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Thursday, August 25, 2016

!Pleasure Seekers; A Place where Beautiful People Meet for Poly Play- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

How many times have you visited an adult venue and all you see is noobs waddling about asking for sex or escorts cat calling to turn tricks with any random Tom, Dick or Harry looking for cheap thrills? The boredom is apparent and the pickings are slim when it comes to finding the perfect playmate that can wow you with their emoting skills.
 The days of fruitless wandering are over and it is time for the adults to come out and play. There are many grown up playgrounds andnude beaches across the grid, but do they practice quality over quantity?  !Pleasure Seekers is the place to be for No BS, just fun and mingling with like minded lovers. One man seems to understand what it takes to weed out the mundane and provide a place where true Poly is practiced.
Owned and operated by Ex Dezno and his management team of beauties, !Pleasure Seekers is a  Forest and Beach Venue;  a must see on your Poly Play Itinerary.

The SL Enquirer sat down with Ex to learn more about him and what inspired him to design  a stunning place.

Interview with Ex Dezno (extreme.dezno)

Hi Ex, I have to say !Pleasure Seekers is a stunning new Poly venue on the grid. Your attention to detail tells me that this isn’t just another raunchy venue slapped together for the sake of somewhere to bump and grind. It has class and what makes it unique is your initiative to help avatars prime themselves for a great visually stimulating experience. Can you tell our readers what inspired you to create !Pleasure Seekers and what they can expect?

Ex: What inspired me? You already said it, it's hard to go to any sim that is focused more about the quality of the avatars, instead of worrying about numbers. We don't care about the numbers, we want people to see others on a sim that turn them on, and for me, the sight of 20 system avatars doesn't work for me. Plus, I'm banned from all the other beaches on the grid, so why not open my own? *laughs*

One of the most important parts in running a successful atmosphere is a team of people willing to dedicate their time to make it great. Tell me a little about your team and what they do.

Ex: Jade has helped decorate the sim, everything from helping shop for furniture, to placing trees and grass in the right spots. She's also a DJ, she does photography and helps manage the day to day. She also started a Facebook and Flickr page for the sim. Saucy is also a talented photographer. She has also helped decorate. They have both been helpful in getting the sim to the place it is now, with their ideas and input.
The Poly lifestyle can be interpreted in many different ways, how do you interpret it?

Ex: I interpret it as an unselfish way to show more than one person that you care about, that you do not have to be restricted to just loving one person; emotionally or sexually. It's a personal freedom, but there has to be 100% trust, and despite what most think, it's not just about going out and "hooking up" with randoms.  It's a relationship with all people involved. To me, it's not cheating. It's being open about your feelings and there can be no secrets at all between all parties.

Well said.
First impressions are paramount in Second Life as they are in the real world but in a virtual world where we can mold our appearance, our look precede us until we become verbal in a crowd. That is when personalities can make or break that first impression and create an interest or cause others to be turned off.  What are your thoughts on that?

Ex: Being in SL as long as I have, I have seen a lot of people in various entertainment and social situations, it's easy to weed out the ones who pretend to be something they are not just by one conversation, whether it be in voice or text. I'm a very good judge of character. Being a business owner in real life, it's become easy for me to see through people, and that has helped in here. As far as the visual and appearance, I think the basis of this sim answers that. As Jade would say, "It's my SL, I like for things to be pretty around me", and I figure I'm not alone in that.

I noticed in the welcome note card I received at the landing point offers avatars various options for creating a primed and ready avatar. This is a great service you provide to those that can use a little help in the upgrading department.  What tips can you offer people who want to impress the ladies or men that frequent! Pleasure Seekers?

Ex: In SL, there are many, many talented bloggers that go out of their way to weed out the quality creators and designers across the grid. I would advise those new to the mesh body/head/clothing wave, join clothing groups, mesh body groups, ask questions, check out the sales, click links, check out the fairs and events that are happening. Pay attention to what others are saying. But most importantly, do not be afraid to demo..Everything. You may stumble across something you like, that you were unsure about just by discussion.
What type of activities and events can Poly guests experience at !Pleasure Seekers?

Ex: We have the table version of Truth or Dare, we have a "nuts & bolts" kind of game with keys where singles can hook up and spend time together. We have fun things like body shots at the bar, parties with DJs, games, lots of conversation and discussing whatever anyone wants to discuss. We have lots of beautiful places around the sim to spend some quiet time, or if you are so inclined, we have lots of group furniture available for use.

Do you have a group guests can join to stay in the know about events and activities?

Ex: Yes we do, there is a group joiner at the landing, that anyone can join. There is a one time fee to join the group, as the sim will be changing over to group access only in the coming weeks.

That is good to know. Do guests have to be poly to be part of the group to experience certain activities or games?

Ex: No, they can be curious about the lifestyle, have questions, be open to learning more, etc. We have couples that have joined the group, and visit the sim, so there is always a discussion to new visitors about the possibility of seeing people who do enjoy the lifestyle on the sim, and the hope that they aren't easily offended by that.

Do you have rules or expectation of guests who visit  !Pleasure Seekers such as etiquette, dress code, language or behavior in open chat?

Ex: I would say more about etiquette, always be respectful to everyone. Dress code, I think would fall under the expectation of caring what your appearance is, since SL is a very visual platform. We have no problem with language, unless it's rude or disrespectful, but as far as the language barrier, most of the visitors are English speaking, but as long as there is an understanding via it being a second language, or a translator, we have no problems with that. Behavior at Pleasure Seekers will always be watched, because there are so many different personalities, and interpretations of the poly lifestyle, that any type of rudeness, disrespect, vulgar behavior toward another avatar will not tolerated.

Griefers, Child Avies and Age play has been a problem in SL for a long time. How do you keep these types of avies out?

Ex: Scrutinizing every avatar that comes to the sim, from checking out their appearance, their profile, their groups, to see if there is a possibility of age play or someone playing a child avie. I know every single member of the group, and for new members/visitors, I talk to them, get to know a little about them, what makes them tick, before they are even invited to join the group.

It sounds like you have a great plan in place for !Pleasure Seekers.  It ‘s  been a pleasure to meet you  and learn more about  this new venue. I like your straight forward, no BS attitude. !Pleasure Seekers truly has a nice atmosphere and the little time I’ve spent just relaxing by the pool has been a pleasure that I’ve been seeking. Is there anything else you wish to share with our readers?

Ex: I think everything has been shared, except just saying, stop in, have a look around, see what you think about it, and join us. Invite your friends and let's just have a great time and party.

Additional Information:
Teleport Now!
Group: secondlife:///app/group/07d9d559-b513-1c7c-1f57-f4153f8bbcdc/about

Preferred Contact: Extreme Dezno

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Temptation awaits you at this round of Suicide Dollz until 1PM SLT August 26

Explore the Suicide Dollz event's newest round from 1PM SLT August 14 until 1PM SLT August 26th. As Second Life's longest running alternative themed, bi-weekly shopping event, established in 2013, we continuously strive to bring you the best products by some of the grid's most recognized designers. The current round will run for two weeks before closing on Friday August 26th at 1PM SLT. For any questions, please send a NC in-world to Selene Starflare or email to

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The After-hours District is an SL initiative that began with the idea of bringing together all the creative businesses in SL.

Come and take a walk in our beautiful shopping district in sl ,our streets are inspired of 19th century with stunning Victorian building all together with glimpses of mysterious, dark and misty streets,vintage atmosphere characterized by refinement and magnificence… it impossible not to fall in love the moment you step on inside.
The After-hours District is a sl initiative that began with the idea of bringing together all the creative businesses in SL. Today its comprises of 40 shops including jewelry makers, design and furniture shops, fashion stores, and one event building.

Our  big opening party is this month August 
 28th 12pm slt to 8pm slt with incredible djs line up: 12pm-Chu,1pm- Hermano,2pm- Bander, 3pm-Chad, 4pm- Dru, 5pm DJ Kash! 6pm-Chavyl ,7pm-Lichi 8pmDj Joox

I would like to thanks all our team for the incredible work, from owners managers , photographers, Bloggers, friends, tenants and all support from everyone

Sunday, August 21, 2016

BREAKING NEWS! An Attempted Griefing on Lanai Jarrico by quil Biscuit goes wrong

This just in! 

Sunday August 21, 2016- Sundays are usually days to unwind after a long weekend of club hopping and chillin with friends. It is also the day that griefers run amok in Second Life seeking unsuspecting avatars to pester. One such griefer by the name of quil Biscuit decided to skip the safe hubs and sandboxes and go straight for the head of SLE media. Little did he know Ms Jarrico bites back…

[12:47] quil Biscuit: hey Lanai , have you got like 60L i could borrow

(without question Lanai drops him 60L)

[12:49] quil Biscuit: cheers FOR DATTTTTTTTTT

[12:50] Lanai Jarrico: *shakes head* yw broke ass

[12:50] quil Biscuit: :Danother twentyll help if you got it to spare Rich Bitch :P

[12:51] Lanai Jarrico: nah but I can definitely make you a star

 [12:51] quil Biscuit: LMFAO with your news station yeah ? :P

[12:51] Lanai Jarrico: send me a mugshot

[12:52] quil Biscuit: nah your okay :)

[12:53] Lanai Jarrico: aww punking out on sending me snapshot of your avie?

[12:53] quil Biscuit: Punkin out what does that even mean hoe ....?

[12:54] Lanai Jarrico: lol the only bitch ass hoe up in this conversation is asking a woman for 60L. That's a damn shame and on top of that you think you are all cool because you curse in caps. lmao!

[12:55] Lanai Jarrico: I hope that 60L  is worth it you  clown.

[12:55] quil Biscuit: I dont think im cool ..........

[12:55] Lanai Jarrico: lol  you’re a clown

[12:55] quil Biscuit: Deep
[12:55] quil Biscuit: Dis shit Deep
[12:55] quil Biscuit: Amma Cry Nyugga

[12:56] Lanai Jarrico: lol tell me where you are. TP me if you got the balls

[12:56] quil Biscuit: Your so serious about everything woman Really brings out your eyes

[12:57] Lanai Jarrico: is that you being a bitch not trying to tp me?  Come on bring it. If you are going to grief someone make sure it’s with a noob or something.  Tacky ass

[12:58] quil Biscuit: Bring what ? a Condom ... a Beer a glash of shardinae ... Greif you havent seen greif :( I LOST MY 12th DOG IN A FIRE THATS GREIF

[12:59] Lanai Jarrico: here 10L for the entertainment. Bye broke ass.

[12:59] quil Biscuit: Cheers Love you bitch ... See you ON DA SET NYUGGGAAAAA

[12:59] Lanai Jarrico: see you clown.

[13:00] Second Life: quil Biscuit is offline.

SKEW2 is closing for a rebrand.

All SKEW2 mens and womens outfits are L$150 to clear, but there are only 10 of each item left!  Once they're gone, they're gone!

Hop on over to and grab a deal today! 

Flipboard: The Value of Virtual Worlds- David Chalmers

If I build a business in Second Life, is that less meaningful than building a business in the non-virtual world? If I fall in love in virtual reality, is the relationship less significant?...Read more

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Spotlight on TX Gear Mainstore and the man behind High Quality and Innovative Gadgets and Script Packages, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Tractors, Helicoptors, Media and more- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In Second Life if you can imagine it, you can build it or have it build for you by a creator. What takes many of us just minutes to purchase takes top creators months and even years to perfect. One such creator has spent the last 2 years out of 8 focused on realistic vehicles with high quality scripts and innovative products.
Tech Robonaught has pushed the Second Life industrial market into high gear. Approximately 98% of what he sells is full permissions and affordable. That is almost unheard of. Tech also invented the first trailering and fueling systems as well as a tow package, hydraulics, gadgets and more for those who like big trucks and highly detailed vehicles.

Interview with Tech Robonaught
Congratulations on become an SL Millionaire in you’re the first year with TX Mainstore.  That means your creations are in high demand. I’ve seen many vehicles in Second Life but not to the degree of your work. What inspired you to build the truck and tractor trailer market in Second Life? Are these vehicles fully operational?

Tech:  Thanks.  The reason behind the invention of the TX Trailer and Tow, (which was the first release or the scriptset which has evolved into TX Truck and Trailer) is pretty simple.  I got angry. I can explain ...  A couple of years ago, everyone was building cars and bikes and I wanted to build Tractors and Trailers.  The vehicle scripts were plentiful to make the trucks, but absolutely nothing was available for making Trailers.  I visited the one shop I could find that had a couple of trailers for sale.  (copy- no modify) I tried to inquire as to how they worked.  Builder wouldnt discuss it.  So that made me angry and I proposed I would invent something ANYONE could use and build trailers with. So I did. I found out only recently, his trailers were purely physical and had a speed limit before disconnecting of about 30 Kmph.  So they wouldnt have been the answer I wanted anyways.  Mine are part physics and part scripting, can go as fast as sim conditions will allow, up and down hills, have working features like lights and air brakes and more ... Once the trailer was done, I found normal vehicle scripts lacked things I wanted, like inverted reverse steering, for backing trailers up, is a more natural way to steer, slower speeds and lower / closer together gear ratios, brakes, locking mechanisms and such for the trailers built into the truck again, caused me to wrote my own ... what I couldn't figure out, I hired out.   I'm rambling now ... anyhow, its spawned an entire new market, not only for vehicle builders, but for truck shells, trailer shells, sound and pose makers as well.  To finish my answer, yes, your Truck and Trailer package some with a fully assembled roadworthy Tractor and Trailer. Full permissions.

Besides creators, many don’t really understand the detailed work what goes into designing and building functional vehicles. Finding the right textures and scripts to make them as realistic as possible is a big part of it. Can you give our readers a little insight on what it takes to create one of your trucks?
Tech: Blender is a great tool so is photoshop.  Once your mesh model is in world and textured its set up very much the same way that one would build a bike or a car. Main scripts and sounds and poses go into your root prim along with engine scripts ... the Truck also has whats called a Soft Lock ... a specially desinged prim that holds a script to call and attach the trailer ... about 6 months ago we invented an autoconnect that automatically connects the trailer int he correct position with the hitch so with a couple of button presses in the menu the trailer is connected. Prior to that it took edit mode or some real good driving. Once the trailer is connected, another script relays information to things like brakes and lights so all the brake lights, reverse lights, 4 way flashers even the turn signals work on the trailers even tho they are not linked in anyway to the truck. Its just being pulled behind. 

Scripting is definitely for those with patience and attention to detail. Do you create your own scripts?
Tech:  I do 90% of my own work. In the instance I cant figure something out, or lack time, I hire it done. So I too contribute to the economy.

Not only do you create trucks, you also build trailer attachments. What is the trailering system and how do it work?
Tech:  (I think I covered it above?) Sorry?  lol

I’ve seen mock gas stations in SL but never a fueling system. Can you explain what it is used?
Tech:  There are a couple of other fueling systems in SL. But neither of them allow the owner of the gas station to make money selling fuel, and neither of them are vehicle specific.  For example, my system uses real mpg. So therefore you wouldn't expect a compact car to get the same mileage as a Tractor Trailer right?  With mine they don't. Mileage varies, and, the station owner can not only regulate their own prices, they can sell gasoline or diesel fuel. What?  You don't think I'm going to build Semi trucks and run them on gasoline do you?  :D  By the way, the vehicle portion of the TXAGO Fuel system is available for free on my sim so vehicle owners can outfit their vehicles with my fuel system for free...

Can you share with our readers the other type of vehicles, add ons and gadgets that can be found at TX Mainstore?

Tech:  There are a few lightweight handy scripts ive written, a Hydraulics Script kit with a HUD, Helicopter Script Kit, a Police Package with a very nice Police Car shell inside + Scripted police lights of various types, siren, wheels, pushbar, even a working radar gun... I also offer a beginners Chopper scriptset for 699L for those on a budget who want to build bikes.  My latest invention is TX Drive and Drag... a vehicle scriptset that can be used in two modes, for Drag racing, or normal every day driving.  Tons of features ... are we posting pics?  Like you mentioned before, about 95 % of my scripting is full permissions, so I encourage people to tear it apart and learn from it... I'm sure I am forgetting stuff ...

Many avies in SL like to find unique things that no one else has.  Do you create custom vehicles? If so, how can they be ordered?
Tech:  No.  That is one thing I do not do.  LOL!  BUT that being said I know plenty of VERY talented builders who have built amazing and unique things using my scripts and parts, and they love to show off ...

Your work is very impressive. You don’t just build vehicles and their accessories. You also dabble in media. I noticed your shop with TVs and Radios. How do they differ from the other media tools available in SL?

Tech:  I have a couple of unique 'old school" land radios. one displays the Station Song and Artist on the front screen in a variety of colors ... not xyz text on a prim, self serving prim html is used, the rest of my stuff is either again for builders or even home builders, using media on a prim technology I am able to host the web that is served up on them and people can use them ot make interesting and unique things... now you can watch a movie anywhere in SL or listen to your radio on your bike and others can hear it too as you drive by, media on a prim has made possibilities almost endless if you have the know how to toss up a website... (which I do) ... another unique thing ive done is hidden those links form the everyday passerby ... so our content cant be stolen and served up on someone elses TV or (yes people have even made movie theatres with it) ...

There are reseller vendors available. What is the incentive for merchants who wish to sell your products?
Tech:  25% is the incentive.  Many things I have created this year I havent had time to vendor yet, but I will, eventually, if I ever stop having ideas ...

I am impressed by your talent and sure there is more to come. Is there anything  you’d like to share with our readers about your upcoming creations?

Tech:  Thank you Lanai ... I'd just like to remind our readers that we are always dropping new vehicle shells for builders and always coming up with innovative products... the SL builders community has been good to me and I plan on sticking around to continue to make new exciting stuff for everyone to enjoy ... here's a hint ... do you know your car sounds different from the front than from the back?  Think about that .... 

Additional information:
Group:  secondlife:///app/group/796e6fad-d120-0feb-294b-eba840babe3e/about

Preferred Contact: email ... or in world...

SL Newser Reports: Man Pleads Guilty to Second Life Land Fraud in Real Life Court

While the goings-on in virtual worlds are beyond the understanding of many in real life, the court system found a scam involving thousands of dollars done online clear enough to bring to real life court. In this case, a man plead guilty to swindling a woman in a Second Life real estate deal.... read more

Friday, August 19, 2016

GizzA Creations: Summer Steamed up with the new GizzA - Regina Lace Bodysuit.

 A lace, semi sheer bodysuit that accentuates your feminine curves and flashes a cheeky view at your best assets.

GizzA - Regina Lace Bodysuit comes 1 colorpack which holds both the black and white version, and is available for standard SL system body layers as well as mesh body appliers for the Maitreya, Slink and Belleza bodies. Also added is the OMEGA applier. 


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Spotlight on Suicide Dollz- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Established in 2013, Suicide Dollz is one of Second Life’s longest running bi-weekly events that take place every other Sunday of each month. This event features fashion, accessories, make-up, tattoos, furniture, decoration and more with a unique darker side of Second Life style. Themes include Rock, Goth, sexy and fetish items created by over 100 designers.
The SL Enquirer sat down with Selene Starflare to learn more about Suicide Dollz and their events.
Hi Selene, I want to congratulate you on the success of Suicide Dollz. Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what inspired you to create these events?
Selene: Thank you very much! As the manager for Suicide Dollz, I handle the day to day tasks that come up with the event. These include CSR, clerical, branding/marketing, designer recruitment, opening/closing events, etc. The current owner of Suicide Dollz is Cindyjr85 Skytower. She was able to let me know the reason why she created the event. When she started it, there were no ongoing dark style events to showcase designers in one place. In her opinion, there weren’t many stores catering to the darker style of second life at that time. As time has passed many more darker style stores have been introduced and our list of designers has continued to grow.

Fashion is a way we can all express ourselves without words. What does fashion mean to you and how would you describe your personal style?
Selene: Fashion is large part of Second Life in general. Personally one of the larger reasons I enjoy SL is the creative designs that can only be found in-world. Being able to dress in a way that you may not be able to afford in RL is a huge plus! My personal sense of style tends to fluctuate day to day. One day you will see me wearing the pinkest, frilliest outfit with a unicorn in my hands and the next in a gory kimono with my katana at my side. You can even occasionally find me casually wearing sweats and a tank top. I enjoy all the different styles of fashion you can find within SL and that is part of what makes Second Life so incredible.

I remember when Goth was very popular in SL around the time when Bloodlines was new and booming.  Trends change in fashion, in both the real world and in Second Life, but nonetheless there is a still a huge market for the themes you feature in Suicide Dollz events. Besides Goth, what other types of unique things do you feature?
Selene: Suicide Dollz may offer Goth themed products but our event caters to the darker side of SL. You can find things for alternative lifestyles, as well as unique dark, rock, dirty, sexy, and naughty items. Suicide Dollz is also lucky enough to feature men’s items as well. You can find everything from fashion to home decor. We’ve even had skyboxes available at our event! We offer a large range of products for all of your deepest desires and fetishes.

Suicide Dollz events feature over 100 designers from across the grid. This is very impressive and gives shoppers a wide variety of unique items to browse and buy.  To keep your event high quality, what do you look for in designers who want to be part of these events?
Selene: We look for originality, uniqueness, consistency, and quality. We have many mesh and applier designers currently but continue to look for those who produce original mesh as well. The age of the store is no concern as long as quality and consistency can be shown. We look for designers whom’s products fit our theme, be it dark, adult, or alternative.

Besides all the vendors exhibiting at Suicide Dollz events, what types of entertainment do you provide. Do you hold contests?
Selene: We currently do not run contests on a regular basis but do provide free group gifts periodically. We also hold an annual anniversary round closer towards the end of the year. It is much more larger than our normal 30-34 designers per round. We are considering a photography contest for our anniversary round near the end of the year.

If a designer is interested in being part of your events, what must they do to join?
Selene: If a designer is interested in our event, all they would need to do is visit our website at, click on the Apply drop down at the top of the page, and select Designer Application. This will take you directly to our designer application. We are always looking for talented designers to join our event and welcome all applications from stores of any age.

Currently Suicide Dollz is running an event from July 31st to August 12th at else do these events take place and where will the next one be?
Selene: Currently Suicide Dollz is only held at but we do hold an annual anniversary round that will feature many more designers than our standard 30-34. The event is bi-weekly and starts every other Sunday at 1PM SLT. The next event will open on August 14th and run until August 26th at 1PM SLT.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Selene: We make sure to post a shopping guide on our Blog for each round as a courtesy to our patrons. Our team continuously strives to make Suicide Dollz Second Life’s premiere dark themed event!

Additional Information:
Preferred Contact: Selene Starflare (in-world) or Selene Davenport (Facebook)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Take a walk on the Dark Side with Suicide Dollz from Aug 14 - Aug 26

Explore the Suicide Dollz event's newest round from 1PM SLT August 14 until 1PM SLT August 26th. As Second Life's longest running alternative themed, bi-weekly shopping event, established in 2013, we continuously strive to bring you the best products by some of the grid's most recognized designers. The current round will run for two weeks before closing on Friday August 26th at 1PM SLT. For any questions, please send a NC in-world to Selene Starflare or email to

Sound Drop Presents Motley Crue Live Performed by TOXIC Mayhem Aug. 21 @4 PM SLT


* SECOND LIFE GROUP  secondlife:///app/group/e78fd8fd-05ae-cae6-8141-318ae2d4783d/about

Monday, August 15, 2016

LibertಠJourneys Proves That Musical Journeys Truly Are Never Ending- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Music is found in every known culture, including the most isolated tribal groups throughout world history.  According to archaeological discoveries; musical instruments have been found and dated back approximately 50,000 years.  
Today with growing technology music of all genres can be easily accessible via handheld devices, the internet and within virtual worlds across the World Wide Web. It has become part of our daily lives in many ways. We listen to it in our cars, at events, in movies not to mention it being essential at parties. What is it about music that makes it so popular that it keeps evolving?

Music evokes emotions of love, nostalgia and even shares the trials and tribulations of experiences that many can relate to. The lyrics in a song tell a story and the beat enhances it.

The SL Enquirer sat down with ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67) from LibertಠJourneys to learn more about The BullRing Family and what inspired their musical journey.

Interview with ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67)

What is LibertಠJourneys, it’s purpose and core principles?

· ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67):  Well the purpose is easy, we love to have fun and we love to share that with those who we are honored to come in contact with. As for the core principles of L² Journeys, that goes a little deeper. Over time we have come to appreciate music both on the surface, one song at a time, and deep below through the interpretive meanings… We have really engaged with stringing sounds and partial songs together in order to take a listener on an adventure of emotion and creative ideas. This has driven us to work very hard to make this journey come to life

When was it established?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67): We have all been to music festivals in Second Life, and they have all been great, but last Spring 2015 we had a burning desire to do something different. Rather than focus on the entertainers, focus on the art that they create and offer. That’s when the light bulbs started firing up.

Can you tell me about The BullRing Family and LibertಠJourneys and how members work together in Second Life?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67): The family is structured in much the way a corporation would be, since it is an enterprise. Working in the corporate world for so many years has left its influence on me. Working together becomes less a hurdle when goals are shared, and because what we do is totally in service of others, I have been blessed with a family of very kind hearted and loving people.

Can anyone join LibertಠJourneys and the Bullring Family?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67):
All are welcome to join LibertಠJourneys… We hope to see as many people there as possible.  The festival grounds opened on August 12 and will stay open to the public until the festival closes on the night of Sunday August 21st.  The Bullring Family itself is a more exclusive group, the people in the family have been together going on almost 4 years now… through blood sweat and tears we have formed a bond that can only be achieved through learning and growing together over time… All are welcome to come hang out, get to know us!

Music serves many purposes throughout our lives and songs holds different meaning to different people, what does it mean to you and why do you think it is so popular?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67): Rhythm is something that we become thoroughly familiar with in the womb listening to the 2 beat count of our Mother’s heart. The same rhythm is present all through our lives as we walk right foot; left foot. The vast majority of western music is based on this 2 count so it really cannot help but to resonate with us on many levels. Once that connection is felt, all else falls into place and guides on journeys of unfathomable depth.

Libertಠis getting ready to host a music festival beginning August 19th to August 21st. Can you tell our readers more about this event and how it proves musical journeys are never ending?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67):
Musical journeys continue long after one track blends into another or a live performance ends.  They consist of memories and feelings created within an individual that elicit creativity, positivity and emotion.  Hours, days, weeks or even years later, individuals can still recall certain feelings of a particular DJ’s set or a live singer’s performance.  LibertಠJourneys challenges music lovers to break the chains that bind them, set themselves free, and soar to new heights.  

Does LibertಠJourneys host other events throughout the year? If so, how can entertainers and DJs get involved?

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The BullRing Music Family hosts many different events throughout the year including BRM Radio parties, BRM Radio Jam Sessions, and an annual Halloween party.  We also support many different entertainers and DJs, both inside and outside of the BullRing Family, throughout the year.  Interested entertainers and DJs can get involved by joining the BRM Entertainment group in world and contacting Milkee Trisk (Ema Jayaram), or myself.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about LibertಠJourneys?

ßυℓℓу Ƭʀıšκ · (bully67): Come check it out, experience in person what I have tried to communicate here. With the addition of the “L² Journeys Experience”; 7 amazing adventures to go on, all while listening to the most amazing live music, is something you just have to be there to understand. Thank you for sitting down with me for this, it has been a pleasure.

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