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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Country Christmas Open Now Until December 25th!

Come one, come all to the beautiful Portland Maine sim. It is a Country Christmas Shopping District offering all your holiday shopping needs.  We have many gifts including mesh clothing, and decorations for you to choose from but the holiday spirit should not end there!  Pick out a Christmas tree, gather some lights and don't forget the wreath! Once you have done your shopping, relax and take a stroll through the holiday themed landscape or do some ice skating or participate in the Christmas Angel Hunt!

Store Rentals are also available

For more information contact ќăイђў (kathleen.goodliffe)

Open now through Christmas day!

Center Ground Group presents "Late Night Center Ground with DJ Mizz Dibou and her Nusoul Neosoul Show “Live” Every Tuesday from 7-9pmSLT

It's official! The NuSoul NeoSoul Show has a new home at Club Center Ground. Join Mizz Dibou every Tuesday night from 7-9 PM SLT for her live webcast.  Mizz Dibou features new artist of note as well as the best in Neosoul, RnB, maybe and a bit of Jazz.
Hosted by the lovely and talented Angels

Attire is Casual

Be sure to bring a friend or a few and make sure you don't forget those dancing shoes.
 Listen to the stream at

 Late Night Center Ground is underwritten by the Center Ground Business District. Visit our collection of stores and galleries.  Rental spaces available  

About Center Ground Group: Originally started by 4 environmentally focused leaders to discuss and promote true sustainable modeling, and preserve their ideas and dreams in the SL metaverse, now expanded to include arts and cultural interest

                                                                        # # #

If you would like more information on this topic IM Luchenpur Darwin inwolrd or e-mail

ALPHA DELTA RHO: Are you Looking for Leadership? Are you Searching for True Sisterhood?

Does self development/personal growth interest you? Perhaps looking to make a positive difference in others? Maybe you've joined countless organizations only to your disappointment, been let down, because of false promises and egotistical behaviors?

Then look no further, the true sisterhood of

Imagine having the encouraging positive support in your endeavors to do great things within SL as well as RL, without having to worry if someone or thing is maliciously looking to hinder you.
Secure in having a team of devoted women making sure every little detail of your shared time, experiences, dreams, personal growth, etc... is honored with true sisterhood.

Here's how you can be apart of that right now: Take advantage of setting up an interview with our team of trained staff members of ALPHA DELTA RHO, to come see for yourself what possibilities of true professional sisterhood awaits.

Pretty exciting, right? Even if you don't think so, the people who came aboard did! Take a look...

 亗Onyx Wallace亗 (onyxstclaire) writes:

Since joining the Sorority I find that my confidence has grown in less than a week.... I have a better job than I thought that I would find here.... Alpha Delta Rho is a great place to be...all of the Big Sisters are very generous with their time, they help, and answer questions and set you at ease....the house is beautiful and very elegant with many amenities, you would never be bored being I feel like I have a family I can talk to...and depend on and, I haven't crossed over yet lol... 

joυrnae nιcole noғυgazι (shay.corpur) writes:

Ok so my testimonial is this... from the moment I walked in the door there has been nothing but open arms, and love. That itself made me feel loved, and comfortable. These group of ladies is truly amazing women as I get to know them more everyday during pledging, I haven't been disappointed. I am honored to be pledging Alpha Delta Rho and I thank these ladies for giving me a chance to be in their sorority. As I get the know my pledge line sisters they are really nice, and caring, and loving people and I cant wait to bond even more with all the ladies.

J     U     I     C     E (selena.lavradorio) writes:

Being in Second life for 6 years, I pretty much have been to myself learning, exploring, modeling, building, etc. All the things one would most-likely come to do at some point in their time here. In that time I have met some really interesting people from all walks of life, that in some shape form or fashion, I have learned something from, rather it was deemed good or bad, all of it serves a purpose. I have never been apart of anything here in second life as so far as anything family oriented for various reasons. 

That changed for me when I was greeted warmly by one of the founders of ALPHA DELTA RHO this year. I'm very private, and to myself. I have been safe that way here in second life. Since meeting the officers of the sorority, I have to admit...after being involved with these ladies, I have come to feel valued as a friend, sister, and now an officer within the sorority that allows me to give that which is needed back to all women for the purpose of sisterhood that I was shown in my time of fostering relationships with the sisters.

Gracias to you ladies of ALPHA DELTA RHO, for being TRUE to what you have not only SAID, but DONE. Your fruits you bare, are nurturing.

We want to meet with you, and show you how serious we are about you, and our purpose as refined women of sisterhood.

So what are you waiting for? Apply Now! Take and complete an application, return it to (Fill in name or links here) and get ready to put the excitement back into your Second life experiences.

"ALPHA DELTA RHO"...."Where the letters we wear doesn't make me any better then the next, but represents the better me than I used to be!

Read our Original Story in the SL Enquirer:

An In Depth Interview with the Founder of Playmates Magazine, Tazzy Jenkins- Dean Lawson Reporting…

Playmates Magazine, was established in November 2007 by Tazzy Jenkins, Founder and Editor-In-Chief. Although very busy managing the magazine, the Playmates group and several events, Tazzy was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions.

Dean : Hi Tazzy, could you provide some background as to why you decided to create this magazine?

Tazzy : The idea for Playmates Magazine was actually inspired by my SL friends who were models.  One of them mentioned that she always wanted to pose for Playboy in real life and the other ladies concurred. That's when I got the idea to start a SL version of Playboy, so my friends could fulfill their dreams.  I researched publishing systems and got every magazine in SL to see how they were put together.  Some were well done and others were horrible. It taught me what I didn't want to do with my magazine.  I wanted a quality magazine that the models would be proud of and I didn't want a ton of ad's.  I found it annoying to see an ad every 3-4 pages of content.  I also wanted the photo spreads to be fun and interesting.  So I started each issue with a themed pictorial.  The models have been everything from cowgirls, steampunk, circus performers, rock stars, prisoners to fairytale characters.  Because most people buy Playboy for the articles LOL.  I wanted to add informative and interesting articles, entertaining stories and a bit of humor.  I wanted a classy magazine that would appeal to everyone.  The most important reason I have kept Playmates on top for 8 years is for the models.  This is their dream. They work hard to perfect their look and style and they deserve to be featured in the best magazine I can produce. Second Life is a creative outlet for me.  I prefer being behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera's.  Playmates Magazine was never about me.  I created it for all the beautiful women in SL to have a chance to shine.  Since I started Playmates in 2007, I have never failed getting the magazine out on the 1st of each month and have never taken a break.

Dean : Could you tell SLE about playmates magazine?

Tazzy : Playmates Magazine is inspired by Playboy.  We feature sexy, yet classy photo's, themed pictorials, a fashion section, destination spotlights, interviews with innovative creators and sim owners, short stories, in addition to our Playmate of the Month spread and centerfold photo and monthly features such as Dr. Love-Advice Column and True Confessions- Resident confessions of their most "face palm" moments. Each issue features the cover/centerfold model-The Playmate of the Month.  In addition to the cover and centerfold they have a 12-14 page photo spread and interview.  Once the models win the Playmate of the Month contest, they are then a life-time Playmates models, as long as they are active in group.  They have photo shoots every month for the themed pictorials, story photo's and articles.  All models in Playmates Magazine were once a Playmate of the Month.  The contest is held at Playmates Headquarters and runs all month.  The winner is announced at 4pm the second Saturday of every month.  Details and information about our Playmate of the Month contest can be found at the Playmates Magazine Headquarters.

Our staff works on each issue a month ahead.  So we may be taking holiday photo's in October but this way no one is rushed and we always have leg room for those SL glitches or delays.  We have staff meetings and brainstorm ideas each month then I write an itinerary for all the staff detailing assignments and deadlines.
We do sell advertisement but we also use a bartering system. The Playmates do appearances at different clubs for free. They have matching costumes and dance together on a HUD. They encourage tips for the clubs DJ, host and staff and keeps the club hopping. It's a win win situation.  Playmates gets exposure and the club gets traffic and more tips.  Plus we will advertise the club for free in the next issue of Playmates.  We only allow 10-12 ad's per 200 pages, so space is limited.

We have a staff that has been working for Playmates for years.
Katelin Skytower has been a writer for Playmates since 2009. She writes articles, short stories and True Confessions.
Jane Roux has been writing the Dr. Love advice column since 2010.
Fawn Moonwing has been writing for Playmates since 2010
Jeanine Rayna has been a writer and photographer since 2011.
Trevor Rookstown has been a writer/reporter since 2011.
Tommi Waydelich has been our centerfold photographer since 2011.
Aaliyah Hana has been Plymates event manager since 2012
ImaHotOne is our themed pictorial photographer and has been with Playmates since 2014
Courtezan Resident is our general manager and has been with Playmates since 2012.
In honor of my dearest friend, I have to mention that one of the best photographers Playmates ever had was Sherlynn Donner who passed away last April.  Sherlynn was with Playmates since 2008 and she was loved and is greatly missed.

Dean : Are you a model, writer or a photographer for the magazine? If so could you describe your involvement?

Tazzy : I am the founder, editor-in-chief and the "mom" to the Playmates.  I put the magazine together and publish it.  I do not model but I do photography.  I make all ad's, graphics, event promo posters and also pictorial photo's and the cover photo's.
I guess you could say I'm the glue that holds it all together.  I take the responsibility seriously.  It's my job to make sure all the models are happy and heard. Without the models, we wouldn't have a magazine.  We have meetings where everyone can voice their ideas or concerns.  It's important to me that they feel special. They get gifts and party's and have a big mansion thats just for them.

Additional Information

Playmates Magazine Blog


Monday, November 23, 2015

A Thanksgiving Interview with a Protesting Turkey- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it is time for another Holiday Mascot Interview. I truly enjoy meeting these characters in Second Life because something unexpected always happens. Last time I interviewed a Thanksgiving mascots, it ended in an argument between a Pilgrim and Indian. This year I decided I would talk to a Turkey about his perspective, so I went to a breedable farm...

Lanai: Excuse me Mr Turkey, my name is Lanai from The SL Enquirer.  Do you have time for an interview?

Turkey: Ugh that newspaper? pfft. Anyway,  My name is Justin and get away from me! I’m not in a very trusting mood this time of year.

Lanai: Hey now!  Relax, Justin. I’m not here to hunt you for my table. I just want to talk to you about Thanksgiving.

Turkey: What’s to talk about? It is not my favorite holiday, neither is Christmas. You humans need to think about making healthier choices that do not involve us.

Lanai: But Turkey is very healthy. It is a valuable source of protein and is a good source of iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus in addition to vitamin B6 and niacin, which are both essential for the body's energy production. Don’t make me get all educational about it, but I understand why you’d disagree with sacrificing yourself for us. I just wanted to get your perspective on this holiday.

Turkey: Well from my perspective, it isn’t all about zinc, potassium, vitamin B6 and blah blah blah all that other stuff. It’s all about being choked, feathers being plucked, and having my neckbone shoved up my ass! Then, to finish me off with a golden brown crisp. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun does it?  If it were up to me, I would hunt down humans and stick them in the center of a table for my family to gather around and see how you like it, but we are herbivores. Besides that, you humans eat way too much junk food and would not be healthy to eat, even for a pig!

Lanai:That wasn’t very nice Justin.

Turkey: What’s not nice is the annual roundup of my fellow feathered fowls...Lanai

Lanai: I guess you have a point. So what do you suggest we use as our main staple for Thanksgiving ?

Turkey: If I really had a say. I would suggest that nice stocky Amaretto horse over there! Let me make my case for your brutal holiday.  You can make horse bacon, ribs, scrapple, pony sausage, rump roast, horse shoulder, horse rinds, jerky and  stew. Do I need to go on? Don’t get me started on the breedable dragons and meeroos if you can catch one.

By this time all the Breedable animals gathered around to listen in…

Horse: Hold on a second Justin there is such a thing as turkey bacon just saying!  Remember you have to live here with us so be careful what you tell this nosy reporter.

Meerroos: Wait. What?

Justin the Turkey: I will peck both of your eyeballs out. Mind your own business. The way you both populate Second Life, you outta be the ones hunted!

Horse: Don’t make me come over there Justin.

Meeroos: pfft. *scurries off*

Justin the Turkey: Oh yea ponyboy? I got one thing to say! *points at the horses*  Lady,take your pick. Each one is at least 2,400 pounds of meat!

Lanai: Wooooah. Wait a minute.

Horse: *gives Justin the hoof and gallops off into the stable*

Chicken: Keep me and my chicks out of this conversation. This is the one day of the year that we get a break, so CLUCK OFF!

Justin the Turkey: Easy there feathered friend!  What’s one more day? Let’s not mention Football season and all the damn chicken wings these humans consume.

Lanai: OK, this is getting out of hand.  Let me just clear the air before a riot breaks out on this farm. I am just here to talk about Thanksgiving from a Turkey’s perspective.

Unknown animal in the crowd: You picked the wrong farm lady!

Lanai: Is that so? *smirks*

In the meantime, Justin the Turkey and his flock gets into an argument with the Horses and chickens while Lanai quietly backs out of the barn and starts the turkey deep fryer.

It is clear that an interview with a Turkey was not the best idea, especially on a farm where other disgruntled animals live just awaiting for consumption. However you celebrate Thanksgiving  be thankful for the animals who unwillingly sacrificed themselves for you.

Happy Thanksgiving SLE Fans!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pulse Entertainment Productions Owned by Avatar PR Presents A whole New Breed of Reality TV: Made to Model Reality TV Show!

With a chance to win L$200,000, (approximately $800.00 USD) to jump start a modeling career in Second Life, luxury living in the M2M Mansion at the grove rent free for one month, modeling contracts with SL Vogue and Avante Modeling Agency, a feature in Nu Vibez Magazine - including a photo session, a paid scholarship to SL Vogue Modeling Academy and other fabulous perks and high profile exposure.

Avatar PR is going all out for one lucky winner. You don’t even need to have prior modeling experience. This competition is open to anyone with a desire to be a top SL Model. 

Made to Model Reality TV Show will feature 14 contestants competing in challenges which including modeling, runway, photography sessions and more. To make the competition more dramatic, every contestant will wear the Life HUD version 2.0 throughout the competition for added reality TV show effects and day to day human tasks.  Details for  each episode will be provided as they air weekly on and YouTube.  They determine which contestant will be sent home until there is just one remaining to be crowned the first ever Miss Made to Model!  Are you up for the challenge?

Important information about Made to Model Reality TV Show:

This competition is offering one lucky winner VIP prizes that will catapult their Modeling Career in Second Life. How can Model hopefuls register to be a contestant?

Filipa Thespian

Filipa Thespian: 
We have the registration boards up in the Made to Model Headquarters at The Grove Country Club Estates.  These boards are more than just an entry task for the girls, they are a tool that can be used for the girls who make it, during the competition, to save them from elimination.  The boards maintain a tally of popularity votes, and only the votes that happen on the boards, truly count toward a model's salvation. Just as a model's power comes in the people she can inspire to make a purchase of a designer's wares, how many she can motivate to vote for her on her board shows a glimmer into her abilities and value as a Made to Model winner.

Anyone can enter the competition, but how do you narrow it down to 14 contestants what criteria must they exhibit to qualify in the selection process?

Filipa Thespian: 
We select from those who gain 50 votes or more, and our choices are based on personality, desire to compete, desire to win and intelligence.  Once a model reaches 50 votes, she is given a personal interview by several members of the staff and production team.  She's advised of what to expect and critiqued for how she reacts to this information and her availability.  If chosen at this phase, she is then incorporated into various PR events and photographic opportunities we provide, to test her mettle, her ability to follow direction and to see how hard she works all while the show is marketed by the visibility of the contestants.  If she makes it through this phase, she is a Made to Model contestant and will be on the show.  Any points she earns during this pre-show competing, are tallied into her "salvation points" and saved for when she might need them on the show.

What is the Life HUD version 2.0 that each contestant will be wearing? What does it do?

Filipa Thespian: 
Oh Life Hud is very exciting.  If you've ever played The Sims™ by EA Games, you'll get it!  Just like in that game, the Life Hud adds to your avatar, basic human bodily needs on a meter, that you need to keep after, such as the need to eat, cleanliness and other bodily functions.  More recent version of the Hud includes health ... your avatar can actually get sick!  Oh, and careers ... their are careers built into this, that satisfy human needs such as happiness, the need to achieve and succeed and so on.  We believe this will add to the show in ways that you just can't get in virtual worlds without it!  Besides, its a lot of fun and surprisingly to me, many of the girls already had their huds, they already "played the game."  Life Hud has provided the food needed during the show to keep the girl's tummy's from rumbling and the house's appliances will be suitably scripted and fully Life Hud enabled providing the girls with most of what they need to succeed.

To give contestants a little insight on how the elimination process works, what do they have to watch out for to lessen their chances of being sent home?

Filipa Thespian: 
We have some of the most talented and amazing hosts and judges on the show.  They have extensive experience in the Second Life Modeling and Fashion communities and include Miss Emma Portilo, formerly COO of Opium Modeling Agency; QueenToy Cyberstar, founder and owner of SL Vogue; and Miss Kimmera Madison, Fashion Designer & Founder of Tres Beau designs and the lady who formerly ran the Miss Virtual World Competition and Boulevard Agency.  These are the three ladies who the contestants need most to impress, although some episodes will have special guest judges for specific challenges, and those wont be announced until it happens!  The judges will be watching the girls for their ability to learn and grow, their viability on camera, ability to take direction, skill in front of a camera, skill in styling and many more elements that go into being a top fashion model in Second Life.  Oh, and lets not forget the ever dreaded, popularity scoring that will include social media and tools we provide on the Made to Model website.

Aside from the grand prize of L$200,000 Lindens, can you elaborate on the Grand Prize package?

Filipa Thespian: 
Well the money is lovely, but yes, there is more to it.  As a winner, Miss Made to Model will be moved into the Made to Model mansion at The Grove Country Club Estates, as her home, and she will be granted the ability to live there, free rent, for a month.  When the month is up, she will be given first dibs on renting that home before we make it publicly available.  While living in the ultimate in SL luxury, she will begin her career by attending the illustrious SL Vogue Modeling Academy, on a fully paid scholarship, followed by paid modeling gigs as an SL Vogue Agency Model.  With that, she also becomes an Avante Modeling Agency model and will be found often in the pages of Nu Vibez Magazine starting with a feature article, interview and photo session designed to catapult her into the public eye.  

Scheduling and Time management is a challenge in itself when it comes to SL Competitions. With that being said, Can you tell us about the filming process and approximately how much time will contestants need to dedicate to this competition?

Filipa Thespian:  
When we begin filming, it will be done straight through until we're done.  We film all episodes back to back, go into post-production, get the episodes ready for prime-time THEN, we will release one a week ... just like they do in RL.  There will be a period of several weeks the girls will need to be ready to work and the filming schedule will be posted to the girls.  They'll know the base times when they need to be on set and ready to get down and dirty in the competition.

Who are the sponsors of Made to Model Reality TV Show and what are their contributions?

Filipa Thespian:  
We have some amazing sponsors, we cannot thank them enough.  First and foremost, thank you to The Grove Country Club Estates which is providing us with the lovely parcel on which we built the custom Made to Model Mansion, and their generosity of the free rent prize to the winner.  Then, there's LIFE HUD of course, providing the Life Hud 2.0 system and the food and tools needed to "play".   There are a few sponsors we're working on right now but they're not quite ready to be mentioned them.  There's still time to become a sponsor and take advantage of the PR and visibility that comes from working with this show and our group.  The information's available on our website.

When is filming expected to begin?

Filipa Thespian:  
We're in the midst of gearing up with pre-show PR and selection challenges and getting all the final details in order.  The filming will begin in January, giving everyone the chance to get through the holiday crazies and to take advantage of that slow period that happens just after the holidays are over.  

During the competition and filming of the show, will models be supplied with a wardrobe selection from the  sponsors or will the models have to come up with their own styles and outfit choices? 

Filipa Thespian: 
The contestants have already experienced this with our Halloween photo-shoot for Nu Vibez Magazine ... when we have a photo-shoot where we insist on what they wear, we provide all attire.  Also, we are lining up fashion designers who will be providing attire and who may appear on the show too (don't want to give too much away) as guest judges and challenge leaders.  These Designers will be announced soon, but a they include Paris Metro Couture and Tres Beau for certain!  

What else can you tell our readers about what to expect from Made to Model Reality TV Show without giving too much away?

Filipa Thespian:  
Fun ... Reality TV Drama ... high quality, creative filming that's enjoyable to watch ... the ability to affect the outcome by voting for the ladies and so much more.  If you are someone interested in participating in such a way, get yourself in the Made to Model group inside Second Life as a fan, so that you know when we put out the call for votes and you can potentially find yourself as an extra on the show!

Additional Information:

Group: MADE TO MODEL (secondlife:///app/group/3ed0f14c-f308-bbcb-6bbb-e419308765c3/about)
Location: The Grove Country Club Estates
Contact: Filipa Thespian, COO & Director of the Show

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Global DJ Federation Opens Registration for Jingle Brawl from November 21 to December 15, 2015.

Hosted by The Global DJ Federation and sponsored by Pure Power Streams Cheer Time, JCNY Jewelers and ZOha Islands. Jingle Brawl is a DJ battle competitions to find SL’s top DJ.
Registration is open now until December 15th so if you have what it takes to out spin your DJ opponents, step up to the deck and show music fans what you got! Guest of the event should expect to see a variety of DJ talent from across the grid with non stop music, hard battles and lots of fun as we all come together and raise money for the Victims of the Paris Attacks.
Preliminaries start at 3pm on December 15th and it will continue with a double elimination match up til GDF reaches the top djs in each of the genres which include EDM, POP, FREESTYLE, Rock and Hip HOP. EDM includes all Sub Genres  like House, Electro, Breaks, Trance and Dance.

Jingle Brawl will take place at Club Excalibur and will be open to Live Mixers and Radio Personalities with unique skills and talent.  
This is a fundraiser event so there is a sign up fee of $20.00USD via PayPal or Linden equivalent. Join the Global DJ Federation group and let a GDF staff member know you want to join the Jingle Brawl.

There will be great door prizes from our Sponsors and a Grand Prize Money Pot* or Linden Equivalent *the amount will be based on how many DJs sign up.

To qualify for this competition participants must be a GDF Supporter and Lover of Music. The rules are simple. Contestant must use properly tagged music. No downloaded Youtube material, copyrighted, illegal or torrent downloads permitted.

If you are interested in being a Jingle Brawl  Judge, contact Razor Popstar. We are seeking neutral judges who are not influenced by GDF to be fair and non discriminatory. The judging will be based on a 5 point voting system. Qualities that will be judged include Originality, Audience Engagement, Presentation and Popularity. Judges will vote in the criteria 1 thru 4 and popularity will count as one vote that way the contest cannot be rigged with a big follower base.  Even if they win the popular vote the DJ can potentially still lose. In the event of a tie, and trivia question will be given to determine the winner.

Remember this is a Fundraising event. Proceeds will go to the victims of the recent Paris Attacks. Seats will be limited so it will be on a first come first serve basis!
Additional Information

JINGLE BRAWL AT Club Excalibur
Group: Global DJ Federation
Twitter: @GlobalDJFed
Preferred Contact:Razor.Popstar ,or any GDF Staff

The 2015 Toys4Tots Season in Second Life is in Full Swing- November 21-29th

Sixth Annual Toys 4 Tots Breedables Expo and Fair

 November 21st - 29th-  This event will cover 2 sims, both dedicated to all Breedables in SL and also non-breedable vendors/sellers. Events will include live performers, raffles, and one very special auction. 

A full schedule of events and totals raised to date can be found on our website:

If you would like to get your own set of fundraising tools- kiosks, sale vendors, etc. Please contact Rocky Hillburton, Marissa Goodliffe, or Shannon Hillburton (Shannon Dubratt). 

You can also join the inworld group, Annual T4T Christmas Benefit here:

Just copy and paste the group key in local. 

Thank you for all of your support for Toys4Tots!!

The Mayflower has Landed in Second Life!- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

In Second Life we have the unique ability to recreate historical events and rebuilt structures that have long since been lost or in ruins back to their original state with the help of information gathered from history books,  ancient maps, historical documents and diagrams.  With that being said, I was exploring the grid in search of a farm. I was determined to interview a turkey for my Thanksgiving holiday mascot article. But instead I came across something unexpected.

Located on Zundra at Mayflower & Plymouth Village on a thousand kisses Estate, there bobbing in the water is The Mayflower.  The history of this ship is significant to Thanksgiving if you are familiar with the story about how the New World was “discovered”.  

As the story goes: Hoping to flee the dictates of the Church of England,  The Mayflower was a commissioned vessel responsible for transporting William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims from Plymouth, England to the New World.  It took 66 days as they braved violent storms at sea and disease. 

Finally, on November 11, 1620, The Mayflower dropped anchor at Provinceton Harbor, now known as Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  The surviving Pilgrims did not leave the ship right away, instead they endured the harsh winter aboard the vessel and emerged onto land on March 21, 1621 and started the Plymouth Colony.

The Mayflower did not stick around after its mission. It returned back to England to be used as a trade vessel until the death of Captain Christopher Jones. The abandoned and battered ship was destroyed and used for scrap lumber.

The Plymouth Rock is also significant to the Mayflower and Thanksgiving time because it is famously known as the site said to be the first solid piece of land where the Pilgrims set foot when arriving to the New World. 

Today, it is surrounded by a gate to protect it from damage. Now that you have some background information about these 2 historical artifacts, no matter where you are in the world, it is only a teleport away in Second Life.

 Upon arriving at this great location, virtually, you can explore a depiction of the first settlement. There is a meeting house, fort, outdoor baking oven, cook pot and a family house. 

If you explore the woods you will also find a Wampanoag tribe settlement.
To make your visit more authentic and fun, dress up like a Pilgrim or Indian and invite your friends for an educational outing. Don’t forget to take pictures sitting around the table for the first Thanksgiving!

SLE Commercial

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