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Monday, October 11, 2010

SPORTS & LEISURE: Affordable Beachfront Hotel - Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

A seagull's view of Tropical Sound Paradise...
Staff Reporter
• Monday, October 11, 2010
I like to pass nice little deals on to my readers now and then... I can kick some Sports info to you, or I can lead you to Leisure.

I manage to play SL without putting any RL money into it. I'd have a hard time explaining it (investing money on SL) to my husband, who thinks of a computer as a strange box that sits on my desk which can summon box scores and Led Zeppelin songs when he asks me to have it do so.

Like everyone else, I'd like to have a house of my very own here on SL. Unfortunately, one only makes so much money writing/stripping and so forth. It's hard to make enough money to rent a house without investing IRL money into it.

I'm fairly cheap on SL. Not by design... Lanai pays well, and I'm hardly poor. I just don't spend wildly, and I love bargains. I paused while writing this article because the SLE Media Group coughed up a LM to a place that sells gowns for 10 Ls. We'll get to them (Passion For Fashion) some other time. The point is that I live conservatively.

Besides, I don't really need a whole house. All I see me doing with one is changing, hiding, and writing this column. I have very little sex for someone who goes to the places I go looking as I do. Thousands of Ls would be a terrible waste if it went to renting me a house.

All I really need is a room, a bed, and a desk. A view helps, too. For the money I'm willing to spend for a place, I can't be picky. But if I hunt around some, I find the things I want.

Happily, I found such a place. I actually rented a room here, so you'll be my neighbor if you come by. Let's check out Tropical Sound Paradise.

Here's what both I like and what TSP has to offer. A simple, rectangular room. Enough prims for a desk and a couch, maybe a poster or two. An ocean view is essential, and a lighthouse helps. I like to have a beach to lay on, and a mall/club nearby.

It has to be tropical. I live on Cape Cod IRL, which is very nice for 4 months of the year. The other 8 or so are cold, windy and snowy. When I go onto SL, and especially when I go to my little apartment on SL, I want to see sun, sand, and surf.

Also, it helps if I can have a room in this environment for 50 Ls a month. It makes life easier if I can earn 3 months rent writing about Sports and stripping now and then. If you can't come up with 50 Ls a week... get in touch with me, and I'll get you a job dancing somewhere.

So... come check out TSP. You may catch your favorite sportswriter coming home from work! Here's the addy:
Editor's note... I took a fine picture of TSP owners Joan and Severo having a dance, which I later discovered I had managed to blur... so, next time I'll take two.


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