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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving. What’s the Big Deal? Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

This parody article is back by popular demand,

Thanksgiving is observed in the United States,Canada, Puerto Rico, Liberia and Norfolk Island on the fourth Thursday of November. This year it falls on the 27th day of the month.

The holiday includes a gathering of family and friends for the great feast of the season. Traditionally, tables are laid out like a buffet of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, gravy and all sorts of other family recipes passed down from generations.

Today, the meal is usually followed by some football, snacks and beer. The whole day seems to revolve around food and entertaining house guests or house hoppin’ for pickings.
But really... what is Thanksgiving about?

I sat down with Pilgrim Pete and Chief Roughneck to ask them about this holiday and get both perspective on how it came about. 

Interview with a Pilgrim and an Indian

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Freecilla Kuhn: Master 3D Builder in Second Life- Bimala Tagore Reporting...

 Building plays a vital role in Second Life. Tallstructures, magic cities and warm communities marvel us day after day as an integral part of virtual urban experience. 3D building is a skill to be mastered.  The builders behind these constructions are what we love.  The following lady has paved the way for creative and daring designs in Second Life.

 Freecilla Kuhn has risen to become a well-respected builder. Her work at TRP360 is widely recognized and covers extensive ground ranging from the  official oval office of the President of the United State, the fastest racing cars on the grid, Fun Houses filled with joy and adventure, restaurants with a stunning view of Toronto, rolling hills, dunes, tunnels, and an urban lifestyle with unique shopping.
You can find inspiration simply by visiting them and discovering their special backgrounds.

Interview with Freecilla:

Bimala: In my opinion, 3d builders are “creation spirits”. You have some kind of “divine power” in Second Life because everything we see around us was designed by intelligent and artistic people like you. Please, tell us about your “divine qualities” in Second Life. 
Freecilla: “As an artist I find SL to be a great way to create because it crosses a variety of skill sets. First you can build in 3D, secondly you can create the textures for the 3D builds and third you can then add scripting so others can interact with your creations instead of just looking at them. An added joy is the ability to see others enjoying the environments you have created over and over again that is the best reward.”

Bimala: Definitely you made your work stand out in order to draw the viewer's eye.   Explain to our readers about your finest passion of 3D building and what kind of structures do you prefer to build? 
Freecilla: “In total I have 7 listings in the SL Destination Guide all located in my one simulation. I love building real life places and neighborhoods because I get to go in to detail but my favorite is building the fun house experience. I have 2 fun houses, a small with 25 rooms and a big one with 86 rooms in it. I would like to make more but I cannot afford it or the land I would need. In fun houses I can choose any theme for each room and find a way to add jokes, surprises and freebies. I try to make each room a, "this is so cool" moment for the visitors. Everyone has their favorite rooms and they are all different from each other’s favorites, which are funny.”

Bimala: Enlighten us a little bit more about your Fun Houses from underworld, where you go in, but you don't return. I will never forget that amazing tour!
Freecilla: “The best part of making the Fun Houses is to make it easy for people to find the way so they will not get frustrated but also make each room interesting enough that will be delayed by enjoying the elements in each room based on the theme. Each room has a touch if the familiar, (swing blades as you walk on the ledge or you are a giant in the room or you are as small as a bug) but we can actually be there in the situation and we cannot really get hurt. If people expect to go one way then the other way is usually the right way. Other rooms are just there for us to play in because it is fun, the way out is super easy but people stay a few minutes just to experience the silliness. I think it help to have simple fun added to the more difficult rooms for a more rounded adventure.”

Bimala: I had a great time there. I didn’t know where I was going and I was more into just having good time. I was impressed. I can tell by your  builds where all the fun happens, you take work seriously. The role of professional support you give to your clients is important to note. The quality of your service is handy to mention too.

Freecilla: “When building virtual simulations for others I tell them to make a list of changes and additions needed as often as possible. It is important they understand I can make whatever they want but I have to know in great detail what it is that they want so I can make it. Everything is totally customizable and can be made to match anyone's imagination. This has to be a close personal relationship so they are happy with what they end up with in the end. I also enjoy adding my own details based on the build which can be removed or built upon to enhance the final simulation as they see fit.”

Bimala: I have also visited many of the cities you have set in your profile. I appreciated the quality of your constructions and mostly they are based on real world building. Are you concerned about detail in your constructions?

Freecilla: “I have 20 years of real life experience in interior/exterior design and construction. I believe this helps me a great deal since I know how and why buildings are built the way they are in real life. A small example is when people build a house in virtual reality they never start with a foundation and wonder why something does not look right but they cannot put their finger on it. There are many more examples or these types’ elements one must use when building in 3D. I use the word "detail" quite a bit because it is very important and so much fun in the fine tuning of an environment, it makes a build complete.”

Bimala: I am impressed with Stonehenge. You made a wonderful prehistoric monument for the residents of Second Life to tour. Tell us a little bit more about this mystic build.

Freecilla: “I have seen many builds of Stonehenge in virtual reality; unfortunately they are all built the way it looks now. I wanted the recreate it brand new, the way it looked when it was first built in real life, to scale and full size. After building it I was not impressed because we can fly virtual reality and flying around it made it seem too simple looking so I put it up in outer space with many clickable rides, (planets, comets etc.) all around it so people would have something do, again, instead of just something to look at. Originally when I came to SL they had classic clouds and my Stonehenge was set just above those clouds so they acted as the floor to make it more mystical and so we could not see the ground.”

Bimala: What is your opinion about huge buildings in meshes? Do they work well for everybody?
Freecilla: “For me personally right now the huge mesh builds are a disaster. My computer, like that of many others, is too old so it is not compatible with the new SL viewer so I can only see mesh in its prim form. All walls and floors are flat spheres and furniture is big balls, I cannot see when I go into any mesh building. Maybe one day in the future when I can afford a new computer I will have a better way to reply to this question. I do however get a lot of compliments that my Virtual Toronto has so much detail but there is no lag, this is because it is all made with prims, limited simple sculpts and no mesh, maybe that's why it's lag free.”
Take a look at her beautiful buildings. They always leave us with our mouths opens

TRP360 - SL Destination Guide Listings:
·         Virtual Toronto:
·         Virtual Oval Office:
·         TRP360 Fun House:
·         TRP360 Fun House 2:
·         StoneHenge Outer Space Park:
·         360 Global Racing:
·         The Dunes Raceway:

Monday, November 24, 2014

SLE Behind the Scenes at the Foreign Music Grammy's- Ccoursey Reporting...

Sunday, November 23 at 1:00 SLT the 2014 SL Foreign Music Grammy's were held. Gazpachita wished to show her thanks and honor the singers in Second Life by making a special award and holding a ceremony to honor these incredibly talented Second Life singers.

Gazpachita welcomed everyone. Avatars from 17 different countries were in attendance Introducing herself, she explained when she came to Second Life she found live music and thought it was wonderful and how great it was to have such a place singers could use.

 The sim was decorated in a captivating way, so that when they announced  the winners each walked down a red carpet,along a path, then up a huge staircase into the awards arena.  Beautifully decorated in a way that anyone could feel how important the day was.  The atmosphere was perfect to honor the participants.  Lukrecia Merchiston, who was kind enough to give me English translations, also informed me Satanass should be given credit for the work she contributed to the sim  for this event.

The staff had a beautiful stage set up with flags representing the countries around the world, with Grammy awards were placed along the sides of the floor.  After the award ceremony, many guests were teleported while others walked to a huge dance floor with live music, set up to celebrate 
with the winners.  It was an incredible event.

The ceremony took place on voice with 77+ avatars in attendance followed by a huge after party with dancing and pictures.

Congratulations to all the Winners
Avanti Delwood
Javi Gearz
Jugalar 3
Destello Blanco
Celia Cruz
Cosmica Virtual
Sensual Mhia
Nazirah Avro
Melissa Stars
Ceci Dover
Jackie Lefko

Parker Static

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IMPORTANT! To access our Sim, you need to meet the new requirements to enter a Skill Gaming Region. You'll need to 1) have verified payment information on file (credit card or PayPal) 2) Be over 19 years old, and 3) Reside in/access Second Life from states and countries that allow Skill Gaming. For the full details, read the FAQ here:

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Being Thankful in Second Life- Ccoursey reporting....

"Never let the things you WANT make you forget the things you HAVE"

Some of us play Second Life as a way of escaping our real life, some play as a hobby or way to waste time, others may play because that is the only way of socializing with other people because real life has restricted them in some way or another.  What are you thankful for in Second Life?  What has it given you that you?  

Kasslina Moonglow:  The friends I have made.

Savannah Darling:  Friends and family mostly.  SL friends and family are there for you in times when nobody else is.  Personally, friends and fam here have been more supportive and understanding than RL ones.  SL would be nothing without them ya know?

Trixie Morgenstern:  Meeting the people that have enriched my real life.

Irish:  The wonderful people I have met :)

RavenRider:  Freedom.

Daniel the Kid:  The fact we can express ourselves through our avatars, the worlds we travel too, and the friends we make.

Mira Bond: That I can hang out with my friends from all over the world.  Being a at home mum I can't get out much, so this is as close as I can get to going out in the real world right now :)  Also that I can spend time with my guy here and get close to him.

Cry Jewel:  I am thankful for my friends and family on SL.

AZKadellia:  the ability to be me here, in whatever form, skin, hair I desire I guess is the biggest one.

Uncle Bob:  Some of the people I have met.  Friends made.

McBain:  Being able to try anything I can't do in RL, like skydiving from the Eiffel tower.

Violette Ravinelli-McMillan: I'm thankful for my family and husband :)

Gypsylynn Whelan:  The chance to meet Synny.  I don't see how we would have met otherwise.

Lisa:  My friends!

Barusa:  The ability to fly.

Zio:  I can speak with people around the world.  I can be thankful for listening to music and making me wanna be updated with whats happening in the world of music.

Gabriella Rossello:  Granny.  Because she is awesome and she is 82... And she is my rock that gets me through anything.

Mandy Moo Viper-Hallison: I am thankful for all the friends and family I have gained here.  I am also thankful for the creative outlet that SL has given me that I would never have dreamed or thought possible in RL.

Cheetos:  Hmm, for ability to meet new friends.

Kel:  Friends.

Sins A. Smooth Harrington:  I am very thankful for all the people I have met over 7 years time... Most have become good friends even out of SL... The laughs shared with them, MY family.. And thankful for SL who brought me my RL partner... And thanks Sl for making me who I am today in SL :)

Bo Haggard:  My wife and Friends.

For Americans, Thanksgiving is coming up, a time when we are to remember the things we have in our lives that we appreciate.  It is easy to get wrapped in the every day happenings and chores of life, but even little things that we've grown used to seeing as a norm should be remembered.  There is never any telling who isn't lucky enough to have those things we do or when we could lose them.  Enjoy Life, Enjoy Second Life and never waste a moment, because if it isn't what you want then why do it?

What are you thankful for? Use the comment box below.

Truthball Announces New Line of Gallery Truthballs- Art Meets Gaming Fun!

Truthball is the best selling truth or dare style game in Second Life.

They are announces their newest line of Truthballs called Gallery Truthballs. There are currently three versions in this series, BDSM, Male, and Female, all worthy of a place in a statue garden or art gallery--or your home or venue, featuring some of the most stunning male and female statues and a beautiful glowing ball.

 First, it is a piece of art, second you touch to play. With Gallery Truthballs art meets gaming fun. This series comes in a full avatar size or a table top size of each object.

Gallery Truthballs come with 11 or 13 sets of questions, depending on which one you buy. It offers  hours  of fun for your partner, friends or venue. Truthball scales to up to 32 sets of questions and you can even  write your own.

Looking for variety?
 Truthball offers over 50 sets of fun questions so the fun just keeps coming!

The Gallery Truthball objects were created by artist Johan Lionheart of Remesh in a partnership with Truthball. With a strong focus on high end, quality designs - Remesh strives to bring beautiful creations to the SL market at an affordable price.
Contact Leesa Donner for all Truthball inquiries.

Truthball Store:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sweet E's Designs is Having a SALE!! Get 50% off AND MORE on Several Items!!

 Stop on by and check out the Lucky Letter Chairs, the MidnightMadness Boards and Group Gifts!  Gorgeous Gowns and Sexy Dresses.  We even have a few items for that handsome man in your life!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Moonlight Ranch- Auctions, Direct Sales and Stalls for Rent

Horse Stalls starting at $175L per week with 150 Prims!!
We also offer auctions, Bid Boards, and Direct Sales!
Come see what we have to offer!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


It's an early Thanksgiving party on the beach at Daddy-O's! DJ Huey Walker and his lovely hostess Krissy Walker will be spinning all Motown music for the party. Now the crazy part! Dress for this party will be in the original Thanksgiving vogue - Pilgrims and Indians! So get on that "First Thanksgiving" outfit and come on over for a night of Motown Music to celebrate Thanksgiving - albeit a week early!

Center Ground Group presents " Late Night Center Ground with DJ StarChild Sinclair”

Join DJ StarChild Sunday evenings, from 8:30-10:30PM SLT for "The Sunday Groove". The music is design to help you spin down your weekend in a smooth and mellow way. The lovely and talented QT Serenity is your host.  Stop by for a while, check out the set and pick up the weekly gift. 
 Dress to Impress
Bring a friend to chill with and don’t forget to bring those dancing shoes

 Late Night Center Ground is underwritten by the Center Ground Business District. Visit our collection of stores and galleries.  Rental spaces available  

About Center Ground Group: Originally started by 4 environmentally focused leaders to discuss and promote true sustainable modeling, and preserve their ideas and dreams in the SL metaverse, now expanded to include arts and cultural interest


If you would like more information on this topic IM Luchenpur Darwin inwolrd or e-mail

GizzA Creations- Introducing Dark Glamour

Introducing the new formal attire for the season is the beautiful GizzA - Dark Glamour is a splendid dark beauty indeed with a sexy cut of the floor length gown on richly detailed dark hues. The sexy design of this gown shows off the female curves to a maximum and ample leg with the high cut out.

GizzA - Dark Glamour has feathers adorning the hip, just above the thigh high slit. For your styling convenience, matching high heels and clutch bag are added.

A demo is available in the main store to try before purchase.

More than a thousand new outfits recently added in the outlet store
GizzA Creations / Owner & Creator
Giz Seorn
GizzA Creations / Owner

Auster Elan

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Boris Twist- Debby Sharma Reporting...

Credits: Boris Twist
Boris Twist walks the virtual worlds among the famous. Although he is one of the top photography and machinima artists, he is humble at heart. His works speaks the words of constant improvement for perfectionism. He has studied from the University of Cincinnati College – Conservatory of music. He is a musician and pianist at Saint Francis of Assist Portland Oregon. His love for music has translated his passion in virtual life as well. One can listen to his piece at

Debby Sharma: You are one of the most renowned artists in Second Life. When did you start as a photography artist?
Boris Twist: I've been in SL for 4 years 6 months. I remember thinking way back will I last that long, in the second year of crossing the boundary into Second Life I began to realize the many approaches everyone had to life here, not merely as a social forum and all the amazing wonderful things in SL were built by it's residents. It would take time and practice but I knew that some part of my musical life needed find this place too. And that's how and when it started building skills, mesh skills, photo skills, many third-party software skills. Along the way I went to classes, talked to artists, builders and architects, Filmmakers and Scripters. It takes time. 

Credits:Boris Twist

Debby Sharma: Please tell us something more about yourself and your work in Second Life.
Boris Twist: The back story is when I was new in SL, my God! I could barely understand anything, let alone talk to anybody.  SL made an enormous impression me, I found out about it watching a friend do a live show here in Portland including collaboration in real-time with a dance troupe in SL all on a big screen as part of the stage. Those first months were a life changer. While I'm good at telling this story in many ways and words let me just say there was a point I found myself in SL, with balance, understanding, calm... in other words I made enough boo-boos, got trapped in my own embarrassing situations and climbed out enough to feel the “been there, done that” transcendence.
I remember looking at the Edit Box!  WTF! This feels so uninteresting and what's it for? Sure I can build a cube.  What now?  Do I sit on it?
I've never wanted to work “at” or in Second Life, although I admire the ones that do, including many of my friends. I'm a loner driven to build, create in anyway, that releases my formal background as a musician. Conservatory training and concertizing, my teachers all asked me to listen, to other students, to listen to myself too, one of the harder things for a student to learn is how to be alone in a practice room and make progress without turning off the ear. It applies to all the Arts. SL challenges me to take it's tools and find a way to sooth my soul in crafting something beautiful or grotesque, something that lingers, that pleases me.

credits: Boris Twist

Debby Sharma: Your photographs tell a story. When you take a photograph, do you think of a particular theme or does it all happen in a flow?

Boris Twist: Well with photos if that's the Viewer's choice, probably yes. I'm not thinking consciously how that happens. It may go back to lessons, and how we tell a story in the melody or harmony. Question and answer. It's a little tip to a student who needs a bit more in the performance.  And yes (laughs) I am a story teller. I always try to tell a story when I play. SL has allowed me to create one of the best concert grands ever in mesh and make performable in-world.

Credits: Boris Twist

Debby Sharma: During the SL11B, I came to know that you are the one who are the quickest in taking pictures and making a video. What is the secret behind it?

Boris Twist: Looking back . . . probably excitement. Job specific. If it's brand new to me, then I do a bunch of mistakes and organize the flow, redo, until I have it all built into a macro in my brain. This includes organizing content on your hard drive. And there's probably a better way, when someone teaches me how. The mistakes make you learn, true in RL, true here in SL.

The real me never rushes, when I do there is always something I miss. I think we all get that.

I've noticed over the last year of posting films that there's a need in me to perform, to get it out there, to reap the glory, just like standing on stage after you have just performed. Each film needs to be better technically, better focused. In post-production you need to take time to listen to it, watch it, let it grow. You'll know when it's ready.

Debby Sharma: Did you always wanted to be a Mechanima artist?

Boris Twist: No, I had no clue I would like this so much. I think it made me improve my social skills, which is still up for debate. There are several parts to it. While it can lead you anywhere, you must gather source material. We formed a small group on Face Book of devoted souls and artists, who talk and meet up for projects. Joseph Nussbaum in SL is amazing at this, as a producer of film, composer of music, and as an organizer, I've learned a tremendous amount from just hanging out. After sourcing you may have 65GB or more of data to sort though, I watch it all. You decide what's in and what's out. Editing it into a form, writing the music, many hours and weeks of work depending on the size, and I'm just immersed in it, loving it all.

My latest project, working with Colin Bell for Poetic content, and Joesph Nussbaum for scoring, plus a great cast of talented people: “Sortie” A Film for the Holidays, a film of the beautiful dark. Filmed on location beneath the streets of Paris in Second Life.

credit: Boris Twist

Debby Sharma: Do you visit any other virtual world? If so, which are they and what do you do there?

Boris Twist: I've done that, tried a few of the offerings, but no, I'm not comfortable.

Debby Sharma: What are your future goals?

Boris Twist: To lose about 50 lbs, use my new juicer, and get back in pool. :)

Debby Sharma: Would you like to say anything to your fans and friends who appreciate your work?

Boris Twist: Of Course!.. Those of you in the Dance and Sway film group, we rule. Yays to Bianca Xavorine, Walter Gedenspire, Joesph Nussbaum, Tomais Ashdene, Ginger, Stephano, Elleonna, Holter, Joanna, Wolfgang . . . you make me smile.  To the Madonna in Second Life group, Sasha, Gina, Antinodorus, Aloe, Krystal . . . you are all amazing! To my friends on FB, thank you indeed for your support and comments. It's wonderful to hear from you.

Debby Sharma: If given a chance, would you make tutorials for new young artists?
Boris Twist: It's what I've done for over 40 years in RL, so yes. I love a chance to either teach or tutor. :) I may think about this as a goal for 2015. Great question!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shop Space is Now Available at the New SL Enquirer Town Square!

As we finalize our move to the beautiful Mont Fleuri Isle at Seychelles Isle, we are offering SLE Advertisers an additional perk!

Shop space in our town square with the purchase of a month ad. If you have a product or service, we will give you shop space and 50 prims!  First Come First Serve!  

To reserve your spot today, click the link below:

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No Kid HungryCampaign for Thanksgiving: Reception Dinner November 20th 5pm SLT- Virtual Village Media, the Delicious Foundation

This Thanksgiving season, VIRTUALVillage Media and The Delicious Foundation have partnered up to support the SHARE OUR STRENGTH’S NO KID HUNGRY® CAMPAIGN [] a RL campaign supporting the battle against child hunger in America. We kicked off the fundraising with a Grid-wide charity drive on the 10th and we've raised upwards of 40K$L and $100 USD so far.
On Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 5pm SLT, we are hosting a reception dinner to thank all the donors and sponsors who contributed to this noble cause. We would like to show our appreciation by feeding them as they have helped feed many children this holiday season with their generosity through Volunteering, Donations of Funds or Services, or Sponsorship. 

There will be live entertainment, dancing, good music, giveaways, great company, fantastic drinks and a delicious gourmet sit down dinner and dessert buffet which will be provided by Evans Cuisine. Attire is semi-formal [Dress to Impress]. 
We have enclosed 2 tickets for you and a guest to attend our special event. Please be sure to R.S.V.P. for each person attending. Thank you. 
We look forward to seeing you there!*

*Please be sure to RSVP as there is limited seating available for the dinner portion of the event.

VIRTUALVillage Media                          

  The Delicious Foundation

SLE Commercial

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