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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Lanai's Diary: An SL Glitch Cramped my Style! Here is how to get your groove back

Isn’t it lovely to kick back and relax after a long hard day of work or doing absolutely nothing to logging into SL to do some more work, play or…. absolutely nothing.

If you follow my rants and ramblings through the years  I’m inspired by episodes that happen to me. I’m a dramatic person by creative writing nature and have an issue with OCD that only my nearest and dearest can navigate around. I'm well aware of my Goddess complex and guess what? I’m all good until something gets in the way. 

For the first half of July I suffered the only wardrobe malfunction,  I was besides myself  like a damsel in distress. 

No... my stuff didn't come flying out off my shirt in the middle  of a hip hop and swing mashup dance competition… It was much worse! My inventory was locked down like fort knox and I was unable to open any folders containing hours and hours of hard work putting together the perfect outfits. 

 I don’t know about yall but I like to dress up everyday. With or without a crown. I like to think I have some kind of fashion sense.  Anyway, for a week I hobbled around in the same outfit unable to change.  It felt like I had a paparazzi of flies following me around. It was dreadful. 

Half way through the second week of trying to clear cache and hoping for the best I was still left looking like yesterday and the day before. It was to the point my Ops Manager Orion was starting to complain.

I tried to create a support ticket but I couldn't even navigate that.  He had to put out the call of distress to the Lindens for help and pass along the instructions. I use Firestorm. So I went through my preferences and cleared all my cache… again.

 Next, I downloaded the latest version of the Second Life Viewer. I logged in and found a low lag place to chill and wait until inventory stopped  “fetching” my items.  Once all was fetched and showed the number of items I have in inventory. I stood around a couple minutes longer  and waited just to make sure. I logged out and went to Firestorms website and downloaded the latest version and did a restart of my system. The moment of truth finally arrived when I logged into Firestorm, waited for my inventory to load and OMG it worked!  

I have to say all sorts of things go wrong when it comes to technology. From lag to crashes, internet failures and whatever else interrupts Second Life, losing the ability to swap out a wig, shoes or go from formal to beachwear in 5 seconds really cramped my style. The worst is over now… I just need to work on my people skills. Apparently, I’m a bit of a drama queen when I can’t find my crown. 

I want to give a big thank you to my Ops Manager for his unbreakable patience and understanding during this ordeal and my friends who acted like they didn't notice I was a repeat outfit violator.

If you or someone you know is suffering from lost inventory and cramped style. Follow the instructions above.

Useful link:

Second Life Viewer

Firestorm Viewer


Monday, August 3, 2020

9 Lives on 2 Wheels- The Ghost Explorer

You may not notice me but I am watching you.  From a corner at the Japan Tempura Island, or maybe at a club while you are listening to your favorite singer and dancing your heart away.  I am watching you.

I am reading your profile and after measuring how exciting a second life you live, I will see your picks or the places you like to hang out at. 

Creepy?  Well, thank you very much but that is how I have accumulated the most amazing map of exciting places to visit in SL.  Last month, After landing at an SL trailer park concert, I followed a suggestion for The Wastelands.  Upon arriving, I realized that I needed a bike.  Of course we all have those cheap copies in our inventory.  I wanted a real bike and nothing else will do. I selected the highly recommended Fatal Customs Chopper.  At the store, I was welcomed by Fate, the owner. Super cool guy who looks like he eats his breakfast while surfing during a tsunami in shark infested water.  He showed me a wide selection of Harleys and like a ghost in a candy store, I picked the first Black Classic Fatboy I saw and TP'd back to the Wastelands.  I was not disappointed.  The ride was pure power and I felt like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man rolled into one. 

 My bike is powerful, practical, playful and pimping.  It can even fly!  Now, the thing with Fatal Customs is that once you purchase a bike from them, you become part of the family.  I truly was not expecting that in SL and here it is; A Second Life Store with First Class Service.  Needless to say that I went back to Fatal Customs several times afterwards and actually, thanks to Fate, I am the proud owner of a Springer Softail, a Knuckle Duster, a Lane Splitter Red and an Angel of Death.  

Now I look for places where I am allowed to rez my bikes and roam this strange land.  I used to walk alone and now...I ride alone.  

Don't worry, I will still be watching you and reading your profile, but it will be at 200 miles an hour.

What are you riding?

The Ghost Explorer

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Inside the St. Elizabeth’s University – Zack Wonder reporting

St. Elizabeth’s University is one of the seats of higher learning in Second Life (SL). Zack Wonder was invited to stroll the grounds with Tikinova Adonide (Tiki) who is the Senior Administrator at “St. E’s” as the University is often called. “Miss Elle Gedenspire and Miss Rae Summerisle founded St. Elizabeth’s five years ago,” she explained. “Elle is our media teacher and the president of the university and Rae contents herself building and running the sim. She makes things so pretty. As the Senior Admin, I run the daily operations. 

We have about 115 events each month, so I schedule and vet them all. I also do student admissions.” St. Elizabeth is a ladies’ college but has male staff as the Cardinal, renters, and lecturers. It is a role-play (RP) community for female avatars that look and play the part. “We make sure candidates look agreeable, and if someone has objectionable groups in the profiles, we will discuss that with them. For example, I would not have a student with curse words on her profile page, or a group about misogyny or racial supremacy. Students get a trial period before they get full status.” Admission requirements also state that the avatars applying must be over 60 days in age, and they should look 18 to 24 years of age. 

St. Elizabeth’s is tuition-free for the students. Donations are channeled to charitable causes such as the Harambee school  which has received 144,000 L$ so far.  “I also recruit staff,” Tiki continued. “Usually 1 or 2 people each week come to us asking to teach, so I have a process: they come to do some observations, they have an interview with me and submit a lesson plan. If I approve, they get a trial class.” She also told SL Enquirer that the staff is about a dozen strong, for the 45 to 50 active students at the University.

Tiki took Zack around, from the foyer to the classrooms, auditorium, and across the yard, to the Cathedral as well as the dance studio and the gym. Zack met a St. E’s student, Ailsa Stromfield, at the gym, for a brief interview.

SLE: What brought you to study here?

Ailsa: Well, to be honest, I discovered St. E’s by accident, but when I landed here was greeted warmly and never left. This was back in December [2019].

SLE: What made you so attached?

Ailsa: The staff and students are a great family, and there’s the bonus of real lessons too.

SLE: A sense of belonging?

Ailsa: Yep, a “belonging” is right. I have some great friends here, and there’s a lot of time and effort put in by others.

SLE: Can you tell what benefits you get with the lessons?

Ailsa: I can convert binary! Laughs… I’m not university educated, but it’s been interesting listening to art and media appreciation.

SLE: So, how do you see the students grasping the topics covered, if they come from a varied background?

Ailsa: There are some big brains here, some of the girls are real-life students and are well versed with the subjects. Its’ nice listening to them discuss the subjects.
Ailsa further explained that she wishes to stay on the classes for the time to come, and that even though she is from Europe, classes from 9 pm until midnight UK time work for her. She has had to be selective with activities, though, as sometimes committing to set hours for stage productions etc. left her feeling lacking in her effort compared to the US-based participants.

Sitting later in Tiki’s office, she continued explaining the benefits for avatars studying at St. Elizabeth’s. “Like most of the SL experience, St. E’s is about community, friendships, and support. People who come here have a great chance to make themselves better. First, there are our academic offerings. A class takes between 3 and 6 hours to prepare, for a 1-hour presentation - our students are very bright, so the teachers have to be experts and prepared, so the quality is high.” As if this was not convincing enough, she kept on: “…and then there are the cultural pursuits. We have a creative writing class, where students get instruction for a published RL author, writer's club, where students simply share what they've been working on, informally; poetry class (instruction), poetry readings (presentation), art appreciation class, and also a gallery on campus where to display [pieces of students’ creations]. Our own dance company recently won 1st place in the Paragon Dance Animations Contest.”

Later, we met together with Tiki and St. E’s Housemother, the Dean of Student Housing Pat Wheelwright on the University premises.

SLE: What's a "Housemother"?

Pat: I am responsible for the general well-being of the students, and I manage the dorms as well as supervise the Prefects (senior students who have extra duties). Prefects assist staff in matters of discipline, most of them have a dorm that they manage. I also DJ here, and do the coffee house once a month.

SLE: Do students have residence requirements, and are they expected to stay on campus outside classes?

Pat: Students have a dorm bed, for role-play (RP) purposes. Some of them also rent houses here, they are not required to stay on campus.
Tiki: They also often have houses elsewhere, but it's nice to have a dorm to belong to. It's a place to hang out on campus and be casual - it is no issue to get them to stay in the dorm, trust me. The girls like to come to school.
Pat: This place is more and more about community. Many of these girls are here, seeking that.

Since Pat and Tiki both are involved in the administrative and disciplinary aspect of running the University, SLE was curious about any disciplinary issues they might have encountered.
Pat: Yes, there are adult features - but only if you want them. You can enjoy St. E’s without.
Tiki: Everyone is adult here, so naturally there are romances.

Pat: We try to keep it as much like a RL college as possible - I had a student who asked if they could have a dorm with bondage toys in the dorm - I said "no" without any hesitation!  If it is RP acting out, that is different than someone who is just plain hard to get along with. We try to screen out people who we think might not be good for the community. If someone is disruptive, they are going to get booted out!

Tiki: We have a code book that dictates the rules. It tells students their rights and responsibilities.

Pat further explained that the University does not suspend students for trivial reasons, and only the President can ban a student permanently. St. Elizabeth’s has a school uniform that apparently the students wear gladly, out of the sense of community. Even though it is laid out as a Catholic University, expression of faith is not a requirement, and religious people as well as agnostics alike participate in the University life, including Mass. 

The campus is now two full sims and is looking to expand to twelve – with a sailing experience that spans eight of the sims. Students run their own newspaper, “The Chronicle” that focuses on community events and stories, including photo journals and creative stories. As the curriculum is varied, from humanities to science lectures, the students spend their time willingly in classes and doing homework, having a sense of academic advancement.  Having toured the premises and talked to staff and students, it became clear that the lofty goals of this establishment are being met, for the advancement of avatars in Second Life to the better.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Schedule of Performances for Week of August 2 at PETRA's

Tuesday, August 4

1:00 pm  TOXIE
2:00 pm   Lisa Brune

Wednesday, August 5
3:00 pm  Agatha Martin
4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Savannah Coronet
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, August 6
10:00 am  Remy Farman
5:00 pm  Wolfie Moonshadow
6:00 pm Turner Harbrough
7:00 pm  to 9:00 pm
A Double Shot of Wayne Davis

Friday, August 7
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger
5:00 pm  Hogan Baily
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas

GeekSpeak – Space War! Join the discussion Saturday August 1st at 12pm SLT

This week the USA’s space force get their new logo (Semper Supra): Above Others.   Does it mark the start of a cold war in space?  Both China and Russia have already destroyed a test satellite in space. So, who knows?

Do you think that mutual threats will mean better technology for all of us?  Have wars helped us all?  Will a space war help us?

What will happen if one of the superpowers makes a space-based weapon first?  Will that be a done deal?

Come and join us.  Let’s hope we can survive any new development.  Bring your alien buddies who can phone home and hitch us a ride away from here.   

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Music Lineup Kiss me Hard 29.07. - 02.08.2020

Wednesday 07/29

12pm Rocker
1pm  Renfoyle
Thursday 07/30
11am Lyric Serendipity
Friday 07/31
12pm Jovan Buchsbaum
2pm DJane Larah (Trance/House)
4pm Zorch
Saturday 08/01
11pm Harper Delaney
2pm Annette Seranade
Sunday 08/02
10am Marqs DeSade
11am Seren McGillivary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The Grove Country Club Estates Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary August 1st 2020

The Grove Country Club Estates is celebrating ten years as Second Life’s premier upscale residence community. Throughout the month of August, there will be events to celebrate this milestone and the public is welcome. If you haven’t been to The Grove, you owe it to yourself to visit this lush, Tuscan-themed community with exquisite landscaping, beautiful manor homes, and roads that may have you meeting someone on horseback or taking their luxury car for a spin. The Grove is a residential destination for everyone who wishes to enjoy their virtual life with style and grace.
Our festivities begin on Monday, August 1st . Join us for live music and giveaways from 11AM – 2PM as we unveil our exclusively designed Boschetto club. There will be giveaways during this celebration; feel free to meander around public areas while listening to AlleyKat, NinaRose, and Levi Zuzu on the Grove music station. Dress for this event is smart casual.

The Grove crystal greenhouse has always been an elegant space for weddings, formal events, and concerts. On August 2nd, an exclusively designed greenhouse event center will be unveiled – no expense has been spared in creating the perfect venue for live performance and other events. The festivities continue and the live show begins at 12PM with the fabulous Luciano Lionheart, followed by Zachh Cale and then Jeffah. These performers are among the finest musicians in Second Life and we are honored to have them on our stage. You may want to dress up for this event, as there will be media on hand. You might find yourself in a magazine shoot or a promotional video! 

If roaming the 16 regions that make up the Grove Country Club Estates makes you crave something crafted by our executive chef, then stop by the Del Vino Restaurant on Sunday, August 9th at 12PM for a grand-reopening champagne reception, followed by live music from 1PM to 4PM. Luciano will again kick off our event, followed by Samm Qendra and Djembe Dragonfire.

Our pinnacle event will be on August 16th at the Greenhouse. There will be birthday cake, live music beginning at 1PM and then a custom fireworks display at 5PM after our last performer. If you have never been to a Grove fireworks show, you will not want to miss this! The owner of the Grove, Crito Galtier, is not only a music lover but also a fireworks lover. He creates one-of-a-kind fireworks displays set to fabulous music. Bring someone special to this event and prepare to be awed all afternoon.

Last but not least, August 22nd begins the Grove Country Club Estates Parade of Homes. This annual event is a rare opportunity to see inside some of the exquisite homes at the Grove. From August 22 through august 29, there will be maps to the homes available for touring, as well as a home d├ęcor trunk show. It is a wonderful time to make the Grove your home. Speak to a staff member about available parcels or visit our website at

Grand Opening of Darks Customs- Car Show Friday July 31st at 8pm SLT

Darks Customs is celebrating a "Grand Opening" by a car show this Friday 7/31
at 8PM central time, bring anything you would like bikes, cars anything with wheels with  
no scripted vehicles it keeps lag down.

To qualify:
  •  must be your build
  •  You can use other creator's parts but would like to see diffrent types of stuff
  •  You may put the scripted version in a box beside the truck/car and set it for sale.
Darks Customs is an offroad shop and the only one in SL custom built lift kits to fit your vehicle just right. We also offer custom frame builds such as anything from rollcages to suspension high level of detail is put into Dark's work. He builds mostly with prim.

 Come  check out some of his builds in the showroom at

Darkprince also builds a few custom bike frames depending on what you want, anything from drift cars to drag racing.


Contact: Darkprince Blackrain for more details or to talk about a custom build 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Sex ReSearch on Second Life – Zack Wonder Reporting

Avatars on Second Life (SL) meet challenges in dealing with other avatars on many levels. From day-to-day conversations and activities to very personal and intimate encounters, relationships are not always smooth sailing. Many avatars have gone through breakups both in real life (RL) as well as in SL, and have experienced the hurt produced by severing a mutual trust and the cessation of daily activities with the loved one. “Research shows that virtual-life breakups can be more painful than real-life breakups,” says Veritas McMaster (“Veri”), the leader of the SexReSearch clinic on SL and moderator of Healing Hurt clinic on Facebook. The clinic aims to heal hurt in SLand help avatars with their everyday challenges and personal growth. This is achieved by daily group sessions and private counseling.

SL Enquirer’s Zack Wonder participated in some of the clinic sessions and chatted with Veri to experience how they work, first-hand. He arrived at the clinic when the session was already beginning in the “Sex Research” group chat. First of all, participants were asked to scan their bodies and to rate their body sensations on a scale 1 to 10. The principle of the clinic is to equate visceral body sensations with actual emotions, and then to work out a way to “taper” the high ratings down to manageable levels, easing the anxiety of the participants. Veri and the Assistant Director, Charm Carter, facilitate the process working with one participant at a time. Not a whole lot of ground can be covered in the one-hour clinic, but unfinished business carries over from one session to the next. Zack witnessed many avatars participating in the clinic on a regular basis. Their problems ranged from simple domestic spats to insecurity in transgender issues and to finding “the right one” on SL. “I have a hard time thinking of things we've not worked on,” Veri said. “Many people come to me for private sessions and work their way into the group. Sadly, it's usually undeserved shame and guilt that they want to discuss privately.” Some avatars reported dropped ratings even during a 20-minute chat in the clinic’s group, and seemed happy with the process. The session ended with a group hug, allowing everyone to express their appreciation to the participants of the process. “Not only the one working gets the benefit of the session – they model the process for all participants, on-site or watching on group chat,” Veri explained after the session. Zack Wonder sat down with her for an in-depth interview.

SLE: What kind of avatars do you meet most often?? Regulars? Newcomers?

Veri: We've not surveyed participants for that specifically. It seems most are old timers in SL. We get some with new AVs, many of those are alts.

SLE: Can you relate some of the typical issues the avatars have seeking you out?

Veri: First heartache, 100% of those surveyed reported experiencing a painful breakup in SL. The next most frequent are gender identification challenges, sexual dysfunction, RL life challenges, and many who are working on self-improvement for themselves or their relationships.

SLE: What kind of help do the avatars expect to get, and what is the reality?

Veri: I can't speak to what they expect, that's a broad range. Because of our name, some come seeking sex and we refer them to one of our sister organizations. Those who come knowing what we do or after learning who want to balance anxiety, tension, chest ache (many call heart ache), sadness or arousal find they can do so quickly with the tapering method we employ. Those who have come and stayed long term have also found ongoing help from taking their ratings daily as they then have present moment information and the tools to get back to homeostasis.

SLE: How long do avatars participate in the clinics?

Veri: We have walk-in clinic every weekday at 9 AM. Most come for a specific need then stay engaged but not participating daily unless another need arises. Some come daily and become part of the team. We've only been open a year and a half. In that time there have been two major spin offs. One came about because Dr David Hubbard (DavidArguna), who developed the tapering method we employ, was so impressed with what we had achieved he asked me to start a live video clinic with him on Facebook, which we did, Healing Hurt Clinic. Weekly he leads three thirty minute sessions and a one-hour session the first Tuesday of each month on SL in Body Sensing. Some have learned our methods and are using them as part of their tool kit for working with others.

SLE: Can you describe a typical path an avatar takes toward healing?

Veri: Scan body for sensations (the body does not lie), rate the intensity/unpleasantness, identify source, take control (make a plot/plan to taper), repeat as needed until resolved.

SLE: Please describe the method used for healing at the Clinic?

Veri: The back story is really interesting. David Hubbard, MD, has a wide, diverse medical background. He started in pain management and currently has a clinic in San Diego working with opioid addicts. Osangar, the Doctor with whom I started this clinic, operated his fMRI machine and was one of Dr. Hubbard's grad students. Dr Hubbard developed the tapering method they and we use, based on one of Pavlov's lesser known theories. Tapering is now the treatment of choice in the United States. We are using tapering in different applications and testing it's efficacy. We are applying tapering to different applications and testing it's efficacy. There are many articles on tapering in the top medical journals and validating studies. Unlike psychological practices, the tapering method works because of what happens in our bodies and how the brain responds and processes. We do not work with cognitions, past or future. You essentially step down or lessen the dose by degree. What degree depends on what you are working on. Addiction can take a year. For our work with the sensations I mentioned, the average time is ten minutes to two weeks.

Veri also explained that it is revealing how clinic participants’ ratings and their ability to deal with their issues develop with time. “Our pilot study showed that 100% of those surveyed had experienced hurt (chest ache) from a SL relationship,” she said. “[The method is] based on neuroscience, taking cues from our bodies that don't lie. The ratings show us what needs to be tapered. Taking ratings daily or more frequently is a way to identify and keep track of what is going on. So the ratings do two things: show us where we need to work, and inform each of us personally on where we are in the present moment. Paying attention to the present-moment sensations keeps them from turning into symptoms and health problems, and the tapering method becomes a self-help process. Observing correlations over time is revealing and helpful, too. We are in the process of adding a Hunger Scale and Dr Hubbard is RL working on the problem of Air Hunger (our Chest Ache) for the Covid19 patients on ventilators. Free copies of our charts can be obtained at the clinic.”

With the tapering method, avatars coming to the clinic ashamed of their self-image or their destructive behavior patterns have experienced a way to reduce their unpleasant feelings on the road to becoming avatars with more fulfilling lives, less stress, and more balance. It is really commendable that professionals such as Osangar, DavidArguna, Veri, and Charm donate their time to these clinics, making SL a better place for all avatars.

Sex ReSearch clinic on SL:

Inquiries: VeritasMcMaster Resident (Veri), Carmen Berman (Charm)
Group: Sex ReSearch

Schedule of Performances for Week of July 26 at PETRA's

Tuesday, July 28

2pm    Lisa Brune
6p-8p  Edian Tey

Wednesday, July 29

3pm   Agatha Martin
4pm   Savannah Rain
5pm   Djembe Dragonfire
6pm  Noma Falta
7pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, July 30

5pm   Wolfie Moonshadow
6pm   Turner Harbrough
7pm to 9pm   A Double Shot of Wayne Davis

Friday, July 31

2pm   Max Kleene
3pm   AMforte Clarity
4pm   Annette Cifuentes
5pm  Savannah Rain
6pm  Red Heaven
7pm  TwinGhost ronas
8pm  Voodoo Shilton
9pm  Funky Freddy Republic


Monday, July 27, 2020

Hoot Suite Art Gallery is happy to have MAREEA FARRASCO

“Painting Summer”
July 26 – August 23rd

You are invited to the Opening Party 
Monday, July 27th  
Noon – 1pm
THE VINNIE SHOW!  will share his LIVE Music with us!


One of the fun parts of writing for a major SL Publication like the SL Enquirer is that I get to see many of the BEST sims on the grid. And, true to form, Eris Isle is certainly among the Best of the Best. Whether you are looking for romance, adventure, fantasy, art, or just a really neat place to while away the hours while you get your daily dose of SecondLife, Eris Isle is THE place to be. I caught up with Pablo Nova and Co-Owner Karma Koppel the other day and they graciously agreed to answer a few questions about their pixeled creation.

JOSH BELLIC (JB): Hi there Pablo and Karma. Thanks for agreeing to take time out of the creative process and speak to me. So then, what can you tell me about the Eris Ise difference? What makes Eris distinctive among the hundreds of other sims out there?

Pablo Nova (PN): Eris Isle is in many ways like other sims. We offer photogenic experiences, DJ/live music events, art exhibitions, backdrops, romance settings, weddings, rentals, and many fun and beautiful places to explore. What makes us different is in our presentation. With a 30K prim sim, we decided to go 99% mesh. That gave us the resources to design the sim with a reasonably realistic natural look. It took weeks of carefully laying down landforms, rocks, cliff/mountain faces, beaches, grass (omg grass), bushes, shrubs, trees, and a few structures to ultimately create what Eris Isle is today. We spent hours upon hours exploring other sims and perusing the marketplace in an attempt to find the highest quality objects to make the best-looking sim possible. We think we at least achieved a unique look, something that you won't see elsewhere in Second Life. And, that's not even mentioning the things we built up in the sky!

JB: So, tell me guys. Where did the idea come from for Eris Isle? What was your inspiration?

PN: Eris Isle brings together all the things we love about SL. We wanted to build a community around those interests. We started off with a small parcel of land and kept talking about all the things we wanted to do. The ideas kept growing and we expanded into larger parcels of land until we quite impulsively acquired the sim. Our inspiration simply comes from our love of SL. Eris Isle is our way of giving back to the SL community.

JB: What sorts of things can people do at Eris Isle? What can they expect when they get to the Landing Area?

PN: Exploration and photography are the main activities of the sim. From the welcome area, one can go either right or left and ultimately make a full circle back to the welcome area. Along the way, they'll discover numerous fun things to do and see. If someone wants a quick overview, we do offer automated hot air balloon tours of the sim! While the ground level is meant for exploration and hanging out, we also offer a few things up in the sky including a vast backdrop collection and photographic studio area; a themed Cyberpunk venue called "The Compound"; automated wedding services; and an art gallery and ballroom. Altogether, Eris Isle has 3 venues and hosts DJs and musicians from all genres of music.

JB: I saw you have a place called “Seaside Shores”.... It looks like a throwback to the 1960s? What is Seaside Shores all about?

PN: I'm really glad you saw that. I think subconsciously I wanted something akin to a vintage artist commune look to the area.

JB: And what about “The Compound”? Now THAT looks like a scene straight out of a B-rated monster movie like Godzilla or Mothra.

PN: The idea was to mix older Japanese buildings with a few sci-fi or dystopian props to give it a darkish cyberpunk look. It is one of three venues at Eris Isle and is also a themed photogenic area for making videos or taking photos.

JB: I am loving “Backdrops”. In fact, I have already shared that with a couple of my photographer friends. What an AWESOME collection you have there. What is THAT all about?

PN: Backdrops are another aspect of being a photography sim. Eris Isle ground level and "The Compound" are all themed areas meant to attract SL artists to come and use the assets of the sim for their own creativity. The 100s of backdrops we offer is just us trying to offer visitors as many photographic opportunities as possible. We want you to stay on our sim! Also, backdrops are cool.

JB: Eris Isle truly does look like a photographer’s Paradise. Are either of you photographers in RL?

PN: I was an amateur photographer and digital photographic artist in a previous life time.

JB: Pablo and Karma…I see you are not only partners here, but RL partners as well. How did you happen to get involved in SecondLife together? Could you share some of that story as well?

PN: We met in SecondLife and within a couple of months made the move to RL. We've been living happily together for over 2 years and only recently got back into SL when we decided to start Eris Isle.

JB: I understand you sometimes host events here? Where might our readers go to see “What’s Happening” at Eris Isle?

PN: Yes, it has always been our intention to be an events-driven sim. There are a couple of places people can go to see what’s happening. You can check out the Eris Isle Facebook page at : Or, if you are more into the visual, you can go to the Eris Isle Flickr site at: Additionally, they can join Eris Isle Events, the name of our free SL group.

JB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

PN: Eris Isle is a place of expansive beauty. If you haven't visited yet, please come and have a look and join our group to keep up-to-date with all of our events. We also want you to know that we are a safe space and do not discriminate or condone any type of violence or hate speech. We built Eris Isle to be a place of love. So, please come and spend some time with us!

So, there you have it, folks. Eris Isle is a place you do NOT want to miss. Rarely will you find such an eclectic assembly of romance, cyberpunk, photography, sea, and sand all wrapped up in one beautiful package. So much to see in a single visit. This will definitely make it onto your “favs” list.

But don’t take MY word for it – go see it for yourself.

Eris Isle! Be there! Aloha!!



Sunday, July 26, 2020


The dazzling Canadian Avalon Chrome was proclaimed LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR on Sunday in a very close competition that lasted four hours!

Australian Charlotte Chisolm finished second while American Aealla Illyar took third.

Twelve finalists were in the race for this prestigious title which was accompanied by a first prize of L $ 50,000 in cash. The runners up, for their part, received L $ 10,000 in cash each.

''WOW! I'm in complete shock, '' Avalon exclaimed as she hurriedly put on the precious crown of diamonds, pearls and aquamarines created for her by Zuri Rayna.
''What a thrilling ride this has been and I'm both surprised and elated that I've arrived here. Lag-walking, but here!

The day had started badly for Avalon. Her Firestorm viewer was no longer working and she had to relearn quickly the Second Life viewer. ''I was stressed and I posed too fast in the second walk,'' relates the new LUXE Paris ambassador. '' I was sure I blew it! So when i heard my name, I was absolutely floored! I started to shake and hyperventilate and my RL husband was scared for me lol... He does not know much about SL and he was surprised to see that winning this contest was having such effect on me! Once reassured, he went to get me a good cup of wine to celebrate!''

Professional model for four years, Avalon says she prepared for this competition as for a real job in RL. `` I really got involved and I was confident but at the same time I knew that I was up against several very beautiful and very talented competitors. ''

If Avalon's surprise was great, imagine that of Charlotte Chisolm, the first runner up. The beautiful Australian never hit the runway before she enter the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition! But with intensive modeling training at In-Nova Academy and the coaching of the top models Ponchituti Boucher and Vianna Oaks from One On One Modeling Agency, Charlotte has proven to be a tremendous asset to the fashion world!

The exquisite Aealla Illyar, a professional model for 12 years, also shone with all her fires, winning the third position brilliantly. In fact, all the finalists showed a very beautiful elegance and a lot of creativity, offering a spectacle of great quality.

The members of the jury did not have it easy and this is not surprising when we know that the 12 finalists were chosen from 326 entries.

Twelve personalities from the fashion world as well as the business and media circles have join LUXE Paris designers, PARISIAN SKYTOWER and MIKA PALMYRA, in the judges' stand: ADONIS LUBOMIR, owner of Swank Event, AHN AVION, owner of the Womenstuff group, AVA JHAMIN, owner of L'Amour Diversity magazine, CHEMA K, owner of SL Confidencial magazine, EVER COURTOIS, owner/designer of Tone Makeup, FROLIC MILLS, founder of BOSL and Miss Virtual World, LANAI JARRICO, owner of The SL Enquirer, NAAR REXEN, owner of In-Nova Model Training Academy and winner LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2017, NANY JURADO, owner/designer of Bon Amour Hairs and winner LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2018, PONCHITUTI BOUCHER, owner of ProPoses Modeling Poses and One on One Modeling Agency, QUINTE, winner of LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2019, and ZURI RAYNA, owner/designer of Zuri Jewelry.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

GeekSpeak – What frightens you the most about the Future? Join the discussion Saturday July 25th at 12pm SLT

When you lie awake in the middle of the night, filled with fear about the future, what do you fear most?  There is so much that can potentially go wrong and kill us all.  So we wonder what is at the top of your list.  What danger do you see ahead of us as a species?  Or as a planet?  A killer virus, an asteroid, nuclear war, rogue AI?  What scares you the most?
Come and tell us your deepest fears.  The most creative and convincing answer gets a prize.  Bring your friends and protective gear!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at the GeekSpeak auditorium at 1pm SLT, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Upgrading to Mesh -Sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting

Are you ready to upgrade your avatar to mesh, but don't know where to start? And just what is Bento? Well, today is your lucky day, as I will be explaining to all of the ladies out there (gentlemen many of these stores offer male versions) just what is available to make your body and face mesh. So without further ado, let's get started!

To make things easier for all involved, I will breaking up this big topic into categories. If you are interested in a specific subgroup, just scroll down.

What is Bento exactly? Simply put, Bento is an extra set of bones. This could be seen best in the hands and in the face. Those who use Bento, especially enjoy the facial feature, as they are able to create a truly personalized face; even more so than a system one.

Maitreya Lara- This body is what I have seen those who are in the fashion industry has. It comes with several skin preset skin tones and nail options. SPRO TIP: Do you see a line between your head and your neck? Get rid of it by clicking neck fix on the hud that Maitreya Lara comes with.
Price:  L$2,750

This company sells three different bodies: Venus, Isis and Freya and are Bento. These bodies pretty much work the same as Maitreya Lara, except they are Bento and more customization for their skins is available.
Price: L$4,499


This business offers two types of bodies: Physique and Physique Hourglass. As with the other two bodies, they operate in the exact same manner. But, the things that make these special is that those who are furries can also use these.
Price: L$1,250

This store has several bodies for sale: Perky, Feminine and Pregnancy Edition. While these still work like the ones that I mentioned, they also allow clothing that are made for other mesh bodies to fit theirs.
Price: L$5,000.

This shop offers many different types of bodies and they all come with heads. All are Bento as well. They too work just like all of the other bodies that I have mentioned.
Price: L$4,899.

Catwa-Bento and a non-Bento versions of these heads is available. Mesh heads do operate just like mesh bodies, as in the way that it comes with a hud that has preset skin tones, lipsticks, hair bases, and blushes. Skins, makeup, and hair bases that are made for Catwa or are Omega Compatible or Baked On Mesh can be bought to change up your look.
Prices range from L900-L$5,000

This shop sells many different types of heads and work just like the Catwa head.
Price: L3,990

But whoa! Wait a minute! I just bought a mesh body and/or ahead, but how the heck do I wear it/them? I probably should have started with that huh? But to answer your question, If your body and/or head is/are not already in a folder in your inventory, find it/them in your Objects folder and rez it/them on the ground. Right-click on the box on the floor and select copy into inventory. Once the product folders are your inventory, find the body and/or head and the appropriate alphas and wear them all. Vioala!
Do you want some extra help in creating the perfect look for you or perhaps are just too overwhelmed with all of the options available? I sat down with a person who transforms people into gorgeous beings. Read on to learn more about this amazing woman.

sarahelisebeth Brenham: It's an accepted fact that you are an expert in blending skin tones from a different body and head, such as Maitreya and Catwa together seamlessly to create a beautiful look. Could please explain how to do this.

NANY Jurado: Hello, thank you for the invitation to give my opinion on this subject that I am so passionate about.I tell you that I have been an image consultant in second life for more than 4 years, where I give my knowledge in skin tones and remember the different stores that have variety and look for the best option for each person.I also like to explain each step I make in each makeover, I like to hear the person's voice, you know their favorite colors, which are tastes in hair and eye color if they have any reference.There is a host of details that I like to know so that I can find the best option for each person. Likewise, I guide or indicate if they do not know how to use the applicators, hud be of the head and body with all the pleasure, I show them step by step how to learn to use it and thus achieve details and a magnificent appearance unique to each person.

SB:  In your opinion, what do you feel are the best bodies and heads on the market right now?

NJ: Wonderful question I would like to be very sincere in this way of image consultant, most of the body and heads have gone through my work platform and as new products come out I investigate them and let me tell you that they all have details that make it all pleasant They are good since they give the possibility that each person take his own personality give that touch of difference in this wonderful world. As an image consultant I love my work and here I give you the option that you feel unique and harmonious with your beautiful appearance in this virtual world.

SB: If someone wants to hire you to make them over, What would your fee be?

NJ: L$2,500. 2 hours where I edit if shape, we look for skin, hair, eyes, I teach how to use the applicators and doubts that come, I advise on the appropriate clothing and I take it to stores if it is necessary to look for his new image and much more

So there you have it, my guide to upgrading your avatar to either partial mesh or fully mesh. Happy shopping!