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Monday, October 19, 2020

You are cordially invited to the grand opening of MCS Gallery & Photography sim October 19th 5pm SLT

After 2 months of planning, building and dreaming the Conners are ready to share their new vision with the world. We would be honored if you would join us for the opening event of this new adventure.

When  Monday October 19th

Time :  5:00 PM SLT

Where : Mt. Conners Gallery & Photography Sim

Dress code : Formal, Coctail Dresses or gowns for women, Nice suits or Tuxs for men.

Events : Live music at 5:00 PM with Mimi Carpenter then an hour with 

             DJ Polpeta 

             Gallery tours, Balloon tours, Sim exploration.


Artists:  Karie (bdopekarreuche),

            亗 M Y S T E R E 亗 (mystereROCK Anderton,


            Sue Kass,



Please join us, we would love to have you be a part of this wonderful night with friends and family to share our dreams with the world of SL.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Schedule of Performances for Week of October 18 from Steele Live Music

Tuesday, October 20 - The Pointe Ballroom
International Day

12:00 pm  Lisa Brune - France
  3:00 pm  Hogan Baily - USA
  4:00 pm  Edian Tey - Mexico
  5:00 pm  Agatha Martin - Brazil
  6:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger - Indonesia

Wednesday, October 21 - PETRA's 

4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Djembe Dragonfire
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, October 22 - PETRA's
10:00 am  Remy Farmam
4:00 pm  Holly Giles
5:00 pm  Aaron Cabott Jones
6:00 pm  Wolfie Moonshadow

Friday, October 23 - PETRAs

2:00 pm  Max Kleene
3:00 pm  Maribol Inshan
4:00 pm Annette Cifuentes
5:00 pm  Savannah Rain
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas
8:00 pm  Voodoo Shilton
9:00 pm  Funky Freddy Republic

Sunday, October 25 - PETRAs

1:00 pm  Jeffah

The Pointe Ballroom and The Knock Knock Room

Friday, October 16, 2020

High Speed Internet world wide - GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 17th October at noon SLT


In two years the whole planet will have high speed access to the internet and the World Wide Web will finally live up to its name.  What will happen?

Will we see live footage from the middle of the Sahara, from Antarctica, from ocean going ships, from North Korea?  How will that affect Earth’s society as a whole?  Will it lead to greater understanding or will everyone go crazy when they learn about all the conspiracy theories that are out there?

Will everyone on the planet have an equal chance to have a better life?  Or will the evil regimes drag us all down to their level?  Will some countries block the internet and remain isolated?  Will there be a big market in black market satellite dishes in China?

Will the world become a global village?  Or will there be digital borders?  Come and discuss the near future.  Bring your online friends from weird countries (if you do not have them, you might soon😊

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Craziest Bets In Casinos

We are sure pretty much everybody knows it by now, but the money in the overall casino industry is absolutely ridiculous these days, and has been for a while now. In fact, back in the 1800s the newly invented game of roulette ended up making Central European casinos so rich that they were banned from the continent in everywhere but Monte Carlo. 

This is a perfect example of the amount of money that is brought in by the industry each and every year, something that mainly comes as a consequence of some absolutely huge bets being made. Most of us cannot afford to do some of the things that the people in this craziest bets in casinos list have done, although some of these people couldn’t really afford it either! Read on for some of the craziest bets in casinos, including

Ashley Revell 

Ashley Revell is responsible for probably the most famous crazy casino bet the world has ever seen, mainly because it was all televised! Oh yes, ITV were lucky enough to be able to follow Mr Revell on a trip across the Atlantic that could well have ended up a whole load worse than it actually did. You see, this young British professional decided to sell all of his worldly possessions and head to Las Vegas, with the hope of gambling away essentially his entire life on one spin of a roulette wheel. 

Can you imagine ever doing this? Let alone in front of a TV crew relaying the footage to millions across the world? Ashley Revell was a brave man to do this, you really cannot argue with that, and luckily enough for him he actually ended up winning too. You would do well to find any crazier bets made in casinos over the years, in fact several Las Vegas casinos turned down Ashley Revell’s bet before he could even make it. Many gamblers would have kept wagering after a win of that size, however Ashley Revell hasn’t even gambled since. Good on him! 

William Lee Bergstrom 

Every so often a gambler becomes famous in Las Vegas because of a blatant disregard for typically sized bets, bringing new meaning to the word “high roller”. Well, William Lee Bergstrom is probably the most famous one of these people even today, as his bets were often so large that he had to bring a suitcase full of cash to the casino with him. This actually earned him the nickname The Suitcase Man and also Phantom Gambler, testimony to the utterly outrageous bets he was known to make back in the 20th century. 

William Lee Bergstrom first announced himself on the Las Vegas casino gambling stage when he placed a ridiculous $777,000 bet at the Horseshoe Casino – the largest casino bet ever recorded at the time, and a whole 2.5 million dollars in today’s money. Bergstrom won it of course, and this kick-started his reputation as a fearless high roller. Many years later, however, he lost a million dollar bet that also ruined his life.

Out Shop Cancer - More than 100 stores participating including the Wythburn Art Walk


Raffles ending at 7pm SLT on October 15:
Shopping Spree Raffle #1 - valued at over L$15,000 - tickets L$100 each
Animesh baby girl from Suki baby - valued at L$4,500 - tickets L$100 each
1968 Custom Nova from Taz's Customs - valued at approximately L$1,900 - tickets L$65 each

Next round of raffles will start Friday, October 16

Shopping Spree Raffle #2 - valued at over L$15,000 - tickets L$100 each, drawing held on Oct 31st at 7pm SLT
Animesh baby boy from Suki Baby - valued at L$4,500 - tickets L$100 each, drawing will be held Oct 31st at 7pm SLT

Other raffles that will start on or around Oct 16 are:
2019 Demon SRT from Bad Bunny's Custom
2 sets of KittyCat pairs
For Bloodlines - a Lumen tank and a blood cask

Special events:

Meet the Artists
Saturday, Oct 17 &  Oct 24
Wythburn Art Walk
Music provided by DJ Filo Tani
10am - 12pm slt
Out Shop Cancer @ Heathens Court Event
October 15 - 31
Heathens Court Event is partnering with Out Shop Cancer for their October 2020 round There are more than 30 participating merchants (some are also regular Out Shop Cancer merchants who are also participating at their main store or marketplace stores)

Grand opening party on Thursday, October 15 from 12pm - 8pm slt
Entertainment schedule:

12pm DJ Jennylynn
3pm DJ Anubis
5pm DJ Gem
6pm DJ Clark Kent

Also, make sure to check out the raffles that will be going on at Heathens Court as well, including:

~ OOAK Custom Truck
~ L$1,000 Stychwytch Designs Gift Card
~ L$1,100 Blueberry Gift Card
~ L$1,000 KC Couture Gift Card

Plus random prizes throughout the grand opening party.

Heathens Court SLurl

Friday, October 9, 2020

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday October 10th at noon SLT


GeekSpeak – Should we seed life on other planets?

Should we take life to other planets?  Should we design and create lifeforms suited to conditions away from Earth?  Should we replace the life on other planets with life that is useful to us?  If a planet is lifeless should we take life there?  The newly discovered underground lakes on Mars might provide the first opportunity for seeding life.  And maybe some people will think it is our duty to spread life around the universe.

 If you were to design lifeforms what would you design?  Inflatable birds on Mars where ordinary birds could not fly?  Plants that move around like animals?  Animals that photosynthesize like plants?  Green cows and sheep?

Or is the whole idea foolish, even dangerous?  The animals we design may evolve to become our rivals, even our predators.  What will happen if we fill the universe with life?  Will we be worshipped as gods?  Or will we become food for a stronger species from far away? 

Come and discuss the biological future of the universe.  Bring a time machine and your friends.

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.



One of the really neat things about SecondLife is that it caters to a truly international group of residents. People who live thousands of miles apart in the Real World, can come within a pixel’s distance of each other at the click of a mouse.  Different people from all over the globe can get together in coffee shop or a bar in SecondLife, and discuss the world’s problems.  While these eclectic groups of individuals may rarely solve any of the world problems, at least they are willing to shed light on the most contentious of issues. Take the issue of animal sounds, for instance….
I was hanging out at Fogbound the other day with a group of my friends, and in walks a drop-dead gorgeous friend of ours.

“Woof Woof” John said as she approached. 
“And what does THAT mean” she asked?
“Oh, That’s the sound a dog makes.”, John replied. “I was barking in delight at seeing you”.
“You are silly AND mistaken” my French friend said.  “Dogs don’t sound like that.  Dogs say ‘Ouah Ouah’”
At that point, my Hebrew pal spoke up and said “You are BOTH mistaken.  Dogs don’t sound like either of those.  A Dog says ‘Hab Hab’”.

My Japanese friend chimed in with “I don’t know where you get your information, but dogs don’t sound like any of those. Dogs sound like ‘Wan Wan”, pigs say ‘Bu’ and ducks say ‘Ga-Ga’.  Have you never been to a farm before?

Then a Bulgarian, certain we were joking said “You must be pulling of the leg.  Everyone knows pigs say ‘Gruh Gruh’, ducks say ‘Kvak’ and the noble turkey says ‘Biyi Biyi’.
Then it hit me.  I needed to do an article on how animal sounds are perceived around the world. 

My first stop was at the Dr. Doolittle Center for Animal Linguistics. It was there I learned that while animals may not actually MAKE different sounds (allowing for regional dialects of course), the people near them may HEAR different sounds.
Then came the HOURS of painstaking research, hanging out in some of the seediest bars and shopping malls all across the grid, scanning profiles in the hopes of stumbling upon non-native English speakers who would be willing to complete my “Sounds of the Barnyard” survey.  The chart below summarizes my findings. (click on the table to enlarge)

So then, after exhaustive research, we can tell a couple of things from the information gathered.
First off, individuals who speak a common language, often assign the same sound to our animal friends.  Note how, despite being separated by thousands and thousands of miles, Americans, Britts, and Australians all have the same spelling for the sounds made by all f the barnyard animals.
Second, of all the animals listed and the various sounds they make, most people surveyed agreed on a common set of sounds for the humble Cow and the noteworthy Cat. It is pretty universally accepted that Cows say “Mooo”, and Cats say “Meow”. 

The repercussions of this are significant.  It means that wherever you go in the world, whatever the native language for that area, you will already know TWO words in that language.  Use these two words proudly and often, as it will help identify you as a “Global citizen”.  Locals will be impressed that you have taken the time to study and learn some of the local languages.

Just Do it.  You’ll be glad you did.
Aloha - JB

Contributors to this story included:
Amanda Szczepanski – Norwegian
Belladarkside resident – French Canadian
Meilssa212212 – Spanish
Aylla Baldwin – Afrikaans
Rose Krimau – Catalan
Saskia Silverweb – British English
Mara Missmara – Hungarian
Tanya (maratana) – Dutch
Narelle Brenner – Australian English
Vickster Kuhn – German
PanteraPolnocy – Polish
Paterne Lefavre – French
Nikolina Bulloch – Bulgarian
Akiko Yuki – Japanese

Monday, October 5, 2020

Choosing the best UK Casino

Choosing the best UK Casino 

When it comes to choosing the best UK casino, there are a few things which must be taken into consideration to help inform this decision. What kinds of casino games are there? Is there a good range of casino games? One kind of roulette, or more roulette options? 

Indeed, by choosing the best Slots UK casino you can be sure that you have the best gaming experience you can get, so it makes sense it’s a priority. However, choosing the best UK casino isn’t always an easy task - because there are a lot of good choices out there. How do we whittle it all down?

Prioritise Casino Games 

There are some casino games which you’ll have more of an interest in playing over others. It makes sense - we all have preferences in almost everything we do, down to the kind of toothpaste we use. Why should casino games be any different? One way of choosing the best UK casino is by choosing games. 

Once you have decided which casino games you want to prioritize, there’s more work to do yet. Find an online casino which specializes in offering those kinds of casino games to ensure you get the best experience your money can buy. After all, enjoying the game you’re gambling with is all part of the fun. 

Find a good Casino with Bonuses 

There’s another way you can be sure you get the best value for money, and that’s by finding a good casino with bonuses. Especially when you’re choosing the best UK casino, the only way to get good value for money is with the bonuses as a new joiner with a new welcome offer. 

As a new member to the online casino of your choosing, you’re entitled to any new welcome offer that online casino has on offer simply for signing up. That’s what you call maximum impact for minimal effort, and it’s worth going for if you want to make the most of your gambling experience. 

Find a Casino with the Best Software Providers 

From Microgaming to NetEnt to Yggdrasil, there are many big players in the online casino sphere now which are among the best software providers in the world. Many online casino sites will display the software providers of their games, so you can easily see which offer casino games from the leading providers.

By choosing the best UK casino with the software providers in mind, you’ll be sure to get the best games on offer by any online casino. This means the best gaming experience too. While it is a hard call to make, just check out any developer and see what games they’ve got- a good place to start is with their newest releases. 

The Conclusion to Choosing the best UK Casino 

So, when you’re choosing the best UK casino, these are the three pillars you should look out for when you’re forming a decision. Prioritize the games, bonuses and software providers and you can’t go wrong in finding the online casino that’s right for you. Why not head online now and see what you can find?

Saturday, October 3, 2020



Cooper's Coffeehouse has just completed an extensive renovation, spending more than three weeks and 20,000$L to totally revamp the building, interior decor, and even the logo and menu of food and beverages.
To celebrate their reopening, they are giving away a 100$L cash prize for filling out a suggestion/comment  card until November 1st. Additionally, there is a 250$L cash raffle that is free to enter, that drawing takes place on October 15th.
The coffeehouse is a non-profit non-commercial establishment that seeks to brighten up the day to day lives of Second Life residents with a realistic café environment and welcoming atmosphere. This is a welcome change of pace for many from the various clubs and adult areas on Second Life. The café  boasts a "safe space" policy - welcoming all avatars including families and non-humans.
Immediately upon entering the coffeehouse you are greeted by inviting and comfortable looking furniture surrounding a warm crackling fireplace. There are floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the patio and on to the stunning lake outside. The café counter features more than twenty featured drinks, both for drinking inside in a mug or to take it with you in a “to go” style travel cup. If you don't see your drink on the menu, put a note in the suggestion box and they will make it for you! There are also dozens of food items. All of this is provided free of charge.
There are plenty of other activities at Cooper’s Coffeehouse: a game area with board games and playable pool, a “werk” space featuring a conference area and computers, and a small reading nook filled with both RL and SL literature. Stepping outside on to the giant deck, there is plenty of gorgeous seating, a 7Seas fishing area, a cozy outdoor stage, and to wrap it all up a warm crackling bonfire with Adirondack chairs spaced around it right on the water – perfect for those crisp fall nights with friends or loved ones.
The coffeehouse hosts a variety of activities including live music, bingo, a weekly $L cash raffle, and more! They even allow you to host events here – free of charge. Yup, even weddings.
All in all, Cooper’s Coffeehouse is an amazing and gorgeous space to bring your family, have a date night,  meet up with friends, or make some new ones! You won't regret visiting!

SL Group: secondlife:///app/group/1376cda3-e960-1c7a-6b3d-1c1f0e33117f/about

Schedule of Performances for Week of October 4 at Steele's Pointe


Tuesday, October 6

International Day
The Pointe Ballroom

12:00 pm  Lisa Brune - France
 3:00  pm  Hogan Baily -  USA
 4:00 pm  Edian Tey - Mexico
 5:00 pm  Agatha Martin - Brazil
 6:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger - Indonesian

Wednesday, October 7

PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue

4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Djembe Dragonfire
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, October 8

PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue

10:00 am  Remy Farman
 4:00  pm  Holly Giles
 5:00  pm  Aaron Cabott Jones
 6:00  pm  Wolfie Moonshadow
 7:00  pm to 9:00 pm  A Double Shot of Wayne Davis

Friday, October 9

PETRA's ~ A Live Music Venue

2:00 pm  Max Kleene
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  Annette Cifuentes
5:00 pm  Savannah Rain
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas
8:00 pm  Voodoo Shilton
9:00 pm  Funky Freddy Republic

Friday, October 2, 2020

What REALLY makes the world go around? GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 3rd October at noon SLT

 GeekSpeak – What REALLY makes the world go around?

We tend to think we know how the world works, but do we?  Does anyone really understand it?  What does the world run on?

We are used to the picture of the world running on oil, but that has only been true for the last century or so.  Before that, maybe it was the possession of fertile land.  What will be the next thing that makes the world work?  Resources?  Energy? 

Come to GeekSpeak and discuss macroeconomics and who or what really runs the planet.  And let’s learn a thing or two about the shady background to the world in which we are all trying to make our living.  Bring your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium at 1pm SLT, if you have ideas for new subjects.

2020 Out Shop Cancer Now Open


October 1 to October 31, 2020

An American Cancer Society in SL Strides Campaign Fundraising Event

It is time to grab your L$ and start shopping for a cause! The 3rd annual Out Shop Cancer event returns to Second Life featuring more merchants and more ways for residents to support Making Strides and the American Cancer Society.

Since 2018, Out Shop Cancer has been a grid-wide shopping event that brought residents to participating merchant stores. Merchants designate specific items that will be sold as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services. Each year has seen an increase in the number of merchants and designers joining the fight against breast cancer.

Continuing for the 2020 season is Out Shop Cancer: Marketplace. This allows designers without in-world locations to take part as well!

And brand new for this year we have partnered with the Heathens Court Event, which includes more than 20 additional shopping opportunities to support Making Strides all in one location.
But there’s still more! Also for the 2020 Out Shop Cancer event we have the Wythburn Art Walk with over 20 participating artists, hosted by Sethos Wythburn of Wythburn Fine Furniture. Residents are invited to stroll or ride the paths from the village that lead up to the Raven Craig Art Center. The path is lined with art for sale.

Additionally, there have been special items donated to be raffled during the month. These include two Mega Shopping Spree Raffles each valued over L$15,000, a girl animesh baby and a boy animesh baby from Suki Baby, a custom 1968 Nova from Taz’s Customs, a 2019 Demon SRT from Bad Bunny’s Customs and more.

A full Store directory including some Marketplace specials, full details about the Wythburn Art Walk and other highlights are available at or you can pick up a notecard listing in-world of participating locations and to check out the current raffles at the Out Shop Cancer office here,

Further information please contact Sandie Loxingly & SavannahRaye



Grap your diary! LUXE Paris and One On One Agency are presenting INTERSTELLAR, a super fashion show that will take place on October 11th, 9 AM SLT, and where are the guests will receive a beautiful mink coat as a gift!

Yes it is THE fashion rendez-vous of the year and no, it is not a futuristic collection. The name INTERSTELLAR here refers to the poetry of stars and distant planets which inspired the LUXE Paris fall 2020 collection.

''As planet earth battles COVID-19 and chaos, we have decided to look to the stars, imagining them as so many little glimmers of hope that watch over our capsizing world''. explain Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, LUXE Paris designers and co-owners.

This vision translates into a collection with soft and reassuring colors but also with shocking, destabilizing effects, combinations of unprecedented shades and surprising amalgamations.
Dress, gowns, pants, swimwear, furs... LUXE Paris INTERSTELLAR explores all facets of fashion with that wonderful aura of chic and class that has made the reputation of the brand.

But if the fashion presented will be faithful to the image of the refined elegance so dear to LUXE Paris and eminently wearable, the show will certainly transport us to another world. It is in the heart of a night filled with stars that the One On One Agency will welcome us, exploding the classic concept of the fashion show with delicious poetry that borders on magic!

Arrive early as places are limited and the event is highly anticipated.
Navigate your spaceship to the LUXE Paris INTERSTELLAR galaxy  at 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Haunted Hollow: an All Hallows Experience opens in SL


Haunted Hollow features stories, music, live trick or treat, and a quarter region of fun to explore., presented by Elite Equestrian and Seanchai Library, October 1 - 31 on the Isle of Joy in Second Life.

 "Once Upon a Time there was an Enchanted Hollow somewhere between the Hudson River Valley and the land of the Brothers Grimm. It was here, under the glow of the Hunter's Moon, that the tales gathered. They settled in as cooling breezes whirled the falling leaves, nestling between the autumnal heights and that place where the brook waters blend with the salty sea. Mind your step! In the centuries between this moment and when these stories were born, some few of them may have begun to twist, just a very little."

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Join us Wednesday at Whole Brain Health as we discussion topics on Relationships.


Topics vary from week to week
Relationships in Second Life can be confusing and painful...or they can bring new joy and meaning into our lives.  Come join us for discussions about relationships in Second Life and beyond.

Date & Time: Wednesday 12 PM *Noon SLT
Location: Whole Brain Health
Facilitator: Pet Karu

THE SESSIONS ARE IN VOICE SO PLEASE ENABLE VOICE SO YOU CAN HEAR.  I hope to see your friendly faces among the gathering.

Here's your Uber: 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Paul Nowles Entertainer Extraordinaire - ORION BARAL REPORTING


Music means so many things to so many people. You can not ask two people and get the same answer. That is one thing that I truly love about getting to meet people in the music industry in Second Life. Hearing their journey and able to bring it to you, the readers so you can learn more about these great performers. 

Orion Baral (OB): How did you discover Second Life and get involved in the music scene? 

Paul Nowles (PN): I remember seeing ads for second life in an Omni Magazine - yes I am that old and that geeky. I must have watched Lawnmowerman about 100 times since it came out and I was always fascinated by the idea of experiencing a virtual world. I read  a scifi story once that actually described living in SL to perfection, right down to a virtual person walking into a virtual music venue - long before SL even existed. And it hit me, even then, that you could meet people from everywhere. A world outside the world. I signed up for Secondlife and bounced around for a few months and then finally caught a live performer singing and playing guitar...So in a previous incarnation I started a venue. And hired some good performers. I did that until it imploded. Then I found McCoy's Island. I created my Paul Nowles avatar and auditioned. Fell in with the right people at Sunshine Daydream and the Whiskey Go-round and the rest... is proverbial history...:P)

OB: How long have you been performing in RL and in SL?

PN: Since Kindergarten... truly.. I was singing "Raindrops keep falling on my head" and knew all the words. My teacher was so impressed I knew the whole song she took me around to perform it to all the classrooms in my school. As I got older, I didn't like school much and started gravitating to the choir room (to hideout). I started singing with the choir. Then my mother had this "brilliant" idea that my cousin and I should join The Singing Angels... It was a very big choir group that performed nationally and worldwide. Bob Hope (who is from Cleveland) used to have them perform the closing of his Christmas TV specials. I never got to meet Bob, never went to Japan, but it was the best vocal training that you could get in those days.

Then I turned thirteen, and discovered sex and rock-N-roll- I quit the Singing Angels, holed up in my parent's garage for an entire summer, and learned to play a piece of wood with six metal strings... that literally was my first guitar.  Then my parents got me a better guitar - and a headphone amp... (for their own sanity).

Played in junior high and high school bands, apprenticed in a home recording studio, started playing in local bars at sixteen with bands twice my age - and never got busted for being at the bar... we all had long hair back then so it was sometimes hard to tell age...
Took a ten-year break from music and recording, then I discovered that recording had gone digital. I still have my old 16 track Fostex B16 reel to reel with the 1/2 inch tape... geek - told you… I was amazed at how much you could manipulate sound on a computer. So I started playing again.
SL I've been singing for the last 11 years. So all told, I've been performing for like 1/2 a cen... can we move on to the next question? :)

OB: What Genre of music do you cover?

PN: Classic Rock - which is the music I think most of us grew up with. 
Bob Seger, Bon Jovi, Journey, Warren Zevon, etc..
Johnny Cash - Hurt - is actually written by Trent Reznor and is bone chilling
with that deep resonant voice.
But lately, I have been featuring music from Cleveland and New Jersey - 
local acts like Michael Stanley Band, Beau Coup, American Noise, Circus, Jonah Koslen... 
These are the bands I heard in the bars and had the biggest influence over my musical tastes.
And I am looking at expanding into doing the Blues as well.

OB: Do you write your own music?

PN: I started writing when I was 13 and playing guitar. I've written at least two dozen
songs over the years and redid a few as an adult in the studio and perform them here in SL.
I like big sounding tracks to sing with so there is full instrumentation on all my studio tracks.
I also have the honor of having co-written a song with my awesomely talented friend PMann Sands. He graciously asked me to work on a song he was writing and had the music but needed lyrics and vocal parts and his only stipulation were that it be called "Believe What you Want". So I went into the studio and created the best lyrics I could for the song and added a sax solo to it (guitar synth), and we both are the proud copyright holders. Video on Youtube of the Facebook video stream.

OB: What instruments do you play?
PN: Mostly guitar, but a little drums, keyboards, and bass. These days I can do an entire song with my guitar synth for all the parts, hence my main instrument is... the computer and my recording software. These days you can make music by pushing a button (although there is more to it). But to make it sound real, you have to understand the actual instruments and the techniques used to make them sound so good. I love sampling and making music with sounds that may not have started as being musical, boxes with a lot of bass on them can make for a tight sounding kick drum, grease sizzling can make for a great high hat sound
with the right effects... I experiment. I love my looper too, great songwriting tool for making quick multitrack sounding clips.

OB: How often do you perform in Second Life?

PN: I recall a time when I would do seven shows on a Sunday. Then my voice would give out. James Brown is the hardest working man in showbiz, I almost qualified for the virtual But nowadays you can usually find me singing somewhere about 4-5 times a week.

OB: Tell me what music means to you?

PN: Insert something very spiritual and humbling... but don't try to come off sounding altruistic. Lol. I will say that it is the one thing that makes me feel exhilarated and for that one moment it's the only thing that matters... and I love sharing that with a room full of friends. 
I don't give shows, I put on parties - and you are all invited.

OB: Which musician influenced you to start playing music?

PN: Freddie Mercury and Brian May... Queen - first album was Queen - A Night at the Opera 
Tom Scholz - Boston - a brilliant man who created the Rockman headphone amp which
recreated that unique Boston guitar sound. And loved the music they made with it.

OB: Where do you see yourself heading into the future with your music?

PN: I'd love to say "the album is coming out..." or "the tour is starting..."
but it ain't happening. Right now I have the best gig you could ask for, 
no lugging heavy gear to do a show, my avie is always dressed like a rocker
so I may be in my shorts and a t-shirt, and I get to sing 4-5 times a week... RL
could be once a month or once every six months. Don't get me wrong if 
Jon Bon Jovi or Michael Stanley asked me to tour with them, I'm there.. ya never know.
I do have plans to write more songs so there may be an album in the works...

OB: For bookings who can your fans or Venue owners contact?

PN: Myself or my lovely wife Cheyanne Sinatra - former owner of the awesome Blues Warehouse venue. Where we met:)

OB: Paul thank you for the time and insight behind the man and his music. 
Being a boy from Jersey I am really fond of Paul’s music and I am sure if you come to one of his “parties” you will enjoy yourself I am sure. 

Images credited to Kenneth Topaz - Topaz Photography


Tuesday, September 22, 2020



You are cordially invited to a pajama Party in Lanai's Bedroom sponsored by The SL Enquirer! Located above CLUB LANAI.

With all the Karens, Davids and drama happening in the world today., we all need to catch a damn break!

Let's take it back to a time when we were young and carefree. Not quite a kid but not yet an adult with responsibilities and daily stresses.  The worst thing that could possibly happen is a bad hair day or a break out right before picture day. Oh how we yearn for those days again...No adult supervision and lots of wild and crazy Avies just having a carefree fun time until the cops show up!

Were you the goodie two shoes or the wild rebel?  Let your inner teen come out while we mix and mingle amongst friends. 

Sleepover Drop offs are at 12pm SLT and pick up is at 4pm SLT

Come in your most favorite pj's and bring a friend!

DJ Unknown... Got skills? hit the turntables!

See you there!



The Lindens Are Coming! The Lindens Are Coming! To The 2020 SL Renaissance Festival

The Lindens are Coming to the 2020 SL Renaissance Festival! They bring fabulous booty from foreign shores and are challenging the Champions of the Medieval Realms to a Tournament!
The SL Renaissance Festival unites Medieval Role Play Communities to Crusade Against Breast Cancer. The 10 Day event in support of the American Cancer Society Strides Campaigns in Second Life kicks off September 25th and will feature Merchants, Gatchas, Auctions and Entertainment. Spreading over 6 beautiful autumn regions the, Festival fills the countryside with Castles and Shoppes and Fields of Honor.
Spies of the Realm have learned that the Lindens will be taking part in the Festival and will be bringing some very special treasures of immense Value.   Some of the Lindens have been sentenced to be Pilloried for their misbehavior during their journey to the Festival.  They will serve their sentences on Friday October 2 from 1 to 3 pm.
Among the mischievous members are:
•    Patch Linden
•    Derrick Linden
•    Constantine Linden
•    Abnor Mole
•    Madori Linden
•    Whitney Linden
It has also been communicated to the united Realms that the Lindens have dropped the Gauntlet and are challenging all members of the Realms of the Festival to a Joust, The event, to be held on Thursday October 1, noon until 3 pm, will feature:
•    Sir Patch Linden
•    Sir Derek Linden
•    Sir Constantine Linden
•    Sir Guy Linden
They challenge all comers and promise this will be the most unique tournament in the annals of Second Life
Lastly it has been learned that the Lindens are bringing a very special treasure, The One Of A Kind American Cancer Society SWORD OF HOPE and the LINDEN SHEILD, to be auctioned to the Highest Bidder on Sunday October 4th at 10am. The swordsmiths and armorers of Linden Lab have created these unique One Of A Kind arms from the most precious of metallic textures available in the virtual worlds.
With so much to do and see the SL Renaissance Festival is sure to be the biggest virtual event of Autumn, Join us, September 25 through October 4th and help the American Cancer Society vanquish Breast Cancer.

For more information please visit
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the largest network of breast cancer events in the nation. Strides unites communities in the fight against this deadly disease and helps to raise money to help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking breast cancer research and provide patient services like free rides to chemo, free places to stay near treatment, and a live 24/7 cancer helpline.
If you or a loved one has questions or needs help with a breast cancer diagnosis call the American Cancer Society 800 227-2345 visit or the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.

CONTACT: Nuala Maracas, Festival Director