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Friday, May 6, 2016

Seanchai Library Enters Final Month on LEA 9

LEA 9, Second Life – "The Kraken has arrived at Crazy Eights on LEA Region 9, so it must be near the end."  Seanchai Library will be wrapping up its residency among the core regions in the Linden Endowment for the Arts Estate this month.

Crazy Eights opened on LEA 9 January 31st, billed as a celebration of the art of stories and spoken word in Second Life.  To date, there have been 31 individual events, presenting over 40 hours of live voice presentations, featuring over 30 storytellers, authors, poets and voice performers.  Over one thousand individual residents have visited LEA 9 for events, or to wander and explore. Many returned and Crazy Eights is proud to report a 2:1 ratio of unique to return visits.

Playmates Magazine Presents a Photo Contest! Judged on talent, not friends votes. The theme is "Surprise!" May 6th- May 27th

 $1000L - 1st Prize,  $500L - 2nd Prize and $250L - 3rd Prize.  Contest begins Friday, May 6th at noon and runs until May 27th at noon.
The Photo Contest is open to everyone except Playmates Staff and Models (who will be the judges).  We are not looking for the sexiest photo, or the best looking avatar in a photo.  We are looking for imaginative theme concepts and talented photography.  Photo's must be shot in Second Life.  Photo editing is permitted.
The contest board is set up at Playmates Magazine Headquarters.  Find us in SL Search or use the link below:

We are looking forward to seeing your great idea's with the theme, Surprise!  More detailed instructions are next to the contest board.  Please read them carefully.  Winner's will be contacted personally and announced in group as well as displayed on our Facebook, Playmates Blog and in an upcoming issue of Playmates Magazine.

Steele Entertainment Invites You to Visit SL Playboy World


This sim includes the SL Playboy Mansion with its associated venues as well as the newly opened Steele Plaza shopping district.  Each is easily accessed from the other.  SL Playboy World is a unique concept.   With diverse entertainment options appealing to different groups and preferences coming together on one amazing sim, SL Playboy World has undergone rapid growth with no signs of slowing down.  

    The Second Life Playboy Mansion & Club, where high style and sophistication come together.  The Playboy Clubs were world famous for their distinctive style, unique facilities, good food, man-sized drinks and, particularly, their beautiful Bunnies. Taking our inspiration from the original Playboy brand of the 1960's, we offer four venues on site for live concerts; dances, formals, weddings, live DJs; open mic comedy; live singers and tribute concerts.   These venues include:

1.  The Second Life Playboy Mansion – The Second Life Playboy Mansion is the heart of our SL Playboy world.  It features a pub, a game room and a cigar room as well as elegant party space.  It will be the SL Playboy Headquarters for Key holders (coming soon) to attend private functions and special events as well as a relaxing place to unwind after a long day at the office.

2.  The Grand Ball Room - The Grand Ballroom is an architecturally stunning edifice on the outside which contains a beautiful and elegant event space on the inside.   The Club hosts not only our salsa night and romantic formal dances and balls but talented live singers as well.

3.  The Club  - A versatile space, the Club is an exceptional dance and contest   venue which is easily turned into one of Second Life’s premier concert venues.  There are nightly themed contests along with some of the best music from the best DJs in Second Life.  The Club also boasts some of the best live musicians in Second Life.  Don’t miss Midnight Mansion every Friday from 10 pm SLT to midnight SLT.  Midnight Mansion hosts our popular “Dueling DJs” contest where some of Second Life’s best DJS square off to be crowned as our weekly champion.  The winner gets to come back and defend their title.  You always win with the best music anywhere.

4.  The Bunny Pool – The Bunny Pool hosts the Saturday Pool Party.  Come lounge on the patio or take a dip in our Bunny shaped pool while listening to the hottest jams from our live DJ.

5.  The Grotto (now open) - The Grotto is accessible by members of the Keyholder group.  It is a relaxing tropical island setting where members can  be pampered and relax as they unwind from a busy day or take a break to recharge before going back to work. 

    Whichever venue or event you attend, you will be welcomed by the world famous Playboy Bunnies.  When the Playboy Clubs opened, the Playboy Bunnies set a new definition and standard for charm, beauty and friendly service.  That tradition continues today here at the SL Playboy Mansion.  If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please contact one of our Bunnies and they will be happy to assist you.  Our Bunnies are also available to make appearances at other venues for grand openings, charitable events or other special occasions.*

Public Access Membership
    Most SL Playboy Mansion events and venues are open to the public.  Our dance parties, our pool party, and many of our concerts are open to all.  By clicking one of the group kiosks, you can join the SL Playboy Mansion group to be kept informed of daily events.

Key Membership (Now accepting members)
     For the discerning guest, we offer our Key Membership. Keyholders earn our special VIP treatment.  In addition to the friendly service all patrons enjoy, Keyholders will receive exclusive access to the new Grotto (see above), their own private welcome party, a Playboy motorcycle as well as notices and invitations to private parties and special events at the Mansion, with Bunnies in attendance of course.  All of this for only 1000L annually.  This special group is only available by contacting a member of the Management Team.

Steele Plaza Shopping District
     The Steele Plaza Shopping District is connected to the SL Playboy Mansion grounds by numerous teleport pads so it is easily accessible to all patrons of the Mansion.  Steele Plaza has 16 single vendor spaces and 4 double size vendor spaces.  Steele Plaza is a very open complex with no hard-to-reach areas.  Now open is the Steele Plaza Bistro.  A quaint, quiet, comfy bistro just off the Plaza.  Offering an array of tasty treats, it is a great place for customers to hang out as they check out their recent purchases or contemplate new ones.

     As you can see, we have many exciting things happening at SL Playboy World and we can't wait to share them with you.  Please come in, put on your smoking jacket and let us light your pipe.  We look forward to serving you.   
     *Terms and conditions available upon request.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

{amiable }Polka-dot Cape Sleeved One-piece @the N21 (50%OFF SALE). Until May 10th!

This is {amiable] new one-piece at the N21 April round!!

This is reduced by 50%OFF at the N21 only.
There is also fitted mesh by modeling Slink body. There are also Standard size(XXS-L).
If you are interested in it, please try on DEMO before buying!
(Event Date: April 21st to May 10th.)
{amiable}at N21
✿Group:  secondlife:///app/group/025fbac2-aa6f-af41-25c7-4e3361602a7d/about 
✿Market place 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Here's What's Happening Today in Second Life:

Cinco de Mayo ( May 5th) is not a federal  holiday in Mexico or the United States. However, it is still celebrated. This day commemorates the Battle of Puebla in which the Mexican army claimed victory over France during the Franco-Mexican War in 1862. In the United States and Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican Heritage with parades, festivals, traditional music and food. For others it is just another reason to get their drink on! (Even if it lands on a Thursday this year)
In Second Life, there are a few events happening but don’t forget to dress up first!

Mustache & Sombrero

La Fiesta Women Outfit

La Fiesta Mens Outfit

Festivities Happening May 5th

7:00 am  SLT  at Cinca de Mayo Day at La Maison
Get your drinking hats on Gents, the girls of La Maison are in a partying mood...
Loose clothing (aka easy offs) and looser morals are in style all day...
The Exclusive Lap Seats are out and the ladies are eager to warm as many laps as they can today in celebration of all things Mexican..So no Siesta all Fiesta...
The VIP lounge is open to haul your favorite or favorites in for a more intimate fun time..
Yi yi yi yi...
See you here Amigo's and Amiga's

12pm SLT at Steel Horse Saloon
Cinco de Mayo! Come join DJ Ivana and her hostess Lyni as we rock your world and get you in the party spirit.  We will have a free 50L Wetherby's gift card for one lucky person.  While you are here, check out the sim.  We have stores, bowling alley, game room, amusement park, and for those who enjoy riding their cycles, we even have a track for you to use.  And don’t forget our sim wide faire this weekend.  Fun to have for all.  Why not check us out?

4:00pm SLT at River's Song Restaurant and Catering
On May 5, 1862, the Mexican army defeated the French army at the Battle of Puebla. This single military battle signified defeat of a European colonial power, and a victory for the Mexican people. This single battle was the roots of Cinco de Mayo.
What Cinco de Mayo has come to be, is much more than one battle in the colonial history of Mexico. Rather, it has come to signify Hispanic and Mexican pride and a time to celebrate the rich culture.

7pm SLT Cinco de Mayo at Club Eros with DJ Eco Spiritor
It's festival time!!   Wear your Spanish style dress, grab your sombrero and come party!! DJ Eco Spiritor will be spinning the tunes and taking requests.  Dress in theme and enter our contest or just come for the friends and music.  As always, our Sexy Cupids will be here to tease and tantalize you. 

Wherever or however you celebrate just remember to have fun! Happy Cinco de Mayo 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Making Peace with Stress and Anxiety at Blade's Edge May 4th at 12pm SLT

Blade's Edge "Making Peace with Stress and Anxiety" group meets weekly for those who struggle with anxiety and have had trouble reducing stress in their lives. We explore practical, simple techniques for working with anxiety and supporting each other to reduce stress through lifestyle changes, natural supplements, and changing the way we see the stressers in our lives. Please join us.

*retrieved from SL's event list

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Facebook's "Bitstrips" No More- SL Newser Reports

Users of Facebook may be familiar with "Bitstrips," cartoons that some users posted on their pages, and would appear on their friends' public feed like other posts. Unfortunately, it seems the Bitstrip fun is over. Someone who was a regular user posted this on her page on April 25.

Read More

Monday, May 2, 2016

Account Security: What precautions can you take to prevent phishing in Second Life? - Joymell Reporting...

On the Internet there are many scammers who practice "phishing": These people use different methods, for example, they create fake emails and websites that resemble those of a legitimate company to get information from people in an illegal way.

Residents of Second Life can also be targeted for phishing attempts. These attempts may include, in the virtual world, instant messaging and e-mails that try to appear as if they were sent from Linden Lab and also messages in group chat, providing a link and / or requesting personal information and credentials of account users.

Many innocent people can be deceived and become victims to provide personal information such as passwords, credit card information, etc. People who access and provide information to these forms and fake websites can quickly become identity theft victims. These victims may have their information deleted in the virtual world and the account blocked or closed by Linden Lab.

With a few simple precautions, however, it is possible to protect yourself from phishing attempts.

- Keep your antivirus software up-to-date and virus scan regularly;
- Your password should contain letters and symbols to hinder access to phishers;

- To make your account safe, change your password frequently. If you suspect you have clicked on a phishing link, change your password immediately;

- Never click a link in an email that you are unsure about, especially if it is asking for personal or account information. If you suspect is suspicious email, forward it to and delete it.

- Suspicious e-mails that ask for personal information are fake emails. Those will ask for your personally identifiable information such as your login name, password, and real name, among others. Be aware that any email that asks for personal information, or includes a form to fill in the email, it is very likely to be a fake email;

- Never trust an email just because it says it is or The Linden Lab E-mails do not include attachments. Attachments can be malicious files that cannot be captured by virus detection programs. Finally, please note that Linden Lab never asks for your password Second Life, the details of the credit card or other personal information by e-mail;

- If you receive any email from Linden Lab and have any doubts about whether this email is real, close all Web browser windows. Visit, and perform the action that was requested, starting this window new web browser.

Even after taking all these precautions, you still feel that your account has been compromised, contact Second Life Billing through the Support Portal immediately or call the number provided on the same Portal.


Additional Information:

Images taken from the official Second Life site


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hope Haven Heroes Presents Visions of Hope 2016 Silent Auction- April 30th-May 30th

Visions of Hope 2016: silent auction in benefit of Relay For Life of SL

This event opened on Saturday, April 30th with a party led by DJ Cupric Router at 4PM SLT. After the great success of the 2015 edition, with photographs by a number of well-known artists in SL, this year the exhibition organized for the Hope Have Heroes RFL Team brings also some sculptures and gathers the following artists: Bijou, Boudicca Amat, Ciottolina Xue, d-oo-b, Dru G. Eiren-Milneaux, Em Larsson, Hills, Inara Pey, Mareea Farrasco, Nikolai Warden, Proph, Pusher, Randy Firebrand, Ricco Saenz, Tomais Ashdene, Trinity Yazimoto and Ziki Questi.

The silent auction is intended to raise funds for Relay For Life, a global initiative by American Cancer Society aimed at gathering donations to fight against cancer, as well as providing "a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer" and "remember loved ones lost", as the ACS webpage says. During the exhibition, the public will be able to acquire photo-based pieces as well as sculptures from some of the most renowned artists in Second Life and, at the same time, contribute with the ACS's programs to improve cancer survival, decrease the incidence of cancer and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their caretakers. It should be noticed, too, that the actions by ACS are not restricted to the United States: lately, the Society has been contributing with initiatives to fight cancer around the world.

The art exhibition goes from April 30 until May 30. The minimum bid is just L$ 500 and the amounts can be increased by at least L$ 100 each time. At the end of May, we will learn who acquired what.

 Event: "Visions of Hope 2016: silent auction in benefit of Relay For Life of SL", organized for Hope Haven Heroes
- Exhibition: From April 30 (official opening) until May 30. (Soft opening on April 28 for those who would like to visit, including the press; no bids will be accepted until April 30).

Boudicca Amat
Ciottolina Xue
Dru G. Eiren-Milneaux
Em Larsson
Inara Pey
Mareea Farrasco
Nikolai Warden
Randy Firebrand
Ricco Saenz
Tomais Ashdene
Trinity Yazimoto
Ziki Questi

RFL of SL:
- The first Relay For Life of Second Life was held in 2005. It was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised about US$ 5,000.
- In 2015, RFL of SL raised US$ 277,000.
- This year the Relay weekend will be held on July 16th and 17th. Other activities, such as the silent auction, will be organized during the year for raising funds.

Hope Haven Heroes:
- The RFL of SL team that represents Hope Haven, where the support groups for survivors and caregivers meet.

Contacts for further information:

- Randy Firebrand (in world) and Ricco Saenz (in world and via email -

Playmates Magazine's May 2016 Issue Is Out Now!

This month we salute the far-out 60's with a groovy photo spread featuring the Playmates Models.  Plus, we explore the world of kink in an informative article, "50 Shades Of Everything You Wanted To Know About BDSM".  Also, we bring you spring fashion bargains and a look inside the Playmates Mansion & Club, Our Playmate of the Month Centerfold with Beckie Turbo - Ms. May and much more.
Get your free issue here on SL Marketplace
or in-world at Playmates Magazine Headquarters or one of the many kiosks around SL.

Wherever you lay your hat - CeceliaRosalie reporting...

As the saying goes, home is wherever you lay your hat.  In Second Life you have a number of options of where to lay your hat, and these options are offered to new residents at the time of creating their account.

When someone creates an account in Second Life they are offered three different account choices.  Premium, Basic and Concierge.  Speaking from experience, I’d say that the vast majority go for “FREE” without knowing what the two other options are.   When I first created my account I didn’t take the time to look at what premium had to offer and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

What follows is a brief description of each account type:

If you want to go Premium you have three different membership plans to choose from:

Annual Membership: USD 72.00
Quarterly Membership: USD 22.50
Monthly Membership 9.50

When you select the Premium option you’re gifted with a sign up bonus of 1000L$.  Premium members are offered a small home in an exclusive neighborhoods with a variety of themes and styles to choose from.   It's not impossible to find the home of your dreams.  Each Linden home has a land capacity of 117 on a 512m2 parcel to which you can add your final touches in the form of furniture and d├ęcor.  If you need more space there's also an option to acquire land on popular mainland regions.  Some of which are developed and some of which are undeveloped.

Premium account holders receive a 300L$ weekly allowance along with exclusive bonus items created by SL residents and exclusive areas to hang out with your friends and loved ones.
Last but not least, Premium members are offered expanded support which includes live chat in real time with Linden Lab.

Basic users can't own land on the Mainland or access live chat. However, they can own estates or private regions or rent land anywhere depending on the landowner's preferences.  Let me add to this that skybox rentals or apartment prices start from 60L$ PER WEEK and average land tiers start from about 1000L$ PER WEEK.  As for support, residents can submit support cases for a limited set of problems but this procedure might take a little longer.

The Concierge option is when a resident operates an account that owns an estate, pays for an estate, or pays tier for more than half a region's worth of mainland parcels.
With this account type, residents also have access to a special live chat area and phone number through the support portal.

Basic account holders are able to qualify for the Concierge service.  They can own estates and Private Regions.  The setup and monthly costs for which are billed separately from land on the mainland, which can be owned only by premium and Concierge members.

Remember that you can upgrade or down grade at any time.

The choice is yours.

GRAND OPENING of ARCADIA Sunday 1st May 2016 at 1:00 pm sl time.

Are you looking for a spiritually based community that is just beginning? One where you can have a say in its shape? Well Arcadia may be the place for you. Set on a beautiful island with many places to simply sit and enjoy, along with places to gather, Arcadia awaits.
The owners, Ava and Darren have built the environment lovingly over the last 4 years and are now inviting others to share the island with the aim of forming a community. Their vision for the community is equality and inclusion. That people of many faiths, and those with no particular faith can come together and share in a non judgmental way. "We may not share each other's beliefs but we can all learn something from each other." Says Ava, a doctoral student of community whose greatest wish is to see people come together and form a community based on acceptance and trust.

As a community Arcadia offers opportunities to participate in weekly groups and special events. Some of the weekly groups on offer or planned for the future include meditation, tarot, story telling, discussion, encounter, music and dance. New members are most welcome to suggest and facilitate their own groups. Ava and Darren see the community as a living, organic thing, so nothing is fixed in stone. Instead, the community changes according to what the majority of members want.

If you like to be in the thick of planning and nurturing new projects and communities, then this could be the place for you. We are looking for leaders who can help to shape the community, ambassadors who can greet and mentor new members as well as interact with other communities on our behalf. We need group facilitators, those who wish to run weekly events or just special events and moderators who can deal with the day-to-day problems that arise in an open space. Of course we are also looking for members who don’t have the time or inclination to commit to any form of responsible role but just want to come along and enjoy the company and environment when they have the time to do so.

So come along anytime to see what we are about or join us at our grand opening for some music, dance and fun. Doors open at 1pm.  Bring along an open mind and your curiosity. Dress code – casual (it is a beach environment) – no nudity please.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

GeekSpeak - nanobots, do we want them to fix everything in our bodies?

Nanotech is rapidly advancing.  Soon we will have nanobots in our bodies, fixing them, controlling them.  We will have 200 year lifespans, nanobot created organs, new genes.  Do we want that?  Will all human diversity be destroyed and everyone become the nanobot version of the ideal human?  Will they gradually replace every human organ?  Will they put a stop to all human evolution?  Will we all turn into grey goo?

Or do you see nanobots as good and helpful and not frightening at all?  Or maybe you just don't think there will ever be nanobots in human bodies.

Come and discuss the future of nanobots and the human body in GeekSpeak.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The SL Playboy Mansion is proud and excited to announce a Special Edition of the Midnight Mansion DJ Contest on Friday April 29th from 10 PM to 12 AM!

  Amazing DJs Johnathan Heiss and Sharcrista Quan will be dueling in a hot and steamy Latin vs. Salsa showdown.  Also, in conjunction with the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life effort, the Mansion will be making a donation to The American Cancer Society. All donations made to the pink Bunny head donation boxes will also go to benefit the ACS.  So please put on your hottest Latin or Salsa dancing outfits and come hear some great music while contributing to a wonderful cause.  We can't wait to see you there!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Welcome to Arcadia Where Spirituality is a Staple of the Community- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Arcadia is a new community on the grid that focuses on spirituality, group discussions, relaxation in a beautiful environment and where your beliefs matter. As a participatory community, Arcadia’s philosophy includes respect for other’s rights and do not force beliefs on others. They welcome anyone who wishes to be part of a community of like-minded people who just seek peace in a virtual environment.

The SL Enquirer met up with Ava (avaline.decuir) to learn more about Arcadia.

Interview with Ava (avaline.decuir)

SLE: Hi Ava, can you tell us about Arcadia’s philosophy, how long it has been in Second Life  and how it differs from other virtual world communities that are based on religion?

Ava: Arcadia the group is new to Second Life. The island it is on however, we have held for over 4 years. We have built the environment lovingly to represent peace and oneness with nature.

SLE: The Guardians of Arcadia Group is where Arcadia community members can come together and freely discuss topics. Can anyone join or is it by invitation only?

Ava: Anyone can join. There is a noticeboard at the main house with a poster that can be clicked to join the group

SLE: How often are there discussions and what type of things do you cover?

Ava:At the moment we have discussions 3 – 4 times a week but that is expanding day by day. We run groups for meditation, Tarot, storytelling, general discussion and encounter.

The general discussions cover topics such as trust, belief, hope etc.

The encounter groups are of two types. One is open, where people can come and vent about things in Second Life or their real life. We don’t judge and we don’t need to know details about your RL, it is just a place to let go of burdens. The other type of encounter group is closed and each one contains approximately 6 members. These people meet privately on a regular basis and come to know each other deeply. The private groups will listen to member’s problems, hopes wishes and dreams and offer support to each other. It is important for the private groups to trust each other that is why they are invitation only.

The story telling groups will depend on the facilitator. Some groups may have the facilitator tell a story each week while others may take it in turns to tell a story. Then there is a notecard collaborative story group. This one is interesting. One person starts a story and sends the card to a random member of the group. That person may add to or alter the story or simply pass it on to someone else. And so the card moves around to everyone in the group until the story is complete.

We are also talking to a gestalt therapist who may run a gestalt group and another astronomer who might run a group all about astronomy. We are looking for someone to run a group on astrology as well.

SLE:  Arcadia has a very calming feel to it and the ambient music is relaxing. What type of things can visitors do there?

Ava: We have a lot of places where people can sit (using cushions or pose balls) and enjoy the area. Of course they can join in with groups as well. We have several lovely places where people can use dance pose balls as well. We also have 4 gypsy caravans that people may rent if they would like to have their own spot on the island.

SLE: Do you offer housing for Arcadia community members?

Ava: Yes we have 4 gypsy caravans available for rent and are in the process of building some skyboxes as well.

SLE: What type of events do you host and how often?

Ava: We are planning to hold regular beach parties with a dj. We have one on Sunday 1st May at 1.30 pm. We are planning some solar and lunar events with small rituals. Other than that our main focus is on the group activities for now.

SLE: Are you hiring or accepting guardians?

Ava: Yes we have several different roles that we are looking for people to fill. Guardians are those who are moderators to deal with the day to day issues that occur in any SL space. Ambassadors meet and greet visitors as well as talk about Arcadia wherever they go, so they are social people. Facilitators run group sessions. It is important to understand that roles don’t indicate a hierarchy. Our ideal is for all members to be equal and have an equal say.

SLE: Is there anything  else you would like to share with our readers about Arcadia?

Ava: We are excited about the potential for Arcadia. We want it to be an inclusive community that has something for everyone.

Additional Information
 Group: secondlife:///app/group/af5f9e1f-7535-e90f-0108-dbf9cfcf2f32/about
Preferred contact: Avaline Decuir and Darren Islar

Club Phoenix Is a Nightclub/Live Music Venue that has Catered to the Second Life(c) Public Since 2010

. Ever since, Club Phoenix has had some of the best live DJs and entertainers such as Hunter Quirina, Doctor G & Funkfusion, Lady Angels Dancers, Spirited Emor and many others to name a few. We are still going strong by maintaining a professional and friendly atmosphere in Second Life(c) as well as keeping the patrons entertained. As of right now, we are open from 8-10 pm SLT on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 6-8 pm SLT every other Wednesday.

    If you are interested in working at Club Phoenix as a DJ or host, then please feel inclined to IM Joni Villota.

    Furthermore, we do hope that you can check us out, and we hope that you'll enjoy your time here at Club Phoenix.

SLE Commercial

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