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Monday, July 16, 2018

Between the Covers...
a book club that intertwines both Second Life and real life

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” Dr Suess

Hi there.  This column intends to share book reviews (both from RL and SL) that ignite our cumulative imaginations and to interview writers in Second Life.

We invite you to make yourself a coffee or pour yourself a glass of your favourite wine and engage with us as you would in a real-life book club.  Let's talk about your favourite authors and their latest releases, or let's chat about the classics and what they mean to you.  How about comparing books to their TV shows, movies or games?

I'm kicking off the column with a review of a book called HOW TO BE FAMOUS by Caitlin Moran.  It's absolutely fabulous and resonated with me and my Second Life attempts at being a journalist albeit only virtually.

The review was written by Matthew Jackson and published in -


ISBN 9780062433770
Published 07/03/2018
A rollicking launch into adulthood

BookPage review by Matthew Jackson
Caitlin Moran has a gift—in both short- and long-form writing, in both fiction and nonfiction—that hits like magic when it lands in the lap of the right reader. It’s a rare, mesmerizing talent to simultaneously move a reader and make them laugh so hard they risk falling out of their chair. In How to Be Famous, Moran’s follow-up to How to Build a Girl, she works that magic again.
Moran reunites readers with Johanna Morrigan, a teenager from the Midlands of England who moves to London to further her music journalism career as Dolly Wilde. Once there, she is swept up in a world of rock stars, comedians, parties and in particular John Kite, a newly famous musician with whom she is madly in love. Though they’re close, her love is not returned at first, and through a series of adventures, Dolly becomes convinced that the way to draw John closer to her is to write her own way to stardom and seduce him with the power of her prose. Once she’s resigned to do this, things start to happen quickly for Dolly, and she must learn to deal with fame and infamy while also reaching out for the only person she’s really trying to touch.
How to Be Famous lives or dies based on Moran’s ability to render Dolly as an enchanting, vulnerable and hilarious guide through the mid-1990s London music scene, and Dolly’s charm immediately jumps off the page. Dolly is at once bitingly witty and achingly open, not just to the reader but also to the world she’s trying to find her place in, and it sets a tone that makes you both root for her and anticipate her next misadventure.
That might be enough to carry the novel on its own, but Moran doesn’t stop there. Her ambition, like Dolly’s, is to weave into this tale a kind of feminist manifesto that tackles love and sex, as well as the fine line between girlhood and womanhood. She succeeds throughout but keeps you waiting for the final, unforgettable exclamation point at the book’s hysterical climax.

This article was originally published in the August 2018 issue of BookPage. Download the entire issue for the Kindle or Nook.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Dark Lust Club is Bloodlines and Furry Friendly. 

Dark Lust has been in SL for over a year now but still looking for good, reliable DJ's and Hosts for a variety of time slots! 

☞DJ's and Hosts BOTH keep 100% of tips
☞DJ's should be able to voice and take requests
☞Hosts should know how to send out notices and converse with the crowd
☞Bloodlines and Furry Friendly
☞Adult Sim so all Adults welcome!!

Come on over to Dark Lust. Check out the Club and the stores we have available as well as the games tables. In to a little kink?? We also have a BDSM Dungeon!  

Sets are available daily and we do have some active sets every day!

You can contact Mystiqueangel666-Primary owner or use the Support Board in the club to contact any of the managers.

Teleport Now!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Profile of Dark Lust Pen Dragon Reporting

With a proliferation of clubs throughout Second Life it’s hard for one to stand out. There are gimmicks, promotions and a whole slew of ways they try to get your attention. One club is striving to stand above the rest by keeping it simple by treating everyone like family and making sure that anyone who visits has a great time. That club is Dark Lust, owned primarily by Mystique Moonshadow with her brother Taz as a silent partner.

The club opened in January of 2017 and offers something for everyone. Located on an adult sim Dark Lust is not only Bloodlines friendly, it’s BDSM friendly as well with 2 adult rooms located on the second floor that cater to the lifestyle. The club is on a beautifully decorated full sim, dedicated to the Dark Electric Shock Bloodlines Horde, with shops and romantic spots scattered throughout. Beyond offering great music and a beautiful sim to explore, also has games like adult truth or dare for people to enjoy.

“ I like to be different. Being different helps us to stand out. Our dance floor is unique in the fact that you can click it from anywhere on sim and dance and I have the mod rights so if we get more than 35 people i can add room to it.” Mystique, the owner, said of the club. “And our V.I.P.s are called Dignitaries, also something unique.” she added.

Taz, brother of Mystique, said of the club, “We're here to have fun and make SL more enjoyable for everyone, in whichever way we can!”

Mystique was inspired to start the club a few years back, saying, “With the advent of our Bloodlines, Dark Electric shock, we wanted something that combined our heart and soul with the horde.” With that, the idea for Dark Lust was born and brought to life. DJ’s provide daily musical sets with no specific genre, but mostly playing country and rock and offer the occasional theme or contest.

The interior of the club is definitely dark and foreboding, adding to the feel and aura of the Bloodlines influence. Below the dance floor flames lick up at your feet and prompt you to dance faster. The club itself is inside a massive gothic castle that sets the stage for the experience within.

When asked what the biggest draw was to the club, Mystique said “It’s the music and interaction from the host and dj. We try to make it fun for everyone by being friendly. We treat the staff like family, even if we don't claim everyone as bro or sis, or whatever. but I do take family roles seriously.”

So if you are looking for a devilishly good time with friendly people and plenty to explore, then head over to Dark Lust and say Hi to Mystique and her staff. You won’t be disappointed.

Teleport Now:

GeekSpeak – Asteroids – what should we do to avoid collisions? Join the Discussion July 14th at 12pm SLT

Asteroids have hit Earth in the past and will hit Earth in the future.  What should we do to protect ourselves?  Should we be spending money on technology that will deflect asteroids?  Since there are 10,000 near earth objects that might cause problems perhaps we should see asteroids as a serious danger.

Or should we attack asteroids ourselves?  Should we harvest them until nothing remains to threaten us?  What will we find in asteroids and what will we do with it?  And will there be a demand for whatever we find in asteroids?

If you think we should mine them then how soon do we start?  Or do you think we should leave them alone?

Come and join us to talk about big fast-moving rocks in space.  Bring a helmet.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for new subjects.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Celebrating Second Life: The Wall of History -Pen Dragon Reporting

Second Life is celebrating its 15th birthday with a whole host of parties, concerts, free gifts and so much more, but how did it all begin? What was SL like before modern mesh, before the incredible world we have all grown to love? Let's take a stroll back in time with our flux capacitor enabled DeLoreans to find out!

Second Life, or SL, is a name we are all familiar with today, but when Linden Labs developed the virtual word back in 2003 it was called LindenWorld. Before beta testing began it was decided to change the name to Second Life in order to give a more “creative and descriptive” feel to the new world. Since then it has grown by leaps and bounds, with technology forging new concepts and giving new abilities to creators.
With all this advancement and change, its important to look back at the humble beginnings of this virtual world.

The Second Life Wall of History is the perfect place to dive deep into every aspect of how Second Life began. The wall itself was created for the 2nd anniversary of SL. The landing area puts you just feet away from this repository of historic information.The wall has spheres with hover text describing what each note card giver contains. The subjects are varied and cover a wide range of historic topics, including avatar history, Second Life Historical Museum information, and all the known logs of Linden’s Town Hall meetings.

There are a lot of interesting facts and history to be learned at the Wall of History. For instance, did you know that the hand logo associated with SL we see everywhere is actually similar to a hand symbol seen all over the world in many cultures and civilizations. The hand has many meanings throughout the world. Another tidbit is that there are 2 known Easter Eggs in Second Life. One is mentioned in the note card “Did you know” found at the Wall of History, the other? You’ll have to find that one yourself.

The setting is beautiful with Linden Village and offices as a backdrop. You can climb the stairs up to the main building for a breathtaking view and continue on, around the mountain to discover information on RL education in SL. Continue down the mountain to find fun and interesting tutorials on how to interact with Second Life. There is also a Second Life planetarium with N.A.S.A. video clips. All in all the whole area is a fun place to explore and learn.

Teleport Now!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ballrooms : Where the Romance Lives - Seersha Heart

“In one kiss, you’ll know all I haven’t said”; Pablo Neruda.  In Second Life, a date at a ballroom is a romantic adventure. It all the romance in one stop; the kisses and the dances of a well-earned night out.  I spend time in ballrooms during the year. This past year has been the most dramatic changes in my SL history. SL has lost two of the top ballrooms in the past year.  One of those was the lovely Rose Theatre Ballroom. In its day, if you asked anyone for the best ballroom “Rose Theatre” was either the first or the second one mentioned.  Angel Manor was a cultural hub of art and performance that is missed. Bogart’s is another loss to the grid. To me, losing Bogarts hurt badly. You could always could on Bogarts.  The walk through the shops to the marquee. At Bogarts you could have the formal stylish surroundings of a traditional ballroom, with an atmosphere that welcomed the single as well as the couples.  

SL has retained a couple of “tried and true” ballrooms.  Each providing different opportunities to the visitor. I recommend visiting these ballrooms at different times.  Each one that I am writing about has a wealth of fun to discover provided by the thoughtful and the clever owners.  And as is always true of SL, things change…..a….lot. One of those tried and true is the Avilion ballroom.  Formal dress required, clothing provided, this continues to be a place of magic and of romance.  I find that when I truly want the most romantic possible evening, of all the places on the grid, you will find me at Avilion.  Sometimes I visit alone, walking through, watching other dancers or dance alone. This is a peaceful place with rich colors and lighting that dances around you.  It is a delight to hear romantic music playing, as I ascend the main staircase to the ballroom. There are a couple of nice couples poses along the way. Inside walk to the railing and the ballroom opens in front of you in all directions.  I recommend sunset or midnight lighting. Let your eyes swept the view for a moment, it is in a word spectacular. The older stationary dance pose balls have been replaced with easy to use dance balls and dance hearts. The real magic in this location is that even though you are immersed grand beautiful ballroom, when you look to your date you will realize that he/she is the true beauty in this room.  Simply magical. After the dancing, when you take your date home, if you are not rewarded with the delicious naughty parts, after an evening at Avilion, it will NEVER happen.  This ballroom is the litmus test for a relationship.

Frank’s Place Jazz Club provides different settings for a formal night out.  With Bogarts gone, there remains the Jazz Club and the Elite Jazz Club.  Beyond the sexy sounding jazz, Frank’s hosts DJs and cover band concerts.  I always think of SL Resident and living large personality Johnathan Hiess when I visit Frank’s.  Jonathan is the grid’s cutting edge to music; at Frank’s he DJs, he produces cover band concerts and generates quite a following.  If you are luck to see him in his military dress, that is just a bonus. Frank’s is a place you may meet Mr. Right Now if not Mr. Right.  It is enjoyable to be in a vast room of avis donning their best clothing. Pan your camera around, use your free What is She Wearing HUD and see who is designing these outfits.  See someone who interests you? Go ahead and IM them, that is what people DO at Frank’s so meet, chat and dance.  
Foxxies ballroom and Jazz club is a treat.  Beyond the elegant ballroom you will find a hot air balloon ride and a horse drawn carriage.  Explore and be rewarded at this gem. Foxxies has been on the grid for well over nine years. The traffic is lower here than Frank’s so if you want to have some snuggle up, one-on-one time with that special person try the atmosphere at Foxxies.  They also have DJs, music, romantic gardens, waterfalls and several romantic cuddle spots.

How would you like to enjoy some 40s swing dancing?  Teleport to the Creationspark SIM.  This is the SIM created to facilitate knowledge and support for Parkinson’s disease.  None of those limitations of the physical realm in the CP Swing Dance Hall.  A bit more casual that most ballrooms, this one sits in a SIM chock full of things to do beyond dancing.  Start at the main center and you can visit an art gallery and many interesting boutiques for shopping. In the beach and yacht areas you will find romantic hot tubs, sailboats, row boats, windsurfers and more water activities.  There are swimming animations, tubes and a waterslide. Bring your free Dutchie’s wearable towel to dry off.  Explore the vast expanse of the underwater paradise.  Truly vivid colors and interesting sea life to be found throughout.  I love the underwater paradise! Finish your visit at the Celestial Realm visiting the Spiritual Circles in the sky.
There are some other great places for an elegant night out on the grid.  Phat Cats Jazz Club Ballroom has a very romantic feeling and host live music.  Regency ballroom is one of those that provides clothing for those who don’t have a formal outfit.  A nice up and comer ballroom, I hope they get more traffic to enjoy what the offer to the visitor.  Many of the ballrooms on the Second Life search are not at their locations any more. Before that special date, make sure the ballroom exists before going out.  Save yourself the last minute fumble of finding a replacement location.

Take a moment and sift through your messy inventory.  Do you have a couple nice formal outfits? It is worth the time to make a couple.  It is a great treat to go out in SL to a nice romantic ballroom where in the arms of that special someone you may lose yourself, if only for a while, life can be magic, let it.


Ballroom pictures and more:

Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]
Photos by Karmaghna Ulrik

Saturday, July 7, 2018

GeekSpeak – will we understand the future? Join the discussion July 7th at 12pm SLT

Imagine it is the year 2050.  Humans have never done anything for 20 years.  If you want food it is there in a second, created, served, pre-chewed.  Actors have left the stage, teachers have left the schools, everything is CGI.  Roads, cities, buildings, all are controlled by AI.

Will the few humans who can understand the new world be like a new species that the rest of us cannot even talk to?  And what will happen to the rest of us?  Will we experience a short period of degeneration and end up as heads in a jar?

How will we find fulfilment in such a scenario?  Bring your biomatter to the auditorium to discuss the near future.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for future subjects.


Friday, July 6, 2018

Seanchai Library Boards The Orient Express

On Sunday, July 8th Seanchai Library embarks on a literary adventure with their summer series TEA TIME on the Orient Express.  The Sunday afternoon "Tea Time" sessions are among the most popular the Library presents, known mostly for the nearly two complete circuits of the Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories, presented in the Library's casual Fireside Room.  The six week Orient Express series will be an additional departure, inviting audiences into a custom created skybox setting complete with a train.  A special project page is available on the Seanchai Library website including details about Christie's great train adventure, video resources, and the slurl to the series location.

LEA 9 Gaia’s Quest – Visit the heart of a Dragon - Seersha Heart

Second life is known for showcasing spectacular collaborative SIMs.  No place is this more apparent that the area set aside for such builds at the LEA SIMs.  LEA, or Lindon Endowment for the Arts, has expanded since the original conception for this group.  Now at the fifteen-year mark of SL, LEA has a landing area is set up so you may go through the latest builds easily.  Dragon Shichiroji is the driving force, the cohesion behind the new LEA9 build titled “Gaia’s Quest”.

Dragon is an unassuming and generous man whom I consider a dear friend.  In real life and SL, Mental health and wellbeing are paramount to Dragon.  His real life experiences have given him the perfect basis to be the architect of LEA 9.  When I asked him what brought him to SL he said “Actually it was following a sojourn into south India in a time I was not working and trying to find myself, I came across the concept of a community free of money and material concerns focused on developing aspiration for growth and unity and creating a sense of belonging. I came to SL with this concept in mind and wanting to bring it to manifestation so that I could also learn skills that would better my professional real life.”  I also asked him if he could invite any celebrity to SL who would he choose? He said Teal Swan the noted spiritual teacher and intuitive.  His inworld residence, Mystic Farms, is a tribute to the care and the humanity he brings to our virtual world.  Mystic Academy is the largest spiritual community in Second Life.  At Mystic you can find a variety of practices such as meditation, New Age and Tantra [many more].  Mystic Farms also allows those in need of a home base, to set their home to this location. Mystic Academy is always happy for volunteers, just IM Dragon.

To prepare for my foray into LEA9, I reread an excellent book of mine titled “Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth”.  I recommend this book as the perfect complement to the build. Most of this book was written in Ireland a place where “tribal warfare has never been far from the scene”.  With LEA9 Gaia, Dragon and his group have worked hard and achieved an experience that maximizes the senses in SL. For the full experience, follow the hunt which is like an “Immersive Indiana Jones” to experience and to interact with most of the build.  There are several tribe cultures beautifully carved into this Gaia. I was awestruck moving through the SIM, the colors, the detail is hypnotic. As you comb through the experience, allow yourself the time to move at your own pace and plan to retrace a few steps.  There are places that take more than one pass to fully appreciate the message and the design.

One of the missions of LEA9 is to share the diversity of ancient culture, wisdom and history.  Wade Davis, a contributor to, says that there must be a “wake-up call to the value of ancient wisdom”.  In his discussion he mentions many of the sources traditionally used for that which we call “ancient wisdom”. He relates a thought many of us feel.  We are experiencing “a waterfall of destruction unprecedented in the history of our species. In our lifetime half of the voices of humanity are being silenced”.  Powerful thoughts and images of the cultural adaptations we have experienced fill my head. LEA9 pulls together that which has been neglected, lost, or thrown away.  This build shines a light on these wisdoms in each tribal space. As I spent time at LEA9, I found that if I remained still, listening and watching my environment more was revealed to me.  This is true for all of us. Walk down a path at LEA9 once, and you see a great deal of information. Walk down that path again, more slowly, and like a flower opening the flow of what is going on around you opens more for you.  Come back another day, you find you did not waste your time with multiple trips. Instead each time you walk the path, you experience more and you learn more. The biggest lesson I learned by walking around LEA9 was to reawaken my own respect for ancient wisdom.  Not only wisdom from long ago, but that wisdom that swirls around us every day.

LEA9 is not limited to the optimism of Voltaire’s Dr. Pangloss well known for his idea “best of all possible worlds”.  There is a Downtown Dystopia area, amazing for the detail of the creation, sobering for the possibilities and fate of Gaia.  “It might seem to be a surrender, but I suspect that the rewards, in the form of an increased sense of well-being and fulfillment, in knowing ourselves to be a dynamic part of a far greater entity, would be worth the loss of tribal freedom.”
For me, attending one of the presentations was a profound way to “see” objectives of LEA9.  I attended a colorful presentation underwater. Synced dancing mermaids and mermen decorated the stage while messages were displayed behind them.  Messages of consideration and of thoughtfulness to enable participants to use mindful observation to ‘take notice’. The sensory information poured on the audience.    We could ‘connect’, ‘give’ and ‘learn’ while the show was taking place. The performers brought it all together by inviting all to participate in dance thus allowing us to “keep active”.  The last part of this was the part that affected me most deeply. The colors and the particles were every changing, vivid almost alive. The messages continued to cycle on the stage. The sounds, those sounds were hypnotic to me.  I was mesmerized by watching everyone moving gracefully like mermaids. The music entered my ears as I watched, I was completely in the moment presented to me.

Rare is the experience in any life that may touch someone so deeply.  Here at LEA9, touching its visitors deeply is exactly what Dragon and crew have planned for them.

LEA 9 Gaia’s Quest links:
Gaia’s Quest Website:
Links to sources & related articles:
Gaia : A New Look at Life on Earth [pp. 110-120]
Editorial : A Wake Up Call to the Value of Ancient Wisdom
Pre-order Teal Swan’s book “The Anatomy of Loneliness”

Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]
Photos by Karmaghna Ulrik

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Club Crescendo is SL's newest club!

 We offer a variety of music genres and welcome listener requests. We are open Sun-Thurs 4pm-10pm and Friday-Sat 4pm-12am. Here at Crescendos, we like to offer our guests a mixture of music in an environment where they feel that they can request songs and not be turned down as long as the songs are not offensive (racist) or abrasive. We know that people have different tastes in music and want to celebrate that.

4pm- DJ Ash and Snowfall
6pm-DJ Ciel and Mischief
8pm-DJ Mena- Dazy
4pm- DJ T-Snowfall
6pm-DJ Nyte- Belle
8pm- DJ Moon and LaSombra
4pm- DJ Hollywood and Liezza
6pm- DJ Ciel and Luke
8pm- DJ Moon and Akiko
4pm- DJ Athena- Snowfall
6pm- DJ T and Mischief
8pm- DJ Ash and Luke
4pm- DJ Cori and Snowfall
6pm- DJ Nyte and Belle
8pm- DJ Kissa and Luke
10pm- DJ Mena and Dazy
4pm- DJ Ash and Snowfall
6pm- DJ Cori and Dazy
8pm- DJ Mena and Crystal
10pm- DJ Chris and Dani
4pm- DJ Faelon and Snowfall
6pm- DJ Nyte and Belle
8pm- DJ Chris and Crystal


Preferred Contact info: winniekim resident or Corialote Dougal

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New Positions Available!
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