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Friday, February 5, 2016

IT's A MUSIC DOUBLEHEADER AT DADDY-O's Friday February 5th 6:00 - 9:00 PM


BACK by popular demand is the DADDY-O's FRIDAY NIGHT MUSIC DOUBLEHEADER! Starting the night off from 6-8 will be the one and only DJ Weeblewolf Pinion and his Friday Night Faves where you can win 2,000 L! From 8-9 the incredible Rocky Sutera will be performing LIVE! Rocky can play the guitar like no other live performer in SL! This is a night you won't want to miss! So grab your significant other, your friends or just come alone and meet new friends at Daddy-O's. Daddy-O's...Where fun RULEZ! 


GizzA - Urban Princess is the new released ensemble by GizzA for those ladies who are regal with a street smart attitude. Show of your urban sass by pairing your favorite color half sleeved sweater with the poof y knee length tutu style skirt.

Each color pack available holds 2 colors for the sweater, and the fitting skirt has the texture changer HUD build in so you can match your favorite color by selecting from your choice out 9 (NINE) additional colors.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

70's ROCK PARTY WITH DJ ROCKY AT DADDY-O's Thursday February 4th 6:00 - 8:00 PM SLT


Flashback (Oh you have those too?! lol) to the 70's with DJ Rocky! Put on your best tie dyes, patched jeans, and flower power items for a night of 70's rock. You'll swear you are back in the flower power days of Haight Ashbury! Well maybe not since we are going to be on a beach but you get the drift lol! So come and get groovy at Daddy-O's! Gonna be a blast! Your VW van ride is above!

Experience an Adult Relaxing Getaway at St. Croix Beach Resort- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Second Life is full of hidden treasures to explore. Among the most beautiful virtual destinations in Second Life is St. Croix Beach Resort.  Since November 2015, this tropical paradise has been catering to adults who seek naughty fun. It is an adult lifestyle location where guests can indulge in a number of activities welcome to the grown and sexy, exhibitionists and swingers. Amenities include concerts and events at Lover’s Cove Nude Beach and Sexy Tiki Bar. Unwind and get a relaxing massage near beautiful cascading waterfalls. Explore your fantasies at the Adult Club; Secrets. Soak in the intimate hot tub, rent a home or explore the other surprises that await.

SLE met up with ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington) to learn more about this well kept secret for adult experiences.

Lanai: Hi ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ , Sex and adult entertainment is a very popular industry in Second Life.  Why do you think the attraction of sex is so big in SL?

 ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington): Ah, yes!  SEX!  Well,  people can escape RL and explore many sexual activities in SL with others that they may not be able to in RL.  We are all Real people in SL, so it is losing any inhibitions or boundaries and just doing all the sexual things you would ever want in SL!  Many find love and even marriage in SL and some flow over in to Real Life!  It’s exciting! 

Lanai: What inspired you to create St. Croix Beach Resort?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington): I went to other resorts and found they were lacking many things for people.  I decided to create the resort that had it all! 

Lanai: What is your unique selling point that separates St. Croix Beach resort from other adult resorts in Second Life?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  St. Croix has a beautiful Dance Floor made of water with fish visible swimming underneath and surrounded by beautiful waterfalls that light up in colors when people are in sunset or midnight Sun mode.  The dance balls have 80 Dance animations that are very unique and we have DJ events and live concert events as well.  St. Croix also has “Climax Cinema.” This is a sex cinema where people can go up and watch full length porn and have sex in the Cinema chairs!  SEXY!   There are many private sex destinations on resort to enjoy as well.   Want to massage your partner?  Stop in to the massage room and have a happy ending.  Want to fool around underneath the sexually animated waterfall?  Stop in and have cuddles or sex there too.  These are just a few of many private places to enjoy at St. Croix!
Lastly but not the least, is the friendly and caring staff that bend over backwards to make St. Croix the Paradise that it is.  They love it here and want it to be the great experience for all!

Lanai: How often do you have concerts and events? 

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington): Weekly!

Lanai: Is escorting allowed?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  No, not at St. Croix.  However, there is an escort club outside the wall of St. Croix that has strippers and escorts for hire.  It is called Secrets.

Lanai: What type of rules are in place to ensure your guests have a safe place to engage in adult activities?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  No griefing or trolling, no disrespecting staff or guests, no weapons and no pushing. Be courteous and Have FUN!

Lanai: You have rentals at St.Croix Beach Resort. Can you tell our readers what type of homes you have available?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  St. Croix has Luxury private beachfront houses and bungalows for rent on the resort. Each of them are very unique and gorgeous!   If people like skyboxes, then we have skyboxes that change scenery inside and outside and are very reasonably priced. There are also cozy stilt homes overlooking the lagoon and dance floor.  This is for the person looking for a small and inexpensive place to live on resort and view the activities and waterfall lagoon. 

Lanai: Are you hiring staff? If so, what positions do you have available?

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington):  Yes, we need fun DJ’s and hostesses that love what they do!  We are expanding our live dance events currently and would love some more great DJ’s and hostesses.

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about St. Croix Beach Resort? 

ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington): Come by and visit to really appreciate how beautiful paradise is at St. Croix!  Join our group for current events while you are there.  Oh and we are having a Ms. St. Croix Beauty Contest with first prize being a custom photo shoot by Looker Lumet!  Ladies come enter your picture!  The contest ends February 28th! Plenty of Time!

Additional Information:

Group: *St. Croix Resort*

Contact ღEყҽ Cαɳԃι ღ (penelopewellington)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Footwear Fashion-Becca Drascol Reporting

Heels,Shoes,Boots or Barefoot-How do you run around SL?

When you think fashion I'm sure the mind automatically goes to clothes. Perhaps to accessories as well, handbags, and purses for the ladies, jewelry for both sexes. But another part of fashion is of course footwear. When we think of what to wear in real life we think of comfort, style and others' impressions. For some, what to wear may have to do with mood and or expression of one's self.  Yet in our virtual world we do tend to roleplay and live SL as if it were real and our avatar has come to life on the screen.

When you're on an SL beach do you go barefoot? When your av is nude, are your feet dressed up or nude? As Sesame Street once asked in a Ziggy Marley song "Set your piggies free," do you ever set your piggies free or does your virtual footwear always stay on?
And with enhancements such as mesh feet, I'm sure some of us have gone barefoot just to admire our avi feet. With Foot Fetish being big in real and SL, I am more than certain that some tend to buy not only the best in footwear, but also the best feet and foot accessories they can. Fashion and things surrounding it will always be big in our Second lives.

Today I'm headed out to ask: heels, shoes, boots or barefoot? I for one like all of them. I love admiring my av's feet rather they're prettied up in shoes or boots, or barefoot and nails painted...I love em. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Not only fashion but our avatar style altogether is a form of pride and creativity, especially when SL content is mostly user created.


Becca Drascol: Heels,Shoes,Boots or Barefoot-How do you run around SL?

Marie3whispers Resident: hmmms Heels most of the time, boots sometimes, barefoot once in awhile.

Katkafox Resident: Heels and boots mostly... I've found that thigh-high boots render most men weak in the knees.

GlamSwede Resident: Depends on the situation, but mostly heels.

PixelBlossom Melody: Shoes mostly and boots. I don't like heels. I like flats in the warmer months and boots in winter.

DragonMaster Mistwalker: I personally love boots never found any shoes in sl I find for males that look good.

What’s In?

Of those asked, seems heels are a popular choice followed by boots. Perhaps it's the hick in me, but I don't like wearing any shoes RL when relaxing around the house. Yet in SL I tend to flip between various heels and boots. With so many styles and variety of footwear in our virtual world, there's just so much to love.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Linda Lauren's Color Forecast - February 2!

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Monday, February 1, 2016


SLE Media Statistics show more activity as we move into February- meaning our readership is steadily rising and so is the rush of avatars that log in to Second Life.

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Playmates Magazine's February 2016 issue is on stands now!

 This is Playmates 100th issue!  Featuring our Miss February, Brea Brianna and the Playmates models give you a tour of the Playmates mansion in a hot pictorial, plus, our fashion spotlight gives some great ideas for Valentines Day from Big Beautiful Doll Lingerie.  Also, We explore SL's best replica's and much more.
Get your free issue here at SL's Marketplace

Sexy Valentine: Tips for buying Lingerie for your Valentine. Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

After the dinner, wine, flowers and gifts received by you from your valentine, it is only natural for you to want to wine down, and give him/her a special gift that only he/she would enjoy. There is nothing like giving your mate a little eye candy before the real magic of the evening happens. No matter what you body size is your partner will appreciate you dressing up in something sexy and showing off what your momma gave you. However, shopping for that perfect lingerie set can be a bit difficult. As always, I am here to give you some tips on how to shop for that perfect ensemble.

The most important thing you must know is what style your partner likes. If this is a new relationship, do some fishing to see what he or she likes. Sit down with your mate and pull out a lingerie magazine or pull up a website. Point out a few things and see what reaction they give. Try to do this months or weeks ahead of time so there will be no clue as to what you are up too. For those of you that are in long term relationship you already know what makes your partner tick. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong in checking to see if something new would add some extra spice to an already steamy bedroom experience.

Now, there are many places to shop in second life for lingerie. With this being a special occasion, you don't want to pick up just any ol thing. So, after doing some research with the help of my good friend Chocolate Wingtips I am going to list the top 4 places with high quality items in my view.

If you are the type that don't really like to get out in the crowds and shop at inworld stores, Big Beautiful Doll has a large selection of lingerie on marketplace. Most sets come with all the mesh appliers and standard layers. I was really impressed with the quality of these appliers. As you can see from this photo, the Dahlia Lingerie set looks real. This set is available in 6 color and is price at 275L. If your partner likes the body suit look…...this is a perfect pick.

Some people like just the bra and panties look. Blacklace has a wonder set called Briony that is available in 9 colors and is priced at 298L. This is a mesh set and looks great on. I am sure this will be a hit with your special someone. Blacklace is a great place to shop for any look. Their whole store is dedicated to lingerie.

I know a lot of people who simple like the tee shirt and panties look. Erratic carries a great set that is both sexy and simple. Coming in five sets of three colors you can make sure you have your mates favorite color along with their favorite look. Tee shirt sets cost 379L and the panties sets cost 3 colors 399L.

Now say your partner likes the corset look. Vision brings you the very sexy Lingerie Set Madeline. This will define every curve and show off your sexiness. It includes all you need to transform into a vixen. The set comes in 9 colors and is priced at 355l. There is no way you can miss with this choice.

Well there you have it. All store mention have many selections to choose from. Hopefully this article will help you have the best Valentine's day possible. Feel free to let us know how your valentine's day went in the comments below.

Check out these stores!

Big Beautiful Doll:

Linda Lauren's Color Forecast for February 1

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spotlight on the Town of Clearwater - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

Welcome to the town of Clearwater.  Clearwater is a quaint New England coastal community along I-95 in Maine, comprised of eleven idyllic villages; Meadow Gardens, Paisley Park, Regency Park, Silver Falls, Angel Cove, Aloha Spirit Bay, ARAB Twilight, Riverview Cove, Liberty Hill, Steel Horses and Lakeside Falls, the heart of the town.  Each village has a laid back feel and an old world, coastal New England charm with the pace of daily life a bit slower than the city.

Also located in Clearwater is the village of Palila, home of the main operational station for their Coast Guard. The Clearwater Coast Guard serves all of Clearwater, protecting and safeguarding all waterways and providing support where needed to the local emergency services.  The Coast Guard is also responsible for all federal boating and aviation regulations, enforcement and licensing.
They are currently hiring for most town municipal services, including police, fire and hospital staff.  They also have a town court, a department of motor vehicles, as well a department of public works.  Private business ownership opportunities are available.

Family leisure activities include sailing, a movie theatre, a bowling alley, children's play park, 7seas fishing; and of course grocery shopping in their very own [LIFE2] market.

The couple that bring you the Town of Clearwater are Jericho Napoli and Daniella Clearwater.
Jericho Napoli hails from a small town on the East Coast of the United States and is a successful self-made businessman.

Daniella Clearwater is also from a small town on the North East Coast of the United States and works in public safety and has a law degree.  She says she found SL while surfing Facebook during an extremely boring game between the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals.

Their rationale for wanting to create and maintain a region of their own was their desire to provide a fun and relaxed environment in which like-minded people can roleplay without the out of character drama seen at most places.  That and to give their residents a place where they feel like they belong and matter.  Each day they make the decision to continue this endeavour because they love what they do and they genuinely enjoy bringing happiness to others.

The region has evolved and progressed from a mainly residential rental only estate of seven sims, to its own community and working town that currently spans eleven sims.  Within the past nine months, they have brought in the Anchorage Coast Guard, established a police department, a fire department and a hospital and have instituted regular monthly town meetings for all residents to attend, which gives them the opportunity to participate in and invest in the creation of their community.  They’re proud to say that we have grown into a close community, one in which we all know our neighbours and genuinely care for each other.  It truly has become a place to call home, rather than just a place where a house can be rented.

This is very much a roleplay community which manifests itself in roleplay that is largely emergency services based.  They provide an in-character group chat in which residents can call 911 and request assistance.  The chat also provides a platform for new story arcs or the continuation of current threads or even the opportunity to make an in-character phone call.  All role players, and residents for that matter, must obey the cardinal rule of ‘consent’ as nothing is forced and they wish to foster a healthy and fun atmosphere for everyone who wants to participate, to whatever degree that may be.

In addition to emergency services role play, there are many areas which are staged to cultivate role play of just “everyday living,” such as cafes, a bank, restaurants and the like.

Residents can make the Town of Clearwater their home without participating in the role play. So while Clearwater is a roleplay community, it’s also a residential community with caring and tight-knit neighbourhoods.   Most residents have made friends and formed bonds, bonds that have truly enhanced and helped turn the community into a family and a real home for those in search of just that. 

Currently the estate hosts weekly movie nights at the Riverview Cove Cinema.  Clearwater residents as well as all citizens of Second Life are also invited to a carnival, hosted by DARE Carnivals, to celebrate the community every few months.   They also host a community parties for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween with region-wide trick or treating for the kids.

Clearwater is home to two congregations where weekly services are held, each with loyal and consistent attendance. 

Clearwater is a proud member of the Relay for Life team “The Fighting Sunflowers,” and will be hosting various fundraising events which will include a concert once the fundraising efforts are underway.

The Town of Clearwater is also very proud to bring the Broncos, a UFL SL Football League team, to the town in the coming months.  With the Broncos comes regular games, pep rallies, off season concerts and paintball games.

*What are the various rental options offered on your region, both from a residential and a commercial point of view?

The Town of Clearwater strives to provide a price point for everyone and accommodate various tastes with regards to the rental options.  They strive to be as inclusive as possible and never want the rentals to become prohibitive by any means.  The current residential rate sits at the competitive market rate of L$2.1 per prim and they cater for the singleton just as much as to a family of five.   They offer prim rentals from 200 prims up to full homestead rentals (subject to availability), with the option to decrease or increase your prims depending on your needs and prim availability.  They have a comprehensive selection of homes and townhouses, from big name creators, such as Dominion; ROOST; Redgrave Homes and Barnes Anubis. They constantly watch the market for new builds to keep their inventory fresh and in vogue. 

Depending on the sim, they also allow the use of one’s own home provided it keeps with the New England coastal theme.  Potential residents also have the opportunity to commission a custom-built home from Hearth Strings, an up and coming residential and commercial builder, with an in world store in Lakeside Falls.  Clearwater’s downtown area boasts several demonstrations of the incredible talent of co-owner Mikie Rihadra-Gaelyth in the municipal buildings and hospital. 

Commercial rentals as well as boat slip rentals can be found in the downtown areas of Lakeside Falls and Riverview Cove.  Commercial and boat slip rates are also competitive at L$2.5 per prim.  If a business is roleplay-based or is solely for roleplay purposes, they offer a discounted rate of L$2.1 per prim.

It’s Jericho and Daniella’s intention to continue on their current course, and to grow and cultivate the community into the very best it can be and to have a lot of fun while doing it.  They look forward to the possibilities the future holds for them.

Pop in and visit them.  They will welcome you home to Clearwater!

Please contact Mayor Jericho Napoli (NIGHTDR) or Daniella Clearwater (daniellamariec) for more information or visit the website at


Saturday, January 30, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Let us welcome you home to the Town of Clearwater!

Welcome to the town of Clearwater!  Clearwater is a quaint New England coastal community along I-95 in Maine, comprised of eleven (11) idyllic villages; Meadow Gardens, Paisley Park, Regency Park, Silver Falls, Angel Cove, Aloha Spirit Bay, ARAB Twilight, Riverview Cove, Liberty Hill, Steel Horses and Lakeside Falls, the heart of the town.  Each village has a laid back feel and an old world, coastal New England charm with the pace of daily life a bit slower than the city.

Also located in Clearwater is the village of Palila,  home of the main operational station for our Coast Guard. The Clearwater Coast Guard serves all of Clearwater, protecting and safeguarding all waterways and providing support where needed to our local emergency services.  The Coast Guard is also responsible for all federal boating and aviation regulations, enforcement and licensing.

We are currently hiring for our town municipal services, including police, fire and hospital staff.  We also have a town court, a department of motor vehicles and a department of public works as well!  Private business ownership opportunities are also available.

Family leisure activities include sailing, a movie theater, a bowling alley, children's play park, 7seas fishing; and of course grocery shopping in our very own [LIFE2] market!

Above all, our goal is to provide a happy and healthy environment for all of our residents and roleplayers, one in which we can all enjoy.  Please contact Mayor Jericho Napoli (NIGHTDR) or Daniella Clearwater (daniellamariec) for more information or visit our website and our Facebook at and Flickr at !

Come visit us in world at and let us welcome you home to Clearwater!

Avie Poll: Dating Tips in SL, Lilly Lacewing Reporting.

How couples make it work through distance and time…

I was tasked with finding out how to make a relationship successful in SL, since I’m happily married in RL, I sought out a few friends who had strong, healthy SL relationships. The thing about relationships in SL is that often times, the people involved have a partner at home, as well, despite a successful relationship with an SL partner. In the honor of my opinion that true love should also be completely loyal, I’ve given the most space to Hoot Wittles, and MysticallDream, a couple who are very in love, and without RL partners, quite the opposite in fact, it’s obvious to any that know them that they’re very much in love. In honor of fairness, I also included tales from those who DO have partners in RL in the interest of unbiased journalism. Here are their stories, enjoy, learn, or just savor the endorphin rush!

LillyLacewing: Would you LIKE to meet in person?

Hoot Wittels: Yes, I would very much!

mysticalldream11: Would like to one day, yes!

Hoot Wittels: We had agreed initially to give it 1 year from our relationship to do so

 LillyLacewing: Wow, that's a long commitment. Good job. :)

 Hoot Wittels: That what I thought, has been more than worth it for our growth!

LillyLacewing: How do you handle the distance, and do you ever have any problems with jealousy? I imagine it must be hard to feel so strongly for someone you can't have in the same room with you?

 Hoot Wittels: Initially, I was pretty overwhelmed and had some feeling of jealousy I guess, and wanted to meet as soon as possible - we live in the same time zone, only 5 hours away from each other.  Speaking for myself, that was soon quashed when the relationship grew so fast. We are what is called ‘Twin Flames’ that were destined to meet again, we both feel that we have been together before in other incarnations on the earth plane so to be apart now is not so different really.

mysticalldream11: It is hard sometimes but we have such a soul connection that enables me to feel him with me even when we are not together.  I so trust our love for each other that I do not often feel jealous and if it does come up I talk to Hoot about it and we will work it through by exploring ourselves, and the circumstances together on a deeper level. We both believe that life is experience, and we are both so open to really listening to each other without defensiveness, and that is a huge key.

  LillyLacewing: Wow, you both have a very mature way of approaching this. Ok, so now what I would like to hear, from each of you, is a bit of advice! What would you tell couples who feel strongly for each other, but are struggling with the strain of distance/fears/jealousy?

  Hoot Wittels: To answer your question. Advice is something that has to be asked for to be received well.  I guess if someone was to ask me I would say that one should not lean into any relationship, feel it in your heart first. What I mean when I say leaning into ones partner is to be demanding, unkind or without compassionate about their time, RL , or other needs.  I have met a few successful SL relationships that have RL partners, and SL partners, and keep it very separate. We are not that way. We are very close, closer than I have ever been with anyone in my life.

 mysticalldream11: I think every life experience is a lesson and an opportunity.  It is difficult to give advice when I do not know the life perspective that one has.  We all look at life so differently.  Sometimes people are stuck in "being right" and not keeping open to the other persons’ point of view.  I’d say “What do you want, to be right, or to love? Think of the moments you love that person, what draws you to that person.  Focus on more of the yes's than the no's. Really put yourself in the other persons’ shoes and try to feel their point of view.  These are all things that I have had to learn and with Hoot he helps keep me on track.  It is amazing to resolve issues together with him, and each time we do we grow closer.

Bliss and Rod.

Lilly: How did you two meet? 

Bliss: We met at Franks Jazz Club...Rod asked me to dance.  I had just come out of a relationship & was so not wanting another one.  I was feeling bad at the time & he was so patient with me. We chatted & sailed for the first month before we ever became romantic lol

Lilly: How long have you been together? 

Bliss: We have been together for 1 yr & 4 months

Lilly: Any advice for serious couple who want to make it in SL?

Bliss: Yes for sure... take time to get to know each other...don't rush into partnering... keep a drama free zone...SL should be fun, loving & peaceful...accept what your partner can give here, don't try to control him/her & demand more... let go of unreasonable expectations...ask for what you want & then let it go...keep things fresh & exciting, keep things fun whenever possible... spend time with friends when your partner can't be here...keeping a life of your own going in addition to the life you share with your partner helps one maintain independence even here on sl... & above all communicate your feelings, trust, respect & love one could be absolutely blissful here !! :o)

Advice from ‘Granny.’ Granny is a lady who found true love on SL, and while she didn’t have time to answer all of the questions from above, she take time to sprinkle me with the following advice, on condition of anonymity of course.

Granny: “Honey, SL can only be taken as seriously as you want it to be, so my advice, find someone who’s as into you as you are into them, and don’t tell your husband!”

Friday, January 29, 2016

*** NEW LOCATION*** Spotlight on CFNM COCKBAR- Adult Entertainment Where Women are Treated with Respect - Lanai Jarrico Reporting

As a virtual world journalist it is my job to take one for the team and go into establishments that might make conservatives raise an eyebrow. I’m not much of a prude and don’t really care about the opinions of people who are quick to make assumptions about my character without knowing who I am. With that said, I want to share with my readers something special about the Second Life culture and what we all have in our human nature. We are born curious. We all have needs- some of which remain hidden behind closed doors for fear of judgement or rejection, while others follow their needs openly and without fear of what others think.

It is a fact that we should all live our lives to the fullest- Whether it be in our real world or in Second Life. Some choose not to and that is their problem, not mine.

eye candy

There is a place on the Adult side of the grid rightfully name COCKBAR. The grand title speaks for itself. It is a CFNM (clothed female-naked male) establishment. Popular among Europeans, it gives women a place to relax and let go of their inhibitions in Second Life. The men are stripped down to their bare asses and assets, while the ladies are the main focus. Unlike a strip club where tips are the purpose for entertainment and a good performance, this club puts no pressure on the ladies to open up their purses. The atmosphere is laid back and the men practice the utmost respect. No random IMz asking for sex-They simply wait patiently for a lady to make her choice.

Owners, Prixie (prixiprimrose) and  Dixie (bunnykins) established COCKBAR in November of 2015. Since the grand opening it has been very active on a daily basis.  I sat down with them to learn more about their venue and what made it so wildly successful in such a short period of time.

Interview with Prixie and Dixie

Hi Ladies! I have been meaning to sit you two down for a while to talk about the COCKBAR. I have come in and observed the atmosphere on a few occasions and each time my experience has  been great.  I must say I am very impressed. What inspired you to create this venue?

Prixie/Dixie: We felt that the CFNM genre could be better served with a fresh look at what people really wanted, ourselves included. Drawing from our SL club experiences and listening to people's responses when asked what they liked and didn't like, we put together a list of "wills and won'ts" when planning this venue.

Lanai: The atmosphere is so laid back and relaxed. What type of rules do you enforce to keep the COCKBAR running this smooth?

Prixie/Dixie: We stay faithful to the CFNM ethos and expect our visitors to respect just four rules:-
1) Men do NOT message the ladies without asking permission.
2) Men must be mostly naked ie accessories may be worn.
3) No escorting or begging for tips.
4) AOs MUST be worn when not dancing.

Lanai: The men that frequent the bar are always so well mannered despite being completely naked surrounded by beautiful women. How do you find such obedient men? Do you provide special training?

Prixie/Dixie: The majority of men who play with us display good manners and common sense. They understand what the Cockbar is about and fit into the roleplay easily. Some visitors need our help to understand and sadly a few men need our help finding the exit.

Lanai: I also noticed, I am not bombarded by IMz from men when I come here. I like that I can come to a venue without being accosted.

Prixie/Dixie: We react firmly if a guest makes a complaint regarding the abuse of this rule. Ladies should be able to relax with us and not receive IMs unless they wish it.


What secrets can you share with our readers about maintaining this successful establishment?

Prixie/Dixie: We treat adults as adults and expect them to respect us for that.

Lanai: Aside from these seriously sexy men dancing with the ladies. What other experiences does the COCKBAR offer guests?

Prixie/Dixie: We have a growing list of DJs providing excellent music shows around the clock. There are well equipped "Fun rooms" provided free to guests which cater to many adult tastes. Our Bar is a very real working bar for people to sit, relax and chat over a drink. I would say the most important experience is how people can meet up and share time here together in a friendly, sexy and fun atmosphere.

Lanai: How would you define the men who work at  COCKBAR. Are they escorts?

Prixie/Dixie: NO! Our men are here because they want to show off their bodies for the entertainment of the Ladies. They like to chat, flirt and generally have adult fun with an adoring audience.

Lanai: I noticed there aren’t any tip jars around aside from the DJ? I have to say that is very different than most venues I’ve seen on the grid. Ladies aren't encouraged to tip the men?

Prixie/Dixie: Not at all. We actively forbid tipping here. The Cockbar is NOT a strip club.

Lanai: Are you hiring? If so, what positions and traits are you looking for?

Prixie/Dixie: We don't actually "Hire" dancers. Men who meet our standards of appearance are free to join our group and spend time entertaining in the club. They need to be sexy, fun people who enjoy socialising.

Lanai surrounded by sexy dancers

Lanai: This is the perfect place for a bachelorette party or a girls night out.  Do you host private parties and events?

Prixie/Dixie: Up to now the parties we've been asked to host have been integrated into the club activities which gives more people the chance to join the fun.

Lanai: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about COCKBAR?

Prixie/Dixie: Yes. The Cockbar has only been open for two months. We have new and innovative events in the pipeline, as yet unveiled, to keep our guests entertained for a long time to come. Watch this space :)

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. I look forward to visiting again and congratulations on such a successful venue.

Cockbar Guest/Dancer Reviews

SLE Asked some guests and dancers what they thought about the COCKBAR and here is what they had to say:


GUEST/DJ- ๖ۣۣۜNOA (sherylangel)
๖ۣۣۜNOA (sherylangel) stated, “ I was searching on the events tab for a live singer.. and then pop up an event posted by DJ Rudy who was playing blues, and I love blues so I tp’d here to peek.  when I landed here I was like WOW hehe. I was usually at the NMCF Mansion a long time ago but left because it turned into a boring place.  And I been working as Dancer at OLD LAR'S House for more than a year loving that place. COCKBAR is a mix of both, Mansion-Lars plus the people who I met around here are very very nice and kind so I feel like I’m at home. The dancers are so kind treating us with respect and the most important thing is they are very funny and love to play.
I will be DJing here soon and proud to join the family =)


GUEST- Lyndsey (lyndsey.diesel)
Lyndsey (lyndsey.diesel) said,  “I love the atmosphere and music of Cockbar. I can't resist to start dancing , the guys here are always so nice and hot”


DANCER- Mena (Menacier)

Mena states,  “It's an environment where I enjoy social interaction first and foremost.  Secondly, I have a naturally sensual erotic mind so dancing like I do for women is really the opportunity to find other people who think like I do and similarly have erotic tendencies. I really looking for the opportunity to share that with someone. .... And honestly it goes from Audrey to eclectic from skanky to classy so you get to meet women who are just very open and some that are very closed.  It's a potpourri of good engagement with great people....of course there are some that are just awful but its just like in life it's a nice social interaction that can become highly erotic. There is this part of me as a man who enjoys pleasuring a woman in such a way as that it becomes a fantastic memory of her. What's great too is there's no money or Lindens exchanged it's just the opportunity to enjoy another person's company and because I'm bisexual it gets into MMF opportunities as well so it's just all around fun really”.


DANCER- Anvar Tisane

Anvar Tisane shared,  “I'm submissive male and dancing naked for Women excites me a lot, Miss.” *smiles*
DANCER- RudyPatterson

Lanai: Why did you choose to dance here and what do you think of the atmosphere?
RudyPatterson said, “The concept is one of the best I've seen in SL in a long time  I come here  alot and there are a number activities  to enjoy.  The owners Prixie and Dixie  know how to run a good club and the theme is what it is so it take the curious, the “doers” as  I call them and the teasers .  But it's a great place. The owners have a gold mine here.”


DANCER- Troy Vettriano
Lanai Jarrico: What made you want to be a dancer here and what can you tell me about the atmosphere that you like so much?
Troy Vettriano (troyvettriano) stated, “I am a relative newcomer to this club, but I liked the idea of dancing naked as a man, for the benefit of a woman's pleasure and fun. The atmosphere here is friendly there is an underlying feeling of mischief and naughtiness, which I like! It suits my character and personality.”

Additional information

Group: Prixie 'n Dixie's CFNM Cock Bar

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