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Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 2010-SL Toys For Tots -Stacey cardalines Reporting...

All Stacey wants for Christmas is help for Toys For Tots... but she'll take a new pocketbook if Santa has one laying around.
Stacey visits Toys For Tots...
Without going on for too long about my personal life, I'll share this with you. I've been rich and I've been poor, and it's better being rich.
One of the better parts of beig wealthy is Christmas. I get some genuinely cool stuff. My husband, who is somewhat of an oaf, has actually figured out shopping. I'm French, and- especially with presents- the French have a well-deserved reputation for being difficult.
So... he simply gives his check one week to our babysitter Ellen, Ellen then takes me to the mall, and I get whatever I like. I just have to act all happy and unexpectant on Christmas morning, and everyone goes home happy.
Last year, I got a lovely overcoat, a necklace, and a trip to Quebec. The year before, I really cleaned up... new Volvo (the nanny only chose the color for me, after asking me what color I wanted). My nanny has since gone off to Dartmouth, but the Colonel simply switched gears and now my kid sister and I are going to the mall this Saturday.
The first year we were dating, he got me one of those Jet-Ski things. I later sank the Jet-Ski in a drunken accident where I took too long to figure out which way you enter a channel when the channel marker is flashing that little green light. I never found out, but I can say that "drive up over the bouy as you jump off in a panic from the Jet-Ski" isn't what you do, because I sank that Jet-Ski like a little mini Luisitania when I took that course of action. I tried to act injured so the Colonel wouldn't yell at me, but he did anyway.
But we're not here today so some Cape Cod trophy wife can brag about her Volvo. No, we're here to discuss Toys For Tots. T4T is my favorite charity. You really aren't going to get a better feeling than you will get when you do whatever you can to help ensure that some poor kid gets to open a few presents on Christmas morning.
Maybe you've seen T4T in your first life. Maybe you've even hooked them up with a Huffy or a Tickle Me Elmo. Good on ya if ya did, mon ami.
However, your avatar has yet to kick in. Every little bit helps. I dropped a nice bit of change while I was there, and will drop some more Ls before the holiday lets up.
Times are tough, and most of us are broke. Maybe we can't pitch in that much. However, if enough of us cheap SOBs throw them some pocket change, the people at T4T can work that into a gift or ten.
A single gift bought with your stripper tip money may not seem like much to you or I, but some kid who was gonna open Nathan for a present will instead get a D-Rex or a Burn-Off-Your-Eyebrows Chemistry Set, and I'm thinking that the kid will greatly appreciate your efforts.
SL has a Toys For Tots donation sim, manned all the time by 3 Marines. The guard I spoke to was snobby, and never answered my questions. His name was "Auto Donation Bot." Guys usually answer me, so he might be a little light in his loafers... but he's doing a real man's work for T4T, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
Go on down and drop some chedda! If you snoop around a bit, you can even find out how to get a T4T donation box on your own sim.
Here's the addy:
Acts of giving are twice blessed, for both the giver and the getter.


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