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Sunday, February 19, 2017

A MODICUM OF COLOR: An in depth interview with SL Artist Ilyra Chardin - Dean Lawson Reporting


Ilyra Chardin is a real life and Second Life artist. In a previous interview I had a chance to discuss Ilyra's Second Life images, this time Ilyra treated me to a tour of her art installation “A Modicum of Color”.
Dean : Hi, thanks for taking the time to meet with me, is the name “A Modicum of Color” intended to be ironic?
Ilyra : Well, no.  there are tiny bits of color here and there … like the flowers over by the barn ... or the red or blue sailboats ... tiny bits of color here and there.  that was the intention

Dean : We both seem to be dressed for this installation, with grey clothes ... Did you build the objects in the installation or did you modify objects to reduce the color?
Ilyra : A little of both.  i uploaded tons of new textures.  and i also built some things from scratch.  I didn't do any mesh for this installation, but I am currently working on brand new - original - and I hope unique - meshes for the next installation, which is planned for sometime in March.

Dean : What inspired you to create an installation that is primarily black and white?
Ilyra : The primary reason was to create a 3 dimensional environment that highlighted pockets of color.  I thought a predominately black, white and grey build would create a dreamlike environment.  I also thought it would be soothing ... I thought, too, that anyone coming to pose here would stand out - their av and their clothing - if they wore colorful clothes
Dean : You mentioned that there was a problem with the color of the sky as seen through your viewer, for people to get the best effect of your installation is there a windlight setting they should choose incase it doesn't automatically adjust when they arrive at the installation?
Ilyra : Phototools B/W Light 02 … let me show the garden of flowers that i had mentioned … this was one of the first things that I envisioned and built - the flowers with parts of color.  I later made the flowerr painters and had them painting sections of the flowers.

Dean : It's very nice, why didn't you give color to all the flowers?
Ilyra : i really wanted to show the transition from greyscale to a colorful world ... and really highlight it by coloring just pieces of the flowers
Dean : What’s next on our tour?
Ilyra : This is Art in the Park - a gallery with other artists - some of my work - that is in theme - in tandem with A Modicum of Color … Sandi is a close friend ... she shot that on the sim as I was building it.

To find out more about Art in the Park or Ilyra Chardin you can visit her blog or visit the art installation “A Modicum Of Color"

Dean Lawson

Saturday, February 18, 2017

GeekSpeak – gamification! Join the Discussion Saturday Feb. 18th at 12pm SLT

How can you persuade people to do things they are reluctant to do?  One answer may be to make a game out of it.  In Sweden drivers are entered into a lottery when they stick to the speed limit.  Rubbish bins in Holland are manned by dolls that cry out for paper.

Scientific research has been advanced by means of games.  The protein folding game FoldIt, where players compete to produce new folds, has solved problems in medical research.

What new developments can you foresee for gamification?  Could a game about living on Mars help with space exploration?  How about a game where the players think of ways to save energy?  Can you see a future for gamification in Second Life?

Why does all this work?  Why is it that fines for those who speed do not work while lottery tickets for those who do not speed do work?  Do you think gamification would work for you?

Come and talk to us about making life a game.

Friday, February 17, 2017

VIKING VUE: An In Depth Interview with Second Life Artist Sapphire Viking - Dean Lawson Reporting


Sapphire Viking is an artist whose whimsical work celebrates the raw nature of mutable female emotions. Sometimes fantastical, other times dark.  Her paintings and drawings reflects personal experiences expressed through metaphors of color and femininity. I had the good fortune to interview Sapphire and talk to her about her work.
Dean : How did you first learn about Second Life and what appeals to you about living in the virtual universe?
Sapphire : I was traveling and read an article about Second Life in the in-flight magazine.  That was 10 years ago and I don't remember where I was going.  But I am glad that I remembered to go home and check out this new virtual world. The most appealing thing to me about SL is the wealth of imagination, the totally uninhibited creativity.  It is ever changing with magical surprises. I am thrilled to meet people from all over the world and see how similar we human beings are.  I love that I can go sailing in the morning, fly home in a helicopter,  work on my own art gallery,  then go dancing at 5 clubs in the same night.  I guess you could say SL appeals to my restless nature and need to explore.
Dean : A lot of your work seems to feature female forms. Does all of your work revolve around representing the female form? If so, why?
Sapphire : Much of my work is autobiographical. The females represent different events in my life or an emotional state I am trying to express.  As I was growing up, I had a difficult time verbalizing my emotions because I did not feel safe to do so.  I found sanity by getting those feelings out through visual art.  On a pragmatic level, I find the female form to have many more options for expression and use of color.
Dean : The painting "Non Sine Soleiris" reminds me of the movie "Il Casanova" by Frederico Fellini, while "CRAWLING" reminds me of Japanese Anime. Could you tell me about your artistic influences?
Sapphire : My father was an artist and my mother always made sure I had supplies. I would go to my father's studio while he worked.  I remember the smell of musty old wood and oil paint.  He would sit me down with pens and paper or clay and tools and let me go to town.  When we were at his studio it was a peaceful, happy time and I still have that feeling when I work today.  The other artists who have influenced me are many.  I admire line work so some of the early influences were; Aubrey Beardsley, Alphonse Mucha, Egon Schiele, George Grosz and the artists of Mad Magazine. I also read about the women of the surrealist movement so for me Remedios Varo, Leonor Fini & Leonora Carrington.  Frida Kahlo, her vibrant colors and the way she opened herself up so fearlessly was a big influence.  Margaret Keene, when I was a little girl I was delighted to buy small cardboard prints of her paintings at the local drug store!  I do enjoy the art of anime and am also a fan of artists Takashi Murikami and Yoshitomo Nara.  Growing up in Los Angeles I was influenced by films and enjoyed watching the old classics.  I was fascinated by the elegant yet strong women portrayed in films, stars like Betty Davis, Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. I also find new artists that I enjoy on Instagram.   These days my favorite Instagram artist is a woman named Grace Passerottti.  In SL I love the work of Cica Ghost and can't wait for her newest installation. The way she uses the SL environment to express emotion is profound. 

Dean : The painting "The Gift" portrays a woman tied up in a ribbon, from her expression she doesn't seem too thrilled about it. The painting "The Bow" portrays a woman gagged by a bow, what are your views on bondage, and sado masochistic relationships? Do you explore this lifestyle in real life or Second Life or both?
Sapphire : When I was a child my house was filled with art history books.  I remember being fascinated with the Hieronymus Bosch masterpiece the Garden of Earthly Delights. Particularly the depiction of hell.  The drama and dynamics were thrilling to me. When I was a teen I was into punk rock and that was my first real life introduction to BDSM but I was too young to understand what it was. After my first serious relationship broke up, I felt it was due to the constant power struggle that is the demise of many "vanilla" relationships.  I already had an unexplored interest in BDSM and as I tend to do, jumped in feet first.  It changed my life.  While the physical side, the whips and chains are dramatic and look good in movies they are external. In my opinion, the basis of BDSM is a method of communication and understanding of roles. My RL experiences were another form of self-exploration and inspired many of the paintings that I display in my SL gallery.  I have been active in the Los Angeles BDSM scene on and off for about 15 years.  During that time, even though I am naturally dominant, I was trained as both a Domme and a sub.  Neither role is greater or less than and can not exist without the other. In SL I have been active in the Femdom scene for about 9 years.  My RL experience helps me when I meet those who come to the Femdom simply out of curiosity or a life long desire. Because of my RL experience in both roles, I have a good understanding of the dynamics and the big picture.
Dean: Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you or your work?
One day I was perving profiles and someone wrote in theirs, "Second Life is my art".  That really struck me and I started looking at SL differently.  I wanted to make it part of my art too. I felt that the colorful world of SL was a good fit for my aesthetic. I have been taking classes at Builder's Brewery in hopes of expanding my horizons within the SL environment. As I mentioned, I am inspired by the in-world installations of Cica Ghost as well as others that I have visited.  I would eventually like to create some type of installation.  I don't know how long it will take or what it will be exactly, but it is something I am formulating in the back of my mind. Thank you Dean, for your thoughtful questions and this opportunity to reach out to the Second Life community.
To learn more about Sapphire Viking and her work click on the following link or visit her art gallery “Viking Vue” at the following SLURL

Dean Lawson

Thursday, February 16, 2017

GeekSpeak – Future of Law Enforcement

Where are police methods heading?  Should we be worried?  Already they can use microwaves, high-pitched and potentially dangerous sound and lasers to control crowds.  What will happen when they produce drones to spy on us and attack us?  Drones which may be disguised as birds.  When you go for a country walk will the raptors you see be after mice or after you?  Will the robins and sparrows outside your window be there for the food or are they police drones that are watching you?

Maybe when criminals use drones the police will attack with their own drones?  Or will they use animals to attack drones?  In Holland the police are already using eagles to destroy drones.  There are plenty of stories of dolphins that have been trained to kill.  Will future human wars be fought entirely by dolphins, eagles and robot drones?

Does all this scare you?  Or make you angry?  Or do you think it is all a good idea?  Come and share your views on future policing.  Watch out for raptors!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

EXISTENCE IN BALANCE: An in depth interview with Second Life Artist JenniferMay Carlucci- Dean Lawson Reporting...

According to her press release ; "JenniferMay Carlucci is inspired by the creation of our earth and the offering of our beautiful planet into the physical Universe. 'Existence in Balance' shows Earth being created and how we humans are part of this loving process. With nothing more than this intriguing concept she starts to explore and build up her vision. Building a visual route up along a growing Planet Earth, Jenn will drag you into a breathtaking experience. 

Experience by means of motion (dance), visualization (decor), sound (special compositions of music), feelings (use of particles) - beauty and purity. The ground level of the sim is used to create an environment from the moment that earth is created. Earth in its early state, moving towards growth, awareness of existence, and completion for life to exist on. From the moment on when life is eminent, Earth is situated within the known Universe, our Universe. Gloriously balanced between stars, planets, galaxies as we know it. Feeling this theme can speak to so many, she connects with many talented residents, offering them a platform to share their ideas and feelings about “Existence in Balance”, encouraging them to travel alongside with her on this extraordinary and amazing voyage. 'Existence in Balance' is offering the visitors a serene environment where they will be submerged in a breathtaking trip around the sim.”

Much like the press release, the LEA installation "Existence in Balance” is a flood of ideas that are unconventional and Avant Guard. I had the good fortune to chat with Jennifer May Carlucci, the artist behind the design and concept, as well as Falkon Wickentower, who helped with scripts and other technical aspects of this project.
Dean : Hi Jennifer, hi Falkon, thanks for inviting me … Would you like to begin by telling me about your installation? What inspired you to create?
Jennifer : I had an idea to create a virtual world about how earth was created already many years ago … just to let people see where we originate from … to show the beauty … It is the idea of our souls being created in the non physical world, where earth is created as well … I want to offer a visual experience of the whole process … so when this is done people will be able to travel around here … go through a wormhole into the existing world … and  from there into Universe
Falk : dont forget the musical side on the experience of the sim.
Jennifer : Also I made this compilation of the music you hear now especially for this project … at the opening we will have a big show with a combination of dance, particles and music about this subject … the music will tell the tale of creation.

Dean : I see two hands holding a globe, is this a representation of God?
Jennifer : no … it is the creation of earth … this symbolises the non physical world … I do not wish to give this a religious feel … the hands are molding earth and finally releasing the world ready to be into the physical universe
Falk : earth being shaped
Jennifer : here the visitor will start his voyage … here it is all pure and serene … my way of showing this is the cold and icey underwaterworld … the hearts here below represent love … there are 4 directions … reality, fantasy, spiritualism, and emotion … this level is called truth … as we are standing here and we each see and choose our own direction
Dean Lawson : Is truth a link between the four directions?
Jennifer : exactly … as you see there are 4 platforms shaped from hearts … they are below us … those are the directions 

Dean : So truth is where the visitor to your sim begins and then they choose the path of reality, fantasy, emotion and spiritualism?
Jennifer : yes .. they come in in a small area where some information is available ... from there they come here and then they can choose a path … that will be a tour ... they just sit on a pose ball and fly around ... from the direction they choose ... first a little in this area ... then they go thru a wormhole, leaving the nonphysical world ... thats a special scripted trick ... the wormhole is a long tube with several effects and textures … depending on the direction they choose … at the end they land in the physical world … in the direction they chose ... what they will see are floating islands with themes on that subject … these floating islands are located around a large floating island this will be the centre stage.

Dean : Could Falk elaborate on some of the scripting required in constructing the tour?
Falk :  sure ... the Tour is build with a scripting language embedded inside a system that ... provides poseballs ... the program lets us use animations … TP's … Poses ... information blocks … sounds ... and spoken texts ... the tour can be started by 1 or many together …  I would like to point out that this build is so serene that by example, new visitors like the lady Mycky that just about 15 minutes ago arrived here, isn't even flying around , but nicely relaxing in the reception chairs....
According to Jennifer the installation will be officially opened in the beginning of April, 2017. For more information on Second Life Artists JenniferMay Carlucci, Falkon Wickentower and the LEA installation "Existence in Balance” you can click on the links below or visit the installation at the following SLURL

Dean Lawson

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

SLE Valentine's Poetry Contest Winners

And here they are, our three winners for our 2017 Valentine's poetry contest...

Three very different poems.  Thank you to all of you who entered, we appreciate the support.

First Prize Winner:
Written by shortfoxwife in dedication to her husband and beautiful children.

I'm sure this is something you have heard, 
"Love is more than just a word."
When I think about what love means to me, 
Its not about what I hear, its what I see.
My smiling husband, full of pride,
As he gives our son a piggy back ride.
It's singing songs on some old back road,
Living for today, no fear of growing old.
It's painting a picture with my little girl, 
And staring in awe at her cute, bouncy curls.
That ecstatic moment when your man takes a knee,
Promising to love you for an eternity.
Watching movies, making love,
Saying your prayers to The Man up above.
Next time you're brightening someones day,

Remember it's your gestures, not just what you say.

Second Prize Winner-
POEM by Sizzelle

What cliche betrays the heart of the needy, the timid, and the weak?

The silence of the bold is the passion I seek

Heart shaped bubbles and chocolate truffles, empty calories won’t fill the soul

And, if a diamond ring makes your heart sing,

Then you’ve sold yourself for a drop of gold

Oh the impetuousness of youth they say

But the grey and the restless also play

Little games on clever phones

The lucky lovers roll their bones

They turn and turn until the grave

Then gladly go their separate ways

I will not settle for fear of silence

Or tolerate the video violence

The games … the films that you adore

In which you are hero and I am whore

I pity those players trapped by your rules

I pity those brainwashed media tools

Who propagate the Book of Lies

‘Till all we trust withers and dies

They sell the roots of their family tree

For fifteen minutes on TV

My love is mine and all I need

My love is mine in words and deeds

My love is secret and I will not share her name

… For money or for fame

Third Prize winner:
To you  - by Laurel B

It was instantaneous
You blew my mind
How did it even happen?
But there you were

You wandered away a few times
I should have known better
I couldn’t let go as much as I tried
The magnetism was too much

Time went by
I loved you more and more
I tried leaving you
But our friend said you needed me

Then you left
I knew she existed
But it was supposed to have been me
You said we were soulmates

You were supposed to rescue me
But you went off and married her
Then you came back
How could you?

Our love was intense
Our love was ferocious
But was it all a lie?
Was it even real?

We called it a day, it was inevitable
The colour to life has faded
I think of you everyday
My broken heart is yours forever

Fine Dining on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special time for couples. It is the one time of year for romance and demonstrating your love for your significant other.  Showing your partner you care should be an every day event but there is something about this day that makes loving someone even more special. Time is the most valuable thing we can give.   It’s not about expensive gifts, it is about the quality of time you can give each other.
In Second Life, you can find plenty of things to share with that special someone. Here are some great  fine dining ideas to add to your day.

Fine Dining
Avatars are notoriously known for not having to eat to survive but why limit yourself from the roleplay of sharing a romantic candelit dinner with the person you love? Second Life has resturants with breathtaking views and it give you the chance to get away from the crowded club scene.  Dress your best and share great converation in a relaxing atmosphere with a glass of virtual wine.

Seaside Restaurant & Lounge
Enjoy an intimate dinner for two at the Seaside Restaurant & Lounge.  Fresh seafood daily and mouth watering entrees from around the world.  Seaside is a unique restaurant in SL were you are in charge of your dinning experience without any cost.

The Terrace
The Terrace Restaurant Lounge & Grille offering a full service realistic dining experience. Whether a romantic dinner for two or a family gathering, you are assured of being served by a unique team of professionals.
IM Jorden Andrew for reservations.

The Willows Restaurant
The Willows restaurant  was founded by Legacy MacPherson and Myket Ebonyrose in May 2015. Please respect all staff and guests. Our honeymoon suites are available for rentals as well. IM SloaneMarie for reservations.

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, The SL Enquirer wishes you a wonderful and love filled day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Monday, February 13, 2017


This is the first of Origen’s new spectacular events in Hollywood's new schedule. It will be a Valentine’s eve show, titled “The Aphrodite Festival,” starring The Pink Vampire. And what better way to spend the night before Valentine's Day than with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The stars and Moon will shine the light of romance around us. The voice of Aphrodite (The Pink Vampire) will arouse those deep desires and passions in us, casting her enchantments over our hearts; as she did in ancient Greece. It is time to fall in love all over again, and the Aphrodite Festival is the perfect place to do it. Bring that special someone, or find someone new at this star-crossed event.

The set designers at Hollywood Studios have gone all out creating a Mt. Olympus style venue, based on the very bad, but fun and popular Hercules and Sons of Hercules movies of the 1960’s; which started such favorites as Steve Reeves and Jane Mansfield.

This event will allow either formal or costumed attire. Guests are welcome to come in togas or as their favorite Greek God, Goddess or Greek Hero. The part of Aphrodite will be played by the Pink Vampire. This event is expected to fill up fast, so guests are advised to come early to dance and to explore this fabulous full sim build.

Contact Information
Venue Owner: Origen Resident
Group The Hollywood Ballroom & theater

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event February 11 to 26, 2017

Kultivate Magazine is pleased to announce it’s very first Spring Fashion Event! The Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event will take place February 11 to 26, 2017.

This event will feature over 50 designers and creators,  a variety of fashion shows, a shopping area with exclusives, two special hunts, entertainment, and more! The Fantasy Angels will also present a special themed show as the finale on February 26, 2017.

The modeling company that will produce the fashion shows is Amazing Impressions Modeling (AIM) and the charity partner for this event is Feed A Smile. Feed A Smile is the charity of Live and Learn Kenya in Second Life. This nonprofit charity raises funds to provide educational opportunities for the children of Kenya. Visitors will be able to help raise funds for Feed A Smile via their official kiosks and by buying tickets to a special raffle.

Participating  merchant sponsors are: Alpha Tribe, Bliensen + MaiTai, Blueberry, Chiffon, Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery, Closer to the Heart Fashion, DE Boutique, Dot-Be Fashion, EGOISME Milano, Emerald Couture, Entice, Feyline Fashions, FlowerDreams & Nile Karas, Gabriel, Ghee, GiluliaDesign, Mahlberg Tailors, Prey, Prism and Prism for Men, Sachas Designs, Snowpaws, Sonatta Morales, Spyralle, Sweet E’s Designs, Tameless, Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions, The Bohemian Underground, Virtual Diva, White Room Couture, Zibska, & Zuri Jewelry. Other participating merchants include:  .:Jullytobe:., {Aluetia}, *DBS* Designs by Soosy, AnyB Poses, Balderdash, Cosmos Boutique, EED Home & Garden, Get Frocked, IT! (Indulge Temptation!), Just Ordinary, Mara’s Mysteries, Moonstar, Pink Ice Boutique, Pin Up, Portofina Stile, ProPose, Steelhead Outfitters, Stone’s Works, Sweet Dreams, Sweet E’s Designs, TASHI, TRS Designs, & Winterwood.

The Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event has the following media partners, all who have generously agreed to promote this event: ModelS Magazine, Model’s Workshop, Port Elysium News, Radio Riel, SL Live Radio, The Miss SL Organization, The SL Enquirer, The SL Parade, & Virtual Diva Magazine.
About Kultivate Magazine:
Kultivate Magazine is a publication about the cultural aspects of Second Life. The goal of Kultivate Magazine is to support art, culture, photography, music, and fashion. Kultivate Magazine consists of the magazine, The Edge and The Edge Gallery, The Windlight Art Gallery,  The Red Gallery,  The Bailywick Gallery, The Kultivate Select Gallery, Ristorante Ivanna, & The Tribute and Crown Pub. Kultivate Magazine is proud to be the media partner and primary sponsor of Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team for The American Diabetes Association.

For more information:


Second Life Residents Invited To Participate in the World's Largest Virtual Fundraising Event!

Relay For Life of Second Life Team Registration opens at 6 am SLT on Sunday, February 12, 2017.

Led by Event Leadership Team chair Nuala Maracas and co-chairs Leala Spire and Grace Devin, the 2017 season kicks off March 5th and continues through Relay For Life Weekend in Second Life on the 15th & 16th of July. The theme for the 2017 Relay season is “Passport To Hope".

Team Registration Details
•    Captains may register their teams beginning Feb 12th by visiting    
     and clicking the TEAM REGISTRATION button.
•    Teams are recommended to have at least 5 members
•    Captains will be asked to set a goal for their team.  
•    Teams who meet the minimum fundraising levels will be eligible for a campsite and for real life prizes and awards.

A new Supporter category has been created to give credit to non-team entities who in the past have
raised funds for Relay using General Donations kiosks.These businesses, clubs or organizations can contact PrettyKitty Gumbo in world to be assigned a “Supporter” number and receive fundraising tools.

"This year we are not just going to think outside the box," said  event Chair Nuala Maracas. "We are going to Break The Box! Together we are going to make a difference. Together we are going to help our American Cancer Society finish this fight!"

About Relay For Life of Second Life

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing in Second Life for 13 years. In 2005, the first Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society. As of July 2014 RFL of SL ranked number 17th in donations received among more than 5600 relay events held worldwide. As of January, 2017 RFL of SL celebrated raising 3 million US dollars to support the mission of the Society to 'Save Lives, Celebrate Lives and Lead The Fight for A World Without Cancer!

About the American Cancer Society

For more than 100 years, the American Cancer Society has been working to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays and is the world leader in the fight to end cancer. Together with our global partners and millions of supporters, the American Cancer Society carries out its mission to Save Lives, Celebrate Lives, and Lead the Fight for a World Without Cancer.

For More Information:

SLE Commercial

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