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Showing posts with label Thomas1 Bellic. Show all posts

Thursday, June 8, 2023


After spending years as a resident in SecondLife, it is easy to develop a “Been there,  Seen it all” attitude.  After all, there are only a finite number of ways to design a dance club, right? Grab a few essentials – Dance floor, DJ platform, Dance Intan, some animated furniture and bar stools.  Throw in a strobe light of two, and you’re ready for launch.  But if you really think that is the best that SL has to offer, then, as my Dad used to say: “Ya got another think coming”.  After a particularly hectic week in “That other world”  I seriously needed a break from the flotsam and jetsam of life, when I stumbled upon Half Moon Bay,  A delight for the eyes and relaxation for the spirit… as if Norman Rockwell and Bob Ross had designed a village.. As I strolled the winding streets of this seacoast village, I came upon σχу Μŷşŧīς  (roxymystic) and Virgil Flowers (xvirgilflowersx).  She was busy, touching up the paint on the sign over the bait shop, while he was replacing some paving stones that had broken under the weight of last winter’s snow.  They graciously consented to take a break from their labors and chat with me for a bit. 

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):   So tell me, guys,  Where did you get the idea for Half Moon Bay (HMB)and is there some history here?

Roxy Mystic (RM):   As far back as I can remember, Virgil and I always had a venue; not always a public one but we both enjoy building and doing creative things.  He is a SL musician and it is always nice to have a spot where he can call home to practice and play. This time around we both wanted a natural and relaxing spot. I always loved the charm of small coastal fishing towns so we hope that visitors instantly feel it too and enjoy the theme.  

Virgil Flowers (VF):  Roxy and I had a previous venue modeled after The Whisky, a famous live music bar in Los Angeles, and I wanted to give Her a nice gift, so when I gave this to her i was looking for names, and I used to live on the west coast so the name half moon Bay just appealed to me - it is a very image invoking the name, however,
the location in SL bears no resemblance beyond the name to the actual RL place.

JB:   Did you do all this yourself?  If not, who else is involved and what is/was their contribution?

VF:   Roxy did 98% of this build Herself - my contributions were the half-moon sort of logo - using a moon character found on MP and then crafting the letters and sign textures...and I did a little bit on the stage area.  Otherwise, this is all Her, and She is a wizard at building sims.

RM:   Virgil is a very generous person with a big heart, he knows how much I love to build. We do work wonderfully together. When we take on a big project, we love to brainstorm ideas first. Both of us have RL professional backgrounds so we understand very well how to execute business and marketing plans.

 JB:   What sets Half Moon Bay apart from the many other clubs out there with a similar theme?

RM:   I don't even think of HMB as a club at all, I really want people to feel they can come here and just relax and enjoy themselves, in my mind that is the first priority at HMB.

VF:  Well, HMB is more than a club - it is a well-laid-out place to kick back and relax - it has Virgil's Guitar Store, (also available on marketplace) MARKET PLACE:, naughty motel, a nice beach, a wharf area, restaurant, wedding chapel and the the outdoor music area, with a kind of hippy boho is a laid-back open place that accepts all.

JB:   Who do you hope to attract to your build? What special group of people might Half Moon Bay appeal to?

Virgil - Anyone looking to relax and enjoy the sounds of surf or music or to take some nice pictures.  Intimate rendezvous at the motel, Virgil's Guitar Shop is there as well.  Come for a nice walk with a loved one, or alone to relax and meditate.

Roxy - I agree with Virgil, it offers a little something for everybody. There are interactive furniture all over the place and some are very romantic. HMB is also a perfect spot for photographer enthusiasts and bloggers. We have a Flickr page where HMB pictures can be shared:

JB:   What are some of the areas that guests might enjoy during a visit to Half Moon Bay?

RM:   People can come here for a bit of roleplay if they like. The restaurant for example has 80+ menu items and don't get me going about the kinky Motel! The Chapel with automated wedding services is quite quaint. Virgil and I were looking for a nice small spot to marry a few years ago and could not find anything out there that catered to small weddings so this inspired me to build a really adorable spot here at HMB. The chapel, car, arch, and bench inside the gazebo have a bunch of poses for the groom and bride. It is really perfect for a small intimate wedding.

VF:   As mentioned above, HMB features a Wedding Chapel, a beach, a Wharf area with a fish and chip shack, Virgil's Guitar Shop, an Outdoor restaurant, a Motel and a Sound-stage.

JB:   Do you have any special events planned?

VF:   We are kicking off the opening with a Flickr photo contest, and planning a Grand Opening in July with live music.  Right now, our plan is to have monthly themed events, such as Acoustic shows, Singer Songwriter original shows, Guitarist Show, and a Dueling event...there are so many talented people in SL, that we want to support

RM:   All of those details will be coming soon and we will ensure to send out a press release and notices once everything is confirmed! People are welcome to join our Facebook group as well to keep up with our events FB:

 JB:    And how about the future?  Do you have any changes in mind?

RM:  The future of HMB is hopefully a good one with lots of positive feedback. We are not officially open yet and so far we've had over 200 visitors. I think most have visited the Motel though as I keep finding dirty towels all over the rooms! Thank God Virgil is the one doing all the cleaning! Teasing aside, there are no immediate plans for changes but who knows!

JB:    Are these spaces available for use by others?

VF:   Absolutely - almost everything is interactive. You can use the Motel themed rooms (there are 3 rooms each with a theme, get married, eat a meal, relax on the beach….there is an interactive row boat and chairs yes, a lot to do, and of course the music when we have events.

JB:   What has been your greatest challenge in building Half Moon Bay?

VF:   Roxy is a prolific builder, and I would come in in the mornings and She would have most of the things done, so other than designing a logo and helping Her fit buildings into spaces, there was very little challenge for me - I am sure She would say different!  lol..but really, the biggest challenge is probably creating a nice sim within a strict prim count.

RM:   PRIMS! I had to do a lot of creative prim combining but it all came out perfectly. I do have so many creative ideas but perhaps that will bare fruit in another build somewhere someday.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

RM:  Half Moon Bay was built for the SL community to enjoy. There are no fees to join the HMB group and everybody is welcome!

VF:  I totally agree with Roxy, we come to SL to relax and leave the stresses of RL jobs and stuff behind for a while, HMB is a place to do exactly that.

So, there you have it folks. This place is DEFINITELY worth your time.  Come for a short visit…or stay the entire season.  Check out their FLICKR and FaceBook sites, then hop on over to the SURL listed below.

And when you do, Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.  You’ll be glad you did

Be there!  Aloha!!


·         SURL:

·         FLICKR:

·         FB:

Friday, February 17, 2023



The other day, as I was strolling along the beach on the Blake Sea, I heard the faint sounds of music, wafting over the roar of the incoming surf.  I was instantly captivated by the Siren song, urging me forward.  I had to know where this magical sound originated.  After a perilous journey, traversing three whole regions, I finally located the source of this enchantment.  I was in the aptly named region of “Dark Rose”, and the music issued forth from the massive structure before me:  The Basilica.  I beckoned to two persons I assumed to be acolytes at this Basilica, asking that they share with me the story of this fantabulously amazing build (and yes, “fantabulously” is a real word.  Just ask my 6-year-old).  This is their story.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):    So, tell me, Trynn and Emi? Just what is the Basilica all about?

Trynn.Mildor (TM):   It is about feeding the soul - through music, through connection, through togetherness. It is about the thrill of the dance, about losing yourself in the beat. Because when we are swept away by the dance we become united, unified. We belong.

Emilysilkstone (ES):    Why do people come to SL? To escape from reality for a bit, to chill, to relax, to meet friends. We want to give them a good time because we think everyone deserves to have fun here. And a club is just perfect for this: bringing people together, listening to music, dancing, chatting ... you can do it all at the Basilica.

JB:   What a phenomenal build.  Did the two of you do this all yourself, or did you have help, and what did they do?

TM:    Oh no this is the work of Marcus Inkpen - we are more um ...  putterers together of things. - including ideas and people.  But we are in love with the building - the reflective floors, the high-arched vaults, and the majestic apses. we think are the perfect setting for a sacred experience like music and human engagement.

ES:    Well, I'd say "we threw stuff together and called it a club". The real artists are the creators of course. I'm the greatest admirer of all those amazing people creating amazing things in SL. And it's an honor to use them in our sim. We started with a central theme, a central story, then handed over to our imagination ... And this is the result.

JB:   Why did you choose this setting?

TM:    Well, we chose this beautiful building by Marcus firstly for a selfish reason - we love it. But also, we chose it as a sort of recognition that it can stand as a sort of metaphor for our devotion to music. Like faith, music is transcendent in nature. It lifts your spirits, it reaches the deep recesses of your mind that sometimes stay dormant.  It even has the potential to remind us of the vastness of the universe and how small we are in it. 

ES:    When I saw this Basilica for the first time, my jaw dropped. I've never seen such an amazing building. And yeah, my first thought was ... let's use it for a music club haha. I've seen RL (techno-)parties in churches and I was at Tomorrowland last summer, so yeah, this kind of scenery really adds to the experience. And I like it big haha. But don't put that in your article.

JB:   Certainly Emily…no double entendre or nuanced naughtiness here.  So…what kind of musical genre do you envision here, and what kind of guests are you hoping to attract?

TM:   There isn’t anyone across the Myers-Briggs personality spectrum that we don’t want to attract!  We think everyone deserves human connection. So, we hope for the passionate, the adventurous, the experimental, and the spontaneous but ... we hope to add some of those elements to those who do naturally or currently feel those things. Even those who aren't huge fans of EDM will find pleasure in the vibe, the awe-inspiring sense of the place, and the hot AVs dancing or hanging out. 

ES:    Well, personally I like almost everything! From techno to classical, from oldies to French stuff. But it will be a journey, taking off with EDM, techno, house, but also things like a dark wave ... ok ask Trynn hahahaha. And about our guests, well my doctor once said I have a big heart, so yes, there's room for everyone.

JB:   As you know, there is no shortage of adult entertainment sims in SL.  What is the “Basilica” difference and why should people come here for entertainment, vice go elsewhere?

TM:   Well The basilica is not only a dance club, or only a hookup place - it's an amalgamation of the two things. But that just makes sense if you think about real life. I mean, most of us have fallen in lust at clubs millions of times over. Because music can be sex ... and sex can be music. And a tad of lovense in the furniture will only add excitement into the mix.   The Basilica has a certain energy to it, a pulse. You feel it the moment you look up at those ornate windows and the apses, and then that first wave of neon brushes over you, and you feel you are somewhere special.  There are other little things too, like the couple standing poses discreetly placed around the floors and the exclusive balcony boxes that can be  rented out for private parties. But at the heart of it is our love for music - we are true devotees -  it translates into everything, from the DJs we pick to the themed events we'll be having.

 ES:    Oh, our unique selling points are many: first of all, our scenery: the fantastic Basilica, but also the buildings next to it: we have a cozy coffee house, a warehouse for illegal raves, a nice square for open-air concerts ... We'll bring the experience to social media, we'll even live stream to YouTube. We'll have Twitch DJ's in-world. And we'll implement artificial intelligence, so you can interact with NPC's. Fun Fun FUN!

JB:   Did I see some zombies wandering about the premises? What are they doing here?

ES:    Oh, did you spot me on a Monday early morning here? Guess I didn't have coffee yet.

TM:   (Laugh) Those are only for my own stress relief and amusement. When they are shot, they explode and there is great satisfaction in that... I sometimes forget them and they spawn across the sim giving visitors shock. Their days will be unfortunately numbered once the club is open.

JB:   Do you plan any special events here, and if so, how might people learn about them?

TM:   Oh yes!  We will definitely host themed events - both Emily and I are fiends for fashion and dressing up. The best way to stay abreast of upcoming events is to join the SL group: the Basilica @ Dark Rose, or to visit Emily's coffee shop - the hostess there is always up to speed with the latest gossip.

ES:    Yes. not only parties, but also fashion shows, car shows on the square in front of the Basilica, and even chess games with famous YouTubers. We're aiming for the next Eurovision song contest - ok, now I’m kidding.

JB:   Tell me about the Fire Station?  Do you have some ideas for that?

TM:    The Basilica for all its grandeur is situated among some old factories and warehouses, some tenements, and a skanky hotel.  One sees this often in urban development where a beautiful old building, often with historical value, gets engulfed by industrial plants and such. however, luckily these buildings  are quite beautiful in their own right. They have a gritty sort of glamor to them. We are hoping to make them available as a venue for hire and to host some parties in them - maybe old-school style raves could be amazing in there.

ES:    Well, we value safety and security, and as the Basilica is an old building, we rezzed a fire station as well. We had to. Insurance ordered us to do it. So, we're safe  now.

JB:   And how about the future?  Do you have any improvements or changes in mind for the weeks and  months ahead?

TM:   We are very mindful of feedback, sometimes you have to trial and error things, live with them for a bit to see if they work or not. So definitely we will be ready to adjust if we must. But we believe the bigger picture for the sim is quite feasible, and that the bigger picture slots together like pieces of a puzzle. For example, Emily's is a dainty little coffee shop with a marvelous view of the ocean; and there are plans underway for an acoustic lounge on the beach with mismatched beach chairs and gently crashing waves.  Also, down the line we would like to offer accommodations, those gorgeous old tenements are just asking to be lived in.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

ES:    Yessss, Second Life is an amazing world. I think it's still the best virtual place around. And I hope to see all those amazing SL-peeps at the Basilica. And not only on Sundays. Well, you know what I mean. xox

TM:  We want everyone to come on this journey with us. Friends, family, frenemies, future friends … everything we do is transparent. We want people to share in the milestones, the successes and the mistakes. And when we fail at some things, we’ll fail forward. It’s sort of like launching a new tech platform in beta, we’ll throw all we have at it and make adjustments as we learn until it is the best possible user experience around.  

So, there you have it folks.   The Basilica is a feast for the eyes AND the ears.  Grab the LM below and hop on over and check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.  

Be there! Aloha





DJ booking:

SL Group: The Basilica @ Darkrose

Monday, January 30, 2023


In my travels about the SecondLife ® grid, I often get to be one of the first folks to see new builds or revivals of old builds.  I never cease to be amazed at the creativity and imagination of SL residents.  This week my travels took me to a beautiful Romance Sim, Anoron.  Owned and built by Elysa Swansong, she hired landscaper Ty Silvercloud to add the finishing touches and to help pull together the separate areas into a comprehensive Romance Build.  

Josh (Th0mas1 Bellic) JB:   So then...what is Anoron all about?

Elysa Swansong (ES):   Anoron is, first and foremost, a romantic park, where people can come and explore, dance, and cuddle. The overall scheme was to have lots of places to explore and roam, and then little areas to sit and cuddle or dance, and even in some places be intimate.

JB:   Tell me, please. What makes this sim different from the others that
are out there?

ES:    The first thing that comes to mind is our couples Intan. We have 168 dances in it, carefully sorted into tags for those that use the FerventMe! Hud. We may have more couples dances than anyone on the grid! Also, our Solo dances include belly dance, Latin dance, and hula dance. But aside from that, every park and romance sim out there is the vision of their creator, and Anoron is *my* vision, *my* way of giving back, or
*my* way of creating something for others to enjoy.

Ty Silvercloud (TS):  One of the most unusual things about Anoron is how well-visited it is. It's unusual for a roleplay sim to have this many visitors. And Elysa went above and beyond to create areas of interest with things to do

JB:   Could you share some of the interesting things that visitors and
guests can do at Anoron?

ES:    Dance! There are places for couples dancing all over the sim and in the
sky destinations. For the fantasy inclined, we have Stonehenge, 2 hobbit homes, a fairy cottage, and a pixie crossing. We have rezzable Water Horses for horseback riding, and a sim-sized Riding Trails sky platform created specifically for riding. You can have your future read at the tarot table in the gypsy camp or the Mystic Parlor (above the Black
Flagon Tavern). There’s a mermaid lagoon and grotto, 2 palaces to explore, Catacombs , and a vampire mansion.

TS:   Definitely! The Balloon ride for one. I love a good balloon ride. The club, the cuddle spots, the mermaid water world, the catacombs, and the different areas where people can meet up and do their role play. 

JB:   As a matter of fact, I took a lovely guided area tour balloon ride when I first came to visit the other day.  Would you recommend that to all visitors?

ES:    Absolutely! Newcomers should definitely take the narrated tour. There are lots of different areas in the park, and it will give them a great overview. And the silent tour is perfect for any couple who wants to leave the world behind and float above the park together for as long as they like.

JB:   Tell us about some of the areas we saw from the Balloon.

ES:    There’s a lovely little gazebo over the water, not far from the balloon landing, for couples to dance. There’s a campfire and beach furniture by the tall waterfalls. There’s a lovely lake with an island in the center, reachable by two bridges. The bridges  themselves are animated and you can sit and relax, read, or cuddle. Tucked away to one side of the park is the Enchanted Valley with hobbit homes. There’s a Temple on the hill with cushions for meditation, and of course, couples dancing. The Amethyst Gazebo is above the mermaid lagoon.

TS:  I think the balloon ride gives you a great view of the multitude of activities you can find on the ground. There are so many and after the ride, I'd recommend going on a horseback ride trip around the sim to get a closer look. Especially the cuddle spots

JB:   I see Bulls n Babes Black Gentlemen’s Club.  What do they do there?
What makes them unique on a grid full of clubs?

ES:    Bulls ‘n Babes is a sex and social club in a skybox in the SW corner of the sim. The club is for those with a preference for the BBC (big black c*ck) lifestyle... black men and the women who love them. They have events in the Tiki Lounge sometimes, as it’s on the parcel created for the club, but the Tiki Lounge and Lagoon are in fact part of the park.

JB:   Tell me about the Catacombs.  What can we find there?

ES:    The Catacombs start at the Cthulhu entrance, and a tunnel system takes you to various caverns. There’s the Petra Chamber with its Grim Watchers, a kind of creepy cemetery, a dungeon, and a Ritual Turning Chamber. There is also a secret passageway that leads from the Catacombs up to the Lost Souls Manor, a vampire mansion.

JB:   Was that a gypsy wagon I saw from the air?

ES:    It was! There’s a small gypsy camp tucked away in the trees. There’s a tarot table, a dance area, and some seating inside the wagons.

JB:   And what is Stonehenge all about?

TS:  Well Stonehenge, and in particular this version of it which is a terrific build from Two Moon Gardens, is a mythical place. I think anyone who's visited the place in real life will agree that it has an air of mysticism to it... ancient beliefs, sorcery, druid magic even. And on the Anoron sim and in that particular area that atmosphere has been replicated very well in my opinion. A place for reflection and a place to connect with the echoes of ancient voices.  

ES:    Stonehenge is, of course, a mockup of the real Stonehenge, with the difference that a) it’s virtual, and b) you can actually get close enough to touch it, and sit on the lintels! There’s a campfire, and the small revolving statues are for group dancing. There are also some meditation sites in some of the lintels.

JB:   Do you have plans for future development here?  Anything you will
be adding in the weeks and months ahead?

ES:    Not really, it’s pretty complete at this time. I may be tweaking a bit or adding furnishings here and there. We are, however, seeking DJs to come play at the park, and hope to have a nice lineup of entertainment. We’re also planning some themed events, such as an Alice in Wonderland dance, a vampire ball in the Lost Souls Manor ballroom, and so forth.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

ES:    The music stream for the park is my own internet radio station, The Best of Lady Elysa. Besides in SL, it’s available on Tune-In and can even be played by Alexa.

I’m also a romance novelist in RL, with 10 books published so far, available as ebook, paperback, or hardcover on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as an ebook on Apple, Kobo, and Google Play. Check them out at You can also see the book covers on the photo board in the park’s Welcome Center.

So, for the finest in Romance RP, or just for an entertaining date with that special someone…go check out Anoron at the SURL below.  Tell ‘em Josh sent ya!

Be there!  Aloha!!






Google Calender:

Tuesday, January 24, 2023


“Burning Man” is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA. It is a week-long gathering of people who come together to create a temporary community based on the principles of self-expression, self-reliance, and community cooperation. The event features large-scale art installations, performances, and theme camps, and culminates with the burning of a large wooden effigy, from which the event takes its name.

Today Burning Man attracts 70,000 people a year who come and build an entire city around the Man-- for one week. 

You may have thought it could be fun to attend a Burning Man event.  Maybe it’s even on your “bucket list.”  Well…now, through the miracle of Second Life®, and with the support and encouragement of Linden Lab®, you can experience the fun, excitement and inspiration of a Burn, all from the comfort of your home computer.  Sure, it would be fun to be there in Real, but a Virtual Burning Man does not require you to purchase a ticket or pack and bring survival gear for a week in a harsh desert environment. 

One opportunity to experience the richness, creativity, and general sense of community of a Burn will be this coming weekend at Burn2: Winter Burn.  While wandering the grounds of Burn2’s virtual playa on Deep Hole, I came across iSkye Silvercloud, as she made some adjustments to one of the display areas.  She graciously agreed to talk to me about the upcoming event.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB): So, tell me, iSkye.  What is Burn anyway? Is it just to set fire to stuff, or is there more to it than that?

iSkye Silvercloud (iS):  Burn is about MUCH MORE than “setting fire to stuff”. Burn2 is a community of creatives who do and create things together. Winter Burn is one of four official regional events that we host in Second Life®.  We are the only official regional of Burning Man existing in the virtual space, and there are more than 100 regionals across the world. All of our activities are centered around the 10 Principles of Burning Man, which can be found here:

JB:    Can you share with us a bit of the history of Burn in SL?

iS:   Burning Man started in 1986 in San Francisco with some friends burning a stick man on Baker Beach; in 2003, the Lindens at the time received permission from Burning Man to replicate and virtually burn a Man in SL, and this became an annual tradition facilitated by the Lindens. In 2010, Burning Life became Burn2, a bona fide regional of Burning Man and since then, we've grown and evolved while still keeping the tradition of the annual burn of the Man. You can read the story at this link: 

JB:    How big is the staff that manages Burn2?  And how many exhibitors do you have?

iS:   We have a core team of department leads that manage the day-to-day operations of Burn2, with the support and guidance of a Regional Contact, 3Vilyn. There are currently 7 members of the team organizing the Winter Burn event with about a dozen department leads and co-leads providing support and structure for the event. All of us involved are volunteers.

JB:    Is Burn2 a subset of Burning Man, and what is the connection between the two? 

iS:   Burn2 is a virtual regional of Burning Man, much like a chapter of an organization. It is the only bona fide virtual regional of Burning Man and is among more than 100 regional worldwide connected by a regional network. There is a very close relationship between our regional and Burning Man, with the Regional Contact as the liaison.

JB: I love the Floating Islands displays. What an ingenious idea! Who thought of THAT?

iS:   The brilliant mind that came up with the floating islands is that of MirandaNomad, who is the Winter Burn Event Lead and also the Placement Lead. In fact, the theme for this year's Winter Burn event, "Winterburn Wonderland" was conceived by Miranda, so the floating islands, ice lake, and other features visitors will see on the virtual playa are part of her vision for the event.

JB:    Will there be shows, or raves, with special effects and laser lights? Or an actual Burn?  When and where is that? Is there a schedule of events?

iS:   There will be two stages at the event, where DJs and live performers will gift their talents and time to the community. There will be a virtual Burn of an effigy, preceded by a procession and fire dance performance by the Lamplighters and their Fire Dancers. The effigy will not be the Man, because that is reserved solely for the annual Octoburn event in autumn. You can find the event calendar on Burn2's website, here: to see when these things will happen - and plan to come and join us!

There are also about 32 installations built to the theme of Winterburn Wonderland, and the interpretations are wildly varied, much to the delight of event organizers. 

JB:    I saw a kind of “community bulletin board” with dozens of burning candles.  What kind of messages do people leave? 

iS:   That is actually part of an installation by Chi Ardani (Bethann Causten) with co-builders Temptation Ardani and GB (GeneralBusybody), titled "Fjord-light". Heartfelt messages can be left by visitors on candles in this solemn and beautiful space.

JB: I saw a place where you can actually BE a "Burning Man"? What a novel way to promote the event

iS:   Sabet Wanderer and EricMacron created this installation, entitled "I am Burning Man". Now, in the physical world, this would obviously not be something we would want people to do! But this is a virtual environment and the build is a wonderfully evocative interpretation of the communal experience of the Burn at Black Rock City where Burning Man's real-life event takes place. 

JB:    I saw an interesting train ride.  Would you recommend that to visitors?

iS:   The train ride is the creation of Huntress Catteneo, and it is a delightful way to tour the playa and explore the builds by the artists and builders participating in this event. Highly recommended!  

JB:    Is there anything else about Burn2 you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

iS:   Burn2's event, Winter Burn 2023: Winterburn Wonderland will open at 5:00 pm SLT on Friday, Jan 27, with a walk-on by the Lamplighters.  The walk-on will bring us to the Main Stage by a circuitous, relaxed route around the playa. Participants are enthusiastically invited to join in! DJs and live performers will bring music to the playa for all to enjoy. Greeters will be waiting at the entrance to say "Welcome Home!" when visitors arrive. But note: Once you enter through the gate, you will no longer be merely a bystander. You’ll become part of the spectacle - participate! 

Winterburn Wonderland will run from Friday evening 5pm SLT through Sunday night, January 27-29. You can see more information about the event here: 

Sooooo…There you have it, folks – the Hot Skinny in Burn2.   If you have never attended a Burn, you are NOT going to want to miss this chance.  If you HAVE attended a Burn, then you already know how much fun they can be – plan to come to this one!  For further information, check out the hot links below.  And be sure you don’t miss Burn2: Winter Burn.

Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.

Be there!  Aloha!






SL Destination: