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Showing posts with label music. Show all posts

Monday, March 25, 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Outlander Music Group (OMG!) SpringFest Starting March 26!

Spring is here and Outlander Music Group (OMG!) is celebrating Spring this week with 3 days of SpringFest!  There will be Live DJ's, rides, a MayPole, and lots of flowers and butterflies!  We will celebrate in true OMG! fashion - with an outdoor stage on OMG!Henge Island!  Find a soft spot in the grass, sit down, or stand up and dance! Just enjoy the music!

Here's the schedule!

Tuesday March 26: DJ Savvy - 6pm, DJ Picky - 7pm, DJ Lisa 8pm, DJ Nele 9pm to 11pm

Wednesday March 27: DJ Bloo - 6pm, DJ Soa - 7pm, DJ Rory - 8pm

Thursday March 28: DJ DanaCat - 4pm, DJ Jan  - 5pm, DJ Lau - 6pm, DJ Kelsey - 7pm, DJ Lukas - 8pm

Hope to see you there!

Monday, March 4, 2024

Blue Ridge Country moved as of March 1st, 2024!

Blue Ridge Country music club, established in September 2023 moved onto a full, moderate region and larger club building. The club focuses on new and classic country music played by some of the most entertaining DJs in second life, Sunday through Friday, and a full day of Rock, new and classic, on Saturday on a massive lake dock.

  The concept for Blue Ridge Country began years ago by owner Hannock Evergarden well before even becoming a DJ. Hannock set out to learn everything he could about club operations. After DJ’ing at various clubs and becoming part owner of another well-established country music club and learning the day-to-day operations as well as managing staff, he observed what works and what does not and incorporated that knowledge into managing Blue Ridge Country. 

  When the ideal of creating a club began to take form it was decided to begin small and build bigger if it became successful. The original club building was nothing more than a horse stable on ¼ region and the name for the club had not yet been decided and went through several concepts and ideas.  Blue Ridge Country and its theme is based on the Appalachian mountains which is close by and familiar to Hannock’s hometown, so it was decided to go with what he knows.  Once the concept began to take form it became obvious that if the club was going to have any chance of success, it was going to have to be larger and increased the area to ½ region. Plans were made for stores and trails with wildlife and scenic views as a dock for outside music sets. The club building was replaced with a mountain lodge large enough to accommodate several dozen with an area for games upstairs. 

  A deciding factor for choosing the Blue Ridge concept is because it was different from the typical, western, cowboy type country music club. The entire club was built by Hannock and his wife Lola, soon after they were joined by Ange, hired as the club's general manager.

  On September 1st, 2023, Blue Ridge Country opened to the public with only 7 DJ’s and 7 hosts. Within 6 weeks the club employed 25 DJ’s and 24 hosts.  Only 3 music sets per day were scheduled initially but eventually increased to 4 per day and 8 sets all day on Saturday’s. The club group members swelled to 200 by the end of the year. Plans were already in the works to move and enlarge the club and the owners went to work on a new club building. After trying several other designs, it was decided to expand and modify the current building. After the first of the year a full region was purchased, and work began on building the new club. The club is also going to be situated in a moderate rated region so as to be more family friendly.  With the combined efforts of the club owners, Hannock & Lola as well as general managers, Ange & Myth, the new club, and region was completed in 6 weeks and on March 1st,2024, it became operational. 

 Boasting beautiful views and mountain scenery adjoining a sim wide open water area. It includes a horse rezzer and extensive trails to ride them, a boat dock with bumper boats, kayaks, paddle boats, canoes and even jet skis. Beautiful waterfalls and a cave to explore.  Anyone can climb into the eagle's nest tree house that comes complete with cuddle areas, a relaxing bungalow, fantastic views of the region, complete with climbing ropes and a zip line. There is a romantic ranger tower nestled in the corner that looks fantastic in the midnight setting. 

  Themed events and contests will be occasionally scheduled. A full sim wide racetrack, with rezzable cars, motorcycles and hovercars is available above on a skybox.

Blue Ridge Country not only wants to be your music club but also a place where you can feel at home, build friendships, and not worry about judgements or drama. Future plans include scheduling live singers and concerts. Increasing music sets all day every day from 6AM to 10PM. Involvement in special causes and events.

We invite everyone to visit us and explore. The staff of Blue Ridge Country are the friendliest you will find in second life and will be more than happy to welcome you and include you in the Blue Ridge family.


Kick up those boots and dance! -Awesome Country Music Venues in Second Life -Hazel Silvermoon reporting…

Sunday is always a relaxing day for me, and exploring music in Second Life is always new and exciting. It really is one of the best ways to spend the evening, and I did just that. I traveled around to seek out some of the best Country music venues I could find, and as usual, the grid did not disappoint. So grab your hat, put on your finest pair of boots, and get ready to hit the dance floor!

Jared’s Wildcat Country 

I started off strong at Jared’s Wildcat Country. The music was great, and the DJ played a  wide variety of Country hits, as well as a mix of songs that aren’t heard on the radio normally. I love this because it gives us a chance to hear songs we may not have heard otherwise! The atmosphere was really friendly, and I felt like family! It really is a great place to dance the night away!

Jared’s Wildcat Country:

Kickin Boots

My second stop was Kickin Boots. Located inside a large red barn, it really gives off that country vibe. I was greeted immediately upon entering the sim, and everyone was warm and friendly. The music was upbeat and really made you want to get out there and shake it! (Which is exactly what I did!) I would definitely give this venue a 10/10 . It is a great place for a party! I especially loved the DJ at this Club, because he was funny, and kind , and greeted us all on voice, which is rare, but it really makes you feel special!

Kickin Boots:

Tennessee Whiskey Country Club

I have to say that if I could pick a favorite of the night, Tennessee Whiskey Country Club would take that spot. Not only was the vibe very relaxed, they played some of my favorite Country tunes. I am a fan of  90’s country, and I got to hear some really amazing music here. It brought me back to my childhood and gave me that nostalgic feeling. It was truly a great place to kick back and forget that Monday is right around the corner!

Tennessee Whiskey Country Club:

Blue Ridge Country 

Blue Ridge Country was a really enjoyable place to be! The Host was amazing, and very fun to interact with. Upon entry, you are greeted with excitement, and given many dance options to choose from. They played a great variety of Country from different decades, and this made it easy to want to stay all night! You never knew what song was coming next, but all of them were awesome! This is a really great Club if you are looking for a very laid back feel.  They had the most dance options , which makes it easy to bring your loved ones along with you for a night of fun. 

Blue Ridge Country:

Rodeo Nightclub

My last stop of the night was the Rodeo Nightclub.

It was a very charming little spot. Upon entering the SIM, you walk up a stone path surrounded by trees and horses. Rodeo Nightclub has a log cabin sort of feel, and these combined elements really give you that country sensation. The staff was friendly and enthusiastic . This made me feel happy to be in the venue , as it was easy to make friends. There was a variety of both Country and Country-Rock tunes, which was a nice change of pace! I really enjoyed my time at Rodeo Nightclub, and will definitely be returning!

No matter which of the listed venues you choose, you are sure to have an amazing night filled with great music, and a friendly crowd of folks to have a conversation with! So if you love Country music, be sure to give one of these Clubs a try!

Rodeo Nightclub:

Monday, February 12, 2024

Venues that rock! - 5 great places to rock & roll on the grid- Hazel Silvermoon- Reporting


There are so many amazing ways to let loose in Second Life and each of us have our favorite go-to locations. For many of us, music venues are a large part of our virtual  existence.. This week, I went out in search of some of the best rock and roll venues on the grid, and wow, did I have a great time! 

(Image Name- The River)

The River

My first stop was The River.  It is an amazing open venue, with a unique guitar decor. The venue is outdoors, and has an absolutely beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. The DJ and Host were both exceptionally warm and welcoming. They played a variety of tunes and it was an all-around pleasant experience.  The crowd was kind and accepting , and everyone was having a great time! They also have many boards around to inform you of upcoming events!

The River:

Sanctuary Rocks

Sanctuary Rocks was one of my favorite places I discovered on my journey. The club features a gothic cathedral vibe and has a very positive atmosphere. The crowd here was very energetic and ready to party! The DJ played a variety of hard rock and metal music and it was very easy to strike up a conversation with those around me. There were also plenty of dance options for both singles and couples. 

Sanctuary Rocks:

Ohana Rock Club-

Ohana Rock Club has a very lively atmosphere and is set on an open waterfront with an island feel. I was lucky enough to experience going on Superbowl Sunday. The club was made into a giant football field to fit the event, and the party was huge! The crowd was pumped, and the music was amazing. They played a variety of modern rock hits, and welcomed any requests that fit the genre. Everyone had a really upbeat attitude, and it really makes you want to return for more!

Ohana Rock Club:

Wet Willies Rock Club

Boasting 15 years on the grid, Wet Willies is a rock club with charm. Both the DJ and host greeted me before I had even entered the club. They displayed a mixture of expertise and professionalism , while still maintaining a kindness that makes you feel like family. The music was a variety of today’s rock hits, and some of past decades as well. I had a great time dancing along with the crowd. Wet Willies is an amazing venue to relax and hear some of your favorite music!

Wet Willies Rock Club:

TuttiFrutti Rock’N Roll Club

If you are looking for a blast from the past, TuttiFrutti Rock’N Roll club has just the thing. Featuring amazing retro 50-60’s style decor, it is sure to make you feel nostalgic. They play a variety of music from past decades, which makes this venue both interesting and different. It is a very welcoming place with some of the coolest decorations in Second life. If you are looking for a wonderful place to spend the evening, TuttiFruitti is for you!!

TuttiFrutti Rock’N Roll Club:

No matter which of these venues you choose, you are sure to be delighted. While each place had its own unique feel, they all had one thing in common: music brings us all together.



SCARLET'S PRESENTS MARDI GRAS 24 1PM Winter, unlike the season, brings warmth, passion, and a vibrant personality full of humor to SL's live music environment and Scarlet's. Acoustic Rock, Hard Rock and more. 2PM FRANK (SINGERDONFRANKO) is An experienced (live and studio), well-trained singer of Swing, Jazz, RnB, Country, Rock/Pop, Musical,.... A singer/songwriter with many songs, also inspired by Second Life experiences and stories. Songs that bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world. 3PM AGATHA is not only an exceptionally talented singer, blessed with a beautiful voice and incredible range, she is also hysterically funny and down to earth. 4-6PM PARTY MUSIC STREAMED BY SCARLET 6PM AARON CABOTT JONES SL AND RL PERFORMER, SINGER AND SONGWRITER OF MANY GENRES OF MUSIC, HIS SHOWS ARE FILLED WITH FANTASTIC COVERS FROM PETTY TO SPRINGSTEEN COLD PLAY AND MORE.. 7PM JAK An accomplished writer, arranger, guitarist, & vocalist, Jak's solo show includes an interesting mix of acoustic & electric guitar, often played to his homegrown 'Groot' tracks that create the backing of a percussionist all the way to a full band. 8PM NOMA FALTA is a POWERFUL, passionate, performer in the Music scene of Secondlife. A vocalist, bass player, and guitar player. Genres are Blues, rock, soul, pop, and jazz influenced tunes. 9PM MAVENN The depth of Mavenn's character and musical insight is displayed with every song. Every lyric finds Mavenn contributing her emotionally deep meaning. Her interpretations are heartfelt and authentic; she owns every emotion and melodic nuance, regardless of the composer. ALL AT THE MARDI GRAS PARTY VENUE ADULT RATED SIM "BRA'S OPTIONAL FOR THIS PARTY ATTIRE: MARDI GRAS OR CASUAL ADULT FREE BEADS

Sunday, February 11, 2024


Introducing The Shelter Club: Your Ultimate Destination for Music, Fun, and Thrills! 

Step into a world of electrifying beats and unparalleled excitement at The Shelter Club - the trendiest hotspot on the grid! Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience where music, ambiance, and community unite to create magic!

🎵 Dive into the rhythm of our funky, steampunk-inspired vibes, meticulously crafted to ignite your senses and transport you to a realm of pure euphoria!

🎵 With an eclectic mix of tunes handpicked by our stellar DJs from across the globe, every moment at The Shelter Club promises to be an exhilarating journey through sonic wonderlands!

🎵 Strut your style on the dance floor with the hottest moves from Paragon, Sync’D Motion, and Intan, and unleash your inner superstar!

🎵 But wait, the fun doesn't end there! Indulge in a plethora of thrilling games including Hand and Foot, Greedy Greedy, Cheesy, Blitz, Cards Against Humanity, and Trivia, guaranteed to keep your adrenaline pumping all night long!

🎵️ Glide into excitement at our roller skating rink or putt your way to victory at our mini-golf course, right beneath the club! The adventure never stops at The Shelter Club!

🎵 Get ready for themed extravaganzas and movie nights that will leave you wanting more, as we redefine entertainment in virtual reality!

🎵 Join our vibrant in-world group, hop into our Discord server, and connect with our Facebook community to stay updated on all the latest happenings and exclusive events!

Don't miss out on the thrills and spills at the coolest club on the grid! Come join us at The Shelter Club and let the music carry you away to a world of endless fun and excitement! We can't wait to welcome you into our ever-growing family!

📍 In-World Location:

💬 Discord:

📘 Facebook Group:

Friday, February 9, 2024



We will be dancing on a football field all day Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 10th and 11th. Dress in your favorite team's colors; as a football player, referee or cheerleader; or casual. Pick up pompoms for the big game on your way in. With nine live shows over two days and fabulous music by our DJs, you know it's gonna be an epic Super Bowl party Rockin' Robin style!



Monday, February 5, 2024



The Shelter Club is a fun, exciting music club with a funky, Steampunk vibe! The club was created to share all types of music including Rock, Alternative, Metal, Blues, 70s, 80s, and beyond. The tunes are curated by amazing DJs from all around the globe. We also host Trivia nights, live performances, and

special events and we LOVE to host private parties!

The Shelter Club has the coolest dances available in Second Life, from Paragon, Sync’D Motion and Abranimations. You can show off those flawless moves on the dance floor and strut your stuff! Not into

dancing? Not a problem! We have lots of the games you love to play, including Hand and Foot, Greedy Greedy, Cheesy, Blitz. The fun doesn’t stop there! We also have a ROLLER SKATING RINK and MINI-GOLF. Plus, we hold theme nights, movie nights and fun contests where you might win some Lindens!

Hop on the provided LM and check out the coolest music club on the grid! While you are here, be sure to join our in-world group, our Discord, and our Facebook group. That way you never miss out on any of the fun things that we always have going on in our exciting and growing community!

WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING FUN, RELIABLE DJS, AND HOSTS TO JOIN OUR FRIENDLY,POSITIVE TEAM. Applications are at the front door, so drop by to check us out and pick one up. Drop it back to Suzeee Sands or Codeee Larsson ASAP!

If you have any questions or need further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Suzeee Sands or

Codeee Larsson In-World or via our Discord Channel. Links are provided below.

In-World Location:


Facebook Group:

Hop on the provided LM and check out the coolest music club on the grid! While you are here, be sure to join our in-world group, our Discord, and our Facebook group. That way you never miss out on any of the fun things that we always have going on in our exciting and growing community!  

WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING FUN, RELIABLE DJS, AND HOSTS TO JOIN OUR FRIENDLY, POSITIVE TEAM.  Applications are at the front door, so drop by to check us out and pick one up.  Drop it back to Suzeee Sands or Codeee Larsson ASAP!

If you have any questions or need further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Suzeee Sands or Codeee Larsson In-World or via our Discord Channel.  Links are provided below.  

  n-World Location:


Facebook Group:

Monday, January 22, 2024

Struck by Cupids Arrow: Valentine's Day - February 10, 2024.


Valentine's Day Love Party featuring Stephanniyah Sinatra and Taty the Poet at the Bariki Restaurant - February 10, 2024. Tickets are available for Couples and Singles! Various options available such as Couples/Singles Dinner--Bar Only (All the drinks you can handle) and VIP (front row seats to the performers- No dinner provided. Finger foods and drinks).

The Bariki team is ready to provide the ultimate RP experience. You do not want to miss this special occasion. It's a love day Party.

Purchase your tickets on MP!

Tickets are selling fast. Once purchasing, send your reservation form in world to Jahkobi Resident. We can't wait to see you there!

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Some of the Best Concert Venues of 2024- Tabitha Mercury Reporting...


Donning a backless black top, form-fitting jeans and complimentary heels I left my humble home on a quest to spend my Friday checking out concert venues and seeing which ones stood out the best. I got out my list of researched sets to check out and started.

After arriving on the Dream of Sylt sim, at the .semicolon. venue, I was greeted with the voice of Anilaik, performing rock and sounding really good. It was a mid-sized venue that was rather crowded by the stage, with plenty of seating around. I could see people enjoying shows here.

Next, I popped over to End of Time, located on the Eotia sim. I was greeted with a ground level, open air venue surrounded by forestry. There was a smaller crowd at this venue, there was enough standing, dancing, and seating room. Mel Cheeky was on stage performing to a crowd that they seemed to have a fan base in. 

Ahh, the good ole Blarney Stone! This pub is located on the Dublin sim and claims the “Oldest Pub in SL” title. Central bar, stage at the back of the pub, not much has changed. Oddly, not as friendly of a crowd as I remembered. I think this was the only club the host didn’t greet me in. I found that very strange for one of SL’s oldest venues. Must be a weird fluke. This venue is great for live singers and truly built for it. In the traditional style of an Irish pub, The Blarney Stone has ruled in SL for years as a go to for entertainment.

Next I went to another fairly well known concert venue, Cafe Musique. I have been here before to watch artists perform and knew a bit about what to expect. Located on the Sandness sim, Cafe Musique’s beach venue is where I normally end up for concerts. This is also an open air venue, which was established in 2015. That does usually make for a low fps. It’s a friendly atmosphere that has a good dance area with dance pads and limited seating. I enjoyed the stylings of Dandy Pianoman when I visited.

Bright colors, romantic scenery, photo ops and breathtaking moments can be had at this next sim, the Romantica sim. Home to a concert venue (amphitheater) that features live singers, such as Leo Brind, who I found to be engaging and amusing. Surprisingly, this open air design had a higher fps than most open air venues I had been to. A huge dance floor beckons you, dotted with bright colored lights, to make your romantic side take over. This place is made for weddings and proposals, so let your heart lead you!

The last club I went to was Hotel Chelsea, located on the Lanestris sim for the Reno Jones performance. I enjoyed his musical stylings and took in the scenery around me. I felt the decor was disjointed and could use an update. There was plenty of standing, dancing, and seating for the small crowd that had arrived for this show. There was low fps, but that seems to be the case with most of the venues I have seen.

Oh, you thought I was done? Oh no, dolls…I saved the best for last!

As I was seeing which place I wanted to head to next, after the stunning Romantica, I got a group message from my favorite SL performer letting me know she was doing an unscheduled set at a venue I had never been to. What timing!

I was off to Exotic Escape Club on the Dragon Field sim to watch Mavenn, the songstress of my soul, perform. This was an open air set up with a great dance floor with dance pads - single and couples set up. There was a serious stage set up where speakers lined it along with lights. I was welcomed right away, everyone seemed very friendly and approachable, including the staff. I panned around the sim and enjoyed what I saw, so I IMed one of the owners, Nap, who was present and asked them how long they have been open. I was shocked to find out they have only been around since August of 2023.  There is a lot to see and do on this sim and surprisingly it had good fps, considering all there is to see, with plenty of room to dance or sit. I approached the other owner, Aufreizend Lexico and had to ask her what inspired her to create a live music venue and what her hopes are for the future of Exotic Escape Club. 

Aufreizend: I was in SL 13 years ago and help manage another club. A year ago came back with a vision to own and manage a better club that is Romantic, Classy, Exciting , Naughty ,Fun and cater to most people’s dreams in SL.The club had to be classy with limited rules..RL has so many rules already..Sl is all about fun and making your dreams come alive ., I found that PG Clubs cannot provide this type of environment and yet be fun. .I have a great Team here at Exotic Escape and without them , my visions would have never came true. Making it one of the most visited Music Venues in SL with the Best Live Singers doing incredible shows for the audience (and) start live streaming for our singers.We are currently a Live Singer Venue and are always looking for good entertainment throughout SL.  We are researching how DJs will fit into our entertainment stream. We also have spaces for vendors within our sim and are actively looking for vendors to fill our space.. Bringing people together so we all can enjoy SL without the drama of RL.

In conclusion, SL has a plethora of venues to choose from and all have their good and bad qualities. I feel that Exotic Escape Club is an up and coming venue with lots to offer and I am definitely going to keep my eye on it. They have a friendly staff, not limited to the owners - Nap, Aufreizend, and Lieve Annette, it also includes the manager Billy Miner, and their entertainment Manager - Boom Boom Karrie. This sim was created with much love to fit into Aufreizend’s dream by herself, Nap, and KaL, along with all the hard work from their staff to keep it running.


Adult Sim, check out the events board at the landing point for more info!

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Blue Ridge Country: Fun Times & Great People!


Blue Ridge Country is Hiring Fun, Energetic, Dependable DJs & Hosts! 100% of the Tips! 1000% Fun Times!


Grand Opening Queen Concert!! Saturday January 20th at 3:00pm SL Time!


Dancing, Dance, Dating, Date,Romance, Hangout, Friendly , Rock, Classic rock, Pop, Soft rock, Blues, 60"s, 70"s 80" country, to currant

Krazy Korner is an awesome club that invites residents to enjoy a lively atmosphere filled with friendly interactions, dancing, and a range of Pop music genres, including tunes spanning from the 60s to the current era. Visit for an unforgettable party experience at Krazy Korner!!


Friday, December 29, 2023



Start: 11:00am, Sunday, Dec. 31st, 2023

Ends: 12:30am, Monday, Jan. 1st, 2024 * 9 Incredible DJs * Fully interactive tiny Christmas village * Ice skating * LIVE STREAMING of NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS from around the world by EarthCam! We in SL are from all over the world, let's celebrate everyone's new year as it happens in different countries!

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

GOT PLANS FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE? Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


If you don't have plans in real life for New Years eve, don’t stress about it. There is always something to do in Second Life. What’s that saying?...... When life give you lemons, f*ck it, make some lemonade. Kick it up a notch by throwing some liquor in it and get your party on in SL! You don’t have to worry about checkpoints and a DUI or waking up next to someone you thought was the bomb until you lost your beer goggles. Not to mention having to think of a way to avoid them. Party like a rockstar on a budget and live your best SLife with no regrets.

For the outside clueless world, people may assume things and think you are some gamer glued to your computer screen but to us, they are the clueless mundane land dwellers who barely get a chance to see their own creativity in a real world full of nonsense, fuckery and judgemental peeps. They have no idea that you give to charities in Second Life, help others and feel good about yourself with strangers you may never meet in the real world. That’s the beauty of the virtual world.

Don’t be ashamed to be your true self, the people that really know you will love you no matter what. Getting to meet people in a global community from the inside out that don’t judge you is a great feeling. If you come across clowns in Sl who do, kick them to the proverbial curb and keep it movin’. You got parties to go to.

 As long as you handle your responsibilities in the real world, go to work, pay your own bills and come up for air every once in a while to call friends and family, everyone else’s opinions don’t matter. They can go do some mini golf, bake a pie, be a Karen or clip coupons and do whatever else they wanna do. Why should you fit in their world when they don’t bother to understand yours?

With that said, take your ass to Sl marketplace or your favorite clothing store and splurge some lindens on a badass outfit. Gather up some friends, paint the grid with your presence and step into a New year surrounded by the peeps who make you happy.

Here are some places that will be hosting some New year’s Eve events on the grid. 

NEW YORK -  Winter - HAPPY   NEW YEARS 2024

With the purpose of providing Second Life Residents a virtual experience in New York with its main points of reference in the city, this is an inspired destination for entertainment and immersion. See replicas of the Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty 

HiVid New Year’s Eve “Party Before 2024” December 27th 

HiVid proudly presents our 'Party Before 2024' New Years Eve Event

With live music and DJs, we are partying like its 1999 to see the New Year in here at HiVid today.

2pm - Agatha bringing her sensational songs to us, always ready for a party and all your requests and dedications

3pm - Shaye Dezno ready to rock and roll us out closer to the New Year

4pm - Benny the residential HiVid DJ here to party until 5pm

HUGE Giveaways to be won and much much more… 

Scarlet’s Rockin New years Eve Weekend- December 29th 8pm-9pm slt







FRIDAY 12/29






SUNDAY 12/31





New Year’s Eve at Rockin Robin- December 31st 12:00 am

Join us at a special Hollywood-themed build for the best New Year's eve party in Second Life. Dance in the famous Hollywood Bowl all day long as we usher in 2024. Formal dress requested, but everyone is welcome. Pick up champagne and party hats on your way in


NOMA FALTA comes to Hotlanta Blues' New Year's Eve and 15th Anniversary Party on the Roof to wail dem Blues for you as only Noma can! NOMA was Hotlanta's first live performer and here we are 15 years later still serving up Great Blues! It's PARTY TIME on the Roof, Blues Lovers! Let's do this thang!

Noma Falta plays Blues and soulful Rock in virtual worlds and in-person around the globe. Although she is a classically trained violinist from a young age, she left a 10 year career with symphonies to pursue her love of singing and playing live Rock and Blues music and never looked back. Gospel and Blues are the foundations of her singing.

Hotlanta Blues Club is the perfect venue to showcase this great Blues performance. In Hotlanta we live, love, mourn and rejoice in the Blues! Come live the Blues!


Please join us as we ring in a new year with a Fabulous Formal featuring the amazing singer Ivy Fadel!

In RL, Ivy is Vocalist since 2006 in numerous rock and metal bands and is executive producer of festivals and music events.

In his set he brings songs Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Queens of The Stone Age, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse, The Smiths, Faith No More and many more



DECEMBER 27th 2023 7-9pm

Hosted by Jackie

Dress Code:  Formal Festive

Live performances 

Melodee McDonnell

Trav McCullough




Check the SL Events list for more events happening across the grid!

Be safe, have fun and Happy New Year!!!!!!!