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Friday, April 17, 2015

What's Hot in the Breedables Trade for Spring- CeciliaRosalie Reporting…

Since I discovered my passion for writing, SLE has been my home. Most of the subjects I usually cover are about fashion and styling but this time I’ll grab the opportunity to write about something different. Breedable animals in SL have made a breakthrough. They have become  a spare time activity and a fun way to earn a living. The first kind of breedable I remember is the amaretto horses but since then there have been several new kinds of breedable animals discoveries in Second Life.

As I firstly mentioned horses, let me present you the ABC horses. There are several things that make these horses a bit different than any other breedable in Second Life. They look and act a lot like real life horses do. When you first start breeding you get a FREE starter pack, after you have registered to their database. Each horse will live until it reaches 140 days, after that period of time they can be kept as a pet, sent to heaven ranch for points or it can be shot.

Keep in mind that these pets do not need food. Starter horses are more like tools, despite the fact that the look like a horse, walk like a horse etc, they are just tools. Starter Horses will be used to get information from the gene pool. The most amazing for me is that there are no bundles, what you get is alive newborn foals, which they have to stay near to their mother for a short period of time. Apart from the usual traits (coats, manes, eyes or tails) there are others also, which can be passed on too, such as speed. If you are not fancy of the breeding process don’t worry, you can train your horse and teach different skills like pull, speed or vitality and take part in racing competitions.

As for their food, coastal hay is to be used for the horse’s basic needs, alfalfa is to be used for breeding, to sustain a pregnant or a nursing mother and for training the pull skill. Feed is to be used for training any other racing skill except pull.

 There are also several consumables which will give a boost to their stats.
ABC horses have built a really strong market, they organize daily auctions in their own auction houses and last but not least there are many places where you can buy or sell horses. More info and pricing can be found here:

Next I will cover zooby breedable lemurs. Zooby takes the lead once again with this unique breedables. Start off with buying your starter pack with everything you need to breed your lemurs. Starters and newborns come in a den and they’ll stay like that until you wake them up through their menu. They will start breeding once their hover text is yellow and in full heat.
You can choose pet food or breedable food. A lemur can be turned into a pet at any time except if they are pregnant and again they can breed again with a simple click. Keep in mind that it takes seven days until a pet lemur can breed again. Additional consumables to boost stats can be purchased at zooby main store too.

When lemurs are rezzed on land they randomly dig and they might discover glowing white stones which you can click on in order to  reveal what they are. Glowing stones can be either gems or junk. Gems come in primary colors and white, you can mix and match gems to play the lemur gem game.

The diamond gem is the most valuable as it contains a special trait. Once assigned, this trait can be passed on. Lemurs like any other breedable animal have a variety of traits in their genetics. What fascinating about  these animals is that they can be fully customized to your taste as there's a huge variety of accessories to choose from.

At any point you can send a lemur or a den to the Sanctuary to receive Sanctuary points which can be redeemed for lemur items at the store. It is a growing market and good investment as it is the first of its kind. There are also many advertising groups and auctions! Details can be found here:

I chose to conclude this article with an animal that isn’t of this world for the fantasy lovers. Mossms are little funny space creatures that have come to Earth in order to gather certain resources that are in short supply on their planet. In order to mate they’ll need to return in space but mossms have to work to pay their own expenses. Each newborn mossm possesses general genetics from its parents and the planet they were born on,  but keep in mind space exploration may cause genetic anomalies, which may result in a different and unique breed. These animals are alive, they can recognize you and other avatars, you are visible to them and they can interact with both avies and other mossms.

Mossms can’t mate with family members, feature that I found to be very realistic. When born, mossms are given scientific names are closely associated with their appearance. They work in different environments earn resources, where they can earn resources. These can be exchanged either for babies or used to buy additional environments. Starter pack comes with a nursery environment and one or two adult environments. The best aspect of this breeding game is that thanks to mossms advance technology, what they can do inworld can be done on the web too. Forget land restrictions!

Feeding your mossms is piece of cake. The food is stored in your online account at Just rez the food and that's it, the moment you rez the food your account will be credited for the amount of food you bought. All of your Mossms share the food supply. Your first two mossms don’t require any food at all.

Any additional mossms, including those kept in inventory, will eat ten portions of food per day. If they are not fed beware that they will abandon you and return to space.
As it is said before, the more different a breedable animal is the most buying power it has. You can trade your mossms online on their website or in different inworld locations.

If you are new to breedables in Second Life, take your time and browse the variety . Find what will best suit your time, budget and rp needs.

Second Life is a place we visit (2015) by Huckleberry Hax - Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

“For some of us, our experiences in SL serve as a catalyst, an awakening, a leap in our level of personal consciousness which then needs to be fed into our real lives if its ultimate purpose is to be fulfilled.  For some, SL is a respite, a place to just pause and get our breath back.  For some, it is a playground, a chance to experiment with being something different.  For some of us, it is all of these things together.”
Huckleberry Hax has been writing about the virtual world of Second Life® for eight years.  This volume collects together 42 of these articles, including his monthly column for over two years at the celebrated AVENUE SL lifestyle magazine.
Get it for your Kindle – for your mobile device, or read it for free on Issuu now. When you’re finished, leave a review on the Amazon listing!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

PopRocks Music Club - Just 3 words: We love music!

PopRocks is Celebrating Three years in 2015! We are all about variety Music from all over the world, an energizing presentation of hit songs from the 1960s through the 2000s and current top charts. PopRocks is just one of many successful club's in Second Life with its upbeat and unconventional “Playing What We Want” Music Club. We care about our SL Community, Music and just hanging out with like-minded music lovers around the nation and the world.

Contact: Vivalatease Resident (PopRocks, Owner)

Daddy-O's Events for the Week: Classic Car Show & Music Doubleheader-April 16th-17th

Classic Car Show Party
Thursday April 16th 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Join us at Daddy-O's for a Classic Car Show Party sponsored by Joyful Creations by Citalli. Citalli will be giving away a free portrait during the show! Everyone that attends can rezz one Classic car or pick up (under 50 prims please) so this is your chance to show off your car! If you build classic cars feel free to set the one you rezz for sale! DJ Huey Walker will take the stage playing songs from the era of the cars as well as your requests. Plus we will have at least one 1000L sploder pot so grab your significant other, your friends and your fav car and join us for a fun night with your friends from Daddy-O's - WHERE FUN RULEZ!

Friday April 17th 5:00 - 8:00 PM
Join us for our Friday night Music Doubleheader! Starting the night off from 5-6 will be Live Performer Sammy DeNardo doing all original music written, composed and played by him. Sammy will entertain you like no other live performer in SL! Following Sammy from 6-8 will be the one and only DJ Weeblewolf Pinion and his Friday Night Favs or as some call it... his Musical Mayhem lol! This is a night you won't want to miss! So grab your significant other, your friends or just come alone and meet new friends at Daddy-O's. Daddy-O's...Where fun RULEZ!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What do men really think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies? -Becca Drascol Reporting

In second life we can pretty much be whatever we want to be. From hair color to height, or not even human should we wish to delve into a fantasy look; the power to create an avatar as we want leaves many possibilities open.

 In this article I asked men what they think of oversized hips, boobs and butts. Either you love em or hate em, we all have a say on it. I felt a good starting point would be to ask my own RL/SL husband Dragonmaster Mistwalker.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?

DragonMaster Mistwalker: Big tits are nice to a point but after a certain size it’s ridiculous and gross. As for big hips they’re nice but after a certain hip size it’s just gross. I am an admitted ass man but an oversized ass is just gross.

Next I asked a male friend Ron, his opinion. While a strong opinion it was also a well thought out one with a bit of humor involved as well.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?

Ronmon Resident: Absolutely horrid. They look unproportionate, tacky, and just appalling. The boobs I can kind of understand however  with so many adult industries using girls that are unnaturally large. The butts, just no, it's never good to say, "Hey look at this chick, she has Jupiter and Saturn in her pants." And the hips, why would you want hips that are so large you can’t fit through most doors in SL?
Again,  just tacky. When creators of these obscenely large avies are doing their work, they can’t be taking themselves seriously.

Next I hopped around to a few sims to get more opinions.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?

ApolloPhaetons Resident: My favorite is oversized asses. I like full figured in general, not stick women lol. But also don’t like giant size either.

Becca Drascol: So basically your opinion is shapely but too big is too much?
ApolloPhaetons Resident: Yes.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?
Antobas Tiponi: I don’t like too much, like in RL.
Antobas Tiponi: too much is too much.

Becca Drascol: What do you think of oversized hips, boobs and butts on avies?

Serph Albion: I personally don't like it. Big front, butt and toothpick waist don't go together.  To me, it's about proportion. It has to look good. I get that there are people who are into inflation but that's the whole body, unless they only like inflation in specific parts. I'm an ass man and even I can say sometimes on SL I'll be like "No dayum on dat ass...That is one ass....I will pass." because it's so big.

Image retrieved from

Body Image or Trendsetting:

Of those I asked the overall opinion is a no. And yet we know there are those out there who love and adore the oversized look. Rather it be a trend or a way to invent one's self, there are many an "oversized avie" within Second Life. I feel everyone wants to be exactly how they wish and SL leaves the doors of creativity wide open. 

 In SL we’re given a palate to paint. We can play God with our avatar and make him/her or they, whatever the mind can think of.  To some a classic look may be fitting, to another it’s all about living a fantasy via our virtual world. So even if those I polled feel the oversized avie is not as appealing, there will always be a bigger than big bottom or a large bust out there in Sl and there will always be one opinion or another of them.  

Be it a body image or a trendsetting oversized has its place in Second life. What do you think? Use the comment box below.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Avatar Social Network Opens it's Souvenir Store!

As Avatar Social Network (ASN) has became the largest social media website for avatars around the virtual world a new souvenir store has opened offering unique, collectible trade mark protected products and tools for members or anyone that just likes high quality merchandise.

Currently the items are only available for Second Life residents but stores will open for other grids as well.

ASN souvenirs contain items for different purposes, like social media tools, avatar accessories, clothing and so on. It's selection is growing every week as members and enthusiasts of Avatar Social Network offer their skills to make these collectible souvenirs. Some are free, some are with an affordable price.

You can find the store currently on the Second Life Marketplace. More items are added every week so visit it often, browse and get all the exclusive products. Visit the store here:

Sail4Life: Looking to the Sea for a Cure for Cancer – Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting

Author Isak Dinesen said that “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.” And so it has been for Second Life’s sailing community. Since 2005, the Sail4Life team has participated in Relay for Life in SL with exuberance. Although Sail4Life springs from the waters of a community that began in the United Sailing Sims and along the shores of the Blake Sea, all SL residents are welcome and encouraged to participate in its events.

“The sailing community is extremely inclusive,” said Delight Blade, co-captain of the 2015 Sail4Life team. “Everyone involved in Sail4Life loves the water—just because they found it, they fly planes, they enjoy powerboats, they sail.”

“The sailing community is a large, diverse group of people,” said Winnie Sweetwater, captain of the 2015 and 2014 Sail4Life teams.  She describes the residents as “water-oriented,” some of whom sail in real life, some sail in SL, and some don’t sail at all.

Triple Crown of Sailing
Sail4Life 2015 has an ambitious calendar of events that can be seen at Many races are followed by parties. Although some are still in the planning stages, a labor of love for Sweetwater and Blade is the inaugural Triple Crown of Sailing.
When describing the Triple Crown of Sailing, Blade refers to the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Preakness Stakes: “They’re separate horse races. But if you win all three, you win the Triple Crown.”
During the Triple Crown of Sailing, three clubs—Nantucket Yacht Club (NYC), Seychelles Yacht Club (SIYC), and Fishers Island Yacht Club (FIYC)--will host. Race #1 is April 25, 2-6 p.m., at NYC ( Race #2 is May 16, 1-5 p.m., at SIYC ( The final race is June 27, 2-6 p.m., at Plum Gut in Sailors Cove East (, and sponsored by FIYC.

The Triple Crown of Sailing is a series composed of three races,” said Blade. “Each race features one type of boat. At NYC, it will be the Quest Q-2m; SIYC, the Nacra 17; and at FIYC, the Trudeau One. The series is based on a low point total. If someone can win the races in three different boats, it’s like the iron man triathlon of sailing.” The winner of the Triple Crown will be announced at the Blake Sea Ball on July 11.
Registration to race closes April 23. To register, go to the SL Sailing Forum post at and return the completed registration form to Gemma Vuckovic.

Other Featured Sail4Life Events
photo by Delight Blade
On April 18th 1-4pm SLT the SIYC hosts an ORS-sponsored race. Although ORS is usually a sailing event, this race will be fast and relatively short, using motor boats*: F1 race boats. The F1s used in the race are temporary rezzes. Whoever wins is given the boat.  (
* correction made

An example of the sailing community’s inclusiveness can particularly be seen in the May 3 Leeward Cruise Club’s (LCC) cruise to Shark Shack. “Anyone can go and not have to be a sailor,” said Blade. “You can hop on anyone’s boat to join the cruise.” In fact, LCC’s motto is: No one is left at the dock. The cruise runs 1-3 p.m. Start location to be determined.

A three-day auction of original, mostly nautical art, begins May 15, at Holly Kai Park ( “We’ll have a DJ while the auction closes on May 17, 4-6 p.m.,” said Sweetwater.

Chippensails is a Sail4Life staple. The event features dancing sailors who are up for auction. “I make it clear to the guy and, if applicable, his girl that the Chippensail can be won to take someone on a sailing cruise or for a sailing lesson,” said Sweetwater. The Chippensails auction will be at Three Pines Sailing Center (, June 6, 1-4 p.m.

One event being planned is a jazz fest slated to be held at the SIYC, June 13, 3-8 p.m. “The concept is to replicate the Newport Jazz Festival,” said Sweetwater. “We held this event last year and alternated DJs with live musicians. This year, we have mostly DJs lined up thus far.”

June 20, all day, features a Poker Run and Raft Party powerboat event. The boats follow a charted course with stops along the way to pick up a playing card. At the Raft party, the person with the best hand wins.  Location to be determined.

The Blake Sea Ball, a formal event, caps off the RFL season. “We did it last year with the SL Coast Guard RFL team and would like to do it again this year with them,” said Sweetwater. The ball may again be held at the Hollywood Bowl. ( “Last year, it was like a Hollywood movie opening with a red carpet. We’ll do something like that again.” The ball will be July 11, 2-6 p.m., and sponsored by Starboards Yacht Club.

photo by Delight Blade

Sail4Life culminates with a boat auction and marathon sailing event at the RFL campsite on July 19. Sailors can sail anything that floats during a 30-minute slot throughout the day and night. The event mirrors the RFL walk.
photo by Moonshade Pastorelli
Garden of Life

A location created specifically for Sail4Life was the Garden of Life in Sailors Cove ( “My grandfather was in hospice that had a garden and brick path with areas where people could just be,” Blade said. Cancer survivors, caregivers, friends, and family often need a place of serenity. To honor that need and with her grandfather’s hospice in mind, Blade created a garden that features a heart-shaped path filled with a flower field and lined by pink- and purple-blossomed trees. Visitors will find a dance system, comfortable seating, and vendors and gachas of Sail4Life items. From a dock next to the garden, anyone may launch a boat, seaplane, or other floatable.

Sailing and Fundraising

Sweetwater doesn't hesitate to express how generous the sailing community is: “The 2014 Sail4Life team was considered by RFL in SL a Sapphire team, raising L$1,428,774, or $5,715 US.”  

“The Sail4Life team’s focus is on raising awareness, raising funds, and having fun along the way,” she said. “Awareness is as important to me as the fundraising: If you have a family member with cancer, go to the American Cancer Society sim, and there’s a support resource to help you. That’s as important as the lindens.”

To learn more about Sail4Life and its upcoming events, contact Winnie Sweetwater or Delight Blade (Dian4ma Shen). 

Monday, April 13, 2015

♥♥ TREASURE at STUDIO 777® April 13th - April 26th, 2015 • Events Calendar ♥♥

Second Life's #1
Gaming Nightclub!!

Party, Play & WIN at STUDIO 777™ featuring TREASURE, our high energy Dance Club, JOBSTAR Job Center, 777 Shopping Mall and Skill Gaming Resort. TREASURE at STUDIO 777™ is the Nightclub at the heart of 777, Events Monday-Sunday 6:00-8:00pm SLT (9:00-11:00pm Eastern). Since 2009. Over 1 Million Guests & Over L$250 Million WON! Be our next Champion! 

IMPORTANT! To access our Sim, you need to meet the new requirements to enter a Skill Gaming Region. You'll need to 1) have verified payment information on file (credit card or PayPal) 2) Be over 19 years old, and 3) Reside in/access Second Life from states and countries that allow Skill Gaming. Check out our FAQ at 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spotlight on Beejay’s: It is More than a Club.

Multinational Venues draw big crowds because they welcome all walks of life to come and enjoy the entertainment in Second Life. Beejay’s is just the place to meet new people from all over the world and enjoy the eclectic mix of music provided by their premiere DJs. Upon entering Beejay’s you are surrounded by glowing hues of purple, green and blue. There are classy areas to sit with friends, people watch or enjoy the atmosphere tight near the dance floor or up above from the balcony view. For guests who are not too shy to get down on the dance floor, it sits right in the middle of the venue with a scantily clad guardian angel that overlooks the crowd. What really make Beejay’s more than a club? The SL Enquirer set out to find out from the creator herself; Cindy Evanier-Xaris.

Interview with Cindy Evanier-Xaris
SLE: When was Beejay’s established?
Cindy: BeeJay’s evolved from about September 2013
SLE: Who came up with the creative concept and what is Beejay’s objective?
Cindy: A few of us were left kicking our heels after the club we had been at previously closed and Sarah (Sarah91 Tremor) offered us space on her sim. Originally we were just friends hanging out playing music and having fun but over time others have seen that fun and wanted to be a part of it. Sarah was rebuilding the rest of the sim and asked my partner Ki Xaris to built the interior behind her facade.  Ki and I have been together a long time so we work very well together and he brings my ideas to life and so BeeJay’s as you see it today evolved.

SLE: Every successful venue requires teamwork. Who makes up the team behind Beejay’s?
Cindy: I can’t stress enough how wonderful the staff at BeeJay’s are.  Some like Sonja and Slick have official manager titles but the other staff are really supportive of each other and step in to help whenever needed because they are proud of our club.

SLE: What separated Beejay’s from other venues in Second Life?
Cindy: I am very strict about egos.  We are so much about fun, being silly and laughing that anyone who comes in flouting their ego doesn’t last long.

SLE: What type of music and events can guest expect?
Cindy: We have mostly every genre covered. Some of the DJ’s like myself throw theme parties introducing people to a lot of different styles. (Although the one club rule is no Mariah) We move around the sim a lot, using the beach, the bowling alley and we have an empty room on the top floor where we custom decorate for surprise rez day and other parties for staff and guests. We also have events sponsored by creators including Edelfabrik, Kix, Hugo’s Designs and X-Core with prizes, contests and giveaways.
SLE: Beejay’s is not only a club for dancing, what other surprises does this venue offer?

Cindy: We have hangout areas, a bowling alley, a beach, fishing, games and our club donations go towards buying new stuff at the suggestion of guests and not forgetting our quiz night which is great fun and busy
SLE: How often do you have events?
Cindy:There is something on every day at different times and we hold promotion parties weekly for different designers.

SLE: Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions are available?
Cindy: We are always looking to hire fun people as DJ’s and hosts and training is available
SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Beejay’s?
Cindy: If you like a relaxed, fun atmosphere where we get silly sometimes dressing up, gestures are banned and we value our guests input on ideas for events then please look us up.  We love new friends.

Additional Information
Group: secondlife:///app/group/2464e022-1fa9-8c80-cba2-5a89e1c77361/about
Preferred Contact: Cindy Evanier-Xaris

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spotlight on Daddy-O’s – Silky Soulstar Reporting…

The saxophone solo from Gerry Rafferty’s Baker’s Street plays melodically in the background as a Playboy playmate wins the volleyball battle of the sexes against Daddy-O’s owner Mark Ussy.  Everyone is laughing at Ussy because the playmate is hardly attired for volleyball and is actually wearing a dress. But mind you this is no ordinary playmate. She’s SL Playboy Mansion co-owner Jennifer Beverly.

Later, a beautiful sunset graces the boardwalk at the shore, but people are drawn to the party inside the bowling alley and diner where DJ Weeblewolf Pinion spins more music in his own self-deprecating style.  Innuendos, wolf-howls, and silly humor soar as people mock, yet at the same time give into the celestial orb sploder.  It’s as amusing as it is rewarding, and enough to inspire you to get out of your IM’s and into Local Chat.

By itself, Daddy-O’s is a wonderfully creative entertainment destination for Second Lifers. The breathtaking sunset and sunrise views are perfect venues for couples to take in a romantic dance. And besides the aforementioned bowling alley and its monthly high score contest, a working pool table, large boardwalk, and unique shops also offer visitors good ways to socially come together and enjoy their time in SL.  

Even during times when no events are taking place at Daddy-O’s, visitors can click around the SIM and pick the songs they want to hear by using the Wolf Howls jukeboxes.  However, occasional social tie-ins with the SL Playboy Mansion adjacent on the SIM also give Daddy-O’s real entertainment cache from time to time.

Ultimately regardless of what is happening on SIM, fun rules.  And Mark Ussy takes his fun seriously-fun. That is about as serious as we need to be with that statement.  The SL Enquirer sat down with Mr. Ussy to see what the fun at Daddy-O’s is all about.

Enquirer: You have a lot of interactivity on the SIM, things to play with.

Mark Ussy: “I liken it to having a group gathering in RL at a local community park.  Missy and I wanted to develop a place where people can come and interact with each other. Use the SIM as it’s laid out to make their own fun regardless of whether an event is going on or not.”

Enquirer: The SIM’s imagery is kind of fun to browse. It feels a little bit like Mystic Pizza.

Mark Ussy: “I think our approach is pretty unique. We did it in retro to give it that feel-good, feel-at-home ambiance.”

Enquirer: Sort of summer at the Jersey Shore, or Southern California?

Mark Ussy: “Exactly! That is the kind of feeling we were inspired to provide. Heck you can bring your family here and enjoy a night out with no hassles ... just good family fun. Or bring your significant other and enjoy the dance areas, and the incredible sunset views at our Sunset Park as you dance to the songs you pick in the jukebox. It’s all up to you!”

Enquirer: You have a couple of partnerships on the SIM.  It’s a nice sign of collaboration.

Mark Ussy: “Along with our SIM partner the SL Playboy Mansion we get a lot of crossover crowds. They may do the event at the Mansion then come to Daddy-O's to bowl or just hang out. And Weeblewolf Pinion’s The Wolf Howls jukebox allows visitors to choose their music while they enjoy all that we have to offer on the SIM as well. We know that this is a real change in the paradigm of SL entertainment, and we feel it’s time to get the word out to all the grid about what we have to offer.”

Enquirer: That sounds interesting.  Are there any other SL trends you are keeping your eye on?

Mark Ussy: “In all honesty we try to stick to our core beliefs and mission. Sure we have our events, but we felt SL was so "events structured" that we wanted to give people the chance to just come and enjoy themselves in whatever form that takes...within reason of course.”

Enquirer: So it is all about the fun.

Mark Ussy: “As is our tagline … Daddy-O’s is where fun rulez!”

Indeed Daddy-O’s might be the best kept secret in SL. But rest assured that is not for long. Visit the shore, take in the atmosphere, and let your fun rule.

Friday, April 10, 2015

IT'S A MUSIC DOUBLEHEADER AT DADDY-O's Friday April 10th 5:00 - 8:00 PM


Join us and knock your Friday night out of the park with our Music Doubleheader! Starting the night off from 5-6 will be Live Performer Sammy DeNardo doing all original music written, composed and played by him. Sammy will entertain you like no other live performer in SL! Following Sammy from 6-8 will be the one and only DJ Weeblewolf Pinion and his Friday Night Favs or as some call it... his Musical Mayhem lol! This is a night you won't want to miss! So grab your significant other, your friends or just come alone and meet new friends at Daddy-O's. Daddy-O's...Where fun RULEZ! 

SLE Commercial

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