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Showing posts with label Ely Catronis. Show all posts

Monday, June 19, 2023

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: “Edward Hopper” Exhibition at La Gallery~ Ely Catronis Reporting…

Glancing around New Orleans, you see this dark diner, it seems familiar, you cannot quite place it, La Gallery invites you to walk inside.  This is when you realize you have just entered one of Edward Hopper's most famous paintings, Nighthawks. 

 This is one of the many works of art featured in the exhibit of his work being showcased at La Gallery developed for you to learn and enjoy.  Edward Hopper, a man who felt “If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”

I stepped off the trolley in front of La Gallery and met up with Lalle to learn more about this unique exhibit.

Interview with Lalle Vanbeeck-Na (lallena)

Ely: Hello Lalle!  It is wonderful to be here at La Gallery again. This is your second exhibition here at La Gallery, we covered your first show here. That was such a wonderful exhibit. I will make sure to include the link to that article for our readers.

Is there anything you would like to share about that show before we head into this one?

Lalle:I could  add that the exhibition is still relevant since it is still possible to visit it in New Orleans . I really liked doing it. The theme of the exhibition "Celebrities who are also painters" is quite unique, because I think it has never been done before even in RL. This asked me for some work so I think it will remain permanent.

Ely: Oh that is great!  We can make sure everyone gets the Slurl to the new location for it.  Keeping it permanent must help you keep your overall purpose of La Gallery thrive on in Second Life. Can you explain with us what the purpose and goal of La Gallery is in SL?  What do you want to achieve?

Lalle:I wanted to create, to do something concrete in SL. I did it in a field that interests me: the art world. It is first of all a personal satisfaction. The Gallery, like any gallery, is a space dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of art in general, the main purpose being to present works to the public and to promote artists. The theme of these two exhibitions was close to my heart but with artists who did not really need promotion. We are in SL, so I think that the next exhibitions will also be devoted to artists who evolve in SL.

Ely: That sounds wonderful.  You mentioned art close to your heart. This new exhibit features the artwork of Edward Hopper. What inspired you to choose the work of this one artist? 

Lalle: I had the chance to see the exhibition devoted to Edward Hopper 10 years ago in Paris. I was still young but I had really liked it. Later in my studies, I did a presentation on Hopper. So I knew the subject quite well. It seemed interesting to me to present his artwork. And even if he is a very famous American painter of the 20th century, I realize that many people do not know him.

Between his paintings, his etchings, his illustrations..., Hopper has produced a very diverse and impressive work. Through this exhibition, maybe some will know him a little better.

Ely:  Walking around the gallery with you, I was able to experience first hand with you many features of this exhibit. Can you share with our readers a little about what to expect at the exhibit?  What makes it unique?  Are there special pieces that you feature?

Lalle: You will see many paintings by Edward Hopper. It is a fairly complete panorama of his work, all presented chronologically and according to the techniques used (watercolor, oil painting, etchings, drawings, illustrations, etc.). There was a lot to show. We needed a method of presentation.

I don't think there is something very unique in this exhibition because all his paintings are  known. We did not discover a painting hidden in an attic. The only thing that could be called unique is that we have reproduced the bar from his famous painting "Nighthawks" at the entrance of the gallery, which you may have walked through, in New Orleans City.

Ely:  I did enjoy being able to sit at the counter in the diner. Also watching the video about him was interesting as well. I'm Curious, do you have one piece of Hopper's that is your favorite?  

Lalle: If I have to choose one, I'm not going to be very original,  I'm going to choose the most famous "Nighthawks". This iconic artwork depicts a late night scene in a bar with three customers and a waiter (the bar we reproduced in New Orleans). There is a somewhat strange, dark and worrying atmosphere that I like; between the lit interior of the bar and the darkened street outside. I could have mentioned many others like "Gas" with its red gas pumps, "Automat" or "Chop Suey" for  example.

Ely:  You have all the works throughout the decades of this work. Is there an era of his that you prefer over the others?

Lalle: I appreciate all the periods and all of his work. However, I have a preference for scenes of urban life, streets, buildings with this very precise architecture... but also interiors and the characters around, often lonely and melancholy.

Ely:  If someone is interested How can an artist showcase their work here? What type of art are you looking for?

Lalle: He just has to contact us... and present his work... It must please us at least a minimum  and likely to please others as well... We are  open to all types of art... We are  not closed.

Ely:  Anything else you would like to share?

Lalle:  I just hope that people will come and visit and also appreciate the exhibition and the work of Edward Hopper. I really enjoyed doing it even if it took a long time to set up. 


La Gallery SLURL:

Group: La Gallery secondlife:///app/group/4fb0f7e5-1fd9-fdc1-0209-37bf57b9a0a7/about

Preferred Contact: Lalle Vanbeeck-Na (Lallena Resident)

Article on first exhibit:

New Slurl to the “also painters” exhibit:

Monday, October 24, 2022

Model for only a few months LATHILDA JANSSEN, LOOK of the YEAR 2nd runner-up A NEW STAR IS BORN!

A novice in the world of modelling, Lathilda Janssen surprised many, including herself, by obtaining the third-highest score in the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition.

An interview by Ely Catronis
Photos by Mika Palmyra

EC: Before we get to know you, what was it like to hear your name called as the second runner up? 

‘’I was in shock to be honest! I am very new to the modelling world, and I do not have a lot of experience on a runway.  I never expected to be 2nd runner up in the first fashion contest I entered!’’  

EC: I can still feel your excitement! That is so incredible Would you share a little about yourself and how you found this world of Second Life?

‘’I discovered Second Life by chance. I played a lot of games before and saw SL advertised on a website and it sounds interesting.’’

EC: While being in SL, what brought you to the world of modelling and fashion? Are there models or designers that inspire you?

‘’Last April, I started thinking about the possibility of doing something else apart from building, my other passion, and I realized that I would love to learn more about fashion. I always enjoyed creating new outfits. A friend told me Naar Rexen had a modelling academy, 
where she offered a free taster course. I joined straight away!

''One of the designers I admire the most is Iris Van Harpen because she does not only create fashion, but she also creates 3D works of art’’. 

EC: Do you have any advice for people interested in fashion or modelling?

‘’If you are passionate and serious about being a model or want to learn more about fashion you can find a lot of modelling courses here in Second Life. Join one of them and 
start learning something new.’’
E.C.: What is your favorite memory from the LOOK of the YEAR Contest? Or what will be your big takeaway moment from the experience? 

‘’The best memory for me is meeting so many nice people! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, from the designers who created our clothes and jewellery, LUXE Paris and ZURI, to ONE On ONE Agency team who helped us throughout the challenges and also the other eleven contestants!’’ 

E.C.: Aside from those wonderful memories and great experiences, are there any other events or organizations that you are involved in?

‘’I am currently attending modelling classes at Naar Rexen's In-Nova Models Academy, and also, I have been working for many years as an interior designer and landscaper together with my friend and business partner Cloe.’’

Thursday, August 18, 2022


The Annual LUXE Paris LOOK OF THE YEAR Competition is a glamorous event with the most beautiful models throughout the grid, all competing for the crown and the title to be the Ambassador of the LUXE Paris brand.  It is a tough competition of weekly themed photographs viewed by a panel of judges.

This year’s Ambassador, raised in Japan and living in Hawaii, found Second Life helped her to live out her passion and love for fashion and design. Jade Pono, a beautiful and confident model, found that perseverance and believing in yourself will one day prove that dreams do come true.  Jade will be the unique and outspoken Ambassador that LUXE Paris had looked for in the 2022 LOTY.  Come sit down at the table and meet Jade, this year’s winner.

Interview with Jade Pono

Ely Catronis (EC):  Congratulations to you on winning your title! What were your thoughts that moment when they called your name as the winner?

Jade Pono (JP): Honestly  I don't remember the details.

Throughout the show, the local chat was full of audience chats and announcements from the hosts, plus I had to follow the instructions of the show's group chat director, so

My screen was constantly flooded with chatter.

Then, just before the announcement of the winner, someone in the audience shouted "Nikki You got it! So I honestly thought that Nikkilicious, one of the finalists and a great stylist, had won.

About 10 seconds later, I remembered Mika announced my name, but I was kind of listening to it from a distance as a third party. Under those special and unusual circumstances, I was feeling a bit flustered, my feet weren't on the ground, and I didn't really feel that I was called the winner at all.

I started receiving a lot of IMs right away, and then the director told me to go to the podium by IM. Even then, I still didn't really realize what was going on.

I've been modeling full-time for almost 4 years, so when I get instructions from the director, I follow the cue and can move naturally without thinking. So I automatically walked to the podium. From that moment to the next day, I received several hundred IMs from friends and acquaintances. I was crazy busy just replying to all of those so I really didn't have time to think about what was going on...hahaha...

It's been a week today since the finale of the competition and I still can not believe what happened to me.

EC: Wow.  That is an incredible story. I can imagine the surprise. Where are you from and how did you discover SL?

Jade: I was born and raised in Japan. In my mid-twenties,  I married a local American Hawaiian man who was introduced to me through work in Japan then I moved to Hawaii. My English reading and writing skills were limited to what I learned in compulsory schooling, and my English conversation skills were almost non-existent.  Therefore, almost 100% of the English I use in daily conversation today is something I acquired naturally while living in Hawaii.

One day I found SL when I was reading an article that talked about the experiences of people doing virtual worlds. At first, I was just curious and thought I would quit when I got bored, but I got hooked on the fun of it.

EC: How did you come across your passion for fashion and modeling in SL?

Jade: I get asked this question many times but I actually don't remember much detail about how I was involved in the SL Fashion industry.  Maybe it was my fate... I will share here as much as I can remember. 

In the beginning, when I started SL, I just liked to shop and visit different stores and events.

I enjoy dressing up every day and didn't think more than that.  I don't know if I should reveal too much about my real life, but before my late real-life husband died, he had several businesses of different fields going and he was a pioneer in some of them in Hawaii. 

One of them was Haute Couture Clothing Business.  All of the clothes were one-of-a-kind and completely handmade, and he was able to run a few solo runway shows, albeit locally in Hawaii.

The store has already closed, but as a remnant of that, before my husband's death, there were always piles of posters for shows and tons of clothing fabrics in the house here and there. I am 5'4" (164cm ) tall in real life, so of course, I can't be a runway model and I can't follow a strict diet program. But I always admired this glamorous world from afar.

Then I happened to start SL, and after a while, I heard that a friend of mine was going to be in a runway show as a model, and I was interested to see there was such a thing in SL, so I went to see it. After that, I enrolled in a modeling academy.  After graduation, I participated in castings for all kinds of modeling agencies, and I was kind of selfless, and before I knew it, four years had passed,  and I belonged to more than 20 agencies.

EC:  Is there a person, style or brand that inspires you the most?

Jade: There is not only one person or style or brand that inspires me so this is difficult to answer.   I share one from real life and some from Secondlife. 

In real life, I love Guo Pei very much.  It is a Haute Couture brand that is a mixed style of Asian Romantic Avant-Garde.  I want to make clothes like that in SL one day.

In Second Life, as stylist and model, my greatest respect goes to Falbala Staheli (Falbala Fairey), Wicca Merlin, Hanne Strawberry Keinn, Steele Sinah, World Undercroft,  Carley Benazzi , Jeanie Waydelich, and Shantal Gravois.    I like the way they don't flatter anyone and just go their own way. 

When you are a model, you are constantly being told many things by the people around you. Of course, it is important as a professional to listen to the advice to change things, but if you let yourself be swayed by it, you will lose sight of who you are. It is the difference between being one of many models and being unique.  These people don't bend to their own style. No matter what the theme of their styling, it is easy to tell who they are at a glance. 

I have a very flexible and gentle personality outside. It's one of my personality and correct but inside of myself is actually a very stubborn and hard head.  But if I show this part too much in public, I will lose the job so I adjust myself when I do modeling.

So these people I mentioned really got my respect. They have confidence in themselves and are not afraid to be different, always speaking to the world about who they are by their styling. I hope one day to become this level.  I know it's a long road to become like this! 

Also  Morgan Incognito, Melinda Bayn, Selena Takeda,  Shiloh Mae,  Tymon Alexander have got my respect not only as models but also as human beings. They are all my true SL family.  They support me both in my good times and bad times.  I love them dearly and received HUGE inspiration from them. 

There are so many brands that inspire me in Secondlife , it's hard to narrow it down to just one, but of course, Luxe Paris and I love Ridi - Ludi - Fool (Japanese Avant Garde brand) very much.  Zibska, Heth Haute Couture and Eshi Otawara.  About Eshi Otawara, I haven't had the real experience , but I keep hearing about this brand all the time from veteran fellow models so I went to research and found out that it was a pioneer of Avant Garde Fashion of  SL...since then this brand is hooked in my mind.

EC: That is enlightening to learn all the inspiration that gave us your unique style. Now that you are wearing the Look of The Year crown, what are your plans for representing Luxe Paris in Second Life?

Jade: I would like to fulfill my responsibilities as an ambassador for this year.

First of all, I would like to do my job as a poster model for a new product. I would like to resume blogging by the beginning of next month at the latest, and actively introduce Luxe Paris products on social networks. I want to do something that will help sales as much as possible.

Second, I plan to do the Luxe Paris runway shows at multiple agencies.

Third, I plan on attending charity shows or events. I have little experience of this in the past. It's a lot of work so from now on, I should save some energy for this! 

And finally, I want to become a designer, though it is still just a dream at this point.  For the Luxe Paris competition challenge, I added sleeves and fringe to create a 1970's hippie style for the 1st challenge, and for the final formal gown, I made a cape with the Luxe Paris logo on it and added it to the styling.  I have a lot of designs swirling around in my head. But I don't have the skills to make them a reality yet, so I'll be practicing making clothes all this year. 

EC: We are looking forward to seeing your journey this year. Do you have any advice for other models who might be inspired to try for next year’s Look of the Year of Luxe Paris competition?

Jade: I felt that this Luxe Paris of The Year contest was a tough one. You are not bound for 3 or 4 months like some of the other known competitions, but because of that, each challenge is more intense.

This contest decides the ambassador of the Luxe Paris brand, which is a big difference from other competitions where you are not bound by the brand and can style your own clothes freely.

The only jewelry that could be used this time was from the sponsor, Zuri Jewelry, and they did not encourage hair accessories that would stand out more than the brand's signature pieces.

I thought that hairstyle, makeup, and poses were very important to stand out from the other contestants and to catch the judges' attention.

I feel that it is very difficult to get to the top unless you can attract judges one rank higher than that and make them want to copy your styling. 

For example, it is said that it is taboo to raise one's hands and show one's sides in a formal gown on the runway, but if you get too caught up in this rule, all the poses will fall within the safe line, and it will be boring to watch. I recommend incorporating one or two poses that challenge the viewer until the very last minute.

I think we should always evolve and keep changing, and to do that, we should always challenge ourselves.

Also, I highly recommend and suggest for you attend all the seminars during this competition that Ponchituti Boucher from One On One Modeling Agency and Naar Rexen from In-Nova Agency offer to the finalists. These seminars will help you a lot and are worth it for all the models. 

EC: As a model, are there other fashion-related events that you see yourself getting involved in?

Jade: Yes.  I am involved as a model and blogger manager for a charity event called I Say No Event Benefit to Rainn (ISNE), which is directly connected to the Real Life Rainn organization. This is the third year.

Another project is The Powerhouse Collective which shines a light on minorities in every sense of the word, models who are talented but not getting out in the public eye for various reasons.  I am a Co-Owner of the agency.  So far we have created several video shows. Next month we will do our first show with an audience.

EC: Besides Modeling, is there anything else that you enjoy?

Jade: Some of my friends are videographers and they sometimes invite me to perform in their dance videos.  We are usually dressed up in mini-skirted kimonos, belly dancers, K-pop, or other costumes (Cosplay type) and dance with a few or a large group of people.

EC:  Thank you for the interview today. It has been wonderful to meet and talk with you. Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

Jade:  First I would like to say my sincere gratitude to the owners of Luxe Paris, Mika Palmyra and Paris Skytower, and also all the judges of the competition and staff.  Because of them I am here and have the opportunity for this interview. 

I must confess that I have done a fair amount of work over the past four years.  It was not unusual for me to be working two shows on the same day, rehearsing for the next show, and shooting poster models for designer products.

Before this Luxe Paris contest, I had participated in several other contests, but the results were not so good. More than once, I wondered why I was not recognized for my hard work and why I was not getting any results. So I've been in a ' Zen '  mood these past few years.  Zen mood means I just do my own best and not think about anything other than that. 

So I came to the Luxe Paris of The Year 2022 contest this time with the stance of doing my best and not expecting any results. 

So I could not believe they chose me as a winner. I can't really feel it.

So, if there are models who are struggling with the lack of results in the contests, I really understand the pain and struggles that they are going through, and I want to encourage them from the bottom of my heart.

It could be tomorrow or it could be a few years from now that you get results. In my case, it took 4 years.

Once you get the results, all the hard work and underachievement until then will be nothing. So please don't give up, be optimistic that you are on the way to a bright future, and just look forward and do your best.

Additional Information

LUXE Paris Look of the Year Grand Finale LIVE:

LUXE Paris has found its new ambassador: JADE PONO WINS! ~ The SL Enquirer

Preferred Contact: Jade Pono

Facebook :

Thursday, August 11, 2022



This past May, we visited The Eclipse restaurant to take in the exquisite experience they had to offer through their various fine dining experiences. I recently had the chance to stop back over and sit down and talk about the new opportunities and additions they have.  


EC (Ely Catronis):  Hello Alassra! It is wonderful to meet you and to experience your exquisite fine dining experience here. I know that we have been here before.  Would you mind sharing with our readers what drew you specifically into the fine dining and restaurant business?


Alassra (xAlassrax): Hello Ely!  Thank you so much for being here today and it's wonderful to meet you as well!  That is a great question!  I was drawn to the fine dining and restaurant business because partaking in that experience has been one of my favorite experiences so far for me in SL.  I fell in love with the RP dining in SL from the moment I first booked a reservation at Serendipity Restaurant, and that was one of the big reasons I started working there too!  It was such an amazing experience for me!  Unfortunately, they closed their doors this past March, and at that point, I saw the void that was going to be left, and myself and some others decided to work together to try to fill that space as best we could!  We wanted everyone in SL to still have that amazing fine dining, roleplay experience!

EC: The last time the SL Enquirer was here you had 3 Amazing venues, the beach, the forest, and the more formal/elegant venue. We are told you added more to the Eclipse dining experience and have great news to share. Can you tell us about that?


Alassra (xAlassrax):  Definitely!  We have a lot of news!  We have added 2 new venues and several new packages!   We recently sponsored the Kappa Theta Phi: Mr. & Ms. Aloha Showcase that ran from the 4th - 7th of this month.  We are also taking part in the Spoonful of Sugar Festival in Sept. and will be having a new package only available there and 100% of the price goes to SOS!  


EC: It sounds like you are SL Community Sponsors around the grid. Can you tell us a little more about the Exclusive New Package at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival? 


Alassra (xAlassrax): I would love to!  Our Exclusive Package for the Spoonful of Sugar Festival will be something different than our current packages because, unlike our other packages, this one will be more of a 'public' dining experience package!  We have several tables set up in a very special location. They are a beautiful "Aloha" Hawaiian type of theme fitting the festival theme this year, and unlike our other packages, we will allow immediate "walk-in" dining after the package is purchased at the festival!  This means a client can purchase the Luau package at the SOS festival, immediately head to the LM provided inside of it, and be seated with their party to begin their dining experience!   

EC:  That sounds amazing. You mentioned you have several new packages.  Can you briefly tell us about them and where can we find out about them?


Alassra (xAlassrax): Of course!  We felt that we were missing some areas to expand on, as well as potential ways to allow our staff to show off their skills more with the base packages we offered, so we came up with several additional packages to further enhance our services!  We have a package tailored for those who love capturing moments by photograph, which gives them a mini photoshoot with their dinner reservation!  We also have a package that is aimed at those not as much into the full dining experience, but who love the personal DJ aspect, so it provides them with a 30-minute drinks & appetizers meal, and then they have an hour and a half to dance the night away with up to 6 people in their party!  We even added a Bed & Breakfast package for clients who want to have a beautiful and very private, more casual dining experience!  Oh and let's not forget our Spa package!  This one is my favorite because it is PERFECT for the day or night out with friends/family/etc!  It gives unlimited drinks & appetizers served to you and your party while you experience our amazing Dragon's Dream Spa services!  Full details on each new package can be found on our website located here -

EC: The Eclipse atmosphere is already so gorgeous with nature, waterfalls, and lighting. You briefly mentioned that you are looking to expand Eclipse.  What more can you add to what you already have?


Alassra (xAlassrax): I am so glad you asked Ely!  We actually do have HUGE news on this front!  We officially closed the deal Sunday afternoon (August 8) on this expansion, so it is OFFICIAL!!  Eclipse has taken over Cova Restaurant!  I am not sure how many of your readers are familiar with Cova, but it was this AMAZING restaurant and resort located on the mainland that was owned and operated by Caleb & Kali Colton.  It is beautiful and the restaurant is set up inside of a cave!!  We did not want to see SL lose this amazing restaurant experience, so Eclipse decided to take it on as an expansion!  It is now the Eclipse Restaurant & Events - Kaneana Cavern dining experience!  It will provide 'walk-in' immediate dining options, as well as reservations, and another amazing and unique aspect is we will be able to fly or sail our clients in from the airport or public dock locations on the mainland!  This expansion is also Moderate in rating, therefore it provides a more family-friendly environment for those with kids!  And an amazing mini golf course that can be enjoyed after dinner or while you wait to be seated! 


EC:  Congratulations!  While on the tour around the sim, I noticed a few other activities, shops, and private places.  Can you tell us a little more about them?


Alassra (xAlassrax):  I sure can!  The Deviant Dragon Sim not only houses Eclipse Restaurant but it also is the home to the Dragon's Tail Tavern, which is an amazing biker-themed bar located along the Dragon's Tail Track!  We have several regular live singers performing there each month, and we are always looking for DJs and hosts to take up some of our open set times as well!  We have a mall that is accepting rentals for anyone looking for a place to set up shop!  The Dragon's Dream - Reiki & Tarot Spa is also located next to the mall, and we have several packages and ala carte spa services available there!  We have mini golf, bumper cars, an Escape Room, a roller coaster at the start of the track, and a wonderfully fun 80's themed Skating arcade also located along the track!!  There is so much to do and enjoy on the Sim, so we definitely encourage guests to explore!

EC: Do you have a niche or role that needs to be filled? 


Alassra (xAlassrax): We do!  We are currently running our August Amore special event this month and we need participants!!  Think of August Amore as Tinder meets Blind Date meets Speed Dating!  We are offering anyone interested the chance to get to know others in SL risk-free!!  Whether you are looking for love, or just companionship and connections, we welcome anyone to sign up and participate!  The only time there is a fee is IF a participant decides they want to actually meet one of the other participants, and our fees for this are very reasonable, lower than our regular dinner for 2 packages!  We have a "meet & greet" 30-minute option which includes the roleplay server providing drinks & appetizers for the 30-minute time frame at only 750L$, or a full 1-hour 3-course roleplay dinner which is only 1000L$!  We wanted to provide a wonderful way for people to meet each other on SL in a unique and different way than just going to a club or a dating service.  So we for sure need participants signing up for this!  We have several ladies signed up and definitely need more men!  Also are definitely hiring!  We have a huge need for Sales Reps., Dining Hosts, Servers, Photographers, and DJ's! 

EC: Thank you for your time today. Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?


Alassra (xAlassrax): I feel like we've covered so much, Ely!  Yet it always seems like there's so much more still not addressed!  I mainly would like to encourage your readers to check out our August Amore event and sign up for it!  Details on it can be found here -     


I would also like to tell your readers to keep an eye out for our SOS Festival package in Sept., and other special packages that will be coming up for Halloween and more!!  We have a lot of awesome things planned to come!  And even though I have mentioned this already, I want to again express our need for more amazing members to join our staff team!  Especially with our new expansion!  Applications can be found here -



Additional Information: 

August Amore Link -        Hiring Link -     

Eclipse Flickr -     Eclipse Facebook -


 Landing point and guest entry:     

 Shops: The Dragon's Dream - Reiki & Tarot Spa -

 Lunation Shop -                   Dragon's Tail Track -       Deviant Dragon Mall -       Deviant Dragon Beach Entry -  Milky Way Skating & Arcade -  Deviant Dragon Beach Club -      


 Dinner Reservation Form:

Policies, package info, etc. can be found on our website:

Preferred Contact: Alassra (xalassrax) or Ash Sullivan (tiptonik)