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Monday, March 29, 2021

Top Hair Designers trending now in Second Life- Katrina Karsin reporting

Have you ever wondered who the top SL hair designers are for both men and women?   There are 834 pages of hair designers on the marketplace alone. Not including hairbands, pins, and other accessories! 

What are people looking for when they choose a new hairstyle, does quality and price play an important part in the decision making?

Men have had a hard time in SL finding items specifically for them in the past and even though there are groups and events geared solely for them today. Men I have interviewed believe they are still underrepresented in SL.  

This is interesting considering our unique world climate of having to stay home due to the pandemic there is a unique rise of makeup for men using video chat and not wanting to look tired in real life. Unfortunately, there's a shortage of shopping options for men. I asked several men if they would consider becoming a designer, they all said “No”! That may be where the problem is. We need more male designers.

Unlike the opposite sex, women’s hair is a massive industry just like in real life. Women like to change it up especially for a night out or hanging out at home. Most in Second Life will change their hair style daily. With color HUDS, there are many choices as well as ombre, streaked or even half and half. 

I asked various women in SL where they shop for hair and the majority think Doux offers a more realistic look. 


Trying to compare traffic count from one designer to another was difficult since some rent land or have just moved or are only on Marketplace. That said for both sexes Doux is the leader by far with a wide range of hair and newer hairstyles come with style options for that particular hair, like wearing your long hair on one side, all upfront or all on your back as part of the package including your choice of colours.

They also have a choice in hair bases and beards, for example, if you want to wear braided hair and want it to look more real you can buy a braided hair base to complete the look. What makes Doux so popular is the quality of the hair most believe it looks “realistic”, and just like in rl with big box stores, you can get hair, clothes, skin and more all in one stop as L’Etre and Doux have combined forces.


When asked what women hate about Second Life hair they say it is the price, but all will pay begrudgingly. I think it is safe to say that Truth by Truth Hawks was the most well-known designer in Second Life for several years.

TRUTH, Stealthic and n0match followed, while honourable mention must go to tram, Dura, Wasabi, Kuni, Exile and unorthodox all offering a wide range of styles for both men and women. 

Stealthic hair HUD includes rigged and unrigged hair, style and colour options. I like their HUD because it gives you a choice showing your roots or not.


n0match has a wide range of Women’s and Unisex hair your pack will have two sizes and the colour HUD comes with a customization option.


Ladies will enjoy Tram hairstyles they are super cute and the hair colour blending is amazing! The more recent hair styles have a more every day realistic tousled look, and you may choose from rigged and non rigged hair in store.


Dura has lots of choses for men and unisex, each pack comes with a variety of styles and a colour wheel.


Wasabi will give you a couple of style options on the hair you choose as well as the colour HUD and resizing option if needed.  There are a few styles for Men too.


I like Kuni hair you are given a range of styles to choose from on your HUD, colour options are very nice and they have some hair for both women and men.


Exile has been around Second Life for awhile and is fairly well known, they offer a wide range of hair for both sexes.  If you are on a tight budget you may want to check them out as newer hair comes with style option, colour choices and to resize the hair just click on your head.


Unorthodox offers up BOM, Genus, Catwa, and Omega hair for the whole family and extends a two payment option, one is a nice elite VIP price and other regular price. SLURL HERE

Facial Hair/ Beards

Long gone are the days where men would have facial hair included on their skin choice.  Today men have a good range of styles to choose from.

With Volkstone, Modulus and unorthodox giving you a good selection of styles and eyebrow styles as well for men.  Honorable mention goes to Rebirth.

Volkstone presents a very detailed look for beards some have six different styles on one HUD, and you can choose BOM, Catwa and Omega on newer styles. Very impressive!


Modulus is for men and a one stop shop, they offer a variety of hair bases, hair, beards, eyebrows and shapes.  They have BOM, Catwa and letLuka worthwhile to check out.


Rebirth is a made in Italy designer of beards with a variety of beards that will appeal to biker dudes and trend setting guys alike.  Classic Avatar, BOM, Catwa and Omega appliers and nice colour selection for each beard as well.

If you love to pull hair or tug on a beard guess what you can do that too! 

Dirty Secrets by υѕhєѕ Jɑххoη (lushes.blessed) has both a beard and hair animation that you can touch yes I did say TOUCH on certain areas of each that will enable a response and works with Bento heads! Not to be out done Stealthic hair comes with hand animation to pull your hair back or forward on a timed cycle that you can turn off or on, same with the hair base!

As you sit down in your hairdresser’s chair there is lots of hair styles and beards to explore around Second Life. You will be entertained while chatting up your hairdresser as to what look you are going for, that fits your lifestyle and will look good on you!


  1. Wow wonderfully explained. It helped me a lot

  2. Don't go to the L'Etre & DOUX store, you might get ejected for being AFK too long. It's one of their un-written rules...I was going to make a purchase, but now, not ever! The rudeness is too much!

    1. I get why you are irritated but I talked to them it is because too many people will spend all day there and so many people were complaining they could not get in to shop so if you are shopping stay as long as you like but if your not please let another person inside. Love and good will.

  3. How about Magnika and Wings? I find both of those designers produce hair that is very realistic looking. Much higher quality than some of the designers on your list.

    1. i agree, some of the ones listed are very 2016 hair..

  4. I would love to see hair that moves come back! I'm old school and miss flexi hair to an extent. The texture of the hair available today mimics rl hair texture. It is phenomenal, BUT there it is like play dough stuck to your head and never moves. Please hurry designers and bring hair back that moves!


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