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Showing posts with label 2009. Show all posts

Monday, January 18, 2010

Linda Lauren's Crystal Cave of Enlightenment Redesign reported by Sumi Portola

View of the Altar in the rear cavern.
Linda Lauren's Crystal Cave of Enlightenment, located on her island, ETU Abbracciare, has reopened after an extensive redesign. 

Linda has visited many caves during her RL travels, and she has incorporated what she seen from each experience to create this new, once of a kind, comforting and healing environment.

The crystals are infused with Reiki Healing Energy, the meditation pillows offer a calming vibration and the lounge areas allow one to gently converse with friends.  The 2 caverns each have their own unique atmosphere.  The front cavern has an intimate seating area,  unusual meditation bottle and fun snake charmer animation sure to bring a smile.  The larger rear cavern is first seen by its amazing water fountain along the back wall.  Also in this part of the Crystal Cave are seating areas, meditation pillows and a large beautiful Altar cut from the cave walls, that allows you to embrace the warm energy next to a built in fireplace.

Visit today SL SL URL to The Crystal Cave of Enlightenment

Monday, November 30, 2009

Linda Lauren's iApp, THE VIBE, Released in iTunes, Sumi Portola Reporting

One of the pieces of Linda Lauren's Energy Art™ in The Vibe
Staff Reporter
• Monday, November 30, 2009
Linda Lauren is proud to announce the release of her iApp called 'The Vibe'.

This iApp, available to all iTunes members consists of randomly selected pieces of Linda Lauren's Energy Art™, and a special message when each piece is turned over.   The Vibe can be used for guidance, focusing on an intention, creativity or even your own psychic reading!

Linda said "Everyone wants to create positive energy, and that energy must stem from your own spiritual identity. That identity contains the colors of the aura, and it is those colors that expand our awareness through our intention.  Linda Lauren's Energy Art™ helps you to create, and be guided by, the kind of energy to accomplish what your aura intends and desires.  These 15 distinctive, randomly generated, pieces of Linda Lauren’s Energy Art™ have their own unique interpretations, to help you to be able to move forward in a direction of calm focused intensity, allowing you to accomplish what needs to be done quicker and in a less stressful manner.  Of course, you can always pick a card, read its meaning and just HAVE FUN!"

Please click on the link below to get 'The Vibe'
Link to The Vibe

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Linda Lauren, Pet Psychic to the Stars in reported by Sumi Portola

Linda Lauren was interviewed for the People Magazine website,   The article, is based upon Linda's ability for reading the past lives of pets, their behavioral issues, and how those issues could affect the pet in this lifetime.

click on the link below to read the article in its entirety:
Pet Psychic to the Stars Reveals You and Your Pet's Past Lives