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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fashion Insight - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

A beauty pageant from the inside continued ...

Hello, dear readers.

This past week has not been too hectic other than trying to put together the folders for the outfits and accessories to be worn at the event on Sunday. Gulp, Sunday!! Heaven help me. This putting together of the outfit folders has been somewhat challenging on a number of levels to say the least, but I think I am there now. Trying to put the ZHAO II animation override thingy together for the walks and poses is another question altogether. 

Official practices start on the 13th (LM takes a deep breath), poor Payton, if there ever was an avatar that turned grey before your very eyes, it is going to be Payton. Anybody got some virtual tranquilisers for her?
Ms. Costa Rica is allocated an automatic spot in the Miss Virtual World contest and I have ascertained that all the slots barring Ms. Costa Rica have now been filled for Miss Virtual World 2011. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the 29 confirmed candidates:

1. blackLiquid Tokyoska / Miss THAILAND
2. Calista Ella / Miss ARGENTINA
3. Fuzz Lennie / Miss PHILIPPINES
4. Katherine Comet / Miss USA
5. rakusu Aabye / Miss JAPAN
6. Carilynn OHare/ Miss IRELAND
7. Ranini Farella/ Miss TURKEY
8. Luralie Bailey / Miss EGPYT
9. Veronica Krasner Miss URUGUAY
10. Fauve Beaumont/ Miss FRANCE
11. Leandra Breen/ Miss GERMANY
12. Darling Tomorrow/ Miss SPAIN
13. Estela Parx/ MISS PANAMA
14. Emeraldeyes Honi/ Miss UNITED KINGDOM
15. Angels Milena/ Miss ITALY
16. Syra Hyun / Miss MEXICO
17. Jennaa Loire / Miss AUSTRALIA
18. Blossoms Sweetwater/ Miss CHINA
19. Rhonda Pennell /Miss DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
20. Shae Sixpence/ Miss BRAZIL
21. Serene Faith /MÄ°ss HONG KONG
22. Keira Soulstar / Miss CANDA
23. Ruby Okelly /Miss SINGAPORE
24.Roe Woodford /Miss BAHAMAS
25. Louise McWinnie/ MISS CZECH REPUBLIC
26. Yukki Breen/ Miss VENEZUELA
27. Mel Endrizzi/ Miss CHILE
28. Glitter Bolissima/Miss SWEDEN
29. Cieleste Magic/ Miss TAIWAN

Well the next time you hear from me this list will be complete and Ms. Costa Rica will have a name. I take this opportunity to wish my fellow contests all the best.


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