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Friday, November 5, 2010

Debuting on Friday November 5 Th with Guest Hiliary Grant, a new talk show emerges on the entertainment TV circuit, rightfully named, Girl Talk. My review is in and all I can say is, it is what it is. I’m going to have to give it two thumbs up!

Staff Reporter
• Monday, November 08, 2010
The new Pulse TV Network is already making its presence felt and they just busted open the doors with something different. The launch of Girl Talk turned out to be a great first live taping because they have that chemistry that works. For those that missed the debut with hostesses Nani Xue and Demoneka Daehlie, you missed a great show that has me looking forward to the next one.
A professional team like that can only be expected when they are in the forefront of evolving today’s SL Talk shows. Behind the scenes the productions team consisting of Filming Techs Paddington Baar and Starlite Schnook, Production Assistant MamiChula Vella, Sound Engineer Tedd Bearsfoot and Segment Producer Prissy Price, took their assigned positions and delivered. The topic was great and the production was well organized and put together from start to finish. 
I was told hostesses’ Nani and Demoneka designed and decorated the set. I found it to be very welcoming with a theme of bold pinks and deep purple on the stage wall with some lighter neutral tones and accents that worked well with the audience seating area. The backdrop of the set had a comfortable seating area display with nice fluffy pillows, blankets and throw rugs over light wood floors. The feel in the room was definitely created by a Woman, in this case two very independent and professional women.
Besides the perfect set, Girl Talk was honored to debut with their official first guest, Comedian, author, poet and entrepreneur Hiliary Grant, also known as DearGabby Lemon.

Meeting interesting people, witnessing grand opening, events and launches in Second Life isn’t a new part of my weekly routine but when something stands out, it is definitely worth the mention. 
Besides these two amazing hostesses asking all the right questions and the great production team, the guest, Hiliary Grant really keeps it real and approaches what she does with a very driven force, one you can feel when you hear her talk. You know you are in a room with a woman who knows what she wants and what she is talking about. She empowers other women to take those steps forward in a man’s world and tells us not be afraid to express our own ideas and not allow anyone to tell us different.

Hiliary Grant is a Teacher, Comedian, poet and artist on many levels. One thing she did tonight was leave a great impression on me. My inspiration comes from women like the ones mentioned above and those I saw in the audience.

It was a gathering a beautiful intelligent woman and some men who came for one reason and that was to witness some real girl talk! One thing to always keep in mind, behind some of the most powerful Women is great men. Scorpinosis Nightfire is just one of those men with his knowledge and vision paving the way for many by merging Real Life right into Second Life and being the driving force behind the new Pulse TV Network.

Congratulations on the new show! Xoxo Lanai jarrico
GIRL TALK is a ground breaking web show on The PULSE TV Network where the ladies of Second Life get to keep it real and even raw when necessary. Everything from relationships, womens' health, lifestyle and our special segment "BUSTED" make GIRL TALK a not to be missed experience.
Hostesses Nani Xue & Demoneka Daehlie are going give voice to SL's most amazing resource, it's female population. Come see the show taped live!   ~Scorpinosis Nightfire, Girl Talk Productions


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