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Showing posts with label SL enquirer. Show all posts

Friday, March 22, 2024



I was doing my thing the other day…hopping around various regions, just generally chillin and looking for fun places to go.  SL Enquirer provides their writers with a Fun Detector (FD), kinda like a dosimeter, it starts to click, louder and louder, the closer it gets to “fun”.  So I was cruzing around at about 900 meters, when all of a sudden, my FD started lighting up like a Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center.  I had found it, if my instrument was to be trusted.  I have found the Holy Grail of Fun.

I floated down to the dance floor below, not entirely sure what I would find, and I came upon Roxy the Red, and her partner in crime, J I N X Y.  They graciously agreed to pause in their labors and consented to an interview.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    So Tell me.  Where did the idea of Outlander Music Group come from? come from?

Rory the Red (roryredrory) (RR):   We wanted to build a club where everyone was welcome and to pick a name that captured the fun and magic of having a club that our friends could enjoy and come to.  We named the club "Outlander Music Group" - OMG for short.  OMG is one of Jinx and my favorite words.  If you would search any exchange between us - you'll find "OMG" at least several times! 

The word "Outlander" means a lot to me in many different ways.  I am Scottish-American and I'm a big fan of the show Outlander.  I love the historic imagery of Scotland and of the Stones and dancing. But I didn't want to base the club only on the show - but the theme of being an "Outlander".  We are all Outlanders in this crazy world that is SecondLife, and making it our own.   

JB:       Who managed to put this thing together and what role did each person play?

RR:   Jinxy and I put the club together.  Jinxy did the build and design and I added a few decorations here and there. Jinxy always amazes me with her builds and creativity!!  My girl got skillz!!!  For me, the Outlander theme means Outsiders coming together in a place where no one is an outsider.  So, the imagery includes a Scottish landscape, Runes, and Kansas / Wizard of Oz.  I am from Kansas and who else is the ultimate outlander other than Dorothy from Kansas when she visits Oz!   We're not in Kansas anymore....

Also, Outlander wouldn’t be able to run without the incredible work, spirit, and fun brought by Paula Williams and Tiffany Williams!!  Paula and Tiffany are sisters and are our managers for the club!!  They are here on Thursday nights and always keep us laughing and smiling during the sets!!

JX:   Rory has excellent management and ability to get people together and extract their talents... So, she is a natural at doing all the organization. I spend my time now and then building for the club

JB:       Excuse me, but…is that an Elephant there?  Can we talk about the elephant in the room?  What is THAT all about?

RR:   That's Ellie our resident elephant!  She prefers to be addressed as "Ellie" or "Ms. Ellie".  She gets offended if she is ignored when people enter the room.  Just go ahead and address her right away and everything will be fine :-) 

JX:   It is as you say, "let’s talk about the elephant in the room" Thats Rory’s sense of humor. She could carry on a conversation about anything. Let’s start with the elephant in the room, shall we?

JB:       I understand you have regular shows on Tuesday and Thursdays?  What type of music is played there?

RR:   Our dj's are all amazing and play a mix of dance music including EDM, House, Progressive, Funkie House, and more!!!  We leave it up to the dj's to choose the genre they play each week.  Nothing sounds better than "DJ's Choice" :-)

I love the dj's that play here!!! Our line-up on Tuesday starts at 5pm, and includes DJ Sia, Dj Savvy, DJ Picky, DJ Lisa Rose, and DJ Nele!

Our line-up on Thursday starts at 4pm, and includes DJ DanaCat, DJ Jan X, DJ Lau, DJ Kelsey, DJ Nell, and DJ Lukas!

JX:   We supply a pleasant fun atmosphere with some of SLs top DJs.  Each DJ plays whatever they like. Rory and I do now and then add a DJ we like to the lineup. Most of them are Rory’s connections

JB:       Sooooo…What kind of music will you feature and what kind of guest would enjoy OMG the most?

RR:   Our goal is to provide a wide mix of music and dj's! You'll hear different music every week!  Anyone who loves to hear and experience Live DJ's with others in a relaxed, friendly environment will enjoy their time here!!!

JB:       Tell us about some of the different areas on the property?

RR:   The property is a series of islands in a Scottish Lake surrounded by the Highlands!  All SL-style :-)  The areas include the OMG! Club, the OMG! Float-In Movie Theater, and the OMGHenge island, home to this year's "OMG! SpringFest" on March 26, 27, and 28th  We recently added the "Float-in Movie Theater" which shows some of our favorite movies!  All of the seating is around or in the pool!  Sometimes Jinxy and I will have a "pop up" movie event and send a notice to our OMG! group!  OMGHenge Island includes Stonehenge-like ruins on top of a green grassy island!  All 3 islands are connected and can be accessed by walking!

JX:   We seem to come up with new areas every few months. So currently we have the main club and just finishing "Spring Fest" we call it. At the end of March, we will be gathering together there Tues, Wed, and Thurs regularly. Then we also have the movie theater, with a swim pool and screen we show movies on

JB:       Just who is this “Outlander Annie” that I have heard so much about?

RR:   Annie is our resident mermaid! You can usually find her in the aquarium at the front of the OMG! Club, but she also likes to spend time in the lake! She is a veteran of SecondLife clubs, and has been with me at every club I have owned or managed.  She can be a handful, and can at times be outspoken, at times be quiet.  She is a very moody mermaid!  We love her and glad she makes OMG! her home!

JX:   she is a mystery to even me. I know she has a front row seat behind the stage, so she sees EVERTHING that goes on in the club 24/7. What happens after that “Stays in the Club”

JB:       I understand you are hosting a “SpringFest”.  Tell our readers about that, if you will?

RR:   We are celebrating the beginning of Spring with a "SpringFest" March 26, 27, and 28th!  We will have an outdoor festival on our "OMGHenge Island" with Spring grass and flowers, rides, and an awesome outdoor stage with your favorite DJ's!!!! We are usually open on Tuesdays and Thursdays,  however, will be open Wednesday that week for a special SpringFest line-up including DJ Bloo, DJ Soa, and DJ Pandora!!!  Happy Spring!!!

JX:   SpringFest comes from the mind off Rory. She is always coming up with something FUN and SpringFest is all about that. You will have to come and see for yourself

JB:       Do you have any plans for future development?

RR:   We love celebrating the various seasons and holidays and plan to have some themed events in the future related to Summer, Halloween, Christmas and others!  So please check back for future announcements from OMG!  You can always check our schedule at!

JX:   We plan on adding more DJs and adding more days the club will be open. We have a surprise for SL dancers coming in the summer. Stay tuned to see.

JB:       Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

JX:   Your readers are our dancers. We listen to what you say and do our best to make OMG O M G!! Providing the best in music and in a fun atmosphere

RR:   Support Live DJ's and Live Music on SL, whether it's at our club, another club, or through live events!  Music brings us together and is the reason I joined SL - to hear the bands and dj's that are here!




Saturday, January 6, 2024


One of the Services that the Editor in Chief at the SL Enquirer has arranged is to give back to the community through monthly drawings for a Free Spotlight Feature - our Deluxe Advertising Package.  This month’s winner was Divalin and the Kinetics Dancers.  I was not sure what to expect on this assignment, since the word “Kinetics” can have several meanings.  In the Military, or the world of politics, the phrase “Kinetic Solution” usually means blowing something up, as opposed to just talking through an issue.  But in this case, it meant I would probably be watching scantily clad women bounding around a stage.  “Oh well”, I told myself. “SOMEBODY has to do it.” 

I set out on my quest to locate the illusive Miss Divalin Magic, the Grand Poobah of the Kinetics Dancers, and found her on a Sky Platform, busily preparing for their next production that would make Busby Berkley proud. She graciously consented to collect her Chief Herder of Cats, Olivia Wonder, and together they accompanied me to the SL Enquirer Business office where we could chat comfortably, away from the “roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd” as it were.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):   So tell me, Ladies.  How did you two meet?  And how did you decide on a partnership in the performing arts?

Divalin Magic (DM):   We met years ago on another virtual platform, called "InWorldz".  I had not done any type of performance art up to that point, but after meeting O, and our Kinetics DJ Chopper, they convinced me to give it a try.  I was hooked!  After InWorldz folded, I came back to SL and started exploring the dance community.  Several years later, O expressed her desire to have her own theatre, and now here we are.

Olivia Wonder (OW):   Actually we met in open sim in 2012 helping a friend (who is now our DJ) open up a burlesque club.  It was a big success as far as open sim's go.  We worked well together, we both balance each other’s weakness and strong points.  So while dancing together at another theater we decided we might give it a try, and began brain storming.

JB:   How long has your dance troupe, Kinetics Dance Team, been together?

DM:   Kinetics Dance was founded in 2021, with our grand opening in November of that year.  We took about six months to develop our vision on how we wanted the troupe to grow and a huge aspect of that was to make sure this was fun and "home."

OW:   It’s been like the rapids of a river, always changing but thrilling at the same time.

JB:   Just who makes up Kinetics Dance Team?

DM:   We have a very robust group of choreographers, backup dancers, DJ's, hosts and photographers.  We have a small management team which includes our sponsor, MrRoarke.    Everyone steps up and helps us whatever way they can.  For example, we have a troupe member who tackles the poster creation and another who takes on advertising.

OW:   We are a huge mix of SL talent, each with their special skill. We have amazing choreographers, builders, photographers, videographers, scrip-tors, & DJ's, the Kinetics Team reeks with talents to be sure.  But.....  MstrRoark has to be our biggest contributor to the club, he keeps the lights on and is there for every show, encouraging every step.

JB:   It must take quite a staff to run an operation like this.  How big is your staff, and who are some of the key players here?

DM:   Our staff is small - but as mentioned earlier, our team helps us as much as they can.  The primary running of the troupe is between O and Divalin. 

OW:   Everyone on our team will help at any moment, from updating the spreadsheet, to creating monthly posters, and I do appreciate that so much, but the majority, of the hands on is done by myself and Divalin Magic.

JB:   Are you looking for new Dancers?  And how would they find out?  Do you host “Dance Job Fairs”…or “Dance Marathons”, where the last Avi standing gets to join up?

DM:   Generally, new dancers come find us.  I think word is out that we are a fun bunch!!  We do have one feature, and that is we personally invite choreographers from the dance community to do a set of their choice each month.  And that has led to a few staying, and becoming a Kineticsan!

OW:   We have been so blessed that the best talents in SL have searched us out.  What a Blessing.  Just ask anyone on staff.. we all chat and communicate so everyone knows.

JB:   A quick search turns up dozens and dozens of Dance Troupes in SecondLife, involving hundreds, if not thousands of dancers.  What is it that makes up the “Kinetics Dance Team” difference?

OW:   First and Foremost.... it's got to be fun.  All the members of the staff are volunteer, so if it's not a rewarding way to spend your SL, they will soon move on.  We try really hard to give each member of our staff a place to express their creativity and skills.

DM:   What makes us different?  I fondly say "we are all crazy here!"   And we are - being serious during rehearsal just doesn't happen.  Showtime, we all step up - but before that, if we aren't laughing, then we are doing something wrong. 

JB:   How many people do you draw to a performance, on average, and how do people find out about your productions?

DM:   Our average is about 50 to 60 people at a show.  That's a comfortable number that helps to keep the lag down for our choreographers.  As we all have experienced in SL - big crowds equal major lag events.  We'd rather do extra shows, and make the experience better for our guests.

OW:   We offer 3 shows a month, all different, so if you can't make it one night, there will always be another show.

JB:   Who do you hope to attract to your shows? What special group of people might find Kinetics Dance Team especially appealing?

DM:   Everyone!  You don't need to be a dancer or actor to appreciate the arts.  All dance performances are about artistic vision. 

OW:   Everyone and Anyone...... the only ones we won't allow on the sim are the babes.  This is an adult event ONLY. We offer some amazing effects, lighting, and choreographing.  If you've never seen a SL stage performance before, start with Kinetics, we promise you'll be back.

JB:   I understand you also own or are involved with a couple of other businesses.  Would you care to comment briefly on those other enterprises?

DM:   Almost all our troupe members are involved with other theatres in the dance community.  And we try to get to as many of their shows as possible.  There are many, many people in this community who have taken me personally under their wing, and helped me gain confidence.  It remains a privilege to share my work in their troupes as well.

OW:   We focus on making this a sister/brother hood, not a competition.  If one of our friends in another troupe sends out an SOS for help we try and step up if possible.  We help by preforming in their shows, advertise for their shows in our groups, and any other way they might need us.  I want to reach across SL to make a friend, not start a competition.

JB:   Is there anything else you want to share with our readers today?

DM:   Kinetics Dance was once just an idea, and now we are entering our 3rd year.  How long will it endure?  For as long as it is meant to.  And the focus will remain on having fun.  Isn't that what SL is for?

OW:   I can sit here all day and talk about how amazing our club is, but what I'd really like to happen is:  For your reader to take a chance, come to our show, and let them tell all their friends what a good time they had.  I want others to speak for Kinetics Dance, so I can smile and not have to say a word.




So there you have it, folks.  If you are looking for something different in the world of show dance-teams, look no farther than The Kinetics Dancers, headed up by Divalin and Olivia.  Go early to get a good seat in their intimate and cozy theater.  Tell ‘em “Josh sent me”.  You’ll be glad you did.

Be there!  Aloha!


Saturday, December 30, 2023


In Preparation for the arrival of 2024, I decided to clean up my home office of much of the detritus I had accumulated in the past 12 months.  Near the top of the pile of papers on my bookshelf, I came upon the following announcement for a Grand Opening. 

It looked interesting, but alas, in my delays at the time, I had missed the opening.  And yet, I wondered how this upstart theater was doing after a couple of months of operation. After I contacted Sagia, she and Dollystar.piers, a prior student of hers, graciously agreed to update me on the status of this particular labor of love. 

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    So, tell me, Sagia…  Just what is ShowStyle Theater all about?

Sagia:  ShowStyle Theater provides entertainment. It provides people a means of relaxation, and enjoyment, and escape from their daily routines.  This can help reduce stress and promote mental health. We  put on monthly dance shows. I  know many dance choreographers who put on different acts for each show monthly. It is fun entertainment.  Usually at the finale of these shows, the guests are invited to come on stage and dance with the chorus.

JB:   How did you two meet?  And how did you decide on a partnership in the performing arts?

Sagia:  I was a teacher at Audace Modeling School where I also managed Audace ShowStyle dance theater. Dolly was a student at the school and became a dancer for the shows. She started to assist me until RL difficulties required her to take a leave of absence.

DollyStar:   I  was a student at the modeling school for two semesters - spring and summer of 2022. Sagia was my teacher for two different subject classes. I helped with a build on a stage and started dancing for Sagia's sets for upcoming shows. Sagia taught me how to Theater Dance and showed me how to create my own stage sets and I became a dancer and dance choreographer until I had to leave SL for a while at the beginning of this year.

JB:   What sets ShowStyle Theater apart from the many other theaters out there?

Sagia:  We give opportunities to all choreographers to work with us, whether they are beginners or highly skilled professionals. This allows us to produce a variety of shows with different levels of abilities and everyone is satisfied.

JB:   I have heard that you sometimes draw as many as 80  people to one of your shows.  How do that many people find out about your productions?

Sagia:   Our sim can go up to 100 guests but we usually cut it off at 70. We make invitations and send them out along with many notices to various groups.

JB:   Do you plan to host Special events here? Weddings?  Funerals?  Rezz Day Celebrations? Bar Mitzvahs? Blues Festivals?  And how might someone learn of any scheduled activities here?

Sagia:   No special events as you named will be scheduled here. We do a monthly variety show, put on  by choreographers, or we can plan a one-choreographer, one-hour show.  We are doing that with the  McPol Show and we call that type a special. Our activities are published by invitations and group notices.

JB:   It must take quite a staff to run an operation like this.  How big is your staff, and who are some of the key players here?

DollyStar:   Sagia manages all aspects of theater from organizing, booking, and invitations to groups to wardrobe malfunctions "dancers missing" and even DJ organizing. So much to do even Sagia has her set early in the hour to sort anything that arises.

JB:   What has been your greatest challenge in building and running ShowStyle Theater?

Sagia:   Organizing the monthly show takes time in coordinating all the choreographers and their time. I would say getting 6-8 choreographers with acts ready to go, particularly with a common theme, is a monthly challenge.

JB:   How would you advise someone who wants to get into your line of work  What would it take?

Sagia:   You need to spend time making friends with members of the second life dance world. The more friends one has who are choreographers, the easier and more fun this line of work is.

JB:   Who do you hope to attract to your shows? What special group of people might find MCPOL and the Amazon Dancers especially appealing?

Sagia:   We attract guests who enjoy entertainment that has beautiful sets, costumes and dancers with awesome dancing.

DollyStar:   Sagia booked that show for her theater for a special event  featuring an artist to show that person's talent in stage set design, and theme, and to show costumes and amazing choreography and the person's dancers' artistry

JB:   It must take quite a staff to run an operation like this.  How big is your staff, and who are some of the key players here?

Sagia:   I do this on my own. I organize each monthly show and the choreographers do their performing for each show. It takes about 7 choreographers for an hour show, along with about 15-20 minutes of the crowd dance.

JB:   I’ve heard you mention “crowd Dance”?  What is THAT all about, and is it popular?

Sagia:   Yes, it is very popular to guests who enjoy dancing and dancing on the stage. We have dance devices all set for them to stand and dance with us alone with our music. This is usually the finale and the dances and music runs for about 15-20 min.

DollyStar:   The "Crowd Dance" is the end of the show.   When it’s time for the "Crowd Dance" all our guests are invited to walk on stage to dance and enjoy the experience in sync with the other dancers.  They get to dance with and mingle with the artists and other invitees.

JB:   I understand you also own or are involved with a couple of other businesses.  Would you care to comment briefly on those other enterprises?

DollyStar:    Sagia is also a choreographer, dancer, builder, teacher and an all-around woman of many hats including DJing at some larger venues.  She does private DJ parties as well

Sagia:   I am also a choreographer and I perform not only at ShowStyle Avenue, but at other dance theaters as well.  One is the Empire Theater known as Elysium.  Additionally, I do two sets a week as DJ at  Runaround Sue's.

JB:   Is there anything else you want to share with our readers today?

Sagia:  Certainly.  For those interested in learning more, about ShowStyle Theater and some of the projects we are involved with, I recommend they please check out the following links:





DollyStar:  If I may Josh, Sagia is a bit too shy about touting her own accomplishments.  For eleven and a half years, Sagia has owned and operated Showstyle, also known now as ShowStyle Avenue. She just moved to her new location recently. ShowStyle Theater is a theater of Dance and arts. Once in a while, she will host an individual to make up around 6 or 7 sets for an hour-long show. She directs 7 different choreographs, and each artist/choreographer designs and creates a theme, dances, and set about that theme. This hard work and painstaking precision showcases the excellent talent she has in making each set stylish and centering around a given story. Costumes help with the theme and background. Sagia gives the artists a place to establish their creations and show the results of their hard work. To prep for a show takes a full hour to cache each set, the costumes, and final fixes and the DJ has to have a steady hand for on-time intervals before the curtain call show.  Artists make it seem so easy and if it wasn't for Sagia holding the entire show together, the dancers and routines would fall apart. She has a keen understanding and the knowledge to coordinate and deliver an awesome show with well-known artists from around the Globe.  She is so humble and to be housed at her new home on 5th Avenue is a great honor.

So there you have it folks.  Start your New Year on the “right step”  by catching one of these amazing performances at the Showstyle Avenue Theater.  The next extravaganza, MCPOL AND THE AMAZON DANCERS SPECIAL" GIPSY KINGS" will be performed at the Showstyle Avenue Theater SUNDAY, JANUARY 7 @ 1 PM SLT


It will help set the tone for the New Year.  And when you get there, tell ‘em Josh sent ya.  You’ll be glad you did.

Be there!  Aloha!


Tuesday, November 7, 2023



Sooo…the other day I was hopping around the grid, bouncing from sim to sim, looking for new and exciting things to do in this wonderful world of pixels.  Suddenly, faintly at first, then growing louder, came the sound of angelic singing, wafting over the airwaves.   I was instantly captivated like Ulysses and the call of the Sirens.  Yet, unlike Ulysses, I had no one to tie me to the mast, lest I fall victim to the enchantment.  I followed the dulcimer tones as they wafted over the airwaves.  Before I knew it, I was standing in the middle of a concert.  The vocalist?  A woman named Raven Zenoria.  I stood there…transfixed…unaware of either my location or the passage of time.  Finally, I was awakened from my stupor by the riotous applause at the end of her concert.  After several more minutes, I was finally coherent enough to head back stage.  I found Raven in her dressing room, preparing to leave, and she graciously consented to an interview.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    Hello Raven,  and thank you for agreeing to chat with me this evening on such short notice.  Share with our readers, please.  Just when did you first start singing and who were your initial audiences?

Raven (Raven Zenoria) (RZ): In Real Life, I first started singing when I was almost 6 years old. I sang in school choir, and solo at various places. As an adult, I have performed anywhere I could.

In Second Life, I started singing back in 2014. I have performed all over Second Life. My audiences....The only way I can explain it is extremely diverse.

JB:    How was it you happened to get this job, singing in SecondLife?

RZ:   Aside from my family and friends, my one true love has always been music. It gives me a feeling of freedom. I noticed how music can change people, heal, and bring people together. I wanted to be a part of that.

JB:    What genre of music do you sing, and do you have a favorite?

RZ:   I like to sing all genres of music. Any song i can get my hands on that moves me in some way, I will sing it. My favorite has always been rock.

JB:    You said you sing in RL as well.  Can you tell me more about that?

RZ:   I do sing in RL. I stopped doing live performances in RL to focus more on studio work. Jay and I are putting together an album. It is coming along slower than expected, but we are working hard to get it released.

JB:    So, how did you come to learn that you could also sing in the virtual world as well?

RZ:   Back in 2014, one of my friends found out that I sing. I didn't talk about it to anyone. So I was asked to perform one day, and I found that I liked it.

JB:    What type of audience do you hope to attract to your performances?

RZ:   I don't discriminate. I love to be around all people from all walks of life. The only thing I ask of people that attend my shows, is that they respect themselves and others around them.

JB:    How long have you been doing this now?

RZ:   In Real Life, I have been performing for 36 years. In Second Life, I have been performing for 9 years. It has been and still is an awesome experience in both lives! I can't wait to see what comes next.

JB:    Do you have standing gigs you do each week, or do you mix it up, and where might someone go to learn where to catch your next gig?

RZ:   I have standing gigs that I do weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. You can always look at my Google calendar and profile picks. In my picks, you can find the SLURL to the gigs. I try to make it easy to get to my shows.

JB:    As performer in Sl, you must meet people looking to hook up, don't you? How do you handle the Fans who may want more from you than just your music?

RZ:   I am in a committed relationship in RL. My partner and I don't date outside of our relationship. Behind every avatar in SL, there is a real person with real feelings. I don't like to play around with people's feelings. It is just not fair. I am always open to having more friends though!

JB:     Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers before you head home for the evening?

RZ:   I am a builder, singer, performing artist. I have my hands in many things, but the stage is my home. On stage, I try to reach out to many different age groups. I love sharing my love of music with everyone, in hopes that it makes a positive impact on their lives.

The number one thing I speak out about at my shows is something I strive to live for each day. My message to everyone is that you don't have to conform to what others want, think, or tell you to be.  You are a strong, beautiful person who impacts the world around you in many ways. It is up to you to make a positive difference in your life. You be what you want to be, just never forget where you came from. You are you, and that is what makes you special.

I want to do a special shout-out to Amalia, Dee, and Teresa. Thank you for sticking by me, and hosting the shows. You are very much family to me. I love you!

JB:    Do you have any groups or social media sites, like FLICKR, SnapChat, Twitter, etc, where people can learn more about you and your incredible music?

Google Calendar:




Discord:   ravenzenoria

So there you have it, Folks.  In a land where you have lots of singers out there, how do you know the “really Greats” from the “also sings”?  Wellllll…for starters,  you can take my word for it.  Hey!  You’re reading this article on the internet…and if it’s on the internet, it HAS to be true, right? But if that isn’t good enough (or even if it is), go catch one of Raven’s shows and decide for yourself. 

Check her out.  And when you do, tell ‘em Josh sent ya.   You’ll be glad you did.

Be there!  Aloha!


Sunday, October 22, 2023


For those of you who have NOT been to an event at Saddles lately, you owe it to yourself to do so.  Ashley Steele and her crew have done some AMAZING work that you simply will NOT want to miss.  Most recently they have added the Saddles Haunted House.  Now, when you have been a resident of the grid as long as many of us have, you think you have seen it all.  But I am telling you.   Check out Saddles this month and you surely WILL have “Seen it all”  Haunted House….Haunted Train Ride…Spooky Circus…This place has it.  I managed to Catch Ashley the other day while she was freshening up some of the blood splatters at the Haunted house, and managed to ask her a few questions about this latest addition to Saddles.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):       I have seen some phenomenal horror sims during the Halloween Season.  But the build you have this year’s is certainly among the best.   Was it a fascination with horror movies as a child?   Out-of-body experiences after eating tainted edibles?  Just where does that inspiration come from?

Ashley Steele (AS):   Saddles Haunted House was a complete staff project, from the initial ideas, to the final finished project. This whole area was built by Saddles staff and friends.  We were called Ashley’s Oasis.  After a short break, we opened back up as Saddles Canyon Country, Saddles Live Music / Saddles C (later renamed Saddles) DJ Aurrie started with me in 2015 and has remained to this day. 😊

JB:       Why did you decide to build this? And what sets Saddles House of Horror apart from the dozens of other Halloween builds out there?

AS:   Saddles does holiday-themed events.  We like to keep it fun for all guests, and I, along with my incredible staff, try to make that happen each and every day, always focusing on the guest experience. I am not sure about all the other great builds out there, but I do know that Saddles Haunted House will make you jump out of your skin. It’s fun and enjoyable for all. Bring your friends.  Bring your family.  Bring your friends’ families.  Ya’ll come now, ya hear?

After a harrowing visit to the Spooktacular attractions, you are going to want to get grounded again and Saddles is the perfect place for that as well.   Home to some of the Best DJs on the Grid, I was fortunate enough to be there and catch a set by Aurrie Lynne, the Saddles’ featured DJ of the Month for October.  I caught up with Aurrie as she had just wrapped up her final set of the evening, and she graciously consented to answer some of my questions.

JB:       How long have you been doing this?

Aurrie Lynne (aurrielynne.maesar) (AL):  I have been a full-on DJ since early 2014 but also did a lot of DJ sets occasionally for friends' clubs the previous 2 years or so along with 4 years of Hosting.  I have been involved in the SL club scene of many types of venues and genres for a long time.

JB:       What made you get started in this job?

AL:        I became seriously invested as a DJ, when I had a full REGION for 3 or so years, with 5 clubs on it, and had to often not only manage, but also host, and later DJ on short notice for a variety of genre’s, building up a lot of music... I also started taking regular / perm DJ sets in some friend’s clubs I had hosted at, with Rock/Pop and Country. I was in the process of going 100% as an SL DJ, when I joined Ashley’s Oasis and was slowly ramping down my region.

JB:       How many clubs are you currently hosting at?

AL:        I got out of SL for about a year as a DJ (only occasional sets for friends), and was an active DJ in other virtual world platforms like SANSAR, but now I am back, I Currently do sets @Saddles and @A Little Honky Tonk Bar spinning mostly Country and some Rock, getting back to my roots as a DJ. I also hosted a live Singer Friend.

JB:       What genre of music do you play, and do you have a favorite?

AL:        I had done a lot of EDM/Dance/Trance/House mixing at AEG clubs for over 5 years.  I will likely start doing some of that music again somewhere, TBD.  So, I like a lot of Music, I have played almost all of it at some point, and I think my current plans favorites wise are locked into Rock/POP/Dance/Country/EDM, and a mix of Trance and House music for Live Mixing. I use a Pioneer DDJ1000 to live mix and plan to do live mix shows in SL again soon.

JB:       Do you have your own group?

AL:        I had a very active group tied to my clubs, but they are pretty much shut down now, and just a list to find old friends. I have not found the secret to making a DJ group work for me or keeping folks there. Some DJ’s do it well, but that did not work well for me, so I did not put a lot of focus on it, you have clubs that are nervous about DJ’s who are growing their groups vs the Venue, it’s a sticky balancing issue at times.  I have one, of course, for those who want to see my schedule.

JB:       How many different venues do you play?

AL: Venue-wise, you have seen the MAIN ONEs that were significant for me, but I have played in over 18 clubs over the years, some come back for a bit and die, and some started up and shut down a year or so later. I tend to have a lot of friends who want to start up a club and ask If I will help them get going, I used to do it more than I do now, but MY SL time is more limited right now, due to RL work/project commitments. But I will often do openings and help for a few weeks, for a good friend.

JB:       Do you normally work with the same Host, or do you change it up from set to set?

AL:        I work with many hosts, but I will say, that a good Host makes the SET, and you can be a great DJ, and your set is going nowhere without good Hosting, especially if you are solo with no host.  I can DJ and Host at the same time (not ideal but doable), so I am less impacted by that, with my hosting experience. At the end of the day, it’s still the HOST/DJ team that makes a set memorable and fun. I know DJ’s who never hosted, and really can't do well unless a good one is provided.

JB:       The best DJs are usually good-looking, friendly, and outgoing…at least the good ones are. And as a semi-celeb, you must have people looking to hook up, don't you? How do handle the Fans who may want more from you than just your music?

AL:        I am open to friendships, for the sake of those who want to follow and have no groups left, but also, want to be actively informed when I am doing a set. So, on one level it’s not quite friendship, but I also get to know some, and we become friends, and that is key to networking as well.  You do get those who want more and might use the fact a DJs open to adding, but I handle that as I would as a normal SL person.

JB:       How would you advise someone who wants to get into your line of work  What would it take?

AL:        Above are many tips to not be repetitive, The bottom line: it takes time, practice, and getting out there and being seen and heard, and it can be a long grind, with many not-so-great sets, to improve and to start to get any recognition.

JB:       Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Readers?

AL:        Clubs, DJ’s, Singers, Live Performers, Hosts, and staff, all put forth a huge amount of effort to provide a great experience. There are yes, real costs and fees that have to be found/recovered from tips and donations as well, but the most critical of all is just supporting them with your time and attendance.  This is huge, to all of us in this business. We want and desire for you all to have a great time and experience. So much so that you want to come back for more.

JB:     Do you have any Social Media sites? Twitter, Snapchat, etc?

SURL:  (Saddles Halloween Venu)

SURL: (Saddles Country Club)

So, there you have it folks.  For the Best in Haunting Entertainment that will leave you “screamless” or to dance to the mellow rock tunes of the DJ of the Month,  Aurrie Lynne (aurrielynne.maesar), head on over to Saddles Canyon Country Halloween at the link above.  You’ll be glad you did.  And tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

Be there!  Aloha!


Wednesday, August 23, 2023


One of the really Cool parts of writing for SL’s longest running and most respected publication, is that I often get to rub elbows with some of the true Greats of the Visual Media.  It’s a tough job, but SOMEBODY has to do it. This week, I had the very real pleasure of interviewing the star of the Screen, the original pin-up gal, and the beloved dream girl of people the world over  (OK…OK…Mostly of MEN the world over)  - The incomparable Miss Marilyn Monroo.

I caught up with Miss Monroo at her seaside home on the west coast of the Blake Sea, where she graciously agreed to answer my inane questions about her rather checkered career as the quintessential  Movie Star

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):  So Tell me, Miss Monroo.  Just how did you get started in acting?

Marilyn Monroo (MM):  When I was 16, I was hitchhiking to Hollywood and was picked up by a famous movie producer in a shiny sports car. When he heard that I wanted to be a singer and actress, he said he could help me.  And the rest is history!

JB:     Did you ever get nervous before a big movie scene? How did you handle it?

MM:   I sometimes do get nervous, but my agent gives me a pill or a taste of whiskey to calm my nerves.

JB:    What kind of hobbies did you enjoy outside of acting?

MM:   Knitting and gardening are my favorite hobbies when I am not being a movie star or on a date with a famous, rich man.  I also like noodling around with Quantum Physics, and I am also researching Einstein’s family tree and seeing how that supports his “Theory of Relatives”

JB:   What's the most exciting part about being a famous actress?

MM:   I got to sing Happy Birthday Mr. President to John F. Kennedy for his 45th birthday at Madison Square Gardens. I received a Grammy Award for my singing.

JB:   Were there any challenges you faced as a young actress? How did you overcome them?

MM:   My first paying job in High School was as a Babysitter,  but that didn’t seem to go so well.  Moms never seemed to like me for some reason – especially Moms with young Boys..  I don’t know why.  The Dads were just the opposite.  They would fall all over themselves, being nice to me, and always offered to drive me home at night.

The main challenge I had was the size of my boobs. That challenge was overcome by me being casted for movie parts as a full chested bimbo.  Oh…and in case you were wondering, these puppies are ALL  Marilyn.  No silicon in THIS Girl.

 JB:   Did you have a favorite role you played in a movie? If so, which one and why was it your favorite?

MM:   I liked being a showgirl named Lorelei Lee in “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds,” because I was able to bathe in lots of white and pink diamonds on the set. I also got to sing which is one of my strongest talents. 

JB:     What advice do you have for people who dream of becoming actors or actresses?

MM:   My advice is to do what I did... quit school and hitchhike to Hollywood. Dating lots of famous rich men helps too.

JB:   Did you enjoy being famous, or did it have some downsides too?

MM:   I love being famous, who wouldn’t? The biggest downside is that everyone wants a piece of me. I am tiny so don’t have many pieces to give out. 

JB:     What was your favorite thing to do when you weren't working on movies?

MM:   I have started taking night classes, that way I can be a secretary if being a movie star doesn’t work out for me.  I also have an application to work at House of Waffles, but those jobs are so few and far between...and they are REALLY competitive.

JB:     Did you have to practice a lot to become such a great actress?

MM:   I sometimes need help with big words. I also take voice lessons so that I can sing my solos in the movies.

JB:     Did you have a favorite outfit that you wore in your movies?

MM:   I have two favorite outfits – the pink silk gown and diamonds from “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds” and my birthday suit in the pool scene of “Something’s Got to Give.”

 JB:     What's the coolest thing about being famous?

MM:   I published a book called “Marilyn’s Famous Quotes” in which I give my tips and advice to all of the aspiring actresses who want to be famous like me.

JB:     What were some of the funniest or most memorable moments on set while filming?

MM:   There were many funny and memorable things that happened to me in my movies. The best moment was in “The Seven Year Itch.” I was standing on a subway grate in a flowing white dress when the wind blew my skirt up. I wasn’t wearing any panties…

JB:     How did you handle being in the spotlight all the time?

MM:   I always keep a tube of SPF 45 Coppertone nearby.  Additionally,  I read books like Ulysses, War and Peace, or The Sound and the Fury. If they aren’t available, there is always the phonebook.

JB:     Did you ever get nervous before going on camera or performing in front of so many people?

MM:   I don’t usually get very nervous because of the type of parts I play. I am usually cast as a dumb blond bimbo type where I just smile, laugh, and act sexy. It would be hard to mess up that type of acting, right?

 Well, Miss Monroo, I want to thank you for taking time from your schedule to answer my questions.  You have inspired generations of moviegoers as the quintessential Movie Star and helped define the genre.

 Writer’s Note:  Special Thanks go out to Sara Box, the creator of the Marilyn avatar seen in the photos above, and without whose help I would not have been able to do this article.