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Friday, January 22, 2021

GET THE PARTY STARTED!! Soiree Events – Second Life Party Planning


Have you ever wanted to host a party but your land couldn’t hold enough people, or maybe you wanted a DJ but didn’t know how to go about finding one.  That is where Soiree Events can help you!!!

With 10 years of Second Life experience running clubs, events, shows and a sim we have the resources and knowledge to plan your perfect Soiree.

We can plan all type of events including Anniversaries, Rezz Day, Birthday, Bachlor/Bachlorette, & Grand Openings and work with any reasonable budget.  We can also make your event extra special with some additional services.




Almost a year ago, we asked Select SL Residents to share their thoughts about the newest worldwide pandemic – COVID 19. This “pandemic thing” had been around for over a month already…and it was proving to be quite an inconvenience.   Many believed however, that in a matter of weeks – certainly by the summer of 2020 – it would be contained and we could go about our lives. 

And here we are…almost a year later…still battling the virus, with a vaccine that as been slow to deploy, to a world where many people have been slow to accept it.
The original story queried eleven people from around the world, asking them to share some thoughts on COVID and the impact it was having on their lives.   As we approach the first anniversary, we decided to contact as many of those original respondents as possible and see if their impressions had changed due to life live in a COVID-infected world.  Where we could not locate the original respondents, we found others who graciously agreed to answer our questions. 

This year’s answers come from:
Robb Larkham– Arizona, USA
Amanda Emerson– Norway
Reagan DiStefano– Texas, USA
Rose Krimau– Catalan, Spain
Gemma (gemmarossa) - Italy
Sexy Olga – North Cyprus
Melissa (Melissa212212) - Chile
Lisisme Dubrovna – Canada

Josh Bellic (JB):  How have you been affected by the COVID-19 Virus?
Reagan:  I work for a Geriatrics Doctor.  By now, the majority of the staff have had COVID, or have had the vaccine. Luckily, none of us were hospitalized. 
Robb:  As an older educator COVID-19 has had a very direct impact on my life because of transforming the nature of teaching, now totally online through the Zoom platform and changing the dynamics of the relationships with students. It has also required acute attention of the inequalities of educational resources, i.e. ability to find stable connections to allow students to attend class, and dealing with the stresses that they encounter in trying to navigate the school/life dynamic.
Rose: COVID has had a significant impact on me and my family, since several of us have actually been infected by the virus to different degrees.  Additionally, we have had to deal with varying degrees of lockdown and partial lockdown.
Amanda:  I am doing a lot less traveling, and having no social contact with friends or family. And we have to wear masks when out in public which I never thought was going to happen here.
Sexy:  My business is renting Vacation Homes. Since the onset of COVID, my business has been virtually closed. People are not traveling as much as they normally do, so my business is suffering.
Gemma:  I’m not affected directly by the virus, but rather but from its consequences.  I have had less contacts with other people for a year now.  Also, my work has changed a lot because my boss decided to change our work schedule.  We now work in two shifts instead of one, which cuts in half the number of people working in the same space at one time.
Melissa:  My life has been affected mainly because there's no school.  I have been my son’s teacher and it has been difficult for both of us. The other aspect of my life that has been affected is traveling.  We love to travel but we couldn't during 2020.

Lis: A better question is "How haven't I been affected?" Lol.  An AirBRB and all my investment in it, has gone down the drain. The tires on my car went flat from sitting in the garage for a year with no place to go on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. I haven't seen family in over a year. I got what might have been a mild case of COVID but was more afraid of being put on a quarantine list than seeking help. I wanted to get back to my home in Rome but feared the outbreaks there. Travel restrictions were awful - when I finally recently went back, I had to wear a mask for 24 straight hours during that trip.

(JB)  Are you staying at home? 
Rose: No..I am not having to stay at home. So far I'm still going to work but I am able to do part of my work things at home and online.
Amanda:  Yes, but I am still able to do my work from home.
Gemma:  Yes, I have not moved from my home since February of 2020 except to go to work.  I have stopped all my social activity and only leave to buy food or other needed items.
Melissa:  Yes, I have been at home since March 2020. T that's a long time!

Lis:  Mostly!  Which is not a sacrifice for me because I am my own best company lol.

(JB)  What do you do to keep busy?
Reagan: I was sick the three weeks leading up to Christmas so when I felt decent, I would order presents online. Now that I'm feeling better, I have organized several rooms in my home in RL. I have also spent more time in SL. I do spend much more time with my family now. But let me just say, I was somewhat happy to be going back into the office to work. We were getting on each other's nerves. lol
Robb:  I succumbed to the allure and ease of buying online! Establishing Zoom groups with old friends and relatives, and go for runs and walks, as well as rediscovering playing Bocce--in a safe socially distanced manner!
Amanda:   What can I say? Work , work, work!
Sexy:  I still manage to keep pretty busy. I am often doing housework.  I enjoy gardening, and I also enjoy doing photography.
Gemma:  I have my work... For the first three months, I worked from home into the "smart-working" and after those 3 months, we went back to work maintaining social distancing and face masks all day..
Melissa:  Happily, I like handcrafts so I have been knitting a lot, mainly crochet. I have seen several series on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney.  Thank God for them! They really do help fill the time.

Lis:  I have a graphics company so I can work from home. I do web cam and Zoom to catch up with people. I enjoy tweaking my sims at the Grand Canyon in SL


(JB) When I asked if there was an upside to these conditions and staying home, half the respondents answered with a resounding NO!
Other folks were a bit more reflective.

Reagan:  While I was home, I was much more productive work wise.  I was able to log on and finish projects in the evening if I didn't have anything else to do.
I find that I cook more.  When I had COVID I lost a few pounds so now I’m eating healthier than I did before and continuing to lose weight.   I am much more aware of keeping distance, washing hands, and wearing a face mask. LOL Who would have ever thought that we would actually shop for face mask, or choose your mask to compliment your outfit for the day!?!
Amanda:  Upside is that its proven once and for all that working from a home office doesn’t have to have a negative effect on work quality.
(JB) Has COVID-19 affected your time in SL? Has it changed the time you spend here?
Reagan:  While I i was working from home, I did spend an hour or two in SL during the day that I wouldn't have had I been in the office. But my life is back to normal for the most part, so I am back to my normal routine.  I now spend no more time in SL than usual.
Robb:  SL becomes a safe harbor to connect with different communities and engage in all the things we do here!
Rose:  I don't think the way I spend my time has changed. Maybe I it gives me a chance to be online more.  Maybe I could be spending a bit more time online when we were at home but not a huge difference.
Amanda:  I`m more online but most of the time I am still working, just on a different laptop when I am home.
Sexy:  Not really.  I think I am spending about the same amount of time in SL as I did before the Pandemic.
Gemma:  Depending on my working hours I could stay a bit more connected since I didn’t have anything else to do (especially in the winter).  Maybe things will change in the next spring...


So, there you have it, folks.  A Crisis for some, or an Opportunity for others.  Let’s hope and pray that next year at this time we can look back on COVID as something fading into the distant past, and not as a still-current reality.  In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Sunday 2PM SLT Grand Opening of The Sweet Sp*t by Mankind Tracer


This is gonna be big! The Sweet Sp*t, a brand new rock venue created by veteran SL rocker Mankind Tracer (Seth Regan in RL), will be open to all of SL 24/7, to enjoy live shows, DJ’s or just come hang out on your time off when you just wanna listen to some music (which will be playing round the clock). 

Doors open this Sunday, January 24 at 1:30PM SLT. SL Press will be at the event so if you’re ok with possibly having your pic in the news, then do come, otherwise, better wear a mask! 

You don't want to miss this one!


1:00PM SLT - Doors open for SL Press
1:30PM SLT - Doors open to the public

2:00PM SLT - Mankind Tracer performs live

3:00PM SLT - Mankind and Max Kleene performs a dual-stream the Max takes the stream

You can even grab real life T-shirts and other stuff for men and women branded with the venue's very cool logo. 

Check it out here -

Join The Sweet Sp*t SL Group 


Join the Facebook event for reminder notification:

Be sure to "Like" the Facebook page:

Press contact:

LIVE at Terry's Sunday Showcase Marqs DeSade & Soulvision January 24th 2021

Join us on Sunday, January 24th beginning at 4pm SLT for Terry's Sunday Showcase, sponsored by the SL Enquirer! 

This week's featured artist is Marqs DeSade! Not only a talented and passionate singer, Marqs is also the writer of many of his own originals and continues to create touching, romantic and memorable songs his fans look forward to hearing. A Marqs show has a mix of original songs as well as covers, and reflects both his passion for life and sometimes quirky sense of humor. Marqs strong, pure, and deeply sensuous voice takes command and draws his audience into the stories and emotions of his songs. His music is influenced by the classic rock of The Beatles, CCR, Eagles, and various other talented artists forming his eclectic style. Marqs covers an impressive list of songs and always delights his audience. Fans agree, they’ve been ‘Marq’ed and keep coming back for more!

Next up at 5pm SLT, Terry's is proud to welcome Soulvision, also known in RL as Canadian Singer/Songwriter Joe Borowsky, born in London Ontario, has been known to captivate listeners and fans with his calming, unique sound. His mission is to reach others through his music and loves pouring his heart and soul into each song.  Soulvision's devotion to music is something he holds very close to his heart and refers to music as his “Lifeline”.  He lives through his music with a passion that is essentially who he is at the deepest level. His "soulful" vibe comes through in his music and his sound has been influenced by all genres of music including rock, folk, and country.  Soul's greatest influences include Ed Sheeran, Jewel, and Damien Rice with a little Smashing Pumpkins and Cat Stevens threw in.  

Come support live music with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!!!
Welcome to Terry's Place, your friendly neighborhood pub where everyone knows your name! Home to some of the hottest DJ's and live singers on the grid, there's a little something for everyone here at Terry's when you just need to get away from it all. Dance as we spin tunes for all walks of life, show off your talents at Open Mic every Friday, or enjoy a live concert out in the park at our Terry's Sunday Showcase!  With events happening five nights a week, be yourself and escape the chains of real-life with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!

Ninja (ninjaantwoord resident) 

Chillin with Bernie- Interview with a CutOut


The SL Enquirer is always involved in something . Whether it be a concert, party, drama sessions. mudslinging contest or some other secretive covert operations. We sure find the strangest of things to do.

While galivanting across the grid as if in a nightmare of a never ending soap opera, we came across Bernie! He was quietly sitting by a tree at Rustica, a Medieval furniture store. He looked cold and alone so we invited him over to the Media center for a hot cup of cocoa and a chat.

SLE Lanai: What a pleasure to meet you! Any relation to Colonel Sanders? Anyway, tell us what have you been doing since you dropped out of the election especially since they gave the nomination to Biden and he is now President to the US?

Bernie Cutout: If it isn’t the infamous Lanai Jarrico!  I’m sorry to see you weren't on the pardon list for fake news and absolutely not! I’ll have you know I prefer Popeye’s Chicken! Sorry I’m quite passionate about that relative misconception. It is a very sensitive subject for me. 

SLE Lanai: BLEEP you!

SLE Orion: Lanai.. don’t even entertain that comment, everyone knows you keep it real. Soooo Bernie, may we call you that? Rumor has it that you know the best hole in the wall places to eat, something on the “cheaper” side since we know you are a rather cheap person. Not that we are judging of course. We all like to save money, especially during this pandemic. So can you tell our readers of some of those places?

Bernie Cutout: Well I really can’t say that I remember a lot of places, but then again I barely remember what I had for breakfast. But I do remember a BBQ joint that I frequented while on the campaign trail. McDonalds! The McRib has to be the best thing ever next to cotton candy on a stick. Just a friendly suggestion don’t ever McRib wearing white, it will not end up pretty.

SLE Lanai: We will keep that in mind next time we want some BBQ on a budget...Aside from that bomb outfit worn by former First Lady Michelle, I must say the fashion in the capital is just jaw dropping. She worked that outfit but you….. Wearing sock slippers for mitts really rocks the fashion world. What inspired the look?

Bernie Cutout: Wait what? These aren’t socks, how rude of you, they are the newest Croatian fashion that came from a new kind of clothing mill.. I mean low overhead costing business. 

SLE Lanai: Please accept our apologies for assuming. We couldn't help but notice the rubber skids on your palms. Perhaps those are used in case you trip on ice to prevent a face plant.

Bernie Cutout: Where is this interview going? I have very important things to do.

SLE Orion: Bernie, please, you haven’t been in the public eye in months, so stop trying to be all high and mighty you need this interview to stay relevant, who are you kidding? 

Bernie Cutout: *looks around bringing his hands up to his faced and scratching his cheeks with the padded palms of his sock gloves* Oh good lord sorry, still getting used to

 this new fashion statement. 

SLE Lanai: What kind of statement is intended? *sips her cocoa*

Bernie Cutout: Out with the old and in with the

SLE Orion: Bernie, speaking of the newly sworn in commander in chief now in office, do you have any suggestion or words of advice you would like to give him or us for that matter?

Bernie Cutout: Well first off, I would like to say congratulations to him obviously, but if I had to suggest anything to the new Commander in Chief, it would be to fund new fashions for face masks since we will be wearing them for a while and we the people still want to look good. And like I have stated before, and this goes for him also. McRib and white shirts. The two shall never come together. 

SLE Lanai: Clearly this conversation was a disaster. Thank you for your time and congratulations on the explosion of memes that have gone viral. If it wasn't for those, we would have never noticed or even wanted to take time away from the newest Netflix documentary; The History of Swear Words starring Nicholas Cage to just interview you…

Bernie Cutout: Zzzzzzz Huh? Did you say something? I have to call this interview to a halt. I really need to get these gloves off. I can't feel my fingers. Thank you and good night.

Playdolls Present Rocky Toocool January 22nd 2021 4pm SLT


Quintessential & Popular rock and roll performer Rocky Toocool takes his tour to the Playdoll's Relaxation Sim. Rocky sings all genres of Music and has been since he was 6 years old. Blues & Southern Rock are his specialties. The performance will be live at Tazzy's Bar and Pub nestled in the Historic Playdoll's Mansion!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

MOONLIGHT MUSIC PRESENTS ROCKER & The Rockettes at Rockstar Island


MOONLIGHT MUSIC PRESENTS ROCKER & The Rockettes at Rockstar Island 


Rocker started singing professionally at the age of 16 entertaining the tourists around the Cocoa Beach FL area. He is retired from performing in his RL band & now performs for you here in SL. He has a unique blend of Blues, Classic Rock and Southern Rock. JUMP ON YOUR SLED TO Rockstar Island where the music is live. Rockin' high above the snow topped mountains and rockin with the Aurora Borealis.


Rockstar Island where the  music is LIVE!!!!   Rockin' high above the snow topped mountains and rockin with the Aurora Borealis. Live singers weekly and Tribute concerts monthly provided by Thunderstorm Entertainment.

@Rockstars Island Weekly, presented by Moonlight Music

Seren McGillivary &  Bad Repuation Monday 4PM SLT
Wolfie Moonshadow & The Bad Reputation  Tuesday 6PM SLT

Paul Nowles Wednesday 4PM SLT

ROCKER & The Rockettes Friday 4PM SLT

Maximillion Kleene every other Saturday 5PM SLT 

Wolfie StarFire every other Saturday 4PM SLT

To see whats rockin the island head on over to the Wilson Sim or Join Rockstars Island Music Events . For More on Booking Info contact canuck dismantled

Spotlight on Seth Regan aka Mankind Tracer- A Professional live musician touring around SL- Orion Baral Reporting...

The SL Enquirer sat down with one of the more famous musical artists in Second Life. Seth Regan aka "Mankind Tracer". He quickly became a fan favorite, Seth rose to be one of the top rock artists and maintains that status today, among the now hundreds of performers in SL. Many of the millions of global members have become familiar with Seth's music and brand. During his time performing in Second Life, Seth has been the recipient of the most prestigious awards including "Best Live Performer", "Best Singer-Songwriter", "Listener's Choice Award" and the "2011 Best of SL Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Second Life".

Orion Baral (OB): Seth, thank you for finally sitting down with us, it has been a long time coming. And to start off I would like to preemptively apologize for Lanai, she is in one of her irresponsible moods. With that being said, a lot of people don't know that you and I have known each other for over a decade in Second Life and in real life. We have a long history, but a good friendship has stayed true. I took a long break from Second Life and you finally talked me into coming to your comeback show on March 29th, 2020. There were over 300 people at that show for World Health Organization (WHO). That raised a lot of money and was sponsored by Linden Labs and Firestorm. Can you tell me what that means to you for one, the accolades from those two companies and the ability to perform in front of 300 people and doing it all for charity?

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: It's great that we can keep our friendships going, starting in SL and moving to RL, either way, I'm thankful to have you both as my friends for so long. The Return Show in March was wonderful. I took a few years off and was truly floored by such an incredibly heartwarming "welcome home"! Linden Labs and Firestorm were both very generous in sponsoring the event. LL provided the 4 sims and FS matched all donations. After all, was said and done, we raised over $2500 USD in 90 minutes! As my first show back, it really was incredible to have 300 people attend. As always, I think about half of them crashed the stage, after I invited people up towards the end of the show as I often do but WOW... you all almost knocked me off the stage. Actually, now that I think about it YOU were there Orion.... I think YOU were the one who almost knocked me off!!!

Honestly, all I can say is that it's a very humbling experience, to receive such support, such kindness, and love, after being gone for a while. Really, it still warms my heart when I think about it.

Lanai: As much as I make fun of you behind your back. I think you are a cool dude. 

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: Well thank you very much. What would the family be without a little sibling funnery!

OB: Ok you two, and BTW Seth I wasn't even that close to you and I didn’t even push you. A stern shove sure but not much. Anyway enough blame being thrown about let's get back to the interview. So, I will ask the normal questions like who inspired you to make music? This I ask every musician I interview because it is enlightening to see the responses and learning more about what makes them tick.

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: HA! It's ok... as I'm fond of saying, my "family" in SL gets a pass MOST of the time so she's safe for now! As for the music, I'd have to credit my mother for always singing around the house even when I was very small. There was always music around. I did end up taking some piano lessons at around 9 years old, but I found I was able to pick out tunes by ear, more than I had the patience for the "right" way to learn piano. Later on, in my early teens, I found that a new high school friend (after I had switched schools) was studying guitar. When I'd hang at his house he would show me a few things here and there and I just kinda picked it up, started playing by ear like I did on piano, and it just took off from there.

OB: Well as you can see she started in already. So what brought you into Second Life back in 2006? And how did you originally hear about Second Life?

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: I originally found SL after seeing an ad mid-2006 on Yahoo. It was the second ad I saw that prompted me to check out this new thing called a "virtual world". Being in the design space (website design mostly back then) I was up on tech and found the whole notion of a virtual world intriguing. It was only after joining that I immediately put the pieces together and started planning how to perform my live shows in there, only to find I was not the only one to have thought about this very novel idea!

Lanai: Are you sure you didn’t read about it in The SL Enquirer?

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: HA! Could be :-P

OB: So with you being in Second Life for such a long time, what would you change about the industry, pertaining to Second Life obviously, what would it be?

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: Not a thing! SL has evolved as it has because of the many users globally. It's a community more than anything and the community itself is what I believe has caused its inevitable evolution. So all things considered, I wouldn't change a thing. SL has been amazing to me for over 14 years. I have a very large family, built over time and always growing. It is an incredibly supportive community full of love and more heart than I think people realize. I am friends with a lot of other musicians in SL who have secured a stable career in SL so I don't think they'd change a thing either. If there was one single thing, it would be allowing for more people to fit on one sim!

OB: The limitation of people on a sim can be a downfall I fully understand that. What was your impression of this or any virtual world now? We have noticed a decline in subscriptions here in Second Life, has that hindered your shows any?

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: It's an interesting question. But I'll be perfectly honest, I gave up on gauging my shows or even my SL career as a whole by any sort of unit of measure. Some shows have a lot of people, some shows are more intimate. I just love being able to bring my music to so many people around the world. If one line of one of my songs reaches one person's heart, then it's a good day for me. I'm fond of saying, "I've reached more people globally through SL that I had through 20 years of touring"... I believe this still holds true. There are so many talented new artists that have entered SL since Covid started. Many RL venues have sadly been forced to close, so artists have had to find other means of expression and also other means of supporting themselves. There are also so many shows to go to now at any given time. It does affect attendance, especially for the newer artists but as the saying goes, the cream will always rise to the top. So I do believe the community will do as they always have and that is, they will go to the shows they feel the most connection to. I think there's plenty of room in SL for as many artists who want to try their hand at it, and many can be successful, if they have the chops, if they're good and if they understand the business side of the business they're in. Many don't, and that hurts more than being out of tune occasionally, but that doesn't mean they can't learn the business side of things. I am always happy to help as I can when artists reach out.

OB: Seth you got a toe in everything. From logo designs to your rock-inspired gear for men and women. Can you tell us more about what you do outside of music?

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: I have been a professional graphic/web designer and marketer for many years. I've been fortunate enough to have done work for the likes of Paramount, Warner Bros., Disney, The US Army, CNBS. Burger King, Pizza Hut, NEC, W Hotels, Wired Magazine, Conde Naste, among others. I also like to help my fellow SL'ers. For example, I get pinged fairly often with requests for me to design a professional logo for venues or other SL businesses, to help build their brand identity. I'm always happy to help my fellow SL'ers as I can and of course, I do offer everything at a steep discount. I also have a lighting company, we design and manufacture a pretty large line of completely custom, handcrafted antique style lighting fixtures. We've done lighting for movies like The Last Samurai, Jesse James, Benjamin Buttons, The US Capital, USPS, hotels, Celebrity homes, etc. It's another creative outlet for me which I really enjoy. I do also enjoy making the SL clothing for R:O:K Store which Brandy and I worked on together. Although she's no longer with us, we have this as her legacy and a testament to her immense love for the SL community. After all, is said and done though, I wouldn't be "me" without my music. It is what defines me, it's what drives me. I am the happiest "me" when I'm in the throws of the emotion I get caught up in when playing/singing a tune.

Lanai: I'm diggin the gold chevron tie front crop top. Can I get a discount? 

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: NO!!!! 10 dollah for you!!!!

OB: That is great you gotten to work with many Fortune 500 and 100 companies. Has to feel good having your creative talents appreciated like that. So tell me, what are your favorite and least favorite venues? I know you used to play a venue back in 2006-2008 called TOM. Can you enlighten us about that venue owner and his inspiration to you and your music that made you who you are today?

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: I have to say my favorite venue right now is the one I've poured my heart into the building, my own venue, The Sweet Sp*t, which will be officially launching Sunday, Jan 24th, 2PM SLT. As for The Temple of Mankind, well the venue owner was a douche, so I learned a lot about what NOT to be!

Lanai: Apparently the least is Club Lanai cause he hasn't done a charity show there yet...

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: Hmmmmm

Lanai: This wouldn't be the SL Enquirer if I didn't ask this irresponsible question. What do you say to all the haters out there that have a problem with you being such a badass in the SL Music scene?

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: LOL! All I can say is that everyone is entitled to their opinion, provided it is an educated one. Hating for the sake of fitting in helps no one. You may think you know someone, but then you get to know who they are, as a person, as an individual, beyond what the "public" opinion is and all that changes. Take me for example... I'm truly an evil evil person and I deserve no remorse. So if you see me, get those rotten eggs ready!

OB: Well that was a bit rude about the venue owner of TOM... sigh, but is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? 

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer: Well I have this slice of pie I was gonna share with everyone... but I ate it all. Sorry :-( Seriously though, I would like to simply share that when you go to a show, well I can only speak for myself here, so when you come to my own shows, as much as I appreciate the tips, please make sure to tip the venues first. They are the ones paying for EVERYTHING! Please keep that in mind when you go to live music or any other events put on by an SL venue or business. 

There you have it, folks, I hope you had a bit of fun as Lanai and I have interviewed Seth. Truth be told, Seth and I have known each other for over 14 years in Second Life and in real life. He truly is a very talented person and it is an honor to say he is my friend. So take the time and go listen to some of his covers and also a lot of his original songs and take the time to get to know the man. You will have a good time, I guarantee it!



Additional Information

Be sure to join thousands of other SL family members on the "Friends of Mankind" group in Second Life. For bookings & business matters, performances, design & marketing requests, send a notecard in worlds or email 


"Like" the Seth Regan Music Facebook page to get notifications of Seth live RL video shows and SL shows:




Award Winner 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Second Life

Residents Choice Fav. Live Musician 2009

BOSL Best Live Performer 2008  

Vain, Inc 2008 Readers Choice Best SL Live Musician 

2009 & 2010 - Best Singer/Songwriter Award

Monday, January 18, 2021

Heart & Soul NEW VIP 40% Discount Pricing


Thank you, VIP so much for your support. Wear your tag, make a purchase and receive a 40% refund! (The vendor's prices reflect the old prices)

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Heart & Soul Designs

Bold and Innovative designers of adult furniture & pleasure toys. 

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Terry's Sunday Showcase Presents - Kris Composer & Mavenn LIVE Sunday Jan 17th Beginning at 1:00pm SLT

Join us on Sunday, January 17th beginning at 1pm SLT for Terry's Sunday Showcase, sponsored by the SL Enquirer! This week's featured artist is Kris Composer! Kris brings his unique and expressive voice to Second Life and his music promises to thrill you with his smooth vocals, effervescent personality, and thoughtful lyrics. His extensive song list of contemporary covers include a myriad of genres and artists as well as a sprinkling of his original tunes. You will experience a wide array of emotions as Kris Composer pours himself into every song and takes you on an eclectic journey of unforgettable music.

Next up at 2pm SLT, Terry's is proud to welcome MAVENN back to perform LIVE on our outdoor stage! The depth of her character and musical insight is on display with every song. As an interpreter of other's material, each lyric finds Mavenn contributing her own emotionally deep meaning, revealing an artful strength long overdue on the scene. This is important to mention, as her interpretations are so heartfelt and true that she owns every emotion and melodic nuance, regardless of the composer. " If you are wanting a "mirror image" of a recording, This is NOT the artist for you to hear. She has a uniquely beautiful, powerful yet sultry voice...".... Check her out. Become hooked on Mavenn! - Kiki Lowey (The Bleu Katt Lounge)

Come support live music with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!!!


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Ninja (ninjaantwoord resident)

Saturday, January 16, 2021

MOONLIGHT MUSIC PRESENTS Seren McGillivary & Bad Repuation LIVE at Rockstar Island


MOONLIGHT MUSIC PRESENTS  Seren McGillivary &  Bad Repuation LIVE at Rockstar Island 

EVERY Monday at 4PM SLT

   She is ready to rock, country, pop. and classics, spanning the decades, your sure to hear one of your favorites at any set. Jump On your Sled on Down to Rockstar Island where the  music is live ,rockin' high above the snow topped mountains and rockin with the Aurora Borealis


Rockstar Island where the  music is LIVE!!!!   Rockin' high above the snow topped mountains and rockin with the Aurora Borealis. Live singers weekly and Tribute concerts monthly provided by Thunderstorm Entertainment.

@Rockstars Island Weekly, presented by Moonlight Music

Seren McGillivary &  Bad Repuation Monday 4PM SLT
Wolfie Moonshadow & The Bad Reputation  Tuesday 6PM SLT

ROCKER & The Rockettes Friday 4PM SLT

To see whats rockin the island head on over to the Wilson Sim or Join Rockstars Island Music Events . For More on Booking Info contact canuck dismantled

Slip Sliding Away: Sledding At Merry Lane! - Stacey Cardalines Reporting


There exists a chess/checkers relationship between skiing and sledding. 

I prefer sledding to skiing, which is odd because I grew up in a wealthy Massachusetts suburb and really should be on the skiing side of the question. You only have to drive to a local hill for sledding, as opposed to driving through half of New Hampshire and spending $1000 for the family to go skiing. Skiing is a very skill-driven sport, and you will hit a tree if you don't know what you're doing. You can hit a tree while sledding, too... but you don't have to waste all that time with Skill Acquisition. You'll be as skilled as you're going to get at sledding after your first ride.

Skiing is the more sophisticated sport, and a good skier is viewed as a superhero in some Alpine countries. Skiing is a snobby way to spend a day. Price some skis/boots/resort vacations and tell me that it isn't a rich man's sport. That's not a problem with sledding. You can spend $10 at Target and be all good and ready to go get Sleddy. 

I'd like to see NASCAR guys race with sleds on a really steep and long hill. They'd be a bit disadvantaged as Southerners who aren't used to snow, but their racing skill would be a fun thing to see flexed on Mount Washington in a blizzard. I bet that Dale Earnhardt Sr. would have been a good sledder if he applied himself to it.

The people who run Merry Lane: A Winter Wonderland understand the appeal of sledding. I know this because I was at their sim and they have sledding. Lanai lets me write about whatever I want, but I am a Sportswriter at heart and I walked by numerous interesting things as I bee-lined to the Sledding hill. Did you really have any doubt?

It's very easy to go Sledding at Merry Lane. You hoof it up to the top of the hill (I saved you that walk by landmarking the sim at the top of the Sledding hill), where you will find a sled. Click on it, and a second sled appears. The sled is bigger than every bed I had before I was married. Hop on that second sled, and off you go. 

The hill is admittedly short, and it would disappoint even a scared 4 year old in real life. However, a clever sledder can use the Arrows keys to keep the sled going forward. You can even go into reverse, an option not available to RL sledders. I made a few runs and was able to tour much of the sim by just powering forward until I hit a hill that my sled momentum couldn't surmount.

Don't go sledding in a dress, like I did. There is no modest way for a girl in a dress to sit on a sled without giving anyone nearby a the view that a girl should only share with her husband and her gynecologist. I was able to work around it because I had the sim to myself when I went, and because I was the one aiming the camera.

The sim is also fun for a walk. Most of it is set up for this purpose and this article is focused on sledding because the reporter who visited the sim is really a very curvy 9-year-old, at least mentally. 

They have a hot cocoa stand, a carousel with reindeer and polar bears, a sort of Christmas village with various trees and toys, a snow globe that you can hop inside of, and a bunch of other seasonal stuff. If you enjoy strolling through a winter landscape, this is the place for you. It's very large, and you can kill a lot of time strolling the acreage.

Like many winter sims, they are only open seasonally. This one closes in early February. By February, most people are sick of Winter and are looking forward to Spring. It just doesn't pay to keep winter sims open too late into winter. So hurry :)

Merry Lane: A Winter Wonderland =

Friday, January 15, 2021

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 23rd January at noon SLT: What if we had never invented writing?


All inventions seem inevitable in hindsight but before they were invented no one thought of them.  The steam engine was invented only after thousands of years of cooking.  A number system was invented after thousands of years of counting.  So this week we ask: ‘What if no one ever invented writing?’

Would memory have evolved so that we needed no records? If we had sound recording would we still have books, recited books?  Would we have drawings or songs to convey information?

Is a modern culture possible without writing? What form of writing will survive into the future? Why was writing never universal though the language was?

Bring your friends and a notebook 😊

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.