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Monday, June 24, 2019

Come on over and see the newly renovated and relocated Willuna BDSM Resort and Danafor Entertainment.

Come on over and see the newly renovated and relocated Willuna BDSM Resort and Danafor Entertainment.

 With the move, we are focused on building a community of like minded individuals who like to enjoy themselves in SL in a drama free environment. For those looking for BDSM, we have a house filled with equipment of various natures and a teleport to a dungeon, if you feel like locking up your subs. 

For those who are just looking for somewhere to get away, we have an amazing day spa where you can come with a friend and be pampered for the day. Alternatively, you may want to enjoy a game or two. We offer a wide variety of games to play including a bowling alley. Don't see something you like? Send a message to management and we will look into it :) We look forward to seeing you all there :)

Looking for something to do? Visit LONDON CITY - Soho & Regent's Park

London City and official Community Gateway, with its 3500 unique visitors each and every day is one of the liveliest places you will ever find in Second Life.
Meet other people and take advantage of voice and take part in voice discussions and make new friends.

Try us out, but please keep yourself nice and be friendly with other guests.
For details see:

*SL Events

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Here they are! The fifth and last group of Semi-Finalists for the LOOK of the YEAR Contest! Congratulations to Meishagirl, Heart Koba, ShevarraVrinn, Liljaserrao, Arion Vella, Frolic Mills, Argyxia, Aldenix1, Nasao Elton and Perseo Nikolaidis!

We have now 50 Semi-Finalists (25 women and 25 men), chosen among 229 candidates. Therefore, the judges are ready to proceed to the selection of the 20 Finalists (10 women and 10 men), selection which will take place on June 30th.

The panel of 14 judges will reevaluate all the pictures of the Semi-Finalists for the selection of the Finalists, focusing on the style of the candidate, her or his elegance and charisma.The judges are commissioned to find two ambassadors who will represent LUXE Paris Women Fashion and LUXE Dot Be Men Fashion with grace and refinement.


The 20 Finalists will be invited to participate to three events which will determine the two winners. First, there will be the Brunch of the Judges where the Finalists will be asked to explain why they would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris or LUXE Dot Be. Then there will be two challenge-shows where they will have the opportunity to show their skills.

Those challenges-shows will be judged and it is the addition of the scores that will establish who will be the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR and the LUXE Dot Be LOOK of the YEAR. The two winners will each win L$50,000 cash, one year of free shopping at LUXE Paris/ LUXE Dot Be (a value of L$30 000), a fashion feature in the magazines ModeLS,  SL Confidencial, L'Amour Diversity and The Second Life Enquirer (a value of L$30 000),  a private dinner party for 20 at the Duplex Club (a value of L$5000), a scholarship at In-Nova Model Training (a value of L$4000), a gift card of L$3500 at ProPose, a gift card of L$3000 at Alma Makeup, a crown by Zuri Jewelry (a scepter for the man), a value of L$1500, an official picture by Jack Rock (a value of L$1000), an hour coaching with Ponchituti Boucher and a VIP invite to be part of AIM Modeling Agency.

The two runners-up in the category Women and the two runners-up in the category Men will also receive prizes. In total, L$275,000 will be distributed in cash and prizes!

Follow the suspense here! The SL Enquirer will give you all the news!

LUXE Paris Women Fashion and LUXE Dot Be Men Fashion just released their new 2019 SUMMER collections!

 38 new items! Average price: only L$300 for an outfit! Gowns, swimwear, sundresses, bermudas, tunics... You will find everything for a super look for the sunny season! Standard avatars and mesh bodies sizes. Also have a look at LUXE Paris Outlet where all the outfits are L$50!!! THE deal of the grid in high fashion!


Summer is here and as every year we celebrate it with a party of particles and lights at the Theater On The Hill.

This Sunday day 23 at 1:00 pm slt.

Theatre On The Hill brings you fantastic stage performances in spectacular theatre show. Live shows, theatre, opera, classical music, film movie scenes, jazz,  musicals and cabaret.

RUGBY PLAYED WITH TUGBOATS! Join us at the Tugby field for fun on the water - June 23 at 11 am SLT

Use your rusty, smoke-belching, ancient tugboat to help your team maneuver the circular barge from the center line toward the opponents' line - just as you would with the ball in rugby or a puck in hockey. This IS a contact sport! We play every Sunday at 11am SLT and have a LOT of fun. Observation deck, good company, and good coffee in the clubhouse. Come on over and grab your free tugboat. Read more at

See you there!

Petra’s Closes its Doors Permanently

Petra’s was one of the few venues that could hold an active crowd with great conversations and laughs. It’s beautifully adorned venue had a friendly familiar feel with guests and artists alike gracing the dance floor and experiencing the multiple talents that performed center stage. Everyone was friendly and inviting.

When venues this well managed and maintained,  It is always sad to announce they are closing their doors. The news came as a shock to The SL Enquirer as well as many others who visited Petra’s and had the opportunity to meet the woman behind it all; Petra Steele. The venue will be missed but most of all Petra Steele’s presence.

On behalf of the SL Enquirer and fans of Petra’s. Ms. Steele thank you for your hard work, passion and energy in supporting music and entertainment in Second Life and being a part of this amazing, creative virtual platform. We wish you the very best in your treatment and recovery.

Dear Staff, Artists & Friends of PETRA's,

It is with a tremendous sense of sadness that I write to inform you that as of  5:00pm today, Friday, June 22, PETRA's closed its doors permanently.

As many of you know, I have been ill for some time and have just received word about a diagnosis, the treatment for which will interfere with my being able to run the club.

Of all the venues I have owned, PETRA's is the one I've had the greatest pride in and affection for.  It saddens me to have to say goodbye to it and all the great times and great music we have packed into the 8 months of its existence.

My gratitude to each and every one of you for being a part of the wonderful adventure that PETRA's was for me and, I hope for all of you.  


Petra Steele

Saturday, June 22, 2019

GeekSpeak – is our species facing extinction in this century? Join the discussion Saturday June 22nd at 12pm SLT

Recently a report came out that stated that we will be extinct in 2050.  Could that really happen?  What threatens us?  The death of insects, climate change, nuclear war, new diseases?  What other threats can you think of? 

Do you worry about extinction?  Or do you think we can correct every problem, bring back the insects, put the carbon back in the ground? 

There are 7 billion of us.  Are we really in danger of extinction?  Are all forms of life on earth in danger, even the most numerous?  Will we all die out together?  Which species will go extinct first, mice or men?  Come and talk about extinction at GeekSpeak.  Bring a mouse, we need its opinion too.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any suggestions for future subjects.

Monday, June 17, 2019


Bravo to Quinte, Red Jess, Nonoya, Zimileo, SheriMT, Cellohenry, Yeben, Ferru2L, Sykotik187 and Breezeblockz! These 5 women and 5 men have been selected as SEMI-FINALISTS for the contest LOOK of the YEAR.

There are now 40 Semi-Finalists in the race for the grand final with only one other selection of Semi-Finalists to come! So if you did not send your photo yet, it is you last chance! You have until Friday June 21th midnight to apply.

Remember: LUXE Paris Women Fashion and LUXE Dot Be Men Fashion are searching the grid to find 2 ambassadors, a woman and a man with style and charisma, who will represent the brands and each win L$50,000 cash!

Even better, each contestant receive a free outfit once they submitted their first picture! Also the 2 winners and 4 runners ups will share L$175,000 in prizes beside the 2 cash prizes!


You do not need to be a professional model to apply because the finalists without experience of the runway will receive a special training. You just need to have style, to express yourself through what you wear.

Just wear a LUXE Paris or a LUXE Dot Be outfit, add your touch of style, snap a picture, put your legacy name in the title and send Full Perm to LOOKoftheYEAR resident.


If the women are very numerous to apply to the LOOK of the YEAR contest, it is not the case for the men! Yet the top prize in the men’s category is the same as the top prize in the women’s category.

Common guys! Be courageous and show us your style!!! 

You will find more details about the contest at LUXE Paris and LUXE Dot Be stores 

 and on our website at

PETRA's Schedule of Performances Week of 6/16

The start of a new week and another opportunity to present the finest in live music in SL..
It was with no small amount of surprise that I realized, the other day, that PETRA"s has been open for 8 months!  Honestly, I thought it was longer.  While I have owned other venues that I care deeply for, this little club is my favorite.  We are so grateful to our artists for performing at our venue.  We are fortunate indeed.  And we are grateful to all our wonderful patrons who have supported us with high energy since we opened our doors.  My thanks also go to my wonderful staff of hosts who contribute so much to the warm welcoming and elegantly relaxed atmosphere of the venue.  Thank you, Sweet, Foxxy, Alyss, April, and Freya.
Now have a look at what we have for you this week...

2:00 PM     Paris Obscur
3:00 PM     Savannah Rain
4:00 PM     Wayne Davis
5:00 PM     Erik Kottzen
6:00 PM     Liam Wakeman
7:00 PM     Hogan Baily
8:00 PM     Essence Bilasimo

6:00 PM     Savannah Rain
7:00 PM     TwinGhost Ronas
8:00 PM     Voodoo Shilton 
9:00 PM     Savannah Coronet

2:00 PM     Lisa Brune
3:00 PM     Jack Slade
4:00 PM     AMforte Clarity

Sunday, June 16, 2019

What is Elite SL Music Magazine ?

Elite SL Music Magazine  is a vibrant source of realtime information about music events in Second Life. Elite SL reporters comb the metaverse to bring up-to-the minute stories of musicians and the venues they play in, bringing together stories of Real and Second Life careers. Constantly growing, changing, and reshaping itself, like the music and the venues it describes, Elite SL Music Magazine  is the go-to WebZine for all lovers of real music. Join us on these pages and inworld to learn more, and to feel the music!
We offer Live Performances , a close up on SecondLife Music World , candid interviews , reviews and events covered.

Saturday, June 15, 2019


What do you get when you combine a lovely setting, phenomenal attire, and some of the grid’s most beautiful women?  Why, it’s the Miss Globe Universal Beauty Pageant, of course.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Rose Mikaelson, Founder and Chairman of the Miss Globe Universal Beauty Pageant.  This year the Miss Globe Universal is celebrating its fifth year, and Rose was excited to share with our readers what all had been accomplished here.  Rumor has it there will soon be a Miss Globe Earth Pageant as well, but details on that are yet to be released. When asked how she got started in pageants, Rose  noted “Before I became another owner of a pageant in the fashion world I was first a professional model. My experiences of both good and bad through the years lead me to knowing in my heart I wanted to do some good in the fashion world. I also wanted to give back through charity. I happen to be a fan of pageantry for a very long time so the fact that SL gives people like us the platform to do and create things we never could have dreamed of in RL is amazing.”  During our time together, I learned that Rose does everything by herself...stage manager, designer, choreographer, lead instructor. She notes “I have no staff at all and that can lead people to thinking that is a little crazy.” I also learned, to my disappointment, that no, I would NOT be allowed to serve as a contest Judge, Enquirer article or not. Sigh

I later had the pleasure of chatting with some of the contestants themselves.  What better way to determine the heart and soul of an organization than to talk with those who are actually involved most deeply?

The contestants came from all over the globe.  Their length of time in SecondLife ranged from one to a dozen years of residency/ with the average being about 4 ½ years.  For most of the contestants the Miss Globe Universal was their first pageant, although a couple had participated in pageants in the past.

When asked how this pageant stood out from others, those who had a basis for comparison noted the intense honesty and integrity of Rose, the CEO.  One contestant noted… “I believe that Miss Globe Universal is not only a beauty pageant. I think that it will allow the ladies that will be part of it to have the opportunity to enjoy, learn, develop and challenge themselves. During that process the contestants can also meet other ladies, share experiences and learn from each other.”  Another contestant noted “I can say Miss Globe Universal Organization is a well-run organization. I felt this when I attended the first meeting after the audition. Rose(CEO) spent her time, and explained every detail and answered our tons of questions. I appreciate that a lot.”

When asked why they decided to participate in Miss Globe Universal, their answers varied. “I don't really see it as a Beauty contest at all but more about fashion and style and how well we as individuals portray ourselves in SL and I love fashion and to explore it so that is why.”  Some were urged to participate by others. “I always had the dream of being part of a pageant as a contestant but never had the courage to do it until a very good friend convinced me to do it and join Miss Globe Universal pageant.” and “I decided to join after a gentle push from a friend of mine who informed me that it was happening.  At first, I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to do, primarily because it was a completely foreign realm to me. However, the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that it was the right choice. Regardless of the result, it would be an experience that's new and exciting for me, and I could learn from it. My goal is to gain more self confidence, and the first step would be to try.  In any case, I'd come out as a stronger and better person.”

So then, what does it take to be a successful beauty pageant contestant? In a word – dedication. “Keep practicing on a home runway. Doing meditation , keep calm and positive mind under any situations.  Always thinking happiness of both others and myself.” Another noted “Lots and Lots of time making sure my outfits are right, that I have the right make up and accessories, as well as testing poses and walks to make sure I have the best ones for the outfit that I am wearing.”  One new contestant noted “Since this is my absolute first time, there is so much I need to learn. I'm sort of going in like a blind bat, since I've never had any experience or training prior to this. This means that I must spend more time researching and not be afraid to ask questions.  That is vital. I think often at times, especially in a competition in any field, contestants are afraid to show what they don't know.

Being in a Beauty Pageant is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination.  When asked what is the hardest part of competing, answers varied. One contestant answered, “I would say it would be pulling together an outfit for a specific theme in a certain amount of time because I try to be a perfectionist and I just keep going until it feels right to me and that could mean putting together 6 outfits before I am satisfied with the look, I will eat sleep and breath an outfit until I am happy with it”.  For another, it was the questions that she found most terrifying.

Being a top contestant does not come cheap.  One competitor noted “To be honest, the financial matter also the time are the hardest part(s) for me. This is a challenging.”  And then there was the challenge faced by those who compete in general. “For me, it is the fear of failure. You are always putting yourself out there, and never know if you will win or not.  You are always asking to be judged.”

In closing, I asked the contestants what they liked MOST about Miss Globe Universal.  One participant summed it up nicely when she said “The best thing so far that I've experienced is just simply the thrill of trying something new and seeing myself evolve into a more confident person.  Since we are still at the beginning of the pageant process, there are a lot more things to experience and many more challenges to come. I hope this answer would change as I experience new things. :-)”

GeekSpeak – will the world ever be one country? Join the discussion Saturday June 15th 12pm SLT

Do you look forward to a time when the world will be just one state, with one government?  Or do you think there will always be borders between countries, however much the world may change in other ways?

Would a world government be a good thing?  It might mean the end of war.  But it could also mean a world with an evil government that could not be escaped.  Maybe we need different countries just so that we have some choice about the culture and laws we live by.  

Maybe you think that human nature dictates that there will always be different states that are sometimes hostile to each other.  Even if we achieve a world government on Earth that unity might not last when we set up colonies on other planets.  Will we end up living in a Star Trek universe, where each planet has a world government, but the planets are not united?

Come and discuss borders and how to get rid of them, or keep them.  Bring your red pills.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any suggestions for new subjects.

Monday, June 10, 2019

PETRA'S Schedule Of Performance Week Of June 9

As PETRA's prepares to open its doors for the upcoming week we are aware that before too long we will be celebrating the club's First Anniversary;  What a time we have had.  And we look forward to the future with excitement and anticipation.  We have a wonderful lineup performs on three days this week
But before I post this week's schedule of performances,  I'd like to share some news with you
The addition of performances on alternate Thursdays
continues this week on 6/13 with...
5:00 pm Noma Falta
6:00 pm Liam Wakeman
7:00 pm TwinGhost Ronas
And finally, PETRA's is over the moon excited about announcing performances on the Fourth Sunday of each month, BY SOULVISION and THE QUADRADIX!
Our hosts, Sweet, Foxxy, Alyss, April, Freya and I look forward to welcoming you..


3:00 PM   Savannah Rain
4:00 PM   Wayne Davis
5:00 PM   Erik Kottzen


5:00 PM   Noma Falta
6:00 PM   Liam Wakeman
7:00 PM   TwinGhost Ronas


2:00 PM    Lisa Brune
3:00 PM    Jack Slade
4:00 PM    AMforte Clarity
5:00: PM   Collin Martin
6:00 PM    Max Kleene

LOOK of the YEAR - Style Contest-The THIRD Group of SEMI-FINALISTS!

Congratulations to Nicolle Baroque, Becky Kenaan, Viana Oaks, Bunnibunbunz, LillyoftheVeil, Ahn Avion, Alex Avion, Maxtorfrisk, Gleasman and Zeddiv! These 5 women and 5 men have been selected as Semi-Finalists in the LOOK of the YEAR Contest. 

The jury has now selected 30 Semi-Finalists, 15 women and 15 men, who are in the race for the prestigious titles of LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR and LUXE Dot Be LOOK of the

L$ 50,000 CASH TO WIN!

But the 14 judges will vote again on June 16th and June 23th to select 2 other groups of Semi-Finalists so it is still time to send your picture! Remember: LUXE Paris Women Fashion and LUXE Dot Be Men Fashion are searching the grid to find 2 ambassadors, a woman and a men with style and charisma, who will represent the brands and each win L$50,000 cash!

You do not need to be a professional model to participate because the Finalists without experience of the runway will receive training. All you need is style, elegance, a special look!

Very easy to participate: Wear a LUXE Paris or LUXE Dot Be outfit, style it, snap a picture, put your name in the title and send Full Perm to LOOKoftheYEAR resident.


All participants will receive a free outfit from LUXE Paris or LUXE Dot Be once their first picture is submitted.

All the pictures received are eligible to all the selections of Semi-finalists so if you send your photo now you have 2 chances to become Semi-finalist as there will be 2 selections of Semi-Finalists in the next two weeks.


Men candidates are especially wanted as they are not very numerous. Yet the top prize for the men’s category is the same as for the women’s category: L$50,000 cash!!!

So where are the stylish men? Stop being shy and show us your look! You have nothing to loose but so much to win!

A total of L$275,000 in prizes will be distributed to the two winners and the four runners ups. These prizes are a courtesy of LUXE Paris, LUXE Dot Be, Amazing Impressions Modeling Agency, In-Nova Modeling Academy, Duplex Club, Zuri Jewelry, ProPoses, Alma Makeup, Confidencial Magazine, The SL Enquirer, ModeLS Magazine, L'Amour Diversity Magazine and Jack Rock Photo.

You will find mode details about the LOOK of the YEAR contest at LUXE Paris and LUXE Dot Be main store at Bao and on the contest website at

Saturday, June 8, 2019

GeekSpeak – the decline of the USA - Join the discussion June 8th at 12pm SLT

Many people today think that the USA is losing on the international stage.  Is the American empire crumbling? How long will it be before the USA loses its prime position?  Who will take over as the most important country?

Can the position of the USA be saved?  What changes are needed?  What do you think we can do to save the primacy of America?  Or should we accept the decline of America?  Will the world be better post-America?

Come and discuss the future of the greatest nation on earth!

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

5 Steps To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Looking to take your career to the next level? Everyone needs a new challenge from time to time and once you have been in the same role for a while you may start to feel like you have outgrown it. Not only this, but the majority of people want to advance their career so that they can command a greater salary. Many people want to advance their career, but either do nothing about it or do not know how to go about doing so. There are a few important steps to take if you want to take your career to the next level - read on to find out more.

1. Speak To Your Boss

First, you should let your boss know that you want to take the next step with your career. They can then let you know what you need to do for this to happen, help to arrange training, and recommend you for certain vacancies.

2. Do Not Shy Away From Moving Companies

It can be intimidating, but sometimes in order to move forwards, you will need to look elsewhere. Keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities which could move your career forwards - this might even involve moving to an entirely new area. This means that networking is incredibly important and you should take any opportunity to meet new people in your industry.

3. Develop Your Soft Skills

No matter what industry you are in, it is hard to get by without polished soft skills. This means that if you have any area that needs work, then find ways to develop these skills, such as practice, reading online or even courses. A few key soft skills include:

  • Communication
  • Self-motivation
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Time management

4. Earn Qualifications

Qualifications are important (and sometimes essential) for taking the next step in your career as they will teach you the necessary skills and/or knowledge. Fortunately, you can now take respected qualifications online which will allow you to continue working while you study and balance the two effectively. This could include earning a Masters of Science in Applied Economics from educational institutions such as

5. Go The Extra Mile

It is unreasonable to expect to advance your career without putting in work. You should look to go the extra mile at work by:

Although you need to work hard, it is also important that you take time off and find ways to relax to avoid burnout.

Everyone should want to advance their career especially when they have been in the same position for a long time. In addition to the obvious financial benefits, taking the next step in your career can also have a huge impact on your self-esteem and give a sense of purpose. It can be incredibly rewarding to advance your career, but you must be willing to put the work in and the above are the best ways to go about doing this.