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Monday, June 21, 2010

MUSIC- Successfully crossing over from RL into the metaverse on the soundwaves - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

Ganjo Mokeev
Ganjo Mokeev SL™ musician aka GaryO (Gary Olivas) is a professional musician in the Denver, Colorado area in the USA. He is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His musical styles range from blues, R and B, funk, jazz and rock. He plays his own original songs and arranged covers.

Ganjo had been playing other mmorpg games and was getting bored with the same type of Fantasy roles in each game, so he searched for other ones and came upon Second Life™. It then dawned on him that SL™ was a completely different type of virtual world when he began going to venues that had live music. It was at this point that SL™ caught his interest intensely.

Gary brought his avatar name, Ganjo, from another online game. He said “ it was a "game generated" name and I liked it, so I just used it in SL™; Mokeev was generated by SL™ and was actually a miss click when I created my avie”. As a noobie, his avatar looked like thousands of other avies in SL™ so he decided, with the help of his friend inworld, Pannie Paperdoll, to buy a real avie skin. He went on to say “I am of Hispanic heritage, so I wanted to find a skin that embodied that part of my Real Life inworld. I could have chosen any skin and shape, but I thought I'd try to have my avatar mimic the real me - of course I am much better looking in SL™! LOL”

Ganjo combines his RL performing experience and his natural talent into a bluesy, funky, romantic good time! His sets incorporate live guitar and live vocals over recorded backing tracks (he plays all the backing instruments himself), which creates a groove that is sure to get you shakin' your touché and your feet a movin'!

I asked Ganjo to describe his music for me and he replied”I tell people that my originals are "Old School" New Soul music. It is an amalgamation of "old school" funk and soul grooves from the 60's, 70's and 80's with some jazz, rock and pop thrown in with modern beats and sounds. These are the styles I listened to the most growing up.”

Ganjo is extremely popular and has an avid following in SL™ . He has a few regular shows in SL™ . His shows in SL™ are listed in Events under live music. As for RL gigs, the band he plays in, Phat Daddy, is booked every weekend - for more info, go to His first CD in RL was "Rough Mix" and was released in 2000. His second CD "It's Like This" was released in 2009.

Ganjo handles all the bookings for his SL™ gigs and is in the fortunate position that he no longer has to go out begging for face time.

Ganjo believes that the future for performing musicians lies in the advancements of internet technology, and SL™ has made it easier for those technologies to be created and advanced. He commented “Who knows, one day holographic concerts streamed into your own living room, and a huge 100.10 surround sound system might just be the norm - and we can thank SL™ for the ground work.

Catch a set by Ganjo soon, it is worth it!


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