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Friday, October 9, 2015

Lastat Productions is Proud to Announce it's 6th Annual Halloween Party! October 30th 6-10pm SLT

If you haven't been to one before, you're in for a real treat! Every year for Halloween we host a huge event with live mix DJs, costume contests, hunts and more! We build a custom set with haunted buildings, an eerie forest, a scary pumpkin patch and plenty of ghosts too!

This year we'll have two costume contests with over $10,000L in cash prizes!
 We also have a hunt for Dead Fred's bones where everyone has the chance to walk away with over $2,500L in prizes from Lastat Productions. As an added bonus, all prices will be slashed to 50% during the event!

 This year is estimated to be our biggest party yet so don't miss out! We hope to see you there!

Halloween Party Location TBA!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chandra Deed to Perform Michael Jackson Hits October 10th at 7pm SLT

This just in from The Hollywood Investigator:
“Dateline – Los Angeles, CA
BREAKING NEWS – An insider close to Chandra Deed has leaked that her upcoming performance at The Hollywood Ballroom on October 10th at 7pm, SLT will be a Michael Jackson set. This was to be a surprise for her fans to be announced at the event.
One reporter, who happened to be in Deed’s outer office at the time she found out about the leak, overheard a ruckus between the prominent star and her staff. At one point Ms. Deed threaten not to do that set at all, but change the whole show.  
The question now is, will she do the set or not? Cathy Olive the head of the Chandra Deed International Fan Club was asked about the controversy. Mrs. Olive replied, “We all love Chandra and we love her personal styling when she performs Michael Jackson songs; her fans hope that she goes on with the show as planned.”

The Hollywood Ballroom is fast becoming a favorite spot for people wanting quality entertainment in a low lag environment. If you want to impress a date, stop by anytime for a romantic dance. With 100 high quality dances to choose from, you will look like a pro on the dance floor.

For the best quality in SL entertainment take in one or all of our exciting shows. Thursday thru Sunday at 7pm SLT. The Hollywood Ballroom, offers great DJ’s and live performers for your enjoyment.

This Thursday, the dance floor sizzles as we turn up the heat for our sensuous “Hot Latin Nights.” The music of DJ Mandala will speed up your heart, the rhythm will keep your bodies moving. That’s at 7pm, SLT. Formal, cocktail or Latin attire.

Friday – Special Event – Music of Broadway and the Movies – Hosted by Johnny Depp
This will be a special night of memorable songs from Broadway and the Movies. The event will be hosted by Johnny Depp (tribute performance). $4,000 in L$ cash and prizes will be given away at this event.
Chandra Deed appears at the Hollywood Ballroom
Saturday, join us for a special appearance of Chandra Deed performing all your favorite Michael Jackson hits. When the voice of Chandra meets the King of Pop, you know it will be a Thriller!

This Sunday, come and listen to “Nat King Cole, Live” It is all Nat King Cole hits, all the time in this fantastic tribute show. Be there when Nat King Cole drives up Hollywood Blvd from his trip on Route 66. That’s at 7pm, SLT. Formal or cocktail attire.
Make The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater your destination for great music, great fun and memorable evenings.

Additional information:

Join our group! The Hollywood Ballroom & Theater

Contact: Origen


The SL's GOT Talent Contest grooves into its third consecutive year on the Grid. On Thursday, October 8, 2015, starting at 6 PM SLT, the SL's GOT TALENT CONTEST officially kicks off with the OPEN MIC Auditions.  There will be a number of known and unknown Second Life performers gathering on the Bluebyrd Entertainment Resort sim to show off their stuff.  You do not want to miss the first opportunity to hear the amazing variety of talent from SL residents.  Additional auditions will be held on Saturday, October 10th, 3-4 PM SLT and 7-9 PM SLT.

SL’s GOT TALENT (SLGT) Contest was created and organized by Jackie Lefko, the owner of the SPEAKEASY. After debuting several new SL performers at her venue, Jackie’s brain started churning and Voila – the birth of SLGT in 2013.  She felt a contest would be a great opportunity for those looking for a unique opportunity to not only showcase their talent but to also engage in a personal challenge.  Other business owners agreed as they lined up to participate as Sponsors, Judges and Prize Contributors as follows:
Aly's Fine Art
Bluebyrd Entertainment
D1 Radio
Dude's Playground
Greased Ligtning
Keyboard Lounge
Music Soulmates
Nat's Jazz Club
PAM's Talk Show
PYRO AVATARS (Skins & Shapes)
SRM Art Gallery, Museum & Performing Arts
Whispering Sands Live
White Tigers Islands Clubs, Resorts and Casinos
XtreamlyU Stream Rentals
SLGT contest is a great platform for seasoned SL performers to expand his or her reach and for a new comer to jump start an SL music career.  And, most importantly, some may need some Lindens to pay your tiers.  Speaking of Lindens, what is the REAL incentive here - PRIZES.  
Contest winners can expect the following prizes:
$25,000L CASH
Customized SLGT Winner Trophy (picture shown)
Spotlight Feature article in SL ENQUIRER Newspaper (WWW.SLENQUIRER.COM)
Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

$15,000L CASH
Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

$10,000L CASH
Showcase performance at a sponsor venue.

To learn more about the how the contest will be judged and to remain current with SLGT happenings, visit the official contest web site: and/or
Here is your taxi to attend SL’s GOT TALENT contest auditions:

Contact:  Jackie Lefko (

DJ Huey Walker @ DADDY-O's FOR A SUNSET SOCK HOP ON THE BEACH Thursday October 8th 6:00 - 8:00 PM SLT

DJ Huey Walker will take the stage at Daddy-O's Sunset Beach Park for a 50's style sock hop! Huey will be playing all those feel good tunes from the past. So  guys put on those retro duds, slick back your hair and ladies put on your poodle skirts and ponytails and get to Daddy-O's for a great night of fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Come join The Deuce of Hazards Golf Tournament At Emerald Crystal Golf Course- Tournament runs from October 7th to 21st, 2015.

Enjoy the ocean view, in the tranquility while the birds circle overhead. ECGC has many animals running all over the golf course,  we even have Caddy Shack Gophers!

Stand by our incredible waterfalls while you decide which golf club to use out of the 12 in the golf club system.  They can be rented for 10L for 16 hours. 

Emerald Crystal Golf Course has had many golf tournaments but this is the first time that we have had a LEADER BOARD and a Tournament scorecard giver
This scorecard is a NO CHEAT scorecard. The cost is 40L's and is used for an 18 hole round of golf in an effort to play your best game. If you do not like your score, buy another card and try again! 

When you complete your game, your score will appear on the leader board, unless you have a better score already listed on the board.
Come join us for a lot of fun and some good spirited competition.
      Tournament runs from October 7th to 21st, 2015.
All winners will be announced here , so get your name in the SL Enquirer for all to see.
 ECGC will be giving trophies to the 5 winners, and the other golfers will receive a trophy stating that they participated.

Get started today! You will leave here so relaxed and at peace.
Emerald Crystal Golf Course

For more information contact Littleonesusan Teardrop

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The History Of Hip Hop – A Second Life Event- October 9th-11th 2015

India Umia-Delgado, Producer
Shon Larsson, SPG ENT. Producer

A First Of Its Kind Cultural Event Produced For The Second Life Grid
On any given day of the week there is a DJ spinning Hip Hop music at a party on SL.  You will hear different styles from old school to new school, remixes to new releases.  There have been events involving groups of DeeJays of two to three and up to five at times, coming together for rezday, birthday, anniversary parties etc, but there has not been an event celebrating and paying homage to Hip Hop as a whole until now.

From October 9-11, 2015 DJ India Delgado, and Shon Larsson (DJ Rebellious1) are co-producing (a first of its kind on Second Life) three day History Of Hip Hop Event paying homage to the four elements of Hip Hop.  What will make this a historic event is we have brought together for the first time ten of SL’s best Hip Hop DeeJays from different regions of the USA in one place at the same time along with nine of the best hosts.  For three consecutive days, these DeeJays will represent their love of Hip Hop music.  We will cover the history of Hip Hop by era, by influential record label, conscious and gangsta MC’s, and by representing their region.  The DeeJays are: DJ Cinfull, DJ Styles Finess, DJ Soopa Uglee, DJ Mattmatrix, DJ MC Boogie James, DJ Ghost Dee, DJ Vendetta, DJ India, and DJ Rebellious1.  The Hosts for this event are: Z-Fatality, Quixotimus “QT”, PINK, Capricorn, Tasty Temptation, Chulamami, Kinkiie, Mkayla, and Thick Stakz.

You can’t talk about the history of Hip Hop without acknowledging B-boys and B-girls.  So to join us in this historic event, we have seven organizations performing break dance routines. Those organizations are: Xi Alpha Phi Fraternity, Theta Delta Alpha Sorority, Theta Delta Alpha-Teens, Theta Delta Alpha-Babies, Ksi Iota Sigma, Alpha Sigma Omega, and The Twin Star Dancers.  These groups will represent the East coast, West coast, Dirty South, and the Midwest.  If this wasn’t enough, you can’t talk about the History Of Hip Hop without talking about battles.  If you are familiar with the SL DJ scene, you know that DJ battles are few and pretty much non-existent unless it’s a female DJ battle.

For the first time ever on SL, we the DeeJays have come together to give the battles of all battles!  The DeeJays will battle it out on each of the three days of the event: Battle of the eras, Battle of the labels, and the grand battle, Battle of the coasts/regions.  This is not about who is better than the next DJ.  This is about our collective love of the music as we represent the coasts of choice.  East vs West vs Dirty South vs Midwest will be a wild free for all and an all-around epic event.  We are doing this event for all of you, but we are also doing this event for us.  We spend a lot of time performing for others but rarely show our appreciation for our brother and sister DeeJays.  We love the music and love sharing it.  It’s also a thank you to each other. 

We could not produce such a huge event without the assistance of our VIP sponsors.  Thank you to the following sponsors for believing in our vision, and helping us bring this event to life. 

Our primary sponsors
T.C. Enterprises, CEO Thicks Elizabeth Carolina and

STRAIGHT No Chaser, Owner Angelous Amante

Cruiz Cotton Club, Owners Cruiz Control & Starlaa Boa-Control

Mynd & Body Fitness, Owner Lex9d9 Ryada

Haus Of Ito, Owner India Delgado

Shotta 106 FM radio, Owner DJ ScratchG Shotta

TGF Motorcycle Club, President Dirty Foggarty, VP BlkChina Foggarty

IKWE Boutique, Owner PocaHotness Mankiller

PHAT Fashion Fair, Owner Desirecinquette Dannunzio

Bougie, Owner Desirecinquette Dannunzio

The Charmed Titanic, Captain Ra charming

Sigma Upsilon Nu, Founding Soror Cleopatra Kellman

Sunburst Premier Grid Entertainment, Owner/CEO Shon Larsson
Join us October 9-11 beginning at 6pm slt, as we make SL Hip Hop History.  Check the following links for additional details and locations of the events.

SLE's Yacht Party Featuring DJ Fellipe October 6th 2-4pm SLT

You are cordially invited aboard SLE's Luxury Yacht for 2 hours of mix and mingling with The SL Enquirer and our guests on October 6th from 2-4pm SLT.  Dress to impress and enjoy the open bar with refreshments served in style.  Featuring DJ Fellipe on deck taking requests and dedications. Aboard our luxury yacht you will find plenty to do and see. Try the Truthball to break the ice,  take a free helicopter tour,  lounge in a private social suite or break it down on the dance floor.  See you there!

Boarding Pass:

Most Realistic BMW Finally in Second Life - Khajan Reporting...

The NAI Munich based on the RL BMW  3 series  takes a shot to cutback the recipe of the BMW four-door coupe concept and  combines it dashing coupe-like looks with four doors and a big boot to creating a  family car with stylish detail. The Munich  is offering a bigger boot and easier passenger transport. The NAI Munich may demand a L$1,099 premium but is worth every penny.
From some angles, the swooping rear glass doesn’t look all that radical, and onlookers could be forgiven for not noticing the difference between the NAI Munich and a standard NAI Saloon 7 2014.

That said, NAI Munich is still a well dressed machine in the metal.
Inside, the layout will be familiar to anyone who has driven a Beamer from NAI. You get the same upmarket feel and smart design, and highlights include the slender buttons.  NAI have also included an excellent central infotainment screen where you can access your favorite sides such as YouTube to watch videos while you are on the move or tune into your favorite radio station.
The NAI Munich has a very spacious feel with the extra headroom. Despite that having the  low-slung seating position makes sure the car feels sporty enough.


In short, it handles very well with realistic steering, which is to say very well indeed – if lacking the final word in excitement as when your press done on the accelerator it takes about a second to just GO lowering the reaction time compared to other NAI cars and it’s competitors.
The Munich has huge amounts of grip and launch control and can really go when it hits top speed with four wheel drive.
The car’s engine is very detailed compared to its competitors a full on unlike other SL motor vehicles which have nothing in the engine bay or a poor detail textures.
You can buy the NAI Munich safe in the knowledge that it should match the reliability of NAI Brand. The can keeps on going and if you have any issue you could always reset or contact Ryo (NAI Creator)

The Munich can be customized with several colors including Lime, green, red, dark red, orange, yellow, grey, black, white  and many more. The lights can also be changed in terms of colors from super blue to evil green. The Munich also offers a tint feature allowing the glass on the car to be tinted. Other customizations that can be made to the car are interior colors, trims, gauges, wheels, and rims. In terms of body parts you are able to customize the front plate and have an option for extra shine if you wish.

Roleplay Mode
The Munich follows up on using the new muse scripts created by NAI which gives it a realistic feel as well as indicators so when turning you feel like you are actually in a real car. Even if you break down you can turn the hazard lights on giving you a realistic role play experience. The car also is fitted with an engine that you are able to fix in role play mode as when you are driving the car’s engine durability goes down. Therefore, allowing you to making repairs. The engine comes with a decently reliable rating from NAI standard which is stock but as you drive it you must make sure it is well looked after. NAI recommendation is making sure the durability is at least 20% and could be checked by going to the menu.
New Age Industries Munich 2015 is available from purchase on the Second Life Market Place:

Monday, October 5, 2015

The October 2015 Issue of Windlight Magazine is Now Available!

The featured story for this issue will be Kaya Angel, as Windlight explores architectural arts. This issue also features stories on novelist Huckleberry Hax, Nonprofit Commons Community Manager, Rhiannon, the upcoming Burn 2 event in Second Life, Tripp Nitely, and we take a look at Charity in Second Life. On the art scene we explore the adult and sensual Alanis Gallery and the Josef K Galleria. And if you love hats, we have a sneak peak at Art in Hats 2015. Special thanks to Kaya Angel for the cover photograph for the upcoming issue.
Click the cover of the issue below to begin reading!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Have you ever wanted to host exclusive events and live entertainment but could not afford the cost of a venue? Now is a chance for you and your friends to test the waters of running  a venue with all the bells and whistle! 
*Stream & Rezz Access
Includes: Fully Loaded Yacht Access,stream/Rezz rights, DJ Booth/Stage, dance floor, dance balls, promotional assistance!

Did we mention using the SL Enquirer to Promote ALL YOUR PARTIES for FREE!?!
What's the catch?  Uuuuhhh just show up and throw parties! We don't want your lindens or donations YOU generate, we just want traffic at our sim!

Contact Lanai jarrico if you are interested in this fun opportunity!
take a tour today!

GizzA Creations Introduces Sophia Sleeveless Top - Skirt Sets

GizzA proudly presents the new GizzA - Sophia Sleeveless Top - Skirt Sets. Timeless elegance with a certain sas. The sleeveless high collared shirt is paired with a high waisted skirt that is wrapped with a narrow belt in contrasting color.

The bright colors are a breath of refreshing summer air. GizzA - Sophia Sleeveless Top - Skirt Set come in 4 color combinations for you to choose from.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

SCARE ME TO DEATH PHOTO CONTEST BEGINS OCTOBER 3RD- Judged on talent not friends votes! $1000L 1st Prize, $500L 2nd Prize.

Free to enter, no pay to vote boards, photo's will be judged on originality and creativity.  Come into Playmates Magazine Headquarters to enter 

Bring in your scary, creepy photo's to Playmates Headquarters. This is not a popularity contest or how many friends a contestant can get to vote for them.  Photo's will be judged by Playmates Staff.  Contest begins October 3rd  and ends on Halloween at 12pm SLT.  Winning photo's will be displayed on our blog and Facebook page.
Photo's must be taken in Second Life but can be edited in Photoshop, Gimp, etc. Get your entry in early, space is limited.


This just in from The Hollywood Investigator:
“Dateline – Los Angeles, CA
The Hollywood Chamber announced today that The Pink Vampire has been selected to be the next recipient of a coveted Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The ceremony will take place this Saturday October 3rd at 6:45pm, SLT, in front of The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater.
She will be receiving the Star for her legendary vocal talents, both on stage and her recordings. One member of the selection committee commented anonymously, “There was no question as to whether The Pink Vampire would get a Star, but when. The tipping point for presenting it to her now was her tireless effort behind the scenes to make every performance and recording perfect, according to her high standards. It’s as if she is trying to steal the title of ‘The hardest working person in show business’ from the late James Brown.”
Fans should arrive early to get a good spot to view the placing of the star. Immediately after the ceremony, The Pink Vampire will take to the stage at The Hollywood Ballroom for what promises to be yet another great performance.”

The Hollywood Ballroom is fast becoming a favorite spot for people wanting quality entertainment in a low lag environment. If you want to impress a date, stop by anytime for a romantic dance. With 85 high quality dances to choose from, you will look like a pro on the dance floor.

For the best quality in SL entertainment take in one or all of our exciting shows. Thursday thru Sunday at 7pm SLT, The Hollywood Ballroom, offers great DJ’s and live performers for your enjoyment.

Saturday Night, Live! The Pink Vampire returns to the Hollywood Ballroom in style. Join us at 6:45pm, SLT for the installation ceremony of The Pink Vampire’s Star on The Walk of Fame in front of The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater. The ceremony will be followed by another fabulous performance by The Pink Vampire inside The Hollywood Ballroom. Formal or cocktail attire.

This Sunday, come and listen to “Barbara Streisand, Live” It is all Barbara, all the time in this fantastic tribute show. No one will rain on Barbara’s parade, as we hear all of her great hits. That’s at 7pm, SLT. Formal or cocktail attire.

Make The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater your destination for great music, great fun and memorable evenings.

Additional information:

Join our group! The Hollywood Ballroom & Theater

Contact: Origen

Fashion-Crazy for Hair-Becca Drascol Reporting

When we think fashion, we think outfits, shoes, boots and the like. Some people tend to change and buy outfits often, as a passion, perhaps even an addiction. I know I for one am a shoes and boots fanatic. And it becomes easy to be crazy for hair when in Second life we can change hair style, color and even the cut by simply a click of a button in our inventory, or simply buying something new. In real life we can't dye our hair from blonde to deep red and back to blonde in just minutes...but in SL we can do whatever we wish with our hair as long as someone in our world creates it. As SL grows and creators do too, new HUDS make it possible to have even the wildest of looks. From black hair with purple streaks, to blue hair with a pink tipped ponytail all done with just one HUD sometimes.
With easy ways to constantly change up your "do," Second Life not only makes hair fashion fun but also simple  for even a beginner. One can so easily become a hair fanatic for many reasons. And with all the possibilities, I decided to ask residents some fun hair questions.

How often do you change hair?(not buy a new one but how often do you change one style to another from inventory)

VividDreamz Resident: Once per two weeks. I love changing it up with each outfit or every other outfit! Every hairstyle tells my mood and style that day or week.

Havenly1 Resident: Maybe twice a week, depending the outfit.

How often do you buy new hair?

VividDreamz Resident: Not very often maybe once a month because when I do buy hair I tend to buy more than one style or color.

Havenly1 Resident: Every 2 months maybe if I see something I like.

Do you prefer wild hair such as wild colors and looks? Or more glam or reserved looks?

VividDreamz Resident: Slightly all the above because some outfits are wild, some are classy., some are revealing which I like to wear something more glamorous. As I stated above each style defines my mood and style that day or week, depending on outfit.

Havenly1 Resident: Hmm I prefer more Glam looks or Reserved, but also like to go wild depending on what I’m doing :)
Havenly1 Resident: Hard question lol.

About how much do you usually spend on a new hair? Do you buy one color or fatpacks?

VividDreamz Resident: L$200 to L$400 is about the range I spend.I buy one color but in separate packs because the fatpacks tend to run higher in price than buying them individually  when I dont want fatpacks, but if I end up buying a fatpack it could range more higher priced like L$800 or more then L$1.2K.

Havenly1 Resident: One color and around 100 - 250

Do you change your hair to fit the occasion? For an event?

VividDreamz Resident: I tend to change my hair depending on color of my outfit or style of my outfit. Unless event is wild hair or something to do with hair is the only time I change it for an event. But also for a wedding I would change it for that occasion to something more classy or an updo!

Havenly1 Resident: Because I stay blonde,except one nice long red hair one I stay the most in one color.

Hair Fanatic or just hair fun…

Rather you’re a fanatic or just have fun changing styles or only change as Second Life grows and changes with the times, I think hair can be fun, crazy, bright, wild, glam or reserved. I firmly believe hair is a part of fashion especially in SL because we can freely change it on a whim to fit our needs and or wants. Unlike real life where a bad haircut has to grow back, with SL one is free to simply delete bad hair and pick a new one. Are you hair crazy? A fanatic? Or is hair just a fun part of your sense of fashion and style? I think rather you change hair every outfit or linger with one color and style for months on end, we all love hair.

SLE Commercial

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