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Wednesday, January 15, 2020


So...this question has been asked at least once, and probably a couple dozen times, by every married guy or gal shortly after setting pixelated foot on the SL Grid. In keeping with SLE’s desire to remain relevant to the population we serve, we thought it would be interesting to make this ubiquitous question the subject of this month’s SLE Poll.  This proved to be a particularly easy question to ask, but difficult to get answers. Almost universally, whenever I posed the question, people had an opinion, but very few were willing to share it. So, My hat’s off to those intrepid few who dared to answer, and even more so to those who wished to be identified with their answer. So then...with that in mind….Let the Games Begin!

When asked, “If you are married in Real Life, and partner in SecondLife, is it cheating?, the first respondent had a very thoughtful answer.

Anonymous, SL Resident, (9 years 11 months; 3650 days)

“I feel my partner in sl just adds more enrichment to my real life.  Perhaps in many ways it fill in little little holes that even a happy marriage can have.  I have a very happy rl marriage, and my adventures in sl bleed out into my rl marriage. My exploration of bondage has lead to me exploring that with my husband, who was eager to take part.  He must wonder and realize what I may be doing in sl, but he knows I am happy and continue to make him happy. I in no way have a partner in sl to replace what I have in rl. Its a balance one has to be mature enough to engage in and have a big enough heart for, to keep that way.”  

Another respondent was equally circumspect.

Lora B. , SecondLife Resident, (12 years 8 months; 4643 days)

“I am happy to tell you my answer....  SL is an alternate existence, we can live by the same compass we use in RL or we can treat this world the way some people treat a video game.... there are video games where you engage in war and pretend to kill people... and video games where you pretend to steal things... I think those people are not truly murderers or thieves.... any more than the married people who are partnered here are unfaithful.... I dont agree with people who believe any division of the heart or mind away from a lawful spouse is infidelity...”

The next two responders brought a unique perspective to the question, since they are actually a RL married couple, as well as SL partners.

Kale Rayne, DJ, Owner Teaser's Lounge & Den (8 years 4 months; 3052 days)

“We are married in both RL and SL Delilah and I. To answer the question, I state this: I encourage her to play at her choosing whether I am present or not. The only thing I ask is that she tell me of her adventures if I am not present or online. She has told me every time therefore she is not cheating on me since I encourage her to play. Our relationship is defined as a Stag and Vixen whereas she may have different lovers and I do not touch any other woman , at times I may watch or even join in if all are willing. Now if at anytime she hides her adventures to me then yes that is cheating, but the trust I have in her is what she cherishes most . We have been together for 8 years plus in SL and she has never cheated.”

Delilah Rayne, Hostess, Co-Owner Teaser's Lounge & Den,  (8 years 11 months; 3270 days)

“No it is not cheating if your RL partner knows about it and is okay with it.  If its done behind your RL partners back and they are not aware then yes its considered cheating in our opinion.

This next couple were also in complete agreement

Richh Devin,  Builder of Dreams, Club Owner (11 years 10 months; 4345 days)
Alexxxa Devin) SL DJ and Hostess  (9 years 5 months; 3447 days)

“As long as both are on same page about SL, then no, it is most definitely NOT cheating.   Communication is key in both worlds.”

This next answer come from one who was holding one of those Magic 8-Balls.  She repeated my question for the benefit of the ball, and responded accordingly with a very reasonable and straightforward  response.

Hunnydumpling  O'Magah, SL Resident (8 years 7 months; 3140 days)

“After consulting my oracle I believe that partnering someone is cheating while just screwing them is not. TYVM”

While the responders answered some variation of the “it’s not cheating” theme, there was one particularly outspoken proponent of the opposite view.

Lisa Icandia,  Renaissance Woman, (9 years 2 months; 3364 days)

“Of course it is cheating unless you have lost all morality from sight. You are emotionally cheating on your real life partner. She/He may be sexually uninspired or fat or old but you're married. You are giving laughter, joy, fun, understanding and time to a total stranger who is a well made and sexy cartoon and is only made of pixel dust. And 9.5 times out of 10 it will end in one of you leaving SL or blocking the other person or cheating on that avatar along with your real life partner. But we ignore that it's cheating, don't we, because we love the thrill of the chase and we love feeling loved and as if we are young and beautiful and viable. There are no real obligations in here to mow the lawn or cook or clean house or bathe or go to work each day so we can always be charming and perfect spouses in SL even though we are not in real life. It's ALL an illusion!”

Often times when I asked a potential respondent, several answered that they did not feel comfortable answering the question, but would love to read the final poll results and asked that they be notified when it went to press.

S  male, (4 years 8 months; 1727 days)

“ummmm...I suspect if you are married in RL and partnered here the odds are that you are going to say no to cheating but I look forward to seeing the results.”

So there you have it many different answers as there were individuals who answered.  So then. What do YOU think? Leave a comment.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

GeekSpeak – How do we survive the Jobs Death Spiral? Join the discussion Saturday January 11th 12pm SLT

With more automation there will be fewer jobs for all of us, and therefore less money for us to buy stuff. This could lead to an economic death spiral; fewer jobs, less money, less buying power.

Until now, we always managed to create more jobs after automation events, but could it be different in the future?  Robots will take over every job we have ever had.  How will humans get their wages?  Will insurance companies prefer to insure hardworking robots instead of lazy, fallible humans?

Or will the coming future of automation make lives easier for humans?  Will we find a way to live with robots who do all the work?  Come and discuss your really lazy future.  Bring your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a class on meditation in the GeekSpeak auditorium every Wednesday at 1pm SLT,  if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, January 10, 2020


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
-Arthur C. Clarke

For all you Science Fiction fans out there, have we got a New Years treat for YOU.  This issue of SL Enquirer we take a look at one of the hottest Sc-Fi projects to hit the ethosphere in decades.

AWAKENING is an epic sci-fi adventure story of disclosure and extraterrestrial beings effecting developments on Planet Earth over a period of millions of years and their encounter with a reluctant hero and his journey into a distant place and time.

It is the year 2048. Alien captives unite to take back their power from their human masters and embrace the secrets of the mysterious quality of their psychic powers as they suddenly start to “awaken”. 

Working on pure intuition, with little time and limited resources, our hero - John Doe - decides he must help save the Scaliens and Humans from the destructive hostile elements and create a new unified world and harmonious civilization.

I recently had the pleasure of communicating with Douglas W. Green (SL Avatar Doc Grun), Author of The AWAKENING Project, and Lou CasaBianca, Editor.  Their answers were intriguing as they explained their unique and entertaining project.

Josh Bellic (JB): A quick review of your website shows blogs, books, podcasts, articles, and movie? Can you describe for our readers please, just what is “The Awakening” project all about?

Doc Grun (DG): The Awakening Project is a multi-level traditional and digital media project designed to be at the forefront of user-interactive experience, putting you literally side-by-side inside the story with the characters or even becoming a character in the action. The book started it all, then came the filming of teasers and trailers in Second Life, followed by discussions with interested parties for animated and/or live action versions of the story.

JB:  What is the story about?

DG: The story is about the impact of alien intervention in human evolution. How did humans suddenly make enormous leaps in technological advancements that do not follow the normal path of discovery evolution? Who helped humans advance along this path? And why? What was and is their reason for helping us? Are they benevolent strangers, or patient invaders?

JB:  When did you first get the idea for this story?

DG:  I have had this idea for over 10-years. I have always wondered how humans evolved to where we are so quickly. I started writing the book about 10-years ago, and finished 3-years ago, along the way with many changes and additions influenced by current events.

JB:  Where do you get your inspiration for this project

DG:  My wonder of what is beyond the next hill, next planet, next galaxy. Where are we going? How will we get there? and what will we find when we arrive?  My literary hero, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, wrote to me in a personal handwritten letter and advised that I should always look beyond the next horizon, for it is there I would find my destiny. This has guided me since early childhood.

JB:  Describe your writing regimen. What disciplines do you exercise when writing?

DG:  Many writers sketch out their story in outline form, then go back and flesh it out. I just started writing. I saw the entire saga in my mind as clearly as if I had already written it. I knew where I was going and I knew how to get there.  I could almost not keep up with the ideas rushing out of my head looking to be recorded on paper.
JB:  Just how did you and Lou first get together, and what does he contribute to the Awakening Project?

DG:  Lou and I met in Second Life several years ago, where he was using Second Life as a platform for virtual world filmmaking and live events. He is also a committed sci-fi fan and writer/director — and actually met, spoke with and was inspired by Arthur C. Clarke via satellite in the late eighties. We shared similar visions and I approached him about my idea, and together we have set our course. Lou is a pioneer in the new media and virtual reality creative, technology and production. He has worked with many well-known individuals (e.g. George Lucas, Francis Coppola, Ray Kurzweil) and companies (e.g. Apple, Disney, Sony) that continue to set the bar for entertainment. I knew I had the right partner.

JB:  What other writing projects are you working on now? Is there a sequel in mind?

DG:  "Awakening - The Eye Of The Scalien" is actually Book 1 in a trilogy of novels set in this universe of wonderment and contradiction. Book 2 is entitled "Awakening - Earthflight" and is actually a prequel to Book 1. Book 3 is a sequel to Book 1, and has the working title of "Awakening - Evolution.” Lou is leading on the screen adaption and interactive video game aspects of the creative content platform, as well as focusing on the project business and production development process.

JB: Tell us about The Awakening Science Courses. How developed are those?

DG:  Lou also introduced the concept of developing the “Science behind the Awakening the Science Fiction” project as companion courses geared to K-12 students who need to be prepared for the technology and engineering career opportunities that the future holds for them. We are working on courses that delve into such things as 'What is a Black Hole?' - 'How do lasers work?' - 'What is the true meaning of light speed?' and 'Is antimatter propulsion a real possibility?' We are also producing a Podcasts series and a YouTube Channel with invited guests sessions for both live and recorded Awakening content.

JB:  How might our readers get a copy of The Awakening?

DG:  "Awakening - The Eye Of The Scalien' is currently available on Amazon Kindle as an Ebook. The link is

The soundtrack and audiobook will be available after the first of the year, as well. This Spring, as ebook sales continue to grow, we anticipate publishing hard and softcover print editions to be distributed via Amazon as well as our own project website store at,

JB:  Anything else you would like to share with our SLE readers?

DG:  The audiobook version which will soon be available on Amazon as mentioned above was read by the author (Yours Truly), doing all the voices for all characters. Six-hours of the history of Man's Evolution, with a little help from our friends. Or ARE they our friends? Listen and find out for yourself.

The audiobook series is currently available on Spotify by searching 'Awakening Chronicles.' Chapters 1 and 2 are online now, with upcoming subscriptions available for the remainder of the book.

So, there you have it folks.  Check out “Awakening - The Eye Of The Scalien” available wherever kick-butt sci-fi stories are found.  

Thursday, January 9, 2020

EVOLVE: DAVIDE owners have a special discount!

Finally you can have an avatar that fully support alpha layers and also alpha via hud, retro compatibility with old system layers and specifically design to use universal layers at the best! Included in the package you can find an hairbase and an outfit in Bakes on Mesh, ready to play with full permission textures to allow you to custom your appareance!

What is included:
- color picker for all layers
- Bakes on Mesh OUTFIT
- no-head optional body
- bakes on mesh OLD LAYERS SYSTEM
- Over 200 Alpha Cuts
- 2 shininess OPTIONS
- fluid realistic rig
- physics enabled
- face animations
- hands animations
- no scripts option
Don't miss also the head skin Daniel, first one of a long serie of skins ready to be release for your NEW AVATAR!
And to thanks you all, a FREE TATTOO for Bakes on Mesh avatar!

8 Ways to Be More Frugal

Frugality is the way forward if you want to be smarter about money. Being more thrifty doesn’t mean living at a very basic level or depriving yourself of life’s luxuries; it simply means being smarter about your spending habits and taking more time to plan out your purchases, making savings wherever possible. 
Here are 8 surefire ways you can be more frugal with your finances.
  1. Switch to a Smart Meter 
Utilities can be one of the biggest drainers of cash, simply because you cannot see what you’re using. You may be in the habit of leaving plugs and electrical items switched on, or using more than you think you are. 
Switching to a smart meter can help you visually see how much you’re spending on utilities, and help you to be more aware of your lifestyle usage. This means you’re more likely to be extra careful. 
  1. Use Coupons Whenever You Can 
If you can find coupons, why not use them? Anything which can knock a small amount of money off a purchase is still a saving. Save up enough coupons and you may not even need to use any money to split the difference.
  1. Don’t Buy Anything You Can’t Yet Afford
In order to be frugal and more sensible with money, you don’t want to get into debt, and this includes buying items on contract instead of outright. It may be tempting, but avoid it at all costs. 
In order to be more conscious with your spending habit, it’s important to understand the implications of debt — and you can always find help with lawsuits related to debt if you need to.
  1. Look for Bulk Buy Deals 
Always see if you can find multibuy deals when you’re out shopping, especially for those items which you always need and buy regularly, such as toiletries. You will save money in the long run if you buy more at once, such as 3 for the price of 2. Multi-buy deals are usually listed on the same shelf anyway, so it won’t take much extra effort to find a bargain. 
  1. Plan Out Your Grocery List 
Overspending is most easily done at the grocery store, especially if you’re a lover of food and have impulsive habits when it comes to culinary treats. Planning out a grocery list can help you to avoid overspending at the store, meaning you strictly stick to what you need and avoid all the distractions. 
You can still make room for a treat every now and again, just don’t overdo it — and stick to the planned list as much as you can.
  1. Plan Out Your Meals
Planning out your daily meals means you’re less likely to waste food (and therefore money). If you plan your meals, you know exactly which ingredients and items you will need for the week. This is also helpful to plan those meals which you can freeze and store to get the most out of, such as a large pan of pasta or chili which can provide more than one daily portion. 
This will not only help you save money, but help you to eat more healthily, too. 
  1. Check Out the Sales for Great Deals 
If you’re on the lookout for a new purchase and can afford to wait, then it’d be beneficial to wait for the next sale, especially during the main holiday periods such as after Christmas. You will be able to find the same items at reduced prices, so it’ll be worth the wait. 
You may even be able to find hugely reduced deals on monthly contracts such as your cell phone and internet provider, so if you’re looking for a new deal on those, it might be best holding off for the sale prices to find a great deal.
  1. Prepare Your Lunch in Advance
If you have a busy lifestyle, grabbing lunch on the go is so easy to do, but this is where the high price tag comes in. A lot of ‘grab-and-go’ lunch joints are highly overpriced, and if you’re constantly making a stop at these places on a daily basis, you’re going to have a large lunch bill throughout the year. 
To avoid this, be more aware of your lunch preparation. You could use leftovers from an evening meal, or make up a quick sandwich or meal the night before. 

Even if you only do this a few times a week, instead of every day, it’s still a significant saving to be made.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

How to Use Adhesives Safely in DIY

You will find that most DIY projects require the use of some form of adhesive. This means that every homeowner needs to have a range of adhesives in their toolkit so that they can bond two materials together properly. But you must also remember to be safe when using any form of adhesive. While glue may not appear as dangerous as many of the tools and bits of equipment in your toolkit, it can still be incredibly dangerous to use due to the various chemicals it contains. With this in mind, here is a guide to how to safely use adhesives in DIY.


Most glues contain chemicals which can be harmful if inhaled — this is why you need to make sure that you are always working in a well-ventilated space and taking regular breaks. You could also use a mask, but ideally it will be in a well-ventilated area. You should also avoid eating or drinking in the same area where you are using adhesives.

Eye Protection

You certainly don’t want to get any kind of glue in your eyes, which is why you must always wear goggles when working with adhesives (this is generally good practice for any DIY project). You should also have an eye-washing kit nearby.

Gloves & Skin Protection

Adhesives can cause damage to the skin which is why you should always wear gloves (this should also stop you from sticking your fingers together!). You may also want to have some form of protection in the form of a long-sleeve top. If you do manage to get an adhesive on your skin, there should be advice on what to do on the glue bottle; however, most can be removed with an antiseptic cleaning agent. 

Read Directions

You should read the directions of the adhesive before you start to use it, particularly if it is toxic or is one that uses a glue gun or spray. In addition to teaching you how to use the glue safely, this should also help you to get the best results. 

Buy From Specialists

It is important to always purchase your adhesives from specialists so that you are getting the best, safest and strongest glues. You can get high-quality adhesives at trade prices from specialists online which will help you to save money while also getting the best products on the market.

Clean Spillages Immediately

It is easy to spill glue when completing a DIY task, but this can create a slip hazard and damage your surrounding environment. This is why you need to attend to any spillages immediately and before it begins to dry — this can usually be done with a rag and/or piece of cardboard.

Follow these tips and it should allow you to work with any type of adhesive safely and confidently. It may not seem as dangerous as using a saw or hammer, but adhesives can be dangerous to work with and you must always keep safety in mind.

How to Finance Your New Vehicle

Buying a vehicle brand new has never been the cheapest way to purchase one. Buying new is by far the plushest, most pleasant way to enjoy a vehicle in all its luxury, but this inevitably comes at a staggering cost. However, that doesn’t mean that a new car is completely out of your reach. There are a number of ways that you can put money aside to help you make that all-important purchase. 

Research What You Are After

In order to start saving the right amount every month, you will need to find a budget to work with. The only way to get an accurate estimate of what to save for is to do your research:

  • What style of vehicle are you after?
  • What is the maximum you are prepared to spend?
  • What features must it have?

Once you have established these features and the price, you can finally break down how long it will take to cover the cost.

Opt for Finance 

For many people, the most realistic way to cover the cost of a new car is to opt for finance. You can either go straight to a brand’s showroom to discuss finance possibilities, or you can use a service such as Auto Finance Online for large investments, such as motorhomes. With financing options, you are better off starting with a healthy deposit. They are an easy way to finance a new vehicle, but they are much more wallet-friendly if you manage to save up beforehand. 

Create a Savings Account

If you want to save for any type of vehicle, the first thing you should do is open a separate savings account. This gives you somewhere to stockpile money and gives you a concrete means of starting to put money away regularly. If you can, go for a savings account that will offer a decent return through interest. Often, the accounts with the best interest deals are not easy-access (they will require you not to access your savings for a year or two), but the incentive to look after your stockpile might be worth it. 

Be Scrupulous with Spending 

If you have a large investment to start funding, then you will need to ensure that you can absolutely cover those costs every month. The best way to do this is to be incredibly thorough with what you are spending every month. Print our your monthly transactions and have a good look at what you spend on a weekly basis: are there many wants rather than needs that could potentially be ruled out to make way for your vehicle investment? 

Financing your vehicle may not always be as straightforward as proving you can make the payments and driving off the forecourt. Sometimes, you will need to save in advance in order to get the best possible deal. This will benefit you in the long-run, however, as it will make for far lower direct debit payments. It will also help you to get much closer to owning the vehicle outright.