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Friday, July 9, 2010

MUSICIAN SPOTLIGHT:ZeroOne Paz. The Urgency to Play in second Life- Sandy Demina Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, July 19, 2010
ZeroOne Paz is a multi-instrumentalist and composer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has performed in nearly every kind of musical ensemble imaginable, from orchestras to rock bands, bluegrass to acid jazz. His SL solo performances are unlike anything else you'll hear in the SL live music scene. Beautiful originals and heartfelt covers, sung by ZeroOne, and played on VIBRAPHONE! His fabulous virtual backup band is called The ZeroTones!

ZeroOne performs regularly in Second Life as a solo artist, and with singer/songwriter Pato Milo as a duo, and in jazz ensembles, playing drums, percusion, and vibraphone. He has composed three scores for aerial ballets and several soundscapes in collaboration with various Second Live artists.

Here below our conversation about music and (second) life 
SANDY:What brought you inworld?
ZeroOne:I'm a very social person. I chatted with folks for years in IRC (Internet Relay Chat), the precursor to online chat rooms. SL is like IRC on steroids.

SANDY:Did you ever think to use your real name for what you usually do in Second Life?
ZeroOne:I I don't even use my real name when I perform in RL !

SANDY:Where are you from?
ZeroOne:ICalifornia, specifically, the SF Bay Area

SANDY:How long have you been playing music?ZeroOne:My mother was my first music teacher at age 4

SANDY:What instruments do you play?
ZeroOne:Although I primarily think of myself as a composer, I have played piano, trumpet, guitar, bass guitar, trombone, euphonium, clarinet, bass clarinet, recorder, violin, synthesizers, and percussion instruments. Around 10 years ago, a disease I inherited (Charcot Marie Tooth) caused me to lose most of the use of my hands. I could no longer play any of these instruments. After a year of not playing, it occurred to me that I could still hold mallets. Mallet instruments include xylophone, vibraphone, marimba and a few others. The most popular is vibraphone, most commonly heard in jazz. Since a vibraphone is a very large instrument, I opted for an electronic version called a MalletKat ( I connect it to my Mac and it can sound like any instrument. I record all the instrumental tracks I use in my SL concerts and also play it live on most songs. I play it in RL gigs mainly sounding like a vibraphone. If you are a musician in your heart, you WILL find a way to express it.

SANDY:How did you discover SL?
ZeroOne:II saw a video blog ( about SL clothing designer Aimee Webber

SANDY:What do you like to do here in Second Life when you are not playing? Do you like shopping or going to music concerts or art exhibits?
ZeroOne:I created The Bluffs Center for the Arts, which features live concerts, DJs, and visual art exhibits. I love SL live music, art shows, shopping, building, but most of all, socializing.

SANDY:What has influenced you to get you to where you are today musically?
ZeroOne:IEvery sound I have ever heard.
I have many different SL musicians come play in my RL home studio. I'm very inspired by them!

SANDY:Do you think SL can be a valid showcase for your RL works?
ZeroOne:II am still amazed that I can play music in my RL home music studio, and broadcast it to most anyone in the entire world! Through SL, I have received quite a few commissions to compose music for various collaborations with visual artists; soundtracks and ambient soundscapes.

SANDY:How would you describe your style?ZeroOne:I I play many different genres, but overall, I'd describe what I do as soothing and somewhat cerebral.

SANDY:Whar are the sources of your inspiration?
ZeroOne:I'm inspired by a gazillion different musical artists, but also by art, prose, and nature.

SANDY:Do you use other kind of digital promotions?
ZeroOne:I Just my website:

SANDY:Where do you see yourself a year from now: will Second Life still exist?

ZeroOne:II'll be right here in my studio.
The SL live music scene has proven how successful live internet concerts can be. If SL ceases to exist, something else will take it's place, and we will all migrate there. I sincerely hope SL continues to thrive.


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