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Sunday, May 20, 2018


Many people need to look sleek while on a tight budget. You need to impress at work, or you’re going out on a date yet your account has recently taken a hit. The good news is that money is not always the trick to being stylish and fashionable. The trick to looking great is working to look unique even with a stringent budget. You don’t have to be late on rent or default on your loan repayment to upgrade your wardrobe. These 7 magic tricks can make you look like you order your clothes from a designer while in reality you are a cheapskate;
Tailor your clothes
Buying affordable clothes and tailoring them to fit can just work magic as well and make it look like a $400 piece from a designer. You don’t have to spend much to look stylish if you have a good tailor in your contact list.
Stay simple
Go for the simple stuff. The aim is to look stylish, not expensive. Those are two different things and one does not necessarily mean the other. Work on your whole look instead of one piece of cloth at a time. Instead of multiple bracelets on your wrist, just get one of your desired thickness. You can find hairstyles that go with your outfit on Smashing Tops.
Change your buttons
Buttons are accessories that can give your outfit an entirely different look. Consider replacing plastic buttons on your clothes with pearly, metallic or bone buttons. While you can get such classy buttons online, you can also rummage through your old clothes for some. No worries if you can’t stitch them yourself, some dry cleaners can do it for a few extra cash.
Go easy on the washing
It is good to be clean. Cleanliness makes you sociable. Washing your clothes every now and then however wears them down and fades away the colors. In the end, they end up looking old and cheaper than they actually are. Consider cleaning marks off your clothes with a sponge or toothbrush. For the sweaty smell, leaving it in the freezer over the night deals with the smell and it will be ready to be worn the next day.
Keep off distressed clothes
With the exception of ripped jeans, most distressed fabrics look like they are worn out and old. Whiskering and distressing are art and take time to perform to perfection so unless you have that time on your hands, don’t go for it. It is totally a no-no especially if the pieces of cloth are very cheap.
If it looks old, it’s old
If your piece of cloth looks faded and old, you will have little success transforming it to be stylish. Just ditch it. If a stain is stuck on it, if neither you nor your dry cleaner can get it off, just let it go. You can give it out as a donation. Chances are that other people will also notice the flaws too.
Steamers over iron boxes
Nobody wants to walk around in wrinkled clothes. Ironing is however such a hassle and most synthetics are not supposed to be ironed anyway. That’s why you should purchase a steamer instead. If you are on a wash-and-wear schedule, steam during the night and hang them in a room with the windows open. The cold air at night helps with lingering odors. Hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you take a shower is not steaming. Besides wasting water, the steam is not enough to deal with the tough wrinkles.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Second Pets™ New Species!

Japanese Snapper will be released the week of May 20th.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

GeekSpeak – what job would you like to have in space? Join the discussion Saturday May 19th at 12 pm SLT

Within 10 years there will be multiple space stations orbiting Earth.  This week we will talk about living and working on such stations.  Will people suffer from nausea because the station will rotate and Earth will rise every 10 minutes?  Or will they get used to it?

What will it be like to work in zero or low gravity?  How would a hairdresser manage if hair floats around?  Will special hairstyles be invented for those in space?  How about cooking and serving food in zero gravity?  Even cleaning will be difficult if all the furniture is fastened to the floor.  Will there be jobs for animal trainers who can teach pets to adapt to space?  What would be your favourite space job?

Did you know you can help crowdfund a space station right now?  You may be living on one in 10 years.  Or do you think it will all take a lot longer and maybe never happen at all?

Bring your gyroscopes and tell us what your dream job will be in space.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Brains behind epic video games; Why game writers play a vital role for a game’s success

Computer games are created from a whole bunch of stuff. Yep, it’s a team effort to bring a computer game to life! During the creation process, the team has to address different facets of the game such as the level of geometry, the AI, the sound effects, the scripting, the texture, as well as the shader effects.
However, one place that is highly overlooked in the game development process is the words. More precisely, the plot, the dialogue, and the backstory. Oh, and not forgetting the menus and tutorials!
Hence, with the popularity of games increase overtime, becoming a game writer is turning out to be a lucrative business to venture in. Though gamers tend to acknowledge the developers and animators behind the game, video game writers are playing a pivotal point in the success of the game. More pivotal than one might imagine.
The Backbone of videogame concepts
Working alongside the designers and artists, game writers are the masterminds behind the exotic games that are gracing our consoles today! In fact, have a look at some epic games at Arcadelots.Com.
Not only do these unappreciated geniuses work behind the scenes to bring the gamer’s world to life, but strive to create a plot that actually makes sense. But how do these game writers work? How do they bring these amazing games to life? Plus where do they fit in when it comes to the game process collaboration?
Starting from scratch
A common norm for most game production companies is getting a lead writer to develop the game from the word go. Having a writer that is part of the team during pre-production gives the production company a broad view of the introduction and conclusion of the game.
At the same time, the designer might be thinking of the environment that he or she is going to build , the characters that are going to be brought to life, as well as they their style and persona. This is where the writer and the designer coincide with another.
The writer will have to have meetings with the different team members, absorb their ideas, brainstorm more concrete plots, and fuse all that content into one harmonized realm.
The process of writing that occurs during preproduction might vary from one writer to another. However, the most common method is that the artists normally come up with the concept ideas for the environment, then the writer comes up with an idea as well as a storyline around the environment.
Meeting with concept designers
Writers also meet with game designers to discuss core concept designs and how they can ideally be incorporated within the narrative. So say for example the main concept design is around pirates.
A few questions that the writer will ask themselves is, what is the quest of the said pirate? How did they discover the loot? What’s the plot twist when they finally discover the loot? Finally, how will they come to the conclusion of their adventure?
These are just a few of the complex creative processes that game writers need to go through before the final storyline is brought to life for one’s entertainment and pleasure. So it goes without saying, game writers are the backbone of any epic adventure game!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Agriculture RP with G&S: How One System Bloomed - Seersha Heart Reporting...

Role play is very popular in SL, from escapades in outer space to western sims and anything the mind may imagine in between those examples.  One of the most popular RP groups are those modeled after the planet of Gor.  Gor was conceived within the science fiction novels of John Norman.  SL resident’s participant in Gorean culture either as BTB [by the book] or GE [Gorean evolved].  For more information on Gor, I have provided links below.

A resident of a Turia [Spanish Gorean SIM], Sombra.Magic developed an intricate role playing agricultural society.  Originally it was designed for his SIM and other practicing Gorean SIMS.  Today G&S products may be seen throughout SL used by many different individuals as well as RP groups.  All aspects of the G&S products are modeled after the lives in the John Norman novels.  The clever G&S designs have objects that both interact with each other and interact with the player.  This RP system has evolved to a wide array of activities for the user.  

One example of the circular nature of one of the processes would begin with crops.  I began with a Grain field.  This field needs water to survive and thrive.  I obtained my buckets of water from a water well.  I placed water on the field and would replace it if it disappeared [was used].  After 5 days, the field would display that it was ready to be harvested.  By clicking on the field, I would receive 1 bag of grain for that field.  Next, I purchased a Verr [goat] for my farm.  The Verr needs both water from the well and grain from the field.  The Verr may be bred with other Verr for increasing livestock.  The Verr only ‘live’ for 40 days so I must manage my livestock carefully.  The lives and the breeding of animals is thoughtfully designed using Gregor Johann Mendel’s Principles of Inheritance.  The Verr provide many products; Milk, meat, wool and skin.  Each of these products may be used with other products to make items such as thread, rugs, tapestries or to cook several recipes.

That Verr example is one of hundreds of scenarios one can set up using the G&S RP items.  This RP system has definitely ‘bloomed’ in SL and continues to grow within and outside of the Gor communities.  Exciting news

After working with several of the G&S items, I submitted some questions to Sombra and G&S right hand Erica to learn more about the system and the future.

SEERSHA:    When [what year] did G&S begin within the Spanish Gorean SIM it was designed for?

SOMBRA:    G&S started in 2008 in the Spanish sim of Turia.

SEERSHA:    When did G&S begin selling products beyond that SIM?

SOMBRA:    It was that same year, a few months after starting. The English sim of Turia, convinced me to sell the products in all SL.

SEERSHA:    For our readers, the main G&S page [below] also has a “G&S trading list”.  This provides G&S product providers.  I am very curious, who are the developers?

SOMBRA: Guardian Baron is the main developer of the Mesh. And I of the scripts, Erica participates in different phases of development and customer service.

SEERSHA:   I have met Erica through my use of the G&S products.  She provides excellent and quick answers to a lot of questions.  I have spoked to a few different developers of RP environments in SL.  One thing I love to learn is what the developers notice in player behavior that emerges as the product is put into service.  Have you noticed any emergent behavior that you did not anticipate once you began selling G&S products to everyone in SL?

SOMBRA: Above all I notice it in fishing. At first, we thought that there would not be many people fishing, but it exceeded all our calculations, we even had to put an extra server to support it.

SEERSHA:  I noticed the fishing as well.  I haven’t tried it yet but I am sure too at one point.  Are there any plans to make different types of HUDs for the RP?

SOMBRA:there will be updates for the Hud, but not different types.

SEERSHA:    Is there any plan to add some of the other 102 insects and animals found on GOR such as larls or sleens?

SOMBRA:  For animals, yes, sleens, kailas, larls, tarns, but I had never thought about insects, it could be interesting.

“Suddenly a great shadow covered the ledge. My tarn had returned. I looked up and, to my horror, saw that it was not my tarn. It was another tarn, a wild tarn. He lit on the ledge, snapping his beak. This time I had none of the careful conditioning of the tarn keepers working in my favor.”
Tarnsman of Gor     Book 1     Page 143

SEERSHA:   *smiles* From my research I learned that generally Tharlarions are for those who have not yet mastered Tarns.  Any plans to develop Tarns?  The G&S crowd loves to race those Tharlarions!

SOMBRA: Of course, I always have tarns in mind. :)
“There are different varieties of domestic tarns, some bred for war, some for racing, and some for draft purposes, the haulage of tarn baskets, which may contain cargo or passengers, or, in the case of slaves, slave cargo. A tarnster commonly controls the tarn with reins from the basket, unless there is a line of tarns, tied together, which commonly follows a lead tarn, with its own tarnster and basket.”
Rebels of Gor     Book 33     Page 90

SEERSHA:   I am using the G&S system.  I know of other individuals using G&S.  What are some of the other RP communities that you know are using G&S?

SOMBRA: I've seen some very varied, almost all set in medieval RP, and I've seen some very curious, Star Wars, and another set in the Europe of 1800

SEERSHA:    Star Wars?  *laughs* may the force be with them, right?  I read from on your G&S Trading page that there have been hackers to your system.  Have you experienced support from LL to curb this practice?  Have you taken this abuse outside of SL to pursue violators in a rl court?

SOMBRA: LL Helped a little, especially in the illegal copies put on sale in the market,but, I’m from the old school,and these battles also fascinate me, and sincerely, I have not received attacks so strong or that could not be rejected with a little ingenuity to use the laws outside of SL.

SEERSHA:   That is good to know that LL has lended some support.  I have provided links to the main G&S page below.  What other items would you like the readers of this article to know about G&S and the roleplay system?

SOMBRA:  I think this is all, we have no facebook or twitter.

G&S is the only group to make a full range of Gorean roleplay agricultural and animal roleplay items.  There are other Gor items produced by residents of SL you will find on Market Place.  Many thinks of the Gor SIMs only for the human interaction from the novels.  As with most things in SL, dig a little deeper and there is much more to be found.  In the case of the Gorean RP, this is much more complex than one might imagine.  And on these SIMs and in this roleplay, there are many creative members who are dedicated to making the experience close to the novels.

Main Information Webpage:

On their webpage there are instructions to submit questions via NC to Kristal Clarity.

Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Second Pets™ is releasing version this Wednesday May
16th. All owners will receive fish and tank updaters.

Fish eggs cannot be updated with the updater currently. They may be
updated after they hatch or bagged and returned to Second Pets
Resident for replacement with the current version.

Second Pets™ will be releasing more species soon.

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On The Horizon Ice12192 Dover Digital Farm System (DFS) -DreamOfEssence Reporting...

I had the pleasure of sitting with Ice1210 Dover,  To talk about the Digital Farm System (DFS), That everyone Has been talking about and all the new things that are coming out. He stated that the Digital Farm System (DFS) back in the start of October 2016.
I asked him how he started with SL, Ice Went on to tell me, A friend told him about a game that he could create and develop your own world and be able to make money , On the  System, Since he has projects going around, Making wed sites, Software applications and all kinds of things. He decided to go give SL A try to see what it would be come.
He commented  on  that when he had come to Second life, it was a very big adjustment since he has not seen a system/game similar to SL where you can make things that othersuse inside the game.
I asked him what inspired him to first start working on the Digital Farm System (DFS), Ice  share  that he has always loved the idea of farming/growing your own food in real life and in games, Ice checked out another farming system,  and saw that Second life was missing a big modern farming system, so after he did some research on what people wanted or needed in working on our own farming, That was more user friendly.
Ice said  his big first big break in Digital Farm System (DFS),  as they put it together a lot of his close friends wanted to help them test the product and they stated telling everyone at Auctions that they were running and people seemed to be very excited about it, Icerealized that everyone was telling everyone and they all wanted to try it, He also said that it went from 10 people in a few days and then in one week he had over 50 people doing the Digital Farm System (DFS).
I asked Ice who were some of his mentors along the way on making the (DFS) project,Icesaid he did not have any specific mentors as they all grew together and learned from one another and those people that started with him are still in the system and proudly doing it and helping New farmers start there farming.

I started out with  question of asking what he would recommend if someone wanting to start with Digital Farm System (DFS), He stated and suggest that they go through the learning center and see the amazing things and guide they setup there, They can get there by sitting on the teleporter in the front of the store, Ice also stated that they have a lot of useful information on the web site at,  and IceSaid that  they also have a group called  DFS : Digital Farm System where there is a lot of people who have been doing it scent it open.
We both, talked about some of the biggest hurdles Ice faced with building The Digital Farm System (DFS), Also what was his biggest accomplishments with  Digital Farm System (DFS), Ice told me that it was a difficult question to ask him to answer as the whole system and experience has just been so amazing, and what still surprises him so much is that he now has over 3000 users registered on the  Digital Farm System (DFS) and there growing every single day with new people starting, The biggest hurdles he has faced is the issues with second life when communicating to external servers and the limitations that it has on scripting, but that just made it so that he had to find different ways to work around those issues.
What is the future With  (DFS)? and were do you see it going, Ice told me that The Plans for the future is so big for  Digital Farm System (DFS), That to have a whole range of animals, That also Ice wants to cover or be able to cater for all types of Role Play from Gor, Future, Western and anything that we implement, Ice also said that He would love for  Digital Farm System (DFS) to become a about any scenario. He stated that he also has had so many thanks and compliments, that he changed peoples Second life lives and brought their family's back together and give them something to do on here and have a lot of fun doing it.

Ice went on to tell me, The things he is currently working on is redoing the pizza so you can actually hold a slice and eat it then it and will give you the EP, He also stated that they are working on a mini games that tasks you can do thru the community and a whole Role play system where you can order items from the stores in the community for delivery and events for fire station and medical center to come deal with.

I asked Ice , Are there going to be any more animation like rolling the dough or things like that, He mentioned, he did do something like this with the Barrel Crusher to be animated as you can sit on it and it speeds up time a little bit, but the issue was people were giving him feedback as they wanted to multiple cooking recipes at once and not just do one thing at a time, everyone seems to love to multi task so Ice had to change them to the rest and be able to use multiple items at once.
Ice and I talk about, The new productsto come out with to make Beer and that I see Ice had it were you could make Juice and wine and Beer, I ask scents he has all that is there going to be something with soda coming out, Ice gave me a preview on the upcoming products, They been discussing that and still have to figure out how to do it properly, so that  you can make your own bottles and all, he has a lot of plans that hasn’t been implemented or finalized so those types of items will also be happening.
Ice ,Told me  the next animal that he will be coming out with will be sheep, That way others can make items such as cloth, carpets and ect.He elaborated, on that it is still growing and will become bigger then it is now and everyone is so excited and is looking forward to the new things to come out.

Preferred contact: Ice12192 Dover 
Reporting DreamOfEssence

A Big Thanks to Ben Usher For letting us use his farm for the photo's.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Center Stage on Laura Potente and Lovely Laura’s Weddings- Angel Reporting

Laura Pontente is an entrepreneur who works in many different departments. She is a Manager at many different clubs and  in particular the owner of a new and improved wedding Service. They make your dreams come true and it is definitely worth your money.( Let me tell you why!!)Laura’s Lovely Weddings have been open for two months and already has ties with over 12 different vendors. They have ties with Earth Stone, Zoz nails, Bitter/Sweet Studio, Aphrodite etc.Laura was first working with clubs till she realized how much of an impact she wanted to be in other peoples SL. She decided to get people together and work on making people big day. Although she didnt know how to start in the beginning she made it work. Lets ask her a few questions….

Interview with Laura

Angel- Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me today Laura, I know how busy your schedule can be. I had a few questions about the wedding service you just opened. What inspired you most about opening a wedding Service? Why not any other service to help people?

Laura- I love making people happy and seeing people have a magical day. When you plan a wedding for someone you get to know them and learn from them. Seeing someone story unfold in front of you and know you helped, is a feeling that no money can buy. I am inspired by my clients because they are the ones I am here for and strive to give them their perfect day.

Angel- How do think the business is thriving so far? How would you say you would make someones ultimate wedding come true?

Laura- We have been growing. Vendors and other individuals believe in our cause. Which is giving a stress free wedding. We have lovely people working together and because of this we can expand and grow so we can give our clients the best.

Angel- What do you think your Wedding Service is very good at that you think others lack in?

Laura-We custom everything and we provide it all. From bachelorette/ bachelor parties, receptions, to custom honeymoons to personal shopping. We offer the FULL package.

Angel- Now I know this may be too soon to ask but I want to know your opinion already? What was it like helping your first few couples to make their day special? Was it easy? What type of problems did you run into?

Laura-With any new business you have bumps to get over. However, seeing how happy the couple was and see how easy it was for them made all those challenges worth it. At the end of the day we are there for them.

Angel- Is there anything else you want the readers to know about your service that you think will catch their eye?

Laura-We just expanded. So for our clients we offer now, baby showers, renewals, birthday parties and much more. Also, we added a movie theater, games and more for our clients to have a good time! Also partnered with Bitter/Sweet studio, so if you need any photography that is not wedding related we can now provide this additional service.
Angel- Thank you for answering some of the many questions our readers wanted to know. I can’t wait to see many more of the couples you help and hear about their amazing experience with you.

Laura- Thank you for the opportunity. This means alot to me.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


The Relay Rockers are pleased to announce that Bid The Lindens Bald will make its triumphant return to the Relay For Life of Second Life April 30th thru May 9th! Bid Me Bald is an event, created by the Relay Rockers in 2007 to honor those who lose their hair to cancer treatments.  Participants agree to go bald 1 day for each L$5000 raised.

In 2017 3 Teams of Lindens competed in a Bid Me Bald Challenge and raised L$1,478,599 ($5686 USD) and the Concierge Team went bald for a total of 297 days.

This year's teams are from Product Operations, Support Leaders and Support Agents

The event is a challenge and the team which raises the least will once again go bald for the amount of days equal to the total of the 1st Place team.   The days will be shared among the team members.

New this year, Bid The Lindens Bald will be held in conjunction with the Rocker's signature multiteam event "RELAYSTOCK".  RelayStock runs Friday May 4th, through Sunday May 6th and will feature entertainment provided by individual Relay For Life teams and featuring live performances by Nina Bing, Dimi von Ludwig, Keeba Tammas & the Tiny Maniacs and Maximillion Kleene.  The event will be held on is own region 'RelayStock' and is open to the entire Second Life community.

The teams of Lindens are comprised as follows:

Product Ops:
Alexa Linden
Ekim  Linden
Grumpity  Linden
Oz  Linden
Patch  Linden

Support Leaders:
Ami  Linden
Garry  Linden
Keira  Linden
Tommy  Linden

Support Agents:
Corky  Linden
Evie  Linden
Ginger  Linden
izzy  Linden
Kristin  Linden
Madori  Linden
Sparky  Linden
TJ  Linden
Vix  Linden
Vanessa  Linden

For more information contact Trader1 Whiplash in world or visit

P R E S S   R E L E A S E
For Immediate Release
Arizona Ballinger
Captain, 2018 Relay Rockers

Second Pets™ is now on Facebook!

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Second Pets™ will be releasing more species soon.

Come see our fishes at our in world

Contact if you have questions.


Lovely Laura's Weddings is growing! That's right we officially have sistered with Bitter/Sweet Studio. Not only are we offering the full package for your wedding day, but now we are offering services for after! Photos, shopping, drive in theater, bowling alley and more! We have it all! If you need any information about our services, please contact LauraPotente.

This week we our featuring our exclusive wedding package the: Live, Love, Laugh package. This package gives it all from flowers and cakes to a completely custom-built venue. Booking this package between May 7th-May 21st you will receive a 10% discount!

Email: lovelylaurasweddings

Club Crescendo is riding a wave of buzz after it's successful Grand Opening weekend

Club Crescendo is riding a wave of buzz after it's successful Grand Opening weekend April 27th through the 29th!  It was a blowout party full of themed contests and prizes in addition to the amazing DJ's and live performances by Red Heaven, Cori, and Naughty!
This weekend we pick up where we left off!  We will be open on Friday May 4th, from 6pm-midnight, Sat from 6pm-midnight and Sunday we will open at 3pm for 3 hrs of Live Music followed by amazing DJs for the rest of the night from 6pm- midnight.  Club Crescendo is the club that plays the music YOU want to hear!!!  We also have stores/kiosks and sky boxes for rental

Club Crescendo is SL's newest club! We offer a variety of music genres and welcome listener requests, as well as Live Music on Sundays from 3-6pm. Open on Friday s, Saturday, and Sunday @ 6pm-12am! Come and join us for a time you won't forget! We also have store rentals and skyboxes! Our Sploder is loaded frequently with 500 Lindens of loving to make it even more fun!

6-8 pm- DJ Gen/ host Dani
8-10pm -DJ Kissa / host Kimmy
10-12- DJ Mena / Robbey

6-8 - DJ Fhionn / Host Dazy
8-10- DJ Mena / Host Kimmy
10-12- DJ Chris / Host Nica

Live Music
3-4-  Red Heaven-LM
4-5- Naughty-LM
5-6- Oblee-LM
Sun 29th
6-8 DJ Nyte / Host Payne
8-10- DJ Cori / Host Robbey
10-12- DJ Chris/Host Star
Preferred Contact info: winniekim resident or Corialote Dougall

SLE Commercial