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Thursday, September 30, 2010

SPORTS & LEISURE- To: SFL Team Owners From: Romeo Torvalar, Owner and CEO, SFL Date: September 28, 2010 Re: Response to Studio 777's Press Release

• Thursday, September 30, 2010
To: SFL Team Owners From: Romeo Torvalar, Owner and CEO, SFL Date: September 28, 2010 Re: Response to Studio 777's Press Release
The SFL regrets the end of its partnership with Studio 777 and wants to apologize on their behalf for the rather odd trend that has sprung up with anyone who has an issue with the SFL and their need to spam our group. The SFL does not support the sending of unsolicited notecards and agrees with Linden Lab that such unsolicited notecards constitutes as a disturbance of the peace.
Once again, there were many issues that we believe contributed to Studio 777 leaving the league. We regret that while we continue to announce games for October, Studio 777 saw this as zero progress, and that while we offered Lombardi as an add-on package and have not talked about it in any great detail since its inception, Studio 777 saw a business offering an additional service as an insult to them.
Finally, Studio 777's press release fails to mention what we believe played a roll in them leaving the SFL. The SFL was a client of Studio 777 where we purchased PR and marketing services. The league was billed an excessive amount of money (approximately six figures per week in lindens) by Studio 777 and was promised a large number of PR services. Those services did not materialize in the amount of time that the league wanted, and the sheer cost of what Studio 777 was billing the league was prohibitive, resulting in the league choosing to terminate its contract with Studio 777. Since that time, the league has noticed a deterioration of participation with the 777 Buccaneers which the league believes is regrettable. Once again, the league is mystified as it continues its mantra of scheduling games in October as unsolicited notecards go out saying that the league has not delivered on games. Our only guess is that they are simply not reading the information sent to owners through the owners group about the league's upcoming events, considering the first game is in three days.  — Associated Press

Reader Opinions
Nick •
OCT 03  •  Yes, and that first game was a great success as the youtube video showed. The Buccs should have stuck around to reap the obvious benefits to come!


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