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Monday, October 22, 2018

Second Life Do's and Don'ts - Seersha Heart reporting

I was having a conversation with someone new to SL recently.  She asked me why most of the material she pulled up via google was so dated.  I looked at some of her inquires and found out that much of the “how to get started” and basic etiquette of SL isn’t very recent.  In this article I have combined resources and asked my Facebook friends to help.  Thank you to those who offered suggestions of dos and don’ts.

Number one rule in SL; do not call SL a game.  It feels like a MMO, but it is like other social media.  There are no goals, no leaderboards it is a place to meet people or to create.  Go ahead and ask people in local sometime if SL is a game.  I guarantee a flurry of answers and opinions.  Every person in SL has an opinion on the topic of describing SL as a game.

Another basic rule to remember that immersion into the virtual grid is still a virtual experience.  You control your experience whether it is good, or it is not good.  If you don’t like a situation, you can always teleport out, turn off your computer; you are never ever someone’s prisoner unless you choose to be.   Even RLV* residents may power off, the ultimate control.  You may log into any location you wish.  If you left a bad area, relog at home or at a region of your choice.  I continue to hear stories from longtime residents who complain about their experiences in SL.  I complain about situations in sl to my friends and sometimes a stranger or two.  However, after some good old fashion whining it is time to take control of your sl life.

Here are some of the definite dos and don’ts I have written down to share.  We were all sl newbies at one time.  Reading these may remind you of your own experiences and make you cringe.

Let people know who your SL self is by customizing your profile and keep it current.  “Perving” profiles are a good way to make sure your profile is as you like it best.  Also Perving profiles is fun.
Try to glance at profiles before or while you are talking to someone.  This will give you their clues on what they enjoy in SL.
Learn some basic building skills such as how to rez a prim and to move an object.
Don’t beg for Lindens; there are ways to get some L inworld such as fishing.  There are also jobs inworld such as hosting for a DJ.
Don’t RLV if you don’t know what RLV means to your avatar.  Several CARP SIMs [Capture And Role Play] exist and you would be wise to avoid them unless you understand what may happen to you when you visit one of those SIMs.
There is a lot of free stuff.  The locations change but you can always ask around or use the SL search.

“Never play people! Sure, they're avatars... they're behind a computer screen halfway around the world... etc etc.
But, they're real people, real feelings, real reactions. Treat them as such”   - Harper

Don’t be offended if someone you IM doesn’t respond.  They may already be in a conversation, or AFK or perhaps they don’t want to talk to new people.  It isn’t you so don’t dwell on it and move on to someone who wants to talk to you.
Don’t immediately send a friend request.  It is much politer to ask before friending someone.  It is also general practice to say thank you whether you sent the request, or the other person did.
Don’t be offended if someone you don’t really know unfriends you the next day.  This happens because if you ask someone “may I friend you” it is easier to say yes than to say no to a direct request.
Don’t be surprised if the female avatar you really fancy turns out to be played by a man (or the male avatar you fancy turns out to be played by a woman).
Don’t Demand Anything; voice, RL information.  You reveal what you wish on your profile or in interactions.  Just because you are comfortable discussing your RL or using voice don’t use that as a reason to demand those of other people.
Don’t forget that people can see where your cam unless you change your preferences.  Yes, men look up women’s skirts so wear underwear or a smile. 
Always walk around other avatars not through them.  Much as you would in RL.  You wouldn’t walk “through” someone at the mall.
Always move off a landing point...even if you haven’t rezzed.  Move to the side, get out of the way of the next person.

Some Notes on Nudity & Sex
Don’t go to G or M SIMs naked.  If you have trouble dressing, stay on Adult SIMs.  I know one attention seeking avi who never wears clothing but insists on visiting G and M SIMs.  This is just uncool and a form of griefing.
Don’t wear a Frenis; no none of them look good.  [ Free + Penis = Frenis] It doesn’t matter if the description says it is a good penis.  In sexual attachments you get what you pay for.  Frenis is a big running gag in world but you can find them any day.  Stop by OrGaSms, usually someone wearing one at that SIM.
Don’t send dick pics.  No one ever wants a texture of your RL penis or your SL penis.  Period.
Don’t use the pose balls you find in someone else’s home.  This is a big deal infringement for many people.  There are plenty of places with a lot of pose balls.  Go use those.
Don’t bug every female [or male] you meet for sex.  No doesn’t mean she wants to be persuaded it means NO.  And to the woman harassed this is a good time to TP away.
DO use CTRL ATL T to see if anyone is wearing a penis or other object and hiding it.  You will be surprised the first few times.

“There is no real privacy in SL, remember that”…. Inch Sideways

Land is a sacred place for most residents.  They choose who and when they interact with others while on their own land so:
Don’t be offended if you are ejected from someone’s land.
Don’t expect someone to engage in a conversation with you while they are on their land

Emptying your trash will take something out of your inventory F O R E V E R.
Name your inventory pictures something meaningful to you so you know what they are later.
Ask around for hints on how to best organize your inventory, no one has an easy time with this task.  There is no one perfect answer.

Know your resources
Learn the preferences on your viewer or ask a friend for help.  Control your experience.
Don’t forget you can show pictures for free on your feed at
SL doesn’t end on the grid, we have bloggers, photographers, Facebook accounts and so on
Clothing and getting dressed; Never use “wear” always use “add”
Don’t let your groups get out of control; turn off notifications you don’t want to see.

A big don’t is age play.  While most understand this to be no sexual situations with child avis; many don’t understand what constitutes a child avi.  Some SIMs specific height, others may have a no child avi sign.  Generally speaking if your human avi is under 1.8m it will be considered a child by most.  If you want a short avi, be prepared to be reported a child avi in sexual situations.  Disclaimers in profiles are not a shield for this highly inappropriate behavior.  Don’t bother putting that you are “18 years old” if your avi is a child.  Readers if you witness age play please report it immediately.  If you click on the offending avi, you can report your suspicions to LL.  LL receives a picture, the location and all the details.  If you wonder if you should report it, the answer is yes.  LL is the one to investigate and make proper determinations.

Let’s talk about griefing.  Griefer activities take many varied forms.  The simplest definition is a resident who is in sl to disrupt or disturb others for their enjoyment.  There are groups that some residents belong to, so they make discuss griefing.  Most are familiar with “Classic Griefers” whose characteristics are:
Disturb others without physical contact:
abusing the message system, spamming advertisements, and similar
sexual messages or inappropriate dress on G or M SIMs
The offending avi will push against you, bump you
Attacking land parcels or abusing protected areas with
Particles, sound or unwanted object

DO avoid “flatterbots”, “copybots”, ignore and block any avatar you suspect to not have a real person behind it.
Some residents take griefing to a higher and disturbing level.  They call themselves terrorists.  This group targets resources such as increasing lags, blocking traffic or use of replicants.  This group of individuals spend all their time griefing while developing new ways to disrupt the peace.  For more information on thefting scripts read this great article “Theft and Fraud in Second Life – Scripts that Steal – Dean Lawson reporting”

If you are concerned, reach out for some fantastic resources on how to best handle griefers.  Free on SL Marketplace you can find GreenZone HYPERLINK "" HUD for $0L.  This is designed to aid you and protect your privacy in SL from griefers.

The dos and don’ts in SL are ever changing like the landscape of all SL.  Remember at the end of the day it is always, your SL.
“Just don’t be a d**k”  - ChipaquamanGriefers are a small group of SL residents.  Most residents are thoughtful wonderful human beings pursuing their interests peacefully.  Griefers frequent particularly vulnerable areas and vulnerable people [such as newbies].

Saturday, October 20, 2018


The 3rd Annual Scare Me Silly event returns in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! This event, is the first fundraising event for Team Diabetes of Second Life and features two hunts, live performers, dj’s, an art show, shopping, and lots of tricks and treats!

Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. The mission of Team Diabetes of Second Life is to raise awareness, tolerance, and funds for diabetes in the virtual world of Second Life. According to the World Health Organization (2016): 422 million adults in the world have diabetes and 1.5 million deaths are directly attributed to diabetes each year.

Participating merchants include: oYo Breedables ,RP  Roped Passions , Couture Chapeau , SK Kiva Studios Boutique, Xpllicit Designs , Firelight, Spyaralle, Team Diabetes of SL Merchandise Store, Park Place Home, Pixelancer, Esoterica Threads Clothing , Redangel Designs, LC Fashion, Closer to the Heart Creations , Fjordian Slip, BRYNE, Rush Love Your Look, Tayren's Fantasy Fashions , Feyline Fashions , MMP Muircastle Motors & Parts, Stone Soup, De Baza, Twitchy's Dragonsmeld, GypsyRose Botanical, The Chrone's Garden, Mara's Mysteries , TRS Designs , Just Ordinary, Bento Alive , Khargo Halloween, Cosmos Boutique, Lunar Seasonal Designs, Chiffon, Tylar's Treasures, @AdReNaLiZeD@, Kushi Textures & Mesh, *DBS* Designs By Soosy, Littlefangs, POM, Kittycat's Creations , Sweet E's Designs, Image Essentials, Fae Fantasy Creations, Roosters n cHix, The Art of Talitha Alice, The Pumpkin Head, & Halloween Delights.

Participating artists include: Bellissa Dion, Eucalyptus Carroll, Glasz DeCuir, Eleseren Brianna,  ilyra chardin, talligurl, Kapaan, Neoma Vasilia, Myra Wildmist, Jamee Sandalwood, Sheba  Blitz, HADIYA DRAPER, Ladmilla, Marcel Mosswood, Veruca Tammas, & IsarValdetaro Resident.

About The American Diabetes Association:
The American Diabetes Association’s mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The American Diabetes Association leads the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fights for those affected by diabetes by funding research to prevent, cure, and manage diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association delivers services to hundreds of communities and provides objective and credible information and resources about diabetes.

Free resources are available in English and Spanish at and 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2382).

For More Information:
Team Diabetes of Second Life’s Website:

American Diabetes Association Page:

International Diabetes Federation Page:

Frankenstein Event

On Sunday, October 21st at 2pm slt, Fantasy Faire Radio and Seanchai Library will present Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, specially adapted for radio and live performance in six voices, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the novel's original publication. The two-hour performance will take place live at this year's iteration of "Haunted Holly Kai" high above the Blake Sea based Art Park, and will benefit Relay for Life.

GeekSpeak – can we prevent or survive climate change? Join the Discussion Saturday, Oct 20th at 12pm SLT

According to the IPCC (the intergovernmental panel on climate change) the next 12 years will determine our fate on our beloved Earth.  Will we completely change our ways and go green on a massive scale?  Or will we all perish in a series of cataclysmic events that will destroy everything we have taken for granted for so long?

If we do survive how will we have to change?  Will life in that future world be worth living at all?  Or do you think we cannot change and our generation is one of the last left on this pale blue dot?

Or do you think the threat of climate change is not serious, that it is all driven by panic (or maybe politics) and we can continue living as we do now?

Come and discuss climate change before it is too late.  Bring a rubber boat.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, October 19, 2018

"Frankenstein" Comes to Holly Kai Park

On Sunday, October 21st at 2pm slt, Fantasy Faire Radio and Seanchai Library will present Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, specially adapted for radio and live performance in six voices, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the novel's original publication.  The two-hour performance will take place live at this year's iteration of "Haunted Holly Kai" high above the Blake Sea based Art Park, and will benefit Relay for Life.

Da5id Abbot, Corwyn Allen, Zander Greene, Shandon Loring, Elrik Merlin, and Caledonia Skytower will come together to present the script adapted by Skytower and Abbot from Shelley's original novel.  The performance, running just under two hours, will be live on stream at "Haunted Holly Kai: featuring Frankenstein" and simultaneously broadcast on Fantasy Faire Radio. Residents can teleport to the performance from the Park's Information Center.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bray’s Place: Blues without bias – Randi Reporting

A new blues club community is drawing a dedicated following by blending a blues soundtrack with a commitment to kindness and inclusiveness.
Bray’s Place – Bray’s Blues Club and Social Community – is not yet eight months old but its traffic runs between 12,000 and 15,000 and is growing steadily. The 33 homes that surround the club filled up quickly after the community’s February opening and occupancy has stayed high, with only 5 home sites available last week. And group members, known as the Brayniacs, have grown to 1,127 from the 400-member fan group of DJ Bray Preston Rising, who urged Bray to open her own club.
“The Brayniac community asked me to open a place for us,” says Bray, who DJ’d previously at blues clubs like Fogbound and Toby’s. “My hope and desire was (and is) to have a place that is more community than ‘club.’ A place where people feel connected socially and emotionally.”
Her fans say she’s done exactly that, and the presence of many regulars attests to her success.
“Bray spent years working for other clubs, trying to make them better,” said one regular, budthud Resident. “When she decided to open her own place, people flocked to it, knowing she would do it right.”
“Doing it right” has meant 10 music sets a day from a cadre of 48 DJs supported by 38 hosts. Focused mainly on the blues, some shows mix in genres from Latin. Reggae, Oldies, Rock, Celtic, Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Country, Bollywood and Gypsy.
The venue has created a variety of inviting public spaces, including:  a rustic, sky-lit dance hall (with a cozy but underused loft), a serene meadow that is sometimes used for music sets but otherwise just for finding peace, a performance “dock” facing a beach, and a 24-hour game room with a free photo studio. These are surrounded by 33 home sites landscaped for seclusion despite being puzzle-pieced together.
“I became a member @ Bray's because I enjoy the well-designed 'Public' areas of the Sim, the friendly and enthusiastic DJ's and the genuine effort by management to keep things fresh and exciting,” said Belinda de Bunneh (BelindaMassimou Resident).
“Doing it right” also has meant maintaining an environment that is welcome and accepting to all, including SL’s LGBTQ community. Bray’s is not a “gay bar” and there are no overt signs of the place being specifically LGBTQ-friendly. But members all speak of the gay-friendly vibe, and Bray acknowledges that she has worked to make it so.
“Of course. Who someone chooses to love is their choice and personal matter,” she says. When asked what she has done to encourage tolerance, she makes it sound simple: “One just accepts and loves without regard to gender, orientation, presentation and choice. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?”
Indeed, visitors can check their snark at the door at a place where the group joiner reads “where a group tag is a group hug" and one sign says “The only real things in Second Life are our feelings so please take care of each other.” And Bray walks the walk, regularly checking in with her tenants, for example, to make sure all is well.

That’s not to say the sim is a convent. The blues are by nature raw and earthy and the daily group of dancers – despite the sign on the wall discouraging profanity – is much like any other blues club crowd. There is behavior Bray discourages, though. The “community standards” makes it plain – transparent clothing, thongs, cock socks, leashes and other outward signs of BDSM are not welcome there.
Bray’s profile is open about her Christian faith, and she leads a two-hour “gospel and Biblically oriented set” on Sunday mornings (Sundays in the Meadow, at 10 a.m.) But she says the community standards are not about religion.

“I don't believe in regulating other people's behavior according to what I believe. Everyone should have the freedom to choose and to do what they want according to their own standards and the law … and common decency,” she explains. “However, I watched a very popular Blues club go from being a classy place to one where the women are in transparent clothing, some with their lower genitals being in full view, crass & vulgar language constantly in local chat, all kinds of ass slapping and 'touching-fondling' speakers in local.”
“Bray’s is a social community…the energy is not highly sexually charged. It is more about connecting up, not hooking up.”
Bray hopes to have 24-hour DJ coverage by the end of the year.
When asked what she’s most proud of, Bray says it’s the people who have helped her create the community. “Because of (their) bravery and desire to have our own place. I am honored and privileged to be the one they chose to be at the helm for them.”
What does she hope for, by the time Bray’s Place celebrates it’s first anniversary? “We plan to go 24 hours before the end of the year.”
And will Bray’s Place look any different?
“We might need a bigger dance floor.”

Additional Information:
Join the crowd at Bray's Place

Group: Braysville Blues

Contact: Bray Preston Rising (Braytania Resident)

For more News Coverage, Spotlight features and suggestions contact

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Fall Full Perm Fair at Old Europe Village October 12th - November 4th

 The Fall Full Perm Fair. Starting your second life business starts here. This event features more than forty top full permissions creators in all categories and also is featuring halloween the creators are offering their latest releases, and fair exclusives at big discounts and FREE gifts.  All creations purchased can be re-sold in accordance with the creators TOS.The fair is sponsored by the Full Perm group

Contact Keith Bemis SL avatar name Up4 Dawes

Saturday, October 13, 2018

GeekSpeak – how dangerous is social media?

Last week in GeekSpeak we concluded that social media is the worst invention ever.  Well, maybe.  Anyway, let’s talk about that this week.  What harm does it do?  Does it separate us all into small communities that hate each other?  Does it encourage hostility and violence?  Does it make us all slaves to advertising algorithms?

Or is it perhaps a good thing?  Does it get the whole world talking together?  Will we become one world because of Twitter and Facebook?  Will that be a world we want to live in?

If you could redesign social media what would you build?  What new media do you see coming?  Will the future zombify us or will we escape the trap?  You decide, in GeekSpeak 😊

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for new subjects.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Dark Side of the Kid Community - Pen Dragon Reporting

 Due to the nature of, and implications of, this article no real names will be used to protect those who spoke with me in regards to this topic.

Second Life is a fantasy world where we can be and do whatever we, as residents, choose. Some people engage Second Life as giants or superheros while some live out a more opulent life than they could afford in reality. The range of possibilities are endless. Most people live their second life as adults, but there is a very large community of child avatars on the grid. According to most Second Life kids I spoke with the kid community is relatively safe. With family communities and teen hang-out sims there are a great deal of places for children to go and be safe, living as children should. However,as with all large population groups, there are inherent dangers and because we are dealing with child avatars these dangers are considered more heinous. While the Linden Labs Terms of Service (ToS) forbid things such as sexual ageplay, the allegation is that these things still happen and that there is a large pedophile community active in Second Life.

Not being involved in the family roleplay of Second Life until very recently I was rather oblivious to the issues that faced child avatars. I was aware of the term ageplay, wherein an adult plays the role of a child for the purpose of engaging in sex with an adult, but had never seen it first hand. A few weeks back, very shortly after adopting a child, I began a search for a place for us to vacation and stumbled across several sims that claimed to be family friendly nude beaches. While I found this disturbing I also know that there are those who live a naturist lifestyle and they too need places to spend time as a family but when I mentioned these places to a child friend of  my family she immediately told me that it was well known in the kid community that some of those places are home to predators.This disturbed me deeply and sparked my investigation into these allegations.

I began my research by digging through some of the history of Second Life and came across a report by Britain's Sky News on a pedophilia ring they discovered back in 2007. According to the report one of their journalists joined Second Life because he too had heard of this activity and went to investigate. He soon found that, according to his report, there was a virtual playground hidden away behind a strip mall, a playground where little girls who looked about 10 years old offered the Sky reporter's avatar a variety of sex acts. This playground was called ‘Wonderland” which the reporter believed was a reference to a child pornography ring that had been broken up by the British authorities. The response from Linden Labs was that the area was not age specific and because, despite looking like children, they claimed to be over 18 they had no intention of taking any action. I’ve searched for this Wonderland myself with no results but that doesn’t mean a similar place doesn’t exist, so I began to search the Second Life grid.
Most of the locations I found were relatively empty, and I made sure to check them multiple times at different hours. At most I found 1 or 2 children dancing or playing with no adults in sight. One sim owner even messaged me to ensure that I didn’t have bed intentions and made it a point to send me the sim rules. All had signs that stated clearly that certain areas were either clothing optional or strictly nude. Again, these were all advertised as Kid or Teen friendly. After several days of searching and investigating I was left lacking any hard evidence of any illicit activity, so I began asking some of the children I knew.

SLE: You've been in the kid community for a big a problem is ageplay or pedophilia?
“Jane”: It's getting better  than when I first started, but that's mostly because I went to all the wrong places. Since then I've not had many issues. The schools and kid community areas are all pretty safe, as well as most communities. When I was first exploring I went to a place called little playground but it was a bunch a pervs too. Seems like that's a thing in those kinda places

“Jill”: It really depends on where you go. There are safe places and there are some that aren’t. Most of ‘em it’s hard to tell until you get there. I just wanna be a kid. It’s gross!”

SLE: Do you know of any of those "wrong" places today and were you propositioned for sex frequently?

“Jill”: There was a beach, golden something or other. It was really bad. I couldn’t stand it. I never felt safe there.

“Billy”: I landed at a beach one time and everyone IM’d me asking some pretty creepy stuff. It was gold beach or golden beach. I dunno, I never went back.

“Jane”: That beach...golden sun is really bad, I was searching for beaches to take pictures at and stumbled across that one a few months ago and it was constant sexual IM's. I'm not sure if the littles playground still exists, but I think unless you accidentally come across these places you'd have to go looking for them because I do find most places now pretty safe.

“Jimmy”: I’ve heard of this Golden Beach, but never been there. It kinda scares me.

Golden Sun Beach. I had to find out if this place still existed and what was really happening there. After a cursory search I was easily able to find the sim, if it was the same sim at all.
I landed and looked around the landing zone. There were plenty of signs and warnings about no sex or nudity just as there had been at everyone of the other sims I had visited but as I moved my camera around I noticed something. There was a statue of a police officer stopping a naked man from entering one of the many shops that lined the area. What made this more disturbing were the children standing inside that very shop. They seemed to be chatting normally as though nothing was amiss.

I caught sight of a large group gathered at the other end of the mall area and approached to see what I might find out. They were gathered on a beach, some dancing but most standing idly. There were mostly scantily clad females who looked to be no older than teenagers with a mix of older looking males in the mix. As I stood I noticed that there was no one talking in local chat. For a group that size, I estimate between 20-30 avatars, I found that unusual. As I looked around the beach I found an older man standing naked behind a couple of younger looking girls who were sitting and reading on a beach lounger. Almost at the same time I received an instant message saying:

“Girl”: Hey misters, you wants a gud time?
I asked how old this girl was and she responded with 18. When I asked why her avatar looked so young she said:
“Girl”: I’m just small for my age.
Frighteningly, this was not the last time something of this nature occured. I visited this location again to see if, maybe, hopefully, this was a one time occurance. Sadly each time I returned there were more messages, all in the open, in local chat. A few were from adults to children, some were the reverse.

That raises the question, who is responsible? There is the possibility that this is happening without the knowledge of the sim owner. It was clearly stated at the landing point that this behavior was not tolerated and because this was happening in instant messages and not local it could be difficult for the sim owner to discover. The fact that I only received one message of this nature doesn’t prove anything, it is not empirical evidence that ageplay is secretly accepted. However, when taken with the anecdotal  evidence provided by the child avatars I spoke with it would lead me to believe something more sinister is going on.

For the sake of transparency and fairness I reached out to the person listed as the owner of the Golden Sun Beach groups, a woman named Sunflower. I sent her my message, innocently at first, saying: “ Hi Sunflower, I'm assuming you own Golden Sun Beach? If so could you contact me when you are online, please? Thanks!” I waited a full week for a reply that never came. I reached out again, via Instant Message, with a similar request. Still no answer after a week.I sent a final instant message getting no response before I wrote up an official interview request and sent it in note card form. Within the hour I was contacted by a woman claiming to be the CEO of the establishment. She requested not to be named. While we spoke for sometime as I presented her with the allegations of what was happening at her sim, she gave guarded and non answer answers, stating only that these people were clearly trolls and that Golden Sun Beach had “No Comment” on the activity. She asked, very clearly, that none of our interview be reported in the article.

I did my due diligence while researching for this article and found that, according to the kids I spoke with, Second Life is becoming far safer than it had previously been and there are far more safe places for people to role play as a child than there are dangerous ones. That being said, there are still serious dangers facing the kid community. This article is in no way intended to be proof positive that these activities are accepted and approved by the sim I visited. It is simply a look into the darker, more dangerous side of Second Life and the kid community.  

This investigation has opened my eyes to the truly sketchy people in Second Life and I will be bringing you further investigative reports on other places that may seem to hide in the shadows of the kid community.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

BOSL Cruise to Monaco Fashion Weekend 2018! Coming October 26-28th

Saturday, October 6, 2018

GeekSpeak – what was the best invention ever?

Let’s vote on what was the best invention ever, the cleverest, the most productive of other inventions, the invention that caused the most happiness or the most health or maybe the invention that was the most beautiful and unexpected.  Was it politics, the toilet, cooking, writing, the use of fire, beer, antibiotics, contraceptives?

And what is the worst invention ever?  Are there inventions that should never have been invented?  Nuclear bombs, the internal combustion engine?

Should we consider animal inventions, such as the beaver dam, the structure of a beehive or the bubble net used by whales?

What do you hope to see invented in the future?  Come and discuss the past, present and future of inventions.  Bring a notebook.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

FALL FASHION TRENDS 2018 Cecilia Rosalie Reporting

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something, but to make a long story short I am back, refreshed and bringing you tons of (fashionable) goodies, of course.

Summer is almost gone and it’s time to renew our wardrobe. In fact mine needs to be thrown away! Let’s take a look at the current fashion trends in Autumn 1018, the eccentric and surreal style is in fashion this year, and the designs and suggestions I have for you will impress you.


The fire red is one of the must have colors to be worn. The absolute monochrome is not forbidden and the total red look is imposed. Red will not be worn only in clothes but also in shoes and different accessories.


Pieces taken from the athletic clothing industry are embedded with chic pieces and the result is unique. Small details that make the outfit stand out and the athletic-chic style emphasizes its presence.


The crop-top trend came to stay so, the jackets for this year - leather, textile, inflatable - are cut higher and renew the fashion in the jackets, which until last year was long with sharp cut waist design.


The plaid pattern in all its glory. Vintage selection for Autumn 2018 that has truly been loved by most women. You will see it everywhere. In coats, skirts, trousers and shirts. The most dominating shades are gray and brown.


Sexy satin is back in a variety of colors. Satin dresses and tops in a straight line to flatter every shape and to highlight the femininity of every woman. We saw it with many designs such as a ties, a short sleeve,  long sleeve and more.

xoxoxoxo CeciliaRosalie <3   

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Step Back in Time to the Swing Era

CP Swing Ballroom, Classroom and Museum is a reimagination of the Swing Era in Second Life (1932-1948.)  Our ballroom is modeled after the Harlem Savoy Ballroom at its heyday. CP Swing features weekly themed shows:
Monday: Back to the Future of Swing (Electro, Neo Swing) with DRU
Tuesday: Swing Jazz with Earl “Fatha” Hines and Make Believe Ballroom with Martin Block
Wednesday: The Rat Pack and Bourbon Street Beats with Mist
Thursday: Our Favorite Year of Swing (hits from 1 year) with MAKA

We also have a monthly “Party in the Past” celebrating a specific date in Swing Era history.  These include live performers as well as our weekly show staff guides.

Our Swing Era Museum surrounds the ballroom and presents the history of Swing featuring the bands, songs, and especially dances of that time.  Key dates during the period are also presented.

Our brand new Dance 301 Swing Era classroom provides a full-immersion experience of the history, music, and dances of this time.  Class run continuously and you can join in at any time. We usually have volunteer dance partners present to help you enjoy the class.

Find out more on our website at, or better yet, check it out in SL at