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Showing posts with label Adult. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Tantra Show Club have finally opened!


Tantra Show Club is a LGBTQ friendly adult escort club. We want to create a immersive space where everyone are able to relax, to be sexy, to be naughty, to sip on the finest liquid creations on the grid. For businesses and performers, we provide a large number advertising place for you to rent within your budget.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

SPOTLIGHT ON PLAYNAUGHTY MAGAZINE- Where style meets pixel perfection- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

PlayNaughty Magazine is a visually captivating publication that celebrates male Modeling and is dedicated exclusively to showcasing elegance, creativity and charisma of male avatars in the virtual world. Not only are the images captivating but the magazine also explores the stories and personalities of these male models, including fashion tips, latest trends and editorials that highlight diversity in men’s fashion.  On Friday, October 6th, a Halloween Grand Opening event will allow visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with many of the featured male models and be part of group events. The Sl Enquirer met up with Charlie Jo Lutrova to learn more about PlayNaughty Magazine and its new Venue.

Interview with Charlie Jo Lutrova (charliejo11)

Before we begin the interview, can you share a little bit about yourself, how you discovered Second Life and what inspired you to create Play Naughty Magazine?

Charlie Jo: I was talking with a friend in real life. Upon Research about Second Life I had read that it is a virtual world that offers a unique platform for creativity and self-expression, and I thought that creating a magazine within this environment can be a rewarding and innovative project. Here are a few reasons why I had thought that.

Second Life has a vibrant and diverse community of residents. Starting a magazine can be a way to connect with this community, promote events, share stories, and foster a sense of belonging. Creating a magazine allows you to showcase your creativity through articles, artwork, and virtual photography. Some Second Life residents engage in virtual commerce, creating and selling virtual goods and services. I thought a magazine can serve as a platform to showcase and review these products, helping residents make informed purchasing decisions think managing a magazine in Second Life can be a challenging and rewarding experience that allows you to develop skills such as editing, graphic design, marketing and community management.

I agree! You get to be creative and share useful as well as entertaining information with the masses. Can you share with our readers who make up your team, their roles and what readers can expect to see in PlayNaughty Magazine?

Charlie Jo: My team consists of a few of my very close like minded friends that I have met here in Second Life. To whom I Am incredibly lucky and very grateful to have. Always there,always ready to help, and very talented. I can not stress how much I truly am grateful to have such a wonderful and talented group of people supporting me.

Lanai: That is the best kind of support!

Charlie Jo: We will have Articles, interviews, and reviews related to adult entertainment. Content focused on relationships, dating advice, intimacy and sexuality. Short stories, fiction, or creative writing with an erotic or sensual theme. High-quality erotic and artistic photography, illustrations, and visual content.Features on sensual fashion trends, lingerie and personal style.Coverage of themed events, parties, and gatherings in Second Life.

Lanai: Sounds like content for the grown and sexy! With your Halloween Grand Opening on Friday, October 6th. I’m sure it is an exciting time planning all the activities Live Djs and swag bags. Can you share with our readers the type of events you will Host?

Charlie Jo: PlayNaughty Magazine is an adult-oriented publication in Second Life, We hope to host a variety of events tailored to its target audience and content. These events can engage readers, promote the magazine, and foster a sense of community within Second Life. Here is a list of ideas to name a few:

We will celebrate the release of each issue with a themed launch party. We hope to partner with designers and fashion brands in Second Life to host erotic or sensual fashion shows. Models can showcase lingerie, clothing, and accessories that would be featured in the magazine.

Also, showcase the work of photographers featured in the magazine with virtual exhibitions.

Organize contests related to photography, storytelling, fashion, or art. Encourage residents to participate and showcase their talents.

Create events that cater to couples or individuals interested in exploring sensuality and intimacy within a virtual environment. This might include workshops, discussions, or dance parties.

Host special events tied to holidays or seasons, such as Valentine's Day parties, summer beach parties


Use events to promote magazine subscriptions, offer exclusive discounts, or provide special rewards for subscribers.

Lanai: Incentives are always good!  It sounds like you have a lot of exciting things about to happen.  I noticed while taking a tour , there was a Centerfold contest display. Is it open to the public or must you be a member to participate? Can you tell me a little about that?

Charlie jo:: Our full magazine will come out January 1st. Our models have all paid to be a model in the magazine and have access to all of what PlayNaughty has to offer them. I only have one cover on a magazine and one center of a magazine. So who will be the face of PlayNaughtys first full magazine? Hence our contest...It is free to vote on any model. Anyone can vote on any model, or anyone can stand there and vote on all of our models. However, you can only vote on any model once. After you have voted you will need to get your friend to come vote. This is to ensure that the model you want to see on the cover of PlayNaughtys Magazine has more than one vote. The goal is to get as many votes as possible because the one with the most votes will be on the cover of PlayNaughtys first full magazine.

Lanai: I’m going to have to do some voting!  Us ladies need a good male Magazine to stare down. Men have had it good for years drooling over women. Now it's our turn. Lol jk. Do you have a group visitors can join so they can stay up to date with events?

Charlie Jo: Yes, At the castle we have a lion by the stage anyone can touch that and join our V.I.P. group. We also have a kiosk at the castle that you can touch and get a notecard with all of the ways to contact us with any questions.

 Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions do you have available and how can people apply?

We are currently hiring ! We are looking for photographers, sponsors, and a social media manager.

Additional Information:




Our Blog:

Preferred contact:email or in Second Life


Preferred contact:

Randi Ling

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Canyon Cove - A Truly Unique Adults Only, Nude Optional Destination


Our Grand Opening is July 30th beginning at 11am. There are still some things needed to be done at Canyon Cove, aesthetics mainly, but people who come can enjoy surfing, caves, scuba diving, horseback riding, cliff diving, amazing DJ's, and an auto guided hot air balloon tour (adult). I'm debating myself about hang gliding though. If a hang glider crashed into the balloon my SLinsurance doesn't cover that. In the future I will have sim wide rentals in the sky complete with sim surrounds. My builder is none other than the hugely talented Naru Darkwatch. There is nothing she can't do from sim design to terraforming to landscaping to creating logos such a Canyon Cove's logo. I am truly blessed.

LM SL group: secondlife:///app/group/3ae51d1d-3721-fa99-ed9e-c2250528a76c/about Flickr Group

Thursday, January 12, 2023


My guest today is Zeehra Cordeaux, owner and operator of Friction, SL’s hottest and most unique Adult entertainment club. Friction caters to the most discerning adults in a fun and engaging atmosphere.  Guests initially come to Friction as customers, but find that after only a couple of visits, they leave as family.  When I first arrived at Friction and started exploring the many rooms and spaces there, I could tell this was NOT your average Adult club. Friction has accommodations for both text-based and voice-based interactions, as well as state-of-the-art animations in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  I caught up with Zeehra while she was tending bar.  She still had a few minutes before the anticipated afternoon rush of patrons, so we sat comfortably as I asked her a few questions…

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB:      So tell me, Zeehra? What sets FRICTION apart from the many other adult clubs out there?

Zeehra Cordeaux (ZC):   - Friction is an adult entertainment club and what makes it so special is the welcoming, professional vibe that our guests feel when they enter our premises. We pride ourselves in maintaining the social aspect of Friction as well as the adult areas. Our staff are very carefully hand-picked to fit into our theme and our vision which is extremely important to us. Friction is designed to provide a "safe place" or an extra home away from home, so to speak, a family for both our staff and our guests. We often hear that people come to us for the strippers but they stay for the vibe which is why we have the slogan "...can you feel it?".

JB:    Where did you get the idea for FRICTION? Is there some history here?

ZC:   - It's a bit of a bizarre story really. Before Friction came to be I was working at a few other clubs for a while and there was one in particular that ended up giving me the nudge that I needed to start planning my own club. During the interview to get hired, I was told that I didn't have to do anything that I wasn't comfortable with doing.  However, AFTER I was hired, I was pressured and expected to do things against my will.  I brought this up with the management and I got the response that "Oh no, you DO have to do THAT. Otherwise, I don't think you are even fit to work in this business". Needless to say, I then quit and decided to open up my own place and shape it into what Friction is today. A safe place for everyone to enjoy without punishments or forced anything, where we can always say no without question if we feel uncomfortable in any way.

JB:    How big a staff do you maintain here, and who are the true movers and shakers that keep FRICTION up and running, so to speak?

ZC   -At the moment we have roughly 40 employees working for us. We hire both males and females which also means that we cater to everyone’s needs and desires. There is a lot of work involved in running a business in Second Life and quite frankly, we wouldn't have been able to do it to the extent that we have if it wasn't for our wonderful staff. They are the hearts and souls of Friction and the ones that are carrying out our vision and they do it perfectly. We are very proud of each and every one of them and we feel so privileged that they have chosen us as their employers. We all work together as a team with a "one for all and all for one" kind of mindset.

 JB:    As I was touring your extensive facilities the other night, I saw a couple of things I didn’t quite understand. What is a “miepon”?  Also, you have an area dedicated to  “Textopia?  What is that all about?

ZC:   - Miepons are a really fun addition to any club really. They are little tokens that one can purchase from so-called miepon machines that contain an action of some sort. These tokens can be handed over to the dancers as they are on stage in order to have them perform the action. It can be any kind of action really, anything from sounding like a mating turtle for 30 seconds to a 2-minute lovense control link. Of course, our dancers can choose to say no if they don't want to perform said action but that very rarely happens as they are so much fun. People really enjoy them.

- The place you visited was temporarily named "Textopia" but was renamed the "TexXxt Club". This is an area that caters to text roleplay only and will bypass anything that has to do with voice. We wanted an area for those who enjoy Second Life how it used to be before the voice option took over extensively.

JB:    I see you have a fairly well-stocked “Gift Shop” as well, for purchasing those special presents for yourself or those “hard to buy for” folks on your gift list.  How’s business there? 

ZC:   - The "Gift Shop" is quite a success actually. It contains many fun things that people previously didn't realize that they needed, much like most other material things in life, such as attachments that allow you to interact with others in fun or naughty ways, furniture, and some HUD's like Stepford Wife Implant, and Mama Alpha. We are big supporters of our affiliates in the shop and we own many of their items ourselves which is why we can wholeheartedly recommend them to others.

JB:    What types of Events do you have here? 

ZC:   - We currently have three weekly events that run for the whole day. There is Wicked Wednesday where all our menu services are 50% off. We also have something called Fuzzy Friday which is a fairly new and fun one. This is where all the staff that aims to work that day dress up as furries or nekos, both for a bit of a change in scenery but also to show some extra appreciation to the lovely furry guests that visit us. Last but not least we have SUN-Day Fun-Day where we are operating from our beach. It's almost like going on holiday once a week to enjoy some sun and a tropical environment. On Sundays, we are all down at the beach instead of up in the clubs. Another important thing to add is that all our events run for 24 hours to make sure that everyone can part-take no matter which time zone they are in. Additionally, we host themed events when people want to celebrate their rezz-days or birthdays as well as being available to cater to requested events that someone might want to see at Friction.

JB:    I saw you have plenty of games and play areas…both in the Arcade…and in the Dungeon.   What are some of the other areas that guests might enjoy during a visit to FRICTION?

ZC:   - In the Arcade one can enjoy many different and classic video games such as Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat. We also have mud-wrestling, Greedy Fruit slot machines, Buzz Roulette, and a section for gaming with Lovense. 

- We have three "playrooms", all in different styles, such as the dungeon that you saw. These rooms are for private time between guests and staff and contain many fun things to enjoy.

- We have a Lounge where people can sit around and chat, cuddle, get to know each other, or play games such as Cheesy and Hand & Foot. It's a very casual and relaxing area and one of the things that Friction was likely first with implementing.

- We have three different clubs. The Red Club where the vocal ladies dance, the Blue Club where the vocal gentlemen dance, and a new Purple Club which is for those who write only.

- Another fun area is The Secret Key which is for our Elite VIPs only. An area where they can hang out and get to know the staff away from the rest of the club.

- Last but not least we have an amazing nude beach which is a roleplay/fun area for everyone to enjoy freely. It contains several different games such as playable Volley-Ball and coconut-cracking. There are many secluded areas where one could enjoy a nice,  romantic date with a loved one, or a group of friends. There is also a stage down there for the one day every week that we utilize the beach for work, which is Sunday as I mentioned before.

JB:    How might someone learn “What’s Happening at FRICTION?”

ZC:   - The best way to stay up to date with any happenings that involve Friction would be to join our Discord server. It is free to join, however, you need to become part of our free VIP group in Second Life in order to be able to see all the different channels in Discord.

JB:    Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

ZC:   - I would like to take a moment to shed some light on a very honorable organization called Echovets. Friction has recently become supporter of this organization which is a whole sim made up for war veterans that are in need of support in any way. They exist in "the real world" as well which is what this Second Life group is based on. It is a place for veterans to meet up and support and comfort each other without actually meeting up. A safe haven where they can be themselves and get help with any issues that are lingering after being stationed in a war zone. Take a moment to look them up, show them some support, or even drop them a little donation. They are worth it.

Soooo…there you have it, Folks.  For the Best in Adult Entertainment to be found anywhere on the Grid, hop on over to Friction.  You’ll be glad you did.  And when you do, tell ‘em Josh sent ya,

Be there! Aloha


- Flickr: 

- Discord: 

- SLurl:

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Comedy Relief: Slut Gear on Super sale in Second Life! Come get you some- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Since the beginning of Second Life, self-expression has been the #1 goal for many who embark on this virtual journey. Whether people like to express themselves artistically, musically, poetically, or verbally. It has all come down to one thing. Personality. Everyone has their own and it shows in the unique ways people communicate here while collecting friends who share common interests. 

Aside from personalities, a good visual helps enhance the persona they are trying to project. Well in some cases... 

Everyone in the virtual world regardless of a bubbly personality or a lackluster introvert, the appearance of an avatar speaks volumes, it either aligns with the person’s personality or often time leaves nothing else for the imagination. Either way, is there a right or wrong? Does decorum even matter in Second Life?

That brings me to the purpose of this article. I’m boggled by some of the choices peeps make when it comes to their avatar appearance. Perhaps I’m being a Karen or I’m just being vocal where others just shake their heads and banter back and forth in IM cracking jokes about the various choices of attire and whatnot while they “people watch” at venues.

 Just like in real life, In Second Life bodies come in all shapes and sizes just like mesh clothes. Finding something that works can be a challenge but the rule of thumb is if you are unsure about a fit,  try a demo or go a size up instead of 3 sizes too small to avoid looking like a sausage in spandex with all your bits and bobs hanging out or a special shopper that frequents the local Walmart, some peeps should check the mirror (zoom in closely and pan around your avatar)  before teleporting out the door. 


While visiting a concert, I was inspired to write about this topic in hopes it will help lead avatars in a different direction or at least give them food for thought. How we perceive ourselves is way different than how others see us. For instance, I know I’m a Goddess in both worlds but Orion and a few others seem to think I’m not. I won’t argue the fact…let’s move on, it’s not ALL about me.

The first thing I want to bring up is the 2 decades-long trend of thigh-high extra tight boots and ultra minis. Why does it seem, the majority of single ladies dancing in the clubs seem to be wearing this same uniform? I’m perplexed. Maybe it's some secret society or something. Are classy girls excluded from whatever it is they are doing? DO I even want to know? Let’s start with the ladies before I tear into the opposite sex and their choices. WHY? Just why?

I set out to find answers…

With liquid courage in hand…. I set out to interview some men on the topic of Slut Gear to see if it really turns them on or makes them secretly rethink their gender orientation.

Not trying to be biased or anything but I turned to SLE’s own Orion Baral. I literally didn’t have to say a word, I just glanced at someone in the crowd and gave him the side eye and he already knew my question.  “Call me old fashioned but elegance is sexy”, he said as he began derendering women left and right I think a few dudes got erased from his screen too.

The next person I approached was Ninjaantwoord who gives 0 fux when it comes to giving an upfront honest opinion and here’s what he had to say. “OK, just so I’m clear, panties belong under skirts when in public, same as in real life. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule, but generally, if you don’t want to be viewed as a slut, it’s easier if you don’t dress like one.”

Luchenpur Darwin, Owner of Center Ground Gallery of Art said,  “I guess a lot is dependent on the setting.  If they are at the beach or clubs where club sexy. Be as sexy as you want to be. It is the appropriate attire for it then have at it. I think it's fine.  Most of the time though sensual and sexy dress to me still means you don't have to show it all to attract attention. And the way an outfit is cut to show some skin can still be enticing.   I don't have any advice except, to do what makes you feel good and happy about yourself.

Another male who wished to remain anonymous so we will call him “Phil” said, “well there are a few directions questioning why they do, or just shaming, or psychological why they hate their mothers and have daddy issues and dress like that” 

These men bring up good points but I really had to dig my heels in deep to find a man who actually likes scantily clad females walking around with camel toes, cleavages, and asscracks on full display. Not to mention the bounce action.

I came across a fellow that I will call “Fred” who was hanging out at the Keyhole like a roach on a wall. I could tell by his basic avatar appearance and freebie t-shirt that read “I love Tiddies” that he was only in Second Life for a “good time”.  I'm pretty sure he derendered my clothing the second he saw me, as his crosshairs were all over me when I landed. At first, he stayed silent and then said…..” no Ingl├ęs. ¿puedo tener algunos Lindens?

WTF! Moving on…

Poups Sabra; Kreatures Breeder says, to be honest, Lanai, I like women wearing sexy clothes but to me, there is a difference between showing a little bit with classy clothes and wearing gross clothes, too much does not attract me at all.  Second life is a free world so everyone can do what they like and I respect that, but my advice to these girls would be not to do too much because that will not attract the few good guys out there ... that s how I see it.”

Poups brings up a good point about the quality of men that these women are potentially missing out on dressing like that.  It’s true, not all sluts end up like Julia Robert’s character, Vivian Ward in the movie Pretty Woman

Anyway,  I decided to take it a step further with the majority of the women choosing the type of outfits that would offend the average streetwalker like Vivian, I turned to the music scene and asked a couple of musicians their thoughts on these groupies that show up at their gigs.

I asked long-time musician and friend Dallas Winslet his thoughts on slut gear at his concerts and he had this to say,  “actually I am glad they come but I never really see what they r wearing, but I really don't mind what they wear. I am really too busy concentrating on what I am doing.”

That makes sense but I had to ask him when he is out and about does it attract his attention.

“Well, I am a man and I love women but I don't go looking to see what they r wearing”

Fair enough.

The next musician I accosted for input  was the one and only Icecremn Merlin who was glad to share some insight. 

“LOL.....My fans are mostly older 40 plus and are there because I don't play what other players play so most dress properly. Those who dress sultry or slutty are always welcome, but I think it's silly. The part I don't get is why they hit on me.  I mean really....cartoon sex?..... Come on. But...I have seen some avatars in here and I'm amazed at how good they look...and those are the ones that dress appropriately.”

I think Icecremn is on to something extraordinary here... Appropriately dressed women are actually sexier.

Upon gathering some insight from men in Second Life the only conclusion I can come up with is the old-fashioned saying “to each their own”. Everyone has the right to wear what they want to wear and act like they want to act just so long as it is not infringing on others or cause harm to another person. Self-degradation is also a choice one must live with if it is a choice they are willing to accept. Women practicing the slut gear culture can’t be surprised when they are treated with the type of respect or lack thereof based on the “uniform” they wear. Just like a clown cannot complain about not being taken seriously.

This article is for entertainment purposes only.

Friday, October 14, 2022


As the seasons change in our natural world, many venues hold to the same theme. Since Second Life is our world, our imagination it is only proper for some venue owners to provide a summer beach-themed paradise all year round. Temporal Radio’s Wet Spot Beach Club features many great amenities on a full sim that boasts an adult playground with a relaxing feel. If you are an explorer looking for something new to do in Second Life, you will find many places around the environment to chill. Play a game or hang out at any of the five different clubs and have great conversations with friendly people. The SL Enquirer sat down with DJ Snaxx and Rebel Rebel Storm to talk about Temporal Radio’s Wet Spot Beach Club and all it has to offer Second Life residents.  

Interview with Rebel Rayn Storm and  DJ Snaxx (beeker.beeks)

SLE: Rebel Rayn and DJ Snaxx, it is a pleasure to meet up with you to learn more about Temporal Radio’s Wet Spot Beach Club.  Can you tell us a little about Temporal Radio's launch and the many MMO platforms across the metaverse?

DJ Snaxx: Temporal Radio was founded in 2013, to enhance the online gaming experience in Star Trek Online (STO). Since then, it has expanded into Star wars The Old Republic (SWTOR), GTA 5 online, Read Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2), Second Life, and many other platforms. We host “parties” in those games, pretty much as we do in SL.

SLE: Having a radio station that spans many MMO Platforms, you have an advantage when it comes to inviting listeners to your events in Second Life. Can you tell our readers what they can expect from this visual location that represents your radio station?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: The Wet Spot Beach Club is more than just a radio station or club, we have 4 venues, the regular club, a Viking village, and a party pool, all where events can be held. The sim is extremely adult and clothing optional. We are proud to be sponsored by Temporal radio and it is a great outreach for us. We have table games, a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, Lil devil, bowling, waterslide, and also a 2700-meter motorcycle track. Open to anyone and everyone!

SLE: With so much to do from live music events, gaming, and even shopping, It must be difficult to manage, Who is part of the team, and what is their role?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: Owners are DJ Snaxx (beeker.beeks), Rebel (Rebelbrimstone), and ReaRoo (reagan.velvetleaf)...our GM is Hawk (h4z4rd Neox), the Host trainer is Nat (natalie.tungsten) and dance trainer Persey (persephone.lysette) along with our many amazing DJ's, host/ess and dancers.

SLE: Seems you have good solid staff but could always use good employees so are you currently hiring? If so what positions are available and how do they apply?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: We are hiring! We are looking for DJs, Host/ess, and Dancers and are willing to train anyone!

SLE: So help our readers know more about your venue. What type of events do you like to host and how often do these events take place?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: We have events on Thursdays from 7-9 pm slt from Ladies Night, Bodwatch by the Bay, and Storytime as well as concerts. Held every Thursday at different venues on the sim.

SLE: That is a very active schedule that is great to hear. So, this venue is geared towards the adult community, Are there any restrictions in attire, conduct, or access to areas of the sim?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: Clothing is optional anywhere on the sim. Over 18 only. Conduct is common sense, use respect and there will be no problems. There are no restrictions on access to the sim with the exception of private homes.

SLE: I am sure you two have some stories you can tell about some people attempting to or just not conducting themselves in an adult manner. But we will keep those stories for another time :) Tell our readers do you have a group to join or a calendar people can see for upcoming events?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: yes we have a google calendar and the link is...

SLE: For those that might be confused about your club and another club by a similar name, what sets yours apart and makes Temporal Radio's Wet Spot Beach Club stand out?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: Temporal Radios Wet Spot Beach Club is the REAL wet spot. We are friendly and welcome everyone. We have lots to offer as well as many VIPs at our events. We are respectful of people's decisions and welcome them with open arms.

SLE: Keeping people interested and engaged is the name of the game in Second Life. We wish you lasting success in this and the other virtual worlds you are in. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

DJ Snaxx & Rebel Rayn: Don't just read this article and pass us by, come check us out and enjoy The REAL Wet Spot, we won't make you sleep in it!

Additional Information


Group: The Wet Spot Beach Club

URL: secondlife:///app/group/32a2200a-9e1f-6b65-a3fe-86db105dce18/about



Preferred Contact: DJ Snaxx (beeker.beeks) or Rebel (Raynbrimstone)