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Tuesday, August 16, 2022


I have always been a fan of Blues – (and no, I am not talking about “Blues Clues”, the children’s TV show).  I’m talking about the “tug-at-your-heart” and “make-the-marrow-in-your-bones-tingle” kind of blues.  The stuff that inspires and lifts and depresses all at once! – The kind of Blues found at Fogbound, or Toby’s, or Junkyard or Hotlanta,  THAT kind of blues.  So, when I heard about a drop-dead wonderful Blues Singer, Varda Sedia, I just had to check it out for myself.  I caught up with Varda one night in a small coffee shop in The Quarter. It was late...long past last call.  The place was closed and the regular customers had all left.  It was then that Varda and a couple of the band pulled up some chairs and started to jam. After a couple of hours, they finally wrapped up.  And despite the late hour – it was after 4:00am,Varda agreed to answer a few questions of mine before she headed for home

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB)    When did you first decide you wanted to sing, and how did you decide to start singing in SL? 

Varda Sedi (VS):  I first decided I wanted to start singing when my mama sang when I was a child, and she would tell me stories about how she was asked to travel with the groups in Mexico to sing from town to town for money, but she was too shy. She had a voice of an angel.  I decided to pursue singing when I was in my 20s and then won a contest, and was asked to join my first band and things just started to take off for me.  When my record label owner died and my mom died, I shut down completely and withdrew. I then found SL and admired hearing the singers so much I wondered if I was good enough and decided to give it a try in 2017. 

JB:    Who were your musical idols growing up?  Whose styles were you most comfortable with?

VS:  My mom introduced me to many different styles of music as a child, so my tastes were vast. My favorites were The Carpenters, Captain and Tenille, Helen Reddy, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Phil Collins, Led Zepplin, Metallica, Cindy Lauper, Heart, and Big Band Music.  I felt most comfortable singing Whitney Houston and others like that at the time. 

JB:  I heard you also sing on a virtual World other than Second Life? 

VS:   I sing on other grids like Open Sim, New Hope Grid, Barefoot Dreamers Grid, and Digiworldz. I love exploring what the virtual world has to offer and always find something fascinating everywhere!

JB:     I understand you are a busy musician in Real Life as well.  Tell us about that? 

 VS:   I have been working on my main band Rockstead, which is a blues rock band out of Austin, Tx., Catching Comets which is an all-acoustic band same location. Also just got asked to rejoin recently my old band CeciliaX & Hafxex my electro-punk band. I love music like air, it is what I do since I have a mental disability in real life, and am not able to do a 9-5.  Just trying to make my way in this world doing what I know how to do it all. 

JB:    You’ve been in SL for over a dozen years now.  What is it that keeps you coming back, night after night, month after month for all that time? What is the secret to longevity in SecondLife? 

VS:   I love Second Life because of its diversity.  What I learned after many many years is to keep it professional and you'll be fine.  Keep your friendship true, stay away from toxic people. If someone promises you something and they don't deliver, get out quickly before you get sucked in deeply.  I find a lot of people make a lot of excuses to take your money, and a lot of excuses not to deliver results for them.   Don't get butt hurt over drama.  If they get ugly, that's what the block button is for, just forget and move on. Don't spread rumors, and if rumors are spread about you, who cares?  You know it's not true.  The only thing that matters is what you think about yourself when you look in the mirror.  Are you happy with what you see?  If so? cool if not, work on the changes you need to make for yourself.  Heck, I always need to work on myself. I make mistakes every day. It's just this thing we are that's called human, and we tend to forget that when we are hidden behind an avatar. 

JB:    Where would you like to take your career as a BLUES Singer? 

 VS:  Blues is my passion, I was first introduced to it by my old drummer, and I just fell in love with it. All I want in my life is to be known as a blues singer and I will be happy.  My "ultimate dream" to tour, record again, and sing at concerts and festivals again. 

JB:    Any advice you would give to a young musician just starting out in SL? 

VS:   Don't be afraid to ask for help.  If you're wanting to get started, ask someone, heck I am always glad to help.  Help is offered free as it should be. I remember when I struggled with singing and I was at my wit's end, Maxx Sabertooth came out and helped me, didn't ask for anything. He just asked me to pay it forward, and that's what I do. 

JB:     How would our readers find one of your performances?   Do you have a posted calendar, and are any times listed in SLT or your local time?  

Yes, I do, and I'll post it here.  some of it that say USA central time refers to my real-life band situation the others are SL or Pacific times. CALENDAR:  You can find me under events listing by the name Varda.

JB:    Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

VS:   If you come out to my show and like what you hear, add me as a friend! I love new friends and I do try to communicate with everyone I can when I am not busy. I usually send out positive messages or a personal invitation to my shows. anyways I look forward to seeing you out there!

So, there you have it, folks.  I thanked her for her time, pocketed my notepad, stuck my pencil behind my ear, and headed out to my now dew-covered Prius….resolved to tell the world about this talented, multifaceted singer/entertainer.  Check out her schedule…catch a show.  And someday when you are wandering around late at night, and you hear the voice of an angle belting out the Blues…you found Varda.  Tell her Hi for me.  And tell ‘em Josh sent ya. You’ll be glad you did.  

Be there!  Aloha!





Promo Video

Monday, August 15, 2022

The final episode of the Making Of LOOK of the YEAR

 To conclude her exciting series on the Making Of LOOK of the YEAR, Petlove leaves behind the scenes to capture all the glamor of the grand finale! 

Start Your Modeling Career with Playdoll's Magazine

Playdoll's Magazine is offering opportunities to start your modeling career with one of Second Life's most consistent and iconic brands. Learn to model in a collaborative and social setting by interacting with Photographers, Models, Entertainers, and a fabulous group of VIP's. If you are a creative person at heart, interested to learn modeling and fashion skills, and willing to verify your gender as female, then Playdoll's Magazine welcomes you to our Headquarters and Mansion on Relaxation for an interview! Follow the landmark with this announcement to learn how to apply. Playdoll's Magazine was founded in 2007 and has published a periodical each and every month since its inception. The Relaxation sim is the long-standing home for one of SL's premier social destinations.


Sunday, August 14, 2022



It is a pleasure to announce that we are holding a grand opening to celebrate our success. We are pleased to invite you to join in our celebration on August 15th. The grand opening will begin at 10am slt each day for a week from 8/15 and will go on through 10pm slt on 8/21. We have games, contests, and other exciting events planned for your entertainment as well as skilled DJs playing a variety of prodigious music. Everyone is welcome with the exception of child avies as we are an adult venue. So come on in. Have some fun. Meet interesting people. Possibly win some awards. Maybe even find yourself a new place to extend your career. We are looking forward to meeting you at Midnight Savages Grand Opening One Full Week Event.

Club Info: Midnight Savages: Discord: Owners: Trouble (roxxyraven), Midnight (midnightstar79) Gen. Managers: Lilly (reptilesnhorror), (Kika (kika65), Dani (danikaatreyus), Lisica (vrijesak) Host Managers: Lisica (vrijesak), Ava (avarosebug)
DJ Manager: Skitts (skittit)

Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Venue - The Week Ahead


For Immediate Release - The Venue, This week's artists. We would love to have you join us this week at The Venue SUNDAY = 8/14 3 PM NIgel Freeman 6 PM Noma Falta 8 PM DJ Grougan ( adult theme music ) MONDAY = 8/15 1 PM THE ROYALS - Choreographed DANCE PERFORMANCE ( 1 hour ) weekly 3 PM TALLY ( LIVE ) TUESDAY AT THE VENUE = 8/16 4 PM DJ JUSTY ( 2 hour set )

6 PM - BAZ - LIVE ON STAGE 7 PM - DJ Grougan - ROCKIN BLUES (1 hour) lead for JimmyT49 Dukes 8 PM - JIMMYT49 DUKES - Rocking The Blues at THE VENUE 9 PM - MYSTELLE - The beautiful guitar styling' of Mystelle WEDNESDAY - 8/17 No events scheduled THURSDAY = 8/18 12:00 PM - DEXTER SWANSEN ( LIVE ) 1:00 PM - ROXANNE ( LIVE ) 5 - 7 PM - DJ JUSTY - STROKIN with Justy (2 hour event ) 7 - 9 PM - DJ Grougan - "Because We Love The Blues" ( 2 hour event )

FRIDAY / SATURDAY = 8/19 No events scheduled We hope you will join us this week at The Venue.

Friday, August 12, 2022

GeekSpeak – Is AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) the last invention we will ever make? Join the discussion Saturday, August 13th at 12pm SLT


Maybe just a few short years from now AGI will be announced.  A superintelligent AI that thinks like a human and can solve problems.  And of course, write new AGI programs. How would such an AI affect humanity?  Would we ever need to invent anything again?  Would we ever again need to think of solutions to problems?  Could we leave everything to the AGI?

Or maybe you think such an AI would be dangerous.  Perhaps we would need one more invention, the way to destroy it.  Should we open that Pandora’s box?

Do we need an AGI?  Can we manage our own future without it?  Would such an AGI necessarily be self-aware?  Or would we be ruled by a mindless program that could not be controlled?

Chance favours the prepared mind so come along to GeekSpeak on Saturday at noon SLT to discuss this upcoming technology shock.  Bring your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, August 11, 2022



Hello! SL Enquirer Readers, I'm back, my name is Prissy Price. I left SL 7 years ago to handle RL. But I missed the imaginative side, the challenging side and the discovery side of SL. So, I came back. For those that know me I do nothing on a small Scale, but all that I do reflects who I am in RL. Since I love to Dance, Drink the Finest Wines imported from Italy, Consume the best Epicurean Delights, and top it all off with a fat Montecristo Platinum Cigar. Baby! how can you deny yourself the taste of oak, cocoa, and roasted espresso beans with a peppery finish from the Dominican Republic? I decided the SL population deserved a venue that would allow you to feast on your virtual pallets. I now bring to you "SPICE" a multi-cultural Restaurant and Social Club. If you struggle finding love in SL, find yourself at SPICE. If you are a discerning gentleman expecting to be surround by polished women…ladies, “Bring it”. Or if you’re a jet setter in need of a place to land, we have your comfort. I'm offering you a venue to Dance, Eat, Get Wet or Layback and look fabulous doing it all. We opened on July 30, yes, my Rezz Day. And those in the know arrive in our plush SPICE Limo or by our sleek SPICE Yacht. Some took the scenic route with the SPICE Helicopter from the mainland Miami, Florida to experience something "Spicey". We delivered to our hungry guest and will keep on delivering to those joining our membership. But for now, come experience our venue, check out our Social Club and find the virtual world at your feet. Our membership is free for now, but since my last name is Price, there will be a fee soon. Dress in your best and come to our next Event. “You Deserve a Taste.” Tell the statuesque model Host at the door, SL Enquirer sent you for a special gift.

THIS SUNDAY: DJ V- Lip Service @ Kinkiva BDSM Nightclub!


Kinkiva BDSM Nightclub is proud to announce DJ V's Lip Service: live-mixing Hard House / Hard NRG tracks for you to rave to!

On Sunday August 14th, 2022, from 4-6PM SLT DJ V will be electrifying the dance floor with his hard hitting beats! This is going to be one of the hottest parties of the year, so if you're not already planning on being there, what are you waiting for?

At Kinkiva BDSM Nightclub people come to relax and enjoy themselves with no judgment. It's a place where all people can feel comfortable being themselves and exploring their sexual preferences, whether they're into BDSM or not!

We're thrilled to present this special event, so come out and hit the dance floor, and move to the rhythm of DJ V's hard beats!

Your Ride:

Woodstock Redux at Rockin' Robin's - August 13th-14th

 Woodstock was a music festival held in 1969, August 15-19, in upstate New York. It featured 32 bands, including many heavy hitters of the time such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, CCR, Janis Joplin and Sly And The Family Stone. For those of you who aren't 74 years old, it was basically what K-Tel had in mind when they made Freedom Rock, man.

Widely considered to be the cultural apex of the 1960s, you old people better have a good story as to why you missed it, like "I was giving birth to a future Yuppie" or "I was in Vietnam, letting the people know my wisdom."  Well over 400,000 people attended, at a time when you could still see first-ballot Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame players like Led Zeppelin or The Doors in a 100-seat nightclub.

If you ever saw a guy playing a really discordant National Anthem on his guitar, it was Woodstock. If you've ever heard the expression, "Don't eat the brown acid," that also came from Woodstock. Snoopy's pal Woodstock is named for the festival, even though he predates it by 2 years. It's what the song "Woodstock" ("By the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong") by CSNY is about.

It was an odd show. Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, and the Doors all declined. The Beatles were scheduled to headline but refused when the organizers wouldn't give Yoko Ono's band a slot on the schedule. The Rolling Stones couldn't be bothered. Jimi Hendrix's lead-in was 50s novelty act Sha Na Na. Bob Dylan, who lived in Woodstock, chose not to play. Santana debuted there. Bands such as Quill and the Keef Hartley Band made the big stage, played to a half million people, and then faded back into obscurity. Ariana Grande's parents weren't even born yet. There were two births, three deaths, and over 700 drug overdoses. 

It rained half the time, it was very muddy, there were a lot of smelly hippies around, and it is still instantly recognizable 50+ years later. you can say "Altamont" or "Monterey Pop Festival" to someone younger than 70 and they won't know what you are talking about. They will know, instantly, what Woodstock was.

Naturally, someone on SL decided to celebrate the anniversary. Rockin' Robin, an old friend of this column, has decided to commemorate the Hippie Haji  with a weekend-long show at her sim. 

The shows run from August 13 through the 14th, Saturday and Sunday, 24 hours a day. They have a full slate of nine bands scheduled, and the dress theme is Counterculture. Look like a hippie. If you're not that old, try to look like young Robert Plant. If you're not THAT old, try to look like you're going to a rave. 

You can take some LSD if you wish. I'm not sure if they have LSD on SL. I know they have weed, because I have some, and I know they have crack pipes because I have one. LSD, which is served on a small piece of chemically-soaked paper, would be hard to translate into the virtual world.

I took LSD when I was in high school. I just laughed for 9 hours and was endlessly fascinated by things like colorful posters and- for a strange half hour- a rubber duck. If I took it in a strange place with a half million people running around, I'd either be 1) dead or 2) still wandering around upstate New York, trying to find some cookies.

In case your 1960s knowledge is a bit jumbled, the National Guard won't murder you here. That was Kent State, a year later.

Be sure to pop in.... 

The Basilica@ Shamus bay has tons to offer!


Brief History: (Opened Officially August 6th, 2022)

**More Exhaustive History: In the Golden age of Piracy, one Pirate stood out among the many. chased relentlessly by the Spanish and English navies, and even occasionally by the new American Colonial Navy, Being chased for weeks, Captain Shamus H. Wrigglesworth took refuge in a small uncharted bay. Scouring the island, all he and his crew found was an old monastery and mission. Neither were occupied so, as pirates will, they made it their own. Capt. Shamus shamelessly named the area Shamus Bay and conducted many years of raids and very “piratey” things from his bay. Always able to get away and hide, Capt. Shamus made quite a comfortable living. As will happen, the island grew in inhabitants and reluctantly grew and changed with the times. When Capt. Shamus died (or has he?), and his family and remaining crew buried all of the treasure he had accumulated somewhere on the island. Generations passed and one day when rummaging through the remains of the old Mission, a distant relative of Capt. Shamus H Wrigglesworth, his Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandson, Shamus W. Wrigglesworth, discovered the entire fortune and treasure that had been carefully hidden so many years before. Being a partier and having no sense of how to save money, Shamus immediately commissioned builders to build the largest nightclub anyone has ever seen.

Dominating the landscape atop the highest point on the island, the Basilica Dance Club and Live Venue were born! It’s rumored that Shamus has hidden away the rest of the loot he found, but looking around the island, you can see his frivolous spending and it makes you wonder if he is rich or flat broke! Either way, Shamus Bay thrives on and The Basilica is the hottest nightclub destination around! Welcome to Shamus Bay **Shamus Bay Rental Info: There are several rentals available here in the Bay. The rental office (White building) is on the docks and has all of the current properties available. Feel free to contact Shamus Bay Staff if you have ANY questions about rentals. All Land Rentals are parceled out and provide for absolute privacy in chat, voice, or visuals. You can change the music stream via radio and if you ask really nice, Shamus may even change the parcel name for you. Sky-boxes do not have their own parcels nor can anything be done about the parcel names or streams, sorry. All Properties come with a security orb or you may use your own. **Shamus Bay Retail: Are you a creator or retailer? Well, do we have a deal for you! Contact Shamus Bay staff to get moved into your new retail location today...for free! You read that! **Shamus Bay “Things to do”: Volleyball (Yes you can play it) Jet Skis (drivable all around the whole sim) (Private) Quiet getaways for you to meditate or hang with your partner or friends. A Beach Shopping Dining A working Arcade A Pirate Ship!! The Basilica Night Club and Live Venue **The Basilica @ Shamus Bay One of the coolest Venues for a nightclub in all of second life. The Basilica offers live music, Singers, and DJs. Are you a DJ or Singer? Contact the staff at The Basilica and let’s get you on stage! The Basilica has an indoor and equally large, OUTDOOR, venue space. Inside the Basilica there are games and dancing or just a place to sit with your favorite person and enjoy their company. Make sure and check out the backyard with its awesome terrace restaurant and views! YES! YES! YES! we will host Weddings, Receptions, and Private Parties! Well, that’s pretty much all of it. We hope you’ll at least wander the grounds and enjoy all it has to offer. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll decide to move here and become a Shamus Bay Villager. As Capt. Shamus H Wigglesworth Used to say ““Let’s jump on board, and cut them to pieces.”. Wait, no, the wrong quote, I meant…Ah never mind, just have fun and enjoy your visit here, at Shamus Bay! SIM STAFF/MGMT: Shamus Wrigglesworth - Sim Owner / Custodian of The Basilica Rebel Rayn Storm (raynbrimstone) - Sim Administrator/General Manager and Co-Owner of "The Basilica" Wulf Fhang - Sim Administrator - Builder



This past May, we visited The Eclipse restaurant to take in the exquisite experience they had to offer through their various fine dining experiences. I recently had the chance to stop back over and sit down and talk about the new opportunities and additions they have.  


EC (Ely Catronis):  Hello Alassra! It is wonderful to meet you and to experience your exquisite fine dining experience here. I know that we have been here before.  Would you mind sharing with our readers what drew you specifically into the fine dining and restaurant business?


Alassra (xAlassrax): Hello Ely!  Thank you so much for being here today and it's wonderful to meet you as well!  That is a great question!  I was drawn to the fine dining and restaurant business because partaking in that experience has been one of my favorite experiences so far for me in SL.  I fell in love with the RP dining in SL from the moment I first booked a reservation at Serendipity Restaurant, and that was one of the big reasons I started working there too!  It was such an amazing experience for me!  Unfortunately, they closed their doors this past March, and at that point, I saw the void that was going to be left, and myself and some others decided to work together to try to fill that space as best we could!  We wanted everyone in SL to still have that amazing fine dining, roleplay experience!

EC: The last time the SL Enquirer was here you had 3 Amazing venues, the beach, the forest, and the more formal/elegant venue. We are told you added more to the Eclipse dining experience and have great news to share. Can you tell us about that?


Alassra (xAlassrax):  Definitely!  We have a lot of news!  We have added 2 new venues and several new packages!   We recently sponsored the Kappa Theta Phi: Mr. & Ms. Aloha Showcase that ran from the 4th - 7th of this month.  We are also taking part in the Spoonful of Sugar Festival in Sept. and will be having a new package only available there and 100% of the price goes to SOS!  


EC: It sounds like you are SL Community Sponsors around the grid. Can you tell us a little more about the Exclusive New Package at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival? 


Alassra (xAlassrax): I would love to!  Our Exclusive Package for the Spoonful of Sugar Festival will be something different than our current packages because, unlike our other packages, this one will be more of a 'public' dining experience package!  We have several tables set up in a very special location. They are a beautiful "Aloha" Hawaiian type of theme fitting the festival theme this year, and unlike our other packages, we will allow immediate "walk-in" dining after the package is purchased at the festival!  This means a client can purchase the Luau package at the SOS festival, immediately head to the LM provided inside of it, and be seated with their party to begin their dining experience!   

EC:  That sounds amazing. You mentioned you have several new packages.  Can you briefly tell us about them and where can we find out about them?


Alassra (xAlassrax): Of course!  We felt that we were missing some areas to expand on, as well as potential ways to allow our staff to show off their skills more with the base packages we offered, so we came up with several additional packages to further enhance our services!  We have a package tailored for those who love capturing moments by photograph, which gives them a mini photoshoot with their dinner reservation!  We also have a package that is aimed at those not as much into the full dining experience, but who love the personal DJ aspect, so it provides them with a 30-minute drinks & appetizers meal, and then they have an hour and a half to dance the night away with up to 6 people in their party!  We even added a Bed & Breakfast package for clients who want to have a beautiful and very private, more casual dining experience!  Oh and let's not forget our Spa package!  This one is my favorite because it is PERFECT for the day or night out with friends/family/etc!  It gives unlimited drinks & appetizers served to you and your party while you experience our amazing Dragon's Dream Spa services!  Full details on each new package can be found on our website located here -

EC: The Eclipse atmosphere is already so gorgeous with nature, waterfalls, and lighting. You briefly mentioned that you are looking to expand Eclipse.  What more can you add to what you already have?


Alassra (xAlassrax): I am so glad you asked Ely!  We actually do have HUGE news on this front!  We officially closed the deal Sunday afternoon (August 8) on this expansion, so it is OFFICIAL!!  Eclipse has taken over Cova Restaurant!  I am not sure how many of your readers are familiar with Cova, but it was this AMAZING restaurant and resort located on the mainland that was owned and operated by Caleb & Kali Colton.  It is beautiful and the restaurant is set up inside of a cave!!  We did not want to see SL lose this amazing restaurant experience, so Eclipse decided to take it on as an expansion!  It is now the Eclipse Restaurant & Events - Kaneana Cavern dining experience!  It will provide 'walk-in' immediate dining options, as well as reservations, and another amazing and unique aspect is we will be able to fly or sail our clients in from the airport or public dock locations on the mainland!  This expansion is also Moderate in rating, therefore it provides a more family-friendly environment for those with kids!  And an amazing mini golf course that can be enjoyed after dinner or while you wait to be seated! 


EC:  Congratulations!  While on the tour around the sim, I noticed a few other activities, shops, and private places.  Can you tell us a little more about them?


Alassra (xAlassrax):  I sure can!  The Deviant Dragon Sim not only houses Eclipse Restaurant but it also is the home to the Dragon's Tail Tavern, which is an amazing biker-themed bar located along the Dragon's Tail Track!  We have several regular live singers performing there each month, and we are always looking for DJs and hosts to take up some of our open set times as well!  We have a mall that is accepting rentals for anyone looking for a place to set up shop!  The Dragon's Dream - Reiki & Tarot Spa is also located next to the mall, and we have several packages and ala carte spa services available there!  We have mini golf, bumper cars, an Escape Room, a roller coaster at the start of the track, and a wonderfully fun 80's themed Skating arcade also located along the track!!  There is so much to do and enjoy on the Sim, so we definitely encourage guests to explore!

EC: Do you have a niche or role that needs to be filled? 


Alassra (xAlassrax): We do!  We are currently running our August Amore special event this month and we need participants!!  Think of August Amore as Tinder meets Blind Date meets Speed Dating!  We are offering anyone interested the chance to get to know others in SL risk-free!!  Whether you are looking for love, or just companionship and connections, we welcome anyone to sign up and participate!  The only time there is a fee is IF a participant decides they want to actually meet one of the other participants, and our fees for this are very reasonable, lower than our regular dinner for 2 packages!  We have a "meet & greet" 30-minute option which includes the roleplay server providing drinks & appetizers for the 30-minute time frame at only 750L$, or a full 1-hour 3-course roleplay dinner which is only 1000L$!  We wanted to provide a wonderful way for people to meet each other on SL in a unique and different way than just going to a club or a dating service.  So we for sure need participants signing up for this!  We have several ladies signed up and definitely need more men!  Also are definitely hiring!  We have a huge need for Sales Reps., Dining Hosts, Servers, Photographers, and DJ's! 

EC: Thank you for your time today. Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?


Alassra (xAlassrax): I feel like we've covered so much, Ely!  Yet it always seems like there's so much more still not addressed!  I mainly would like to encourage your readers to check out our August Amore event and sign up for it!  Details on it can be found here -     


I would also like to tell your readers to keep an eye out for our SOS Festival package in Sept., and other special packages that will be coming up for Halloween and more!!  We have a lot of awesome things planned to come!  And even though I have mentioned this already, I want to again express our need for more amazing members to join our staff team!  Especially with our new expansion!  Applications can be found here -



Additional Information: 

August Amore Link -        Hiring Link -     

Eclipse Flickr -     Eclipse Facebook -


 Landing point and guest entry:     

 Shops: The Dragon's Dream - Reiki & Tarot Spa -

 Lunation Shop -                   Dragon's Tail Track -       Deviant Dragon Mall -       Deviant Dragon Beach Entry -  Milky Way Skating & Arcade -  Deviant Dragon Beach Club -      


 Dinner Reservation Form:

Policies, package info, etc. can be found on our website:

Preferred Contact: Alassra (xalassrax) or Ash Sullivan (tiptonik)