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Friday, July 25, 2014

Linda Lauren's Color Forecast™ for July 25!

What is Linda Lauren's Color Forecast™?  Click Here

Color Trends Summer 2014- CecilliaRosalie Reporting

Oh yeah it’s true Summer is in full swing! As fashion never gets old or boring I am here with hot suggestions for this season’s wardrobe. The popular summer colors I am seeing is Pastels and Neutrals!

Designers take a modern twist on the traditional by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium. Inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad and strong, confident women, designers use color to refresh, revive and defy conventional wisdom. The greatest thing above all is that because we are so accustomed to seeing them as nature's background, they can be creatively combined with any other color.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

3 Days Left! Hair Fair 2014- A percentage of each sale goes to Wigs for Kids!

 Did you know over 2 million kids are affected by hair loss?
Wigs for Kids is an organization that provides hair replacement systems and support for children who have lost their hair due to radiation therapy, chemotherapy, burns, Alopecia and other medical issues. Your generous donation will help children look themselves and live their lives the way children should.

Hair Fair has been in Second Life since 2006 and has grown tremendously due to the support of creators, Linden Labs and residents like you. The kind generosity of Second Life residents has made a difference in the lives of many children around the world.  This year Hair Fair consists of 4 sims of designer hair from various talented creators across the grid. Each store is donating a minimum of 15% of each sale to Wigs for Kids. So, let’s go guilt free shopping and help a child in need!
Teleport Here and click on the sign for a list of SLURLS for the specific color you are looking for.

Learn more about Wigs for Kids

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Invisible City: Conversations with the Homeless By Rysan Fall, Fall Films

This video will make you think twice about walking passed a homeless person with disgust or disregard. You can try to justify your reason for feeling no remorse on the notion that they have done it to themselves. After viewing this video your thoughts may change forever.

Here is a note from the director of The Invisible City,

"I'm very excited and honored to win two separate prizes in the "Project Homeless" film contest in Australia. My film "The Invisible City" won first place in the machinima competition and 3rd place in the mainstream competition. I am proud to be part of this very worthwhile and meaningful film contest".- Rysan Fall

IT'S A LUAU PARTY AT DADDY-O'S Thursday July 24th 6-8 PM SLT


 Join DJ Huey and his host Krissy for a beach luau party 6-8 PM SLT. Huey will be spinning all your favorite beach music from Wipeout to Hot Rod Lincoln and a lot of Beach Boys too.  We will have a pig roast, Limbo dancing and who knows what else! Put on your best beach wear, grass skirts or maybe some mouse ears (for those of you that remember Franki and Annette LOL)and come enjoy the music. THIS IS ONE EVENT THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS! We look forward to seeing you there.    

Press Release: OpenSimulator Community Conference Announces Principal Scientist at Oculus VR as Keynote Speaker


July 23, 2014 - The OpenSimulator Community Conference is pleased to announce Dr. Steve LaValle, principal scientist at Oculus VR and professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois, will be a keynote speaker at the second annual OpenSimulator Community Conference, scheduled to take place virtually on November 8-9, 2014 in a virtual conference center designed for the event. 

Dr. LaValle will address the exciting race to bring the consumer version of the Oculus Rift VR headset into widespread use for games, cinema, therapy, and virtual worlds. Since Palmer Luckey's 2012 prototype demonstrated that smartphone-based advances in display and sensing technology can enable a lightweight, high field-of-view VR experience that is affordable by the masses, widespread interest has grown across many industries, research labs, and potential end users of the VR technology. Dr. LaValle’s talk will highlight ongoing technical challenges, including game development, user interfaces, perceptual psychology, and accurate head tracking. 

“With all the excitement surrounding the Oculus Rift and other virtual reality technologies, we want the virtual reality community to know that OpenSimulator is a great platform for building the open metaverse,” said conference chair Chris Collins.  

Geekspeak for Geeks to Speak- Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

Never in my life as an upcoming nerd or geek would I have imagined it being cool. Being a nerd and/or geek was shunned in my formative years as a student in lower education institutions.

Talking about gaming, technology, intergalactic activity and a desire to participate in aforementioned list made us an automatic target for wedgies, revile conversation, smear campaigns, and, in extreme cases, having to defend ourselves in courtyards after-school. 
Being nerd also had its perks, especially in the realm of academics, which is all that really was of consequence to us gain of mega-brains.

We excelled at subjects that other found difficult to wrap their diminutive brains around making us favorites of the Academia. We were doted over by teachers, counselors and the school for raising their national rankings on the catalog of premier schools. We were often sought out by fellow classmate/schoolmates for help with homework or test tasking tips to help the academically ailing cure their stupidity "disease".

Linda Lauren's Color Forecast™ for July 23!

What is Linda Lauren's Color Forecast™?  Click Here

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AERO Golf Club - Piers Diesel Reporting

Many residents like to play or watch sports in Second Life. From soccer and football to wrestling or racing but one sport which has stood the test of time in Second Life is golf.

Sports venues have come and gone in Second Life however, one venue which has every golfer talking about is AERO Golf Club, owned and created by Kaja Ashland.

 Kaja was kind enough to sit down and have a chat with me about the club and to also tell me a bit more about herself.

How Much Time do you invest in Second Life per week?

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