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Monday, December 27, 2010

Eclectic Charisma News - Kwanzaa Celebration - Shon Charisma Reporting...

Kwanzaa Celebration
Last week, I introduced you to Alpha Virtual Learning Center, and this week, I'm showcasing an awesome event that they're putting on Tuesday, December 28, 2010, for Kwanzaa.

I talked with AVLC Director Nzingha Dreddmor about the event, and she gave me some awesome information on what can be expected.

AVLC Director Nzingha Dreddmor

SC: What time is the Kwanzaa Celebration on the 28th?

ND: 8 am - 9 pm SLT

SC: Can you tell me about what the event will consist of?
ND: We will have three speakers for this event in a "Karamu" setting. Karamu is Swahili for the Kwanzaa feast that takes place on the 6th day of Kwanzaa.

I also learned that in addition to speakers, there will be a dance performance, a fashion show, and much more!

SC: Who will play a major role in the event?
ND: This event is focused around community. No one person or performance is more important than the other, but it is the culmination of the whole of the program that will make it spectacular. The focus is Ujima- the 3rd day of Kwanzaa, which is Swahili for collective work and responsibility. So the collective efforts of each entity involved in this celebration is absolutely necessary in order for the night to be successful. We also have a display on the sim with links to information about Kwanzaa; there will be books available, too, and links to biographies.

SC: You talk about collective efforts--any sponsors attached to the event that you would like to mention?
ND: Definitely! JimT Resident and P00ch Deezul

SC: Now, I know this is the First Annual Kwanzaa Celebration. Do you plan to do more events like this to celebrate other holidays or themes?
ND: We will be doing a black history month exhibit, where people can come to the sim and view art, biographies. We will be doing something for Easter, and we will be seeking out other opportunities to celebrate and share information about throughout the year like Hanukkah, Eid, Ramadan, and Lint. We want to be as diverse as possible and offer as much culture, history, biographical and geographical information, etc. as possible throughout the year.

SC: What do you hope people will get out of the event?
ND: I hope that this event will be the first of many more to come, which will allow us to share information with others around the world, and we hope that this cultural event, originally intended as an African American event will turn out to be multicultural, and racial. We hope for the sake of understanding what Kwanzaa is, and for the sake of agreeing that the seven principles of Kwanzaa are in fact good for us- even if for the one day, though these principles should be applied to everyday life, it would be nice to take out this day to focus on these principles, and that all who attend enjoy the cultural festivities we have put together. We hope that this event serves as a tool to bring all kinds of people together for not only this one holiday, but that it causes us to seek out more information on other cultural and religious practices which we may not be so familiar with, in search of understanding in order to maintain thriving, peaceful and prosperous relationships with those who may have differences from what we have become accustomed to in our own lives.

Definitely stop by the Kwanzaa Celebration on Tuesday, December 28, 2010, from 8 am to 9 pm SLT. Here's the [SLURL]. If you'd like to receive specific information regarding when presentations/performances will take place, contact Nzingha Dreddmor!


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