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Friday, December 19, 2014

Celebrating the Holiday Season Around the World ~ December

Who says, Christmas and New Year are the only holidays observed this season?
 There are many festivals celebrated widely around the world this December. And Second Life isn’t behind in celebrating them. The following are the list of festivals:

  • ·         Christmas
  • ·         New Year’s Eve
  • ·         Burning the Devil
  • ·         Hogmanay Festival
  • ·         Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • ·         Junkanoo Festival
  • ·         Winterfest Boat Parade
  • ·         Whirling Dervishes Festival
  • ·         Sunburn Festival Goa
  • ·         Hannukah
  • ·         Kwanzaa
  • ·         Klausjagen
  • ·         L’escalade
  • ·         Reveillon

       And many others.

. Well, now that we know a few, I would mention only those few in detail, which have also found its place in Second Life.

It is one of the most popular Christian celebrations in the Western Church as well as in Second Life. This holiday commemorates the birth of Jesus on December 25th. For observers, it is the season of gift giving and sharing a feast with family and friends. Traditions include putting up a Christmas tree, decorating with lights, garland, wreaths and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. 

There are even classic Christmas Carols and stories shared including the iconic Santa Clause who comes to town giving all the good children gifts while leaving lumps of coal for the naughty.

Be sure to check the SL search for Christmas parties and events happening now until Christmas day. There are too many to name here!

New Year’s Eve
 New Year celebrations begin on December 31st as people around the prepare for a new year as it begins in each time zone. In New York City, the traditional ball is dropped in Times Square witnessed by thousands in the street as  well on television. Many have New Year resolutions to break bad habits from the year prior or to begin a new phase in their lives with the ones they love. At the stroke of midnight, you will normally see parties happening, tons of confetti and music playing as well as many dropping to one knee to ask for their lover’s hand in marriage. This celebration marks a new beginning for all as the New Year begins.
In Second Life, festivities and events will happen all day as the clock strikes midnight across the time zones. If you are observing New Years in Second Life, don’t do it alone. Find a party and ring in 2015 with new and old friends. Looking to do a ball drop at your locations. I find a place where you can buy one along with a firework display!

DeCuir Creations Fireworks

It is a week-long celebration held in the United States and also celebrated in the Western African Diaspora in other nations of the Americas. The celebration honors African heritage in African-American culture, and is observed from December 26 to January 1, culminating in a feast and gift-giving. According to Karenga, the name Kwanzaa derives from the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza, meaning "first fruits of the harvest". It celebrates the principles, each day dedicated to one principle.

1.    Umoja or Unity is celebrated on the first day to strive for and maintain the unity in the family, community, nation and race.
2.    Kujichagulia or Self Determination is celebrated on the second day to define, name, create for and speak for ourselves.
3.     Ujima or Collective work and Responsibility is celebrated on the third day to build our community together; make our brother’ and sister’ problems our problems and to solve them together.
4.    Ujamaa or Cooperative Economics is celebrated on the fourth day to build and main our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together
5.    Nia or Purpose is celebrated on the fifth to make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.
6.    Kuumba or Creativity on the sixth to do as always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited
7.    Imani or Faith on the seventh day to believe with all our hearts in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, the righteousness and victory of our struggle.
In Second Life: A party at the Gallery, on Friday, December 26th, 2014. Dj Voodoo and Dj Pike would be playing. This is a 4 hour event sponsored by Love Cats. Theme of the event is to wear best African inspired Outfit. The board would be set at L$ 300 plus a L$ 500 gift card for the winner and a L$ 150 gift card for everyone who stops by.

It is also known as Chanukah, the festival of lights is a Jewish holiday. It celebrates and commemorates events that took place over 2300 years ago in the land of Judea, Israel. Antiochus, the Syrian king commanded Jews to worship the Greek Gods, prohibiting them from the practise of their own religious beliefs. One man, Judah Maccabee defied the imperial dictator. He fought against the king along with his brothers for 3 years. The Syrians were driven out of Judea and the Holy Temple in Jerusalem reclaimed. The temple was cleaned and lit. It was dedicated to the N’er Tamid. There was barely enough oil to last a day, however, as if a miracle, the light burnt for 8 days. Since then, Hannukah is commemorated in triumph of faith by lighting candles in the menorah, one candle for each night, the centre one to begin with. It begins on 25th day of Hebrew month of Kislev.

In Second Life: The Grim's Domain Family Realm is presenting an off season Hanukkah special event for Relay for Life at the Chapel of Yeshua. They will be having 8 days of live music, DJ's and open mic for your entertainment to raise funds for Relay For Life. The singers are Emma Maria Bellisim, Gem Sunkiller, Hitomi Rosewood James and others.

Photograph Credits: Group picture

In Second Life:  Olde Lapara Town celebrating Hannukah and Winterfest.

In Second Life: On 19th December, 2014 Dj Cherridwyn would play Christmas tunes, Blues, Hannukah and Yule tunes at Wharf Rat Blues


No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, share it with family and friends while spreading love and peace.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

StoryFest Events Announces Sunset with Fezziwig’s Ball- December 21, 2014 11am-4pm SLT

Imagination Island, Second Life – StoryFest Events, which began with a single story-based weekend in March 2010, will be closing the cover on event production with one final live literature event: Fezziwig’s Ball. Storytellers will gather on Sunday, December 21st beginning at 11am SLT to present the entire text of Charles Dickens’ classic holiday ghost story, A Christmas Carol, followed by a dance party with tips benefiting the Community Virtual Library.

“It has been a fascinating ride and we have had many tremendously successful events.” explained Caledonia Skytower, StoryFest Events Director, “Not everything lasts forever, especially in the virtual world, or can continue in the same form.  We’ve gotten to the point where it has been clear we needed to evaluate where we were going, and what we needed to become.  It’s all good news, actually.  These sorts of celebration events will continue. It is simply that StoryFest Events as a production entity is no longer necessary.”

StoryFest Events has produced StoryFest, Bard on the Beach, and BOOFest for the last four years, and in 2012 added The Dickens Project. Fezziwig’s Ball is a condensation of the previous Dickens events, featuring many of the voice performers that have been a popular part of StoryFests over the years: Dubhna Rhiadra, Corwyn Allen, Kayden Oconnell, Aoife Lorefield, Shandon Loring, Freda Frostbite and Bhelanna Blaze as well as Skytower herself. As a sign that this is a transition and not a finale, John Morland will be introduced as a new voice among the cast of readers.  “I am really excited about John joining us for this.  He has a nice style and tambour that is a good compliment to the other folks we have,” Ms. Skytower added.

A Christmas Carol will begin at 11am with “Stave One: Marley’s Ghost” presented by Loring and Skytower, and will proceed with a new section of the text each hour, as performers pass the baton from one reader to the next, as Dickens’ ghostly story of Christmas and the redemption of a soul unfolds. Following the conclusion of the story, Dubhna Rhiadra will be spinning some wonderfully appropriate holiday music as storytellers and story lovers dance in celebration of four years of great, storied events.

For details on the presentation schedule, visit

All story presentations will be live in voice.  All the performers are volunteers and the sessions are free to all Second Life residents. 

StoryFest Events thanks The Community Virtual Library for providing the venue for the event, and for their support of the debut of The Dickens Project in 2012. Many thanks also everyone who has been so incredibly supportive of StoryFest Events over the past four years, including: Crap Mariner, Inara Pey, Branwen Arts, Lizzo Dreamscape, Equinox Pinion & Denis Lagan, and Thinkerer Melville PLUS all the great storytellers, readers and performers who have been a part of Storyfest, Bard On the Beach, BOOFest, and The Dickens Project-- It's been a fabulous time!

Caledonia Skytower, StoryFest Events

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Emerald Crystal Golf Course Launches a New Golf Club System

The old golf system had 3 clubs, a Driver, Wedge and a Putter.  (3 Clubs)

The NEW golf system has a Driver, 3 Woods, 5 Irons, 2 Wedges,
and a putter  (12 clubs)

The new Golf System has a new marker that is mesh & 3D also the Camera feature allows you to see your shot from the start to where the ball lands.

Available for rental at Emerald Crystal Golf Course RIGHT NOW!

LittleOneSusan Teardrop
Sole Owner of Emerald Crystal Golf Course

ITS WINTER SPORTS SEASON - Glossom Resident Reporting…

The air smells like snow. Do you know that smell?  Waking up to a frosty morning, a cold, crisp day, the frost breath on our mouth, these are reminiscences of how this 7th natural wonder of the world smells like. Winter wears its beautiful white coat landscapingon every path and making Second Life even more beautiful.

The next few weeks are perfect for practicing Winter Sports. Thousands of Ski and Snowboard fans seek the best places to slide on the snow. With breathtaking scenery as a backdrop and with unique landscapes, winter sports provide so much fun and entertainment to children and grown-ups of all ages who enjoy the snow.

Winter sports are a fantastic way to experience nature. Some residents love the white flat surfaces, while others prefer to burst down the slope at high speed. The keywords here are snow, play and fun. From ice skating to skiing, building a snowman and challenging friends to a snowball fight, whatever the sport or activity, the opportunities are endless.

The SL Enquirer went around SL and found six wonderful trails for the best winter sports. Here are some reasons why you should not fear to adventure into the virtual snow.

Armadon East - "The Boom Winterland Wonderland"

Start your journey with a sleigh tour around the venue, revolutionize the sport of ice dancing with an original choreography; take a lift up to the mountain's peak where you can start exploring the site with a snowmobile, or test your bravery by snowboarding downhill at high speed. And after a well spent day in the snow, there is nothing more comforting than nice cup of hot chocolate.

 Holland Paradise - "Rib & Caycee's Winter Paradise"

Virtual Fishing, snowmobile rides, couples ice skating, carriage rides, horseback riding and sledding are some of the Winter Sports available in this beautiful venue. Here residents coexist with wildlife but no conflict has ever been reported.

Aero Pines Park - "Winter Festival at Aero Pines Park"

The famous Aero Pines Park is celebrating its 8th Annual Winter Festival. Among many other attractions, Winter Sports are a highlight on the calendar of events. Horse Sleighs, Sleds, Snowmobiles, Ice Skating on a beautiful Ice Rink and Cross Country Skiing are some of the offers on this multi-sim venue.

Grand Canyon North - "Lake Tahoe Ski Resort"

Grand Canyon plus Snow is equal to magic. Lake Tahoe Ski Resort offers a wide range of snow sports, like sledding, snowboarding, slalom skiing, snow tubing and snowmobile riding. On a beautiful setting, it inspires couples to romantic sportive adventures.

Landing point:

StarRiderII  - "Christmas and Winter Holiday Village - Ice Skating!"

At this typical Christmas Village you will find a beautiful frozen lake with all the facilities for ice skating. After a nice ride up on the ski lift you will reach the mountain slope where a wide open area is available for other sports like skiing and sledding. Fishing on ice holes is also available for those who prefer less active activities.


As you arrive at the Winter Ice Rock Festival venue your eyes will rest on magnificent mountains reachable by sky-rail and full of opportunities such as skiing and sledding.  At the mountain base, an ice skating rink awaits you, among so many other offers.

Landing point:

Grab your warmest clothes, depart on an adventure, climb snowy mountains and have a wonderful time.

Happy Holidays,


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

'Sentimental Journey' by Linda Lauren-Book Signing at The Carlyle Hotel!

4th Generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren's newest book, Sentimental Journey, had it's launch party at The Carlyle Hotel in New York City.  Sentimental Journey is an illustrated time-travel romance in the style of Jack Finney.  Jean Munro, the SL Songbird played songs from the 1940's throughout the evening!

Linda Lauren on the Red Carpet
Jeffrey Moran (SL- Aaron Easterman) and Susan Dolinko (SL - Sumi Portola)

 Todd Evans (SL - Tod Redgrave)

Linda and the SL Songbird, Jean Munro!

Allegra Cohen, Linda, Jane Ponterelli


Signing Books!

Sentimental Journey is available on and

More Christmas Gifting Ideas for the Second Lifer- Ccoursey Reporting...

OMG!  It is that time again.  That time when we are boring ourselves on the marketplace looking through page after page of whatever seems the most relevant to the words we just happened to type.  It gets the job done, but it is so much more fun wandering around the stores checking out everything and picking up on ideas, more importantly catching the holiday sales... This is the thrill of shopping for Christmas! 

Here are just a few of my favorite shops and ideas.

7 SG, 7 Exits, Moolala, Pinup Girls of SL
For the special girl in your SL never forget clothes are wonderful.  You can never have enough clothes.  My favorite stores offer gift options or even gift cards.  7SG just put out a beautiful Mini Dress with a choice of 15 different huds, each hud coming with 6 color choices. 

  Moolala's Moobucks work the same as a gift card and Mandy has been known to throw stuff in if there is any balance left on card to make all happy.  Cry has stuff for women, pregnant women, and if you look around on the sim there is men's clothes as well as motorcycles for sale (one stop shopping).

Jewelry!  Who doesn't like a bit of bling?  JCNY has everything from personalized collars to wedding rings to show your loved one how much you care.  For those that do not have a lot of lindens this time of year, they even have a tree with free/dollarbie gifts underneath that are transferrable.  There's even less personal items such as bracelets and necklaces available.  Not to say you can't make them more personal with birthstone or engravings, but you don't have to worry about premature partnering ideas or your friend thinking you want more than you do. 

The Arcade
Gacha'ing we will go... Yes, December is one of the big months for gacha lovers.  The Arcade is back.  It has been around for a little over two years now, with over a hundred different designers participating in the gacha fest.  The great thing about gacha- Transferrable.  The only kicker here is that you don't get to choose what you buy, it is a matter of luck.  Each machine is set with a percentage on script, usually having a rare item that isn't passed out as much.  So you can pass extras or even sell if your trying for a certain one or to complete a collection.  But there's something there for everyone usually, so you can hit the machines and cover most of your friends.  For the animal lover- The Sugar Garden has holdable pugs, Boogers has cute little hamsters, or Aisling's Zak & Zoe pups.  The partner- Jewelry from Sweet Thing, hair from Spellbound, or even household items such as the Tarte Repurposed Collection.  There is everything from small complete avatars to reindeer to lead your sleigh.  It is a wonderful stop to hit so that you can start checking off the Christmas list.  You can find everything offered at this site before stopping by:  

 X-clusives Animations

            Looking for something a bit more extreme for that friend or lover?  X-Clusive Animations has the more exotic offering of second life like a sex cycle three wheeler, a kinky bunny, or even the hidden shelf with couples animations.  They also have outdoor decorations, beds, and dances available.  Always check if the item is transferrable or check out the gift cards and don't forget their sales.  This Holiday season they have all gift cards buy one get one free.  Be sure to take your time to check out the store, because there are lots of options and huge variety.  

Have fun shopping and Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Tacoma, WA- Tacoma Little Theatre is taking a key step in redefining its educational mission, with the trial of a new program which will be part of its upcoming production of Simon Levy’s stage adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Teachers can use the performing arts a relevant tool to enliven their classroom curriculum. This is an essential component of every performing arts company’s mission. Tacoma Little Theatre (TLT) produces educational programming in the form of special weekday performances reserved specifically for schools. These productions are taken from its
main stage season. Such programs come with curricular materials to assist the teachers in connecting their class time focus with the in-theater experience. For TLT’s production of The Great Gatsby, these materials will be realized in an exciting three dimensional format available to educators and members of the community.

TLT is partnering with Seanchai Library, an organization specializing in spoken word presentations of literature in immersive virtual environments, to create a computer simulation based on The Great Gatsby. This simulation will be accessible to the general public via the internet, and will feature interactive links to resource materials on the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the influences reflected in the featured work. It will also spotlight TLT itself, showcasing its 97 year history of building community through creating theater.
“Our patrons are always interested in the stories behind the plot,” said TLT Managing Artistic Director Chris Serface, “the themes and cultural influences that drive the plays. We want to blow the box completely open and make this kind of information available to more than just educators. I want to make it possible for anyone who wants to see the play to
explore the literature fully to enhance their play-going experience.” Serface added, “I am excited to see what Seanchai Library will create for us.”

With the download of a free viewing program, EXPLORE Gatsby will be an Educational Study Guide brought to three dimensional life. Patrons will walk through the world of Fitzgerald’s novel using an avatar, and click on objects that link to information about the period and social issues the work. They can also participate in discussions, and enjoy live
presentations of the source text by accessing EXPLORE Gatsby from the comfort of their homes.

For more information visit, email, or call our Box
Office at (253) 272-2281.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

GIZZA CREATIONS - NEW COLLECTION- Asymmetrical Leather Tanks and Snakeskin Leggings

Rock with a capital RAWR are the new Asymmetrical Leather Tanks and Snakeskin Leggings. 


The highly and very realistic GizzA - Asymmetrical Tank tops are hanging across the torse loosely as if they were a scarf wrapped around your neck.

The matching and equally rich in detail are the GizzA - Snakeskin Leggings which fit snug around the hips all the way down to your ankles and give the idea of mile long legs for sure.



Sold separate so you can mix colors to your hearts content with no less then 8 colors each to choose from.

Demo's are available in the main store to try before purchase.

GizzA Mainstore:

Gizza Outlet : 
More than thousand new outfits recently added in the outlet store

GizzA Creations / Owner & Creator
Giz Seorn 

GizzA Creations / Owner
Auster Elan

Saturday, December 13, 2014

SL Family Role Play- What makes it so popular?- Debby Sharma Reporting...

“The family. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving laughing, defending and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together”
~ Erma Bombeck

It took me a while to write this particular article. I thought it was my first writers block. Until now I never thought I could be speechless too. My profound love for my family, my free will to sacrifice for them, my over possessiveness to be protective all the time could never be measured in words.  Well, we all have a family and we all know what it means to be one of the members. Like Robert Brault in his blog said, ‘Family life is a bit like a runny peach pie, not perfect but who is complaining.”
So, why family life is so important even in virtual life? I packed my bags to look for an answer role playing as a 12 year old kid. There are various adoption agencies like NGI, Olrich, Heritage. I stopped by Heritage Adoption Agency.

There were 100s of panels each seeking child, parent, god child, sibling, god parent and adults, all looking for a family. Kimi Ayakashi says to child she might adopt someday soon, “I am a single mom. You do have a dad but I would parent as a single parent. I can't wait to find my little one. I will be there for you. I do want a child who understands parent's also need a break and do business as well. I really want to have family life and be as interactive and hands on as possible. Together I want to create a cosy home that is a safe haven for my children to be themselves and be loved. I think children should be free to create and explore but with boundaries created by a loving parent.”

There was another family looking for a child, Jaiden and Brynne. where Jaiden Abbey Lennox is the mom, Brynne Isabelle Sinclaire is the daughter,  Starleigh Reese Sinclaire is Brynne's little one. Jaiden says her idea of fun, “Anything as long as we are having fun as a family! I enjoy games such as greedy or parcheesi, movie nights and just spending time together in general. It doesn't matter to me as long as you are spending time with those you care about. Greedy, drawing on mom’ walls, twerking everywhere or even stealing food is allowed.” She continues, “I do want to stress that I am looking for forever family. I want someone that is going to want to be there next week, next month and a year from now. The perfect fit is a must. ♥ I do the SL Facebook and Plurk stuff. I love skype and voice! I am also alright with communication outside of SL. And I am a huuuuge gaming nerd. So if you would like to play other games I am all for that too! I play LoL, WoW and lots of L4D2. Zombies!” Laughs. “Forever's a big deal for us.  I play League with mom sometimes, and we'd love you to join!  I'm a bit of a goofball, it's just my personality.  We need someone who can offset my crazy but still be crazy!” LilyChu, is about 12 years old, says “I'd like a family who is active. Not just online, but I'd love to have moments where we can all come together and hand out as a family. Though, I do understand some parents are busy, and that's fine too, as long as I am not forgotten.”

Virtual families are not bound by blood but trust, love and faith. Britney von Prague says, “It’s the connection and the closeness that virtual families are famous. I am into SL families because for me it is something I have lost in the real world. I consider my SL family as my RL family. My mom is awesome, she is someone that never quits working on something. My dad is someone who makes sure you laugh. My siblings are a blend of everything. Most of all my family is nuts.” She laughs and continues, “It’s been a year, a first for me. If I count right, this is my 7th. Ever since we became a family, we say it was fate that brought us together.” When asked what she likes to do, she says, “I like to eat sugar and color on people. I have tried school in SL, nothing ever fit for me. There was one school I loved, but it shutdown. It was Cloverdale. I know a lot of people hated it, but I loved it. I was the President for the Elementary and on the cheer team. Now days, most of the time we stand around and chat or we play board games. At one year celebrations we are going to Disney in Second Life.”
It is amazing to see people from different parts of the world come together to look for someone to love and be loved. There can be two logical answers for virtual family’s existence, one is the absence of a proper one in real life and the second is to share the experiences of virtual reality together.  If some do not have a family in Virtual Reality, they have friends. Few residents role play with real people as their children and others sort for prim babies. Even though many sellers are selling prim babies to care for; it still gets boring after some time. Taking care of new born prim babies could be considered for the initial role play stage of parenthood. To see ones child growing up is a great happiness in real life. Like in real life, Second Life provides so many other activities which aid well with family role plays.

There are many schools for school role play, amusement parks etc. One of the school, I visited is the Sunstrider Valley Elementary and High School. The Landmark is It is helping kids excel in the community and in education. There is a new sports centre, a grand school building with amazing features and lots of fun. The school has great features like football, soccer, swimming pool, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, ballet studio, library & computer lab, auditorium theatre and gymnasium and fully working bathrooms with Life-Hud options.
To enhance the family role play imitating it like a real life community, few Estate owners are taking extra steps to provide a community for all. One such is the Misthaven Estates, with 11 connected sims. A PG community with family homes, school, mall, clubs. A train system connecting all the places, drivable streets, starlight cinema theatre, bowling alley, mini golf, arcade games and camping ground right on the Kid Grid. There are others like the Olrich City, Downtown Shopping District, Pleasant Hope Estates, Masoma County Residential Living Community, Almsteadt Estates and others.

Photograph Credit: Dilego Lavane, formed to a collage by Debby Sharma

If there is a perfect fit, then why not opt for the choice of having a family virtually. It is said, bigger the better. It is better to be one of the loving members and go through the ordeal every day than to explore the lands and deserted towns alone in a virtual kingdom. Like Lisa Weeden said, “Being a family means you are part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life”.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, top 40s Music Venues in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting....

We all like to listen to different genres of music. In Second life this is possible to do in many different clubs and venues across the grid. If you like to listen to  Rock or classic Rock, pop or the top 40s here are a few venues which may interest you.


 Opened in 2010 the venue is still going strong. At Santorini you will find a nice crowd of people who are friendly. The music is good pop and top 40s. If you go there you are likely to find people hanging out and having fun.  It is never empty.  They also have live entertainment

BAD 80s Club and 90s Music
This venue has  a South Beach Miami Vice flavor.  Step back in time to experience the party as it was. Owned by the Ambrosia Entertainment Management Supergroup the venue is always buzzing. The DJs and hosts are friendly and you can be guaranteed a good time.

The Sound Garden
If you are craving rock in all its forms such as classic, hard, modern as well as metal, blues, punk, alternative, indie and more. This is the rock club for you. It is set in a lush tropical garden that offers live entertainment and big events on the weekends.
During the week it provides a great atmosphere to just kick back and relax with friends.

The River Rock Club
The River plays rock music from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and today. Come here for classic rock, southern rock, some metal, even a little country rock and blues mixed in. The atmosphere is a riverside party with games and tons of concerts. They say “You may enter as a stranger but you'll leave as family!”

Whatever type of music you are looking for in Second Life you are guaranteed to find it. Pop, classic rock and rock music venues are on the up and are as popular as ever so you will not have trouble finding a venue where you can have it all.
 Good music, friendly people and fun.

Know a Rock Club you would like to mention? Us the comment box below and tell us about it. Don’t forget to share the landmark!

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Seychelles Isle Sailing Community

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