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Friday, January 18, 2019

Bento Shapes Or Shapes For Bento Pandora Drezelan Reporting

I had always said that I would never mesh up my two alts that I created a few years ago however all of that changed when I was having a bored moment or is it a blond moment?

BJayy and Sindy were hardly ever logged on. They are only friended to me and each other. I guess they are my "me" time. As classic avatars I always made sure that they looked good with detailed skin and makeup. I hit the demos hard again and in the space of one day they went from being classics to Mesh with Maitreya bodies and LAQ heads like Pandora.

BJayy wore the Leia head and Sindy wore the Cherry head. I felt more than happy with the results. I logged them on one at a time every other day to tweak their looks and update their inventory. BJayy is a bit of a bimbo and is so easy to shop for. She wears a lot of pink or white as well as pastel colors. She never wears black. Sindy, on the other hand, has a very dominant look and is always wearing black so she is not so easy to shop for.

But people do get lucky, and I got lucky one day, when I had Sindy logged on and I decided to look in search for bento shapes which is something I don’t normally do.  I ended up at the LAQ commerce section of the LAQ Store where the LAQ compatible products are sold. It is a set up of stalls by creators such as Pink Fuel and Shiny Stuffs.

This was nothing new as I’d been to every level of the store before; except this time I came across something that I had missed amongst all of the other stalls. There was one that stood out from a bento shape creator by the name of WrenNoir Cerise.

For 399 Linden you get a folder with three shapes. Tall and slender as well as proportional and slightly curvy complete with style cards.  They are modifiable and copy. Each set of shapes has been specifically made for a certain LAQ head and there are demos available to try.
I went for the Cherry head shape demo straight away and tried it with Sindy. She looked great so I bought it. I then went on to buy shapes for Pandora and BJayy as well
Pandora wears the tall and slender shape for the Poppy head and I modified this shape. I kept my own head numbers and made the shoulders slightly bigger. The outcome was awesome.

Sindy wears the proportional shape for the Cherry head and I didn’t change her at all, she’s perfect just the way she is. BJayy wears the slightly curvy shape for the Leia head. I made BJayy’s nose and mouth a bit smaller but that’s it.

I haven’t bought shapes in a long time and these are the best shapes that I have seen lately in comparison to some scary ones that look nothing like their display photo.

This is going to be my ongoing learning experience as I have been experimenting with making shapes for personal use and trying different looks. Wren’s shapes are beautifully crafted and reasonably priced. Great for SL newbies and even SL oldies like me.

Wren’s Quote: "There is no such thing as a 'bento' shape. It is just a shape it’s the same as you would use with a classic avatar; however it has been fashioned for wearing with bento heads. This is because bento heads are "rigged" to the skeleton in their own way. So a shape is really made for a specific bento head rather than being a bento shape."

Very well said Wren and Thank you for all of your hard work.
None of the avatar photos have been altered they are as you see them. They’ve been given a soft glow and framed in GIMP both static poses and bento AO poses were used.

Wren’s main store: [wren’s nest]

Jadey's Center Stage Reflections: Music Critic - Jadey Dragon reporting

Greetings from the great state of Florida! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Jadey Dragon. The newest music/live singer critic for SLE. I use the word “critic” as opposed to reporter, because I want to be sure to clarify that within my reports you will get an honest opinion. That isn’t to say other reporters don’t give theirs, but let’s call a spade a spade, most reporters of live music, be it DJ or live singer, write fluff pieces. Using nothing more than excessive adjectives to cover up the bad experience they received. That won’t happen here folks. The report will be raw, descriptive, and hopefully encourage you to take the dive, and experience it all for yourself, if for no other reason than to prove me wrong. I triple dog dare you! Having said all that, let’s get to our first review.

C C  (Camme Carver)- Live, Acoustic guitar playing, singer.

I feel the need to immediately point out that this wasn’t a woman with a backtrack drowning out the sound of her own voice. Although she was rather low in volume, make no mistake she was playing her guitar live! She’d occasionally tune her guitar as she spoke to the crowd which of course is a dead give away. She was personable, and quick to thank her supporters every chance she got.  But those are minor details. I started my review by reaching out to her manager ‘Bad” and asking for a bio. Let’s be real, it was thrown together and offered very little insight into what I was about to experience. I tossed the notecard and the conversation aside and sat back to experience it all as nothing more than a concert-goer.
The first note arrived with force, and I was immediately reminded of the Great, legendary, Linda Perry from 4 non-blondes. So I was pleasantly surprised to find “What’s going on” in her song list and wasted no time requesting it. Yep, CC nailed it, despite the rumbles in the crowd of having a cold, she delivered the song beautifully. As she did with most of the songs she tackled.
There were a few songs that didn’t arrive to the same level as the first, but I think that might have been more an equipment issue, than a performance issue. You be the judge.
 I would personally categorize her music as indie rock, but that’s more based on her voice than her song list. She claims to be able to reach the soulful depths of music like Fleetwood mac, to  Nelly Furtado, which is quite confusing when you’re attempting to put her in some type of genre. However, I think that’s part of her charm.
“CC is one of the most beautiful caring women I know in SL. He voice stands out to me because she is so down to earth, always has a smile and is genuine” Stated Anastasia Yanwu, a self proclaimed fan, and friend.
In fact, every single person I spoke with in the crowd was quick to tell me that not only is CC a great singer, but she is kind, humble, and down to earth. So the occasional notes she missed, and yes there were a few, made no difference to them, or me for that matter. You wanted to see her succeed as her personality erupted with every note, good or bad.
Stoney Nider, another fan and friend said to me “she has soul and emotion in her songs” and I couldn’t agree with him more. CC wasn’t just standing there collecting coin going from cover to cover without emotion, she made you feel every word. Her delivery felt personal, and story-telling rather than karaoke, which alone makes her stand out in SL.
So I conclude giving Camme Carver a strong 8 out of 10, losing points for volume and clarity of her equipment but gaining points on her performance and emotional connection with the crowd.
Rock on my sista, Rock on!!
 Camme Carver contact information-
Manager- BĄĐ (BadOne Resident) of “Bad Management”


Monday, January 14, 2019

Grand Opening January 11th The MidWinter Full Perm Fair

January 11th - 27th  2019 Buying for or starting your second life business starts at this event features forty top full permissions creators in all categories with many featuring their latest Valentines and Easter full perm creations and more. These creators are offering their latest new releases, exclusives, at discounted prices. All creations purchased can be re-sold. FREE full perm gifts. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

GeekSpeak – what will happen in 2019?

Now that the new year has started let’s get our brains working again and think of some predictions for 2019.  This time next year, when we look back at 2019, what will we see?

Will there be big political shifts?  Will there be new countries starting?  Or old countries disappearing?  New alliances, new forms of government, new empires?  New wars, with new and horrible weapons?  Or will 2019 be a year of peace?

Will there be an economic collapse or will we enter a new golden age of technology?  Will there be scientific breakthroughs?  In fusion, or nanotech?  Or genetic engineering?  Or robotics? Will you ride in a self-driving car in 2019?  Or go into space?

Will we be able to meet this time next year to talk about it?  Will Second Life still be here?

What do you expect for the coming year?  What do you hope for and what do you fear?  Come to GeekSpeak to talk about it and bring your crystal ball.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Two Heads are better than one - Pandora reporting

I never thought that I would find my original Pandora especially not in Mesh and now that there were two of me I knew I would be in for a lot of work. Neither avatar wore the same outfit or hair as I wanted them both to have their own look and style.
Pandora’s Poppy really nailed it. She had the cute sexy thing going for her and it suited her perfectly. The new Pandora, which I simply referred to as V1, took on a more sexy,classy approach. Considering that was how she looked in her classic days it seemed like the obvious way to go.
Something was missing with V1 as much as she looked like the old Pandora I couldn’t work out what the issue was. Then I realised she needed a different head because the Poppy one wasn’t  exactly right for her.
I went to LAQ to get more demos. The story of my life these days or should I say my Second Life. I teleported back home to check out all of the demos. Finally I settled on the Neve head luckily this one didn’t need any further tweaking. I went to LAQ again to buy the head and then home to complete my project.

V1 had now become Pandora’s Neve. It’s as though I have this alt stuck in my inventory that I bring to life every now and then. Alts may have different personalities depending on their creators but two versions of an avatar? That is a whole new situation and one that I hadn’t encountered before let alone thought of. I have two alts already so having a different version of me can get complicated at times.
Pandora’s Poppy earned the nickname of V2 just to make it easier even though she was the first Mesh avatar that I created. V1 had been there since the days of classic avatars and I still have one saved version of her tucked away.

I am enjoying my SL this time around however a word of advice to the newbies out there. Don’t go making half a dozen alts or several versions of yourself just because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Trust me you’ll go crazy … I have and there’s no going back.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

GeekSpeak – will 2019 see the start of a race to the moon?

China has landed a lunar rover on the far side of the moon.  What will happen because of this?  How will other countries react?

When there are two massive bodies interacting in space there are five points where the gravitational forces balance out and it is easy to place satellites or space stations.  These are the Lagrange points. China has a satellite at the L2 point for Earth and the moon.  These Lagrange points are very important space real estate.  There may be a new race to claim the other four.

Will countries ditch the moon treaty?  Will China agree to allow access to their base and the L2 point?  Will we see multiple bases and multiple claims at the end of 2019?  Should we be worried about all this?  Should we be afraid of the power of China?

Fasten your seat belts, get ready for launch … !

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Finding Pandora - The Original Skin Pandora Drezlean reporting

Pandora’s Poppy became the new me. Changing over to Mesh had turned out to be quite a journey in the short amount of time that it took me to tweak my avi with the final touches.
Going fully Mesh wasn’t half the nightmare that I thought it would be when I got used to it releasing my creative side once more as I played with this new me, experimenting with different makeup and hair.
However there was no denying how much I missed my old face. I mean, I liked my new face, I created it but I just missed seeing the old Pandora.
LAQ has always been my go to place in SL when it came to skins and makeup they were my first choice. Their glow skins had always been so popular way back when and the first time I laid eyes on LAQ’s Lacie I knew I had to have that face.
I always visit the LAQ Store at least every two or three weeks for anything new or different. Then I found her. LAQ kept all of the older glow skins upstairs that now came in two parts. They were separated into head and body omega appliers. I had found my original Lacie.

One quick demo confirmed what I wanted to know and I teleported home to recreate my Pandora in Mesh.
With LAQ heads you can use either system or mesh eyes and so I chose to use the eyes that I used with Pandora’s old self. I wanted to keep something original about her.
Her skin isn’t as highly detailed as the newer skins. In fact she still looks a bit like a classic avatar and her makeup and eyebrows are already preset.

It’s fun to have two versions of me Pandora’s Poppy and Pandora’s Lacie. Poppy is like using a blank canvas where I can apply as little or as much makeup as I want to while Lacie has light makeup which I can simply add lipstick and eyeshadow to enhance her look.
Which avatar gets the most SL time? I think that they are pretty much on par with each other. Finding Pandora was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle for me. I had lived with that face for  almost nine years of my Second Life and I wasn’t ready to let her go.
The best part about all of this was … I didn’t have to.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

GeekSpeak – what would it be like to live with a Social Credit System?

China is creating a social credit system where everyone has to behave well or they lose social credit points.  Your social credit score will determine where you can live, whether you can travel, whether you can buy or rent a car, in fact it will determine what your life will be like.

What would it be like to live with such a system?  Will there be a black market in social credits?  Will people find ways to cheat?

Will the system lock the culture in one state forever because no one will dare to be different?  No one will ever dye their hair pink?  What will happen to the people who fall below the minimum credit level?

Will some people be happy with the social credit system?  If they can upvote and downvote people it may give them the illusion of control.

Will the social credit system be established in the west?  Come and discuss the future of citizen control. Entry only if you have 10 credit points.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

I hope you have been having a great Christmas.

Best wishes

Friday, December 28, 2018

Synergy Island New Years Eve Party Announcement

Synergy Island is having a unique New Years Eve party..... 4 on site venues and 3 of the best DJ's on the grid! Our schedule will cover the midnight ball drop in each of the four time zones in the United States...however all are welcome. Details are:
 First and foremost we will have donation kiosks at all the venues for research into Parkinson's. 
 NOTE: Dress code for all venues will be "come as you are"...naughty bits covered please! 
Our schedule:

6 - 7:30 PM SLT DJ Weeblewolf Pinion @ Kelly's Pub for his special Musical Mayhem warm up show. 

7:30 - 9:30 PM SLT DJ Enchantress Sara (Sara Flinker Lederberg) at The Rockhouse. Dance music for couples and singles. We will have the Eastern US Time zone celebration in this time slot. 
9:30 - 11:30 PM SLT DJ Theon makes his return to the stage in the open area between Kelly's Pub and Daddy-O's Bowling Alley. A variety of genres that will have everyone "hopping" for the ball drop in the Central and Mountain US time zones. 

11:30 - ???? SLT  Weeblewolf Pinion at Daddy-O's Bowling Alley for some more Musical Mayhem. What better way to welcome in the New Year if you are in the US Pacific time zone (also SLT zone). Weebs plans to go until he drops which could be a while if he has a good stock of "Dew".

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The SL Enquirer: Interview with Santa- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

The SL Enquirer: Interview with Santa- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...: Every year I try to get an interview with Jolly ol’ St Nick but he has avoided me for the past two years. After hanging outside his c...

The SL Enquirer: Interview with a Disgruntled Elf- Lanai Jarrico Re...

The SL Enquirer: Interview with a Disgruntled Elf- Lanai Jarrico Re...: This article is back by popular demand Christmas is fast approaching and I wanted to interview Santa because he is this holiday’s...

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Secret Santa is Coming to Town! Buy an Ad and get one free! 1000L value

Tis the Season for giving!!!

Advertise now with the SL Enquirer and get a free month to use for yourself or give away!!
You heard that right...Take out a one month ad with us and we will match it, at NO cost to you AND you have the option to give that month of advertising away as a gift or use it for yourself!

Contact Pen Dragon (arthuris1974) Operations Manager or Lanai Jarrica, CEO before January 1, 2019 to take advantage of this great seasonal promotion!!!

Place your order Now!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

GeekSpeak – how do we prevent an AI from going rogue?

When more and more AIs are interacting with humans and becoming powerful there will be many cases where we wish there was an off switch.  Indeed it is already happening.  Microsoft had to delete its chatbot Tay because it became racist after talking to people on Twitter.

How can we prevent an AI from turning against us?  Should we make laws?  Will that be enough? Who will be responsible for the racism or sexism of AIs? Can AIs be controlled by law?

Maybe we simply have to accept that AIs will be independent.  Some will be good, some bad.  Some will not understand the distinction.  Will we all use AI protection in the future as we use virus scanners now?  Can we trust good AIs to protect us against bad AIs?

Or must we accept that we are heading for digital oblivion?

How can we escape our future calculators?  Come and discuss our survival at GeekSpeak.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for future subjects.

Best wishes and have a very happy Christmas


Saturday, December 15, 2018


This year, THE DICKENS PROJECT invites residents to participate in a new way: become an urchin in Dickens' London!

Charles Dickens, ever a champion of children, wrote stories about those who were poor and unprotected, left in the hands of the manipulative and cruel.  His child characters are often triumphant, finding ways to build lives of purpose and sometimes even happiness in a difficult time. 

 Enjoy this story, created at Urchins in Dickens' London just this week.

Kit Becomes an Urchin

By Aoife Lorefield

Kit shivered in the fog. Another hungry morning. She’d slept, sort of, in the empty wagon after supping on a badly bruised apple and a bit of bread she’d grabbed before a dog could. Food all around her and she hadn’t a farthing for it, nor anything else.

Sad thing was, she’d always wanted to see London.

Her brother George, the one who’d gone to sea, came home once with stories about throngs of people, shops full of fancy goods, and ships with masts taller than trees. She’d dreamt of it all in the long nights and longed for that life.

Now Mum and Dad were gone. Her and Henry had been left to the parish and after six months of that, she’d thought she’d rather die. She’d run to London and maybe she would die, here. If she couldn’t find food or a place to stay or something, anyway.

Sounds of laughter made her shrink back against the wagon. It was far too early for market folk and she was certain she didn’t want thieves to find her. She crawled under the wagon and peered through the thick fog.

The laughter came again, closer this time. It sounded like kids. What could they be doing?

The small figures took shape in the fog. A tiny red-haired girl, her thin arms blue with cold, holding a basket with some green stuff in it. A boy, also a carrot top and almost as thin, in a green cap pulled low over his forehead. A blonde boy in a top hat. That looked ace, that did. Wonder where he got that one. A tiny little girl in a red hat.

Kit watched as the children strolled, skipped, and danced through the market stalls. This was not the fancy market where the toffs went, not this one. This was where the mums from Camden Town came for a bit of meat and greens, or the scriveners and clerks scrounged for the coins to pay for another used book, or cabbies might stop for a cup of hot soup.

One of the boys picked up three books and juggled them, making the youngest laugh.

“Put ‘em back, Jo,” an older girl said sternly. “We can’t sell them so there’s no point, eh?”

The boy Jo shrugged but did as she said.

Instead he started juggling apples from the basket right next to her wagon. The youngest gathered around him like they’d seen this before, and it seems they had. Every few passes, he’d toss an apple to one child, who’s catch and bite into it, smiling.

Kit was so entranced, she didn’t notice the other boy until it was too late. There he was, crouched down in front of her wagon, looking right at her.

“Coooo, mates,” he called out. “Lookee what I found.”

He reached in to grab her arm and she shrank back, afraid. The older girl, the one who’d told Jo to put the books back, grabbed Jo’s shoulder and pulled him back.

“You’re scaring her, Jo,” she said, her voice stern again. “Stop it or I’ll box your ears.”

She grabbed his ear and twisted it as she spoke and he howled.

“I wasn’t doin’ anyfing!” he said.

Jo ran off and the girl crouched down instead.

“Look here,” she said, “we’re safe, mostly, and you look all alone. Come out now, let me see you.”

There didn’t seem much choice. She couldn’t stay as she was much longer. Kit slid across the frozen ground, out from under the wagon, and stood up.

“Are you thieves, then?” she asked the girl, trying to sound casual about the question, like she knew all about thieves and London and everything.

The girl looked around the market at the children combing through the stalls and smiled.

“Maybe sometimes,” she said. “We’re the ones the fine ladies and gents call urchins, don’t you know. The kids no one cares about.”

Kit nodded, her eyes wide. In her life, right now, that’s what she was. A kid no one cared about.

The girl put a hand on her shoulder, this time kindly.

“You better come along with us,” she said. “We watch out for each other. We know places to find food and safe places to stay and a few ways to get by.”

The girl turned and started to walk away. The kids were at the far end of the market now, disappearing into the fog.

The girl turned back and waved. “Come along!” she said.

So Kit did. She guessed she was a urchin now. Time to find out how that worked, and whether she could get by too in the big dirty city that was London.


What was it like to be a child in Victoria's England? Become an urchin and find out!

The Urchins in Dickens' London is a game that combines elements of the SL hunt, free form (and optional) role play, and an invitation to create (and share) your story.

Begin by getting a copy of the Urchins hud, available at the Dickens Project landing point. Inside the package, you'll find instructions on how to get started.

You can also find more on the special Urchins Webpages on the Seanchai Library Website. THE DICKENS PROJECT, produced by Seanchai Library, is open on LEA Region 7 through December 30th. with plenty of events, stories, things to explore and engage. Information on all features are available at the landing point


GeekSpeak – are we heading for big trouble in the western world?

This month we have seen massive protests in European countries and in the USA.  Why are people so angry?  Could it escalate into something even bigger?

Which should be more afraid, the people or the governments?  What sort of obedience do we owe to our governments and what do they owe to us?

If the protesters succeed what difference will it make?  Will it just mean some other guy in office?  Or could the entire system be changed?  Could the western world fall apart any time soon?

Come and talk with us about the future of the western world as we know it.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for future subjects.

Best wishes

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mesh vs Classic *** Discrimination In Second Life Pandora Reporting

Discrimination is usually a real life issue but what happens when the hatred spills over into your Second Life and you are suddenly judged by your avatars appearance? To me that is beyond a joke.
I have seen clubs that state in their description “Mesh Avatars Only” and they are serious as they go on to add “No NOOB Mesh Avatars” and “No Flexi Hair.”

When I came back to Second Life I could see that a lot had changed. I knew that I would have to mesh up eventually. I began with a mesh body and my system head. While most people were okay with it. (Oh thanks for your approval) to others I had a mix and match look that did NOT match and they didn’t mind telling me so. I started to feel like some sort of freak … mesh body with a system head. It was doing my real life head in as well … pun not intended.
Eventually it all became too much and after taking a long hard look at myself I decided to change for ME and only me. In Second Life demos are your friend and I bought lots of them and got to work. I felt very proud of my achievements. I would be accepted now right? WRONG.
On the flip side a few people who hadn’t converted over to mesh or still had their system heads no longer wanted to know me. With the exception of a few REAL friends I had become an outcast. I’ve even had comments such as “You must feel much better now that you’re mesh” and I’m thinking to myself “You must feel much better now that I’m worthy of hanging out with you.”  This was a painful experience for me and it still is. The changes I have made to myself and will continue to make are for me and me alone. 

I have FRIENDS in SL who don’t see me as often if at all and others have dropped off completely. My whole mesh experience cost me close to 20,000 Lindens which is roughly $124.00 US because I live in Australia so the conversions are different. That includes a mesh body and head. Skins and makeup as well as hair and clothes. The list is endless.
Do I regret my decisions? No way I like my look and it’s mine. Don’t like it? Don’t look and while your’e at it go get a head or move on ahead … whatever.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA TRIBUTE! Ghosts of Christmas Eve Tour Dec 8th 7-9:30pm

@ Synergy Island
Saturday December 8th 7:00-9:30pm

You've heard their music on the radio in RL... You may have seen them live... THE Christmas show that is second to none. Now Mavendorf Entertainment is performing the famous Ghosts of Christmas Eve Show LIVE on Synergy Island in SL..and only this show WILL BE ON GROUND LEVEL in a winter setting! Since 2009, this group, lead by Clint Quandry, has been considered to be the #1 Tribute to TSO by the TSO Fan Club of SL! Come see why! The laser light show will astound you, and the show is not just a concert... it is a Holiday Extravaganza!
Dress in your warm winter outfits (please limit your scripts) and join us for a night you will not soon forget!

GeekSpeak – should everyone make their own energy?

In the future we will have huge energy demands.  Will we have to make our own energy?  Will we all have to install solar panels, wind turbines on the roof, a human waste converter?  Will we be forced to do this? Once we see the light (forgive the pun) will we ever want to go back to company energy?

How would the world look if everyone had to produce energy?  Will large energy plants completely disappear?  Could we make money by selling energy?

Where will all our power come from in 30 years’ time?  Will all those power sources be ethical?  Or will we be so desperate for energy that we will use unethical methods to get it?

Come and join us in our energizing discussion event.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects

Best wishes

Monday, December 3, 2018

Getting A Head In Life Pandora Drezelan reporting

Okay, the last time that I wrote I had been checking out the Mesh situation in Second Life. I sampled a few demos and decided on the Maitreya Lara and Belleza Venus bodies.
I am currently wearing the Maitreya Lara body.
I liked both … it’s good to have a back up plan I guess.

The time had come for me to make a choice regarding my system head and this is where the problem started.
I really liked my system face … I mean like REALLY but I hated my actual system head. It didn’t look good with my new Mesh body no matter what I did.
I tried Mesh hair and Tattoo layer makeup I even bought a choker to hide the neck seam however there was no denying the way that I looked to ME.
Shopping wasn’t as much fun anymore. Everywhere I went I saw I lot of amazing makeup that I couldn’t wear unless I had a Mesh head.
This is only my opinion but unless you are really lucky then most system heads do not look good on a Mesh body. While the Mesh body is smooth wearing a system head with it doesn’t match up and may appear to have harsher edges.
I have always been a fan of LAQ. I’ve worn their skins for as long as I have been in SL. Two of my favourites were Lacie and Tasha so I decided to go back to where I started in the beginning and I purchased every demo that I could find.
I had five heads to demo. Sandy, Nyx, Leia, Neve and Poppy as well as skins and make up and the demo HUD.
I made a Project Folder for my demos and now the fun begins.
I demo’d everything to death for over two weeks and after many early mornings and sleepless nights Poppy won as my head of choice.
Then I TP’d back to LAQ
and bought EVERYTHING on my check list and straight back home again to get it all sorted. I had already tweaked Poppy’s head to look the way I wanted her to look. Now it was time for the final touches.
I made a folder for all of her body parts and named it Pandora’s Poppy. I made copies as well because I just make copies of everything. It drives me crazy that my inventory is so organised but I like it that way.
Now Pandora’s Poppy is complete. If you haven’t converted over to Mesh and you want to  then remember to demo EVERYTHING.
Make all the changes that you want on the demos. You can always take a break and start again later.
Converting from Classic to Mesh is your choice. It’s your Second Life not someone else’s so you decide.
I knew that giving up the face that I had known for eight plus years in SL would not be easy.
I was about to take on a whole new look and it would be worth it.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

GeekSpeak – will Dataism kill Humanism?

We humans are, in this day and age, human-centric.  But there is a time coming when Big Data will be the center of all our actions and decisions.  Algorithms will make all our decisions for us.  They will decide whom we will marry, whom we will vote for.  Algorithms will know so much more about us than we know about ourselves.

When will we realize that we are not completely human any more?  When will ‘human’ mean something different? When will we be ruled by the algorithm?  Will Dataism become a new religion?  When will you be happy to give your life over to Google?

Come and discuss the transition from biological algorithms to electronic ones.  Bring your brain processing unit.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Best wishes