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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ABC Horse Auction at J&T Auction House Jan 24th at 2pm SLT

Come Join us for are ABC Horse and Pony Auction.  Best Breedable on the Grid.  At 2pm SLT.  Were we do are best to sell every Horse or Pony.  Bring your Friends.  Free Raffle after Auction of some nice ABC Horses. Along with Quest. and Monthly Drawing for a corral for a Month.  Everyone Welcome.


Monday, January 23, 2017

A Second Life. A Safe Harbor from Domestic Violence.- Silkysoulstar Reporting…

In 70-80% of intimate partner homicides, no matter which partner was killed, the man physically abused the woman before the murder.

Somewhere in South Florida diesel fumes could be smelled in the air while the loud Motor Coach bus rattled, and Faye said goodbye to her husband. She waved to him unremarkably even though she was still a little frail and exhausted. Her mind was in disrepair, but resolved as she rolled her suitcase to the busman to throw into the space underneath. It was a dark night with no moonlight at all, and the red and blue lights of police beacons were spinning in the distance away from her own situation. She climbed into the bus to find her seat, and left him. Finally.

Weeks earlier, her husband had come home with prostitutes. Faye, malnourished to skin and bones, weakened, tired, unwashed, and beginning to feel sick dutifully took off her clothes as the prostitutes denuded with her.  The rented women fawned over her, all together naked on a carpet that had not been vacuumed in ages.  They fussed over her pretty, yet stringy and clumpy hair. 

The three women kissed and coo’d together, panting incessantly while he watched. Two of them professionally teemed outwardly like wild felines preying for sexual mating. Faye submitted willingly and survived by kissing back, flicking her tongue inside the mouths of the painted Cougars who ordered it.  Her husband delighted in the hookers inflicting their wills on her.  They restrained her, fiddled with her clitoris until she screamed, and then forced themselves onto her face and demanded her to lick them furiously until they faked their own climaxes for him. 

 After having sex with the women, he left her in the house alone.  He would spread his corruption across the rest of the night somewhere. She convinced herself it was a good night and that she even enjoyed the company. Faye put herself together, finding some clothes to wear on her broken body, possibly just a t shirt and jeans that were the only kind that she had that fit her just the way she liked. She took stock in anything that would comfort her, no matter how small, to build up just enough strength to log into Second Life.
She heard him come home hours later before dawn. Drunk. He told her that she was so pretty and that the other girls loved her, but he loved her more. She went AFK from her Second Life while he took her to the bedroom and began to have sex with her. She let him have his way with her because he seemed nicer than earlier that night, and she flashed back to the image of the strong police officer she had fell in love with, and then married.  His compliments were nothing in the grand scheme of things, but they were something in that moment nonetheless, and she had conditioned herself to find value in anything no matter how insignificant just so she could put up with her growing insanity.

She let herself fall into this cycle of abuse, and became conditioned to a degree of disheveled fitness to withstand it. How could she escape it? After all, they shared their lives. Their home, relatives, finances, worldly resources all were commingled. And wasn’t all this her fault anyway? She could see and feel herself getting less attractive. Certainly that’s why he began to bring home the prostitutes. He still also said often that he loved her.
He passed out next to her, exhausted and drunk from his disgusting midnight galavants unable to finish having sex. She laid next to him in the bed weak, and feeling heavy. The sort of heavy feeling that hurts and comes from a depressed lifelessness. She thought of anything pleasant about her life, and reminded herself that he was somehow after all taking care of her. Comforted by her fabrication, she fell asleep.

She stayed laying in bed, absent of energy in the morning as he heroically shook off his headache in front of her, and headed off into the world to serve and protect. She pushed herself to get up after he left. During the day Faye worked professionally from their computer at home. Her performance with her work was suffering, though, as a consequence of barely being able to keep herself together, but she mustered up the effort over and over again to recover whatever missteps she had taken. Slow to get tasks done, she concentrated on them fiercely one at a time to finally squeeze out her assignments. Her ability to multitask had long been destroyed. Somehow they kept her around, maybe even forgetting she was there to be let go. She had this at least.

Faye’s husband laid passed out in front of the television from all of the beer he had drank. He wasn’t an alcoholic, but a full week of work and erratic sleep coming from leading a life in the fast lane had caught up with him. She was online in Second Life while chatting with a girlfriend via Skype, living her alternative life to pursue both relief from her reality, and her fetish for submission.  

The time she spent in the Second Life world was typically later at night while he was out, or after he had fallen asleep, perhaps drunk. Sometimes he beat her, and sometimes he just held her roughly while demanding his points. His mind was so clouded from everything he was seeing or doing in his own life that he had no judgement that restrained himself from hurting her. Sometimes she just escaped with the laptop to the bathroom. She hid everything she did on the computer from him, even sending her chat logs and other game viewer data to secret file folders that were not obviously found on their computer. She was fortunately much more skilled with computers than he was.

Faye joined a group of women that gravitated toward one Master in Second Life, and met Katrina as one of her sisters. As Katrina got to know Faye, and chatted with her, she sensed that things weren’t well. Faye was getting obsessive about her avatar’s appearance, and she was also terribly eager to please her Second Life Master in ways that, well, just seemed off.  Katrina began to get concerned, maybe even a bit fearfully. 

Besides her friend’s obvious communication patterns that signaled distress, Katrina was having flashes of disturbing images. In her mind these were foreboding premonitions. She saw clearly the trunk of an off duty police officer’s car, with guns and punishing instruments inside. She felt strongly that her Second Life friend was destined for a violent death. He would possibly beat her, shout at her, and kill her.

Once Katrina approached a Second Life acquaintance and pleaded with her to take her loved one to the doctor. To the woman, Katrina was behaving irrationally, and her hysterics almost made her unfriend her.  The woman’s loved one was feeling under the weather with flu, not seriously ill. However at the doctor after all, they found cancer in her that was treated so that she could survive it. 

Another time, while helping a new friend learn basic Second Life skills, Katrina begged her SL newbie to stay at home in Real Life after she had indicated that she needed to log off suddenly.  Katrina urged her new acquaintance to not take her children shopping, even though her new acquaintance did not tell her that she intended to do exactly that. Katrina kept the young mother online long enough, appearing hysterically irrational again now to someone she barely knew. Eventually as things got extended, the woman quit her Second Life viewer to put her children into her car to drive out on their errand. The road to the shopping plaza was blocked from the clean-up of a frightening scene where cars had crashed disastrously only recently. The event shook up Katrina’s friend so terribly that she went home and sat on her bed holding her babies tightly. Without hearing back, Katrina stayed up all night feeling shock inside herself that created a vision of her friend safe at home on the bed, with her children.

So as Katrina has learned to cope with seeing images that seem to be mostly from panic-stricken, or tragic moments, she desperately still tries to help people avoid the dangers she envisions.  

Katrina told Faye she could see peril, harm, and depression in Faye’s life, and Faye told her she was right. The feeling inside Katrina was growing so strong that it hurt herself. Violence was coming to Faye. She could see very certainly that loud conflict, brutality, and death would happen one night to Faye. It would come from the hands of her husband, as he would use the objects and weapons in the trunk of that car that she could so clearly see in her mind. She pleaded with Faye to address her dangerous environment proactively, but Faye had to escape her brainwashed condition and see things for herself before Katrina could help her.

Over a period of weeks, Katrina mentored Faye via Second Life and Skype, reinforcing to her that she was a beautiful and intelligent woman. Katrina reminded Faye that being the submissive in a relationship did not mean greeting infatuation without strength. Submissives do not need to be walked all over recklessly by a Dominant. For Katrina, teaching was a way to reach out and get a connection to Faye so that she could help her, and fortunately Faye gladly gravitated toward Katrina’s care.

One night during a group session via Skype, the reality of Faye’s situation began to outpour. The violence. The depression. The forced sex with prostitutes that she had convinced herself that she actually enjoyed. During that night when her personal life cracked wide open to her Second Life group members directly in the Skype conversation, a cloud impairing Faye’s judgement to defend herself also began to lift at the same time. Faye began to cry as the group also began to realize the tragic nature of what they were hearing.  Fountains, rivers, streams, oceans of tears began to flood Faye’s cheeks. Group members online felt quite shocked by the thought of being so close to someone that was being hurt so badly in ways they had only heard statistics previously. To Katrina she felt relief that a sense of caring, from the progress of hours of contact with Faye was finally beginning to produce a desperate rescue. 

Katrina began to make even more progress helping Faye understand that every bad situation can be solved. There was an aunt several states away, and a plan to file a restraining order against her husband just prior to escaping.  But first Faye needed to get her strength back, and like a true caregiver and nurturer Katrina ordered Faye to drink, shower, put on makeup and repeat positive reinforcement into the mirror every day until she was ready.  Instructions at times were so very basic; Start slowly. Put one sip and one bite of food into yourself. Your body can’t handle a full meal immediately. 

Faye stood up for herself at work when finally faced with a certain dismissal, and she was able to extend her employment enough. Her performance improved just slightly and she felt better about that. She built up the the nerves to convince her husband to let her visit her Aunt. Somehow he agreed to her travel, not suspecting his wife to have any confidence or self awareness whatsoever to pull off a daring escape.  Perhaps he thought it would be even more time for him to break from the situation, and to abuse more prostitutes directly. We don’t know.

But the night came for Faye to board that Motor Coach and leave him forever. She thanked God she never got pregnant to give birth to a son her husband had always wanted. When she left and filed for divorce, it hurt his pride terribly. But she was several states away and with the restraining order there wasn’t anything he could do.
One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.
Faye survived the violence of an abusive relationship and her personal rebuild is still underway. She will likely have emotional scars that will never disappear in her lifetime. But she is alive, and has Katrina and her Second Life to thank in part. 

It’s ironic too, to think that she was so weak to submit herself to the abuse willingly and repeatedly, but in fact she was after all strong enough to withstand it, and then to eventually escape it.  There’s safety and strength in numbers and community to help us, but there’s also a strength inside all of us that we should never forget can also save ourselves. Sometimes it takes someone special to remind us, no matter how untraditional the contact might be.

If you feel you are in an abusive relationship, or if you know someone who might be, then you can help by reading the resources at to understand further what you can do. Help and Hope are out there, and we are all stronger than we can ever even know.

Photohunt at LEA Theatre: Machinima Multimedia Interactive Shows: NE corner- Jan 23rd at 11:30am SLT

Do you enjoy taking SL photographs? Join an amiable group of fellow photogs at PhotoHunt. 

PhotoHunt is a game in which participants must shoot their best Second Life snapshot that embodies a theme or landmark provided by a moderator within a time limit of 60 minutes. 

No outside modifications of photos are allowed. 

Spectators are welcome. 

L$ prizes based on donations.

* SLE Pick retreived from SL Events

WBH Word Hunt Challenge by Wisdomseeker Jan. 23rd Begins at 7am SLT

Look for the colorful WBH logos (Inspire-Interact-Innovate) that each contain a clue. Follow the instructions in the WBH Word Hunt sign to solve the puzzle.  Put your answers on a notecard and drop that, with your name on it, into the dropbox at Wisdom Grove.  Correct entries receive a cash prize!    -- THIS IS AN ONGOING ACTIVITY, OPEN THROUGHOUT THE WEEK --

WBH Orientation and Multiple Intelligences Experience

*SLE pick retreived from SL Events

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Celebrate the night at Suicide Dollz from 1 PM SLT Jan 22 - 1 PM SLT to Feb 3.

Check out the Suicide Dollz event's newest round from 1 PM SLT January 22nd until 1 PM SLT February 3rd. As Second Life's longest running, alternative themed, bi-weekly shopping event, established in 2013, we continuously strive to bring you the best products by some of the grid's most recognized designers. To check out our full, uncensored shopping guide for the current round, please visit current round will run for two weeks before closing on Friday, February 3rd at 1 PM SLT. For any questions, please send a NC in-world to Selene Starflare or email to

The Pamela Live Show Featuring SLE's Lanai Jarrico- Jan 22nd at 3PM SLT

                                 ▉ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇
                                    THE PAMELA LIVE SHOW
                                 THE SKYLIGHT SHOW ROOM

Join us for a candid interview with Lanai Jarrico, CEO of the longest running news source in Second Life, The SL Enquirer.

Since 2005, Lanai has been the overseer of operations of this well known brand known as SLE.  She has seen Second Life evolve from its infancy into a thriving community of creative people who make up this amazing virtual world.  Through the years Lanai has witnessed many changes, explored and experienced an assortment of adventures and worked with countless businesses and community members across the grid. She continue to provide a source of information related to culture, music, fashion, entertainment and is always reinventing herself with new ideas and collaborative efforts.

Join us as we discuss SLE and what's to come for 2017.  Lanai has a special gift giveaway to one lucky audience member.

Arrive 15 minutes before showtime for best seats! Classy attire requested.

PAMELA LIVE TALK SHOW showcase buisness, talents and different cultures here in sl. Live audience, Sundays at 3pm sl time. come on over and learn, listen, and  just be in awe of what's happening in SL.

SL Events: Pro Wrestling! DCWF Sunday Warzone Jan 22 at 2pm SLT

Come see the superstars of the DCWF battle it out every weekend in the VERY BEST and longest running professional wrestling show in Second Life! 

Champions "The Duke" Sparkles Von Quinworth, "The Showgirl" Kendra Chemistry, "The Tomahawk" Henry Parker and "Big Momma" Antonia Foggerty headline the card, as well as big names like "Speedy" Lei Hamada, "The Bear" Voodoo Cooperstone, "The Stoner" Honey Bluntz and Misuto Mishima! 

We have two shows weekly, Saturday Showdown @ Noon SL time and Sunday Warzone @ 2 PM SL time, and don't miss our Bi-Monthly Blockbuster SuperCard shows! 

Come check out the action, get souvenirs of your favorite wrestlers, and maybe fill out an application to get in on the fun and be a superstar yourself!

*SLE picks retrieved from SL Events

Saturday, January 21, 2017

GeekSpeak – back to the moon, finally! January 21 @ 12pm SLT

This year five teams are competing to get to the moon before the end of December 2017 to claim the Google prize of 25 million US dollars.  USA, India, Israel, Hungary and an international team are all going for the prize.  What will this mean?  Do you look forward to high definition video from the moon?  Will there be webcams on the moon?  Will you watch them?

What should the teams bring back from the moon?  Will they set up separate bases or will they join together to form one large base?  When will people start living on the moon?

Will several countries lay claim to parts of the moon?   Will there be wars on the moon?  Or will the people of the moon declare themselves independent of Earth, citizens of their own lunar country?

And who will get there first?  Make sure you have plenty of popcorn for the next ten months and glue yourself to the internet.  Start by joining us at GeekSpeak.  To the moon!!

Friday, January 20, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Major fundraising Event on January 27th for Feed a Smile

On 27th Jan Rossini Events will hold an 11 hour event in aid of the Feed a Smile charity

This is our largest charity event to date and will take place over 3 sessions, each starting with a headline live act, followed up by some of the best known DJs in Second Life.  These sessions or "legs" correspond to prime times in Australia, Europe and the USA respectivley.

The timetable goes like this:

Bios of all the artists and DJs involved can be found here:

The event is sponsored by Lyrics

The setting for the event is a Norwegian fjord and there will be fireworks!

For a special welcome, please let me know if you or a representative will be attending this event

About Rossini Events

Rossini Events was established in July 2016 - a collaboration between MichaelJ Rossini and Valeri Carissa.  

Full details can be found at

As well as providing private and public events we also pride ourselves on the charity fundraisinng events we organize.

We aim to have a charity event every month, and the charities we support are Feed a Smile, Relay for Life and Making Strides

To date, we have raised over 90k for these charities

Our success is largely down to the quality of our entertainers - we use only the very best.  Our venue is totally redesigned for each event by a sl award nominated designer

Everyone involved in our events donates their time free of charge, and every penny we raise goes directly to the charity concerned.

If you have any questions, or require further info, please contact MichaelJ Rossini or email

Black (&Blue) Friday Help Your Spirit Inauguration Day by Linda Lauren

Friday, January 20 is the inauguration of the next president of the United States. It is not one being welcomed by all of the Americans in the United States, let alone, the world. The negative energy is amazingly thick as a result. In order for us to help not tap our spirits by allowing all that darkness we feel to infiltrate us, there are a few things we can do personally. Solidarity starts with spirit. Perhaps these suggestions will help.

  •  As someone who works with the colors of the spectrum to bring common sense, positive energy, and understanding to people, I am suggesting that the colors we embrace, focus on, or use for Friday, be black and blue. Black and blue will help promote boundaries of protection around the words or intentions we communicate. They will help create a positive, calm resolution to what we need to convey.
  • Fact check. We’re hear this expression bandied about, but do you really fact check? We rely on news services rather than to check the verification of the information being transmitted to us. A lot of that has been false, which contributed to a lot of misunderstanding.
  •  Plan your travels on this day so that getting to and from your destination is hassle-free. Nothing will make things worse and tap your spirit, then if you are rushing while feeling the collective emotions of this day. That becomes cause for anxiety, and anxiety brings on irrationality, which in turn can promote stress and leads to violence.
So no matter who you voted for, go within your spirit and use color and energy. And remember that Black and Blue will help you find the means to address issues in a collectively peaceful way.

4th Generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be seen hanging out at her Island, ETU Abbracciare.  Hop on over ans say hello!

Misfit Dance & Performance Art - "Misfit Follies" Showcase - Friday January 20th at 6:30pm SLT

Friday January 20th at 7 pm SL! This week at the Misfit Forest Theater.

Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents :

  "Misfit Follies  ~  a Showcase of Theater Dance Art"

Show time is 7 pm SL with pre-show music starting at 6:30 pm SL

Please arrive early to guarantee your seat!

We have a fun line up of amazing music &  story dance numbers for you including a brand new number  - "Sleepless Sheep" - Come join the fun! 

This weeks Playbill :

"Cold Cash"
"Hit the Road Jack"
"Pinnochio Schmokio" 
"Love Dot Com"
"The Spider's Heart"
"Sleepless Sheep "   New ! Debut!
"Frank's Night Job"

Misfit Dance & Performance Art  ~  Prepare to be delighted.

Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Introducing BBX Design’s Best Edition Dream House 2017-This is the Top of the Line in Luxury Living.

BBX was established in 2012 by talented creator Aymec Millet. Within the past 5 years Aymec and the BBX team have done their research and have created 199 luxury products to date. The attention to detail and the use of high quality textures, furnishings and animations makes BBX the leading virtual world business in extravagant Yachts, Homes, Clubs and water vehicles on the grid.

BBX’s Dream House 2017 is Aymec’s best works. It took 2 months to perfect and a must see for Avies who seek the best in luxury living. Using Full HD and high details, the Dream House is the best virtual home on the market today. The amenities and options are exceptional and the customer support goes above and beyond what you might expect in Second Life.
Your Dream House bird's eye view 

Lets start with the options. This fully loaded mesh home includes a one click day/night change system. With 350 parts rendered, each object features precise lights & shadowing for that realistic effect. This dream home also comes furnished with top quality HQ animations throughout. 
luxury bathroom with jacuzzi

The amenities include 2 spacious bedrooms, , loaded bar with drinks, Kitchen , Living Room ,fireplace,  Dinning Area ,  Relax and Work Room , Library area , loaded Bathroom with  perfumes , hot/cold waters , towel , rug , Jacuzzi , shower , shampoos , bidet , wc , blinds and more.

attached garage, cars, helicopter

 The exterior and additional features include a Balcony, breathtaking indoor pool, attached garage with car rezzer, Helipad with helicopter included, 

indoor pool

Road and a dock with watercraft rezzers with 5 drivable luxury yacht, speedboats and jetski!

Dock with Watercraft

Is the Dream House Mesh?
Yes, 100% Mesh

Living Room/Kitchen Space

How Many Prims will I need?
Before you start to worry about prims, the unfurnished Dream Home only has a land impact of 275 prims with mountain (terrain), dock, garage and road.
The fully loaded version which is also included in the package is only 600 prims. Still not bad considering that it includes everything in the house such as furniture, perfumes, books and other detailed accessories. You have the option to click on things for more rezzable options!
What is the Parcel /Area Size needed?
• Area: 100x50 m - Perfect for 8192 sqm lands with All Vehicles 

What rezzables are included?
1-LINA Yacht Full Pack  (included couples poses and tons of features)
2-SPD X2 Speedboat Full Pack 
3-AQUA Speedboat Full Pack 
4-JetSki Full Pack 
5- Ferro17 New Smooth Realistic Full Car Pack 
6- BBX VIP Heli Pack
• Curtain and Blind effects 

Are there different versions included?
Yes, Furnished and non furnished
What are other home features?
• House Security System 
• New DAY/NIGHT Theme Changer System
Curtain/Blind effects 
• You can rent this house to someone ( RENTAL MODE AVAILABLE ) 
About the Garage Room, Helipad, Dock  and Rezzers
1- Garage Room Included Security Cams for decor 
2- Vehicle rezzers for each color 
3- You can rez-derez vehicles. Or Keep unlimited forever. 
4- Click to Rez Button For each vehicle 
5- You can LOCK-UNLOCK (default - unlocked) 
6- You can set rezzers for group , owner or public.

What is the cost for the magnificent luxury home?
15,000L well spent Lindens
Where can I find the Dream House?
Rezz and Tour the Dream House Here!
or Direct Link to the Dream House on Marketplace

For all BBX Design Builds visit Marketplace Store:

For Support or More Info Contact Aymec Millet or Co-CREATOR - KyrieI 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Grand Opening of ~~hide-a-way~~ Going on Now!

We are on an adult sim but would appreciate having all bits and parts covered please.
We offer classic rock, blues, jazz, country, oldies, pop.  Whatever you wish to hear, just ask our djs to play it for you.  

There is grand opening contest starting with 1000 ls on the board. Come join our party and growing family!! All avatar types are welcome.  


GeekSpeak SL – black swan events. Saturday January 14th at 12pm SLT

For thousands of years people thought that all swans were white.  Then that was changed forever when the first black swan was observed.

Black swan events are unpredicted and unexpected yet have an enormous impact on the world.  Is the history of the world and human society determined mainly by the ordinary and the predictable or is it determined by the outliers, the random and unpredictable events, the black swans.

Wars, the rise of religions, human inventions, changes in human thought; all can be seen as a succession of black swans.  What black swans do you see in history?  And what black swans do you expect in the future?

Does it frighten you to think that the future is unknown and uncontrolled?  Or do you see the theory of black swans as a good explanation for what happens in the world?
Come and predict the unpredictable at GeekSpeak.

Friday, January 13, 2017


VIRTUALVillage Media - VIRTUALVillage Media | VIRTUAL HQ continuously seeks talented and driven professionals to join our ever growing team and brand. We are currently searching for qualified and dedicated individuals who are looking for an exciting career opportunity in the digital media field. Our open positions include a Marketing Coordinator, Photographers and Bloggers.

Job Descriptions and Responsibilities are available at the Web page Below:


If you have a talent or skill to offer that is not listed above, email us your resume and/or portfolio at

Customer First | Team Oriented | Community Focused

If you have any questions, please contact:
Faith Aljon or Sanaa Carami

Thank you,
Faith Aljon and TEAM VIRTUALVillage Media


VIRTUALVillage Media delivers imaginative, original and dynamic strategy, communication and design. Thinking outside of the box, allows us to take each client idea to the next level and deliver material that is effective, engaging and attractive.

VIRTUALVillage Media offers custom digital media services, integrated marketing solutions, creative design, event marketing, management consulting and information technology.



Contacts: Sanaa Carami, Faith Aljon, Gaia Mocha Eternal (GaiaReign Resident)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

OS Metaverse: The Encore Escape is having its Grand Opening Kickoff tonight January 12th at 5pm SLT

The Encore Escape is having its Grand Opening all month, celebrating the arrival of veteran and accomplished entertainment venues and management on the OS metaverse. Potlatch Foggarty, Bellaby Ballyhoo, along with Rocky & Shannon Hillburton have spent six months building and beta testing their 81 region var on the OS. The newest grid on the OSis home to  Encore Entertainment Estate, which features four Live Music Venues, each one unique and catering to a specific genre. The estate is a result of the latest OS var technology, and is the size of 81 standard sims, with one large difference, there are no sim lines.

This means visitors can sail boats and fly airplane & helicopters across 81 regions with no interruption or sim crossings. They can also rezz a car and travel on (the appropriately named) Interstate 81 and exit at any of the aforementioned venues or other attractions including a 50’s drive-theater.

The Encore Escape also boasts that any region owner can order a free .oar file, which will give them a complete copy of their sim in its entirety, which they can take to any other OS grid and upload. Their attitude is simple, your content should belong to you. The .oar file cannot be used to take content you do not own or create of course, but large time consuming builds can easily be kept on your hard drive where they belong.

For more information just visit the website at and create a free avatar.

Romance by the Sea - Experience Seaside Restaurant and Lounge

Located at Ghambt on the Gata V waterway, Seaside Restaurant and Lounge offers a unique dinning experience like no other in Secondlife. 
Sail up to our dock, and disembark on a night to remember. 
Seaside offers a verity of cuisine to satisfy your palate and our abundance of romantic atmosphere will keep you coming back. Delight in the charming d├ęcor as you listen to the soft sounds of the waves or relax to our classical music as you enjoy your meal.  After dessert, enjoy a moonlight dace with the stars and sea as your background.  

Seaside is free for everyone to enjoy a fine dining experience without the added cost to your budget.

Come and experience this unique restaurant and make memories that will last forever.

Teleport now!

Misfit Dance & Performance Art - "Misfit Follies" Showcase - Thurs January 12th at 10 AM SL !

This week at the Misfit Forest Theater

Thurs January 12th at 10 AM SL   -  Matinee time for our global timezone friends!

Misfit Dance & Performance Art presents :

  " Misfit Follies  ~  a Showcase of Theater Dance Art "

Show time is 10 AM SL with pre-show music starting at 9:30 AM SL

Please arrive early to guarantee your seat. We have a fun line up of amazing music &  story dance numbers for you - Come join the fun! 

This weeks Playbill :

"Ship in a Bottle"
"RoadTrip Memories"
"Jai Ho" 
"Hula Kitties"
"Cowboy Bill's Bills"
"Miss McDonald  ( had a farm!)"
"On The Clock"
"Rockin' Goblins"

Misfit Dance & Performance Art  ~  Prepare to be delighted.

Contact JenzZa Misfit for more information.


SLE Commercial

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