joined forces with her brother, Seduction Estate owner Mr. Jazzy Melody in the creation of a SIM dedicated to providing merchandising opportunities to creators, as well as a venue for clubbing and other adult-oriented fun. MrsStormLove contends, “In SL you don’t ever know who you can trust, and you may meet people who you can call family…but the truth is can you?”
MrsStormLove in a sense, answers her own question by aligning herself with individuals who are also related to her in real life.  As Mr. Jazzy Melody explains, “I was invited to SL by my [real life] brother and my sister-in-law MrsStormLove.” RL relationships withstanding, the relationship between MrsStormLove and Mr. Jazzy Melody is a testament to the power intrinsic in SL because they not only love one another enough to hang out in SL, but they have expanded upon that love by creating a SIM that is a reflection of their sensual taste and family-oriented style. To affirm this, MrsStormLove states, “There is a show of respect and love in knowing that you have someone you can count on that is true family and  who will do the same for you….someone who values your opinion, and who sees the person behind the avi.”
To echo MrsStormLove’s sentiment, Mr. Jazzy Melody says, “I have love for my family on different levels...My r/l Bro is my blood and my sister-in-law…I love her like she is my blood sister...and we run my business together.”

  Solely SL Family
While there are RL families that also function as SL Family, there are other families who not only met on SL, but have decided to align themselves as family within the game.  One such family is the Akan Tribe.  Though PilarGomez acts as the tribe’s matriarch, the true behind the scenes leader is KWAME ANNAN αţεŁŁ (maxwellsamson).  In fact, αţεŁŁ is keenly responsible for the creation of the Akan Tribe, and has dedicated himself to adding even more SL Family to his fold by recently partnering with RAINY Cheri.  αţεŁŁ explains that the creation of his SL family started from bonding with another person from the same country as he is from.  He continues, ”[Specifically, I was] reading a profile of a woman...I then talked with her [and found that] she was from Africa too and after a week of talking, she asked me if I would like to be her brother. I agreed because I thought it would be great to have a sister in-world.”

With the start of that one sister, αţεŁŁ now has a huge family that consist of a partner, three sisters that include Mâɱâsiтà (pilargomez), Pòsh Quèèn LIU.JO (dinnate), and ƈɦǟɨ'ռǟ աɦɨȶɛ αţεŁŁ (nettaboo711), Aunt Şε αd Ѡit Iէ αţεŁŁ (toomuch4u2), daughter Ameyo  ANNAN  αţεŁŁ, and nieces Lisette qorchess Gomez (lisette.seranno), Qᴜᴇᴇɴ LIU.JO Dᴀᴜɢʜᴛᴇʀ (ttrane) and Яazzyвoo αţεŁŁ ɦɛǟȶ ůςιαηợ (crazzyb3lla). 
Though KWAME ANNAN αţεŁŁ’s family is growing by leaps and bounds every day, αţεŁŁ affirms that he not only has great family and great friends, but that “it is all about da lovin that God gave us to share ay.”

 Sharing the love in SL, Husband and Wife Style
Like it is possible to create an SL Family, it is also possible to find real love in SL…a love that can lead to the creation of an SL family that extends into RL. This possibility is a reality for partners Cinn Hansome and JA Hansome, who function as both a RL and SL couple. In SL, the couple runs Ocean Pointe, a family role play SIM that includes a clinic and family-based housing.  As Cinn Hansome explains, “I am a nurse in rl [but am] off of work on disability and thought it would be fun and challenging to open a realisitc clinic in sl...I find so many people here want a real pregnancy experience [and] for a myriad of reasons...I do my best to help...[consequently] the family evolved from there…”
This family evolution has led to not only love with JA Hansome, but has led to a real life comradery with Cinn’s SL sister, Toni Stickfigure. “I have known Toni Stickfigure for two years,” Cinn Hansome states, ”…and I met my SL sister in rl and we went on vacation together and plan on it again…”
Yet with the building of these family-based SL relationships, the biggest challenge can, according to Cinn Hansome can be “Time and Distance.” She continues, “Waiting on someone to come online [can be hard]…wanting to be together but having a computer between you [can be hard too].

JA Hansome adds, “Misunderstanding is always a huge threat in SL because of the lack of real physical interaction. Without seeing body language, hearing voice inflection and the constant threat of gossip, "drama" can always be a huge problem.”
Though this is the case, it is always best to rely on RL understanding and tolerance, as echoed by Mr. Jazz Melody.  He goes on, “Family don’t always agree...we all have different opinions but we sit and work it out together…In R/L i have 12 siblings not including myself...and we have learned its ok to agree to disagree. We are mature and love each other enough to sit and talk about until we come up with a solution. We have a bond that cannot and will not be broken...people have tested us on many levels but we always come out loving each other that much more.”

With a bond that extends from SL to RL, it seems as if a stronger bond is created across the board, and what a blessing that is!
Linda Lauren on BetterTV!
Gemstones That Heal and Change YourMood!

Solve the Hunts at Mystickal Tymes- 5 Hunts on 4 Sims!

Fill each HUD and claim the prizes!  Follow the clues to find all of the lost items needed.  The Defenders of the Circle Hunt, The Mystickal Tymes Mini-Hunt, The Mystickal Tymes Jewel Hunt, The Mystickal Pirates Hunt and The Shield of the Jade Dragon Hunt.  FIVE Hunts on four sims!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Grand Opening of Epic Gamer Radio - January 28, 2015 1pm-10pm SLT

Epic Gamer Radio is now expanding into Second life with a huge bang. They have built a home office in Second Life and Guess what?  They are going to have a Massive Party to launch this brand new expansion to the EGR community!

Bring all your friends, guy candy,  girl candy or any candy you might have in between. We will be offering stores for rent.

We will see you January 28th 2015 for an 8 Hour Event from 1pm to 9pm EST. 

We will have a Meet & Greet with the EGR staff and two Live DJs spinning the Hottest tunes. 

Don't miss this rocking party!

Teleport Now

*info retrieved from SL event list

Learn All About Second Life at The Mall Street- January 27th at 10 am slt

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Secondlife* (* But Were Afraid to Ask)- BASICS - BUILDING - RENTING A HOME - START A BUSINESS - START ROLEPLAYING - START A....2ND LIFE!

Visit us for help

Enter to Win the Wedding of Your Dreams- Drawing Ends February 1, 2015

Stop in and sign the guest book near the store entrance for your chance to Win a Free Dream Wedding of your choice! Any Package, Any Venue. Winners will be announced on Sunday February 1st. Also if you have time... tour our breath taking Venues :)

Hockey Exhibition Game- January 27 at 6:30 pm SLT

Global Online Hockey Association is hosting an open exhibition game for anyone looking to play some hockey!  If you've ever wanted to learn how to play or want to have some fun come join us!

Does Linden Labs Care about New Customers? Live Discussion Today January 27, 2015 at 11:30 AM SLT

On a recent visit to there so called PG help lands is raises the question; Does Linden Labs care about new customers? 

This is a stop off point for new customers to Linden labs to get free things and get help from older customers. Most  are long gone second life mentors, but sadly Linden Labs can't stop offensive sexual behavior, Racial discrimination and pixel nudity.

Today Lets Talk About It Over At Easy's Sand Box not 2 easy.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Introducing Seduction Estates: An Adult Playground for the Grown and Sexy- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Second Life is full of activities for everyone, including some great places for adults to play. Seduction Estates offers a variety of activities for the grown and sexy. Established on July 31, 2014 by Founder and CEO MrJazzMelody (1perfectgent) the objective of Seduction Estates is to attract diversity by bringing together people from different races and cultures to the sim.  Mr Jazzmelody explained he wants people to come to Seduction Estates to enjoy each other’s company on many levels. “To have any and all employees, tenants and visitors feel like family and friends in a comfortable atmosphere”. He went on to say, “To learn from one another as we grow in our Second Life journey. 

 Mr JazzMelody also wants to build up his sim financially and become one of the best sim owners in Second Life.
Seduction estates offer visitors a place to shop, party and rent space. MrsStormLove (t0pazstr0ng) is Seduction Estates Manager.  Her role is to interview potential employees, manage payroll, real estate as well as coordinate entertainment.

Assistant and receptionist  MsBeBeSheryffe schedules appointments, gathers information, responds to letters, contacts developers for projects and assists wherever she is needed. She also ensures that all tenants are set up, informed about their obligations and problem solves if there is an issue.

A strong team like this is important to keep things in order and running smoothly for everyone.

This is an adult location so some rules are in place to keep guests comfortable. Common courtesy is a must so is a group tag; general or VIP. No touching is permitted without permission. Nudity is limited to the beach only and prohibited beyond the beach gates. Absolutely no kids or child avatars are permitted on the premises. Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave. Failure to comply will result in being ejected.


The amenities offered by Seduction Estates include Pure Seduction. It was the first project established on the estates. It is a vibrant and classy venue with DJs that provide entertainment on Wednesdays and Weekends from 6pm-8pm SLT. Seduction Estates hosts a variety of weekly events, picture contests and themed parties with cash prizes, gifts and much more.

Vip Lounge

To keep up with the entertainment you can join the general group for free. Tags are required in the club. There is also a VIP Sky Lounge on the second level of Pure Seduction but it is limited to VIP members only. Membership for this exclusive club is a onetime 200L fee for a special tag. VIP service includes Greedy Tables, complete dining, hot tub, and after hour admission. VIPs also have the privilege of renting the venue for private parties and access to an exclusive area of the beach.
Other amenities include:

Wine & Dine

Seduction Wine and Dine is an elegant custom designed restaurant with live entertainment once a week. It is a drama-free comfortable adult setting. Waiters and waitresses are on site to cater to guests and reservations are required for After Hours.


Pure Ecstasy Beach Mall is one stop shopping for men’s and women’s apparel, sex HUDs, furniture and occasionally great free gifts. Some of the stores you will find in the mall are Wild Orchid, Sexy Peach, Class A , Kinky O, P3 and Body Wear  vendors with appliers

Beach bar

Pure Ecstasy Beach will WOW you. There is a bar with outdoor seating, pool area, secluded spots for some privacy and adult furniture with over 259 sex positions for your adult play. Clothes are optional but for those not comfortable in the nude, it is ok to wear a swimsuit.


Rental Skyboxes and Sky homes are available for visitors who want to become permanent residents. Seduction Estates offers a variety of space sizes and affordable prices. The skyboxes and homes can be made private upon customer request. If there is something you specifically want, SE will strive to get it. The goal is to provide exceptional customer service. If you would like to view a home, contact MrsStormLove (t0pazstr0ng).

Seduction Estates is hiring for a variety of positions and accepting applications, resumes and on the spot interviews. Here are some of the positions wanted:
·         Vocal Singers
·         Comedians
·         Poets
·         Waitress
·         Bartender
·         Real Estate Agent (experience required)
·         Pole Dancer
·         Escort

Contact MrsStormLove (t0pazstr0ng) or MsBeBeSheryffe to apply.
Take a tour today!

Additional Information
Preferred contact: MrJazzMelody (1perfectgent) or  MrsŠţσямLσvє  (t0pazstr0ng)

SLE Commercial


Seychelles Isle Sailing Community

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