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Showing posts with label 2011. Show all posts

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RP Nexus News: True Blood Pumping in SL Cursa Charisma Reporting...

The phase of the moon kept the werewolves away, but vampires and fairies came out to play on July 2 with SL's Saturday night mistress of hiphop, DJ Nisa on Black Soul Rhythms Radio, at the Fangtasia Club in Hypnotic. BSR's Bobbie Naidoo was hostess, presiding over a major event with dozens in attendance.

(Podcast of the event is available here!)

Started in October 2010, this is a vampire sim, but there is no hunting and no biting. The True Blood clan has both vampires and humans as members and they "all just like to hang out, attend events and have a good time." Your reporter was hesitant despite this reassurance in the sim info card, but quickly found it to be accurate. The atmosphere was casual, friendly, and open, and signs on the wall declared, "No biting on premises".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SLE's Easter Egg Decorating Contest 2011- April 1 thru April 24th!

See Rules for submitting an egg for consideration in the SL Enquirer Egg Decorating Contest:

Thursday, March 31, 2011

LIKE OMG A MAKEOVER! ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

 I recently underwent a complete Avatar transformation courtesy of Ivy Maverick CEO of Maverick Designs and the Prince of Second Life (Yes, there is one in SL) and I have to say, like most peeps, I’m uncomfortable with drastic changes  but my post make over recovery time was painless and the experience  was a lot of fun. Together they truly collaborated and created the virtual me, in an Avatar.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


  Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management. 

   JaxxonRoxx Resident's Bio

Jaxxon hadn't had any sort of musical background until he decided to take up singing at the age of 14.  His first band was comprised of school friends and they would play the occasional concert.  With time, Jaxxon found himself with different musicians and they worked at many clubs in Gibraltar, establishing himself within the local music scene.  Having learned to play guitar and with an ever increasing fan base, Jaxxon knew it was time to showcase his own material.  This led Jaxxon to record his first album, with a well known band in 2002.  Jaxxon is producing his own songs now.   He also plays acoustic and electric guitar.

Currently he is working on his second album with fellow friends as well as constantly playing with his current band, Jetstream.  He hopes his next set of heartfelt songs will propel him to bigger things and is ready to take his music to a higher level.   Jaxxon comes to us in SL hoping to reach a wider audience.  Jaxxon will play covers, tracks and his own original material while singing in SL.

Monday, March 21, 2011

UNITED, the Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show & Competition is coming soon.

Hello SL Fashion Industry,

UNITED, the Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show & Competition is coming soon. Today we begin announcing those that have agreed to participate to make style cards come alive in July. We are happy to seeAvant Garde designers are looking forward to the chance to work with Vintage Haute Couture designers. And Accessory designers are looking forward to being inspired by their team creations. Hair designers are promising much flip action and Pose designers are going to back them up. We also have Musicians and Deejays sorting through their music to give the models a pep in their step.

Anyone that wants to be part of this historic event can still reach out to an organizer(s) and let them know “I WANT TO BE UNITED!”  Invitations are still being sent and we are waiting on commitments…so there is still time to sign up. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MISS TROPIC HAWAIIAN 2011- Registration begins March 20th Until July 16th. Get in where you fit in ladies!


To be considered a contestant for this pageant, you must be a female human avatar.  If you fit this qualification, please fill out the form below, insert 2 photos of yourself and send to Twstd Ruggles along with your registration fee of 350L.  Photos submitted should be a close up face shot AND a full body shot.  Your best picture will be inserted inside of a voting panel at The Tropic Hawaiian Headquarters for people to vote on.
·         All contestants must be present on the day of the pageant in order to compete.
·         The competition will be judged in 3 different categoriesSwimsuit, evening gown and interview categories. 
·         Our panel of judges will score for each category, and all points will be added up, some contestants with the lowest points will be eliminated at the end of each competition.  
·         The contestant who has the highest score overall, will win the crown, the prize money, gifts and the title of Miss Tropic Hawaiian 2011. 
·         All contestants participating in the pageant will receive gifts.  

Mahalo for your interest and good luck to all!

-Twstd Ruggles

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day the Virtual Way and Teleport to a few charming places today!

Clenching my fist around a bottle of Jack Daniels and reporting from the front line isn't always the safest and easiest thing to do, but I like to go hard at what I do especially sporting a skirt this short and gripping onto a gold coin for dear life just for a story.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

RFL NEWS: Relay For Life is back in Second Life!

For immediate release

It’s February! And Relay For Life® of Second Life® is back for some more fun and fundraising!

Teams’ registration for the seventh annual Relay For Life of Second Life opens on February 14 in preparation for fundraising from March to July, culminating in a 24-hour walk around a virtual track.

MamaP Beerbaum, the RFL of SL 2011 Event Chair, said: ‘We’re ready to go! The 2011 committee has been busy working behind the scenes and we have an amazing group of passionate volunteers who are going to make this the most fun and successful Relay For Life that Second Life has seen.’

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Interview with Cupid Lanai Jarrico Reporting…


 It’s that time of year again where the winged cherub, Cupid is out and about breaking out his swag, binoculars, bow and arrow, and aiming at unsuspecting avies across the grid.  This week, the SL Enquirer sat down with Cupid at an undisclosed location to discuss his targets and some jagged pill advice on how to keep the romance alive in Second Life.

IT'S FLU SEASON- Here is some valuable advice!

This is what happens when you don't  cover your face when you sneeze!
Brought to you by....Kleenex? Does anyone have a tissue?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Youtube Video of the Day: The SIMS 2 Movie making Game: Break my Stride- Mathew Wilder

Send us a funny youtube video related to Second Life or any other virtual world by emailing it to us at

Friday, February 4, 2011

Studio 777 News: 1Y Anniversary Party Commercial

Created By Cris Nightfire

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



♬♩·]¦!·  DJ DIBOU will broadcast the NuSoul NeoSoul Show from  SLE's CHILL LOUNGE from 7pm - 9pm slt the first Tuesday of each month.

This event is sponsored by The Second Life Enquirer  and will showcase the best neosoul and RnB music....  Chaka Khan, John Legend, Adrina Evans, Vivian Green and your requests!!

SLE's CHILL LOUNGE "Classy Sexy Cool Establishment"


Monday, January 31, 2011

Insight from SL Elders. Is SL losing its luster or is it just us? Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

The SL Elders are becoming harder to find these days because many of them have left the grid altogether or visit once in a while to observe progress. Most are usually harder to spot then a UFO.
 Often times they can’t believe I’m still here but my response is simple. I’m a shameless SL addict and I want to continue to write about this virtual world and stay in touch with all the friends I have made through the years, but… I do question our future as the virtual world community evolves.

    Being called an elder makes me feel old, but it is what it is and I have been here long enough to have seen many different phases of Second Life and a multitude of personalities come and go. It saddens me when they are avies I have known for a long time that have done great things for the SL community

YouTube Video of the Day: Are you having a bad day? Imagine how she felt.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The BSR Radio News

THE BSR Radio DJs Favorite Tunes of 2010 As we end the first month of 2011, the Black Soul Rhythms Radio DJs reflect on their favorite tunes of 2010. It was a difficult task , but each of the BSR Radio DJs picked their top 10 favorite tunes (some squeezed in more than 10). Check out the list ... we are sure these are your favorites too!!

Aint Leavin' Without You - Jaheim

Unthinkable - Alicia Keys

Soldier of Love - Sade

Friday, January 28, 2011

Extreme Basketball- Is it possible to dunk oneself?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Women and shoes: A love affair in pairs no different in SL than in RL ...

For women shoes can become an all-consuming obsession. In RL some shoes can cost a fortune; yet while money itself does not bring happiness, a pair of new shoes brings on a kind of exaltation. Unlike clothes, shoes have a distinct advantage. Whether you're fat or thin, short or tall, beautiful or ugly, you can buy all the shoes your heart desires. They are capable of making you feel sexy, elegant or sporty at a single stroke. But in Second Life the fat thin rationale does not fly, yet we are still as obsessed about our shoes as we are in RL.

In RL we all aspire to owning Hermes, Gucci, Caovilla, Ferragamo, Blahnik, Laboutin, in SL it is Stiletto Moody, Maiyterya and FM Shoes.

Our intimate relationship with shoes begins shortly after we learn to walk. As soon as we want to feel "grown-up," we slip on a pair of our mother's shoes, preferably high heels, instantly heightening our sense of what it means to be female. And then what happens? We grow up and get to be the same size as Mummy and our personality begins to assert itself with the first independent purchase of shoes. As adults, we ask shoes to be our representatives. At any given moment, they are indicators of our age, mood and desires.

More than anything else, women's shoes speak the language of sex. You don't have to be a moralist or an anthropologist in order to understand the message transmitted by a girl in a pair of rubber-soled loafers versus one wearing noisy stilettos. But that's only a first impression. That old chestnut (heels = sex goddess, flats = nun) is constantly challenged by variations in fashion and customs. And yet, one thing remains certain: a high-heeled shoe is the object of apparel that - more than any other - marks the difference between men and women.

Shoes have featured prominently in the popular female narrative, be they Cinderella's glass slippers (clearly a symbol of virginity) or the stilettos worn by the metropolitan predators of "Sex and the City" - women who share two great weaknesses: men and shoes.

What’s more what about all the options we have since we have the option of wearing skirts, pants, or three-quarter length pants and that opens up all sorts of shoe possibilities. Then there are the seasonal choices we have to make, i.e. in the summer, we can wear open-toed shoes, in the fall we can wear pumps, and in the winter we can wear boots.

So with that alone, we have to have a black, brown, and a neutral pair of each type. That is nine pairs right there. Those shoes also double as going out shoes. Then we must have nice shoes in the event we have to wear an evening dress somewhere. We have a pair for the winter and the summer. Then, we have our sneakers. We have our working out sneakers and our stylish sneakers. Then we have an array of flip flops and sandals. So to our men out there, you see how we easily rack up that many shoes. ...It’s all about options.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CULTURE - The Creation Story, The Angels Perspective - Piper SecretSpy reporting...

Picture and elaboration by Unity Productions

With this article, my collaboration with SLE begins. Every week, I will try to offer a review about some work on stage in SL. I hope this idea will be desirable, as well as my style.

The performance I want to deal with this week is 'The Creation Story - The Angels Perspective', by Unity Productions.

Preceded, during the summer of 2010, by 'Come Away My Beloved', the idea to transpose in dance form the story 'The Beginning' by Gene Edward took shape in October.

Pet Karu and her group, within two months, managed to create a compelling performance, during which viewers are surrounded by scenery itself, which takes place at various levels and in different directions.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 Finding love has never been easy.  But it’s also never been easier.  Online dating sites thrive on the promise that dates and mates are just a “click” away.  But are they?

     WHEN STRANGERS CLICK:  FIVE STORIES FROM THE INTERNET, from Robert Kenner (the Oscar®-nominated “Food, Inc.”), tells the revealing stories of people whose lives were transformed in unexpected ways by online encounters when it debuts on Valentine’s Day, MONDAY, FEB. 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO2.

    Other HBO2 playdates:  Feb. 14 (5:00 a.m.), 16 (9:00 a.m., 8:00 p.m.), 22 (6:00 p.m., 4:10 a.m.) and 25 (8:00 a.m.)