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Monday, June 17, 2024

Spotlight Feature on Blue Ridge Country- This Place is a Country Song waiting to Happen- Lanai jarrico Reporting...


“Hillbilly” music originated in the Southern regions of the United States in the 1920’s and focused on story telling in ballads and dance tunes. In the 40’s this genre gained popularity the term Country Music was adopted; also known as Honky-Tonk, Bluegrass, folk and gospel and crossing over into. The musical instruments commonly played are fiddles, banjos and various types of guitar coupled with line dancing.


 In Second Life, Blue Ridge Country is a venue dedicated to Country music and rock.  It is a place where friends and good times are what it’s all about.  Visitors can Rock the Dock on Saturdays with a whole day of rock.  For those that like playing games, there is a Game room, Water horse rezzers and trails to ride on. There are also boat rezzers and an open water area to enjoy as well as Stores to shop.  The SL Enquirer met up with owner Hannock Evergarden to learn more about Blue Ridge Country and what it has to offer Country Fans gridwide.

Interview with Hannock Evergarden

SLE: Hi Hannock, before we get down to the nitty gritty, can you tell us how you discovered Second life and what inspired you to create Blue Ridge Country?

Hannock: I encountered SL almost 11 years ago. It was just a curiosity, and I had no intention of staying long term, but I discovered friends and fun destinations that intrigued me. I found a few fun clubs and from the start I had a fascination with some day starting my own. I had left Sl for a while and found many of the clubs and friends had disappeared. It was during Covid that I found my way back in and looked for a club I could call home. At the time I was not all that familiar with country music but found a love for it along with many new friends. After about a year I became interested in becoming a DJ and absorbed all I could from my favorites.  It was through the help of many close friends that happened to be DJ’s that I learned the ropes and as of 5/22 I performed my first set as a DJ and the rest is history.  I learned a lot about how a club works and eventually became part owner of a well-established country club. After about a year I started toying with the idea of starting my own club.  Lola and myself started from scratch and built a country club based on the Appalachian Mountains on a ¼ region. On September 1 2023, Blue Ridge Country opened with only 3 sets per day for 5 days. We only had 7 DJ’s and 7 Hosts.  Within 2 months we grew to 27 DJ’s and 27 Hosts and with 4 sets per day 7 days per week.  

  On 3/1/24 Blue Ridge Country moved to a whole region with an adjoining sim wide open water area. Blue Ridge continues to grow with hopes of expanding sets from 6AM – 10PM. 

Lanai: Your backstory is impressive. It shows with hard work and the right people in your circle to really manifest your vision into virtual reality!  Every successful venue has a solid team, can you share who makes up your team and what their roles are?

Hannock:  Hannock and Lola Evergarden – owners

                 Ange Blackwell – General Manager

                 Myth Blackwell   - General Manager

                 Rayn Vortex – Day Manager

                 Jessie Demure – Schedule Manager

Lanai: It looks like you have management covered! Country music is gaining popularity amongst the millennials and Gen Z as new talents hit the recording studios and popular singers Like Beyonce coming out with a whole Country Album. What does Country Music mean to you and how do you feel about other artists crossing over to the genre? 

Hannock:  I came from a rock background and knew very little about country music before I became a DJ. I learned quickly from other DJ’s and binged all the popular country songs on my music app and listened to them every day and downloaded everything that appealed to me. I never play a song that I do not like.  Country music has now become my favorite music genre and I get excited finding new songs every day.

Lanai: I like how motivated you are to try new things and really get involved in Country music so quickly. What type of events do you host at BRC?

Hannock: We have future RFL events in the planning stage. We have a racetrack skybox that we will soon be having competitions. Live singers are being approached and we hope to host a live event in the near future. 

SLE: That sounds like fun! Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions are you offering?

Hannock: We are always looking for good energetic DJ’s and Hosts. Many of our sets are covered but we always need cover DJ’s and Hosts as well as hoping to expand our sets in the mornings. 

SLE: Aside from live shows and DJ events, what other activities do you offer at Blue Ridge Country?

Hannock: Blue Ridge country has several stores with owners that would be happy to create something personal for you. We have an open water area with boat rezzers, bumper boats, kayaks, canoes and jet skis. Islands to explore, a huge tree house with several levels, cuddle spots and plenty of scenic photo opportunities. We have a trail that surrounds the region and horse rezzers to take a casual stroll around to see the mountainous sites. There is a beach area where occasional music sets are located. The huge club can accommodate over 100 vips with a massive game room upstairs. 

SLE: it sounds like a little something for everyone.  What group can guests join to stay up to date with your events?

Hannock: Blue Ridge Country, we also have subscribers if you are out of group space. 

SLE:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about BRC?

Hannock: We are a family friendly club where our number one goal is having fun and making friends. Blue Ridge Country will never have a sploder or linden chasers, we prefer genuine folks that enjoy good country music, good friends and a good time. Blue Ridge Country wants to be your club and a place anyone can call home. 

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Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Secret Escort that goes above and beyond for her Clients- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

As you all know, Second life is like a never ending Spring Break for many who like to let their hair down and get a little wild and crazy all from the comfort of their favorite gaming chair or worn out couch.  The best part is you get to be a real freak and no one in your real life has to know!

I met up with “Jaylan” who would like to remain anonymous due to her high end escorting career in Second life. She has graced the grid for many years mastering her craft and leaving clients stunned and coming back for more. I was intrigued by her service menu and at first thought it was a joke but turns out she is the real deal that carries herself with grace and absolutely no shame.

Lanai: Hi Jaylan, thank you for meeting with me. I know you have a very tight schedule!

Jaylan:  Hi Lanai, it has been a long time since I’ve seen you. I remember taking a pole dancing lesson with you in my newbie days. Weren’t you the one who got her strappy sandals caught on the pole and it took 4 bouncers to unravel you? You took a hard fall that day, I’m surprised you can even speak or walk.  I always wondered what happened to you.   I’m glad to see all your hard work paid off and you are a reporter now.

Lanai: *blinks*  Remind me to omit the bit about the failed pole dancing endeavor… Don’t judge me! Anyway back to you and your successful career!

Jaylan:  OK, lol. So what would you like to know? I’ll share some valuable secrets but not all!

Lanai: Well, let's begin with how you got started. Maybe it will inspire other struggling escorts in Second life?

Jaylan:  It all began right after taking a pole dancing job at a shabby little hole in the wall which I refuse to name drop for street cred. The owner ended up robbing me for all of my tips by secretly adding an alpha layer over my tip jar. When I confronted him, he canned me and I was struggling to pay my tier. I bumped into an old flame who reminded me just how awesome I was at edging and this certain thing I do that he was unable to find in other girls he dated.  He became my practice partner until his nagging RL wife caught him rubbing one out in the basement and I never saw him again… the rest is history!

Lanai: Well damn, I’m sure that happens a lot. People need to learn how to lock a door and have a knock policy.  So he was your pimp? It's OK, it's totally legal in Second life.

Jaylan:  I guess you can call him that…But just like the culture in SL, we move on fast. Kinda like speed dating on steroids.

Lanai: I agree. So, tell me a little bit about the services you offer. I’m looking at this notecard and it sounds like a joke. Is there really such a thing called the.. *looks closely at the notecard* a… Backwards camel hopscotch, which you charge a whopping 5000L for?

Jaylan:  OMG, that is the best seller right there!  First you have to be very flexible. Not everyone is cut out for it but those that can handle it limp away with a huge smile. I don’t want to describe it because I’m currently working on a patent but, make sure you got lots of lube and a quarter…

Lanai: Yikes, sounds sorta like one of those cheap rides at the county fair…

Jaylan:  I don’t know what kind of fairs you go to but this service definitely gives you your Lindens worth!

Lanai: Ok moving on to The Boogie Man in spandex for 3652L. What can you tell me about that?

Jaylan: Well that one is more of a roleplay/ foreplay service. I personally don’t care for the spandex but you would be amazed how many couples come to me to assist them with it.  It only works with the lights out so a majority of the time, I see nothing, I can just tell they are getting what they paid for by the sounds produced by both parties. 

Lanai: Interesting. It definitely sounds like you're making a killing with these special services! Ok, next on your service menu is Jump slap bootie clap wham bam thank you ma'am for 500L? What’s that about?

Jaylan: Sure am.  This service is exactly what it sounds like. Some people just love abuse. Can’t hate on that. Those requests are usually by men who get dumped and are looking for a quick fix rebound if you know what I mean. 

Lanai: I’m not exactly sure I do but Ok. Next up, Flip flop patty wack give me the bone for a whopping 9005L! 

Jaylan:  OK this one is reserved for my elite clientele. The ones who are most successful in Second life and come from a variety of businesses, mainly sim owners and in the top 5 best brands on the Grid. I take special care to accommodate them during their rare free time. The last client that experienced “the bone” as I like to call it, was so pleased by it that they referred a couple of friends and now they request it regularly! 

Lanai: ahhh, that still doesn't explain anything but I’m sure it will pique some curiosities amongst our readers.

Jaylan: Well, if you refer a friend , just give them the discount code” Bone Lanai” and I will take good care of them. I’m sure you have friends in high places.

Lanai: Absolutely not! Can you give me a more discrete discount code.. Something like GetBoned or something. I don’t think I want my name associated with whatever eyes wide shut campaign you got going on.

Jaylan: lol Ok done. Just remind them to take some extra strength Ibuprofen a half an hour before their service.

Lanai: I don’t even know what to say to that but Ok. We are at the second to last service on this list. What can you tell me about  Bitch slap weasel squeal bareback moooo for 7000L

Jaylan: This service is a tricky one and  it requires 2-3 assistants for a group of 3 or more so the price can vary. I also included a bonus to anyone in the group that doesn’t pass out first within the first 3 minutes. Don’t worry I always have a paramedic on call for any of the services I provide and they sign an NDA.

Lanai: Oh well that sounds pretty ummm…. Safe I guess. Just out of curiosity have you ever been sued?

Jaylan: I can't speak on cases still pending , I’m sorry. But I will say this. Stretching and taking pain killers prior to services is highly recommended.

Lanai: Well at least you take some precautions…. Ok last service on your list… The forrest gump bump bump bam boom for 250L

Jaylan: It’s an additional add on to any of the services. I’m thinking about changing the name since nobody is into Forrest Gump anymore. I was thinking about renaming it the Shocka Deluxe if the name isn’t already patented.

Lanai: Is it fair to say it has something to do with hanging loose?

Jaylan: Exactly, but there is more to it then 2 fingers and a thumb…

Lanai: Well I have to say, this was a very… informative and interesting interview. Thank you for sharing your services and expertise in your unique craft. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers before we go our separate ways?

Jaylan: Actually I do while I have this very public platform. Whoever keeps sending me bags of D*cks, please stop. I have no control of spouses who use my services behind their significant others backs, nor am I responsible for oops pregnancies in group services and accidental fungal STD’s. That guy in New York has never used our services!

Lanai: OK Then…. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I hope you have a very prosperous year and we can meet up again for updates!

Jaylan: I look forward to it. Thank you Lanai!


Jaylan’s Full service Menu Notecard

Thank you for your interest in this ridiculously sexy body of mine and my services. You are correct, you will not find anything in Second Life that would blow your wig back like I do. You came to the right avie.

I've taken the liberty of providing you with the best rates in Second Life for the following:

 Backwards camel hopscotch.................5000L


 The Boogie Man in spandex.....................3652L


  Jump slap bootie clap wham bam thank you maam........500L


 Flip flop patty wack give me the bone............9005L

 Bitch slap weasel squeal bareback moooo..........7000L


 The forrest gump bump bump bam boom....250L


*Maximum Strength Ibuprofen is highly recommended before and after services.




Wednesday, June 12, 2024




How to Make a Commute Less Boring

 There is nothing worse than sitting on a long commute when you're not the driver, but you're on public transport. Getting on a train and having to travel across the city in the morning when all you want to do is still be in bed, it's horrible. But we are watching companies demand that people go back to the office after working remotely for a few years. So a lot of people are trying to figure out what they could be doing on their commute to make it less boring.

The way that you start your morning can make or break your day. The last thing that you want is to roll up into work feeling angry because you've been squashed on the commute by other commuters. A calm and peaceful ride to work is the only way that you're going to start your day well. So what we've done is put together a list of how you can make your commute less boring and more relaxing.

Image source: Pexels

  1. Don't think of it as a boring commute. First and foremost, you need to reframe it. You are on your way to work, yes. Or you are on your way home from work, yes, but that's still your time. Whether you want to engage in healthy activities such as diving into your book of sudoku and start puzzling your brain, or you want to re-watch a TV series that you've been trying to get into after work, use the time while you commute to do that. As long as you have a decent Internet connection you should be able to stream, but if you don't then it's definitely the puzzle books that will be the answer.

  2. Come off your phone. Contrary to our previous point, a good way to start your day well is to not sit and stare at your phone for the full commute. If you're going to be going to work and you work with computers, start looking around instead. Look out the window and take note of your surroundings and people watch on the train. You'll feel so much better in yourself when you're not staring at a screen from the moment you get onto a train to the moment you get back off of the train this evening.

  3. Read a book. If you don't get much quiet time to sit and read, but your commute is over an hour long on a public train, then get to the train early, get yourself a seat, and read. Jumping into the world with somebody else is often preferable. It also makes your commute a lot less boring because you're busy reading. Just don't forget about your stop.

Work through your To Do List. If you should be journaling, or you should be using your time to write a shopping list, or you should be looking to brush up on your meeting notes for the day. The commute is a great time to do that. Maximizing your time is important, and while nobody likes to sit for 40 minutes or longer on a public train or bus, you can still use that time to feel more productive. You'll be able to come into the office feeling like you've at least started your day well, because it's already begun before you've arrived.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024


Yes the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest was launched very early this spring and you had a lot of time but not anymore! Shine your style and send your photo!
The deadline to submit a picture for the first challenge dedicated to Jade Pono is June 20 at midnight and the first group of six semi-finalists will be revealed on June 26, here in The SL Enquirer.

Created ten years ago, the LOOK of the YEAR competition pursues two main objectives: to find the best ambassador for LUXE Paris and to offer a great and beautiful adventure to all fashion lovers. Men and women ! Pros and beginners! Everyone can play!


What does the ideal LUXE Paris ambassador look like?
“An elegant, original and charismatic person” describe Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, the owners and chief designers of LUXE Paris Fashion House.
“A person whose style splashes us with beauty and whose friend we want to be.”

Jade Pono, the last holder of the LOOK of the YEAR title, had it all. A woman with a heart of gold, this pretty Japanese girl living in Hawaii definitely had the boldness of her fashion roots. She knew how to think outside the box without ever losing an ounce of her dazzling elegance. 

Sadly, Jade left us in March 2023 to fight cancer and never returned. Our competition is therefore paying homage to her by asking the participants of the first week of the semi-final to create a LUXE Paris ensemble inspired by our dear Jade.


Another example of the type of ambassador sought by LUXE Paris: Hunipet Delicioso, Jade's dauphine. A classic beauty, Hunipet radiates exquisite elegance, definitely shattering the myth of the Texas girl always in jeans and a shirt lol!

As Jade suggested to us before her departure, we asked Hunipet to take over and assume the role of ambassador of LUXE Paris as part of the LOOK of the YEAR 2024 competition. Hunipet will therefore be a member of our jury and of the mentoring team in addition to being the image of the brand.

Jade, Ponchie, Zuri, Coco & Frolic

In addition to Jade, LUXE Paris will pay tribute to four other fashion icons who have particularly inspired the creators of the brand, established by Paris and Mika twelve years ago.

While participants in the competition must not lose sight of the fact that they are applying for the role of ambassador, candidates must draw inspiration from one of the fashion icons. 

Each of the five weeks of the competition is dedicated to an icon. Jade, in the spotlight the first week, will be followed by two extraordinary women who brilliantly shine the spotlight on SL fashion: Ponchituti Boucher, top model, co-owner of One On One Agency, nicknamed The Mother of All Models because she discovered so many runway stars, and Zuri Rayna, creator of the jewelry that bears her name, accomplished businesswoman and fervent supporter of SL designers.

For the fourth week of the competition, candidates will have to take inspiration from the famous Gabrielle Coco Chanel, this daring designer who freed women from their corsets in the '20s. 

Finally, the fifth week will be dedicated to a very dear friend of LUXE Paris, the legendary Frolic Mills, who died last winter. Without the strong roots established by Frolic, the virtual fashion industry would not be the same today.

L$200,000 in PRIZES!

Don't let yourself be frightened by this new version of the competition. These icons are absolutely not a limit. It's just a matter of imagining how you would dress them.

When the icon is female, male participants are invited to create a LUXE Paris outfit for their companion and vice versa for female candidates.

Does the adventure tempt you? Stop procrastinating! All participants receive a free LUXE Paris ensemble upon receipt of their first photo. The twelve finalists will share L$84,000 in gifts offered by our sponsors. The winner will receive L$50,000 cash and the runners up, L$10,000 each, in addition to many gifts.

It's the most exciting fashion competition on the planet SL and who knows, maybe you're the star we're looking for...

Visit our website at LUXE Paris Fashion House 
to get to know our icons better, let your creativity flow, make your style shine, capture it all in a full-length photo and send it FULL PERM to the avatar LUXEParisLOOKoftheYEAR inworld . You can send a maximum of 3 looks by icon.

The 2024 LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR Contest is presented in collaboration with One One One Agency, Zuri Jewelry, In-Nova Academy, The SL Enquirer, SL Confidencial, Swank Events, the Womenstuff and Menstuff groups, the Latin Quarter, ProPose, Hyacinth Poses & Design, Hayabusa Design and SL4Live-TV.

Are You Ready For A Career In Medicine?

 When choosing any kind of career, it’s important to have some idea of what you’re getting into. However, the extra responsibility that comes with a career as a doctor is one that’s competitive and in demand and requires you to be extra certain that you’re ready for it. Here, we’re going to look at some of the challenges that you have to be aware of, as well as how practicing doctors tend to manage them.

Photo - CC0 License

Are you ready for school?

First and foremost, it’s important to be aware of just how much education it takes to become a doctor. There is extensive education and training involved, requiring you to go to medical school, complete a residency, and potentially pursue fellowships after that. It’s a career of lifelong learning, as well, so you’re not going to be done hitting the books once you’re working, especially not if you plan to advance your career as you go.

Are you ready to take responsibility?

Any job naturally requires you to take responsibility for the role that you take on, and all the tasks involved in said role. However, when you’re a doctor, that responsibility can be over life and death. It can come with high-stress situations where you have to make decisions that are not always easy and will have a direct impact on patient care and well-being. Doctors have to be able to live with that responsibility and stop it from affecting their ability to work. If you’re not resilient, then you’re not very likely to make it too far in a medical career.

Will you fight to maintain your reputation?

As mentioned, being a doctor means making difficult decisions, and not all of those decisions are going to result in the best outcomes for the patients. Being able to learn from your experiences is vital, but so too is ensuring that you protect your reputation. Not only does this mean working to build patient and colleague trust, but also making real investments in things like medical malpractice insurance to ensure that you’re protected against potential claims. It’s worth noting that even if you do everything right, there is still every chance that you will be accused of malpractice or wrongdoing at some point, and you have to be able and willing to stand up for yourself.

You can maintain your work-life balance

There are few roles that can be as demanding on your time as being a doctor. You’re going to be working long hours, are likely going to have to work night shifts, and may have to go above and beyond to ensure that you meet the needs of your patients in care. This can lead to a significant emotional and physical toll, so being able to find methods of avoiding burnout and managing your own stress is vital.

The points above are not to try and dissuade you from becoming a doctor. There are many benefits to working in the medical industry. However, if they are enough to dissuade you, then that may be an indication that the career wasn’t the right choice for you in the first place.

Monday, June 10, 2024

6 Things Your Business Should Fix Sooner Rather Than Later


Pexels - CCO Licence

When you got a business, you got problems. Sure, things can run along smoothly for a while, and it might seem like you’re never going to encounter a hitch, but sooner or later, something will come along that requires you to stand up and firefight (metaphorically speaking) of course. If you act quickly, you will usually save your business from disaster, but if you dally, you may find it a tad harder to recover as a company.

Bearing that in mind, here are 6 things your business should always try to fix sooner, rather than later:

1. That Customer Service Snafu

Ever had a customer service experience that felt more like an interrogation? Not fun. If your customer service has more complaints than a lemon car has trips to the mechanic, it’s time for a tune-up. Refresh training, introduce friendlier policies, and maybe equip your team with headsets that don’t look like they’ve been borrowed from a 1980s air traffic controller. Happy customer service reps mean happy customers, and that’s no joke!

2. The Leaky Marketing Budget

Is your marketing budget trickling away without a return on investment? Plug those leaks by reassessing your campaigns. Ditch the underperforming ads, double down on what’s working, and always—always—test new strategies. Marketing isn’t set-it-and-forget-it; it’s more like steering a ship. Sometimes you need to adjust the sails and occasionally avoid icebergs.

3. Old Tech Gathering Dust

Still running the office on a computer that proudly boasts "Designed for Windows XP"? Yikes. Upgrading your tech might seem like a chore (and an expense), but outdated systems are often riddled with inefficiencies and security risks. Bite the bullet and modernize your tools. Not only will tasks get done faster, but you’ll also avoid being a hacker’s low-hanging fruit.

4. Fixing Broken Components

Mantaining your equipment, especially when specific parts like Kunkle valves are involved, is so very important. These valves are workhorses in systems handling pressure such as steam boilers, air, or non-hazardous gases. A malfunctioning Kunkle valve can lead to system failures or safety hazards. Regular checks and timely repairs aren’t just about efficiency; they’re about safety. Don’t wait for a steamy surprise—keep those valves and other critical components in check.

5. Social Media Strategy—or Lack Thereof

If your last tweet says, “Excited to join Twitter! Hello world,” and it’s dated from 2011, we need to talk. Social media is your direct line to customers—it’s where you can share, engage, and even appease. Ignoring it doesn’t just make you look outdated; it makes you non-existent in the eyes of digital-savvy customers. Refresh your strategy, post regularly, and interact genuinely. Be the business that’s a joy to follow.

6. That Pile of Unaddressed Feedback

Last but not least, that mountain of feedback you’ve been avoiding? Time to dive in. Feedback is the cheat sheet to your business’s next exam. It tells you what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve. Ignoring it is as wise as ignoring a treasure map because you don’t feel like digging.

Fixing these issues sooner rather than later can save you money, customers, and quite a few headaches, so don’t be caught napping!