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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Classic Car Show Party At DADDY-O's Thursday March 5th 6:00 - 8:00 PM


Join us at Daddy-O's for a Classic Car Show Party sponsored by Silk Dreams Fashions. Everyone that attends can rezz one Classic car or pick up (under 50 prims please) so this is your chance to show off your car! If you build classic cars feel free to set the one you rezz for sale! DJ Huey Walker will take the stage in our new Sunset Park/Drive In Theater area so there are plenty of spots for the cars. Huey will be playing songs from the era of the cars as well as songs from his vast list  - including your requests. Our sponsor Silk Dreams Fashions has provided a 500L gift card for us to raffle off and ladies you do not want to miss that! Plus we will have at least one 1000L sploder pot so grab your significant other, your friends and your fav car and join us for a fun night with your friends from Daddy-O's - WHERE FUN RULEZ! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Avatar Social Network (ASN) has over 5000 members. Join Today and Connect with other Virtual World Enthusiasts

The website is already the highest ranked among the social media websites for virtual worlds and avatars and while it's not the oldest it has grown and expanded significantly since its public launch in September, 2013.

The unique nature of the website is its secure and reliable technical and community structure that welcomes not only Second Life residents but anyone from different open sim grids, IMVU or other 3D chat platforms and massive multilevel online games, like World of Warcraft and EVE-Online.

Members of ASN have the freedom of not being asked to share any kind of real life information - however it is optional. All members  can maintain their preferred privacy while enjoying the same and even more benefits than what other social media websites offer. Famous SL business owners, bloggers, artists and performers are among the members enjoying both free and paid services on the website to promote their activities, while others are just there to make and keep in touch with friends, post and share photos, music, videos, links and stories.

With over 135,000 main feed posts and 62,000 uploaded photos (March, 2015) Avatar Social Network is the #1 social media website for virtual world residents and online gamers helping members of similar interest to connect. If you are not a member yet, join thousands of happy members today.

A Preview of Ms Sweetheart Pageant Finalists- Rere Sandalwood Reporting...

Muhammad Ali once said, “A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he'll never crow….I have seen the light and I'm crowing.” Like the rooster that crows in the light, the 2015 Ms. Sweethearts Pageant brings forth a joyful sound that foreshadows Spring, and all the wonderful things intrinsic in it.

The Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant will take place on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 10 AM SLT.  Established in August 2010, the Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant, according to organizer and owner Shannon Bramlington, was started as a way to display the beauty of the female guests that frequent the Sweetheart’s Jazz Club.  The winner of this pageant not only wins a prize of $100,00L, they also win the Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant crown, as well as a generous array of designer gowns from SL’s most prestigious designers.  Bramlington asserts, “The Ms. Sweethearts Pageant is a search for the Sweetest of Hearts in Second Life. We do look at beauty but the emphasis is on class and grace, intelligence and the ability to represent Sweethearts as a romantic venue.”

Dolly Warden and LADYROSECHERRY SERENITY:  The Finalists That Keep Moving Forward
In keeping with the Pageant’s search for the Sweetest of Hearts, there are five finalists that will compete for the Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant Title.  One of those finalist is Dolly Warden.  Though Warden is still recovering from the Real Life loss of her father, she continues to dedicate herself to the pageant in his honor.  Warden explains:  “I am a very hard worker….a good leader who learns and leads by example.  I am very genuine with how I love Sweethearts, and how I feel about being the best representative for Sweethearts that I can be.  Most of all, I am not a quitter. My father just passed away, we buried him yesterday; and although I had to miss some things, I didn't let it stop me.  It is a positive thing that has helped me deal with the bad at this moment.”  Like her Father, Warden is a US Veteran, and is deeply committed to family and long lasting friendships.  Warden contends that she “….was lucky and honored to have such a great dad.  The funeral was beautiful with full military honors...”

What is amazing about Dolly Warden is not only her willingness to share this information with the SL Enquirer, but her willful determination to continue her participation in the 2015 Ms. Sweethearts Pageant despite the loss of her father.  Warden reiterates her determination by saying, “I like to think my father would be glad I didn't give up.  He knew I was in the pageant and was proud of me… all I can do now is honor him in every way I can [because] good parents are the best blessing we can have.”
Warden’s persistence to stay in the pageant—despite the loss of her father—is commendable, and mirrors the strong work ethic present in all the Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant Finalists. In fact, their work ethic is so strong, that not even the Boston Blizzard of 2015 could stop them from competing.

Rosie O’Grady, better known as LADYROSECHERRY SERENITY, epitomizes this claim.  Born and raised in Boston in real life, Serenity’s endurance is currently being tested in the midst of a blizzard so intense, that it has paralyzed major roads and completely submerged cars in over 65 feet of snow.  Serenity says, “…we are having lots of blizzards here, [with] so much snow you can make an igloo…and [to top it off], I have to shovel it. I am sick of looking at the weather at this point….”

Yet despite being tired of the horrid Boston weather, Serenity’s dream is to be the best model in Second Life.  “[I believe that it is important] to never give up and be the best that you can be.  None of us [are] perfect.”

Both LADYROSECHERRY SERENITY and Dolly Warden enjoy meeting new people in their SL time, as well as love being creative in many different ways.  Warden explains, “I really enjoy the fashion aspect of SL.  This pageant gives me an opportunity to have even more fun with fashion as well.” 

LADYROSECHERRY SERENITY echoes Warden’s sentiment, but adds, “I enjoy helping newbies and people in general [in both Real Life and in Second Life].

Ms. Sweetheart Pageant Finalists and the Friends They Have
Gwennie Oldrich chuckles as she recalls her motivation for entering into the pageant.  “Honestly, my best friend and I were joking around about how the pageant needed an underdog who could add a fresh, new approach to being Ms. Sweetheart's, so finally I decided why not and put in my application.  Though once I was accepted as a hopeful, I actually got serious and tried to be what I thought a good Ms. Sweetheart’s [contestant] would be.”

When asked if she had expected to become a finalist, Oldrich says, “Never in a million years.  I figured I’d get in the top 10 but never expected to end up in the top 5. [In fact,] I was completely speechless….”

Like Oldrich, BroadwayGirl1 Resident did not expect to become a finalist either.  “When I found out that I was a finalist, I was so happy that I was in RL crying, and was telling my family and friends on here [about my becoming a finalist]. 

BroadwayGirl1 also relied on the support of her friends to aid in her motivation to enter the Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant, just like Oldrich did. BroadwayGirl1 explains, “I was curious about what it would be like to be in a pageant. I never did pageants in RL or here. Also, with the urging and support of my friends, I feel like they would support me throughout the pageant and would support me no matter what happens…”

Since neither BroadwayGirl1 nor Oldrich had ever participated in pageants prior, they both feel like they can bring a fresh perspective to the Ms. Sweetheart’s competition.  One of these fresh perspectives includes SL hobbies; Oldrich loves playing SL Games, as well as routinely being around her friends.  “[In fact, I love] hanging around [and] chatting with my friends at home and at Sweethearts.” She continues, “[I also love] playing Greedy, raising KittyCats and participating in 7 seas fishing tournaments at our Tiny Empires Kingdom every chance I get.”

In contrast, BroadwayGirl1 demonstrates a fresh perspective by describing her favorite SL hobby of all: hanging out at the Sweetheart’s Club. “I love going to Sweethearts. It has been my home since I started SL and it is the only club that I go to. I love dancing on the dance pads with my friend and socializ[ing] with them. I love going to Sweethearts and danc[ing] with my fiancĂ© there as well.”

While both ladies have friends in and outside Sweetheart’s, they have also successfully made friends with the other finalists involved in the pageant.  Oldrich says, “I was friends with one of [the pageant finalists] before, and have chatted a lot with another one since joining the pageant.  And yes, once we’re not all so busy, I can see [the creation of long lasting friendships with the pageant participants] being a possibility.”  In keeping with this comradery of friendship, BroadwayGirl1 offers the following words of advice to all the finalists:  “…just be yourself and treat others the way you would want to be treated; treat others the way that they would like to be treated, not only during the pageant, but also through their journey in sl.”

Finalist BELLAROSE and Organizer Shannon Bramlington: Rising Up To the Challenge
Besides the comradery of friendship, another interesting thing about the Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant finalists is their ability to rise up to the Pageant’s competitiveness.  While it is one thing to rise up to this challenge once, it is another thing entirely to rise up to the challenge a second time around. BELLAROSE does this with ease, moreso because she was in the Ms. Sweetheart’s pageant last year, and came in third place.  She says, “I love the elegance and beauty of the pageant, and [have] always wanted to participate in one!”

Organizer Shannon Bramlington reiterates this sentiment by describing how the Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant is not solely about beauty, it’s about looking for the winner that embodies grace, elegance, intelligence, maturity, and poise. “As the pageant creator,” Bramlington contends that “…it's given me the freedom to invent new ways to challenge the ladies, to push the pageant world out of its normal pretty box into a search for the total package...” Bramlington continues, “I love watching what I see in my head come to life on the runway…as the ladies walk by, I am so proud of them and the journey the have been on for months…”

This pride could not be vividly affirmed enough than when BELLAROSE found out she had become a finalist for the second time.  “I was ecstatic, proud and very happy,” she explains.  “[In fact] I am looking forward to the final competition [because] I love the challenge and exhilaration of the contest.”

Like the other finalists involved in the Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant, BELLAROSE has also received more than the finalist title.  “I have received many exquisite and beautiful gowns by the fabulous designer, MARIANELA.  The owners, Shannon and Blake Hambleton, offered a free education in modeling at REGAL ACADEMY, which teaches an assortment of professional modeling and presentation skills, ones that are vital for anyone who aspires to be a model.”

The recent addition of the Regal Academy to the finalists’ winnings is one of many improvements implemented by Shannon Bramlington.  She also contends that the Ms. Sweetheart’s Pageant has added, in the past few years, the runway aspect to their competition. “We hope to grow the pageant even bigger every year [because] it’s come a long way since being a photo contest.”

Besides aiming for the successful growth of the pageant, Bramlington is also very interested in making sure the sole winner of the Pageant is heavily involved in giving back to the SL community.  Bramlington reiterates, “The Ms. Sweethearts Winner is highly involved in our charity events for Alzheimer Dementia, as well as for Creations for Parkinson's. We also donate anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000 linden to each charity from the profits of the pageant.”

As impressive as these numbers are, it is even more impressive of how each finalist embodies this sentiment.  BELLAROSE states that as a finalist, it is important to “….be true to your intention, and to do so, one must be true to one’s self.  If you are going to compete for the star at the top, you must stay the path and never give up. 

BELLAROSE continues:  “Second, one must realize that no person is an island.  To be at the head of that community, we must truly represent that community by being a part of it.  To be a part of it, we must practice the basic virtues of giving, helping, and being kind and caring to others.  Why? Because without these simple virtues we cannot lead, nor can we represent…”

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

GizzA Creations Accessories- Fur Stole His & Hers

Stylish and snug for the cold days. GizzA presents a new female and male accessory, the GizzA - Fur Stole. 

In seven deep earthy tones. this wrap around the shoulders fur stole completes your winter styling, the matching belt binds the ends of the stole together and adds an extra detail.



Ladies, don't be afraid to miss out on this lush design . GizzA will keep you warm and equally stylish as the men with the female version of the GizzA - Fur Stole.


GizzA Mainstore:

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More than thousand new outfits recently added in the outlet store

GizzA Creations / Owner & Creator
Giz Seorn 

GizzA Creations / Owner
Auster Elan

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Trip to Educational Venues – Debby Sharma Reporting …

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~ Nelson Mandela

No matter the world we live in, no matter the technology we use, it is education that has made us who we are today. The thirst of inquisitiveness and the hunger to challenge oneself has probably led to the creation of this world we share together. Together we have built what we call as economy, supporting each other to have a brighter future. The values of education cannot be measure but the fruits are enormous. Second Lie has been an eye opener to many by being another podium to impart education.

The list of educational and cultural venues can be found in the Destination Guide under Culture and Education category. Among the many located in Second Life, here are a few:

Stanford University

A beautiful replica of the original Stanford University, it has been developed by Stanford University’s Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR). As seen in the photograph, there is a library with a rare collection of books and first prints of newspapers, Student Gallery consisting of articles about various subjects. There are areas in the sim dedicated to history. One such is the History of Mexico.

The Stanford University Libraries Department of Special Collections held the exhibit publicly, “In Folio: Rare Volumes in the Stanford University Libraries”, featuring more than 30 titles, the exhibit  was on view at Stanford University’s Cecil H. Green Library, Peterson Gallery, second floor of the Bing Wing, from August 4 through November 9, 2003. Biographically speaking a folio is a book whose printed sheets have been folded only once to form leaves of text or illustration; in contrast, a quarto is a book whose sheers have been folded twice; on octave is a book whose sheet have been folded three times. Generally speaking, a folio is simply a large book. Each of the folios in this exhibit at the Stanford University is not only great in size but also significant, being important editions of important texts.

 These folio volumes have something else in colon as well, each has been used in a class or academic presentation over the past two years. These volumes are important as they are vital to the teaching mission of Stanford University. In Folio, features titles spanning the first five centuries of printing. Highlights include the 1469 edition of Pliny’s Natural History, a 1497 edition of Dante’ Commedia, the first edition of the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493), William Blake’s engravings in Edward Young’ Night Thoughts (1797), John Dryden’s translation of Virgil’s works (1697), the Cranach Press Hamlet (1930), the Foulis Press Homer (1756 – 1758) and Abraham Ortelius; magnificent atlas (1595).

Coalition Island

Another important venue to visit is the Coalition Island. It is a nexus of United States armed forces activity and collaboration in Second Life. It links all the military islands in Second Life that are a virtual replica of the reality with a teleportation panel. More information about Military Lnads in Second Life is available in the Wiki. Visit the link

The venue is a beautiful pentagon shaped Island with the wall covered with photographs of armed forces busy in various activities. There are a few stories on the wall that have made history like “The San Diego – based guided missile destroyer USS Benfold (DDG 650) fired a missile on Thursday, March 26, 2009 during training exercise Steilar Daggers in the Pacific Ocean. Benfold engages multiple targets with Standard Missile -2 (SM -2 ) Block III A and modified SM 2 BLK IV missiles The Benfold’s Aegis Weapons System successfully detected and intercepted a cruise missile target with a SM – 2 BLK II A, while simultaneously detecting and intercepting an incoming SRBM target with a modified SM – 2 BLK IV.”
“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
~ Malcom X

University of Worcester

The University of Worcester is one of my favorites. It features monthly learning seminars, a teaching hospital and a library. There is also a lounge to relax or have some serious conversations.
The Library of Bable is a huge library consisting of books like:
·         Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne
·         Bable Volume by Axaxxaxas Mlo
·         Bable Volume by Gray Labyrinth
·         Bable Volume: The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy
·         Bable Volume: The Plaster Cramp
·         Gulliver’s Travels by Johnathan Swift
·         Metamorphosis by Fran Kafka
·         Nonsense songs by Edward Lear
·         Books on Portuguese
·         The Library of Bable by Jorge Luis Borges
·         The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
·         The Republic of Plato
·         The Tempest by William Shakespeare
·         The Time Machine by H.G (Herbert George) Wells
With such collection and so many more books, who would like to leave this library? As this quote says,
“Mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be rekindled”

~ Plutarch

Sunday, March 1, 2015

♥♥ TREASURE at STUDIO 777® Mar. 2nd - Mar. 15th, 2015 • Events Calendar ♥♥

Second Life's #1
Gaming Nightclub!!

Party, Play & WIN at STUDIO 777™ featuring TREASURE, our high energy Dance Club, JOBSTAR Job Center, 777 Shopping Mall and Skill Gaming Resort. TREASURE at STUDIO 777™ is the Nightclub at the heart of 777, Events Monday-Sunday 6:00-8:00pm SLT (9:00-11:00pm Eastern). Since 2009. Over 1 Million Guests & Over L$250 Million WON! Be our next Champion! 


IMPORTANT! To access our Sim, you need to meet the new requirements to enter a Skill Gaming Region. You'll need to 1) have verified payment information on file (credit card or PayPal) 2) Be over 19 years old, and 3) Reside in/access Second Life from states and countries that allow Skill Gaming. Check out our FAQ at 

Want to Get Pregnant in Second Life? Let’s Explore this Question.- Lanai Jarrico Reporting..

It has been a while since I’ve binged on some candid articles about the culture of Second Life so I decided to browse the events list for some writing inspiration and came across this question….  “Want to Get Pregnant in Second Life”?

 I’m no stranger to this topic. Many of my friends have popped out prim babies, I even had a stork (creator) drop one on me to promote and play with. Besides that forced parenting experience I also own a zooby baby… or too. I won’t disclose my baby daddy or anything but … I know the process.

Anyway…curious to find out where the teleport would take me, I landed in a fertility clinic but oddly I was ejected and banned  after about 5 minutes with no warning or explanation. Perhaps I should dig deeper into that particular clinic and see if there is some shady business going on. I did nothing to deserve such a rude boot.

With a little light hearted humor let’s get back on topic here.

SL Family role play is very popular as many know. Many SLers have experienced it for themselves while others think it is just weird and ridiculous. Nonetheless most of us have came across a pregnant avie, child avies or a loving parent cradling a prim baby in their arms while subjecting everyone to the belly talking HUD letting bystanders know that Mommy loves her baby or something about nasty stretch marks.

With family role play comes the deed to creating prim babies for many couples.
 When these mates get intimate by using sexbeds, rugs, pillows, tabletops and other objects containing sex animation, the act of making babies gets more real but it won’t cause a pregnancy. Couples have to wear a fertility/ pregnancy HUD to achieve conception. (Mama-Allpa & Pooterbilt have good ones)

The next step is finding a clinic that provides the OBGYN roleplay care expectant parents need. There are some pretty authentic ones out there like Hands On Maternity Clinic and Birthing Center. It is operated by real medical professional for a genuine experience.

The whole experience can be interesting, costly and maybe even a bit complicated just to add a little something extra to a loving relationship.

There are different options for going about the whole parenting thing. One way is purchasing an artificially intelligent prim baby or finding someone willing to dress up like a child avatar and roleplay as your offspring.  

The child avatar option adds more substance to the relationship between child and parent but it is kind of strange when I see a child avie speaking like a 2 year old and knowing it is really an adult.  Nonetheless to each their own.

Artificial intelligent babies get neglected more because they can’t complain about being stored in an inventory for days or weeks whilst a child avatar might divorce you as their parent and move on to another loving family due to neglection.

What happens when you just want a baby without the “middle man”? Well Second Life offers alternative solutions to child bearing.  The clinic I landed at offers artificial insemination.

 I’m left with questions about how this process works since I was so rudely kicked out of the clinic promoting it.  I wonder if fertile avies choose from an ad board of willing donors for a quick hud hook up-minus the flowers and candy or… the deed is done in a more professional roleplay situation using a virtual turkey baster while the patient lays flat on a cold hard table. The process remains a mystery but hey the service is available in Second Life. Here is the link to the Maternity Clinic Rodeo Drive.  Sketchy name but you will have to find out for yourself.

If sacrificing your hourglass figure, child avatars or artificial insemination aren’t choices you like, adoption is an option.

Just remember, becoming a virtual parent is something you might want to think about if you are unsure about your romantic relationship(s) or if the time you have to spare with your little bundle of prim joy is rare. 

Just like having a child in the real world, you have expenses and responsibilities.  Also, nobody wants to see pregnant women twerking in the club or bringing their babies with them to places where adults go to get away from their own kids. It is not cute.

Adding a baby to your virtual family however should be a special and joyous time. The whole experience can be rewarding for some but not only enjoying the bundle of joy in their second lives but enjoying the joys of SL pregnancy while still being able to do some heavy prim lifting or enjoying a drink or two or three.

 Congratulations if getting pregnant in Second Life has changed your virtual experience for the better.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Want to Learn how to Build or Brush up on your Skills in Second Life? Visit the Builder’s Brewery

The Builders Brewery was voted favorite Group & School in Second Life.  It is owned and operated by Sen Maximus (sensuous.maximus) and Supremius Maximus and together they have created a great resource for helping SL residents perfect their building skills.

There are 16 “Brewmasters” aka Teachers and three classroom settings. Each Brewmaster shares their expertise and  worsk closely with students by offer an assortment of classes including beginning Fundamentals, getting started with blender, scripting, mesh studio basics, photography using wind light settings, working with textures, alpha layers and more.
BB also offers a sandbox and terraforming playground where you can learn by doing.  If you don’t have a place to call home, the Builder’s Brewery welcomes you to set your home here while you learn.

Check out the Class Schedule here:

Join the Builder’s Brewery Group for perks like access to sandbox and private dressing rooms

Group: Builder’s Brewery


Friday, February 27, 2015

R.I.R. Raceway for Beginners, Advanced and Pro Class- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

In 1948 the National Association for Stock Car Racing was founded and held its first stock car race at Charlotte Speedway in North Carolina. Today this spectator sport  has  a global fan base and has expanded  to over 1,200 races at over 100 tracks across North America per year. It is known widely as Nascar and has become a multi- billion dollar industry for racing enthusiasts who love to watch race cars and trucks whip around a track at lightning speed. Nascar’s Sprint Cup Series schedule for 2015 kicked off on February 14th and will run until November with the Championship Round. It is a very expensive hobby so not everyone can easily join Nascar. Also, as tragic as it may sound the wrecks seem to give the spectators a jolt of adrenaline.

 Thanks to Second Life you can easily join the race without worrying about experience, going broke, being sent to the ER or worse.

 In Second Life R.I.R Raceway Stock Car Racing Venue is the most realistic racing venue in Second Life that caters to beginners, advanced and pro class racing fans who have a need for speed and want to sit behind the wheel of their own racecar.

Founded in  Owned and operated by badguy Boozehound and Co owner doobeedoo Littlething, together they host 5 weekly races. Winners receive  Linden Trophies, points and bragging rights.

The SL Enquirer contacted Badguy to learn more about racing in SL and how residents can join in the fun.

Interview with R.I.R Raceway’s Badguy Boozehound

What brought you to Second Life and inspired you to create R.I.R Raceway?

I originally came to Second Life looking for new chat spots as Skype was closing Shoutcasts. Then I found a speedway I loved the idea and fun involved in SL racing. Unfortunately the venue didn’t last long and closed leaving me with a racing bug and wanting to continue. That’s when we started building a basic track on a friend’s land and from there it expanded to where the raceway is now.

Who is part of the R.I.R Staff and what are their roles?

The Staff at R.I.R are just the 2 owners Myself and my wife Doobeedoo Littlething. We are Sponsored By Black Lagoon Grafx Shop.

What type of services does R.I.R. offer racing enthusiasts in Second Life? Is race training provided?

There is a range of vehicles starting at a beginner class & working their way up the ranks to pro Sprint cup class. We don’t provide a training class but usually there is at least one racer practicing on the track.  All are very friendly and always willing to help a new driver find their groove on the track. Also, there are free demo cars which can be used in races for all the new people who come.

How can SLers get involved in the races, is there a membership requirement?

No,  just simply turn up for the race and use the free demo car provided or purchase the modifiable car that can be painted by the owner or their friends. The only thing is when you go to get a paint job on a full version car we ask that you register a race number not taken by another driver. Race Numbers already registered can be found here on R.I.R Main Website.

Do you use an SL group that racers and fans can join for racing news and alerts?

Yes, we do all Race video footage and race notices are posted there. Here is the link for the racing group for all the shin digs and events.

R.I.R Raceway hosts 7 weekly races. How do the races work? Can you explain the process from starting line to handing out trophies to the winners?

Yes, It is a fairly simple process for the drivers. The race director does most of the work.
We start an hour before the race with an official practice session for 45 mins. When that time is up, the practice times are reset and a 15 minute open qualify begins. Drivers start positions are in the order of fastest time in qualify to least fastest time in qualify being the last driver on the grid.

Being as we are on Second Life servers some of the small tracks and race gate systems won’t handle more than 10 drivers so, we may have to run heat race events to get to our top 10 drivers for the main event . These are two 5 lap races taking the pole sitter and  5 drivers from the two 5 lap races.  The remaining drivers who have not made a main event ticket will be put out in what we call a consi race. This is the last chance to make the main event and the top 4 finishers get this ride to the money race.

 The rest of the grid will take 11th place and so on and be packing it up for the night and hoping for that big break on the next race day.

Where can I get the most updated race schedule?

The best place to get the most updated schedule is the main race shop in world on the wall in the office. 
Also a race schedule and calendar are available on the main website

Are there sponsorship programs for racers? If so how can SL companies get their logos slapped on a Pro Racers car?

Many drivers are looking for  race sponsors to help them with vehicle purchases so they can get some paint on their racecar.  Many of them have found that special sponsor that gives them that opportunity. The best way is to show up on the race day and scout out the drivers during a practice and give them your proposal.

When a race is not happening, can anyone visit the raceway and get on the track?

Oh yes the tracks are open always for visitors to just come and enjoy doing laps in their own cars as well as the R.I.R Product line vehicles.  We close down the track we race at that particular day an hour before race time for official race practice so all the drivers get 45 minutes of good drafting practice before qualifying begins.

Do they need their own car or does the track provide rezzables to borrow?

As stated you can run a demo car which is provided free. These cars are no modify and lack the love of paint making. Usually drivers want to get the full version and get creative with his race paint. These demo cars have the same scripting quality of the full version car but are no modify.

You have a car shop on the premises, is this where SLers can purchase cars?

Yes the cars can be purchased in the main race shop located here on the main level.

How can SLers order a custom racecar ?

All the cars are the same to keep the race series controlled and monitored at all times. The class raced in that said day will all weigh the same and have same scripting  but can be tuned via a dialog menu to adjust steering downforce wedge ect.

We do have a custom painting booth as this is the only thing allowed to be modded on the car. All cars are equipped with big brother watching  them at all times and will let the creator and the driver know the car is not in tech.

Is there anything else you would like to share about R.I.R. Raceway?

Just for some good hard racing come join the fun @ R.I.R Raceway.

Additional Information

Group  secondlife:///app/group/68f84af7-d0d1-abc4-5321-b6cf854927f1/about

Preferred contact: Badguy Boozehound or Doobeedoo Littlething.

SLE Commercial

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