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Saturday, April 12, 2008

CULTURE: My Meeting with Lanai the Great- Prince Sonoda Reporting...

It is not everyday that you get to meet a star but I did. I really did. I
took a trip close enough to where the CEO of the SL Enquirer lives and while
at a hotel in the next state, I decided that it would be fair game to meet
Lanai. I contacted her in game and told her that it would be neat if we
could meet. Surprisingly enough, she said yes. After requesting a full
police background check (Just kidding), she gave me directions to where we
would meet. Asking around, I found out that the drive would take about 2
hours to get there. I was not deterred. I rented a Ford Focus from one of
the few car rental companies around.
It was around 9:50am when I started my drive. I had no idea how to get
there since the directions that Lanai gave me started from the next state
over. So I drove, and droveŠ
And drove. 3 hours later, I was starting to think that I was never going to
make it. I would have given up if that were any other task. But I really
wanted to do this. Ever had one of those things that you must do at all
cost? This was one of those.
I finally stopped by a gas station on the interstate and asked for
directions. The lady behind the counter looked at me and smiled. Honey,
she said, you are lost. That, I knew, but by how far, I was not aware. She
took a map and an orange marker and pointing at a spot that looked like the
varicose veins behind the church lady¹s leg, she said: You are here.
Pointing wayyyy up on the map, she said: You need to be here. I felt
lightheaded when I heard that. I took my map and went back to the car. Sat
down and thought that since it has been 3 hours already, maybe I should get
I am not a quitter. But sometimes, one has to see what is feasible and what
is not. If I head back right now, I would be home just in time for supper.
Then I thought that this is a chance of a lifetime. I would be so
disappointed if I miss this and most of all, Lanai would be too. That is
one person I did not want to let down. I opened the map and turned the car
back on the interstate and followed the orange marker all the way up.
Halfway through, I received a call from Lanai and this was the first time I
was hearing her voiceŠlike music. Where are you? She inquired. I told her
and she had no clue where but I reassured her that I will get there. She
simply said ³OK².
Almost an hour later and a few detours, I pulled into the parking lot of the
art gallery where we were to meet. Through her cellphone, she gave me
directions on how to get to the 3rd floor where she was working. I made
Looking through the glass door, I saw a figure, one too perfect to describe
here to you. I would not do her justice if I try to describe her. Soft
flowing hair like the wind accentuated with a smile that is out of this
world. A body that would put the majority of SL avatars to shame was
standing before me. That was her, Lanai the Great.
We hugged like long lost friends and after a tour of the art gallery
complex, we crossed the street for a quick bite. The whole tour took less
than 30 minutes since I had already squandered my time being lost. Lunch
was excellent as we paid less attention to the food and had so much to catch
up on without crashing or wondering if my hair was fully rezzed. As far as
personality, she is just as I pictured that she would be. Someone who can
put you at ease and make you feel like you¹ve always known her. Before I
knew it, it was time for me to get back on the interstate. My gracious
hostess volunteered to drive me to the beginning of the highway before
pulling away. As I looked in the rearview mirror, I saw the perfect smile
one last time, one that I would forever remember as that of a friend, one
that I have had the chance of a lifetime to meet. Now if only I could TP
back home.
Prince Sonoda


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