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Friday, April 9, 2021

April 11th - Toxic Darkmatter and Sassy Nitely LIVE at Terry's Sunday Showcase


Join us on Sunday, April 11th beginning at 2pm SLT for Terry's Sunday Showcase, sponsored by the SL Enquirer! This week's featured artist is Toxic Darkmatter!! Toxie has a rich, sultry voice and quirky personality that brings a lot of fun to the stage. She brings a new meaning to the words sultry and sizzle with a collection of music that’s a blend of classic to contemporary, sweet to naughty.

Enjoy jazz? Blues? Rock? A little pop? Bring your requests, be ready to sing along, and let Toxie show you just how much she loves the music she shares with us during her “musical therapy.”

Following Toxie this week at 3pm SLT is Sassy Nitely, a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN whose charisma and musicianship has captivated the hearts of music lovers in SL since 2008. Some say her music moves them, others are allured by her charisma, but all are captivated by her soul-felt vocal talent-filled with power and grace.

Not only is Sassy an award-winning musician in SL, she also gigs in and around Nashville with her esteemed band, My July.

Sassy never disappoints her audience and delivers a polished, unforgettable a performance filled with refreshing acoustic covers and soulful original music.

Come support live music with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!!!

Welcome to Terry's Place, your friendly neighborhood pub where everyone knows your name! Home to some of the hottest DJ's and live singers on the grid, there's a little something for everyone here at Terry's when you just need to get away from it all. Dance as we spin tunes for all walks of life, show off your talents at Open Mic every Friday, or enjoy a live concert out in the park at our Terry's Sunday Showcase!  With events happening five nights a week, be yourself and escape the chains of real life with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!


Ninja (ninjaantwoord resident)

Performer Websites:

Toxic Darkmatter -

Sassy Nitely -

Thursday, April 8, 2021

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 10th April at noon SLT: Is Overpopulation a problem?

 Some cities are so crowded that people sleep between the lanes of the highways or live in boxes. Can we produce enough food for everyone?  Is there room for all of us?  And what effect does the increasing population have on the animals and plants in the world?

Is overpopulation just a temporary problem?  Some countries are already experiencing underpopulation, with a birth rate lower than replacement.  Will the population of the whole world decline in the future?  Have people lost interest in having children?  Will the number of humans steadily decrease until there is only one person left, who perhaps will be bitten by a poisonous snake? 

Which scenario worries you most?  Come and discuss population over the fence without too many neighbors.  Bring a barbeque and your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class at 1pm every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Avie Poll: What does SL need to keep residents engaged? Reporting: Katrina Karsin

Second Life was first released on June 23rd, 2003. Exploring this virtual world can easily be compared to other online worlds as you can role play, meet new people form friendships, and relationships.  Some even make close friends outside of SL while others find their soul mate and may even get married.  It is hard to say what percentage of people prefer to keep real life and SL life separate.  While others consider it an extension of themselves and treat people, they meet the way they want to be treated.  That said Linden Lab is insistent that Second Life is not a game at all, as the creators did not design SL to have an end objective or to manufacture conflict.  Instead of LL it is a journey to explore your own capabilities to the utmost while meeting other like-minded people.

The majority of individuals engage with friends they have made by having a common ground like music, building, and scripting.  Others like to take pictures and blog various creations.  Most have found a way to learn more about SL by exploring a variety of venues.  So with that in mind, what does SL need to keep residents engaged?

What does SL need to keep residents engaged?

Morrigan: Of course, the answer is going to be subjective.  I think a way of meeting people is easy.  Having a way of finding community and building upon that.  For those who are loners, I would think of a better way to find out what SL offers.  There is building, scripting, role play, riding vehicles etc.  Also, it's not really mentioned when you make your first avatar that to do anything really fun or to look good, it can cost RL money

Arpeggio: Probably better marketing to have a greater variety of people here.  I would market to the creative types and a broader range of people.

Bray: It depends on the person; some people only want nudity and virtual pornography.  Others need an active art or music life, most want vocal chat.  SL  needs variety .... so that everyone finds what they want.

Rei Schnyder:  I don’t know, what keeps me here is music and friends

LeaFeel: I see the music work in SL is very good, but as you know there is a variety of interests like gaming and sex are highly rated too.  I think creators are making amazing work too and this will surely get interested and I continue explore.

Jon: Don’t know that it needs anything.... if people can't find things to engage in, with what’s already on SL they must be hard to please.  Been here a loooong time...  habit maybe lol.  l like you am into music.... SL is a good place to listen to the various genres there are. 

Kyla: More new activities. everything is kind of getting old. There isn't enough new people or new activities. And more linden interaction. I was told there used to be mentors, who could be asked anything that worked with linden labs. We need that... but mostly we need new blood, new ideas, new things to do or be able to do. Without being as limited. More diversity in the sims would be cool, I see a lot of kids in the kid community, so I feel they need to be supported more too. And there should be something done about the economy in sl. I mean, right now it's based on what money people can bring into SL, those are the ones that make the money and become rich, well what about those who aren't rich or aren't able to bring money in? Or those who have to use SL to survive and pay their bills? Something should be done about that.

Jo: I don't think they can do much more than they are now.  They provide the tools and the residents build the things that keep others engaged.  I enjoy my friends ultimately and I also like scripting and building and the active BDSM community.

Zeipher: Additional privacy features like being able to turn off visibility of parcels around you, to avoid full bright neighbor nightmares. More social events, more hunts, more competitions. Many improvements to the "life comforts" like upgrading the base avatar to something more in line with current GPU capabilities.  I think that there's nothing worse than spending 100's of hours creating forests and marinas and beautiful scenery. Adjusting your eep settings to give off just the right atmosphere of "dusk" only to have a new neighbour move in and build full bright white skyscrapers out of prims as far as the eye can see. I recently abandoned a full quarter region of the beautiful seaside mainland for that reason.. It still hurts.

What it may come down to is the level of exploring SL, and each person’s interest and comfort level to explore in Second Life. Some people enjoy reading and will go to SL Community page Second Life - Second Life Community.  Others need to be shown with pictures or by talking to other avatars in groups within SL.  There are people and places willing to help anyone out, although most help based groups in SL only want to help new people out and become suspicious when they look at a profile and see the age of the avatar but do not realize that avatar is logging in for the first time in a while and needs help understanding the changes with avatars and navigating SL to find some free or inexpensive Bento heads, shapes, skin, etc.  Others find themselves being booted out of groups for speaking English too well and typing too fast!  Some try Flickr, Facebook groups, and Discord to search and connect with others.  It may just come down to how each person thinks and processes what they are learning, and we all know that we learn at different speeds.  In my humble opinion, I think Second Life is created to help us explore our own minds, to possibly push ourselves to learn something new and grow using Second Life as a tool. So sit back, relax and explore!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Spotlight on AMForte Clarity- The Ghost Explorer Reporting...


I Need Some Clarity!!!

Standing alone in the middle of a dance floor at Black Diamond, I had my eyes closed.  I could only feel the live energy around me while countless fans were dancing around me to the electrifying sound of AMForte Clarity.  I can't recall the date of the first AM concert that I attended since she has been in SL forever but I do remember that was the day I knew that I would forever be a fan.  It was lyrical magic.  She sang "Linger" by the Cranberries and the energy was otherworldly.  In the following years, I made it a point to take all my friends to at least one of her concerts.  If you think that it is all about the music at this point, you are sadly mistaken.  AM Forte has a way of connecting with her fans.  She is an accessible star with a voice that reaches deep into the heart of everyone she meets.  My answer to friends who are experiencing real life struggles when they share their issues with me in Second Life has always been "You need some Clarity".  If you are not yet aware, Clarity is AMforte's last name in Second Life.  We would go to an AM concert and then I would listen while my friends would speak their minds.  

Someone requested "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac and AM beautifully obliged.  In the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by all those happy fans, I opened my eyes and looked around wondering how long have they been following her?  Do they feel the same connection that I do to her music?  Hard to tell at times but one thing is for sure:  They Love Her.  Last song and the concert is over.  She waived to her supporters and hopped off the stage.  I had no place in particular to go so I just stayed on the dance floor alone while everyone was disappearing one at a time.  Soon, I was alone in the place with AM standing in front of the stage.  That was the perfect opportunity to ask her a few questions so that I can share with you SL Enquirer readers.


Ghost Explorer - Hello AM!

AM - Hey Green!

Ghost Explorer - I hate to bother you but was wondering if you are able to answer a few questions for a newspaper article that I am writing.

AM - Sure :)

Ghost Explorer - Awesome! So we will start with how long have you been performing in SL?

AM - I have been performing in SL since 2008.

Ghost Explorer - That is a long time.  How would you describe your style?

AM - I don't have a particular style I stick with. I perform to many different styles with cover songs and even including my original music. 

Ghost Explorer - We know that you are hardworking, what drives or motivates you?

AM - What motivates me is my love for music and to reach people that need music.

Ghost Explorer - What usually goes through your mind when you are performing?

AM - I get lost in the music. I don't say much during my concerts anymore, but when I play the piano and sing, it takes me to another place. 

Ghost Explorer - We get lost in your music as well. In all the years that you have been here, have you ever thought about quitting SL? 

AM - I don't think I have ever thought about quitting SL. I like it here and meet a lot of wonderful people. 

Ghost Explorer - How has the pandemic affected what you do here?

AM - The pandemic has not affected me at all with my SL experience.

Ghost Explorer - Do you have any big projects coming up?

AM - I do! My second album will be out this summer and I will be working on a docu-series film project, called Ghost Slapped. You can read about it at

Ghost Explorer - Beside Second Life, where can your fans find your music to enjoy?

AM - They can visit my YouTube @

Ghost Explorer - Lastly, where do you see yourself a year from now?

AM - I'm not exactly sure, but I think that I will be filming and creating more music in the future

After thanking her for making the time to answer all my questions, AMforte Clarity vanished in the wind leaving a beautiful impression, just like the magical notes she sings.  

Once more, alone with my thought in the middle of the dance floor at the Black Diamond, I started thinking about the wonderful sides of Second Life.  I get to experience up close, real star power and speak to a performer, an artist, singer, songwriter and more importantly a friend for a few minutes between space and time.  As Annie Lennox once sang, Sweet Dreams are made of this.  

Thank you AMForte Clarity for making Second Life a better place.  We hope to enjoy your music always.

-The Ghost Explorer

Additional Information:




AMForte Clairty Fan Club Group

Preferred contact: AMForte Clarity for bookings

April 10th - PSSST Tour Debuts LIVE at Terry's


PSSST....would you like to hear a secret?

Join us on Saturday, April 10th beginning at 11am SLT for the long-anticipated debut of the PSSST Tour LIVE at Terry's Place! FIVE fun-filled hours of live music from some of the hottest entertainers on the grid!  This is the first time these talented performers have all been together on the same day, so be prepared for a few surprises along the way! ;)

It all kicks off at 11am SLT with a special LIVE performance from spiritLed, as he returns to the Terry's stage! spiritLed is not new to SL but relatively new to performing live music around the grid. Coming to you from the East Coast, spiritLed has been playing the guitar since his 20's and is now learning and enjoying playing keyboard.

You will immediately fall in love with spiritLed's covers of songs from artists like Coldplay, Harry Styles, Train, The Beatles, and more. Join us and hear why he is beloved by fellow musicians around the grid.

Next up at 12-noon SLT, Terry's is proud to welcome Tally Mercury (formerly Tallyesin), a singer/songwriter performing acoustic shows in SL since 2011. He has a 20-year history as a performer meandering through the UK and abroad.

Tally is a storyteller with a sound that is both soothing and powerful. He does a wide range of songs that span genre and time. Some of his choices are recognizable and some will be songs you've not heard before but all are guaranteed to be memorable.

From the Beatles to Adele, Coldplay to Bastille, Tally has a distinct style that keeps bringing people back.  

Following Tally at 1pm SLT, prepare to be captivated by Phemie Garfield, an acoustic singer/songwriter playing her piano across the grid since 2007. She has a lovely tone to her voice that layers beautifully with the warm keys of her piano. You will get sucked into the stories she weaves in the songs, she covers as well as the haunting originals she shares with us.  

Phemie's song selection is varied spanning both time and genre. From the moment you hear those first few keys breakthrough the quiet until the last notes she sings at the end of the hour you'll be glad you stopped by and looking forward to the next time.

Coming up at 2pm SLT, the beautiful and enchanting SEMINA will take the stage, performing LIVE for your listening pleasure! Born and raised in the south coast of Sweden, she is a talented singer-songwriter who has traveled the world playing her music at clubs, festivals, living rooms and theaters around Scandinavia, Europe, UK, and the USA.

With a playful way of mixing genres and a voice that could mend a broken heart, SEMINA now comes to entertain in Second Life with covers from well known artists.

Finally, at 3pm SLT, get ready for another magnificent performance from Skye Galaxy!  Taking a variety of different songs and artists, Skye translates each tune and places them gently beside a soothing, sensual line of vocal and simplistic piano arrangements. Nineteen years ago, he was brought into this world by his mother, who resided in Smolensk (Смоленск), Russia, and a father who moved to the States from Berlin. From the first moments of which he could mutter a sound, singing had become nothing short of a passion.

His influences include the vocals and production talents of Imogen Heap, the emotion often found in the likes of Coldplay, Keane, and Death Cab for Cutie, and in the other artists that continue to fill his favorites list; Above & Beyond, Frou Frou, Rufus Wainwright, Kate Havnevik, Yann Tiersen, and many more.

Skye is a musician, performer and vocalist professionally in his first life, but likes to keep his two lives well apart. He joined Second Life in order to pursue the feeling of growth in his abilities, once more, and that numerous chain of events leading to one better opportunity to the next until you are stumbling for the top.

Come support live music with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!!!


Welcome to Terry's Place, your friendly neighborhood pub where everyone knows your name! Home to some of the hottest DJs and live singers on the grid, there's a little something for everyone here at Terry's when you just need to get away from it all. Dance as we spin tunes for all walks of life, show off your talents at Open Mic every Friday, or enjoy a live concert out in the park at our Terry's Sunday Showcase!  With events happening five nights a week, be yourself and escape the chains of real life with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!


Ninja (ninjaantwoord resident)

Performer Websites:

SpiritLed -

Tally Mercury -

Phemie Garfield (Phemie Alcott) -

Semina -

Skye Galaxy

Moonlight Music Presents: Rockstar Island Live Vocals Concerts 3-6pm SLT


3-4pm -
Rocker Gibson
& Bad Reputation
Wolfie Moonshadow
& Bad Reputation
Seren McGillivary
& Bad Reputation
WHERE: Rockstar Island where the music is LIVE!!. Rockin' high above the snow-topped mountains and rockin the Aurora Borealis (when you land set the world to midnight)

Spotlight on TX MAINSTORE with TECH (tech.robonaught) Reporting Katrina Karsin

Today we are sitting down with TECH (tech.robonaught) the owner of TX, he is a creator and mechanic of vehicles and all the mechanics one would want to make their dream car drivable!  He starts with the Shell or body of the car and provides the mechanics to make a car actually drivable in Second Life!

Kat (katrina.karsin): Hi TECH Nice to meet you, may I start with why did you decide to Create Shells and all the gear to so you can drive in SL?  Was there a demand for it?

TECH (tech.robonaught): My initial goal was to make it affordable for the average person.  There were a few vehicle parts suppliers already in SL, but they were expensive - and me being a vehicle nut myself I too was poor and didn’t have the budget for their parts.

Kat (katrina.karsin): I remember checking out cars in SL myself cause I wanted a vintage 1965 Mustang and the prices at that time were crazy I thought.  So when did your first start creating and did you open your store right away?

TECH (tech.robonaught): People come to SL to escape reality and that includes not having to drive their minivan, but being able to create or buy whatever vehicle they can imagine as well.  My first Second life store was furniture and clothing, when I started getting into vehicles I found parts and full permissions cars expensive. and just thought I could do it better, so yeah, I had a small store established, and it’s grown with me from a 1024 lot to the full sim we have today.

Kat (katrina.karsin): I agree SL can be an escape from the old minivan – lol! Did you start in 2008?

Tech (tech.robonaught): No, the TX Gear name was created around 2015, it the abbreviation of me and my SL partners first names (does not mean Texas).

Kat (katrina.karsin): Oh ok cool idea for the name!  When you had the mechanics down for making the shells did you turn to make parts for the cars?

TECH (tech.robonaught): When I had the ability to make the bare shells, I turned my focus to the vehicle scripting - between myself and a few others we now have probably the most realistic vehicle scripts available in World.  Having a low script use to boot, which makes them ideal for all kinds of environments.

Kat (katrina.karsin): Scripting is complicated to me, I think of it as coding for a computer so I am very impressed you have the ability to learn.  It can be very intensive does it take up most of your time when creating something?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Well, I tend to make something work first and then add to it or fine-tune it afterward so yes, between version 1 of my vehicle scripts and the version 10 it is today has been about a 3-year journey.  I rely a lot on the builder’s feedback and it has improved the scripting a great deal.

Ҡặт (katrina.karsin): I see you have some very detailed scripts for your vehicles to make it as realistic as possible, do you think it is why people prefer your creations?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Yes lol! As much as SL is about fantasy, many people prefer realism when it comes to vehicles so, suspension, running out of fuel and things like that all add to the end-users experience.  I’ve been complimented on the realism both in the vehicle shells and in the scripting.

Ҡặт (katrina.karsin):  Your attention to the realism and detail accuracy is very impressive, being able to customize a speedometer so it looks like a Ford or Dodge or other name brand vehicles plus the type of vehicle is truly amazing!  So, I could put a Dodge speedometer in a Ford Mustang if I wanted to?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Yes! or just go digital and stick it in the windshield glass?  I tell my customers, you’re the builder, it's your imagination I just provide the tools.

Kat (katrina.karsin): Now that is extremely impressive! How about the sound, we all know there is a different noise each car makes to another?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Sounds are another person's endeavors, but I wanted them here, so they don’t pay rent or anything like that, I just wanted them here for availability to my customers.  I also have a license to carry some other people’s creations, to have them available to my customers as well.  Versatility is the other thing I was going to mention, I’ve used my vehicle scripts to build everything from riding lawn mowers to big wheels to army tanks, hot rods, tractor-trailers, we try to cover almost all of it in one package.

Kat (katrina.karsin): One stop shopping is a blessing, especially if you have kids in tow! Have you had a customer who is unable to drive in RL come to you for a vehicle?

TECH (tech.robonaught): I have builders who aren’t able to drive in RL building and selling SL vehicles yes.

Kat (katrina.karsin):  It is important to listen to what a customer may want and in a way you are fulfilling other peoples dream as well as your own simultaneously!

TECH (tech.robonaught): Yes, very true, plus I just like cars and trucks!  See I don't script them though, I leave that to my customers (my builders), it helps the economy here to spread the money around ... I probably have over 200 US "imports"

Kat (katrina.karsin): US imports like Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s I imagine are on many people’s bucket list!  You must be working with builders all the time I imagine helping them be successful?

TECH (tech.robonaught): Yes, daily, hourly I would say.  I provide the tools so they can be successful as well.  A shell can take anywhere from 6 hours to 40 depends on the complexity of it - I can script one up fully in a few hours, teaching someone else we cover with notecards and instructional videos on all the primary parts and functions so it really all depends on the builder’s knowledge of basic building skills.

Kat (katrina.karsin): Wow 6 to 40 hours pending on the complexity!  That means you need patience when building your dream machine.

TECH (tech.robonaught): This is a long game, you will not be successful overnight, not in this or any business in SL, take your time, build a quality product at a quality price, don’t cheapen your own work, and people will come to you.

Kat (katrina.karsin) Do you have any closing words to people interested in creating cars and trucks like your company does?

What I would just like to stress to new builders to just have patience and realize it's going to take time.  I want to see each and every one of them successful and will do all I can to help them do so and I'll continue to improve and offer new products so they can keep making great stuff to sell!


Website:  TX Gear Site and Support



Sunday, April 4, 2021


Everyone has been in a situation that has caused embarrassment and shame. In Second Life, even avatars can go through moments they wished never happened. There are three ways things can go after the incident. Either the embarrassed party avoids their peers, creates an ALT to start a new SLife or they face the shame, address it, laugh about it and move on. Some of the stories avatars shared are cringeworthy while others are pretty funny. Names have been changed to protect the identity of the embarrassed avie.

Vinny: “I don’t know if I should be sharing this story because it was so embarrassing but it was planned out so good I have to share it. Back in the day around 2008-2009 I used to be part of a roleplay mafia family. We spent our time hanging out with other families and sometimes wars between families started.  While warring,  I got an IM from a girl from the rival family. I was suspicious at first but was surprised that she was flirting with me. I thought she was being sincere so I flirted back. We talked and made jokes for an hour or so and then she invited me over to her place. When I showed up we were immediately in her bedroom and she started to emote undressing so I began doing the same. Right when we were both naked and about to have sex the wall dropped down and suddenly there was an audience of mafia family members sitting as if in a movie theater watching us on a stage. Everyone was laughing and I quickly realized the joke was on me. I was so embarrassed that I teleported out of there so fast. I ended up creating an Alt and never showed my face around mafia families again!”

Ryan: "Most embarrassing story. Ok well, I have one that a lot have seen but I rarely told anyone about. I was attending a business function for a company that I work for. Now, this function had a lot of other business people that owned Modeling agencies, fashion creators, builders alike. There was a raffle at the beginning event and everyone entered it. During the rest of the event with drinks and dancing, most of us forgot about the raffle. They broke for announcements and called my name as the winner. They asked me to come up on stage in front of everyone and accept my prize. It was a gold and diamond watch. They asked me to put it on so all can see. Well little did I know putting it on was a joke and I was automatically violated by an oversized Pokémon in my no-no place. The shock and laughter it had caused me to keep it on a bit longer than a normal person should. Once I composed myself I removed it but the whole party had a good laugh. Some of them to this day call me Pokey, yeah not so funny if you ask me."

Colleen: “OMG LMAO! Once I was sitting at the beach with a group of friends just chatting. I needed to go afk for a couple of  minutes and accidentally left my microphone on.  My rl boyfriend  decided he wanted some quick sex. Instead of logging off we ended up doing it right there in my room. I’m pretty vocal and I’m not ashamed of that but when it was all said and done, I realized the mic was on the whole time!!!  After washing up, I came back and my friends were still all sitting around. When I got back on mic, they all started laughing and I had several IMz trying to warn me but it was too late. That was so embarrassing.”

Karen: “I once joined a contest for best lingerie and I know I looked good. To my surprise but I didn’t win. Can you believe that? I think the contest board was rigged, I felt so embarrassed I called the cops!”

Stacey: “The most embarrassed thing in SL is the multiple relationships with multiple accounts...We are feeling insecure who is behind the avatar when we met someone 1st time until we verified and know better the person...happened to me to meet someone who liked me so much and me the same, but was an alter avatar and of course he was parteneriat with someone in his main account. I refused to be 2nd person in his life because i thought I deserve more than to be a umbrella of bad weather...another embarrassed thing is too many men want multiamorouse relationship they have many women around and call themselves Dominants but in fact are so pathetic weak persons who want only multisome sex.”

Mel : “12 Years ago seems so very long ago in Second Life yet the time has flown by quickly and the changes I have come across has helped me grow daily, with new experiences and adventures along the way. However none of the moments I have experienced can far succeed the embarrassing moment I experienced on my first day of Second Life. As many who have been here for years  may remember, coming into the welcome area, The grand news Island, standing there wondering, "What in the heck do I do next"? Finding my way around a bit and asking some questions after 30 minutes of trying to figure out where the chat section was and Yay I was on my merry way. General chat was my best friend for the first several hours. I had met great people and very helpful to say the least. Along the way of exploring this pixel body that once upon a time was the most exciting body to me, I met a gal  who had "well lets just say a very great sized chest" and of course I thought now that's an upgrade to this poor looking pixel I am walking around in. So I asked, where I could buy something like those? She gave a location and then said, however did you know you can have fun in here?   Of course a bit naive to what she truly meant I said of course, and that's what I am looking for is fun. She giggled in the chat box and said well then you will be needing some privates too. Privates? I thought to myself why would I need some privates and what is she getting at? She slipped me a LandMark and said click that. I got to this store and wow, "primed boobs and vaginas", I laughed but then felt like well maybe that's just something I should have, maybe my body doesn't have a vagina. Suddenly it occurred to me I had no clue what was needed to buy things and so back to general chat I found myself questioning and learning about Lindens and how to get them. Those boobs were a must. I got my Lindens and yay I had a box with boobs and a box with a vagina in it. Back to chat asking the same poor girl in my private box  how to unpack and get them on. After about 30 minutes of feeling gullible and standing in a sandbox I was giddy with boobs and a vagina. I found myself wandering around new places, flaunting what I had purchased above. I met a guy and we started chatting. He had been on SecondLife for a year, he said. I thought wow this is my lucky day, someone who knows what to do in here. My time was running short though as I had to leave for work soon and I asked him how we could speak later, he added me. I stayed for another ten minutes and was telling this man all about my new boobs, like he was really fascinated about hearing it just as much as I was to tell it. I also thought to myself how much I liked this guy and how he spoke, that was until he said, " perhaps you should consider  looking down for a moment" With no understanding how to use my camera, he did a quick teach, and by the time it zoomed downward I realized I had been peeing myself with my new Vagina and for God knows how long while there with him. I did my best to find that hud and when I did find it I hit the wrong button and before I knew it I had white droplets going down my leg too. All I could do in this moment with my poor embarrassed pixel was sit back in my chair and say I am so sorry. I left SecondLife for 6 months after that. 

Upon returning, he messaged me. His first question was, Did it take that long to fix your Vagina?  All I could do was laugh.”

Steve: “The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me was when I first started playing SL I picked up on emoting from the very beginning. I started working at ladies only clubs as a stripper. Now working in a venue like this afforded me nicer things without spending real wife money. Now after working in this kind of environment for a few years you not only develop your own clientele base but you are so developed a report with some of the people who come to watch you.

I had been working at a particular club for several months and this one Avi we will call sue came in as she normally does. She had a habit of not speaking but some people in SL do not voice so it's no big deal. Well after spending about 10K she messages me about a private dance. i have no problems so i take her into the VIP lounge and proceed to give her a show. She tipped me 5k then asked if i would be interested in escorting for 50k. Now i have never done that before and the amount was too good to pass up i did however ask if she was a male in rl and she said no so i agreed. well we went to my place and we proceeded to get busy. when we were done i heard this big burly voice say thank you then she poofed, I haven't stripped since.”

Katrina: “The most recent embarrassing moment in Second Life happened while researching for my first article for the SL Enquirer.  I was clicking on beards to find out who the designers are that most guys are wearing and not paying any attention with the general chat room lol!  One particular designer was coming up all the time, then I get an IM from a friend, then a few minutes later another and then another.  So finally, I stopped working on the article and started reading these IM’s to find out I was actually tugging away on friends' beards like crazy in a club with a few of their partners getting a little upset with me!  OMG so I explained what I was actually doing in regular chat for all to read, then the room exploded in laughter, was I ever red in the face!”

Embarrassing moments happen to the best of us. How you handle the situations will determine your Second Life experience. If you experienced an embarrassing moment in SL, share your store in the comment box below.

Saturday, April 3, 2021



BACK STORY:  Since the Avatar Anonymous meeting this past St. Patrick’s Day, Larry the Leprechaun has become a victim of relentless virtual glitter bombs, D*** in a box anonymous mailers and shunning by his peers.  Larry has not recovered his pot of gold and Mercedes, his stripper girlfriend still insists it wasn’t her.  According to neighbors, those two are heading for splitsville over Cupid rumors. One avie witnessed Mercedes ripping out Larry’s shamrock garden and hurling swear words in Gailic.

Last month was a doozy at the Avatar Anonymous members, It was my duty as a sponsor to pay Larry the Leprechaun a visit to make sure he was ok after his meltdown.  When I arrived at his place, he was crying hysterically in his garden and his girlfriend Mercedes was nowhere to be found. So I guess the love affair is all but over. After a brief conversation, Larry took off running into the woods so I left…I got better things to do like find out what the Easter Bunny is up to since his arrest. 

While getting media clearance, I could hear *Inmate 20475B, you have visitors* and a high pitched scream.

Lanai: OMG Earl is everything ok?l  I heard you got arrested with some serious charges and thought I’d pay you a visit.  What happened?? You were doing so well at the meetings, aside from the attack on Larry last week?

Earl the Easter Bunny: OMG look who it is….. that nosey SLE reporter. Are you stalking me? What do you want and NO! I’M NOT OK!  Get me out of this place! Larry must have some friends on the inside. You just saved me from an attack by Tammy the Toothfairy, I was about to be his… umm nevermind. *as his hands move behind him, covering his ruffled tail* 

Lanai: Hey! I’m here to help you. Easter is right around the corner and there isn’t enough time to find your replacement.  Listen, I will get you out of here if you cooperate with me. Where did you get the funding for your grass supply?

Earl the Easter Bunny: Snitches get stitches! I ain’t saying a word.

Lanai: Earl, you are looking at a lot of time here...You gotta give me some information that might help your case. Don’t worry whatever you say stays between us…

Earl the Easter Bunny: Are you a lawyer now Missssss Jarrico?

Lanai: No, but I’m the next best thing.  Earl, I’m going to give it to you straight. Did you steal Larry’s pot of gold so you can cop some grass? If you don’t come clean, I’m going to leave you here to deal with Tammy the Tooth Fairy.

Earl the Easter Bunny: OK! I confess. Mercedes and I are having an affair. I was helping her pack up Larry’s belongings and stumbled upon his gold in the closet so I stuffed my pockets but I didn’t take all of it! I used some of it to buy the grass and the rest I distributed in child support for all my kids. 

Lanai: Don’t you feel better telling the truth? I have to say that is pretty low of you to take Larry’s woman and his gold too. You need to get your eggs together.  Your actions will cause a holiday disaster. If I don’t get you out of here, Easter will be ruined.  

Earl the Easter Bunny: Just because I stole some gold and sold grass doesn’t make me less qualified to be the Easter Bunny. I’m sure you did some scandalous sh*t before. Don’t judge me.  While there are rumors going around about Uncle Sam and a few others,  allegedly Uncle Sam bought off people with cartons of e-cigarettes to be part of his militia to end Second Life of the bad seedy people. And The Arbor Day Treant tried to pass their seeds as pot seeds. Let me tell you, there are some scandalous mascots out there. I’m not the first and won’t be the last so please just get me out of here so I can go hide some easter eggs or something.

Lanai: Ohhhh sounds like I need to pay a visit to some other mascots… Thank you for the information Earl, you are such a snitch!

Lanai paid Earl’s bail and he was released from jail so he can now hide eggs for the little avie kids and Easter will go on without a hitch thanks to The SL Enquirer.

 Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Spotlight on DJ Night- Katrina Karsin Reporting…

Time stands still as DJ Night begins mixing live, his soothing deep style is inexhaustible and vast. DJ Night. A ( is from Portugal and is a well-recognized SL DJ in the House music scene since 2009. 

Interview with DJ Night

Kat: Hi DJ Night, it's so very nice to see you again! How did you discover Second Life? 

DJ Night: I remember it was from some ads... don't remember if from TV or internet.

Kat: Probably from the internet.  Who inspired you to become a Deejay?  

DJ Night: When I was younger, I would go to a bar that a friend DJ’d at.  Watching how he could create a positive vibe mixing music, so everyone is having a good time made me think "I want to do it".  Later Carl Cox was always a reference RL and in SL and an old friend Kumiko Bookmite who taught me the art of spinning.

Kat: I remember Kumiko he is another great DJ. Do you like all kinds of music or certain genres? 

DJ Night: I like almost all kinds of music. Of course, it depends on the mood at the moment, sometimes I want Kizomba or Fado, other times I want Techno. As a DJ and talking about the electronic music scene, my favorite styles are Deep House & Deep Techno scene with all the melodic, progressive, tribal, and acid beats.

Kat: How you mix melodies with tribal and acid beats is luscious. May I ask, are you a real-life DJ, musician, or producer?  If so,  How long have you done this?

DJ Night: I started spinning in 1999 in private parties etc., then started to work as DJ in 2006 and have been doing it for some time.  But there is a moment in our lives that we need to decide what we want for our future, and in my case, I decided to go in another direction. Sometimes I still do it especially in the summer, but always as a hobby.  

Kat: Outdoor summer venues really are the best parties!  Do you primarily DJ for tips or get paid by the club? 

DJ Night: Primarily I DJ because it is something I love to do, and besides the love of mixing I find it is something I need to do almost like a calling in life. When I put the headphones on my head and I press the play button, for me, it’s like the entire world stops. There is no work, no stress, no phones, no emails no nothing... it's only me and my music...!! It's my escape from the world!  SL lindens as payment for DJs in SL is a delicate and huge subject that one day I would love to see discussed. Sadly, those who spin in SL for money will be easily and quickly frustrated lol. I spin for the love of music and to share my art... not for money, so usually I just login into tip jars.

Kat:  Your love of music seeps into another's soul like the morning sun rising, warming your skin and connecting humanity. You also make and sell club equipment in Second Life why? 

DJ Night:  Because I used to work a lot in RL modeling and I like it, so I thought why not make some stuff for SL!  Did you see a need or demand for nice-looking club furniture? At that time there were not a lot of mesh items, as far as I know, my club called Relax was the first mesh club in SL.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much time now to make things in Second Life like I used to. 

Kat: Balancing time is difficult for everyone.  Do you have a calendar, so our readers know when you are DJing? 

DJ Night:  No. I have an SL Group where I usually share the information about my sets. Usually, I spin 2/3 times a week.

Kat: Having a group is probably the easiest way to let others know when you are going to spin, especially if you decide to pick up a set at the last minute.   How can venues book your service?

DJ Night:  Sending me an IM. 

Kat: A direct line of communication is the best way.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

DJ Night:  Wanna invite them to show up in some of my sets, and let me share this art. Hope I can provide a good time for everyone full of fun and good groovy music. We all know we are living in a historical time, and most of us are overwhelmed with the current news.  So logging into Second Life to listen to DJ Night Attack will take you on a journey that you will not soon forget, relaxing you and giving you a sense of tranquility.  Maybe even let time stand still for a little with DJ Night and regenerate our souls.

Additional information:

DJ NightAttack - YouTube

Group Name: DJ Night Attack

Preferred contact for bookings: IM

Other: Night Attack | Flickr

Night Attack | Free Listening on SoundCloud

DJ Night Attack | Mixcloud